Title: Mark of Archanon

By: ½ of ESB2

Rated: FRAO

Summary:  a small moment between John & Helena after the ep




Helena poured coffee into the cup and then handed it to her guest sitting at the small table nearby.  “Glad to have you back, John.”


He took it with a grateful smile.  “Glad to be back.  I’m sorry I wasn’t around to help when all that flak was flying about.  Alan says that I would have liked Etrec.”


Helena finished pouring her own cup.  “Hmm.  You would have.  You’d have liked Pasc too, under…different circumstances.” Her fingers absently rubbed the glass cup in her hands as she stared into space.


Helena,” John rose and moved toward her, sitting his cup on the table in front of them his hand and sliding around her back to caress her shoulder “You can’t blame yourself for what happened.”


Her eyes fell to the table.  “Pasc is dead.”  She lifted her cup to her lips and took a sip of hot coffee.


John’s fingers tightened as his face moved a little closer.  “You’re a doctor.”  She nodded and sighed, closing her eyes for a moment as John continued.  “You did what any other doctor would have done.  Pasc knew what would happen if he gave blood.  You didn’t know.”


“As a doctor I should have known.  Besides…not a very satisfactory defense, ignorance.”  She raised the cup to her lips and took another sip.


John looked thoughtful.  You saved the boy.”


Helena nodded softly.  “Yes…I do have that to be thankful for…Etrec.”


John looked at her.  “Is that all you have to be grateful for?”  He whispered huskily, a sultry look in his eyes.


Helena turned to face him, a smile rising to her lips as she took in John’s toothsome smile.  Her head moved toward his, her fingers rising to cup his cheek as their heads tilted.  Their lips met in a gentle and loving kiss.


His hand rubbed her neck as the kiss deepened.  They were both breathing rapidly when they reluctantly parted.


 “Let me pamper you tonight.  I can feel the tenseness in your shoulders.  I think you need the Koenig super special massage…reserved only for very beautiful clients.”


Helena grinned.  “That actually sounds wonderful.  But it isn’t necessary.”


“Oh, but it is.  You deserve some tender loving care.” John’s fingers tugged at the zipper on her sleeve.  “Why don’t you go to the bathroom and get rid of these things while I get prepared.  Bring a towel back with you.  Oh…and leave your panties on.”


Helena raised an eyebrow in surprise.  John normally couldn’t wait to get her underwear off and she’d been sure that he had lovemaking on his mind as he always did when he’d been away for several days.  ~ Perhaps a massage is all he has in mind ~ she thought with no small sense of disappointment as she moved toward the bathroom.  She returned five minutes later, her hands holding a large white towel in front of her.  Behind the covering she was nude except for a pair of tiny lacy lavender panties, John’s favorite.


~ Or maybe it isn’t ~ She smiled inwardly as she surveyed the room from the door of the bath.  The lights had been turned low, soft jazz permeated the room and the aroma of lavender from burning candles permeated the air, mingling with the light scent of the perfume she’d spritzed onto her most intimate parts.


“Ready?” John’s wonderful smile gleamed brightly in the dim light as he entered the sleeping area.


Helena moved to join him by the bed, her hips swaying provocatively as she smiled seductively at him.


“Oh yes.” She whispered as she released one side of the towel she was holding in front of her.  “Very ready.” The hand still full of towel fell to her side revealing her milky white body to his gaze.  She saw the desire flare in his deep blue eyes and moved a hand to caress his bare chest as he stared with lust at the lacy covering over her hips.


“And does this massage include a full body press?”  She pressed her mouth up to his to share a long wet kiss.   Her hand wandered down the light dusting of hair on his abdomen to the snap of his trousers, as she took advantage of his distraction.


“Naughty, naughty.” John broke the kiss and backed away from her hand, his teeth gleaming around his brilliant smile.  Azure eyes reflected her desire back at her. “Lay down on the bed please, madam.”


“Lose the pants.”  Helena raised her eyebrows and gave him an impudent wink.


Helena!” He protested half-heartedly.   “I’m trying to give you a massage…help you relax.  This is about you, not me.”


“And I want you to lose the pants.  If I’m going to be laid out practically in my birthday suit then I want you that way too.”


“If I take off the pants will you lie down?”


Helena turned and popped the towel out over the bed, straightening the edges before sitting down on the side.  She crossed her legs then crossed her arms beneath her breasts, lifting them for John’s perusal.  “Deal.”  She replied with a saucy grin.


John laughed as he popped the snap on his trousers and pulled them off then gestured toward the bed.  Helena raised an eyebrow and stared at his briefs, loving the way the black garment clung to his hips and showed off his attributes.  Her look caused him to laugh even harder.


“The pants… that was the deal, my love, not the briefs.  Now lay down on your gorgeous tummy and let me do my job.”


A devilish grin crossed Helena’s face as she did just that, but with her head toward the foot of the bed.




Helena chuckled as she crossed her arms beneath her head and planted her chin on them.  “Anytime you’re ready.”


She watched with interest as John picked up a small bottle of scented oil and held it over the candle flame to warm.  He poured a bit into his palms then moved to stand at the end of the bed in front of Helena, bending over as his hands reached toward her shoulders.


Helena smiled a Cheshire grin and licked her lips then exhaled.  Her warm breath rushed over the bulging erection just inches from her face.


A small sound of disappointment escaped her lips when John moved to her feet.


“Something wrong?” His voice was low and soothing as he lifted her left foot and began to run his fingertips over her skin.


“I just…thought you would start with my shoulders.  My neck is very tense.”


“And your mouth would be very close… I’ll get there, my love.  Be patient.”


Patience was a virtue that Helena was blessed with but John was severely taxing hers by the time that his hands moved above her knees.  Not a single millimeter of her skin had been left untouched, uncaressed by his magic fingertips.  Her thighs fell slightly apart as those same fingertips began to work the muscles of her inner leg.


“Um…John…about that full body press…ooooh!” She moaned as he brushed ever so slightly across the scant purple fabric barely covering her rapidly dampening cleft.  John smiled at the hint of wetness that greeted his touch.


He returned to his task, trying desperately to ignore the tilt of her hips as she pushed toward his hands everytime they drew near.  He studiously avoided touching her most intimate areas again.


Helena?” He asked as his hands worked her shapely rounded rear.


“Yes,” she bit out with a ragged breath, her body humming from John’s erotic massage.


“Trust me?”


“Of course, I trust you.  Oh, John…” she sighed as she felt his fingers slip the bottom of her panties to one side, revealing her swollen lower lips to him.


“John!?!” A touch of surprise entered her voice as she felt something cold and hard press against her clitoris.


“Trust me…” she relaxed at his whispered words, still curious about the object rapidly warming as it stayed in contact with her hot sheath.  John’s fingers brushed her flesh, teasing her open, probing deep inside of her.  She pushed back against him only to have him withdraw his hand and replace it with the seeking object.  She heard a quiet click and knew what the object was as it began to hum within her.


“Oh God!  Where did…” she gasped as he manipulated the vibrator deep within her then slid her panties back into place to hold it securely in.


“A couple of weeks ago you asked me to come by and pick up that picture for you.  I guess I wasn’t paying attention to your directions but I opened the wrong drawer and I found this.  Standing there, holding this and thinking of you using it…I got so turned on…”


“The medical closet…You were so wild…” she gasped, her arms moving out from beneath her head to grip the edge of the bed.


“I couldn’t wait to have you then, either.  While I was away…the dreams I had about you…did you use this while I was gone?  Did you think of me?”


“I…yes…I want you, John…not this…”


“And you’ll have me before the night is over, my love…many times…many many times, I promise you.  But this time is all for you…so just lay back and enjoy.”


He slid his hands beneath the waistband of her panties and firmly massaged her butt cheeks then moved up to her lower back.  “Just relax…enjoy the sensations…Do you like my touch, Helena?”  John’s voice was low and sensual, his hands working their way up her spine.


“Oh yes, John,” Helena moaned back, her voice husky with desire.


“I love to touch you…I love the way your skin feels…so soft…so smooth…when I trace my finger along the surface a tiny trail of pink follows.   Are you aroused, my love?”  His hands moved higher, working her shoulder blades, casually slipping down to trace the round swell of her breasts.


“John!” Her single utterance was filled with passion.


John climbed up on the bed to improve his coverage of her shoulders, working one knee between Helena’s legs until it was pressed firmly against the vee of her thighs.  Helena rocked back against him, forcing the vibrator deeper inside her throbbing sheath.  Low moans began to emerge from somewhere deep in her throat.


John worked the tense muscles of her neck with one hand while the other moved back down her body following the line of her spine then slipping beneath her lacy briefs.  He expertly worked his finger into her depths beside the humming device and hit the control switch.


A gush of wetness flowed over his hand as the increased intensity of the pulsing object buried within Helena pushed her into an orgasm.  A muffled scream emerged from her throat and John glanced up quickly to see Helena’s face buried in the mattress, her hands holding the sheets in a death grip as her body shook.


When her tremors finally began to wane, John shifted his knee so that he was straddling her and gently rolled her onto her back.   Her eyes were closed and her lips slightly parted as she struggled to breathe, fighting through the sensations still washing through her body.


Her eyes opened and she smiled up at her lover, her eyes flaring as she watched him lift his hand to his mouth and slowly lick her juices from his fingers with relish.


“John…would you kiss me, please?”


He practically fell on top of her in a rush to meet her mouth; lips open and tongues tangling, as they tasted each other deeply.  Helena parted her legs then pulled them back, capturing John’s knee between them once again.  Her hips began to undulate against his thigh, the still vibrating toy buried within her vagina stimulating her delicate nerve endings all over again.


Helena’s hands clawing at the waist of his briefs pulled him back to his senses and he reluctantly pulled away from her, sitting back on his haunches to stare into her green depths as his hands began a languid perusal of her shoulders and bosom.  Her hands gripped his wrists as he palmed her heavy breasts, his thumbs flicking over the distended tips.


“I want you, John.”


“Soon, my love.  I want you, too.”  John’s erection was painfully obvious, straining so heavily against his briefs that the deep red head had worked its way over the elastic band at the top. 


“That must be uncomfortable…let me…” John gripped her wrists as she grabbed his briefs and their eyes locked.  After a long moment he nodded and together they pushed the offending garment down to release his raging hard-on.  John dropped his hold on her wrist and moaned as she ran a perfectly manicured nail up his length.  He dropped his hand to her hip and moved between them, finding and manipulating the control switch to the next level.


“Oh SHIT!” Helena yelped and her back arched as the oscillations increased again.  John felt his erection grow even harder, her use of profanity so unusual that it excited him all the more.  Large hands moved back to her breasts and began to work them, alternating between light caress and hard squeezes.


Helena seemed to loose all control of herself, her body taking over in its quest for release.  She undulated against John, her back rising and falling with the movement of her hips, her breasts bouncing up and down with the motion.  John was mesmerized by the flow of her dark nipples and couldn’t resist tasting them.  He bent forward, capturing one erect peak between his lips and the other between his thumb and forefinger, twisting both firmly. 


Sensation overwhelmed Helena…the soft caress alternating with the hard tug on her sensitive nipples as her body alternately lunged and fell, the feel of John’s magnificent arousal slapping against her stomach with each upward thrust…  She came without warning; the growing tingling suddenly amassing in a rush of white heat as her juices once again poured out against John’s knee.


John felt his balls fill to the breaking point, his juices begin to rise up his shaft.  He pushed his face into the valley between Helena’s breasts as he willed the release to stop but knew that he couldn’t succeed.  His body quivered as a heavy rope of semen erupted against Helena’s abdomen. 


He winced at the press of her fingers along the base of his erection.  The room went black; John groaning as the relief of climax flowed over him, surprised that his ejaculation had stopped.  He collapsed onto her heavily as the lights slowly came back into focus.  Helena’s hands rubbed his back soothingly while he trembled in her embrace.


Realizing that he was crushing her, John slowly pushed up on his hands to remove his weight.  “Damn, woman…where did you learn that?”


“One of the benefits of sleeping with a doctor.” She replied sassily, her eyebrows popping up and down.


“One of the many benefits of loving you.” John bent his head low for a slow deep kiss.  His erection twitched between them, anxious to get back in the game.


Long limber dancer’s legs moved around him, a strong arched foot sliding up his calf and higher, hooking into the briefs around his knees and pulling them down.  When the garment snagged, her other foot joined the first, both working together to strip John to his birthday suit.


“Now you have me at a disadvantage.” He grinned as he rocked his pelvis, the angle of her legs causing him to shift deeper against her saddle.


“Then why don’t you take care of that.  Get that damned toy out of me and put yourself in.  There is no substitute for you, John Koenig.”


John pushed up on his knees and slid his hands down Helena’s back to cup her rear.  Keeping her locked close to his body with one arm, he used the other to work the lacy lavender panties over her firm cheeks and down her thighs.  Helena reluctantly unwrapped one leg from its hold on John’s calf and pulled her foot out then kicked the knickers down and off the other leg.


“So now we’re equal.  I want you and you want me.  You do want me, don’t you, John?” The sultry tone in Helena’s voice made John’s head spin.


“Want can’t even begin to describe what I feel…need, desire, crave, lust…love.”


John felt a push against his delicate sacs and pulled away slightly, his hand moving between them to catch the still humming vibrator as Helena ejected it from her body. 


“Love me, John.  I need you now…not some pale imitation…that device can give me pleasure…but nothing compared to the pleasure that you give me.  Only you can love me.”


John flipped the device over his shoulder, barely recognizing the sound of it hitting the mattress as he stabbed into her welcoming orifice.


“Take me hard, John.  I want to feel all of you.”  Helena didn’t have to ask twice.  John was so aroused it was all he could do to not to explode immediately but he managed to control his release as he pounded furiously into her warmth, his massive erection slamming into the tip of her womb with each thrust.


Helena responded in kind, grinding her pelvis against his, meeting him thrust for thrust.  Her already sensitized flesh latched onto his hard rod; sucking and clinging as her soft moans rapidly grew louder.


Exercising an almost superhuman effort John stilled, holding himself motionless, just the bulbous tip of his sex resting within her sheath.  His face fell back to her breasts, working them with his hands and lips.  Her hands fisted in his hair as she struggled to push her body it to his.  She alternated between thrusting breast and hip, needing the full contact that he was denying her.


John pondered briefly at the buzzing against his leg then realized the forgotten sex toy had fallen there, still working even though it no longer had contact with tender flesh.  His hand left her breast and groped down his leg until his fingers hit the now cool metal. 


Helena thrust her torso up again, trying to push more of her swollen globe into John’s already full mouth.  He bit down lightly on soft flesh then suckled, feeling the distended tip of her nipple stab into the roof his mouth.  As her hips arched down John ran a hand between them, the vibrator locked securely in his fist.  He aimed the tip carefully then pressed down as he pressed his hips down, locking the intensely shaking device between them. 


The thick metal pressed into Helena’s heavily aroused pearl before coming to rest against the base of John’s deeply implanted erection, the rapid buzzing sending new shock waves rippling through them both.


“Yes, John!…oh GOD!…there…touch me…THERE…JOHN!”


He came at that same instant as she, his body finishing what it had started earlier as he discharged stream after stream of his essence into her womb.  The aftershocks of the orgasm continued for both of them, rippling out for long minutes as they continued to ride each other, accentuated by the continued vibration locked between their hips.


Finally, unable to take or give any more, John fell sideways to the bed, sliding out of Helena as he pulled her close to cradle her against his sweaty body.  He pulled the vibrator from between them, clicked it off and tossed it to the bedside table.


“You are so beautiful when you come.  That was incredible.” John murmured, his lips brushing over the blond locks near her ear.


“Um…you can say that again.  You can give me a massage anytime, commander, especially an internal one.”


“I definitely need to go away and come back more often.  You can send me to rummage through your drawers anytime.”


Helena blushed.  “I never dreamed when I asked you to pick up that picture that you would find…that.  I wouldn’t have asked you if I’d known…I don’t use the toy anymore…not since you and I…but I am embarrassed that you found it…that I sent you to find that picture.”


“I’m so glad you did.  I found out all sorts of interesting things about you.”


Helena raised her head to peer into John’s face.  “Such as…”


“I’ll never tell.”


“John Koenig…what else did you find?”


He smiled a placating grin.  “I’m just teasing you, hon.”


Helena stared at him with doubt in her eyes for a moment before she accepted his reply.  “If your sure…”


“I’m sure…and I can’t wait to see what kind of fun we can have with these.”  John’s grin grew as he lifted his arm from the side of the bed; a set of handcuffs dangling from his hand.






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