Title:  Aqua Valentine

By:  ESB²

Rating:  FRAO

Pairing:  John and Helena PWP

Archive:  tayryn’s site

Disclaimer:  ITC own Alpha and all her people.  We’re just playing with two of them.

Summary:  too short for one.

Notes:  Answer to the Valentine’s Challenge set out in the MMLC as follows…


The story cannot be longer than ten pages.

The story must be of a Valentine nature for Helena and John.

It can involve other members of Alpha, but keep in mind it is of a nature for mainly John and Helena.





John sighed with pleasure as the warm water sluiced over his sweaty body, washing the cares of his long day away along with the residue of his intense workout session.  He lathered his hands with strong soap that smelled of sandalwood and scrubbed the sweat away from his body as he willed his mind to relax.


The day had been a particularly difficult one, small problems cropping up all over the station until he had actually felt overwhelmed for a moment or two.  It had been almost midnight by the alpha clock before he’d managed to leave Main Mission but he’d known that he was too keyed up to sleep.  Instead John had opted to detour by the gym for a workout session, hoping the exercise would relax him enough so that he could get some rest.


As he slipped back under the spray to rinse the suds away, he shook his head, remembering the topper to his already problematic day.  When he left Main Mission, he’d glanced at the calendar on his desk and realized that tomorrow…


‘Or rather today,’ he thought grimly.


That tomorrow, according to the old calendar was Valentine’s Day.


‘I was hoping…’ he sighed.


He’d been hoping to ask Helena to join him for dinner in his quarters, wanting nothing more than to spend a quiet evening with the woman he had fallen in love with.


But he hadn’t gotten a chance to and now…


“It’s too late,” John said aloud as he shook his head and turned his attention back to his shower.


The late hour assured that the gym would be deserted so he’d had a good workout before hitting the shower, but once he felt clean again he knew that he was still too tense to sleep.  He stepped out of the shower and haphazardly brushed a towel across his nude body before draping it around his hips.


John’s eyes fell on the door to the sauna and small whirlpool and a smile touched his lips.  ‘I’ll bet those jets could get these tired muscles to relax,’ he grabbed his uniform and headed in that direction.


John slipped quietly through the door and flipped the lock; knowing that he didn’t have his swimsuit and preferring not to have anyone walk in on him while he was naked in the Jacuzzi.  He was just about to step around the privacy wall when his ears picked up the sound of the jets running along with quiet moaning.




He turned to leave but stopped dead in his tracks when he heard a gentle murmur… that sounded suspiciously like his name. 


John’s heart began to race as he realized that he knew that voice and he turned back, knowing that he should resist the urge to look… that he should walk away quickly… but he couldn’t.


Keeping to the shadows, John moved around the corner of the dark room until he could see the occupant of the Jacuzzi.  His heart fluttered at the sight of blonde hair piled high over classic features, milky white skin gleaming in the light of a single lavender scented candle flickering on the ledge of the pool of bubbling water.


Helena’s head was laid back against that ledge, her eyes closed as she let the water rush over her naked skin.  Her bare legs hung over the side of the tub and pert rosy nipples topping generously swelled breasts broke the surface of the water.


John’s name emerged from her lips again, a soft sigh as one wet hand dragged itself slowly down her body, pausing to caress tender spots; her neck, breasts and belly.  He had to bite down to keep from moaning when Helena’s hand slipped lower, between her legs.


‘Oh… God…’ John groaned internally when he realized why her legs were out of the tub and exactly what part of her body was taking the brunt of the water massage.


A slight sheen of sweat broke on Helena’s forehead as her back arched, pushing her torso even further out of the water.  The cooler air of the room brushed her crested peaks and John’s eyes were riveted to the dusky circles, as the points grew even tauter. 


The pattern of bubbles in the water shifted as Helena increased the intensity in one particular jet.  Her hips began to pulse toward the side of the bath as the pressurized water massaged her most intimate parts. 


John absently stroked his now rampant erection through the thin terry cloth as he watched the woman he loved pleasure herself.  He’d dreamed of seeing her like this… wanted desperately to touch and kiss her… to tell her how he felt, but he’d always backed away; never quite sure if she would welcome his advances.  Her soft moaning of his name told him that she probably would have.


The sound of his name once again rose in her throat but this time it hung in the air as her body stiffened and her climax washed over her in increasing waves.  Finally she sagged back limply into the water, her hand now stroking her sensitive flesh in a soothing manner.


Before he realized that he had moved John found himself standing at the edge of the tub staring down at the gorgeous body half hidden beneath the effervescent water.  His eyes slowly raked her form, from the dainty feet hanging over the edge of the large tub, along the length of her legs and over her torso to the relaxed head still resting on the opposite side of the tub.


Helena sensed another presence rather than heard it and her eyes slowly flickered open.  She gulped when she saw a broadly muscular chest covered with dark hair and forced her gaze to move up until she found herself staring into the face of the man she had fallen deeply in love with, the man she’d just been fantasizing about… whose blue eyes were almost black with desire.  Heat rose in her body as her skin flushed bright crimson and she struggled to sit up and pull her legs back up. 


John’s hands on her knees stopped her.


John bent slightly and reached out to gently cup Helena’s cheek, his thumb moving to catch the one small tear that threatened to escape the corner of her eye.  When she would have spoken he laid his fingers over her lips and shook his head, silencing her.  He helped her pull her feet back into the tub then willed her to hold his stare when she wanted to look away in shame.


John’s hand fell to the towel at his waist and he pulled it away, revealing the prominent arousal rising from its nest of dark curls to the woman before him.  Helena’s eyes raked his muscular form, a shudder going through her body as she paused over his impressive erection.  John groaned when she unconsciously licked her lips, her tongue darting out to rub over the ruby surface.


When Helena didn’t protest his nakedness, John grew bolder and lifted one leg to step over into the tub.  Her body turned as her eyes followed his movements until John was sitting in the bath in front of her.  His hand came back to her cheek, his thumb rubbing carefully over her chin as he slowly drew her face closer, his moving to meet her halfway.


Their lips met in a tender caress, John careful not to push Helena too quickly.  He nibbled around her firm flesh, his tongue darting along the closed press of her mouth.  Finally Helena opened to him, her tongue shyly flitting out to tag his before withdrawing.  John took this as a sign that she was open to his advances and he grew bolder, his hand sliding down the line of her neck and over her shoulder then pressed gently to her urge her closer.


Helena slid her tongue into John’s mouth again, this time pausing to explore the contours of the cavity before meeting his again and tangling madly.  Her hands rose to rest on his chest, her fingers burrowing in the soft down covering it.


John broke away from Helena’s lips to rain soft kisses over the line of her cheek and down her swan-like throat as her arms rose to wrap around his neck.  His hands slipped lower to palm her desire-swollen breasts, loving the way they fit perfectly into his palms.  He ran his thumbs lightly over the pointed tips and was rewarded with an audible gasp against his ear.


His hands fell beneath the water to cup the firm cheeks of her rear then he lifted and guided her splayed legs along his sides as he pulled her into his lap.  Helena wrapped those legs around his waist as she gripped his torso tightly; her lips moving back to claim his.  Her long legs locked behind him, pressing her hips tightly against his, trapping his hard rod between her open folds. 


Helena pulled back to stare at John, brilliant green meeting midnight blue, questioning.  John nodded slightly, a pleading look in his eyes.  The soles of her feet pressed against the bottom of the pool behind him as Helena levered herself up.  She dropped a hand around the back of her body and reached beneath her curvy bottom to take his erection in hand. 


A slight pull away from John’s body found the tip of his tumescence pressed against the very center of Helena’s desire.  She rocked against him for a few moments then pulled a bit more.  Once his swollen head was in place she let her bottom fall and John guided her hips as he slid slowly into her warm core.  The water had washed away Helena’s own special essence on her outer folds but it washed over him as he penetrated her deeply.


Once Helena was fully seated John stopped, his hands holding her hips in place as he buried his head in her neck, struggling to overcome the desire to push her back and slam in and out of her as hard as he could.  Helena sensed his conflict and held still, her hands rubbing the hard planes of his back soothingly until John was ready.


John inhaled deeply then exhaled, his hands moving Helena’s hips up slightly.  She smiled at him as she slid back down then moved back up of her own accord.  The rhythm that Helena set was slow and steady and John struggled to maintain it, hoping to bring her desire back up to a level equal to his own.


Helena was surprised at the rapidness with which her passion grew after having so recently found release.  She gasped when she felt John’s thumb slide amid her curls, seeking and quickly finding the swollen pearl hiding there.  His gentle touch sent a surge of electricity spiraling through her nerves to energize every part of her body.


Tightly clenching muscles told John that Helena was ready to increase the pace and he increased the pressure of his massaging thumb and the strength of his thrusts.  She was soon moaning at the increased assault on her senses.  Her head fell back as he dipped his head to suckle her breasts lightly, her sighs and moans echoing off the tiled walls of the small room.


John moaned at the sweet taste of Helena’s skin against his tongue, the resulting vibrations causing her nails to dig into the contours of his shoulders.  He pulled harder, sucking more white flesh into his mouth, seeking to consume her as she was consuming him.


An idea flashed through his head and John quickly acted on it using his feet to scoot his bottom at a ninety-degree angle.  His body jerked along with Helena’s as they felt the rush of bubbles flood over the point of their joining.


His name tore from her lips; the first understandable word either had spoken since John had revealed himself to Helena.  Her body spasmed uncontrollably as she fought to grind her hips even harder against John, begging him without words to send her over the edge.  His thumb and forefinger locked over her hard clit and pinched lightly then pulled.


Helena screamed as she came, a climax unlike any she had ever experienced sending her body into spasms of overwhelming bliss as she stiffened in John’s arms.  His continued thrusting prolonged her sense of pleasure and her inner muscles continued to clench around him, encouraging him to join her in nirvana.


Before Helena had a chance to come down John turned them again and pressed her back against the sloped wall of the Jacuzzi.  Locking his feet against the other end of the tub, he began to hammer into her, straining for his own release.  Helena grasped his shoulders and held on, seeking his lips with hers.


Her mouth absorbed most of the roar that ripped from his lips as he peaked and exploded within her, flooding her womb with his seed.  That feeling pulled yet another albeit smaller release from Helena.  Finally they both slipped limply into the warm water, John’s head falling to rest beside Helena’s as he whispered her name over and over.


“Oh… that…” Helena struggled to find her breath as she absently stroked her hands up and down his back.  “That was… incredible…


Several minutes later, finally having caught his breath, John lifted his head to gaze down at her.  He smiled at the satiated look on her face and couldn’t resist swooping down to kiss her swollen lips.


Helena mewled softly and returned his gentle kiss, moaning as John shifted them in the water so that he was lying back in the tub and Helena was stretched out over him.  She sighed happily and snuggled into him.


“Please tell me this isn’t just a steam induced hallucination,” Helena whispered against his neck.


“Oh no… this is most certainly real,” John replied, combing his fingers through her wet tresses.  “If it were a dream… or a hallucination, I would have woken up long before this.”


Helena chuckled.


Helena…” John began after a few minutes of silence.


“Yes, John?”


“I… I’ve fallen in love with you,” he told her in a gentle voice heavy with emotion.


Helena lifted her head from his shoulder and smiled down at him with bright eyes.  “And I’ve fallen in love with you too.”


A broad smile filled John’s face as he reached up to cup Helena’s cheek and pull her face to his, capturing her lips in a loving, celebratory kiss.


Helena broke the kiss, reached out to turn off the jets then settled back into John’s embrace.  “We shouldn’t stay in here too much longer,” she murmured after a few minutes.


“I know.”


Another moment of silence filled the air.


“John.”  Helena.”


They laughed.


“You go first,” John told her.


“Do you…”


“Do I what?”  John asked as her voice trailed off.  Helena shook her head against him.  “I want nothing more than to spend the night with you, Helena.  In fact, I want to spend every night from now on with you… in my bed, in my arms and in my life.”




“I love you, Helena… I fell in love with you the first time you told me off after my first Eagle crash five months ago,” he told her, smiling at the blush that he could feel burning across her cheeks.  He hugged her closer.  “I am willing to go as fast or as slow as you want…”


“I think that is a moot point now,” Helena told him with a smile in her voice, pressing her naked body against his.  “I don’t want to go back to the way things were.  I want to be with you… every night… in your arms, your bed and your life,” she lifted her head from his shoulder and smiled at him.  “I want… us…”


John grinned.  “I’m glad.”


They shared another kiss, one that quickly grew into more.


“John…” Helena murmured against his lips.


Mmhmm…” John nodded, not breaking their oral connection.  “I know…”


Helena pulled away from the kiss and moved out of his arms.  She smiled sensuously down at him, as she stood in the steaming water then climbed out of the Jacuzzi.  Her smile grew as she heard John quickly follow.


She watched as he toweled himself off, admiring the play of his muscles and couldn’t resist the urge to reach out and caress the firm cheeks of his ass as he bent over to grab his pants off the floor.


John jumped slightly.  “Hey!”


Helena laughed as she slipped into her dress.  “Well, what did you expect with presentation like that?”


John couldn’t help but laugh as he slipped an arm around her waist and led her out of the sauna then the gym.  Helena…” he ventured quietly as they entered the travel tube.


“Yes, John?”


“Would you… have dinner with me tonight?”


“Of course…” Helena smiled.  “But why don’t we… get through breakfast first.  I have a feeling we’re going to build up quite hearty appetites over the next several hours.”


John grinned as he sat and pulled Helena into his lap.  “Looks like I got my Valentine after all.”


“I did too,” Helena smiled and laid her hand on his chest.  “I even received a heart.”


The travel tube doors closed on its two occupants locked in a loving kiss.





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