Title:  Bored in Space

By:  tayryn  (½ of ESB²)

Rating:  NC-17

Pairing:  oh… come off it.  What do you think?

Archive:  my site

Disclaimer:  ITC owns Space: 1999 and its characters.  I’m just playing with them.

Summary:  Uhm… the title pretty much says it all. 

Notes:  this is an answer to the challenge I issued to the MMLC.  This was written tongue-in-cheek.  It is WAY over the top… and meant to be funny.  Whether or not I’ve succeeded… well, that is up to you.


Thanks of course, go to the other ½ of ESB² for her encouragement and quick beta on this thing.  (bugs, dear!!)


So… now… read at your own risk.


You’ve been warned.





John Koenig, Commander of Moonbase Alpha and leader in the Alphan ‘space stud-muffin’ polls, sat back in his chair in Command Center, down in the bowels of the errant, space-traveling moon and groaned.


He was bored.


Bored.  Bored.  Bored.  Bored.  Bored.


Their rogue moon was currently passing through a very unimpressive area of space and he was… well… bored.


“What’s the matter, John?”  Chief pilot and current president of Alpha’s chapter of ‘Hairy Chests Inc.’, Captain Alan Carter leaned over Koenig’s console to smile at his commander and friend.


“I’m bored,” John answered.  “So unbelievably bored.”


“Well, you know, there is an HCI meeting tonight,” Carter told him.  “You could always come.”


John tried to look thoughtful while inside he groaned.  He wanted to come all right, just not in the way Alan meant.  He wanted to be locked in the circle of a certain woman’s legs while he rode her to completion, not attending Carter’s HCI meeting.  Those meetings were even more boring than the space they were in.  Nothing more than a bunch of Alpha’s males parading around half naked and flexing their chests.


“Well, Alan, that sounds…”


The console in front of him beeped, saving him from having to answer.  He reached out, tabbing the button to activate the screen.


“Sorry to bother you, John.”  The melodious voice of Doctor Helena Russell, Chief Medical Officer and owner of the sexiest pair of legs John had ever seen in his life, legs that he wanted nothing more than to be wrapped in, floated out at him as she smiled at him from the screen.


“Not a problem, Helena.  What can I do for you?”  John asked, while inside his mind screamed, ‘Stock your medicine cabinet?  Rotate your eagle?  Do you until you can’t see straight?  Please… please… please… something.  Let me do something.  I’m so bored!’


“Can you come down to Med Centre?  There’s something I have to show you.”


“Sure thing,” Koenig replied.


“Thank you, John.”  Helena smiled.


John blinked hard and shook his head.  ‘She didn’t,’ he thought, staring at the now empty monitor.  A smile slowly formed on his lips.  ‘She did.  Helena flashed me.  Damn!  Was that a black lace bra?’


“John?”  Carter called out.


“What?”  John looked up at the young pilot.


“You okay?”


“Yes,” John answered, standing up.  “I’m fine,” he glanced over at the dark haired man slouched over one of the desks.  “Tony.”


Tony Verdeschi, Security Chief and the resident alien’s whipping boy, turned around to look at Koenig.  “Yes, John?”


“I’ll be in Med Centre, doing… uh, looking at… helping… in a meeting with Doctor Russell.”  Koenig told him, the image of that lacey undergarment against Helena’s milky white skin, still floating in his eyes.  “Contact me only if there’s an emergency.”


“Right, John,” Tony replied.


“Uh, John…” Alan called out as John headed for the doors behind him.  “About the HCI meeting?”


“Don’t think I’ll be able to make it, Alan.”  John answered.  “But thanks.”


Alan watched Koenig leave and then turned to look at Tony.  “John look a little… I don’t know…”


“Like a man who’s itching to get laid?”  Tony volunteered.


Alan shook his head.  “Nah… I was gonna say bored.”


Tony rolled his eyes.  ‘Pilots,’ he thought disdainfully and turned back to stare out the view screen.  ‘Woooboy… I’m bored.  Wonder what Maya’s doing?’




Koenig walked briskly down the corridor, barely acknowledging the waves and greetings of his fellow Alphans, his mind focused on going dow… uh… getting down to Medical Centre and seeing Helena.


‘Wonder if she’s got matching black lace panties?’ John thought as he finally entered MedCentre.


“Can I help you, Commander?”  Doctor Bob Mathias, the better than Ben substitute, looked up from his desk and smiled at Koenig; having a pretty good idea why the Commander was in MedCentre and just who he was looking for.


“I’m looking for Doctor Russell,” Koenig answered, glancing around.  “She called me, wanted to… show me something.”


“Ah yes…” Bob nodded.  “She’s in the stock room.”


“Thanks.”  John said and headed off to the stock room to find his CMO.  “Helena?”  He called out to her as he neared the small medical storage room, not wanting to startle her.


“In here, John.”


John had just entered the room when suddenly he was slammed up against the wall.  “What the…?”


Helena’s warm lips hungrily devouring his cut off the rest of what he was about to say.  John moaned and at the insistent press of her tongue, he opened his mouth, sucking the warm muscle in to dance with his.


After several long moments of intense tonsil hockey, John pulled back and held her eyes.  “Helena?”


“I want you, John,” Helena told him, her hands pulling at his shirt.


“I want you too, Helena,” John replied.  “But why now?  Why here?”


“Does it matter?”  Helena asked, her hands now working on his pants.  “I want you.”


John watched her as she made quick work of his pants, pushing them down around his ankles. 


“And from what I can see,” Helena gave him a wide smile as his erection defied gravity, rising proud, straight and hard from the nest of dark curls between his legs.  “You’re ready… and willing…”


“And I’m more than able,” John told her as she wrapped her hands around him.


“We’ll see…” Helena winked, dropping to her knees before him.  “God… you’re huge…”


“Is that…?”


“Oh… that’s very good,” Helena grinned, leaning closer.  “Very, very good.”


“Oh shit!  Helena!!”  John groaned loudly as she took his bulging manhood between her lips.


Helena smiled around him, keeping her eyes locked with his as she swirled her tongue around the head before slowly starting to suck him in and out of her mouth, her hands sliding up and down the length in time.


It didn’t take long before John was thrusting into Helena’s incredibly talented mouth, his hands finding and fisting in her blonde hair.  “Oh… God…” he thrust against her again.  “Helena… Helena… I’m gonna…”


And suddenly he was there, his hips jerking erratically into her mouth as he came, his essence flowing into her mouth and down her throat; crying out her name as she swallowed all he had to give.


John slumped back against the wall and watched as Helena released him with an audible pop and licked her lips.


“Mmm… you taste good,” Helena told him.  “I knew you would.”


John grinned and then gave a small shout of surprise when Helena reached up, grabbed him by the hips and pulled him down onto the floor with her, immediately straddling him.  John’s eyes widened.  “You’re not…” he grabbed her hips and thrust up against her.  “And you’re… oh God!”


Helena gave him a feral smile as she shifted against him.  “No… I’m not wearing any panties…” she shifted against him and he moaned again.  “And oh yes… I am wet,” Helena shifted again, pressing herself against him, coating his still erect member with her juices.  “I’ve been wet for you from the day we met, John.”


John moaned at her admission, wanting to tell her that he’d wanted her from that same moment, but was unable to speak as all available blood in his body was still flowing south.


“I’ve had to stop wearing them…” Helena continued, rocking back and forth against him.  “The laundry workers were starting to give me funny looks.”


“Helena…” John moaned helplessly as she reached down and pulled her shirt off, leaving her black lace bra on.  “Oh God…” he sat up suddenly, his hands ripping the wisp of lace from her body and throwing it across the room.  “I’ve wanted…” John buried his face between her breasts, his hands cupping and holding the perfectly sized mounds against his face.  “…this for months…”


“John!”  Helena moaned as he turned his face and captured one of her nipples in his mouth, suckling the hard tip deep into his mouth.  “Mmm… oh yes…” she arched against him and with no warning; rose up and then sank down on him.


They cried out together as their bodies finally joined.


“Now…” Helena pushed John back down onto the floor, leaning over him and licking around his ear.  “Now…” she continued in a deep, husky voice.  “I’m going to ride you, John.”  Helena began to undulate her hips against him.  “And ride you hard.”


John merely nodded, knowing that Helena was definitely in charge of this particular session and he found that he wasn’t particularly bothered by the idea.  In fact, he rather liked it.


“Yeehaw!  Ride me, cowgirl!”


Helena laughed and bracing her hands on his chest, she began to do just that; raising herself off him and then lowering herself back down, rocking her hips against him until they were both panting and gasping for breath, crying out each other’s names with every gasp.


It wasn’t long before they were thrusting uncontrollably against each other; John thrusting up hard into her as Helena pressed down against him; rocking together and straining towards their release.


Suddenly, Helena’s body tightened above John’s; her hands clenching at his chest, her nails digging into his flesh as she screamed out his name and began to thrash above him, her orgasm careening through her body.


John held himself still, watching as Helena shattered above him until the feel of her inner walls quivering around him became too much and he began to thrust up into her with abandon, striving to reach his own release.  Moments later, he cried out her name as he exploded, his release leaving his body in long spurts until he lay back on the floor in a quivering mass of male goo.


Helena collapsed on top of him, her body still shaking from the intense force of first hers then John’s orgasm.


John wrapped his arms around her.  “Well… I’m no longer bored, that’s for sure.”


Helena laughed, turning her face into his neck.  “No… I’m the one who just got ‘bored’.”


John’s arms tightened around her as his laughter rocketed through his body.  “God, I love you!”


“I love you too,” Helena replied and then lifted her head to meet his eyes.  “So, what say we go back to your quarters and continue this?”


“Sounds like a plan to me.”


Helena grinned and climbed off him, letting her skirt fall back down and then offered him a hand up.  As John pulled on his pants, she stared in consternation at the floor.


“What?”  John asked, wrapping his arm around her shoulder and following her gaze to the floor.


“I was just thinking… and wondering…” Helena began.




“Who’s going to mop the floor?”




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