Title: Silent Comfort

By: Jaya

Rated: FRAO

Archive: tayryn’s tower

Disclaimer:  JK Rowling owns all things Potter.  I’m just playing with Albus and Minerva, and making sure they’re happy.





Silence hung heavy in the air, the only sound in the dark Great Hall a quiet sigh that seemed to echo off the walls and ceiling.


“Albus?” the name was spoken quietly, concern evident in the lilting voice.


Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft gave no indication that he heard the gentle inquiry.


A second sigh slipped through the room, this time from the slender witch standing behind Dumbledore in the entrance from the staff room.


Minerva McGonagall moved slowly across the length of the staff table, the train of her simple under robe dragging across the wood floor, her bare feet making no noise.  Nevertheless Albus knew her every move and tensed in the second before he felt a soft hand come to rest on his shoulder.


After several long moments, Albus slowly raised his head from his hands and shifted slightly to look up at Minerva, his eyes rapidly drinking in the sight of her.


‘She must have been readying for bed’ he thought absently as he noted the way the one simple robe she wore clung to her curves.  Strands of ebony hair that were normally captured in a tight bun fell in riotous waves down past her waist.  Only the square spectacles perched on the end of her nose gave any hint of the strict professor persona she maintained around almost everyone but him.


Although the tears that Albus had shed were dried, Minerva could see their dried paths on his cheeks.  Her right hand came up to touch his neck, the soft pad of her thumb brushing away the evidence.


With a gasp, Albus reached out and dragged Minerva toward him, his arms twining tightly around her hips as he buried his face in her abdomen.  Her hands immediately moved to embrace him; one holding tightly to his neck while the other rubbed soothing circles on the hard planes of his back.  She murmured nonsense words to him; the sound of her voice more comforting than any vocal arguments could be.  The slight shaking of his shoulders beneath her fingertips was Minerva’s only clue to Albus’ true state of mind.


Eventually the soft touch and the husky tones calmed Albus, and he slowly raised his head, lifting mysterious blue eyes up to stare into the depths of emerald green orbs.  His embrace loosened on one side as he brought his hand around and up to caress her cheek.  As his face pushed forward, Minerva lowered her head to meet his, knowing what Albus desperately needed from her now.


Their lips came together gently; a tender touch over sensitive skin, a healing balm to a battered soul.


Minerva pulled back when she felt long nimble fingers pop the catch at the neck of her robes.  The fabric fell apart to reveal the shallow hollow of her neck and the beginning of her clearly defined collar bones before plunging to the next clasp in the valley of her cleavage.  She smiled slightly in understanding and took a step back, her hand moving to clasp Albus’ and bring him with her.


The arm remaining around her waist tightened, halting her steps.


Minerva’s eyebrows rose in question as she brought her gaze back to Dumbledore’s face.  He gently shook his head, a ghost of a smile touching his lips.  Minerva nodded trustingly.


Albus stood, strong hands locking around Minerva’s waist.  Her hands moved to his shoulders, supporting her upper body as he lifted her and turned, her bottom coming to rest on the edge of the table in front of him. 


Their eyes were locked together, Albus’ question obvious there.  In answer Minerva tilted her head back, baring her neck in offering.


Strong lips attacked the ivory flesh, kissing and nipping carefully along the line of her neck to the base of her throat where his tongue laved the hollow sensually.


Minerva gasped when Albus’ palms slid beneath the curves of her breast to lift the heavy orbs, unaware of their movement until his thumbs brushed over rapidly distending nipples.  The silk of her thin robes did little to hide her reaction.


Minerva felt a knee press between her legs and her head fell back further, the arch of her back offering her upper body up to Albus’ hungry touch.


Albus tore his lips away from Minerva’s body with difficulty, his breathing already ragged.  He slid one hand to her back, fingers splayed to provide support, while his other hand moved from its position on her breast to travel slowly down the midline of her body.


With a practiced sweep, Albus gathered the flowing sheath of Minerva’s hair into the crook of his arm and pulled it to the side as he pushed her upper body flat against the table.  Her legs fell further apart as he pressed further between them, both hands reaching for the clasp between her breasts.


A low moan slipped from Minerva’s lips as the silk gradually slid across her skin to puddle on the table around her.  As each fastener was snapped open warm air from Albus’ flared nostrils bathed the revealed flesh.  The moist heat of Albus’ mouth quickly followed it, as his tongue tasted her.


By the time that the last catch was open, a fine sheen of dampness covered Minerva’s body, her senses humming from the extensive attention of Dumbledore’s hands and mouth.


Albus’ smile grew slightly as he pushed the last of the silk off of Minerva’s thighs and saw the lacy tartan knickers covering her most private areas.  He glanced up the table to find Minerva watching him intently, fighting the urge to push her hips up into his hands.


Wanting to see his lover’s body more fully than the twinkling starlight of the enchanted ceiling allowed, Albus waved his hand and a dozen floating candles appeared in the air around them. 


Minerva stretched her hands out to Albus; the limbs still covered by the silk of her dressing gown.  He shook his head slightly as his thumb ran firmly over the damp placard of her tiny underwear.  Minerva bit down solidly on her lower lip to stop the cry that struggled to escape.


Albus moved quickly then.  He took a step back and stripped the panties away, flinging them behind him as he sank into his large chair and slid his strong hands between Minerva’s thighs.  She opened to him willingly, her feet coming to rest on either arm of the chair as Albus slid his arms beneath her thighs, his hands gripping her hips and pulling her bottom to the very edge of the table.


This time Minerva couldn’t stifle the shout that broke free when she felt Albus’ fingers touch her wet folds and pull them apart, one thumb lightly circling the hidden bundle of her desire residing there.


The scent of her arousal wafted up to Albus’ nostrils as he stared at the glistening pink flesh.  He lowered his head slowly, feeling the muscles in Minerva’s legs tense in anticipation of his next actions.  He didn’t disappoint her.


She tasted like heaven, tart yet sweet.  The tip of his tongue lightly tickled the folds his fingers exposed.  Albus delighted in the feel of her warm wetness coating his tongue as he delved deeper.


All of his grief and misery faded as he lost himself in the joy of pleasuring her, just as Minerva had hoped it would.  Her responses to his touches made him remember the joy to be had out of life and loving.


Albus teased and tormented Minerva with his tongue until her juices were flowing down her dark curls to the table but still he didn’t bring her to release.


Minerva’s moans grew louder as Albus continued his torture, her hips slowly rocking in counterpoint with his tongue, begging for more contact. 


Suddenly Albus was overwhelmed with both the woman and the moment.  He stood and leaned forward to palm a heavy breast, two fingers of his other hand driving into the depths of her warmth.


With an unintelligible scream of consent, Minerva threw her arms above her head, her fingers curling around the opposite edge of the table as her chest arched to his touch and her hips thrust against his hand.


Albus was panting heavily as he added a third finger to her sheath, his thumb flicking over Minerva’s distended clitoris.  He was torn between the desire to taste her breasts, to feel the tight nipples press against the roof of his mouth, and the need to watch her face as she came from his touch.


A forceful press of his thumb coupled with the pressure of his other thumb and forefinger around her nipple made the decision unnecessary.  Minerva shattered beneath his expert touch, her body first going rigid then thrashing with the waves of sensation.  Only his hands and her tight grip on the tabletop kept her from falling to the floor below.


Before Minerva had regained her senses Albus was pushing her back onto the table and turning her.  A seemingly casual wave of his hand opened his robes from top to bottom as he stepped into his chair then climbed onto the table and over Minerva.


Minerva blinked hard as Albus’ head flew toward hers, a tiny shiver that had nothing to do with the aftereffects of her orgasm running through her body.  She knew the look in his eyes; understood how hard he had fought to hold himself back in order to pleasure her first.  Her arms wrapped around his neck and her mouth opened to his assault as he kissed her savagely.


A single thrust saw Albus seated fully inside Minerva’s warmth but with little pause he was drawing out and pushing in again.  His movements were wild and uncontrolled as he plunged in again and again, for a few moments losing his grief in the glorious feel of Minerva’s welcome embrace.


She held him, arms crossed tightly across his back, legs wrapped loosely around his thrusting hips.  She’d known this would happen when she began searching the castle for Albus, and was more than willing to comfort him in whatever manner he needed.


After only a few more thrusts Albus felt his balls tighten, the juices flowing up in anticipation of release.  Some small part of him tried to hold back, wanting his lover to find satisfaction with him but passion and grief overrode everything else.  He gripped Minerva’s shoulders, his back hunched over and his face buried in the dark hair around her neck, as he plunged into her brutally, in and out, over and over until… with a scream that might have been her name, he flooded her womb with his warmth.


With a final grunt, Albus collapsed on top of Minerva.  She immediately tightened both her arms and her legs around him, locking him in the safe haven of her body.  Moments later she felt his shoulders shake… just as she knew she would.  Then came the dampness of tears against her skin.  Minerva’s palms moved in soothing circles over the hard planes of his back, the flowing silk of his robe covering them both


Eventually the muted show of emotion tapered away, the lovers remaining locked together motionlessly.  Minerva sighed softly when she felt the brush of Albus soft lips against her neck, the gentle laving of his tongue heralding his recovery.  She rubbed her cheek against his forehead in answer, coating his hairline with light kisses.


Albus stretched to caress the line of Minerva’s ear and the abrasion of his fine chest hair across her sensitive nipples caused a moan to rise to her lips as her sheath tightened around his semi-erect member.


Albus pushed up on his elbows and stared down into emerald green eyes, the starlight shining from the enchanting ceiling serving to enhance their color all the more.  When his lips would have formed the words he needed to tell her, her fingers quickly covered them.  Her smoldering eyes and brilliant smile were reply enough.  Albus shifted his hips against Minerva again, eyebrows raised.  She gripped his forearms and nodded.


Seconds later Minerva was splayed on top of Albus, her hair sliding forward to surround their faces in a cloud of darkness.  She kissed him gently then pulled her hands to his chest and pushed up to a sitting position.


Albus felt his blood begin to hum again at the sight of Minerva straddling him, their bodies still joined.  Her pale skin glowed milky white in the dim light, the tight tips teasing him.  As he watched, Minerva rose up on her knees, her back ramrod straight, until just the swollen tip of his quickly growing arousal was caught inside her.


Minerva arched her back, her hands cupping her breasts for Albus’ benefit.  His eyes darkened with passion as he watched his woman tease her own nipples into a state of high arousal before slowly sliding her hands down the curves of her body.  He nodded encouragingly as her right hand moved in but Minerva surprised Albus by bypassing her own center, her index finger tracing a light path down the heavy length that joined them instead.


The silky feel of Albus’ rod against her fingertip drew a sultry smile to Minerva’s lips.  She leaned forward slightly and slipped all of her fingers around him.  At the same time her left hand shifted between the center of their bodies to caress the velvety smoothness of his sacs.  Albus’ hands came up to support her chest, his fingers lovingly teasing her swollen breasts.


As Minerva continued her ministrations Albus watched her face, marveling for the millionth time how lovely she was and how lucky he was to have her in his life.  His thoughts continued in this vein until the maddening touch of Minerva’s hands relieved his mind of any sensibility.


A cry of anguish echoed through the hall as Minerva sensed that Albus was drawing near and withdrew her touch; her hands moving up to tenderly caress his chest.  His ragged breathing slowly eased although desire continued to flow through his every fiber.  He reached for Minerva but she caught his hands as they moved toward her.  With strength belied by her slender frame she rocked forward, pinning his wrists to the table just above his shoulders.  A playful smile and a shake of her finger let Albus know that he wasn’t to move them.  And then her fingers returned to his member.


Three times Minerva brought Albus to the precipice only to refuse him release.  Three times he allowed her to control him, her touch ever so gently reminding him that he was only human, a mere mortal who grieved… and experienced joy… just like other men.


When his eyes finally revealed the lesson learned Minerva gave in to his desires and her own, sinking down to sheath him completely within her.  She rode him slowly, savouring the wonderful friction of their bodies sliding back and forth against each other.  Without realizing it Albus pulled his knees up and Minerva leaned back against them; his legs supporting her back as the pace of her up and down motion increased slightly.


Minerva realized that Albus had reached his tolerance level at the same instant that his hands flew off the table, grabbed her hips and slammed her down into his upward thrust.  In the next few moments the rafters of the Great Hall rang with moans, sobs, screams… any and every noise that two lovers reaching the pinnacle of their passion together could make.  Finally the cacophony faded into the barely perceptible cadence of two hearts beating in time with each other, two breaths inhaling together, exhaling symmetrically as exhaustion finally overtook the pair.




The blinding light of dawn stung Minerva’s eyes when they first flickered open.  She quickly squeezed them shut and burrowed even closer into the warm body beneath the covers next to her.


“Good morning, my love.” Soft lips brushed over Minerva’s forehead bringing a smile to her lips.  She felt Albus shift next to her, turning to face her and block the sun.  Minerva opened her eyes.


As always Albus was momentarily shocked at the depths of love he saw in the emerald depths.  “I adore you,” he whispered as their lips met in a kiss that was tender yet full of emotion.


Albus ran his fingers through Minerva’s tangled locks.  “I have to go very soon,” he told her quietly.  “The ministry officials… the parents… Harry…”


Minerva nodded in understanding, her arms hugging Albus tightly to her.  “I know… But I’ll be there with you… help you any way that I can…”


He smiled.  “You always are… and you always do.  I’d be lost without you… in so many ways.”


“I could talk to Cedric’s parents for you if you’d like.  You’ve only had an hour or two of sleep.  You could rest for…”


“I must check on Harry and I have to speak to Alastor.  I wonder what he’ll think of me now; one of his closest friends who didn’t even realize that he was being impersonated.”


Minerva pushed Albus back and levered her torso up over him, a steely gleam in her eye.  “You are NOT all-seeing and all-knowing, Albus Dumbledore, no matter what the majority of the wizarding world might think.  Alastor was my classmate; once upon a time he was Poppy’s lover.  We didn’t realize either.  So don’t you DARE blame yourself!


Albus’ hands came up to touch Minerva’s cheeks.  “You are my touchstone, my dear.  You keep me grounded.”


Minerva wasn’t to be swayed.  “Promise me that you will try and find some time today to rest.”


“I promise.”  Albus kissed Minerva lovingly then rolled her to her back and climbed out of the bed.  He grabbed his robes and shrugged into them.  “I’ll call for some tea, hmm?”


Minerva nodded.  Albus headed toward the exit but then turned back.  “Thank you,” he whispered.


Minerva simply raised her eyebrows.


“Thank you for knowing that I needed you desperately last night… for knowing what I needed… thank you for loving me.”  With one last smile Albus disappeared into Minerva’s sitting room.


“For all eternity, my love,” she whispered.  “For all eternity…”





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