you won't need the Mirror of Erised to see what you desire most on this floor of the Tower.

here, wrapped in cloaks of mystery, is where you will find our stories written about Hogwart's most enduring, and most entrancing couple...

~o~ Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall ~o~

so, take out your wand, transfigure yourself a comfy chair, and have one of the house elves bring you some hot cocoa and some ginger newts (don't forget the Sherbert Lemons)

then pick a story and lose yourself in the magical moments WE see for Albus and Minerva.

The Moments... by tayryn

My Favourite Flavour
The twins give Albus some candies that have an unusual side-effect
Sticky Situation
sequel to My Favourite Flavour
A Window to the Past
a moment in time PG
A Door to the Future
another moment in time - sequel to A Window to the Past PG
Dumbledore does Dallas
Minerva is having nightmares
Making a Choice
Albus has to make a choice PG
In Sickness...
all women know how men are when they're sick... PG
Hard Days Night
written by tayryn and Jaya

The Moments... by Jaya

Silent Comfort
Albus is in need of comfort
Fanning the Flame
Albus is a typical male
Cat's Tale
Minerva returns to Hogwarts to teach
Luck of the Draw
It's the beginning of summer vacation and the teachers are celebrating
Time and Again
Albus and Minerva fight Grindlewald and then...
Second Chances
Albus and Minerva get a second chance...

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