Title: The Sound of Moments

By: RevSue
Rating: mature Teen   (How’s that for mixed messages? LOL)
Summary: Some missing (and most improbable, sigh ...) scenes from the Sound of Music, a movie for which I vowed up and down I was never going to write fanfiction.  See how low I have sunk?  The story starts immediately after the children have been sent back to bed Maria’s first night in the von Trapp family villa (after the song My Favourite Things), and Maria is furious with the Captain’s refusal to consider her request for playclothes for the children.
Disclaimer:  The Sound of Music and its characters and the situations in which they find themselves belong to 20th Century Fox (and, I suppose, the von Trapp family themselves!). No infringement is intended, and I make no money from this bit of idiocy!



Maria triumphantly finished her song, holding the curtains about her body defiantly.  If the Captain wouldn’t give her material for the children’s play clothes, she would simply use these curtains which she had been told were to be replaced!  Then she stared open-mouthed at Captain von Trapp himself, back in her bedroom!  The curtains dropped from her suddenly nerveless fingers, and she felt oddly breathless and very, very vulnerable.  After all, what did she know about this man ... other than that he seemed to think discipline was the answer to everything? 

“I knocked,” Georg said, almost defensively, walking further into her room, the door closing softly behind him.  “I just ...”

At that moment, lightning lit the room brilliantly, outlining Maria’s body with its firm, high breasts, trim waist, and long, slim legs.  He forgot what he was going to say as his eyes roamed over her.  Although he knew it was impossible through the cotton flannel of her nightgown, he would swear he could see the dusky rose of her pointed nipples, and the shadowy place of mystery between her legs.  A vision of lying between her slender thighs with those delectable long legs wrapped around him rose sharply in Georg’s mind, causing him to catch his breath in shock as hot desire raced through him for the first time since his wife’s death.

The thunder that came at that moment seemed in answer to his thoughts, the initial crack sounding so loudly that it was as though a cannon had exploded right beside them.  Not even thinking, Maria sprang towards him.  His arms opened to receive her and he held her close through the continuous crashes and rumbles, feeling the softness of her breasts pressed tightly against his chest and the heat of her body all down his as she almost burrowed into him.  Again shock shot through his system when he felt the unaccustomed urge to caress her, to make love to her so thoroughly that she was no longer afraid of the storm, not to mention him.  No!  He couldn’t do this!  She was young, innocent, here as governess to his children AND going to be a nun!  He didn’t even KNOW her, nor could he EVER ‘know’ her!  Nevertheless, he could not release her.  Not yet.

“Oh, Reverend Captain, I’m so sorry, I ...”  When the thunder finally died away, Maria raised her head apologetically, although her hands still clutched the back of his jacket tightly.  Meeting his smoldering gaze, her voice died away.  In the next heartbeat, she experienced a wild tremor of fear along her spine, unlike any fear she had ever known.  There was danger here, but it was a danger that thrilled and fascinated her.  A tiny fist seemed to tighten deep inside her and the blood roared in her temples.  She forced herself to look down, away from his piercing, searching look.  Yet she was still achingly aware of the body pressed to hers that molded her to him without effort.  For one crazy moment, she had had the feeling he was going to kiss her!  Never before had she had to battle such conflicting emotions ... wanting him to kiss her, knowing he must not, ashamed of her very thoughts.

Georg stared down at the woman who stood so close he could feel her heartbeat inside his own chest.  His glance dropped to her parted lips, and he saw the way her lips trembled as his gaze burned over them.  Oh yes, she could feel his kiss as surely as if they were already sharing it!  He felt scalded by the heat, as if he had already pressed his mouth to hers.  Her lashes were lowered, veiling her look.  Suddenly they swept up and he was staring into her eyes, beautiful blue eyes that revealed her confusion.

Then her door crashed open and all seven children were back in her room, the little ones crying, the older ones staring at them as Georg thrust Maria out of his arms and strode out the door, not saying a word to anyone.

* * * * *

How could this be happening to him?  He had been gone for a few weeks, he had come back with the woman he fully intended to marry ... and now he had been broadsided by his unwanted feelings for his children’s governess!  As she had stood before him, dripping lake water from every part of her body, he had found it almost impossible not to be aroused by her charms.  Furious with himself, he had lashed out at her for daring to criticize him.  Then, after catching her watching him with his children, he had gone after her and actually apologized, adding that he wanted her to stay ... that he was ASKING her to stay ...

After she had said she would, if it would help, he had turned away and headed back to the room where his children were waiting with the woman he was supposedly courting before he had given into the mad impulse that had almost overcome him ... the urge to run up the stairs after her like a lovestruck schoolboy and touch the nipples he could see pressing against the wet material that clung like a second skin to her youthful body.  Youthful.  She was so ... so damned young!  Not to mention, of course, that she was his children’s governess, and was going to be a NUN!  Sternly telling his body and mind to behave, he had made his escape.

Meanwhile, Maria stood on the stairs, disbelieving for a moment, then she clasped her hands together.  Oh, he was going to get closer to his children!  Putting her trembling down to a bit of excitement and to the chill from the water, and dismissing the glimpse of hunger she had thought she had seen in his eyes as mere fantasy on her part, Maria ran on up the stairs, full of plans for the future.

* * * *

The night of the grand party, Maria hurried to her room, her cheeks still burning.  The Captain had said he would wait supper until she changed ... but she knew she had nothing appropriate to wear, and she was most reluctant to attend the lavish party as Herr Detweiler’s dinner partner.  She would FAR rather remain closeted in her room and pray for forgiveness for her sinful thoughts about her employer.  It was only now that she permitted herself to recall again the moments earlier that evening when she had danced the Laendler with Captain von Trapp.

His eyes had never left hers, much to her discomfort.  For a moment she had lost herself in the joy of dancing, but all too soon she had been more aware of him than she should have been.  The material of his gloves had seemed non-existent as his fingers had caressed hers behind her back and had smoothed over her lower back suggestively at the end when they were poised, staring into each other’s eyes.  The hunger and desire that had flashed into his expression were unmistakable, even to a very naive young woman.  Maria had backed away, blushing furiously, confused by the messages she was receiving.  Surely she had misunderstood the look in his eyes!  If not, then ... had he read the longing in her OWN heart?

Trying not to think of the many and varied feelings that had swept through her during her dance with the Captain, she began to change, only to grip protectively to her chest the dress she had just begun to lower when a knock came at the door and Baroness Schraeder stepped into her room.

* * * * *

Seeing Elsa following Fraulein Maria up the stairs, and curious as to what she was planning to say to the governess, Georg excused himself and hurried upstairs.  Feeling guilty at trying to eavesdrop, and angry at himself for feeling that way, Georg stepped into the shadows and kept out of Elsa’s sight when she came out of the fraulein’s room with a satisfied, almost smug smile on her face.  Frowning and wondering what had been said, he waited only until Elsa was gone before he slipped into Fraulein Maria’s room, to find her leaning on her bed, her head down and her eyes closed.  “Fraulein Maria?”

Startled, she jumped back.  “Captain!”  Her eyes were wide and horrified.  The Baroness’ words had torn away the veil Maria had flung over her innermost feelings.  She had not faced them fully and truthfully before.  Now, thanks to the Baroness, she was vulnerable.  Now she knew that Captain von Trapp had the power to move her.  The formal touch of his hand was no more than a touch to him, but now she was forced to acknowledge that to her it meant everything.  The sense of his body nearby could catch her breath, and a look in his eyes could set her skin to tingling.  She was alarmingly sensitive to him, yet even now she struggled not to show it to him. 

Georg couldn’t help but wonder what Elsa had just been saying to her that had caused Elsa’s satisfaction and Fraulein Maria’s present distress.  Then he realized the lovely fraulein was in her undergarments.  Knowing he should not, but unable to resist the lure of her beauty, he stepped closer.  “You are beautiful ...”

Maria realized her state of undress at the same time, but now he was between her and the dresses on her bed.  She swallowed hard, the pulse at the base of her throat beating wildly.  She kept her eyes down resolutely.  The Baroness had said that the Captain could easily see her love for him in her eyes.  Although Maria still questioned that she LOVED him, she knew she felt SOMETHING for him, and she had no wish whatsoever for him to see that on her face.  It was unbearable to think that he could know exactly how she felt, perhaps more than she did herself, and unconscionable that he could act upon that knowledge!

Then she felt a gentle touch on her throat.  Her eyes flew to his and she saw the blaze of passion that both frightened and intrigued her.  He had stripped off his gloves and was even now smoothing his thumb over the erratic pulse in her neck.  Trembling violently, Maria tried to shake her head and say something, but his fingers gently touched her lips in an unspoken plea for silence.  Then she was fully in his arms and in the next moment, he covered her mouth with his in a searing kiss.

For a split second, Maria was acquiescent as her blood roared in her ears and a sudden weakness rushed over her body, leaving her trembling and faint.  She tried to sort out the sensations and make sense of them, but she couldn’t think.  She could only feel ... and it felt so wonderful ... Everything seemed to whirl about her and that point of contact.  A shuddering response swept through her, and instinctively she pressed closer to him even as her mind flinched in alarm.

The intensity of the kiss caught him by surprise.  His lips moved intimately over hers as he savoured her taste.  “I’ve been hungry for this ... open for me, Maria,” he murmured, running his tongue over her lips.  “Let me taste your sweetness ...”

“Oh, but ...” she tried to say.  His tongue invaded her mouth, and suddenly she was lost, swept out on a storm of feeling she couldn’t control.  His hands held her gently but implacably and, innocent as she was, Maria was left in no doubt as to his desire for her as he deepened the kiss and pressed her against his arousal.  The hardness of his body against hers was an exquisite torment.  Her legs were wobbly as she tried to understand the mysterious ache in her lower limbs, the swollen and sensitive feel to the nipples of her breasts against the linen of her chemise and the burning longing to have him touch her everywhere in an attempt to ease the tension growing inside.

Then she felt a pressure at her back and realized she was pinned between the wardrobe door and him.  She was moving on a wave of sensation and was hardly aware of anything except the hot pulses of feeling coursing through her as she felt the warm bulge in his groin cause a flooding between her legs even through the thickness of their clothes.  As he continued to ravish her lips slowly and thoroughly, Maria could not stop her hands from sliding upward until they were entwined around his neck.  His strong hands moved down her sides, molding her to his length, making her body yearn for more of his fiery touches. 

Almost holding her breath, she arched into him, willing his hand to move the scant few inches from her waist to the breast that was aching for his touch even as she inwardly gaped in astonishment at her desires.  Electric shocks ran through her and she moaned her approval of his kisses, feeling the tension growing almost unbearably.  He rocked her against him, his hands never moving from her waist, and despite her horror at herself, Maria had never experienced such delight.  She shuddered and gripped him, trying to get closer still, dazed by the fires burning through her body to all the untouched places deep within.  He pressed his thighs against her one more time, their bodies aligned perfectly for him to put pressure very, very close to where she needed his touch the most.  Her fingers dug into his neck and her body arched impossibly closer, caught up in a need stronger than any she had ever experienced before.  Then she cried aloud helplessly, ecstatically, triumphantly, the sound muffled by his mouth on hers, when her body exploded into a shuddering pleasure that overwhelmed her.    

At that, the Captain jerked back, his own eyes wide in disbelief at his actions.  For a moment his eyes burned into hers, seeing no fear in the dazed blue, but rather a mixture of surprise, pleasure and the beginning of desire mingled with shame.  Shocked and disgusted at his behaviour, he willed his body to subside.  Fraulein Maria was panting softly, her body still trembling violently from the force of emotions which had so recently flooded through it, her nipples poking stiffly through her chemise.  What had he done?  What had he been thinking?  He had NOT been thinking!  That was the problem! 

“I must get back to Elsa ... to my guests,” the Captain said abruptly, surprised at the huskiness of his voice.  “I expect you would rather be excused, Fraulein Maria.  We will not wait supper for you.”  He turned, hesitated, then faced her again, overcome with shame.  How could he have done this to a young woman he ... he cared about, and who was under his protection?  Protection!  What protection had HE been?  He had to say something ... but what could he say?  At last he muttered stiffly, “I must apologize for my behaviour.”  Then he was gone, leaving a soul-bruised and heart-battered woman staring silently after him with haunted eyes, fingers covering her kiss-swollen lips.

* * * * * *

Maria huddled in her narrow cot at the abbey, refusing to eat, refusing to talk, spending her time in prayer.  How had this happened?  What had she done in the past to cause this wickedness to rise up in her NOW?  If she were to believe the Baroness, and there was no reason on earth NOT to believe the rich widow, it had been her own folly that had caused Captain von Trapp to stray from his intended fiancée.  She moaned faintly, then slid to her knees again in an agony of contrition as she prayed fervently for the memories to fade, and for forgiveness for her weakness.

She refused to see the von Trapp children when told they were at the abbey asking for her, and that night she awoke from a shameful dream, her body shuddering from the pleasure of the Captain’s touch once more, to find her nightgown twisted up around her neck, her one hand stroking her breast and her other pressing between her legs.  She had been dreaming that HIS hands had gone beneath her nightgown, that HIS hands had covered her breasts and teased and tormented them until they were taut and exquisitely sensitive, HIS hand had been the one to slip into the curls at the apex of her thighs and caress her to a shuddering completion that nonetheless left her feeling bereft.  As she lay sprawled on her bed, flushed and only partially sated with her release and not sure what she was lacking, hot tears seeped out from under her tightly closed eyelids.  How could she bear to continue living like this?  She sighed and slipped to the floor once more, her hands folded in prayer, trying to ignore the sinful tremors of wanton desire still shooting through her body.

The next morning, Reverend Mother sent for her.  Although the Mother Abbess guessed almost immediately a portion of what had happened to Maria at the von Trapp Villa by her few broken words, Maria couldn’t tell the older woman all that had transpired that last night with Captain von Trapp.  She was much too confused, ashamed and shocked at herself.  She also made no mention of the dream she had had the previous night.  She could only pray that the older nun understood the uncertainty, the confusion, and the longing in her heart ... and it seemed that her prayer was answered. 

Although it filled her heart with dread, Maria felt a bit of hope when she was ordered back to the von Trapp villa.  Reverend Mother had said that the love of a man and a woman was holy, too!  Perhaps ... just perhaps ... but Maria wouldn’t allow herself to put the fragile hope into words in case it was destroyed.  After all, there was still the Baroness to consider.  However, today was Maria’s birthday.  Surely she would be granted her one wish above all wishes!  She set off from the abbey once more, ready to face her destiny, ready to find her dream.

* * * * * *

Meanwhile, after he had ... run away from Maria, as he ruefully acknowledged to himself, Georg had rearranged his clothing almost savagely and hurried back downstairs to the party he was supposed to be hosting, trying to forget the feelings which had so recently and violently coursed through him.  He had spoken to a number of people before gathering his courage and approaching Elsa once more.  The rest of the evening had passed in a blur.

The next morning he had been given Maria’s letter.  Inexplicably hurt by the fact that she had run away from him, yet acknowledging his culpability in having kissed her, having seduced her to such passion and thereby scared her off, Georg resolved to forget his inappropriate feelings for his children's governess.  He thanked God he had come to his senses in time that night and not ravished and ruined the young woman, then redoubled his efforts to fall in love with Elsa.  She was the most suitable person to be his bride, after all. Surely he would be able to forget the innocent passion of the young postulant!  He sincerely hoped that Fraulein Maria had found her own peace as well.  She did not deserve to have her life in the abbey ruined by his animalistic tendencies.  Shaking off the wondrous memory of the feel of her breasts pressed against his chest, her lips responding wildly to his kisses, her slender body fluid and so responsive in his arms, he tried to concentrate on the Baroness and forget the beautiful, vivacious young fraulein.

“Elsa,” he said quietly yet firmly one night not long afterwards, “do you think that we should ...?”

He never finished his question and never actually heard her answer, but the result was immediate.  He was engaged to be married to Baroness Schraeder.

 (to be continued by someone else, OR by the movie itself!




Title: The Sound of Moments two

By: tayryn

Rating: FRAO!!  this is not your childhood Sound of Music!!

Archive: My site

Disclaimer: see Part one… I don’t own them either!!

Notes:  sequel to RevSue’s The Sound of Moments




“Oh, I have so much to tell you all”


“We have things to tell you, too.” Louisa said.


“I’m sure you do.”


“The most important thing,” Brigetta spoke up.  “Is that father is going to be married.”




Maria felt as if she’d been physically punched in the stomach as her breath whooshed out of her.




The Captain was… to who?


How could he if he was… at least the Baroness had said that the Captain was in love with her.


All these thoughts and more raced through Maria’s mind as a pain unlike anything she had ever experienced ripped through her.  She realized in that moment that she had felt her heart break.


“Married?”  She asked in what she prayed was a neutral voice.


“Yes,” Louisa replied.  “To Baroness Schraeder.”


“Oh, I see,” Maria said softly.


At that moment the younger children noticed their father on the back porch.


“Oh, Father, look!”


“Fraulein Maria’s come back from the abbey!”


“Good evening, Captain.”  Maria said, her heart pounding at the sight of him.


“Good evening,” Georg said with a hint of a smile as he inclined his head slightly.  “All right,” he clapped his hands together.  “Everyone inside.  Go and get your dinner.”


“Dinner!”  Shouted the children.  They grabbed Maria’s suitcase and her guitar and ran up the steps into the house.


Maria remained standing on the back patio as the Captain began to walk slowly down the stairs.


“You left without saying good-bye… even to the children.”


“Well, it was wrong of me.  Forgive me.”


“Why did you?”  Georg asked softly.


“Please don’t ask me,” Maria replied.  “Anyway, the reason no longer exists.”


‘I ran away because I was frightened by the feelings I was discovering that I harboured for you.’ A tiny voice inside her screamed out to him.  ‘I ran away because of the way I reacted to your kiss… your touch.’


“Fraulein Maria… you’ve returned.” Baroness Schraeder came down the back stairs to stand a step below the Captain and took his hand.  “Isn’t it wonderful, Georg?”


Maria stared at the baroness for a moment then took a step forward, keeping her hands clasped in front of her in an effort to stop them shaking.  “May I wish you every happiness, Baroness… you too, Captain.”  She met his eyes briefly, not understanding the look there.  “The children tell me you’re to be married.”


“Thank you, my dear.” Elsa said.


Maria gave the baroness a steady look.  She was no longer under any illusions about the baroness, and what she had done.  No longer wishing to be in her presence… or the captain’s, Maria quickly made her way to and up the stairs.


“You are back to… uh… stay?”  The captain’s voice called after her.


Maria stopped and looked back at him.  “Only until arrangements can be made for another governess,” she answered.  She held his eyes for an extra heartbeat then turned and entered the house.




“Fraulein Maria, are you all right?  You’re not eating your supper.”


Georg looked up from his contemplation of his dinner plate at the quiet question voiced by his youngest child.  He watched as Maria gave Gretel a small smile.


“Yes, Gretel… I’m fine.  Just not very hungry, I suppose,” Maria answered.


“She’s just excited to be back,” Marta told her little sister.  “Our tummies get the same way when we’re excited.”


“Not mine!”  Kurt commented in between bites.


Gretel nodded and considering the matter over, turned her attention back to her meal.


Georg’s eyes remained on his governess.  He shook his head. 


‘Not YOUR governess, Georg.’  He told himself.  ‘Your children’s governess.’


And yet, as she sat at the opposite end of the table, Georg couldn’t help but remember that last night… the night of the party.  A night he’d fought hard to forget even as he wrestled his heart and tried to fall in love with Elsa.  But as he gazed at his governess, the memory of that night came back to him.  


The sweetness of her mouth, the feel of her in his arms, her body soft and fitting to his so perfectly…  ‘The way she came,’ he thought with a sudden ache.


Georg had relived that moment several times in his dreams over the last three weeks.  He could still hear her cry into his mouth, and feel her body shuddering with pleasure as her release flooded over her.  The look in Maria’s eyes when he’d released her in his shock still haunted him.  The surprise, the pleasure and the beginnings of desire had all been shining brightly in her blue eyes as she had stared at him.  And yes, the small light of shame had been there too.


Georg sighed and pushed the potatoes around on the plate with his fork.  At the soft cough; he turned to Elsa who was seated beside him.  Georg gave her a small smile then turned back to his plate and made himself take a bite of his wiener schnitzel.


And as he reached for his wineglass and took a long drink, Georg forced himself not to look at his governess for the rest of the meal.




Maria gazed out over the gently rippling water… not really seeing the beauty of the moonlit night.  Her thoughts were turned inward.




The captain was getting married.


She sighed, and fought against the tears she could feel trying to escape her eyes.




For the first time in her life, she finally admitted to herself, she had fallen in love. 


Her heart was breaking.  Never before had she felt such… it was overwhelming in its intensity… this feeling she could not name.  It had grabbed hold of her heart, and held it in its icy grip… squeezing and hurting her in a way she had never known.


With a deep sigh, Maria turned away from the water and began to slowly walk deeper into the villa’s grounds.


Her thoughts continued to race. 


What would she do now?


She couldn't still become a nun… could she?


Throughout most of the dinner, Maria had felt the Captain’s eyes on her.  Watching her.  It had unnerved her.  So much so, that she’d found it hard to eat.  And with her heart breaking every moment she had to spend in his and the baroness’ presence, Maria found it difficult to be her usual bubbly self.


“I am so confused,” Maria told the night.  “So very confused.”


She wandered around the dark with only the moonlight and the stars lighting her way, until she found herself by the gazebo.  


Maria sank down on the bench between the trees, and with a deep longing sigh, she leaned forward on her elbows… bowing her body… almost as if she were in prayer.


‘Why?  Why did this happen?’ she asked herself.  ‘How could I have been allowed to fall in love with someone I can't have?’


She knew now that the Baroness had played on her innocence.  Played on her burgeoning feelings, and played on her commitment to God.


Maria sighed again.




Maria sat up suddenly and dropped her hands to the bench at the sound of the Captain’s voice.  She turned to see him stepping out from behind a tree.


“I thought I just might find you here,” the Captain said, gesturing almost nervously with his hand.


Maria stood up, stepping slightly into the shadows in the hopes of hiding the sudden flush she could feel on her face.  “Was there something you wanted?”


‘Oh Lord… please… I can’t do this…’ she thought desperately.


“Hmm?”  Georg murmured then shook his head softly.  “No, no no.  Sit down.  Please.”  He gestured to the bench.  “Please.”


Maria, her eyes on the Captain, warily sat down on the bench as he looked off into the darkened grounds of his villa. 


‘She looks so beautiful,’ he thought.  ‘So young and innocent.  So… so… beautiful.’ 


Georg turned back to see that she was seated.  “Uh, may I?”  He asked then sat down on the opposite side of the bench.  He gave her a small nervous smile then both turned away.


Georg once more looked out over his land as he tried to think of what he would say to her now that he’d found her.


Maria lowered her gaze to the ground before her.  The alarming sensitivity she’d experienced that night in her room just before he’d kissed her and awakened her body to the what ifs between a man and a woman, flared up to flicker like hot flames at her senses.  He was too close.  Even seated on the bench as they were… he was too close.


Her thoughts, already so confused about everything, became a veritable maelstrom of uncertainty.


All of a sudden, the Captain chuckled, and Maria looked up at him.


“You know, I was… I was thinking… and I was wondering.  Two things actually,” Georg began.  “Why did you run away to the abbey?  And… what was it that made you come back?”  He turned to meet her eyes.


“Well, I… had an obligation to fulfill,” Maria answered as she looked down at the bench, “and I… I came back to fulfill it.”


The Captain continued to look at her.  “Is that all?”


“And I missed the children,” Maria said and lifted her gaze to the leaves over her head.  ‘Please… please stop…’ she begged silently.  ‘Don’t ask me anymore.  I can’t do this.  You’re engaged to another woman.  Please…’


“Yes,” Georg said then asked, almost hopefully.  “Only the children?”


“No,” Maria answered without thinking as she lowered her head as if in defeat then quickly backpedaled.  “Yes!  Isn’t it right I should have missed them?”


“Oh yes!  Yes!  Of course!”  The Captain exclaimed as he sat up a little straighter.  “I was uh… only hoping that perhaps you…” he fidgeted on the bench, “…perhaps you might, uh…”


Maria swayed a little towards him.  “Yes?”


“Well, uh...” Georg answered, almost uncomfortably; “nothing was the same when you were away and…” he looked away.  “And it’ll be all wrong again after you leave.  And I just thought perhaps you might, uh…” Georg brought his gaze back to hers, “change your mind?”


“I’m sure the baroness will be able to make things FINE for you,” Maria said, a hint of jealousy evident in her voice as she stood up and moved away from him.  ‘How can you ask this of me?  I can’t stay.  I can’t be near you without being with you.’


“Maria…” the Captain began.  “There isn’t going to be any baroness.”


“There isn’t?”




“I don’t understand,” she said and slowly began to walk towards the gazebo.


Georg stood and moved to her side, walking slowly with her.  “Well, we’ve, um, called off our engagement, you see, and…”


“Oh, I’m sorry.”   




The Captain stopped.  “You are?” 


Mmhmm…”  Maria turned around suddenly and looked up at him in surprise as she leaned back against the doorway of the gazebo.  “You did?!”


“Yes,” he said and walked around her.  “Well… you can’t marry someone…” Georg stopped, looked at her and his voice softened, “…when you’re… in love with someone else.”  His eyes locked with hers.  “Can you?”


Maria shook her head; her eyes were wide and full of hope.  The Captain took her chin between his fingers and tilted her face up.  He drew her closer, and as he slowly leaned in to kiss her, Maria swore she could hear the sound of music.  Then his lips were on hers, and Maria forgot about everything else.


The kiss was nothing like the one they’d shared the night of the party.  It wasn’t as passionate or as intense… it was soft and gentle… a mere pressing of his lips to hers.  And yet, the effect it had on Maria was just as, if not more, profound.  She felt short of breath.  Her heart felt as if it was going to pound out of her chest. 


It was a kiss filled with love.


When the kiss ended, Maria gazed up at the Captain, her eyes filled with love and wonder.  A small smile played across Georg’s lips and he brushed them against her forehead then down her temple before Maria moved fully into his embrace.  She wrapped her arms around his waist as she laid her head on his shoulder.


Georg laid his cheek against the top of her head and brushed his fingers through the hair at the nape of her neck.


“The Reverend Mother always says…” Maria began softly, “when the Lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.”


Georg smiled and gently took her face in both hands to lift her head from his shoulder.  “What else does the Reverend Mother say?”  He asked with affection in his voice.


A small smile played on Maria’s lips.  “That you have to look for your life.”


“Is that why you came back?”  The Captain asked as his thumb moved softly over her cheek.


Maria nodded.


“And have you found it,” Georg paused.  “Maria?”


“I think I have,” Maria answered.  She stared into his blue eyes, open and honest with his feelings for her and felt her heart swell with her love for him.  “I know I have.”


“I love you!”  Georg said after a moment of gazing into her eyes.  He pulled her closer and feathered his lips over her forehead, over her temple and lightly grazed them over her lips.


“Ooh,” Maria sighed as her senses leapt to life with the same wonderful, and yet strange sensations she’d felt that night in her room.  “Oh, can this be happening to me?”


“I was wondering the same thing,” Georg whispered against her ear then pulled back to look at her.  “What did I do to deserve you?”


“So… somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good,” Maria told him with a small smile.  “Something good to deserve such happiness as I’ve never known.”


“Do you know when I first started loving you?”  The Captain grinned and asked her as he dropped his hands to grasp hers then pulled her with him into the centre of the gazebo to stand in the beam of moonlight.  At her curious look, he answered, “That night at the dinner table, when you sat on that ridiculous pinecone.”  He chuckled.


“What?”  Maria laughed softly, incredulously.  “I knew the first time you blew that silly whistle.”


Georg dropped one of her hands to cup her cheek.  “Oh, my love…”


They gazed at each other.


“I still can’t believe that you are standing there…” the Captain told her, his voice betraying his own wonder at the happenings of the evening, “loving me.”


Maria smiled shyly.  “A small part of me wonders whether or not I should,” she told him.  “But in my heart… I know I should.”


The Captain tugged on her hands and they stepped closer together; their clasped hands the only barrier between their bodies.  He brushed his lips over her forehead again.  “Maria,” he whispered against her soft skin as she slowly, almost hesitantly slid her hands up his chest to clasp behind his neck.


Georg slipped his arms around her waist and drew her closer as he lowered his mouth to hers.  Like their kiss moments earlier, this was a gentle meeting of lips.  A sweet, tender moment that slowly grew into a slightly more heated exchange as Georg parted his lips and flicked his tongue against her mouth.


“Maria…” the Captain murmured as he rained kisses over her face.




“Is there anyone I should go to, to ask permission to marry you?”


Maria pulled her head back to look at him in the moonlight.  “Well,” she began, “why don’t we ask…”


“…the children.”  They said together and laughed.


“There is no one else?”  Georg asked.


“No,” Maria shook her head.  “I have no family.”


“You do now,” Georg said softly, his voice full of emotion.  He pulled back slightly, a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.  “You … you will marry me, will you not?”


A brilliant smile filled her face and she nodded.  “Yes, Captain… I will marry you.”


“Captain?”  Georg arched an eyebrow then chuckled as she blushed.  “Maria… say my name…”


Maria met his eyes and the brilliant smile from moments before became a shy one as she spoke his name softly.  “Georg.”






“Again,” he pulled her closer.  “Again and again… I love hearing my name on your lips.”


“Georg…” Maria whispered moments before he covered her mouth with his.  She parted her lips when she felt his tongue press for entrance and moaned softly as his tongue teased hers, coaxing an immediate response from her.


“…Maria…” Georg groaned as he once again tasted the sweetness of her mouth.  He slipped one hand into her hair as the other slid down to rest just above the swell of her rear.


Maria tightened her arms around his neck and she pressed her body impossibly closer to his as the feelings and desires she’d felt that night in her bedroom, in Georg’s arms, came flooding back.


The Captain broke off the kiss with a groan, wanting to stop things before they got too out of hand.  He noted, with some satisfaction, a small whimper of protest sounded from the young woman in his arms.  Unable to help himself, he feathered his lips over her cheeks, along her jaw to nuzzle behind her ear.


“…Captain…” she moaned as his hands dropped to cup her bottom and pull her closer, making her more than aware of his arousal.  Her breasts, swollen and aching, were pressed tightly to his chest and she instinctively rubbed them against him in an effort to ease the ache.


Georg could feel the hard points of her nipples through his jacket and suddenly he wanted nothing more than to rip the bodice of her dress away and take her nipples in his mouth.  He brought his hands up to bracket her breasts, pleased that the small mounds fit perfectly in his large hands.


An utterly female sound came from Maria’s throat as Georg’s hands cupped her breasts.  She inhaled sharply when his thumbs moved over her nipples, sending shards of sensations shooting through her body, straight to her centre.


“Mmm…” Maria arched closer in an effort to increase the pleasure.


The Captain groaned when Maria suddenly began to kiss him back with an almost aggressive intensity.  Without realizing it, Georg lifted Maria off her feet and began to walk back towards one of the benches that lined the gazebo wall.


“Maria…” Georg spoke against her mouth.  “Darling… we should stop…”


“No… not yet…” Maria replied as she clung to him.  “I want to feel what I felt that night,” she told him.  “Please, Georg… make me feel that way again…”


“Maria…” Georg began but stopped when she threaded her fingers in his hair and rubbed her body against his.




Unable to resist her plea, despite knowing he should, Georg turned and lowered Maria onto the bench as he knelt before her.  He placed his hands on her knees and looked into her eyes.  The desire he saw swimming in her blue orbs sent fissures of want through his body.  But it was the love… the unwavering love he saw, that humbled him. 


“My love,” Georg lifted his hand to cup her cheek.  “You are so beautiful.”


Maria blushed even as she reached out to pull him back to her, wanting to feel him close again.  Her mouth sought his, and she kissed him hungrily.  She felt him shift closer so that he was kneeling between her legs and moaned into his mouth at the feel of his hard stomach pressing against her centre.


Knowing only that Georg was both the cause and the cure of the need she could feel burning inside her, Maria instinctively wrapped her legs around him.  She wanted more… more of the wonderful feelings pulsing through her veins.  She wanted him.


“Maria…” he groaned her name in half-hearted protest, even as his fingers danced up and down her spine.  He itched to lower the zipper on the back of her dress and slip his hands inside to lay them on the smooth skin of her back.  After several moments, Georg moved his hands to her arms.


A soft sound of delight escaped Maria as his hands stroked her bare skin.  He was touching her… and yet it was still not enough.  She wanted his hands on her body with no barrier.  “More,” she begged, knowing she should tell him to stop but not wanting to.




“Please…” Maria said breathlessly.  “I have dreamt of nothing but your touch since that night.  I’ve longed to feel it again.  To feel the way you made me feel.”


“And I long to make you feel that way again… to show you all the ways of love between a man and a woman,” Georg told her as his hands continued to rub up and down her arms.  “But we’re not yet married, my love…”


“I…” Maria began then stopped. 


Georg could see the conflicting emotions warring inside her.  Her upbringing versus her needs and desires.  He understood her confusion because he was fighting his own war as well.  His desire to make love to her and his desire to wait until she was his in the eyes of the Lord and the law were both battling for supremacy.


“Maria, I want you,” Georg told her in a quiet voice.  “I will not say otherwise.  I want nothing more than to make love to you right here, right now.”  He let her see the desire swimming in his eyes.  “But I also do not want to do anything that will cause you any pain… or something you will feel guilty about or regret after the fact.”


Maria’s heart swelled with her love for him.  He was giving her an out despite the need racing through his body.  Where many other men would have pressed her to continue, citing that they would be marrying anyway, Georg was telling her that he would wait.


“Captain…” Maria cupped his cheek.  “My captain…” she whispered, her eyes bright with unshed tears.  “I… I could never regret being with you.  I am inexperienced… as I suspect you already know… but I do know that there is this need humming through my body right now, and I know it’s because of you.”  Maria leaned in to brush her lips over his.  “I also know that you are the only one who can fill this need.”




Maria brought her other hand up so that she was grasping his face in both hands.  “I love you, Georg…”


Georg’s heart burst in his chest at finally hearing her say the words and tears filled his eyes.


“Make love to me, my darling.”


“Are you certain?”


“Yes,” Maria nodded and pulled him closer.  “Yes… I want to be with you.  Love me, Georg…”


“For the rest of my life,” Georg said softly as his fingers released the fastening on the back of her dress.  He held her eyes as he unzipped the light blue dress then slowly eased the dress over her shoulders and down her arms.


Maria held her breath as the Captain lowered the front of her dress, leaving her covered only by her chemise.  She exhaled in a rush as, his eyes never leaving hers; Georg reached out and slowly released the buttons on the front of her chemise, parting the material with his fingers.


With his heart beating in anticipation, Georg slowly lowered his eyes.  He released a soft groan as he felt his erection grow and strain against his pants.  Maria’s breasts were high and firm, capped with delicious looking pink nipples that were begging to be suckled.


“Beautiful…” Georg whispered as he reached out and cupped her breasts.


Maria gasped and arched into his hands.  “Georg…” she moaned as his thumbs circled the tips; teasing them into hard aching points.  The sensations were unlike anything she’d ever felt before.  “Ooh…”


Georg watched her nipples tighten under his teasing fingers, and unable to resist any longer, he leaned in and took a berried tip between his lips.


Maria hands flew to the Captain’s head as he began to suckle on her nipple.  His tongue swirling around the sensitive tip caused her toes to curl.  “Oh my…” she felt him draw hard on her breast, intensifying the vibrations shooting through her body.  “Captain!”


Georg delighted in the various sounds coming from Maria as he moved back and forth between both breasts; sucking and licking each nipple with singular intent.  His hands began to caress her elsewhere; stroking her sides… her back… her stomach.  Georg couldn’t touch her enough.  She was so soft… so alluring, he grazed her nipple with his teeth and she gasped, so responsive.


Maria’s hands tightened in his hair and she arched into him, wanting more of the incredible pleasure he was giving her.  But as enjoyable as it was… Maria realized that she wanted more… she wasn’t sure what more she wanted, she just knew she wanted more.




The captain could hear the need in her voice.  He pulled back and met her eyes.  He had to give her at least one more chance to change her mind.  “Maria?”


Maria smiled and nodded.  “This feels so… I want more, please…”


Georg smiled, climbed to his feet and pulled her up into his arms.  He kissed her passionately as his hands pushed her dress and chemise down off her hips; leaving her clad in only a pair of simple white cotton panties.  Georg lightly ran his hands over her bottom and pulled her closer.


Maria worked her hands beneath his jacket, running her hands over the hard muscles of his back through his shirt.  She was suddenly filled with a desire to feel his skin… both under her hands and against hers.  Maria pulled her hands out from under his jacket, quickly pulled his tie loose then began to work on his shirt buttons.


Georg laughed at her sudden impatience then groaned softly at her whispered, “I want to touch you too…”


“Let me help you,” Georg told her and together they removed his clothes.  In moments, the Captain was standing completely naked before her.


“Oh… my…” Maria’s eyes widened and she swallowed at the sight of his arousal.  For the first time since they’d started, Maria felt a touch of fear.  How on earth would he fit inside her?  Even as the thought occurred to her, Maria felt a rush of warmth through her body at the sight of him in all his glory.


Georg watched the fear flash briefly in her blue eyes only to be replaced by desire.  “Maria?”  He called to her softly.  He smiled as her eyes flew to his and a deep blush broke out over her upper chest and face.  “We can still stop…”


Maria shook her head.  “You’re so… big…” she whispered and her eyes dropped to that part of him that was distinctly male.  “How…” her voice trailed off and her face flamed again; embarrassed by her innocence.


The captain stepped closer and pulled her into his arms.  He nuzzled her temple as she laid her head on his chest.  “I will not lie to you, my love.  There will be some pain…some discomfort… but I will do my best to make sure that it’s minimal,” he cupped her face and drew her back so he could meet her eyes.  “And then, my darling Maria… you will know nothing but pleasure.”


His words, spoken in such a low husky voice, sent shivers through Maria’s body and as she laid her head back on his shoulder, she found herself suddenly rubbing her chest against his.  She moaned as the soft hair on his chest tickled and teased her already sensitive nipples.  Feeling daring, Maria began to ply little kisses to his chest, the low rumble she felt as much as heard, thrilling her immensely.


“Maria…” Georg moaned her name.  He caught her face in his hands once again and covered her mouth with his in a passionate kiss.


Maria lost herself in the kiss and responded to him with equal passion.  Continuing to rub her breasts against his chest, Maria gasped when she felt his erection pulse against her belly.  Without thinking, she pressed closer, pleased at the low groan she felt rumble through his chest.


Suddenly, Maria found herself lying on their clothes on the gazebo floor; the Captain’s body covering hers.  She was surprised to find that she did not mind his weight on her… in fact, she found it quite arousing, and in another way, also comforting.


“Georg!”  She cried out softly and clutched at his back as he bent low to take one of her nipples in his mouth.  Her body started to writhe as his hands began to move over her, followed by his lips.  Maria moaned as his every touch left a trail of fire in its wake, making her burn for more.


Georg pressed open-mouthed kisses to the smooth plain of her stomach, slipping closer and closer to the place he most wanted to be.  He could smell her arousal.  The sweet musky scent called to him.  He moved back up so that he was half-covering her body, and as he caught her mouth again in a blistering kiss, he slid his hand inside her panties.


“Mmm… oooh…” Maria gasped out of the kiss as his fingers combed through the soft curls.  She was surprised to feel a rush of moisture as he slid a long digit between her swollen folds.  Her breath caught as a sharp spike of pleasure shot through her body.  “Oh, God…”


Georg circled his finger over her clit again, and smiled when her hips rose off the floor.  “That’s it, my love…” he said a low voice as he slowly slipped his middle finger inside her.


“Oooh… Cap… oh…” one of her hands fell to her side and fisted in the clothes beneath her as his finger moved in and out of her.  Maria had never felt such unbelievable sensations before.  With every thrust of his fingers, she felt the tension in her stomach grow, becoming almost unbearable. 


“That’s it, my love…” Georg encouraged her and rubbed his thumb over the sensitive nub again and again, keeping time with his fingers.  “Give in to it, Maria… let go…”


“I… oh…” Maria shook her head.


“Maria.”  Georg increased the pressure of his thumb and seconds later, he was rewarded with the sweetest sound he’d ever heard.


“GEORG!”  Maria cried out his name as the tension, tight and vibrant, suddenly released itself without warning, reverberating through her until she was shivering.


His hand was bathed in her juices as he continued to move his fingers inside her, prolonging her release and pushing her through a second.  Georg smiled at the soft keening that heralded her second orgasm and watched as her body continued to writhe before him.


“So passionate,” Georg murmured and bent to take a rosy nipple between his lips.  He suckled her breast until he felt her body calm, his hand moving in a soothing motion against her centre.


Georg longed to taste her… to slip down and bury his face in her curls and love her in that way but knew it was too soon for that.  She was too innocent.  ‘Perhaps on our honeymoon,’ Georg thought.


“Ooh… oh, Georg…” Maria whispered as she looked up at him, her eyes glassy with passion.  “That was… I never knew…” her words trailed off as another tremor passed through her body.


Georg smiled as her voice trailed off.  “And that is just the beginning.”


Maria’s eyes grew bigger as she suddenly became aware of his arousal, hot, hard and throbbing against her hip.  “Oh…”


“It’s all right, my love.” Georg said and cupped her cheek as he felt her body tense slightly.  “We will wait until our wedding night to consummate our love.”


“What about you?”  Maria asked in a shy voice, very aware of the tension in his body along hers.


“I will be fine,” Georg told her.  “I’ve survived the last three weeks… I can make it a few more days.”


“A few…”


“Oh yes!  I do not want to wait to make you my wife,” he gathered her into his arms and held her tight against him.  “But the more I think about it… I want us to wait until our wedding night to make love fully.”


“But… did I do something wrong?”  Maria asked hesitantly.


“Oh no… no… you did nothing wrong,” Georg told her.  “You are so passionate, my love… so beautiful.”  He ran his hands gently over her body.  “I want nothing more than to make love to you, right here, right now… but in my heart, I know we should wait.”  Georg traced her lips with his finger.  “Don’t you agree?”


Maria slowly nodded.  “Yes… although… I would not say no now,” she told him honestly, her body still humming with desire.


“I know,” Georg said as his hand dropped to cup her breast, gently squeezing the small mound before moving his hand to her waist.  “Just let me hold you now, like this, for a little while.”


Maria snuggled closer and laid her head on his chest as Georg rolled so that he was lying on his back, with her nestled against his side.  She listened to the steady beat of his heart, the sound more comforting than anything she had ever heard before.


“So…” Maria began after several long moments of silence.  “Only a few days?”


Georg laughed heartily.





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