Title:  Space: 1999 – Journey to Where – episode addition

Author: tayryn & Mônica

Rating:  oh come on  like there is any question here…  NC-17

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Disclaimer:  ITC’s not mine

Summary:  they’re back from their little trip to Earth.

Notes:  this started out as a scene in mine and my sister’s story “When you…” but wasn’t working there, so now it’s a stand-alone story.


Thanks to Heather for beta’ing this baby for me!!  I appreciate it very much!!





John closed his eyes as he stood under the spray of the shower, allowing the hot water to wash away the dirt, grime, and smell of the fire off his body.


He sighed.  Mathias had ordered him to his quarters to relax and get some rest, several hours ago, but his mind refused to shut down and let him.


~ That was too close. ~ He thought, releasing a shuddering breath as he remembered how close they’d come to losing their lives, but even more scary; how close he’d come to losing her.  John shook his head.  ~ Don’t think about that!  She’s all right now.  Helena’s going to be fine. ~


He turned his face up into the water and sighed again.  All he wanted to do now was wash up, crawl into bed, wrap his arms around Helena, and hold her tight all night long.  He sighed then, knowing that wouldn’t be happening tonight.  Helena was still in Medical Centre, recovering from her bout with pneumonia.  John sighed again.


He was pulled out of his thoughts when he felt her arms suddenly slide around his waist and her body press up against his back; startling him.


“Aren’t you supposed to be recovering in Medical?”


“I talked Bob into letting me recover in the privacy of our quarters.”  Helena answered as she kissed his shoulder.


“How did you manage to talk him into it?”


“I simply told him that I would relax easier in my own bed.”  She told him and then tightened her arms around him, resting her head against his back.  “…I felt the need to be with you; to hold you and be held by you.”


John covered her hands with his.  “I know the feeling.”


They stood together under the cascading water, each doing their best to put the events of the last day behind them.


“Hand me the soap.”  Helena said a few moments later.  “I’ll do your back if you do mine, and then we can curl up in our bed, in each other’s arms and get that rest Bob ordered for us.”


“Sounds good to me.”  John said, grabbing the bar of soap and placing it in her hands.


Helena took a step back, working up a lather with the soap and then reached out and began to soap his back.  “Relax, John.”  She told him, kneading the tight muscles in his shoulders.  “Relax…” She smiled when she heard him release a sigh and felt some of the tension leave his shoulders.


“That feels wonderful.”  John murmured as her hands continued to travel up and down his back.  “You have very skilled hands, Doctor.” 


“Why thank you, Commander.”  She chuckled softly as she pressed up against his back, kissing the back of his neck as her hands moved around him and hugged him from behind.  “You really think so?”


“I do.”  John replied, turning his head slightly to brush a soft kiss against her forehead.


“Wait.”  Helena winked at him as she rubbed the bar of soap between her hands again.  “It gets better.”


John chuckled softly as he closed his eyes and leaned back slightly against her; a small smile coming to his lips as he savoured the feeling of her sudsy hands beginning to slide over and around his chest.




“I want you, John.”  Helena told him in a low, throaty voice, kissing her way along his shoulder to his neck.


“Helena, you just…”


“I’m fine, John.”  She told him, her hands trailing down over his abdomen, moving between his legs to take him in her hand, noting with a small smile that he was already beginning to grow hard.  “The pneumonia is gone.  I’m fine.”


John shook his head and covered her hand with his; stopping her, despite wanting very much to take her up on her offer.  “…Helena…”


“John, if this experience has taught me anything, it’s that we have to seize every moment, because you never know when we’re going to get another chance.”  She pressed herself tighter against him, sliding her free hand up his chest to clasp his shoulder.  “Especially here on the moon, on Alpha.”


John stepped away from her and turned around to face her as he reached for the soap.  “Turn around.  It’s my turn to wash you.”




“Just turn around, Helena.”


Helena gave him a look as she sighed and did as he asked; feeling his hands begin to move over her shoulders and down her back. 


“I thought I was going to lose you.”  John said softly as he ran his soapy hands down her arms.  He laced his fingers with hers as he drew her arms up, crossing them with his across her chest and stomach as he pulled her tight back against him.  He lowered his head and kissed along her shoulder to her ear; speaking in a low voice, choked with emotion.  “I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t have… if I had lost you.” 


Helena turned her head slightly, resting the side of her head against his as she pulled their arms tighter around her.


“I love you, Helena.”  John murmured against her ear as his lips moved back down her neck to her shoulder.


“I love you too, John.”  Helena whispered, tilting her head to give him better access.


A low moan filled the shower as John guided their still joined hands, down the smooth plain of her stomach, caressing every inch before resting them on her thighs.  He moved his lips back up her neck to her ear, tracing the gentle shell with his tongue.


Helena released another moan and felt the ache between her thighs increase as John whispered huskily, exactly what he planned on doing to her.  She unlaced her fingers from his and reached up to cup the back of his head.  Turning hers, she pulled his lips to hers in an ardent kiss.


Their tongues met and moved in each other’s mouths; tangling in a dance their bodies would soon imitate.


As they continued to kiss, John moved his free hand to her breast, cupping the luscious mound and softly rubbing his thumb over her nipple until it pebbled into a hard nub and then moved over to her other breast, repeating his actions.


Helena moaned and pushed herself into his hand; reaching behind her with her other hand, she clasped his rear and pulled him closer, feeling his aroused member pressing against her backside.  She rubbed herself back against him and smiled as he groaned deep in his throat.


John’s other hand trailed down the smooth plain of her stomach, heading for and entangling in the blonde hair between her thighs.  He gently brushed through the damp curls, his fingers slipping between her folds and seeking out her welcoming wetness.


“John!”  Helena pulled her mouth away from his to call out his name as he drew his fingers over her before sliding a thick finger into her slick opening.  She arched against his hand as his thumb unerringly found and began to rub the sensitive bundle of flesh, his finger moving in and out of her.  “Mmm… oh God, John!”  She cried out again as she reached down and covered his hand with hers, urging him to move faster and deeper.


“Tell me what you want, Helena.”  John growled huskily against her ear as he slid another finger inside her.  “Let me hear what you want.”


“Oh… mmm...”


“Tell me.”  John told her, applying a little pressure to her clit.


“Oh, yes, John… that.  More.”  Helena moaned as he complied.


“What else?  What else do you want me to do to you?”  Helena pressed his hand closer.  “Say it, Helena.  Tell me what you want.”


“Move your fingers faster and deeper.”  She told him, gasping as he immediately obeyed.  “John!”


John smiled against her ear before turning and pulling her lobe between his teeth, nibbling gently as he continued moving his fingers within her.  He let out a low moan when he felt her shift against him, rubbing herself suggestively against his erection.


Helena.”  She shivered as he exhaled her name against her ear in a hot breath and increased the motion of his hand against her moist center.  She bucked against his hand as the sensations in her body grew.


“That’s it, give in to it.  Let yourself go.”  John urged her towards her release, both verbally and with his hands.  “Let go, Helena.”


“Mmm… oh…” Helena moaned as his hand on her breast slid down her stomach to rest on her pelvis; holding her tighter against him as he, yet again, increased the speed and pressure of his hand against her.  “Oh… God…”


John felt her body tighten and then writhe against him as she came hard, crying out his name over and over.  John held her close, slowing but not stopping the movement of his fingers inside her, even as she sagged against him, breathing heavily.


“You are so beautiful.”  John whispered against her ear.  “So beautiful.”


“Oh… oh, John.”  Helena breathed, turning her head to smile at him.  She reached up to grasp his head and bring his mouth to hers for a passionate kiss.


John slowly trailed his one hand up to cup her breast as he little by little increased the rhythm of his hand between her thighs, causing her to break off the kiss with a moan.  He felt her hands cover his as he continued to caress her; feeling her shudder as another wave of pleasure coursed through her.


She whimpered softly when he slowly withdrew his fingers.  She turned in his arms, wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing her body tightly against his.  She sought out his lips, kissing him with wild abandon. 


John’s hands slid up her back and into her wet hair, holding her mouth to his as he responded to her fervent kiss.  He moaned, as she pressed closer still, trapping his erection between their bodies; the slight friction she caused as she stretched to press more of her body against his, sending sweet sensations throughout his body.


Helena broke off the kiss to trail her lips along his jaw and down his throat.  Her tongue traced his collarbone, licking the water from his skin on its journey to his ear.  She caught his lobe between her teeth, nibbling gently as her hand slipped between their bodies.


Helena!”  John groaned as she wrapped her hand around his hardened shaft.


She released his ear to raise her head and meet his eyes.  She smiled sensuously at him before moving back to his ear.  “Tell me what you want, John.”  Helena whispered huskily against his ear as she began to slowly stroke him, causing him to groan her name.  She stilled her hand, eliciting another groan from him.  “Do you want me to continue?”


“Oh, yes!”  John nodded.


Helena chuckled and resumed the motion of her hand, causing him to moan again.  She kissed a trail back along his jaw up to his other ear, tracing the outer shell before whispering,  Are you enjoying this, John?”


John nodded, moaning softly as she increased the speed of her hand slightly.


“Tell me what you want, John.”  She told him, grasping his earlobe between her teeth again.


“I want you.”  He told her, reaching down to entwine his fingers with hers, their joined hands stroking his length.  His other hand cupped her breast, his thumb softly teasing her nipple as he gently squeezed the full mound.  “I want to be inside you.”


Helena ceased her nibbling on his ear and raised her head to look into his eyes.  She felt her heart skip a beat at the desire swimming in his deep blue eyes.


John’s eyes locked with hers; almost drowning in their emerald green depths at the desire he saw pooled there.  He felt a hot shiver run through his back and settle in his groin when Helena flashed him a sensuous smile and sank to her knees before him.


“Oh God, Helena!!”  He groaned when he felt the heat of her mouth surround his hard member.  He looked down, watched as she pulled back, and swirled her tongue around the sensitive head before taking him back in her mouth.


Helena smiled around him when she felt his fingers in her hair, simply holding her as she continued to move on him; sliding her hand up and down his shaft in tandem with the motion of her mouth.


“…Helena…” he moaned again as her free hand moved between his legs and cupped his sac, gently rolling him in her hand as she continued to move her mouth on him.  John’s head fell back into the spray of the shower as she took him deeper in her mouth, the suction she was creating sending excruciating pleasure throughout his body.  Unable to take anymore, knowing he would explode if she continued, John slipped his other hand into her hair.  Helenastop.”  He begged her in a hoarse voice.


Helena tilted her head back and met his eyes, seeing how very close to the edge he was.  She nodded gently and let him slide slowly out of her mouth.  She gave him a luxurious smile as she licked her lips, allowing him to help her to her feet.  She ran her hands up his sides as he drew her close, catching her lips in a bruising kiss as he backed her up against the shower wall.


John’s hands moved over her breasts, cupping each one in his hands and teasing the already stiff nipples before moving down to grasp her waist.  Their mouths still locked together, John lifted Helena into the air, pinning her against the wall of the shower with his body.


Helena brought her legs up loosely around his hips, placing her hands on his shoulders as she broke off the kiss.  She smiled lovingly at him, feeling his hard length pressing against her swollen center.


Their eyes locked as John slowly brought her down on his aching shaft, the two of them moaning as little by little, he completely imbedded himself within her silken walls.  They released simultaneous sighs, as they joined wholly together, neither one moving in order to savour the feel of their joining.


Helena tightened her legs around him as John buried his face in her breasts; raining kisses entirely over each mound before taking one into his mouth, teasing the rosy nipple with his teeth and tongue.  Her one hand gripped his shoulder while the other slipped into his hair and held him against her breast.


Slowly, unable to hold back any longer, Helena began to undulate her hips, moving in tiny circles against him.  She gasped when John moaned against her breast, the vibrations shooting throughout her body before John kissed his way up over her chest to her lips; covering them in an ardent kiss as he began a slow, gentle thrusting inside her.


“Mmm…” Helena moaned softly, feeling him move slowly in and out of her.  She pressed herself against him, enjoying the leisurely pace he’d set, but urging him to move deeper.  She broke off the kiss and their eyes met, smiling softly at each other as he kept the slow, steady pace.


John dipped his head, suckling eagerly at her breasts before moving up to kiss her.  He groaned softly, their tongues tangling as his strokes within her became longer and deeper, the pleasant tension building inside him, aching to find release.


Helena pulled her mouth from his to gasp for breath as the sensations, building in the pit of her stomach, grew and spread throughout her body.  She gripped his shoulders and thrust herself against him in a silent command for him to begin moving faster.


John nodded at her silent request and, gripping her waist tighter, he began to move faster, driving himself deeper and deeper inside her.  He felt her legs tighten around him as she guided his thrusts, pulling him closer.


Their bodies moved together in total concert, moving with and against each other as they strived to find their release; their tempo increasing with each thrust of their bodies.


“John… mmm…” Helena moaned, her head falling back against the shower wall, reveling in the feel of John’s hard, lean body pressing and driving into hers over and over again.  She could feel the sensations centering between her thighs begin to grow and spread throughout her body; knowing that soon, it would consume her.


John groaned her name when he felt her hands slide up and down his back, scoring him lightly with her nails.  He felt his control slipping as the urge to thrust harder and deeper into her, and to join more completely with her overwhelmed him.  He looked deep into her eyes and could see that she was as close as he was.  “Oh God, Helena… I…”


“Me either…” her hand found its way to his cheek, cupping it briefly.  “John…”


John heard Helena’s need for release in her voice and with a final, almost bruising kiss; he gave into the urge to thrust harder inside her.  He heard her cry out his name as he drove himself deep inside her and felt her legs tighten even more in response.


Their gasps and moans mingled, as they moved closer and closer to their release, their bodies grinding against each other with wild abandon.  John held tight to her waist as he thrust into her welcoming heat over and over again.  Soon they were both calling out each other’s names repeatedly as the sensations consumed them.


All of a sudden, Helena arched against him, her legs locking tightly around his waist; her nails digging into his shoulders as her orgasm exploded and washed over her.  “John!  Oh… God… JOOHN!”


Helena!”  John groaned loudly, his hands sliding down from her waist to grasp her thighs, pulling her against him as he thrust into her one last time.  His hips jerked against hers uncontrollably as his release hit him hard, leaving his body in a thunderous explosion.  “God, Helena!”


Helena released a satisfied moan as she leaned her forehead against his, trying to catch her breath.  “Oh my.”  She gasped softly, her hand coming up to cup his cheek as he echoed her sentiments.  “Ooh… now that is without a doubt…”


“Just what the doctor ordered.”  John finished with a soft smile, his eyes closed.


“Mmm, yes.”  Helena murmured, her other hand trailing softly down his back.


They remained that way, John standing in the circle of Helena’s legs and arms, foreheads together, eyes closed and bodies joined; leaning against the shower wall, for a while longer, letting the water spray over them.


Ever so slowly, John opened his eyes and raised his head.  He smiled at the look of fulfilled peace on Helena’s face.  He dipped his head to brush a soft kiss over her lips.  “You okay?”


“Mmhmm.”  She smiled and slowly unwrapped her legs from around his waist.  “Just let me down easy.”


John nodded and gripped her waist, slipping from the warmth of her body and stepping back; holding her as until her feet were on the shower floor.  He slid his hand up her side, caressing her cheek briefly before threading his fingers into her hair.  “What do you say we finish up here and go curl up in bed?  Get that rest Mathias prescribed for us?”


“Sounds perfect.”


They shared a smile and leisurely washed each other, relishing the gentle touch of each other’s hands.  Helena sighed happily as John proceeded to shampoo and condition her hair, his strong fingers massaging her scalp lovingly before they rinsed each other off and finished their respective needs in the bathroom.




Helena felt John slip into the bed behind her and released a contented sigh when she felt his arms slide around her and pull her close as he molded his body to hers; curling around her as if to draw her into him.  She covered his hand with hers where it lay on her stomach.


Neither one spoke.


Several minutes later, John’s arms tightened around Helena’s body and he buried his face in her damp hair.


“John?”  Helena asked with concern, turning her head back slightly when she felt his body trembling.  “Honey, what is it?”  She asked, even though she had a very good idea what was troubling him.


“…too close…” she heard him murmur into her hair.  “I almost lost you.”


“But you didn’t lose me.”


“The pneumonia… the fire….” he choked on a sob, pushing his face deeper into her hair. “Oh God, Helena…”


Helena turned suddenly in his arms and entwined her legs with his, molding her body to his as he buried his face in the crook of her neck; feeling his hot tears fall onto her skin.  She held him close, stroking his hair and brushing her lips against his temple as her own tears fell into his hair.


“I couldn’t live if I lost you.”  He breathed against her neck.




His hands slid up into her hair as he lifted his head to meet her eyes.  “I’m serious, Helena.  You’re what keeps me sane and gives me balance here on this rock.”  He said and then his voice grew even quieter, his eyes filling with tears.  “You’re my life, Helena.”


“And you are mine.”  Helena replied, running her hands up and down his back in a soothing manner.  “I love you, John.  I love you so much.”


“I love you too, Helena.”  John shifted closer, brushing his lips over hers.  “I always will.”


They shifted closer together, their lips meeting in a long, loving kiss before falling asleep, wrapped safely and tightly in each other’s arms.





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