Title: My Favourite Flavour

Author: tayryn

Rating: FRAO

Archive: my site

Disclaimer: JK Rowling owns them.  I’m just playing with them… and letting them play with each other.

Summary: The twins give Albus some candies… that have an unusual side-effect




“Ah… Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes.  Let’s take a look inside, shall we, my dear?  See how well your cubs are doing with their business venture?”


Minerva McGonagall looked thoughtful then nodded.  “Yes… let’s.”


Albus opened the door then gestured for Minerva to enter before him.  His heart sped up a little when her body brushed against his as she passed him into the store and he couldn’t help but inhale deeply as the familiar scent of lavender, her scent, wafted up into his nostrils.


“Impressive,” Minerva commented as she glanced around the small but tidy shop.  “I’ve been wondering,” she continued as she made her way slowly up the main aisle, shaking her head at some of the items on the shelves, “where Fred and George came up with the money to start this little store of theirs.”


Albus merely smiled at her as he picked up a box of Fever Fudge.


“Albus?  You know something, don’t you?”


Albus did not respond as he placed the box of fudge back on the shelf and reached for another one containing Ton Tongue Toffees.


“Albus…” Minerva stepped closer, grabbed the box from his hand and returned it to the shelf.  “Tell me.”


“Harry gave them his TriWizard winnings,” Albus finally told her after a long pause in which he picked up yet another box.


“Did he really?”  She asked; looking down at the box he held in his hands.


“Yes.  He tried to give it to Cedric’s parents but they would not take it,” Albus answered and glanced over at her. 


“So, he gave it to the twins instead,” Minerva finished.


Albus nodded then returned his attention to the box in his hands.  He looked thoughtfully at it then placed it into the basket he’d grabbed from near the door.


“You’re not seriously thinking about purchasing those things are you?”  Minerva asked with an arched eyebrow.


“Of course I am,” Albus answered.


“You’re worse than the students.”


Albus smiled.  “You wouldn’t have me any other way.”


Minerva shook her head even as a small smile fought its way to her lips.  “No… I wouldn’t.”


“Professor McGonagall!  Professor Dumbledore!  How good to see you both!”


They turned to see one of the Weasley twins walking towards them.


“Good day, George.”  Dumbledore smiled at the young man.  “Very impressive store you and your brother have.”


“Thank you,” George smiled then glanced down at the box in Dumbledore’s basket and his smile turned into a grin.  He looked back up and met his former Headmaster’s twinkling eyes and couldn’t help but chuckle.  “Those are our most popular item.”


“I’m sure they are,” McGonagall spoke up, a small smile playing on her lips.


“I for one am sorry I missed seeing them in action,” Albus said.  “I heard they were quite spectacular.”


George grinned and was about to respond when his twin stepped out of what was undoubtedly their office.


“Professors!  Hello!”  Fred grinned as he hurried over to them.  “We’ve been hoping you would stop in soon.  We’ve been so busy that we’ve not had a chance to come up to the school…”


“We’ve got a little something for you both,” George finished as he turned and beckoned for them to follow him to the counter.


Fred joined his brother behind the counter as both men reached below and pulled out one medium sized box and bag.  “This one is for you, Professor McGonagall,” he said and pushed the package towards her.


Minerva took the box tentatively.


“We promise…”


“It’s safe.”


“We’ve not trapped it in any way,” the twins said together.


Minerva glanced at Albus and at the barely perceptible nod of his head she unwrapped the box.  A genuine smile formed on her lips.  “Gourmet Ginger Newts…” she looked up at the twins.  “Thank you.”


“And not just any Ginger Newts…” George began.


“This particular box has been charmed to never run out,” Fred finished.


“It’s our way of saying thanks,” they spoke together.


“For being a great teacher…”


“And for putting up with us for seven years…”


Minerva laughed softly and shook her head.  “The two of you certainly made things interesting.”


Fred and George grinned then turned to Dumbledore.


“Professor, we’ve heard… that you’ve not had much luck with the Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans,” George said.


“Frankly… neither have we,” Fred continued.  “So we’ve been playing around…”


“With our own version.  It’s taken us all summer…”


“To perfect the recipe…”


“To work out the kinks…”


“To get the charms just right…”


“But we finally got it done,” George finished and placed the purple cloth bag in front of Dumbledore.


“Weasley’s Wishers.”  They said together as Albus opened the bag and poured out a few green hard candies into his palm.


The twins continued.


“When you put one in your mouth…”


“Whatever flavour you’re thinking of…”


“Is the flavour the candy will be.


“So if you’re thinking about strawberry…”


“The flavour will be strawberry.”


“If you’re thinking about raspberry and chocolate…”


“The flavour will be raspberry and chocolate.”


“Try one,” they said together.


Albus picked up one of the green candies and without hesitation popped it into his mouth.  “Mmm… Sherbet Lemon.”


Minerva rolled her eyes.  “Albus… really.  You get Sherbet Lemons all the time… couldn’t you, in light of the boys’ hard work, have at least thought of a different flavour?  Like perhaps chocolate or banana?”


Albus’ eyes widened suddenly and he grinned.


The twins chuckled.  “And as you can see, Professor, they’re not just locked into one flavour at a time.”


“Boys… these are wonderful,” Albus told them.  “Truly wonderful.”


“We’re glad you like them,” Fred and George replied together.


“For as long as we have this shop…”


“And as long as we make the wishers…”


“You will always get a free bag.”  They said.


Albus reached out to lay a hand on each of their shoulders.  “Thank you, boys.  This is most appreciated.”


“It is the least we can do, Professor.”  George said.


“After all, we caused you just as much grief as we did Professor McGonagall,” Fred grinned.


The four of them chatted for a little while longer before Albus paid for the items he’d grabbed from the shelves then he and Minerva said their goodbyes and made their way back to Hogwarts as they still had some last minute details to attend to before the students arrived the following day.




A week later, deciding he was deserving of a break from all the tedious paperwork for both Hogwarts and the Order, Albus put down his quill and leaned back in his chair.  He spotted the bag of Weasley’s Wishers on the corner of his desk.


“Would you like one, Fawkes?”  Albus asked his familiar as he removed two candies from the bag.  “The Weasley twins did a rather good job with them.  I suspect they will give Bernie Bott quite a run for his money.”


The Phoenix flew off his perch to land on Albus’ desk and took the proffered sweet between his beak then returned to his perch.


Albus watched the bird for a moment then popped the candy into his mouth.  He closed his eyes and smiled as the sweet taste of lemon filled his mouth.  As Albus relaxed further, he let his mind wander to the one thing… the one person who could always bring to him a sense of peace. 




His beloved wife.


His smile changed to a slight frown as he remembered how tired his beloved wife looked that morning at breakfast then changed back into a large grin as he remembered why she looked so tired.


‘Merlin she was incredible last night…’ Albus thought and his smile grew as images from that lovemaking session flashed through his mind, one memory in particular becoming intensely vivid.


“Albus… please…” Minerva pleaded with her husband as he kissed his way down her stomach.


“Ssh, my love… I want to taste you…” Albus told her as he buried his face in her wet folds.




Walking between the students as her class of sixth years sought to transfigure their desks into pigs, Minerva stifled a gasp.




Albus’ eyes flew open as the lemon flavour left his mouth to be replaced with…


“Minerva…” he moaned as his wife’s unique taste washed over his taste buds.  Albus pulled the candy out of his mouth and gazed thoughtfully at it.  “I wonder…” he said out loud then thinking once again about his favourite candies, he popped the green sweet back into his mouth.


He was rewarded with sweet lemony flavour.


“And now…” Albus said and focused his thoughts on his wife.


“Mmm… oh, Merlin… Albus…” Minerva moaned and arched against his probing tongue as she clenched the bedclothes.


Albus smiled against her slick flesh and drove his tongue in and out of her, coaxing her juices to flow into his waiting mouth as he circled her clitoris with his thumb.  “Heavenly…” he murmured into her.




Minerva dropped down into her chair with another gasp as a shard of pleasure darted up through her body.


“Professor… are you all right?”


“Yes, Miss Granger.  I’m fine, thank you.” McGonagall replied then gestured to those students who had stopped what they were doing at Hermione’s question to return to their work. 


‘What on Earth is happening?’ she thought to herself then fought to suppress a moan as the sensation of her centre being caressed… being kissed… returned.




Albus grinned around the candy.  “I certainly don’t think Fred and George had this is mind when they made these,” he said to Fawkes with a chuckle as he once again focused his thoughts on his wife.  “But you know something…” Albus continued, giving the candy a hard suck,  these Weasley Wishers could very well become my favourite sweet.”


As he moved the candy around his mouth with his tongue, Albus began to think about different parts of his wife’s body, curious to see if they too would come through the candy.


Albus curled his tongue around the pebbled tip of his wife’s breast and suckled hard; pleased to feel it tighten even further against the roof of his mouth.


“Ooh…” Minerva gasped and arched beneath him in an effort to push more of her breast into his mouth.  “You… are way too talented… with that tongue…”


Albus chuckled and released her nipple with an audible pop.  “See… there are benefits to my… sucking… on sweets all the time,” he told her as he pulled the other nipple into his mouth.


“Remind me the next time I complain…” Minerva moaned and clutched at his head.




Minerva closed her eyes as the ghostlike touch moved from between her thighs to her breasts.  She felt her nipples pucker into hard, aching points and bit her bottom lip as she once again fought the urge to moan out loud.




Albus smiled and swirled his tongue around the candy as if truly was Minerva’s nipple then once again let his mind over the image of his wife lying naked and writhing on their bed.


‘Let’s start at the beginning,’ he thought and focused on her lips.




At the gentle pressure on her lips, Minerva’s eyes flew open and she glanced around her classroom.  She inhaled sharply at what felt like a tongue slipping into her mouth and suppressed the sudden desire to return the tantalizing caress.




Albus popped another candy into his mouth, leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes.


“You have the softest skin, my love…” Albus whispered against her shoulder as he kissed his way along her shoulder.


“Albus…” Minerva whispered his name as his mouth latched onto a particularly sensitive spot on her neck and darted his tongue out to lick her.




Minerva’s hand flew up to cover her neck and her eyes widened. 




A soft giggle reached his ears and Albus paused halfway through kissing and licking his way down Minerva’s back.  “Something amuses you, my love?”


“Your beard tickles,” Minerva answered with a slight shift below him.


Albus looked down and grinned at the sight of his snow-white beard splayed across the firm, creamy cheeks of her bottom.  “Does it now?  Well, we musn’t have that…” he gathered the length of hair in his hand then quickly scuttled down further on the bed.  He released his beard against the back of her thighs.  “No… definitely musn’t have that…”


“Albus what are you… mmm…” Minerva moaned as Albus began to nip gently at the cheeks of her rear.




Minerva shot to her feet. 


The abrupt move nearly toppled her chair and startled her students, all of who gave her curious looks.


“Back to work,” she told them with a stern look.


‘Merlin… what is wrong with me?’ Minerva thought as she slowly moved around the classroom again, trying desperately to ignore the now traveling ‘touches’ along her body.




“Albus…” Minerva threaded her long fingers through his hair and tugged gently.  “Albus, please…”


“I need to taste you again…” Albus told his wife as he once again buried his face between her smooth thighs and thrust his tongue out to lap at her swollen folds.




Minerva stopped at the back of the classroom as the ghostly tongue once again moved against her centre and she felt her sex give an answering throb.


She muffled a moan with the back of her hand and leaned up against the nearest wall for support.  Her mind raced, trying to figure out what was happening to her… and more precisely than that… who was doing this to her.




Albus shifted in his chair, absently reaching down to adjust his growing erection as the image of feasting on his wife continued.


“Mmm… oh yes… Albus, yes…” Minerva moaned loudly as his lips and tongue worked her swollen clitoris relentlessly.


Albus wrapped his arms around her thighs, the fingers on one hand holding her open for his tongue’s continued assault as he thrust two long fingers into her moist sheath; bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.




A low moan left Minerva’s lips just as the bell sounded throughout the castle signaling the end of class.  She pushed herself off the wall and slowly made her way to the front of the classroom, nodding absent good-byes to the students as they filed out of the room.


She brushed away Hermione’s obvious worry with a gentle smile, telling the concerned teen that she simply had a headache.


Minerva sank down into her chair, closed her eyes and sighed deeply as the phantom kisses to her centre continued.


At first she’d thought someone was playing a rather cruel joke on her, but then she realized that only one person who knew which parts of her body would have the biggest effect on her; the parts that her ghost-lover had caressed over and over throughout her class until she was left feeling very restless and extremely aroused.


“Albus…” she whispered her husband’s name.




Albus slowly opened his eyes as the last of the candy melted away and reached down to adjust his now fully erect member; his mental journey of his wife’s body, combined with the flavours bursting forth from the candies, leaving him feeling extremely aroused.


He’d heard the bell signaling the end of class and thought to go search out his wife, knowing that she’s just finished her last class of the day, and see if she was up to a little afternoon tryst.


“Yes,” Albus nodded with a grin as he slowly got to his feet.  “I think that is indeed what I am going to do.”


He had just rounded his desk when the door to his office flew open to reveal the very object of his thoughts.


‘Merlin, she looks glorious!’ Albus thought and moaned softly as he took in Minerva’s appearance; her robes billowing around her, her face flushed, eyes bright… she was aroused, and he knew it.  ‘How I want her!’




Minerva stood framed in the doorway, her chest rising and falling as she sought to catch her breath after her dash, in her animagus form, across the castle.  She let her eyes drift over her husband as he stood in front of his desk, and a knowing smile played at the corner of her mouth.


‘He’s aroused too,’ she said to herself; her keen senses picking up, not only the way he was carrying his body but the scent of his arousal.  ‘Merlin, I want him!’




Blue and green eyes locked.


Minerva suddenly bolted from the door across the office, up the few steps and vaulted into Albus’ arms; the force of which knocked him back against his desk.


“Don’t think this means that you’re getting away with it,” she growled as she caught his lips in a ravenous kiss.


Albus had barely any time to ponder her words as he wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly against him; responding to her hungry kiss.  He slid his hands down to cup her rear and lifted her so that her knees rested on either side of him on his desk.


Minerva groaned as the move brought her centre tight against his erection and unconsciously thrust against him as their tongues battled fiercely for dominance in the kiss.


“What exactly am I not getting away with?”  Albus asked as he broke off the kiss then proceeded to nip along her jaw.


“Your ghostly touches…” Minerva answered as she tilted her head to the side to give his wandering lips easier access.


Albus lifted his head and met her eyes.  “My what?”


“Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about, Albus,” Minerva told him as she reached beneath his beard to fiddle with the clasp on his robe.


“I’m not pretending, my dear.”  Albus told her as his hands stroked her back.  “I spent the afternoon here in my office answering some correspondence.”


Minerva gave him a penetrating look.


“I took a small break about an hour ago…”


Minerva continued to just look at him then gave a gentle tug on his beard.


Albus sighed.  “And I also had a few of the candies the Weasley twins gave me.”


“And… that’s it?  You didn’t do anything else?”






“My dear, you would know if I were lying to you.”


Minerva nodded.  Albus was right.  She would know, and after fifty years of marriage, she didn’t need to be a legilimens to know if he was lying to her or not.


“Then if it wasn’t you…” Minerva looked down at his beard, a sudden wave of guilt washing over her.  ‘If it wasn’t Albus… I enjoyed the touches…’


“Wasn’t me what?  What are you talking about, Minerva?”  Albus asked his wife.  “Minerva?”  He slipped a hand under her chin and brought her attention back to him.  He was shocked to see her eyes bright with unshed tears.  “Love… what is it?”


“Oh, Albus… I…” Minerva shook her head.  “No!  It has to be you!  No one else knows to touch me in those spots…”


“Touch you?  Minerva, what are you talking about?”  Albus asked as he cupped her cheek.


“During my last class… I was moving between the students, checking on their work when suddenly I felt…” she paused.  “One of your more intimate kisses… on…” Minerva’s voice trailed off as an uncharacteristic blush worked its way up her face.


“On what?”


Minerva rocked her hips against him in answer, noting by how his eyes widened that he understood.  “At first I thought I imagined it and then I felt it again.  After that it was my breasts then my mouth, my neck… I thought it was you, and I…” her voice trailed and Minerva once again lowered her head.


Albus quickly put the pieces together, and would have chuckled out loud if not for the tortured look on Minerva’s face.  “You enjoyed them… those phantom touches,” he stated, knowing she had.


“I thought it was you,” Minerva answered with a nod then slowly lifted her head to look at him.  “I’m sorry…”


“You have nothing to apologize for, my dear.  If anything, I believe I may owe you one,” Albus told her as he reached back across his desk for the bag of Weasley’s Wishers.  He extracted one of the candies and held it up.


Minerva shook her head.  “I don’t understand.”


“When I took my little break, I decided to save my Lemon Sherbets and have one of the Wishers.  Naturally, when I popped it in my mouth, it was lemon flavoured.”


Minerva couldn’t help but smile.  Albus was hopeless.  “Naturally.”


“I had closed my eyes, and as they always do, my thoughts turned to you.  I remembered how tired you looked this morning,” a smile came to Albus’ face,  and the reason for it.”


Minerva’s smile grew.  They had been rather enthusiastic.


“When I did that, the candy’s flavour changed.”  Albus said and his eyes darkened.  “I could taste you…”


“You could taste…” Minerva’s blush deepened.  “Are you serious?”


“Oh yes,” Albus grinned, and at the doubtful look on her face, he popped the green candy into his mouth.


Minerva gasped at the sudden phantom caress between her thighs, and couldn’t stop herself from arching into him.  “That… you…” a low moan sounded deep in her throat as the touch continued; slowly building her arousal back up to where it was when she’d entered his office.  “…Albus…” Minerva whispered his name as she leaned in and caught his lips in a passionate kiss.  She pulled back suddenly, her eyes wide as she licked her lips.  “You weren’t kidding.”


“No, I wasn’t.”  Albus replied as he tightened his arms around her.  “However,” he said as he straightened up,  I believe a proper taste test is in order, don’t you?”


Minerva could only cling to Albus; his candy kisses robbing her of her ability to think straight as he carried her around his desk and sat her down on the edge.  With a wave of his hand, her robes vanished, and her hair fell out of its customary bun to fall in a shiny black sheet down her back.  Minerva couldn’t help but shiver at the hungry look in his eyes.


“You are as beautiful now as you were the day I married you,” Albus told her as he drew the fingers of one hand down the centre of her body.  “So beautiful…”


“…Albus…” Minerva moaned as his fingers brushed through her damp curls.


“Patience, my love…” Albus smiled at his wife as he sank down into his chair, and inched it a little closer then grasped her legs and placed her feet on the arm rests.  He licked his lips at the sight before him and leaned closer, inhaling deeply.


Minerva watched Albus remove the candy from his mouth and place it on the desk out of the way then held her breath as he slid his arms beneath and around her thighs.  A soft whimper escaped her lips when she felt Albus’ fingers once again comb through the curls covering her most intimate place.  “Albus…” she gasped when he pulled her open and released a warm breath against her sensitive flesh.


“Minerva… lay back…” Albus told her in a hoarse voice.  “Lay back… open yourself more to me…”


Minerva did as he asked, and slowly laid back on the desk, not surprised to feel Albus pull her a little closer to the edge of the desk.  She felt her breath catch in anticipation of what she knew was coming.


With an appreciative murmur, Albus buried his face between his wife’s smooth white thighs; his mouth covering her sex in a hungry kiss.  He groaned her name as her unique flavour washed over his tongue, flooding his senses with all that was Minerva.  He thrust his tongue into her then slid up to circle and suck her swollen clitoris.


“Albus!”  Minerva squirmed on the desk under his intense ministrations.  While his ghostly touches had been enjoyable, it was nothing compared to the actual feel of him.  The actual feel of his silky hair tickling her inner thighs, the feel of his mouth… his tongue… on her, licking, sucking, and kissing her into mindless oblivion.


‘So much better than the candy,’ Albus thought as he continued to love her with his mouth.  Moments later, he unwrapped one arm from around her thigh and brought his fingers into play, pressing one long digit slowly into her as he concentrated on her clit with his lips and tongue.  At her low moan of approval, Albus added a second finger and continued to thrust them in and out of her silken heat.


Minerva was mindless with pleasure, her sole being focused on the man between her legs and the incredible sensations his talented mouth and fingers were creating in her body.  Albus’ earlier phantom caresses had excited her beyond words; she had come to his office with the express intention of seducing her husband, and with his concentrated effort now, Minerva could already feel herself teetering on the edge of release.


Albus could sense that she was close, could feel her inner walls beginning to clench around his thrusting fingers, and stepped up his efforts.  He sucked harder on her clit, pulling the sensitive pearl into his mouth as he increased the pace of his fingers.


“Al… bus… oh, Albus…” Minerva began to pant his name on every breath as she reached out and wound the fingers of her right hand in his thick hair, and arched against him as she unconsciously began to fondle her breast with her left.  “Albus… please…”


Albus smiled internally and grazed her clitoris gently with his teeth.


“ALBUS!!”  Minerva cried out his name and curled up off the desk; her left hand joining her right to hold him against her as she convulsed with her orgasm.


As Minerva laid back on the desk, Albus removed his fingers from her quivering sheath and lowered his mouth to greedily lap at her flowing juices.  He slipped his fingers up to continue circling her clit, and several moments later was rewarded with another deluge of her essence as a second, stronger orgasm rocked Minerva’s body.


Minerva loosened her grip on his hair and gently tugged.  “Albus… love, come here…” she called to him in a shaky voice, small tremors still coursing through her body. 


With a final, deep kiss to her slick sex, Albus rose to his feet, and gazed down at his wife.  A lustful smile came to his face at the sight of her laid out on his desk, her skin flushed and glistening, her breasts full and topped with tight rosy nipples.  She had the appearance of a well-satisfied woman, and Albus couldn’t help the surge of pride that flowed through him knowing he was responsible.


“Albus…” Minerva called his name again then released an appreciative sound of approval he vanished his robes and stood before her.  She licked her lips.  Albus in his robes was indeed an impressive sight to behold… but naked, and fully aroused… Minerva felt a rush of heat throughout her body at the sight of him.  He was spectacular.  “Love…”


“I’m coming, my dear…” Albus said as he stepped closer.


“Not just yet you’re not,” Minerva quipped with a coy smile then gasped as he ran his hands up her torso, his fingers skimming her sides until he was cupping her breasts.  He gently kneaded the full mounds until her nipples hardened even more beneath his skilled touch and pierced his palms.


Albus chuckled.  “Minx…”


“No… tabby…” Minerva winked then let out a small squeal of laughter when he playfully pinched her nipple.


“I love you,” Albus smiled down at her, his eyes twinkling bright with emotion.


“And I love you,” Minerva replied as she brought her hands up to cover his which were still on her breasts.  She slid her hands up along his forearms and tugged, pulling his body closer, her meaning clear.


Albus smiled at his wife and nodded.  His hands left her breasts and trailed down her sides; one hand coming to rest on her hip while the other wrapped around his erection.  Albus flexed his member down and ran the head down and up her slick folds, coating it with her juices before he finally placed the tip at her waiting entrance.


“Mmm…” Minerva moaned as Albus slowly pressed his length inside her.  “Ooh… I love it when you enter me like that…” she told him once he was seated to the hilt.  “So slow… letting me feel every inch of you…”


Albus smiled.  It was a feeling he rather enjoyed himself; his shaft buried in her hot, slick sheath; feeling her pulsing around him.  He told her so.


Minerva grinned then clenched her inner muscles around him.  “As enjoyable as this is… I know something that is even better,” she circled her hips against him.  “Don’t hold back, Albus… we’re both too close…”


Albus nodded and gripped her hips tightly as he withdrew only to thrust back into her again and again.  With each successive plunge of his shaft into her, Albus increased the speed and drive of his thrusts.


“Oh yes…” Minerva moaned in encouragement and brought one of her legs up off the arm of the chair to wrap loosely around his rear as he continued to move inside her.


Without breaking his stride, Albus removed a hand from her waist and reached out for the candy he’d placed there earlier then popped it into his mouth.


“Albus!”  Minerva gasped at the sudden extra sensation that swept over her centre.  “What did you…” her question remained unfinished as Albus flashed the candy at her.  Minerva’s head fell back against the desk; the combination of Albus moving inside her and his ghostly candy kisses overwhelming her senses.  “Oh, Merlin… Al… bus…”


Albus grinned at her reaction and slid his hands from her waist to her hips, gripping them as he increased the pace of his thrusts, pressing deeper and deeper inside her with each drive of his hips.  He was close; could feel his release approaching and without realizing it began to move even faster, sucking harder on the candy.


“Ooh…” Minerva arched up off the desk with a feline grace, wrapping her arms and legs around him as she kissed him voraciously, the candy melting away between their dancing tongues.  She moaned into his mouth at the feel of his beard, trapped between them, rubbed across her sensitive nipples.


Their bodies rocked together, each pushing the other closer to release.  Minerva tightened her legs around Albus’ hips as his thrusts grew harder and faster.  They pulled out of the kiss, both in need of all the oxygen they could get as the coils of pleasure within them tightened with every move of their bodies.


Moments later, Minerva’s head fell back and she screamed Albus’ name as her orgasm crashed over her in a blinding shimmer of sensation.  Her hands fisted in his thick hair and her body shuddered against his as she continued to call out his name.


The clutch and pull of her inner walls around him was too much for Albus and he followed her over the edge; crying out Minerva’s name as his juices flew from his shaft in long ropes to pound against her womb.


They held each other close, their lips seeking and finding each other for a loving kiss as residual tremors washed over them.


“I think I need to sit down…” Albus whispered against her lips moments later.


Minerva laughed softly as she nodded.  “Probably a wise idea.”


“But I find myself unwilling to separate from you, my love…” Albus told her.  “I am quite happy locked within both the embrace of your arms and your body.”


Minerva cupped his cheek.  “And I am quite happy to keep you locked within my embrace…” she was cut off by the sound of the school bell echoing throughout his office.


Albus felt her suddenly tense in his arms.  “Minerva?  What is it?”


“We just… oh, Merlin, Albus!  We just made love on your desk!  In front of all the portraits…” Minerva flushed bright red and buried her face in his beard.


Albus chuckled.


“It’s not funny, you old coot!”  Minerva slapped his chest.  “How am I ever going to show my face in here again?”


“Very easily, my love.  None of them saw a thing,” Albus told her. 


Minerva lifted her head to meet his gaze.


“The moment you appeared in the doorway, all the former headmasters and headmistresses went for a walk,” he told her.  “See…” Albus gestured around at all the now empty frames.


“But how did they know…” her cheeks pinked again.


“We’ve been married for fifty years, Minerva… it only makes sense that the portraits would have learned to assess your… our moods by now.”


“Good save.”


“Thank you.”


They looked at each other then laughed softly as they shared another tender kiss then another and another that threatened to become more until Minerva pulled back.


“That was the dinner bell,” she told her husband.  “We should get dressed and join our students for dinner.”


“Well, if we must…” Albus sighed dramatically then slipped out of his wife’s warmth.  Soft whimpers sounded throughout the office at the loss of the shared intimacy.  Albus reached out and cupped her cheek.  “Later…”


Minerva smiled and nodded.  “Later.”


Albus summoned their robes, and they quickly pulled them on.  “I was thinking about owling the twins to ask them which spell they used on the candies as I don’t think our lovely little side-effect was something they intended.”


“And just what do you plan to tell them if they ask you why you want to know?”  Minerva asked as she easily twisted her hair back up into its bun.


“I hadn’t thought of that,” Albus said then chuckled.  “They would be mortified if I told them the truth.”


“They would indeed,” Minerva agreed with a smile as she reached over and smoothed down his beard.  “They would also probably stop making the candies…”


Albus looked stricken at the thought.  “We can’t have that now… I believe these Weasley’s Wishers have become my new favourite wizard candy.  The side effects are quite pleasant.”


“Yes… they are.”


Albus laughed outright as Minerva blushed again and pulled her into his arms.  “I love you, Minerva Dumbledore.”


“I love you too, Albus.”  Minerva returned the sentiment then reached up to press a loving kiss to his mouth.  “Now… let’s go before they send a search party for us.”


He watched with surprised amusement as Minerva reached into the purple bag on the corner of the desk, withdrew three candies and slipped them into her pocket.  “Minerva?”


Minerva smiled enigmatically at her husband as she reached into the bag of candies again, and withdrew another candy then popped it into her mouth while she gave her husband a sultry look.


Albus groaned at the sudden ghost-like caress along the length of his member, and leaned against his desk.  “Minerva…”


“Mmm…” Minerva licked her lips.  “My favourite flavour…” she said in a low, husky voice as she turned and took a step towards the steps that would lead to the office door.


Albus stopped her before she reached the first step and spun her around into his arms.  He caught her mouth in a fervent kiss.


“Albus…” Minerva gasped against his lips.  “Dinner… everyone will be expecting us…”


She stumbled when he abruptly released her and strode over to his desk.  Minerva watched as he quickly scribbled on a piece of parchment then turned to Fawkes’ empty perch.


As if knowing he was needed, a loud crack was heard and Fawkes appeared on the bar.


“Take this to Severus, would you please, Fawkes?”  Albus held out the tightly rolled parchment.  Fawkes took the paper into his mouth then disappeared in a loud burst of flame.  Albus turned back to his wife, his blue eyes dark.


Minerva swallowed hard, the low moan escaping her husband’s lips sending delightful shivers down her spine.  “Albus?”


“They will not be expecting us,” Albus told her as he slowly walked towards her.


“What did you tell him?”


“I’m afraid that the Headmaster and his Deputy Headmistress are going to be busy in a very important meeting.”


A sensuous smile touched Minerva’s lips.  “Is that so?”  She asked and gave the candy in her mouth a pointed suck.


“It is,” Albus growled as his wife’s candy kiss began to once again awaken his desire.  He reached out and pulled her into his arms.  “I don’t need a candy to tell me what my favourite flavour is.  It’s you.  You always have been and you always will be.”


“Does that mean you won’t be ordering anymore of the Weasley’s Wishers?”  Minerva asked with a laugh as her fingers worked the fasteners of his robes.


“Well… I wouldn’t go that far,” Albus replied, his hands busy with her robe’s fasteners as well.  “They are quite fun.”


Minerva’s smile grew as she pulled hard on the candy.  “They are indeed.”





A large owl swooped in through the open door of ‘Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes’, circled near the ceiling for a moment then landed gracefully on the counter next to one of the Weasley twins.

“Hello there,” George said to the bird as he reached out to remove the parchment tied to the animal’s foot. He offered the owl a treat then smiled when the bird took the candy and immediately flew off. George unrolled the note and began to read. “Hey! It’s from Dumbledore,” he called out to his twin.

“Yeah? What’s it say?” Fred asked as he joined his twin at the counter.

“He’s really enjoyed the Wishers, in fact they’ve become his favourite candy,” George looked up at his brother and grinned. “He’s also placing an order… no wait… a double order for more! As soon as possible if it’s no inconvenience,” George read out loud, “as I find the bag you boys gave me is already near gone.”

“Wow! He really does like them!” Fred crowed. “There were quite a lot of them in that first bag.”

“Maybe he shared some with Professor McGonagall,” George suggested.

Fred nodded. “Probably right, mate. They are really close.”

George perused the rest of the letter. “And get this… I would also, if it’s possible, like to set a standing order to have a bag of the Wishers sent to me each Friday, and I will of course be happy to pay for them, as this goes above and beyond your generous gift to me.” He put the letter down. “What do you think?”

“I think we should send him the Wishers…”

“But don’t let him pay.”


“I’ll owl Dumbledore right away,” George told his twin. “And let him know his Wishers will be there every Friday as he requested.”

“Free of charge?”

“Free of charge,” George nodded.

“While you’re at it,” Fred said. “Ask him what his favourite flavour is.”

~The End


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