Title: Fanning the Flame

By: Jaya

Rating: M

Archive: tayryn’s tower

Summary: response to the males flaw challenge on the AD/MM board

Disclaimer: JK Rowling owns all things Harry Potter





Oh Merlin!... Oh… Oh… Mer… Min… I’m… MINERVA!!!”


Albus shouted out his wife’s name as his pleasure exploded in tidal waves.  He barely heard her own shout of his name but his body registered the warmth and softness of her body as she slumped against his chest, her own release obtained while her husband was in the throes of his.


“You are so amazing, my love,” Albus ran his hands up and down Minerva’s damp back.


“I’m amazed that you had the energy after that enormous dinner that you consumed.  Three helpings of curry…” Minerva rubbed her lips against his cheek.


“Just burning off some calories,” Albus smiled.


With a reluctant sigh Minerva rolled off of her husband and settled into his side as she tugged the sheet over their sated bodies.


Due to their exertions, both husband and wife were exhausted.  Their relaxed bodies quickly gave in to the need for rest. 


Minerva was just seconds away from oblivion when suddenly… she heard it… RIP!




“Sorry dear!” He grinned sheepishly then… picked up the edge of the sheet and began popping it up and down.


A horrific smell emerged from beneath the covers causing Minerva to gag. 


“That was a good one, huh?”


“Albus Dumbledore!  You are a… a… uncouth barbarian!”


Minerva jumped out of the bed and stormed off to the bathroom leaving her confused husband lying there.  Being a typical male, he had absolutely no clue what he had done.




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