Title:  Luck of the Draw

Author: Jaya

Rating: FRAO – Fan Rated Adults Only

Archive: tayryn’s tower

Disclaimer: The characters all belong to the absolutely brilliant J. K. Rowling.  I am only playing with them for a while.  They will be safely returned.

Summary: It’s the beginning of summer vacation and the teachers are celebrating




Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of the acclaimed Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and considered by most to be the greatest wizard alive, finished his nightly circuit of the castle.  He hadn’t found anything amiss, but he had known that before beginning his nightly walk.  All of the students had departed on the morning Hogwarts Express, bound for London and their homes to spend the summer holidays.


The castle lay silent so he moved forlornly toward his rooms, missing the chatter and laughter of the children.  It was always the same for him when they left.  Albus was by nature a social person and he missed the companionship of others.


And then he happened by the staff room.  The hour being late he had expected most of the teachers to either be asleep or packing furiously for their own vacations.  Instead he heard a roar of raucous laughter.


His brow wrinkled.  It sounded like a party… and he hadn’t been invited!  After a moment’s hesitation and a loud yelp from the room he pushed the door open resolutely… and was stunned.


“Might I inquire as to what is going on here?” He asked as he stared at the table in the middle of the room.


Seven people sat around the square table – Poppy Pomfrey, the school nurse and her gentleman friend Alastor Moody, Filius Flitwick, the charms instructor and Sybil Trelawney, the first year Divination teacher, and the potions master, Severus Snape next to Rolanda Hooch, the flying instructor.  The seventh person, sitting completely on her own was Minerva McGonagall, professor of transfiguration and his normally calm to the point of iciness assistant headmistress.


‘Normally,’ Albus thought because her square spectacles were askew on her face, her outer robes of tartan lay in a pile on the floor, and a half-empty bottle of firewhisky sat by a full glass in front of her.  In her hand she held a fan of five cards that she had been studying intently.


Several more bottles of whisky stood around the table and all of the people were holding cards.  The center of the table held a large pile of poker chips.  But what caught and held Albus’ attention were the various states of undress of all the table members.


Alastor Moody was shirtless.  Poppy Pomfrey had lost her outer robes and appeared to be barefoot as well.  Madame Hooch had also lost her outer robes.  Flitwick was minus a coat, over shirt and necktie.  Severus Snape was wearing heavy boots, a white undershirt and green silk boxers with hissing snakes slithering across them.  But Trelawney… poor Sybil was wearing nothing but a heavy linen shift drawn all the way up her neck. 


“Albus!” Filius called out rather loudly, his tiny features bright with an alcohol haze.  “Come join us!”  He waved Albus into the room.  “Minerva needs a * hiccup * partner.  She’s wearing entirely too many * hiccup * clothes.”


Albus bit his tongue to keep from laughing at Flitwick’s inebriated speech but a glance at the others showed that they were all in a similar state, even Minerva.  Albus did a double take then looked again at his headmistress and dear friend.  They often shared a drink or two together on a cold evening but he had never seen her in quite this state.  The top buttons of her inner green robes were undone and the tight bun she normally wore on top of her head looked in imminent danger of falling down.  Indeed, several strands of her long ebony hair had worked themselves free and curled about her face.


Minerva brushed one such strand back disgustedly as it interfered with the sight range of her half-closed eyes.  She made a conscious attempt to open them wider and emerald orbs gleamed hazily at Albus as he made his way to the chair beside her.


“You need a drink!” She announced.


“Perhaps a small one,” Albus conceded.  Accio glass!”  A small whisky glass flew from a shelf near the sink and landed before Albus without the wizard ever pulling out his wand.


“Showoff!” Minerva muttered as Albus poured the glass half full then sat the bottle down beside him, and well away from Minerva.


“What is the name of the game?” He asked, although he already had a pretty good idea.


“Well,” Poppy started, “Filius wanted to play Truth or Dare…”


“And Alastor wanted to play poker,” Sybil chimed in.


“So Rolanda suggested that we make it strip poker…” Minerva said.


“And we came up with Truth or Dare Strip Poker!”  Hooch made a goal symbol, shoving both of her hands straight up into the air and revealing her cards to all as she finished the explanation.


“Should I ask what the rules are?” Albus asked as Severus handily plucked the cards from Hooch’s hand and called all of the other cards back in as well.  He shuffled the deck expertly then began a new deal.


“The rules of poker are the same,” Severus told Albus as he flicked cards across the table.  “The only difference is that the winner gets to choose someone to lose a piece of clothing and also someone who has to play truth or dare.  They can choose the same for both or two different people.”


“And the victims are solely the winners choice?  There isn’t any kind of rotation?”


Severus glanced at the woman by his side as Hooch giggled.  “No.  The choice is solely at the discretion of the winner.  You can even pick the same person over and over as you choose, or team up with another player to attack a third.  Hence my current state of undress.” His glare shifted from Rolanda to Minerva.


McGonagall simply smiled evilly then turned her attention back to Dumbledore, her head falling to rest on the hand propped up by her elbow.  “Who knows, Sevvie… we might turn our attention to bigger game…”


Albus cocked both eyebrows and stared at Minerva until she began to chuckle.  “Deal the cards, you Slytherin guttersnipe!” She ordered as she found the effort to pull her head back up.


“Get your eyesight checked, you Gryffindor tart!” Snape replied as he tossed the last of Minerva’s five cards on her pile.


The hand played through to its conclusion with Snape emerging the winner.  Hooch groaned loudly as she threw her cards to the table.


“Paybacks are a bitch, aren’t they Hoochie?” Severus grinned evilly.


Roland rolled her eyes.  “So do I get Truth or Dare or stripping?  Keep your fingers crossed, Min.  You get the other!”


“Actually…” Snape turned to eye the couple sitting across the table.  “Someone at this table is entirely too overdressed.  Since this is your first hand, Headmaster, I think that you should lose an article of clothing.”


“Dammit!” Hooch exclaimed.


Albus grinned sheepishly as he stood, shrugged out of his voluminous outer robe and tossed it onto the pile of clothes at the side of the table.  “Do I get it back?” He inquired.


“Of course,” Minerva smiled, relieved that she had escaped Snape’s payback for at least one round.  “The house elves will deliver them tomorrow.”


“As for you…” Snape turned his attention back to Hooch.  “Truth… or Dare?”


Hooch thought hard for a moment.  “Filius, are you sure we didn’t place any limits on the dares?”


“I tried, my dear,” the tiny professor answered, “but you * hiccup * shot me down.”


“Okay… truth.” Hooch chose, not trusting any dare that Severus might issue.


“You have to answer truthfully,” Severus said.  “I heard a rumour that during your senior year, the day that Gryffindor cinched the Quidditch cup, you actually flew around the Quidditch pitch butt naked.  Is this true?”


Hooch grinned slyly.  “It wasn’t just my butt that was naked, Sevvie.  And I had some company up in the sky as well…” Even though Hooch didn’t look at Minerva the transfiguration professor coloured slightly and dropped her head.  “Although the other girls on the team were too modest to go all the way.  But I got a standing ovation from the entire male population of the school, Slytherins included!”


Albus couldn’t help but chuckle at the memory of Hooch in all her glory and Minerva in her bra and panties, a Gryffindor flag quickly yanked from its pole and wrapped around her body.  Hooch had indeed received rousing applause, but he wasn’t sure if that had made up for the pain she had to suffer as the school nurse plucked all the splinters out of her thighs.  Madame Elloras had talked about Hooch’s screams and complaining for days after.


The next few hands flew by uneventfully except that Minerva and Hooch shared a toast and both downed very large whiskeys when Hooch managed to snare Snape’s boots and the complete unvarnished and horrendously dull truth about Filius’ first sexual encounter.  Albus lost his shoes to a snarky Alastor Moody who was paying more attention to his view down Poppy’s cleavage than he was to the game.


Finally Snape managed to win another hand and extracted a particular gruesome truth about Moody’s childhood bedwetting habits before turning to Minerva and demanding clothing.


Minerva’s eyes narrowed as she muttered something almost incomprehensible at the Slytherin headmaster.


Tut tut, Minerva… no hexing allowed,” Severus shook his index finger at her.  “Your clothes, please… not that I have any desire to see any part of you naked, much less all of you but… I’ll have such fun with your humiliation when your bony butt is bare!”


Minerva smiled sweetly at Severus.  “I think that I’ll throw up in your boots before they are returned to you.  And speaking of footwear…” Minerva tried to reach down and undo the lacings of her shoes but her fingers didn’t seem to be working properly.  After several attempts she turned to Albus.  “Turn around.”


Albus shifted his chair so that he was facing Minerva, thinking that she was going to ask him to undo her laces for her.  Instead she also shifted then lifted one foot and planted it on the edge of Albus’ seat, directly between his legs.  His eyes grew wide when she pulled her skirt up to her knee, revealing silk stockings as she worked at the knots of her laces. 


One shoe came off quickly.  Filius, being on the other side of Minerva, grabbed it from when she drew her arm back and aimed at Severus.


“Good job, Fili,” Hooch applauded.  “As drunk as Minerva is she would have probably hit me!” There was little doubt that Hooch was also quite full of firewhisky.


“One could only hope,” Severus observed wryly.  Hooch elbowed him and he elbowed her back, starting a war on the bench they shared.  The attention of the table turned to the feuding couple with the exception of Minerva, who was struggling with her second shoe, and Albus, who was watching Minerva’s robes inch slowly up her thighs.


Albus’ chest froze, unable to draw in or expel air, when the hem of Minerva’s gown revealed the top of her stocking and creamy white skin.  He lifted his hands then slapped them back to the sides of his chair, gripping the cushion tightly to keep from acting on the urge to slide the robes even further.


Minerva freed her foot from the shoe just as Hooch’s ass hit the floor, Severus emerging the victor in their pushing match.  She dropped the shoe to the ground with a loud thump and flexed her foot forward, stretching the limb in a catlike manner.  The only problem was that her toes went forward between Albus legs and brushed over a very sensitive area that he was already having problems keeping in line.  Luckily Minerva didn’t seem to notice that her toes were playing over his growing erection.


“Deal the cards, Poppy!” Rolanda demanded as she stood up and rubbed her bruised bum.  “I’ve got to teach this snake a lesson.”


“As if you could…”


“Wait ‘til those cute little snakes on your drawers start biting you where it really hurts, stud!” Hooch challenged.


Poppy was about to pass out the cards when suddenly Sybil’s head hit the table with a loud thunk. 


“One down, seven to go!” Alastor grumbled.  “Let’s get a move on it.”


“You are the one who wanted to play cards,” Minerva observed.


“That was then, this is now,” Moody growled.


“To card playing!” Hooch exclaimed to Minerva and lifted her whisky glass.  Minerva responded in kind and they clinked the glasses then downed the contents.


Albus ruffled his brow, trying to figure out how Minerva had managed to fill her glass when he hadn’t seen the bottle move from where he placed it.


“Card playing be damned,” Alastor responded as he reached over and gave Poppy’s breast a squeeze.  The school nurse tittered. 


“Not in front of my colleagues, Alsy.”


“Then get a move on, woman!  I’ve got a hard-on I could pound nails with!”


“Make that six hands, Poppy.  I think I’m done for the evening as well,” Filius told the group.  While Poppy dealt he moved away from the table toward a comfortable sofa and by the time that she was done gentle snoring could be heard.


A triumphant Alastor won the hand and turned to Albus with the Truth or Dare choice.  Albus debated his options.  Alastor Moody had known him a long time and he certainly knew some embarrassing things that he could make Albus reveal.  On the other hand Albus had only had one small firewhisky so he was leery of any dare.  Finally he decided that the dare was a safer bet.


The grin on Alastor’s face was pure evil as he commanded Albus to stand and serenade the room with his rendition of ‘Fly Me to the Moon’.  Albus cursed his friend inside his head as he reluctantly moved to his feet and began to sing, his nervousness apparent in his cracking voice.  But when he looked at Minerva he saw that she was gazing at him in somewhat drunken admiration and his voice grew stronger as he concentrated on singing only to her.


“Very nice, Albus,” Minerva lurched at him as he sat down, nearly falling into his lap while she was complimenting him.  Albus grabbed at her to keep her upright, his fingers ignoring his brain’s order not to cop a feel when they fell on her breast.


“And now, Miss Pomfrey,” Alastor’s evil grin was back, “an article of clothing if you please!”


Poppy grinned sheepishly as her fingers reluctantly pulled at the clasp of her inner robes.  She stood and faced Alastor as she let them slide down her arms.


“Oh, Lord!” Moody breathed at the sight of his girlfriend in a tiny red lace bustier and garter set.  “We’re out!”  Before anyone could reply he’d scooped Poppy up over his shoulder and stomped out of the room.


“The time is getting late,” Albus said, hoping to break up the game before things got any wilder.


“So you’d better deal quickly!” Minerva and Hooch clinked glasses yet again and gulped their whisky.  Albus raised an eyebrow, wondering if Minerva had a bottle hidden beneath the table then shrugged and began to deal.  His deputy was a grown witch, after all.  And he wasn’t willing to face her wrath by cautioning her about imbibing too much in front of other staff members.


Albus was surprised when he won the next hand and, ever the gentleman, apologetically extracted a simple truth from Hooch before turning to Minerva. 


“A piece of clothing, my dear.” He asked as he turned his chair, hoping against hope that she would choose her stockings.


Minerva met Albus gaze with half-lidded eyes, seemingly searching them for a moment, although he was sure she was much too drunk for that.  To his delight and chagrin she lifted both feet and placed them on the arms of his chair on either side of him.  Her movements seemed almost seductive as she tugged her skirts up to her knees then reached beneath them to roll the silky material down her left leg.


Severus was dumbfounded by Minerva’s movements, but Hooch’s taloned nails digging deep into his thigh kept him from saying anything.  As for Albus, he had eyes only for the woman in front of him.


Minerva tossed the stocking away, never noticing that it landed on Severus’ head, the toe hanging down over his eyes.  As she moved to her right leg her skirts moved even further down, giving Albus a glimpse of the white cotton placard covering the junction of her thighs.  She soon had the stocking off, too soon in his opinion, and she offered it to him with a smile.


The next deal was Minerva’s but Hooch took the hand.  She claimed Albus’ inner robes, leaving Albus grateful that although he didn’t wear trousers beneath his outerwear, his long linen shirt fell to his knees.


“Truth or Dare, Sevvie?” Hooch asked sweetly.


“Dare!”  He bit back defiantly.


“Oh good!  The time limit is two minutes.  I dare you to… stroke Minerva’s pussy.”

Albus flew to his feet, thunder on his face.  “Now wait just a damn minute!”


“Albus!” Minerva grabbed his arm and tugged.  He reluctantly sat down.


“If you think for one minute that I’m going to allow someone else to touch you that intimately…”


“You just don’t understand Hoochie’s very warped sense of humour.”


With a pat to Albus’ cheek Minerva disappeared.  Seconds later a sleek tabby cat with square markings around its eyes leapt from her chair to the table and elegantly wound her way among the chips and bottles to stand in front of Severus.  The cat looked briefly at Hooch and hissed then turned back to the potions master, resignation in her eyes.


Severus looked like he was going to throw up as he tentatively reached out and pushed one finger over the cat’s head, covering about an inch of fur.  The cat purred contentedly and pushed its head against Snape’s palm.


“Stop that!” Severus commanded the cat who raised its head and meowed questioningly.  “I’m going to pet you but I’m not going to enjoy it and neither are you.”


By the time that two minutes had passed the cat was purring enthusiastically, wrapping its paws around his arm and biting at his fingers playfully.


“Okay!  Enough is enough!” Severus tried to yank his hand back but Minerva got in a good swipe, claws out before he was completely out of reach.  She then turned, tail held high, and walked daintily back to her seat.  Seconds later Professor McGonagall reappeared.


“I always knew you were an old softy at heart, Sevvie.”


“You were just enjoying the expert touch of a Slytherin.  God knows that is as close as you’ll ever get…”


“Thank God, you mean.  Give me a warm lusty Gryffindor over a cold stingy Slytherin any day!”


“Like you really have to worry about either.  Your bed is as cold as your heart.”


“Severus!” Albus had his fill of their banter.  “You will not speak to Professor McGonagall that way.  And don’t you giggle, Minerva.  You are just as bad.  Since all of you insist on finishing this horrible game I suggest you deal the cards, Madame Hooch.”


After giving Albus a sly wink, Rolanda spit in each palm, rubbed her hands together then picked up the deck and dealt them out like lightening.  The betting was intense; Snape convinced that Minerva was bluffing until she laid down a royal flush.  The Slytherin swore colourfully.  Minerva simply smiled.


“Your moment has come at last, Professor Snape,” Minerva told the young man scornfully.  “Unless you happen to be wearing a jock strap beneath your last article of clothing.”


Snape sneered at Minerva as he stood, his hands moving to the waistband of his boxers.


“Just a moment, Sevvie.  Once you remove your… most interesting underwear… the game will be over and I will win, correct?  But since I won this round as well I also get to pick a Truth or Dare player…” Minerva’s voice trailed off as she turned to Albus and let her eyes run over his head and torso.  “I’m sure that you have so many fascinating secrets, Albus.  I’d love to learn about all of them… but perhaps that is best done in private.  Hooch!”


Rolanda jumped when she realized that Minerva had turned her attention to her.


“Min… we were partners… we were working together… drinking together… remember?”


“Indeed I do.  Truth or Dare, Rolanda?”


“Oh shit!  With you I’m doomed no matter which one I pick!”  Rolanda slumped over the table, her chin buried in her hands.  “Truth or dare… dare or truth… Out of the two I am probably just marginally safer with… dare.”


Minerva beamed; having hoped that Hooch would chose that route.  “Very well.  Now… as much as I love the idea of making Sevvie walk back to that cold, dank dungeon absolutely starkers… the thought of seeing his skinny little snake actually makes me sort of nauseous… of course that could be the whisky… but I digress.  Rolanda, since you were the one who came up with the idea of strip poker you should be the one to reap the rewards!  I dare you to escort Sevvie back to his chambers, enter his quarters with him, watch him strip, mock his skinny white butt to your heart’s content… then run his boxers up the castle flag pole.”


“Minerva…” Albus cautioned but she ignored him.


“I will be checking tomorrow morning so you have all night to insult the insufferable little bastard.”


For a moment Hooch looked horrified at the suggestion but slowly a sadistic grin appeared on her face.  “Very good, Min… very good indeed.  Get moving, you snake!” Hooch poked Snape in the ribs and gestured toward the door.  She grabbed her glass and raised it toward Minerva one last time.  “Well played, my friend!”


Minerva slumped back in her chair once the couple was gone, her eyes closed.  “Thank heavens that is over with.  One more whisky and I would have thrown up all over the table.”


“I have noticed a distinct change in your voice patterns over the last hours,” Albus chuckled.  “I think it is time to take you to bed.”


Minerva opened one eye halfway. “Why, Headmaster… are you prospa… proper… propazishhening… me?”


Albus managed to keep his face neutral although other parts of his body reacted swiftly to her question.  He kept telling himself that he should be ashamed to have such thoughts of Minerva when she was obviously rip-roaring drunk but his lower half didn’t seem to give a damn.


“Actually I was suggesting that you need to have a good night’s rest so that tomorrow morning you will be able to face the horrendous hangover that you most certainly will have.”


Minerva lurched to her feet, hands at her hips, and glared at Albus.  “I’ll have you know that I’m a Scotch… no… that ishn’t right… I’m a Scone… um… Scot!  That’s it… I’m a Scot!  I can hold my whisky!”


What Minerva didn’t realize during her rant was that she was slowly falling forward; Albus stood mid speech, catching her before she could topple completely over.


“Why, Albus… I’d love to dance!” 


Albus found himself chuckling, amused at the silly side of Minerva that he had seldom seen before.  He would have to get her drunk more often, he decided.


“Come, my dear.  Let me escort you to your rooms.”  Albus wrapped his arm around her waist and guided her carefully toward the door.


Minerva was none to steady on her feet so Albus moved slowly; glad he had a firm hold on her when she stumbled several times.


They were just passing the stairway heading down toward the Slytherin dungeons when Minerva lurched dangerously and couldn’t find her footing again.  “Be still, my dear,” Albus told her then, with a strength belying his aged appearance, scooped her into his arms. 


“Oh my…”


Albus followed Minerva’s gaze and almost blushed when he realized that her feet were tangled up in a knot of green fabric… green silk, to be exact… with tiny snakes crawling and hissing all over it.


“You should hurry, Albus,” Minerva told him, deadly serious.  “We won’t be safe out here as long as there is a naked Snape wandering around.”


“I wonder why Hooch didn’t make him wait until he reached his quarters… oh… this is Hooch… never mind.” Albus rolled his eyes at his own mistake.  He happened to glance down the stairway as he did so, his gaze falling on something lying on a step about halfway down.  Lumos,” he told the low burning lanterns lining the stairway.


They immediately sprang to life, giving Albus and Minerva a clear view of the few items of clothing that Hooch had been left wearing when she exited the staff room.  As they stared a loud moan echoed up from the shadows near the bottom of the steps, followed by the unmistakable sounds of a couple involved in sex... hot sweaty sex… wild monkey sex… against the castle walls.


“Now I know I’m going to be sick,” Minerva observed as her head fell to Albus shoulder.


“They are adults, Minerva.  They are entitled…” Albus was trying hard to ignore the sounds of enjoyment echoing up to the roof.  He was already highly aroused and the thought of being able to make Minerva scream like that… Albus hoisted Minerva higher in his arms, hoping that her bottom wasn’t hanging low enough to feel the tip of his erection as it pointed skyward.


Although he was sober as a judge, Albus was the next to stumble, his toe catching a stone in the floor as Minerva’s warm breath rushed into his ear.


“Minerva, are you feeling okay?” He asked.


“Mmm… I’m feeling wonderful,” her lips brushed over his neck as she spoke, leaving Albus to wonder how he hadn’t noticed her burrowing through his hair.  “You make me feel…” her fingers, having slipped beneath his beard and freed the top three buttons of his shirt, slipped inside and found his flat nipple, “… like begging you to take me against the wall.  Would you like that, Albus?”  Her lips latched onto the skin below his ear and sucked.


“Minerva! Behave yourself!” he commanded.  As Minerva continued to explore his chest he realized that he was standing in the middle of the corridor, wearing only a single shirt, while his deputy… his extremely drunk deputy… did her best to seduce him. And he was enjoying it!


“Behaving is vastly overrated,” she pinched his now erect nipple hard.


Albus began moving, almost running toward Minerva’s quarters.  If he didn’t get her out of his arms and tucked safely into bed soon, he didn’t know what he might do.


“Queen’s play,” Albus told the portrait firmly, “and not another word out of you.”


The young woman in the painting eyed the couple with interest but kept her mouth shut as she revealed the door to Minerva’s inner sanctum.


Once the portrait swung closed behind them Albus carefully lowered Minerva to her feet. 


“Stay there,” he commanded, one hand on her arm as he turned back to secure the door.


Albus felt Minerva pull away from his grasp but he was in the middle of a securing spell.  By the time that he finished Minerva had moved into her sitting room. 


Albus quickly took the few steps that would bring Minerva back into sight then stopped suddenly, shocked as he watched her green robe slide over her hips and pool on the floor around her feet.  The short slip that she wore beneath left very little to his imagination.  Albus could see the dark tips of her nipples pointed through the sheer material that clung to her curves.  He swallowed hard and took a step forward, intending only to see Minerva tucked safely in bed to sleep her inebriated state away.


At the same moment Minerva stepped toward Albus, her foot catching in the puddle of material at her feet.  She jerked forward, her hands flailing and catching the edges of his long shirt.  Buttons popped and flew as Minerva’s momentum pulled him toward her.  He just managed to twist them both before they hit the floor; Albus flat on his back with Minerva sprawled on top of him.


Oooh, are you hurt?” Minerva asked in a mothering tone as she pushed her head up from his beard and flicked the length of hair back over his shoulder.  “Let me kiss it and make it better.”


Albus started to protest but the words died in his throat as Minerva’s lips closed around his nipple.  Instead he groaned, his hands clenching her shoulders, as she brought her teeth into play, nipping the hard peak lightly.


“Minerva!  You have to stop!” He bit out.


Rather than comply, Minerva shifted her legs so that she was straddling him; the press of her knickers against his stiff rod causing him to realized that his shirt had been ripped completely open and only the thin piece of fabric called her knickers stood between their bare skin meeting. The thin wet piece of …


Albus’ breath went ragged.  “Minerva… we can’t do this….”


Minerva lifted her head to stare into Albus’ eyes, more strands of satiny black hair escaping the customary tight bun and falling over her shoulder to tickle his chest.


“Don’t you want me, Albus?” She sat up and slowly but seductively lifted the short slip up her body and over her head, tossing it to the side as she ran her fingers through her hair, the remaining pins falling to the floor while the black sheath tumbled free.  Albus, his mouth immediately dry, couldn’t take his eyes off of her nearly naked body.


“God… yes!” The urge to respond to her rubbing hips overtook him and he bucked against her, feeling the fabric give, as he pressed further into her slit.


“Then why can’t we do this?”  Minerva lowered her head to his and kissed him solidly on the mouth.  This was no gentle tentative kiss but one filled with lust and passion.  He had no choice but to open to her insistently probing tongue.  Albus thought he would explode when she sucked his tongue into her mouth while exploring his warm cavity with her own.  He knew that if he didn’t gain control of the situation quickly he would hate himself in the morning.  He’d be extremely satisfied… but he’d hate himself.  He tried again.


“Minerva!” He said sharply while pushing against her shoulders.


She rose slightly, her torso pushing up as her hips continued their seductive undulation.


Albus eyed the rosy nipple just inches from his mouth.  He licked his lips nervously as he stared at the heavy white globe with the large dusky areola peaked tightly.


Minerva followed his gaze with heavy eyes.  “Would you like to return the favour?”  She pushed the mound toward him.


Albus grabbed the nipple hungrily with lips and tongue, sucking the offering with such force that Minerva arched forward, trying to push more of her breast into his mouth.  He nipped her lightly and she felt a jolt of electricity throughout her entire body, the rippling sensations all meeting at the very center of her desire.  Moisture flooded out of her body and over Albus’ hard shaft.


The sound of Minerva’s keening cry pierced Albus’ concentration enough for him to realize what he was doing.  He gave up her breast reluctantly, at war with his conscience over his desire to continue exploring her body.  Discontent without the feel of Albus lips on her body, Minerva once again claimed his mouth with her, her thighs tightening about his hips while she ground her mound against him.  This time Albus was the one to thrust deep into Minerva’s warm oral cavity, their tongues moving against each other in a dance as old as time.


While Minerva was distracted with the kiss Albus regained enough of his senses to turn them, rolling across the carpet until Minerva was on her back with him on top of her.  But before he could break the kiss and lever himself off her body she wrapped an arm around his back and her legs across his buttocks and thighs.


Albus felt the press of her fingers as Minerva insistently worked her hand between them and tried to take advantage of the opportunity but when he attempted to shift away Minerva simply tightened her legs even more.


“NO!” Albus broke the kiss abruptly. He lowered his forehead to Minerva’s, breathing heavily.  “I will not take advantage of you while you are inebriated, Minerva.  You would hate me in the morning and I couldn’t live with you hating me.  When we make love it will be because you want it as much as I do, because I’m the man you want in your bed and in your body and not simply because you’ve had too much firewhisky.”


“Two.” Albus heard Minerva whisper.


“Two?” He opened his eyes to find that the alcohol-induced haze in Minerva’s eyes had disappeared.  The half-lidded dazed look was gone.  Instead her emerald eyes were bright and clear, filled with desire… and something else.


“I had two whiskeys tonight and that was several hours ago,” she answered with a clear voice, the thick tongue gone as well.


“But I saw you…”


“An enchanted glass… and the beverage inside it was tea.”


“Then why…?”


Minerva smiled.  “To keep Rolanda drinking, of course. She’s a card shark until she gets drunk.  But when you came in… I took advantage of the situation, I’m afraid.  I’ve loved you for so long and I thought I might find out if you wanted me too.  If you had spurned me I could continue the act and wake in the morning with a terrific hangover having no memory of what I’d try to do to you.”


Albus was amazed at Minerva’s words.  He’d loved her from a distance for years, never dreaming that she might love him in return.  He realized that she didn’t comprehend what she’d confessed, thinking that she’d told him that she wanted him but not her emotional involvement.  He decided to hold nothing back.


“I can’t remember a day when I didn’t love you, Minerva.”  She could see the truth in his eyes as he spoke.  “So many times I’ve tried to approach you… to ask if you would let me court you… but there always seemed to be another man seeking your attention… someone younger… with a perfect nose…”


“And I rebuffed them all.” Minerva responded with a twinkle in her eye and smacked a sloppy kiss on the proboscis in question before moving to Albus’ mouth.


The touch of Minerva’s lips fanned the flames of desire that had been burning steadily while they spoke.  Albus moaned as Minerva shifted beneath him.


“So what do we do now?” He asked, not wanting to rush Minerva or assume anything.


Minerva’s eyes closed as she smiled slyly.  “Why don’t we…?”


Albus felt every millimeter of the tiny scrap of cotton as the only remaining barrier between them was tugged to the side. And then he was in heaven, his heavy ridge buried between her damp nether lips, the plumy head pressed hard against the center of her desire.


Minerva’s hand slipped free of their bodies and she raised it to Albus lips.  He could feel the dampness against his mouth and inhaled deeply as his tongue lapped at the pads of her fingers.  She gasped when he pulled one finger inside and sucked it.


“Are you sure?” He whispered, his eyes begging for an affirmative answer.


And that is what he received.  Minerva took Albus’ hands in hers then laid them on the floor by the side of her head.  Her legs unwound from his body so that she could place her feet on the floor, knees bent.  For a moment Albus thought that Minerva was going to rebuff him then he realized that her actions had opened her completely to him.  She was positive and now the decision was his.


A tear broke from his eye as he pushed to his elbows and kissed Minerva, never breaking her hold on his hands.  He rocked his hips slowly backward while staying firmly pressed into her hot cleft.  A few such movements and his erection was in place, pushing against the entrance to her sheath.  Minerva pulled her feet wider apart just as Albus thrust and then he was seated fully within her, his shaft buried to the hilt and his balls pressed against the sensitive area beneath.


There were so many things that Albus wanted to do for Minerva, so many pleasures he’d dreamed of showing her.  From the moment that she’d bared her body to him he’d wanted to worship at her breasts and the brief moment he’d had been over far too quickly.  Her taste still lingered in his mouth and he wanted a quenching taste of her juices.  Even holding her finger in his mouth and pulling on it… He had dreamed of doing all these things for her pleasure.


But he was inside her.  Minerva’s hot juices bathed his rod and all he could think of at that moment was the feel of her muscles clenching him and the overwhelming desire to piston into her repeatedly.


This was what she wanted.  This was the moment she’d dreamed of for years.  The fact that she was lying on the floor of her sitting room with her knickers yanked to the side wasn’t important.  Their location didn’t even register with either of them anymore.  The only thing that was important was being together, being close, and assuaging the ache deep within both of them.


Had he been able to think Albus would have admitted to being pleasantly surprised to find Minerva such an ardent lover.  Her hips moved in counterpoint with his, a pleasing rhythm quickly established as if they’d been intimate for years.  Her soft moans only made his desire to pleasure her grow, and then their increase in volume as he increased the pace pushed him even further toward his own release.


Minerva was vocal about what pleased her.  Even though their hands stayed locked together her arching back and cries of pleasure told Albus that she was more than enjoying his touch.  She gasped his name as he brushed a particular spot deep within her then begged him to stroke harder when he shifted the angle of his thrust to bombard her repeatedly.


“ALBUS!” She screamed his name over and over, her hips bucking uncontrollably as she neared her peak.  Albus dug his toes into the wood floor and hammered into her so hard that her breasts began to bounce in time.


A strangled cry escaped Minerva as her back curved and her head fell back, her entire body stiff as wave after wave of exquisite pleasure overwhelmed her senses.  Albus continued to move, unable to stop himself.  Before Minerva’s body went lax he shot his first heavy rope of warm semen into her.  Several more quickly followed, Albus yelling out his own release as he emptied himself inside her.


His body suddenly heavy with satisfaction, Albus could no longer hold himself up and he fell into Minerva.  He inhaled their mingling scents deeply as he rubbed his mouth over her sweat-covered body.  When emerald eyes finally flickered open to stare at him they were filled with sated desire and love.


“I’m smushing you,” Albus whispered as he tried half-heartedly to roll away from her.


“I like you smushing me,” Minerva answered as she threaded one leg over and back through his.


After a few more minutes Albus reluctantly pulled away, his semi-erect member sliding from Minerva’s body in spite of her muscles clenching to keep him there.


“I don’t want it to be over,” Minerva whimpered sleepily.


Kneeling beside her, Albus bent to brush his fingertips across her cheek.  “It isn’t over, my love.  It will never be over for us.”  He slid his arms beneath her shoulders and knees.  “Hold on.”


“Where are we going?” Minerva asked as she dutifully wound her arms around his neck.


“The bedroom perhaps,” Albus answered ruefully as he stared at the clothing on the floor.  “Merlin, I couldn’t even wait to get you to a comfortable bed.  I took you on the floor like a beast in heat.”


Minerva smiled against his neck.  “I like you as a beast.”




Dawn was breaking on the horizon when Minerva began to cough herself to wakefulness.  She carefully pulled the swatch of white beard that she’d accidentally inhaled out of her mouth and chuckled.  Albus shifted closer, his arms tightening around Minerva when he felt her move.


Minerva managed to snag one of the ribbons she normally used to hold her braid at night before Albus pulled her back completely.  Once she was settled she carefully gathered all of the strands of his beard together then tied the length with the tartan strip.


“Better?” Albus asked though his eyes were still closed.


Minerva chuckled as she cuddled back up to him, her fingers tracing light patterns on his chest.  “I cough up enough hairballs in my animagus form.  I don’t need them in my human form too.”


“We do seem to have an abundance of hair between us,” Albus laughed. 


Minerva pressed her lips lightly to his chest.  “You were amazing last night.”


And she meant it.  Instead of stopping at her bed as she had expected Albus to do, he’d carried her into the bathroom where, thanks to a bit of wandless magic performed by her lover, a tub full of steaming water was waiting.  He’d lowered them both into the water then washed her hair and her body gently, his strong fingers and the hot water soothing the slight aching of long unused muscles between her legs.


Once they had finished bathing Albus pulled her from the water, stood her on the soft rug by the tub and carefully dried her in such a way that left her panting and wanting his touch all the more.


Then Minerva had returned the favour, slowly brushing the water from his body, moving around his back to dry his shoulders and buttocks before falling to her knees and rubbing the back of his legs dry.  By the time he responded to her command to turn his erection was pointing straight at her face.  Albus tried to pull her up but she resisted, grabbing his hips with her hands while she tasted his member for the first time, her tongue running up the base of his shaft as if it were an ice cream cone.


She teased him mercilessly, tonguing his balls and shaft until the one was heavily swollen and the other was pointing at the ceiling.  When the first drops of precum spilt from his head she caught them with her tongue, relishing the taste of his salty fluids.


Albus reached back to grab the countertop behind him when Minerva finally consumed him fully, his knees near to giving way as delight washed over him.  He allowed her to play until he was near the breaking point before pulling back and scooping her up into his arms over her loud protests.


“AL…B…U…S!” She screamed when she felt her body flying through the air.  She landed squarely in the middle of her bed, the covers having been stripped to the bottom.  He was over her instantly, tugging both of her arms above her head.  The long fingers of one hand wrapped around both of her wrists holding her arms immobile as he began to live out his dreams, tasting and teasing her until she was writhing beneath him.


Minerva couldn’t speak, couldn’t think, her entire being centered on whatever spot Albus’ mouth happened to be touching.  It seemed to her that he spent hours at her breasts, his fingers working over whichever nipple happened to be free of the pull of his lips.  She could barely believe it when a small orgasm rocked her body, simply from the attention that Albus was giving her chest.


And then he moved lower, his mouth sliding in an agonizingly slow manner down the midline of her body, pausing to drink at her navel then finally descending again. 


A growl of frustration escaped from Minerva when Albus bypassed her center to nip and massage his way down her right leg.  Her hands, long since freed, fisted and pounded the mattress in frustration as he lapped his way over the arch of her foot then sucked each toe in turn.  She found her voice and threatened to hex him into next week but he simply laughed and began to ascend her left leg.


“Beneath that… kindly… grandfatherly… exterior… you… Albus Dumbledore… are… an… evil…bastard!”  She had finally managed to say by the time that he reached her upper thigh. 


“So I am!” he agreed as he worked his shoulders beneath her thighs and lowered his lips to her feminine core.


Minerva had read her share of raunchy romance novels.  She’d had a few lovers over the years.  But nothing that she had ever read or experienced had prepared her for the overwhelming sensations generated by Albus Dumbledore pleasuring her with his mouth and fingers.

“What is that very satisfied smile on your lips all about, Professor McGonagall?” Albus’ query pulled Minerva back to the morning light.  She arched into him, pleased to feel his morning erection pressed against her thigh.


“That smile is because I was thinking about what a very amazing wizard and his equally amazing tongue did to my body last night, Headmaster Dumbledore.”


“Amazing, huh?” Albus grinned as he slid his fingers up her thigh and into her cleft.


Minerva quickly flipped and straddled him, mimicking the position they had begun with the previous evening.  “I think that three orgasms counts as amazing.”


Albus urged her hips up then held his hard lance in place as Minerva slowly impaled her body on him.  Once they were joined his fingers returned to play with her clitoris.


“That would make you an equally amazing witch then.  The things that you did to me in the bath…” Albus paused as Minerva blushed slightly.  He lifted a hand to caress her cheek then brought both of his hands up to cradle her breasts.  “And later… after everything I’d done to you… you still kept up with me… came with me…” Albus pinched her nipples lightly.  “Let me see you come again, love.”


Minerva complied, ignoring the protests of her aching muscles as she moved languidly up and down on Albus.  She loved the feeling of his thick flesh filling her… stretching her. Her hands roamed the sinewy expanse of his chest and arms, not believing how fit Albus was for a man of his age… a man of any age.  Her fingers worked through flat whorls of reddish-gray chest hair while her hips gyrated in circles on his.


For his part Albus was amazed at the body that Minerva had revealed to him, the same body that was riding him intently right now.  He’d always known that she wore loose fitting robes that gave little clue about the shape of her figure but now that he could actually see what she’d been hiding… he was in awe.


Her breasts were large for her slender frame but they fit into his palms as if they had been made to go there. The muscles of her shoulders and hips were strong, rippling as she moved on him.  Albus watched her muscles flex as she stretched her body above him. An image of her animagus form racing up and down the castle stairs appeared in his mind and he realized where those muscles came from.  Her skin was pale but flawless, the flush of her arousal evident beneath the top translucent layer.


Minerva’s lips were ruby-red and half parted, her eyes partially lidded as she concentrated on her movements.  He watched her tongue dart out, struck at the way that moisture clung to her mouth as she brushed around it and knew that he would die if he didn’t kiss her immediately.


Hands planted against the mattress, Albus pushed up without warning, catching Minerva by surprise as he captured and ravaged her mouth.  His hands then moved to grasp her hips, helping her continue her movements, as she pressed closer, her damp flesh moving easily across his.


A long night of loving had decreased the urgency that they both felt.  This joining was slow and easy for both of them.  They allowed their passion to build slowly, enjoying the simple pleasure of touching with no barriers.  Hands explored each other’s bodies, learning the texture of skin and those special places where touching sparked even greater desire.


Albus was the first to peak, his climax sneaking up on him without warning.  Their mouths had moved from lips to other areas, his tongue laving the hollow of her throat while her mouth explored the line of his jaw.  He yelped when Minerva lightly nipped his ear without warning and his juices flooded forth into her womb. 


Minerva felt the stiffening of Albus’ body and the flood of warmth inside her.  She continued to move, her pace increasing rapidly.  She didn’t realize how her nails dug into his chest as she fell from the precipice just moments after him but Albus felt the pain and was lifted once again, overjoyed as his body once again released a tiny spurt of fluid.


Albus fell back to the mattress taking Minerva with him.  He lay there gasping for breath as his brain tried to process what had just happened.  He’d never, in all his hundred and thirty years, had a second orgasm on the heels of his first.  He nuzzled the top of Minerva’s head, trying to convey with actions what he wasn’t able to speak.  Moments later he felt vibrations rush through his neck as Minerva began to purr.  She stretched out over him, careful not to let him slip from her body.  Wrapped in each other’s arms they lay silently.




‘Oh shit, how much did I drink last night?’ Rolanda Hooch thought as her brain slowly came awake.  She smacked her lips together repeatedly as she ran her tongue over the arid contours of her mouth in an attempt to generate moisture.  It wasn’t working so finally she resolved to ignore the man with the hammer pounding on her skull and try to make it to her bathroom for a sip of water.


After several failed attempts she finally managed to convince her eyelids to lift.  As her vision cleared she saw… jet-black pebbles staring back at her from their perch over a beaked nose, shiny black hair hanging messily over the lot.




Both Hooch and Snape sat up at the same time, screaming at the top of their lungs as they stared at each other in amazement.  Neither was willing to give up their hold on the bed sheet so a tug of war quickly ensued.  During the tugging match they both discovered that they were completely naked.


Hooch dug her heels into the mattress and pulled with all her might.  Unprepared for such a last ditch assault Severus flew across the space dividing them, knocking Hooch back.  She tumbled off the bed and onto the floor, Snape landing a few feet to her left.  Somehow their legs had become tangled together.


Rolanda glared at Severus.  Severus scowled at Rolanda.


Hooch hissed at Snape.  Snape hissed back.


After a minute of this they both shrugged their shoulders.


“What the hell!” they chimed together and fell on each other madly.




“Come back here!” Albus demanded sleepily, his arms reaching for Minerva as she climbed out of his embrace and the bed.


“Don’t lose that pose, my love.  I’ll be back in just a few minutes.  I have something I have to take care of.”


“But I miss you… oh…” His voice trailed off as Minerva disappeared into the toilet.  “I guess that is okay.”


Albus sighed and settled back against his now fluffed up pillows, dreaming of spending the day in bed with Minerva… or perhaps the week… Hell, the entire summer in bed with Minerva wouldn’t be enough.  Perhaps a lifetime… His eyes opened wider at the thought but the longer it sat there the more attractive it appeared.


“What!?!?” Albus sat up with a sputter as Minerva reappeared, a long tartan robe pulled over her body and her hair brushed and pulled back in a ribbon.  “Where are you going?”


“I just have one little thing that I need to take care of and then I am yours for as long as you want me.” Minerva told him as she rooted around in the bottom of her closet, finally emerging with a pair of tartan slippers.


“Do you promise? As long as I want?  Because that will be a long time… a very long time indeed.”


Minerva looked up at Albus and a smile slowly spread over her face as she read the meaning of his words in his eyes.  “I promise,” she said firmly.


“How long will you be gone?” Albus asked, knowing that Minerva’s word was her bond.


“I should be back in… ten minutes.  I hope that none of the staff is up and wandering about yet.” She shoved her feet into the slippers.


“Some of them may have already gone down to breakfast but I’m sure that the ones who were involved in our little game last night are surely still sleeping off hangovers.”


“That’s what I’m counting on.” Minerva smiled brilliantly.  “I’ll be back in three shakes of a cat’s tail.  Then maybe we can go down for breakfast.  I’m starving!”  Having said that, she quickly morphed into her cat form and ran out the door.




“Well…” Hooch finally ventured as she stared at the ceiling of Severus Snape’s bedroom.  “That was interesting…”


“Most interesting…” he agreed.


“But it won’t ever happen again…”




Rolanda pushed up off the floor with a sigh.  Once she was standing she nudged the body lying next to the spot she had just vacated.  “Aren’t you getting up?”


“Just enjoying the view.”


Hooch blushed when she realized that Severus was eyeing her intently. 


“You know, you have a nice body for a woman your age.  Must be all that flying.”


“Thanks,” she answered wryly.  “And yours isn’t bad for a Slytherin serpent who spends all his time lurking in the dungeon.  Now where are my clothes?”


Severus sat up and looked around the room.  “It doesn’t look as if the house elves have delivered them yet.  They must still be busy with breakfast.”


“Well, I can’t go traipsing around the halls in my all together!  Don’t you dare comment or you will regret it!  Oh, what’s this?” Rolanda noticed a piece of fabric sticking out from under the bed.


Snape swallowed hard as Hooch fell to her knees in front of him her bare bum waving in his face. 


“Maybe it’s my robe…” she dug further beneath the bed, “no… it’s just an old… Snape… what the hell are you doing… Severus… I asked you… what… oh, SEVVIE!!!”




Minerva crept silently across the floor, waiting until she reached the very edge of the bed before springing up and landing on Albus’ chest.  He didn’t open his eyes but grinned widely as he began to stroke her with both hands.


“And just for the record,” he told her, eyes still closed.  “From now on, I am the only man allowed to stroke your pussy… in any form.”


Minerva meowed loudly in agreement, her tongue darting out to lick Albus’ cheeks.  His smile grew as he sensed the change in texture of both the fur beneath his fingers and the size of the tongue caressing his face.


“I’m back,” she whispered as she laved his ear.


“With almost a minute to spare,” he let her know he had been watching the clock.  “And now you are mine.”


“Now I am yours,” Minerva agreed, letting Albus push her up to a sitting position so that he could tug the tartan robe away.


“What was so important that it couldn’t wait?” He asked as he tossed her slippers off the side of the bed and settled them both back against the pillows, Minerva wrapped tightly in his embrace. 


“Well… it suddenly occurred to me…” she whispered what she had done into Albus’ ear, bringing a hearty laugh to his lips.


“Of course, Rolanda is going to be chasing me around the castle, hexes flying…”


“Not if she can’t find you.”


“What do you mean?” Minerva’s brow wrinkled as she raised her head slightly to stare at Albus.


“Your time is mine now, remember?  Hang on tight, my dear.”


Minerva clung to Albus for dear life as the room blurred and disappeared.  A second later she found herself lying on another bed in a room she had only seen a few times before.  Then she realized that Albus had apparated them both to his bedroom.  A long chest against the wall was covered with a veritable buffet of breakfast items.  Soft music played from an unseen source and the only portrait in the room had been covered with a black cloth.


“Someone was a very busy wizard while I was gone.” Minerva walked her fingers up Albus’ chest.


“I decided that I wanted to spend today in bed with you with absolutely no interruptions.  Any problems that might arise have been directed to Filius and no one will be granted entry even if they do know the password.  The floo has been blocked and the strongest wards I can erect have been placed around the perimeter of these rooms.”


“At least you don’t intend to let me starve,” Minerva eyed the food with interest.


Albus waved his hand and a tray soared across the room.  “I took the liberty of preparing a small selection,” he told her as the platter landed on the night table beside them.  He reached out and grabbed a fat strawberry, dipped it in a bowl of thick cream then held it out to Minerva’s waiting lips.  She bit eagerly then laughingly licked the excess juice and cream from her lips.


Albus dipped the strawberry again but this time he ignored Minerva’s lips and dropped the piece of fruit to her relaxed nipple.  The bud tightened immediately beneath the pressure of the fruit and the coldness of the cream.


“Albus!” Minerva yelped.  “What are you doing?”


I’m just tasting my new favourite fruit.” He dropped the berry on her naval as he took her ripe tip into his mouth.


Minerva moaned, knowing that this would be a meal that she would never forget.




“Where are they, dammit!?  If I don’t bring Min those boxers I am in SO much trouble!” Hooch ran from side to side down the corridor searching for any sign of green fabric.


Snape just shrugged, enjoying the sight of the Quidditch teacher decked out in Slytherin green robes that she had stolen from his closet.  “She’s your friend.  She got what she wanted, my humiliation.  I don’t see why you are worried.”


Hooch stopped and glared at him, her hands on her hips and her golden eyes flashing.  “Have you ever seen Minerva McGonagall mad?”


“A few times,” Snape answered.  “And I admit that it was a scary sight but…”


“Imagine that anger magnified about ten times and then you’ll understand why I have to find your underwear.  I can’t begin to imagine… I don’t want to imagine what payback she’ll have in store for me if I don’t deliver them.  Maybe they are closer to the staff room.”


Hooch took off down the hallway, Snape following at a more sedate pace.  When they found nothing along the way Rolanda decided to check the staff room after all.


“Perhaps it will be empty,” she said hopefully as she stared at the door.


But she’d forgotten that with the students gone the great hall was undergoing a thorough cleaning so the staff’s meals were being served in the smaller room.  She pushed open the door to find about ten of her colleagues inside eating.


“Good morning, Madame Hooch!” Alastor Moody offered from the table where he sat eating with Poppy Pomfrey.  “I’m guessing that Minerva ended up the winner in last night’s little contest.”


Hooch swallowed hard.  “Yes… but how did you know that?  You left long before…”


“But I know how Minerva’s mind works and I see her name written all over…” Poppy was in the process of shushing Alastor when Hagrid burst through the door, drowning out everyone else’s voice.


“What in God’s name is on top of the castle?  I’ve tried to ask Dumbledore but the gargoyle won’t let me in.  I was looking for Professor McGonagall to ask her but she ain’t in her quarters either.  Thought she might be here but… what!?!?!”


Hagrid stepped back as both Hooch and Snape pushed around him and took off running for the front door.


“She wouldn’t… she wouldn’t…” Hooch kept muttering over and over but her heart was sinking anyway.


Once they reached the outside the couple turned and gazed up toward the roof of the castle.


“Oh… no, she didn’t… I know she didn’t…” Hooch repeated over and over, unable to believe what she was seeing.


“She most certainly did!” Snape snapped, actually seeing some small measure of humour in the situation.


For at the top of the castle, hanging from the flagpole and flapping in the breeze, were his boxer shorts, enlarged so that they would be visible for miles around.  And attached to the rope beneath them, also enlarged, was a pair of woman’s lace panties… panties clearly identifiable by the flying brooms and golden snitches moving over the cloth.






High up in the castle, safely protected from a certain Quidditch teacher’s screams of anger and threats of revenge, Minerva McGonagall was busy showing Albus Dumbledore just exactly how much cats liked licking up cream.




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