Title:  Making a Choice

By: tayryn

Rating: FRT

Archive: my site

Summary: Albus has to make a choice…

Notes:  challenge response #25 on the AD/MM board


Thanks as always to my beta, Jaya!




“You can’t be serious!?”


“I most certainly am.”


“But… I… for how long?”


“For a few more months… six at least.”


“Six!?  Are you mad, woman?!”


“I will be if I catch you sneaking one.”


“But, Minerva… six months without my Sherbet Lemons?!”


“It’s your choice, Albus.”




“Is it really that difficult a decision?”




“Albus, really.  You know I can’t abide those things at the moment.  The smell… the taste…”


“Then just don’t eat any.”


“I won’t be.  And neither will you.”


“I don’t see why I have to give them up.”


“Because the taste and the smell of them make me nauseous, and I can taste and smell them on you…”




“Albus, really… the way you’re sighing, you’d think I was asking you to give them up forever.”


“But six months… Tabby, it’s going to be an eternity.”


“It’s your choice, Albus.  Your muggle sweets or me…”




“Me or your muggle sweets…”




“My darling… we’ve been through this before…”


“I know…”


“And you know I will more than make it up to you.”


“True… you are getting to that point…”


“Where you’re going to be too tired to even worry about your precious Sherbet Lemons.”


“Is that a promise?”


“You know it is.”


“Well… I guess I can give them up for a few months… for a good cause.”


“You’re such a good daddy… and just for that… I think I should show you that your sacrifice will not be in vain.”


“Merlin, I love it when you’re pregnant!”




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