tayryn's little corner of SPACE: 1999

welcome to my little corner dedicated to SPACE: 1999.

here you will find stories featuring the wonderful relationship between John and Helena.

be WARNED... the stories are for adults only!!


my stories...

The New Alpha Saga
Giving in to Temptation
stranded on an island, on a planet... alone.
What she sees
John... as seen through Helena's eyes.
Afternoon Delight
Space: 1999 the musical. ;o) G
Someday Out of the Blue
some people are just destined to be together PG
Bored in Space
The title says it all. Answer to a fanfic challenge.
Break in the Routine
a birthday present story for my sister
WSHH - Black Sun
A MM/ATC for Black Sun
WSHH - Journey To Where
An ATC for Journey To Where
WSHH - Space Warp
An ATC for Space Warp
WSHH - Full Circle
An ATC for Full Circle
WSHH - Mark of Archanon
An ATC for Mark of Archano written by 1/2 of ESB2
Until I Reach Our "Promised Land"
written by my sister, Monica.
When You Come Back To Me Again
based on my sister Monica's story above...
Aqua Valentine
written by tayryn and Jaya

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