Title: All in a Day’s work
By: tayryn
Rating: PWP

Disclaimer: Not mine. Never have been, never will be. If they were, Bill and Laura would be frakking on Galactica pretty much always.
Summary: oh tis too short of a story for that.
Notes: This was originally written for another of my ships… Joseph and Clarisse from Princess Diaries, and posted to The Queen’s Secret Chamber.

Special thanks to my best friend, and most incredible beta, Jaya, for doing this so quickly for me! *bugs*  (both the first time and this time!)


Laura sat at her desk and scribbled her signature on yet another document with a sigh.

“Only a few more, Madame President.”

There is no such thing as just a few more, Billy.” Laura told her assistant with a trace of humour in her voice.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Very shortly…
” Laura’s voice trailed off when she felt a soft touch on her ankle. She shook her head then continued. “Very shortly… this will all be someone else’s responsibility.”

Billy frowned at the thought then decided to change the subject, as he truly did not like thinking about her dying. “Would you like a cup of tea, Madame President?”

We have tea?”


“Yes. Commander Adama sent some over the other day.”


“That would be wonderful, thank you, Billy.” Laura smiled and watched the young man stand then move into the other room before she reached for the next pile of papers.

She was just about to sign her name authorizing a supply run when she stopped.


She’d just felt it again.

Another touch to her ankle followed by the feel of fingers moving up her calves.

Laura swallowed hard as the touch grew bolder. Hands stroked the muscles of her calves, the backs of her knees. She started when she felt the fingers slip beneath the hem of her skirt.

“Ssh… easy…”

At the huskily spoken words, and the gentle touch to both her knees, Laura parted her legs slightly then moaned as his fingers danced across her thighs. “…Bill…”

Beneath the desk, Bill smiled and leaned in to press airy kisses to her knees as he pushed her skirt up. He stroked her thighs, his fingers brushing ever closer to her centre with each pass.

“Oh!” Laura gasped when she felt his fingers make contact with her curls then press the silk of her panties against her.

Bill’s smile grew and he began to stroke her through her panties, his thumb moving in firm circles over the swollen, silk-covered pearl of her desire. He could smell her arousal and it made his mouth water with the need to taste her.

Laura whimpered when Bill suddenly stopped touching. “Bill?”

Lift,” Bill told her as he tugged at her underwear; sliding the small scrap of lace over her thighs and down her legs. “Now open… open for me…”

Helpless when Bill spoke to her in that low gravely voice of his, Laura did as he asked and spread her legs wider before him.

“Beautiful… simply beautiful…” he murmured as he gazed at her naked flesh, the auburn curls glistening with her arousal. “Beautiful…” he repeated as he teasingly combed his fingers through the damp curls.

“…Bill…” Laura uttered his name breathlessly as he grasped her hips and pulled her lower in her chair. She felt the brush of his cheek as he pressed soft kisses to her inner thighs, and her body tensed in anticipation.

‘No!’ Laura thought when she heard the telltale sound of Billy’s footsteps approaching. She reached down beneath the desk to lay her hand on Bill’s head just as she felt the flick of his tongue against her. “Bill…” she whispered. “…Bill…”

“No… I need to taste you,” Bill replied and pressed closer, his tongue flicking out at her again.

“Bi… Billy!” Laura tried to straighten up, but Bill’s grip on her thighs prevented her from doing so.

“Madame President? Are you all right?” Billy asked, noticing the president slouching in her chair.

“What? Oh yes…” Laura replied and bit back a moan as Bill covered her with his mouth. “I… I just decided to take a small break and relax…” she said and inhaled sharply when she felt Bill’s fingers pull her swollen folds open and then take her clit between his lips.

“Ma’am?!” Billy placed the tea tray on the nearby table and stepped closer when he heard Laura’s sharp inhalation.

“I’m okay. Just a cramp in my leg…” Laura answered, and fought to keep from crying out as she felt Bill slide a finger into her and begin to move it in and out of her.

“Would you like me get you something for it?”

Laura shook her head, not trusting herself to speak just then as Bill added a second finger and sucked harder on her clit. “No…” she finally said in a somewhat breathless voice. “In fact, didn’t you want to have lunch with Dee on Galactica?”




“Then why don’t you take your lunch now?”

“Are you certain?”

Bill’s tongue swirled around the swollen bundle of nerves as he crooked his fingers within her.

“Oh yes!” Laura nodded vigorously.

“Very well, Madame President.” Billy replied slowly as he made his way to the door. “I will be back in an hour.”

Laura nodded. “Oh, Billy… would you… let the others know that I’m not to be disturbed? I think I’m going to try and take a small nap.”

Yes, ma’am.” Billy replied as he pulled the curtain closed behind him as he left the room.

“Oh god…”

Billy smiled as the low moan sounded through the door.

“…mmm… Bill… yesss…”

‘Leg cramp indeed.’ Billy thought as he quickly walked away.

Ooohmmm… you… that wasn’t nice…” Laura gasped as Bill slipped one arm behind her to push her closer to his mouth.

Bill merely chuckled. “Are you saying you’re not enjoying this?” He asked as he gave her sex a big lollipop lick.

Laura shook her head. “No… I love… but Billy…”

“Will keep it to himself,” Bill said then focused his attention back on loving her. “No more talking…” he murmured. “I want you to cum for me,” he told her in between quick licks and sucks to her slick flesh.

“Oh gods…”

“I want to taste you… all of you…” Bill spoke against her. “I’m hungry for you, Laura… give me all of you…”


Bill began to hum as he took her clit between his lips again. “Cummm….”

“I…” Laura shook her head and gripped the arms of her chair as the pleasure became almost unbearable. “Bi…”

Bill drove his fingers into her at the same time as he scraped her clit lightly with his teeth.

“…Bill!” Laura cried out as her orgasm exploded over her; wave after wave of exquisite sensation moving through her body.

Bill groaned and withdrew his fingers from inside her and replaced them with his lips, consuming her essence as it flowed freely into his mouth. His fingers circled lightly over her pearl, prolonging her release as his tongue continued to dip inside her.

“Bill… oh, Bill…” Laura panted as another small jolt of pleasure rolled over her.

With a last deep kiss to her quivering sex, Bill pushed her chair back and quickly climbed out from beneath her desk.

In a move that both shocked and excited her, Bill pulled Laura up out of her chair, and lifted her onto her desk. “I need you…” he told her as he fumbled with his fly.

Laura dropped her eyes and licked her lips at the sight of his erection springing free as his pants fell to his ankles. She leaned back on the desk and propped her feet up on the arms of the chair on either side of him, opening herself up to him in silent invitation.

Bill stepped closer and caught her lips in a hungry kiss as he stroked the head of his shaft up and down against her moist folds, coating himself with her juices. He teased them both for several seconds then no longer able to wait, Bill thrust into her; seating himself fully inside her with one stroke.

“Oh gods…” they moaned in concert as their bodies joined.

Bill groaned at the feel of her inner walls around his engorged shaft. “You feel so good,” he growled softly into her mouth as he circled his hips against hers.

“So do you…”


She heard the need in Bill’s voice, felt the tension in his body, and knew that this was not going to be a long, gentle session. His muscles were tight with the effort of holding back, of waiting…

Laura wrapped her legs around him.

“Take me…” she whispered huskily and clenched her inner muscles around his throbbing member. “Hard and fast, Bill…”

“I don’t think I can do it any other way…” Bill groaned as he gripped her hips tightly and began to thrust hard into her. “…I’m… sor…”

“No apol… oh gods…” Laura moaned and tightened her legs around his driving hips. “…mmm… Bill… oh yes…”

Bill continued to pound his hips against her, plunging into her welcoming body over and over until they were both panting for breath. One of Laura’s hands found its way to his ass, and a low grunt passed his lips when her nails dug into his flesh, urging him to move faster.

Laura’s head fell back and she moaned as Bill’s lips attacked the tender flesh of her throat, nipping and licking as he drove into her; deeper and deeper with each stroke. Her hand slipped beneath his shirt to rake the skin of his lower back as the sensations grew and spread throughout her body.


“I know…”

With every thrust, Bill pulled Laura to him; the sound of their bodies coming together echoing throughout her office. The scent of their passion overwhelmed their senses, and it drove them forward towards that one moment of sheer ecstasy.

“Bi… Bill… oh please…” Laura pleaded with him as she raised her hips up to his. “…please, so close…”

Bill tightened his grip on her hips. “Me too…” he thrust hard into her. “Cum for me…”

“I…” Laura pulled her head up and met Bill’s eyes as he ground his pelvis against hers. “Oh gods…”

Bill felt her inner muscles begin to spasm around his erection. “Cum, Laura… cum with me,” he told her in a husky voice before he caught her lips in a voracious kiss, swallowing her cries of release as she came hard.

Laura shuddered in Bill’s arms pulling her mouth from his to gasp for breath. “Your turn…” she whispered breathlessly in his ear as the waves of sensation continued to wash over her. “Cum, Bill…”

“Oh frak…” Bill swore at her throaty command then buried his face in her neck to smother his shout of completion as he thrust into her one last time. His release poured out of him in long, pearly ropes to splash against her womb.

They sagged together, their hearts pounding.

“Oh… oh my, that was… incredible.” Laura murmured and felt Bill smile against her neck.

“I agree wholeheartedly,” Bill spoke against her skin.

Laura smiled. “I’m not even going to ask what prompted this little session.”

Bill chuckled. “Good, because I probably couldn’t tell you why…”

They remained in each other’s arms until the chiming of the clock on the wall broke through their whispers and gentle kisses.

“Billy will be back soon,” Laura told him.

“I know.”

“We should…”

“Yes,” Bill nodded and slowly slipped out of her.

“Where did you throw my panties?”

Bill grinned. “They’re underneath the desk. Hold on, I’ll get them,” he told her as he pulled his pants up, quickly fastened them, then knelt and ducked beneath the desk. When his fingers closed around the lacy garment, he shifted back out from under the desk and stopped.

“Enjoying the view?”

“Very much,” Bill nodded as his eyes focused on her slick, swollen sex. He licked his lips.

Laura felt her breath hitch. “Bill… we don’t have time… oh gods…”

Bill leaned forward and pressed a deep kiss to her centre before he reached out to grab a couple of tissues. He quickly and quietly cleaned her then slipped her panties back on. He climbed to his feet and pulled her into his arms.

“Thank you,” she whispered against his lips.

“You’re welcome.”

They shared a loving kiss, breaking apart only when they heard Billy’s voice on the other side of the curtain.


“I had better move around to the other side of the desk,” Bill told her.  “Make it look like we’re actually discussing ship’s business.”


“Probably a good idea.”


Bill gave her another soft kiss.  “Think you can sneak away to Galactica tonight?”


Laura nodded.  “I have an appointment with Cottle anyway, so it shouldn’t be a problem.”  A cloud passed over Bill’s face which he quickly masked but Laura caught it.  She wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tightly. “Bill…”


“I know… I still don’t like it… but I know,” Bill sighed then rubbed his cheek against hers.  “So tonight?”




“Good,” Bill smiled and tightened his arms around her. “I’m looking forward to holding you.”


“I’m looking forward to you holding me too,” Laura gave him a seductive smile as she stepped out of his arms, and watched as he moved around her desk before she sat down. 


Bill took the seat in front of her and reached for a folder off her desk just as Billy entered the room.


Neither one noticed the knowing, amused smile on Billy’s face as he took his seat at his desk.


“So, Commander… about those supplies…”




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