Title:  Break in the Routine

By:  tayryn

Rating:  NC-17

Pairing:  John and Helena romance

Archive:  my site and my sister’s only

Disclaimer:  ITC owns them.  I’m just playing with them.

Summary:  John and Helena take a much-needed break.

Notes:  a small, fluffy, story written expressly for my sister for her birthday.  Feliz Aniversário, Bela!!  Eu te amo, minha irmã!! 


And thank you to the other ½ of ESB² for beta’ing.  I appreciate it muchly… bugs, dear!!




“I thought you were supposed to be taking the day off?”


Helena looked up from her computer to see Bob Mathias standing in the door of her office.  She gave him a small smile.  “I am… I was… John got called away on an emergency at one of the outer structures.”


“So you decided to pop in and get a little work done while you wait for him, is that it?”


“That was the original thought,” Helena replied.  “He just called me a couple of minutes ago.  Seems this is going to be an all day job.”


Bob watched her closely, noting the way she carefully schooled her features to hide how upset she really was.  “I was just going to help myself to some coffee.  Would you like some?”


Helena nodded.  “That would be nice, thank you.”


Bob smiled then stepped away from the door, returning moments later with two steaming cups of coffee.  “Here you go,” he handed her one of the cups and then sat down on the couch in her office.


“Mmm… thank you,” Helena murmured, taking a sip of the bitter brew.  She grimaced slightly.  “One day, that computer is going to learn to make a proper cup of coffee.”


Bob chuckled.  “So…” he spoke softly after a few minutes of watching Helena stare off into space.  “Want to talk?  Tell me what’s on your mind?”


Helena looked over at him for a moment then looked down at the cup in her hands.  “I was just thinking…”


“Go on,” Bob urged her as her voice trailed off and she shook her head.


“I love John, faults and all,” Helena lifted the cup and took a sip.  “But some days I wish… I wish he wasn’t the Commander.”


“That’s understandable.”


“It’s just… this was supposed to be our day off… our first together in months…” Helena continued.  “We were going to,” she blushed slightly and finished in a quiet voice.  “Spend the day in bed.”


Bob merely smiled.


“But of course, first thing this morning there’s a call.  An emergency in one of the outlying structures, and one only the commander can handle,” Helena shook her head and took another swig of her coffee.  “Some days, I wish John were nothing more than one of the pilots.”


“I bet there are days the commander wishes you weren’t the CMO,” Bob pointed out.  “Getting calls at all hours of the night…”


Helena gave Bob a small smile.  “I know, and you’re probably right.”


“But it’s frustrating,” Bob nodded.  “I understand.”


Helena yawned suddenly.  “Ooh, forgive me,” she covered her mouth with the back of her hand as she yawned again.  “I don’t know why I’m suddenly so sleepy.”


Bob just smiled and took a sip of his coffee watching as Helena looked down at the cup in her hands then up at the clock on the wall.  “Are you all right, Helena?”


“No… I… I can’t sheem to…” she shook her head, turning towards Mathias, trying to focus on him.  “I… uhm… I…”


Bob sat forward on the couch as Helena suddenly went limp in her chair, her head falling forward against her chest as unconsciousness claimed her.  He reached out to check her pulse, smiled and grabbed his commlock.


“She’s asleep.”


“Good… I’ll be right there.”


Bob nodded, closed the channel then sat back on the couch and continued to sip his coffee.  Moments later, he looked up and smiled at the person walking into Helena’s office.


“Did she give you any trouble?”


“None,” Bob answered.  “I slipped the sedative into her coffee.”


“How long till she wakes up?”


“It was only a mild one,” Bob answered, watching as Helena was lifted out of her chair.  “About an hour, two at the most.”


“Will she be groggy?”


“She shouldn’t be.”


“Excellent.  Thank you.”


“You’re welcome.”




Helena opened her eyes, expecting to find herself in her office and was surprised when she found herself lying in a bed that wasn’t hers.  She glanced around, soon realizing that she was still on Alpha, more specifically, one of the outer structures.


She sat up and that is when she noticed the nightgown draped across the end of the bed, a piece of paper lying on top of it.  Reaching out, Helena lifted the paper, a smile touching her lips as she began to read.


~ My Dearest Helena


As promised… this is our day.


I invite you now… to change into the nightgown and join me in the next room, for brunch.  To be followed by an afternoon and evening of dancing, lovemaking, talking and whatever else your heart desires.


Waiting anxiously,


John ~



Helena swiped at the tears that welled in her eyes and released a deep breath as she laid the note on the bed beside her then stood and began to strip off her uniform.  She paused at her panties then with a grin pulled them off as well.


“They won’t be staying on long anyway,” she said to herself as she dropped them on top of her uniform then reached out for the nightgown, smiling once again at the one John had chosen and slipped it over her head.


The gown was John’s favourite.  A black lace, form-fitting halter that gave way to a long black satin skirt, with two generous thigh-high slits. 


Spotting a mirror on the other side of the room, Helena quickly crossed to it and took in her appearance.  She reached into the top of her gown, adjusting and lifting her breasts for maximum cleavage effect and then ran her fingers through her hair to fluff it. 


Satisfied with her appearance, Helena headed for the other door.




Lighting the last of the candles, John turned at the sound of the door hissing open.  An appreciative smile formed on his lips as Helena slowly glided forward, stopping within arms reach before him.


“You look gorgeous.”


“Thank you,” Helena smiled.  “You don’t look too shabby yourself,” she told him, her eyes roaming up and down his half-naked body.  “I love those pyjama bottoms.”


John laughed softly as he leaned close and brushed a soft kiss against her lips.  “Come…” he straightened up and grasped her hand.  “Brunch is served.”


He led her to the center of the room to the elegantly set table for two.  Once Helena was seated, John quickly moved around the table to the bottle of champagne chilling.


“Isn’t it a little early for champagne?”  Helena asked as John popped the cork and began to pour the bubbling liquid.


“For us… today… no,” John told her, handing her the fluted glass.  “This is our day, Helena.  Today… now… the outside world does not exist.  It is just you and I.”


Helena smiled and took a small sip of the cool wine.  “How did you… when did you do all this, John?”


“This morning,” John answered, taking his seat, motioning for her to start eating.  “I shouldn’t have been called.  Tony could have handled it.  When I got there and saw that it was just a minor glitch, I was livid.”


Helena winced slightly, knowing that John had most likely ripped into the techs, especially as it had been their day off.


“After I finished yelling…” he gave her a bemused smile, very aware of the fact that he had a temper.  “And explained to the techs proper procedure once again, I decided that we still deserved our day.  In fact, I decided that we deserved two, since our morning was interrupted.”


Helena’s eyes widened.  “You mean… we… we have all night…”


“And all day tomorrow too,” John finished for her.


“So, after we eat…?”


“I thought we would turn the lights down even more… and dance in the moonlight.”


Helena smiled and hummed her approval.


“And then, I thought I’d scoop you up into my arms, take you into the back room and make love to you for the rest of the day, all night and all day tomorrow.”


“Mmm…” Helena fixed him a coy smile.  “Think I’d be able to talk the commander into giving me an extra day off.”




“Because after all that lovemaking… I’m not going to be able to walk.”


John laughed.  “I think something could be arranged.”


Helena smiled and reached for a piece of toast as they fell into a comfortable conversation.  When they were finished eating, she leaned back in her chair and watched as John gathered up their dishes, walked to the far door and left the tray outside.




“Only Tony, Alan, Maya and Bob know where we are,” he explained, dimming the lights in the room.  “And I’ve arranged with them to have our various meals brought to us.”




John smiled and moved over to the small CD player sitting on the window ledge.  Moments later, the room was filled with soft music.  John smiled at her and moved to her side.


“Dance with me…” he held his hands out to her.


Helena smiled up at him, placed her hands in his and allowed him to pull her up into his arms.  They wrapped their arms around each other and began to sway to the gentle instrumental strains floating around them.


“Mmm… this is just what the doctor ordered,” she murmured against his chest as he slowly danced them into the middle of the room.


“Definitely doctor’s orders I have no problems following,” John replied against the top of her head.


Helena chuckled softly and lifted her head from his shoulder to meet his eyes.  “Thank you… this is just perfect.”


John brought a hand up to caress then cup her cheek.  “You’re welcome,” he smiled lovingly at her.  “I needed this… we needed this time alone together.”


“Yes we did,” Helena agreed, smiling up at him as John slowly leaned down, lowering his lips to hers in a slow, loving kiss.  She sighed happily, sliding a hand over his shoulders and up into his thick, dark hair; holding his mouth captive to hers as she deepened the kiss. 


A low moan sounded deep in John’s throat as Helena’s mouth opened beneath his, her tongue darting out to flick against his lips, seeking entrance, which he immediately granted.  Their tongues slowly teased each other, mimicking the slow movements of their bodies.


“Mmm…” Helena murmured against his mouth.  “I love you, John.”


“I love you too,” John replied, slipping a hand into her hair and lowering his mouth back to hers.


Several long, drugging kisses later, Helena laid her head on John’s shoulder, wrapping her arms around his back as he pulled her closer; the two of them continuing to dance to the now sultry music playing on the stereo.


“Ooh…” Helena shifted in John’s arms, lifting her head once again to smile at him.  “I love this piece.”


“I know,” John smiled at her, his hand caressing down her back to curve around her firm backside.  “I also know what this piece does to you.”


Helena’s smiled turned sensuous as she began to rub her body against his; the erotic strains of Ray Lynch’s ‘The Oh of Pleasure’ weaving its magic around them.  Her smile grew at the feel of his burgeoning erection growing against her stomach and shifted her hips against him again.


John moaned when she pressed closer, her hands trailing down his sides and around to cup his rear as she ground herself against him, wrapping one of her long legs behind his knee.


“…Helena…” her name was a low growl in his throat as her lips found their way to his neck.  John moaned again as Helena nipped the tender skin then laved her tongue over it before moving lower, trailing her lips down over his collarbone until she reached his nipples.


Helena smiled as she teased the small nubbin with her tongue while slipping her hands beneath the waistband of his pyjama bottoms to gently squeeze the cheeks of his rear.


She slowly kissed her way back up to his lips, capturing them in an ardent kiss, her hands pushing his pants down over his hips, unwrapping her leg from around his to allow the satin pants to puddle at his feet.


John slid a hand up her back, threading it in her blonde hair as he responded to her impassioned kiss, his tongue foraging deep into her mouth to tangle with hers.  His other hand slowly gathered up the skirt of her nightgown until he could slip his hand through the slit.


Helena moaned into his mouth as John’s hand moved beneath the satin of her gown and cupped one firm globe of her bottom, pulling her lower body closer to his fully erect member.


“John…” she moaned as his other hand left her hair and joined the first one under the satin skirt of her nightgown.  “Mmm…” she melted against him as their kiss intensified, her hands clutching his shoulders.  “…John…” Helena whispered against his lips.  “John, please…”


John broke off the kiss and smiled at her before bending slightly, scooping her up into his arms and carrying her back into the bedroom.  He set her down at the foot of the bed then holding her gaze, John reached behind her to undo the tie of her top.  He lowered his eyes, following the straps as they slipped down over her breasts, the gown catching at her hips.


Helena gasped as John bent slightly and took one of her nipples between his lips, suckling hungrily at the tender bud.  “John…” she moaned as he released her breast and kissed his way over to the other, once again pulling the nipple into his hot mouth.  “Yes…”


After several long minutes of feasting at Helena’s breasts, John slipped to his knees, pressing wet, open-mouthed kisses down over her torso, pausing to circle her navel before sitting back on his haunches.


Helena watched through lidded eyes as John reached up to tug on her nightgown, pulling the shiny material over her hips to pool at her feet.  She flushed at the intense look in his eyes as he raked his gaze over her.


“God, you’re exquisite,” he murmured in a low voice, reaching out to run his large hands up along the outside of her legs to grasp her hips.  With a gentle push, he urged her to sit on the edge of the bed and crept closer.  “Lay back, love…”


Helena lay back, propping herself up on her elbows as John shifted even closer, lifting her legs up and hooking them over his shoulders; his arms wrapping around her thighs as his hands moved to her center.


John’s fingers stroked through the blonde curls covering her sex, gently opening her up to his hungry eyes.  He licked his lips and inhaled the scent of her arousal before pressing his mouth against her, his tongue darting out to lick at her.


“John!”  Helena cried out softly as his tongue moved in long, lollipop licks up and down her slick flesh.  She fell back on the bed, arching against him as his lips closed around her clit, sucking on the swollen bundle.


“I love the way you taste…” John murmured, flicking his tongue against her as he slowly slid a finger inside her, followed by a second.


Helena moaned at the feeling of John’s fingers moving inside her, matching the touches of his tongue against her clitoris and clenched her hands in the sheets as the sensations built and coursed throughout her body.


“John… oh, John… please…” she begged softly, her hips moving in time with his fingers and mouth.  “I…”


John increased his attention to her sex, his tongue working furiously against the pearl of her desire until she suddenly screamed out his name and began to convulse beneath him.  He continued to love her with his mouth and fingers until he drove her to another intense orgasm.  With one last, loving kiss to her throbbing center, John slowly kissed his way up her body and climbed onto the bed beside her.


Helena rolled into his arms, hooking a long leg over John’s thigh and buried her face in his chest as she continued to shudder in the aftermath of her release.  “Mmm… I love it when you do that…” she said breathlessly.


John smiled and kissed the top of her head.  “Good… cause I love doing it.”


Helena chuckled softly.  “I can tell…” she lifted her head to meet his gaze.  “Because you do it so well.”


John laughed and suddenly found himself on his back, Helena above him, straddling his thighs.  He felt himself harden even more at the sight of her; hair tousled, nipples tight and rosy, standing out proudly on her perfect breasts and the stain of arousal painted across her body.


Helena watched him move his gaze over her body and felt herself responding to the desire she saw flare hotter in his deep blue eyes.  She grasped his wrists and stretched out over him, pinning his hands to the bed above his head.


“Helena…” John lifted his head from the bed to capture a swaying nipple in his mouth, drawing hard on the stiff peak.  “Want you…” he murmured around her breast.  “Now… please…”


Helena nodded and released his hands, sitting up straighter on him as she reached between them.


John groaned at the feel of her delicate fingers wrapped around his aching manhood and thrust against her hand as she rose up and brought him to her waiting entrance.  He lifted his head and watched as Helena slid the head of his erection back and forth along her slick folds, coating him with her arousal.


“Helena…” John’s hands grasped her hips as he thrust up off the bed.  “Honey, I need to be inside you.”


Helena smiled down at him as she held him steady and slowly lowered her body down, impaling herself on his rigid length, taking him inch by inch into her moist sheath until she was completely seated on him; moaning at the feel of him stretching and filling her.


“Oh… yes…” John tightened his grip on her hips and thrust up into her.  “I love the way you feel…” he moaned as Helena began to undulate against him in counterpoint to his thrusts.  “That’s it… just like that…”


Helena placed her hands on his chest as she continued to circle and thrust her hips against him, moaning at the sensations that took root in the center of her being and grew through her body.  She slid her hands up over his chest to clutch his shoulders, leaning over him to catch his mouth in a passionate kiss.


John thrust his tongue into her mouth, tangling it with hers as he trailed his hands up her sides and around her back, holding her tight against him as he suddenly rolled them, pinning her to the mattress.


Helena gasped into his mouth as the change in position allowed John to sink deeper inside her.  She wrapped her legs around him, one at his hips and one higher on his back as he began to thrust heavily into her.


“Oh yes… John…” John continued to drive himself into her as she cried out to him, telling him in a breathless voice to move faster and harder within her.  “John… Joh… nnn…”


Helena held tight to him as John’s hips pistoned in and out of her, pushing her closer and closer to the edge.


John rose up slightly and slid a hand between their thrusting bodies, seeking out her clit, his fingers stroking the tender flesh until Helena was writhing beneath him; crying out incoherently as wave after wave of pleasure suffused her body.


All of a sudden, Helena’s body stiffened under him, her breath catching in her throat before she screamed and began thrashing beneath him.  “JOOOHHHNNN!”


John continued to thrust into her, prolonging her orgasm until he could hold back no longer, then pulled his hand out from between their bodies, and bracing himself on both arms, began to drive himself hard into her, straining for his own release.


Helena tightened her legs around him, holding him to her as he thrust one final time, yelling her name as the force of his orgasm left his body quaking.  Helena mewled softly as the splash of his seed against her womb triggered another small orgasm within her.


John collapsed on top of her, nestling into Helena’s arms as the residual tremors shook his body.  He panted softly against her neck, trying to catch his breath and calm the rapid beating of his heart, feeling her hands stroking up and down his sweaty back.


After several minutes, John kissed his way up along Helena’s neck and over her jaw to capture her lips in a long, loving kiss.  “I love you,” he whispered against her lips before covering her mouth again and rolling them onto their sides.  He broke off the kiss and smiled at her.  “I love you so much.”


“I love you too,” Helena replied, shifting closer to him.  “More than I have words to tell you.”


No more words were spoken as they shared a series of soft, breathless kisses, communicating their love and devotion to each other through gentle caresses.


“So…” Helena murmured against his lips.  “We’re going to be doing this,” she pressed her body tight to his.  “For the rest of today and all day tomorrow?”


“Yep,” John replied, shifting them so that she was on her back, his body pressing hers into the mattress.  “That was only the beginning.”


“Mmm… oh goodie…” Helena smiled, sliding her hand into his hair and pulling his mouth down to hers for a fiery kiss.  “Let the games begin…”




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