Space: 1999 - What Should Have Happened - Space Warp

Authors:  tayryn

Rating:  NC-17 most likely.  Who am I kidding… it’s NC-17!!

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Disclaimer:  they’re ITC’s, not mine.  I’m just playing with them.  I promise, like a good little girl to return them unharmed… and a heck of a lot happier.  ;o)

Summary:  What happened John returns to Alpha after finding his way through the space warp.





Helena paced anxiously back and forth as she waited for the docking tube to hook up to the Eagle.  She heard the telltale connection sound and then rushed through the doors before they’d had a chance to fully open, colliding with and nearly knocking Tony over in her haste to get to John.


Helena?”  Tony grabbed her arms to steady her.  “Maya?”


“Resting in medical.”  Helena told him.


“Thanks.”  Tony said and took off, as anxious to get to Maya, as Helena was to get to John.


Helena nodded absently and then thought no more about the younger man as she rushed into the Eagle just as John was emerging from the Eagle’s cockpit. 


They paused momentarily, and simply stared at each other, before Helena closed the distance between them, flying across the small space and into his arms, very nearly knocking him off his feet.


“John!”  Helena cried.  “Oh, thank God!  John!”


Helena!”  John’s smile lit up his face as her lithe body molded to his and her arms and legs wrapped around him.  His arms slid around her and they held each other tightly, whispering each other’s names over and over between feathered kisses placed over each other’s faces.


Their mouths finally came together in a long, deep passionate kiss that was both welcoming and reassuring.  Their hands roamed, touched, and caressed wherever they could reach.  Slowly the kiss ended and as her feet fell to the floor, Helena buried her face against his chest, her body shaking as she began to sob; finally releasing all her fears of the last hours.


“Oh John, I was so scared.”  She mumbled against his chest, her hands clutching the front of his shirt.  “Thought I’d lost you… that I’d never see you again.”


“I know, honey.  I was scared too.”  John stroked her hair and rubbed her back.  “But I made it back.  I made it home.” 


Slowly, Helena lifted her head off his shoulder and looked at him with a tear-filled smile.  “Don’t you ever do that to me again!


“I promise.”  John replied, pulling her close again and kissing her gently but with rising passion.  They parted breathlessly and Helena laid her head on his shoulder, nuzzling his neck as John tightened his arms about her.  “I would love nothing more right now, than to take you back to my quarters…”


“And lose ourselves in each other for the rest of the night.”  Helena finished for him as she reached up and fingered his collar.


“Mmm, exactly.”  John agreed, running his finger up along her spine.  “But…”


“You have to check in with Command Center, I know.”  Helena finished for him again and felt him nod.  “And don’t forget you also need to come to Medical.”


“I won’t.”  He sighed, causing Helena to chuckle.


“Tell you what…” she lifted her head, her hand sliding up his throat to trace his jaw line, a seductive gleam in her eye.  “If you’re there within the hour, I’ll personally give you the exam.”


John grinned and slid his hands down to caress her backside.  “In that case, I’ll be sure to be there.”


They shared a smile and another kiss, and then left the Eagle arm in arm before going their separate ways.


                             **                                      **                                      **


With seconds to spare, John slid through the doors to MedCentre, bringing a knowing, amused to smile to Helena’s face.


“Right on time.”  She said, moving over to him and lacing her fingers with his.


“I was given some rather good incentive.” John squeezed her hand gently as she chuckled and shook her head.  “Maya still sleeping?”


“Yes.”  Helena answered.  “She’s been through a lot.”


“So have you.”  John said, reaching up with his other hand to caress her cheek, noticing how tired she looked.  “You should be in bed, honey.”


Helena smiled softly.  “Well if you like, as soon as we’re finished here, I’ll let you steal me away and take me to bed.


“You’ve got a date.”  John smiled and leaned down to brush a quick kiss against her lips.  He straightened up and slipped his arm about her shoulders as they began to walk towards the sectioned off bed where Maya lay.  “So, how is she doing?”


“Much better.  She’s still needs rest.”  Helena answered, knowing that Alan had filled John in on everything that had occurred in his absence.  “But she’ll be fine.”


“You realize, Tony’s gonna want to spend the night here?”  John said.


“Yes.”  Helena replied.  “And I’ve already taken care of it.”


“You’re good.”


“I know.”  Helena flashed him a saucy smile.


“Has he been checked out?”  John asked her.


“Yes.”  Helena answered.  “He’s fine.  Worried about Maya of course, but that’s to be expected.”


John nodded as they stopped at the partition’s edge, both smiling at the sight before them. 

Tony sat beside Maya’s bed, holding her hand tightly in his and stroking her cheek with the other, talking quietly to her.


Just as they moved to join him, Maya’s eyes fluttered and opened.  She smiled as she saw Tony sitting beside her and whispered his name.


“Hey.” Tony smiled and leaned closer.




“Yeah, hon.  It’s me.”  Tony said, leaning forward to brush a kiss against her forehead.


“You weren’t here.”


“I know.”


“Where… where were you?”


“It’s a long story.  I’ll tell you about it later.”  Tony told her.  “Right now, all that matters is that you’re okay.”


“I was so scared.”  Maya said softly.


“I know, Maya.  I know.”  Tony said, reaching up to stroke her hair.  “You need to rest some more.  Go back to sleep.”


“Will you still…”


“I’ll be here.”


Maya smiled and her eyes drifted shut as Tony continued to stroke her hair.


“That’s it, just relax.  Relax and go back to sleep.  I’m here and I’m not going anywhere.”  Tony murmured, holding her hand to his cheek.  “I am so thankful you’re all right, cause I don’t know what I’d done if I’d lost you.”


John glanced at Helena and she nodded.  She slipped her arm about his waist and they quietly slipped away, leaving Tony and Maya their privacy.


Moments later, they entered one of the private exam rooms.  As soon as the door shut behind them, John pulled Helena into his arms; holding her tight against him and buried his face in her hair.


As they pulled apart, their eyes met.  Helena smiled and raised her hand to caress his cheek.


“Let’s get you checked over…”


“And you to bed.”  John finished with a smile.


“And me to bed.”  She echoed with a smile.  Her hand slipped into his hair and she drew his face closer to hers and into a leading kiss.  They parted moments later, their foreheads resting together as they got their breathing under control.


“Well, let’s get this over with.”


“Okay then, you know the drill.”  Helena chuckled as she stepped out of his arms.  “Strip, Commander.”


“Whatever you say, Doctor.”  John grinned at her as he began to remove his jacket.


Helena shook her head as she moved over to the small table beside the examination table to grab her scanner.  When she turned back to John, he was sitting on the exam-table, clad only in his briefs.


Not being able to help herself, Helena allowed her eyes to roam over his body, an appreciative smile forming on her lips.


“Like what you see?”


John’s question broke through her perusal of him.  She glanced up to see an amused smile on his face and in his eyes.


Helena stepped closer, placing herself between his legs, her hand resting on his bare thigh as she leaned into him and brushed a kiss against his lips.  “Oh, yeah.”


John chuckled, his hands coming up to rest on her hips; pulling her closer so that he could nuzzle her neck.  “Lock the door.”  He murmured against her ear as he undid her belt, letting it fall to the floor.


“John… we can’t.”  Helena protested as his fingers found the zipper of her top and he slowly began to slide it down.  “Your check-up…”


“Later…” he murmured, his hand making it’s way inside her tunic to caress her warm skin.




John pulled a hand out of her top and grabbed her hand that held the medical scanner.  He sat back and still holding her hand, he ran the scanner up and down his body.  “Well, doctor?  Am I fit?”


Helena glanced at the scanner and nodded.


“Good.”  John grinned, his hand moving to the zipper on her skirt.  “Lock the door, Helena.”


Helena nodded and moved out of his arms, placing the scanner on the table as she stepped over to the door and activated the lock.  Before she had a chance to turn around, she felt John’s arm slide around her waist, pulling her body tightly back against his.


“John.”  She moaned softly as his hands moved up and cupped her breasts through her top.  Helena tilted her head back, seeking out and finding his lips with her own for a passionate kiss.


Holding her to him and not breaking their kiss, John slowly pushed Helena’s skirt down off her hips as he walked her back towards the examination table.  As her skirt fell to the floor, John’s hands were already under her top and working it off her. 


They broke apart as John pulled her tunic over her head and dropped it to the floor, her bra quickly following.  John knelt before her and removed her boots and stockings, and then ran his hands up along her legs, pausing to trace the lacey pattern of her panties before slipping them off her and tossing them on the pile of clothes.


John’s eyes wandered up her body, his desire for her growing stronger with each passing second.  He stood and pulled her into his arms.  “You are so beautiful,” he whispered huskily, his hands slipping down to cup her rear.  “And I want you so badly.”


“I’m all yours.”  Helena responded huskily, pressing closer to him; feeling his erection flutter against her belly as he backed them the remaining few steps to the exam table.  “Take me, John.”


John smiled, covering her lips with his as his hands gripped her waist.  He turned them around and lifted her onto the exam table.  His hands slid down her legs, caressing her smooth skin before urging her to open her legs to him and stepped between them when she obliged, pressing himself against her once again.


Helena slipped her hands into John’s briefs, cupping and kneading the firm flesh of his rear before pushing the offending material down; using her feet to push them past his knees. 


John broke off the kiss, took a step back, stepping out of his briefs and kicking them out of the way.  He smiled at her as he suddenly dropped to his knees before her, grabbing her legs and drawing them over his shoulders, pressing a kiss to each of her thighs before burying his face in her blonde curls.





Still sitting beside Maya, her hand held tightly in his, Tony looked up and glanced towards the exam room as he thought he heard Helena’s voice.  He cocked his head to the side and listened for it again.  Minutes later, hearing nothing else, he shrugged his shoulders and went back to his vigil over Maya.



Helena moaned and bit her lip as John continued to love her with his mouth, threading her hand in his hair and holding him against her as she arched against him, urging him to continue his pleasurable torture.


“Mmm… oh God… John.” 


John glanced up at her as he felt her tug on his hair and met her passion-darkened green eyes.


“I want you… in me… now.”  She told him breathlessly.  “Now, John.”


John nodded and eased her legs off his shoulders before slowly kissing his way up her body, pausing to pay attention to her breasts; taking her nipples in his mouth in turn and swirling his tongue around them, before moving up to capture her lips with his.


As they kissed, Helena trailed her hands down over his back and slipped one between their bodies to grasp his rigid member, causing John to moan into her mouth as she slowly stroked him.


Helena…” John gasped against her lips.


Helena broke off the kiss and leaned her forehead against his, so that together they watched as she guided him into her welcoming warmth; the image of their bodies coming together so intimately causing them both to moan.


John lifted his head and met her eyes; smiling at the dark desire he saw smouldering in her dark, green depths. 


“Love me, John.”  Helena breathed huskily, sliding her hands up his chest to his shoulders, one hand sneaking up to cup his cheek.  “Love me.”


“Always.”  John replied as he began to slowly move inside her; leaning in to cover her lips with his for a passionate kiss.


They moved together, allowing the pleasurable tension between them to gradually grow into a raging fire that threatened to consume them.


“Mmm… John!”  Helena moaned, bringing her legs up to wrap around his hips, arching into him and moving in time with his thrusts.


John groaned her name as he felt her inner muscles begin to clutch at him and knew she was close to her release.  He dipped his head and caught one of her nipples between his lips, teasing the already tight peak with his tongue as he continued his long deep thrusts within her, his own release very close.




At the breathy cry of his name, John released her breast, and after pressing a kiss to her other breast, he straightened up and met her gaze, reading everything he needed to in her eyes.  He grasped her hips in his hands and began to move faster within her, smiling to himself as he heard her low growl of approval and felt her legs tighten around him, drawing him closer.


“Mmm… oh God, John!”  Helena moaned loudly, forgetting that the walls in the exam room weren’t soundproof.  “That’s i… oh yes!  Oh God!”


John thrust into her again and again and when he felt her nails dig into his flesh as she clutched at his shoulders, he swooped down to cover her mouth with his, smothering the scream of pleasure that came seconds later. 


Helena’s body tightened and arched into his, her nails biting even deeper into his shoulders before she began to convulse in his arms, her orgasm careening over her like an exploding star.


The feel of her quaking in his arms and the spasmodic clutch of her muscles around his thrusting member was all the catalyst John needed.  He groaned her name into her mouth and thrust into her one last time, his release spilling out of him in a torrent of sensations that left him feeling weak.


Helena dropped her head to John’s shoulder, both of them panting for breath as their bodies trembled against each other, the aftershocks of their orgasms still emanating through them.


Some minutes later, Helena slowly unwrapped her legs from around him and lowered them, smiling as she felt his arms slide around her and draw her body tight against his.  Her smile grew when she felt him begin to place little kisses against her shoulder and up along her throat before capturing her lips in a long, loving kiss.


“Mmm…” Helena sighed as the kiss ended.  “That was nice.”


“Oh yeah.”  John agreed, his blue eyes twinkling.  “Definitely one of my better examination experiences.”


“I’ll bet.”  Helena laughed and brought her hand up to cup his cheek.  “But what say we get dressed and continue this back in your quarters?”


“I say, lets.”  John smiled and after giving her another kiss, withdrew from her.


“I somehow knew you’d agree with me.”


John chuckled as he stepped away from her and gathered up her clothes, handing them to her before moving to and slipping back into his own uniform.  When they were both dressed, John pulled her into his arms and leaned down to brush a soft kiss against her lips.


“I love you.”  He told her softly.


Helena smiled, as she looked deep into his eyes, seeing the extent of his love for her in their soulful depths.  “I love you too.”


They shared a brief but meaningful kiss before finally leaving the exam room, their arms wrapped around each other.



Tony glanced up from his ever constant vigil over Maya when he heard John and Helena approaching, noting with a small grin that they both appeared somewhat disheveled and a little flushed.



“Get some sleep, Tony.”  Helena told him quietly as she stepped up beside the bed and checked the readings over Maya’s bed.  “The cot is set up for you and I expect you to use it, because you won’t do Maya any good if you’re exhausted.”


“I know.”  Tony nodded in agreement.


“I mean it, Tony.”  Helena said as she finished checking on Maya.  She looked over at Tony and gave him a look that said she meant business, even as she placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder.  “She shouldn’t wake up again till morning.  So get some sleep while you can.”


“I will.”  Tony replied, as she moved back to John’s side.


John opened his mouth to comment but yawned instead.  He brought his hand up to cover his mouth as he yawned again.


“C’mon,” Helena slipped her arm about John’s waist and gave him a gentle squeeze.  “Let’s get you to bed.”


“Best offer I’ve had all day.”  John said with a smile.  He looked back at the younger man.  “Remember doctor’s orders, Tony.  Get some sleep.”


“Yes, sir.”  Tony smiled as he watched them turn and begin to walk away.  He called out to them.  “Uh, Helena, quick question.”


John and Helena stopped and she turned to look at him questioningly.  “Yes?”


A small smile formed on Tony’s lips as an amused glint came to his eyes.  “Just who was giving who the physical earlier?”




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