Miscellaneous Fandoms

The odds and ends stories for fandoms we love, but for which we have not written a lot for... for one reason or another.

Please... enjoy!

the stories...

Mission: Impossible - Flaming Cheese
the fuse is lit... the music is starting...
Mission: Impossible - Unspooling the Spool
A continuation of the episode, 'A Spool there was'.
Battlestar Galactica - All in a Day's Work
Bill and Laura get some work done
My Fair Lady - My Fair Guttersnipe
After the movie... rated G
The Sound of Music - The Sound of Moments
Missing moments - Two parts written by RevSue & tayryn
Battlestar Galactica - Another Day's... work
Laura reciprocates
Santa Barbara - Now and Forever
An ATC for the final episode.
Another World - All's Well...
An ATC/MM for the final few eps.

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