Title:  Unspooling the Spool

Authors:  tayryn & Monica

Rating:  FRAO… was there any doubt??

Classification:  Rollin & Cinnamon romance

Archive:  my site only… everyone ask first!!

Disclaimer:  Paramount owns them, not me.  (gee… even in the 60s they didn’t know what to do with the couples!!)

Summary:  a continuation of the wonderful episode… “A Spool There Was.”

Notes:   anything in BLUE is actual dialogue in that particular scene of the episode.





It just felt good...  actually, it felt great, being around her.  Of course, she was a beautiful woman. No. Not only beautiful. She was really drop-dead gorgeous! And that could be very distracting. It could be, but he was not to be distracted. They had work to do and it would be flawless.


She was excited about this mission. This would be an interesting challenge. The usual members of the team were not scheduled to go on this mission. Not even Dan. This time, it would be only she and Rollin as partners.   She liked all her colleagues; they were all professionals, excellent at their craft, but Rollin had something special.


Besides being an excellent professional like the others, he seemed to like to tease her in a very charming, almost boyish way. But Cinnamon knew better. There was nothing innocently boyish about “Mr. Hand”. He was self-confident, very dependable, and dangerously charming. He had amused her when he’d conjured up a flower for her at the briefing of their first mission together in many months. That was the one in which Rollin could attest to how dependable and quick thinking she could be.


At that particularly critical moment when his disguise was about to be blown, she’d surprised him by appearing wrapped in a towel, so Rollin was spared of having to give an answer about a certain matter he knew nothing about. Her sultry inviting demeanor had left General Domingues’ Head of Security feeling awkwardly intruding and Rollin impressed and extremely grateful.


He definitely liked her! He also knew she was not a gullible schoolgirl. She knew perfectly well how to put him in his place, dismissing his advances easily. And Rollin did try to charm Cinnamon, from the very beginning, just like he would any other beautiful woman, at least that’s what he told himself.  And she took it in stride, treating him like all the other men who’d tried that kind of routine. She was used to that sort of attention but was not really interested in what they had to offer or the kind of relationship or involvement they seemed to be interested in.


But Rollin was different from the other men who usually hovered over her. All the “professional” tasks they’d been through had created a mutual respect between the two agents. However, there was more than just mutual respect between Cinnamon and Rollin.  They felt differently about each other.


Oh, they had tried to treat each other as mere co-workers and had even settled for “good friends”. But the more they worked together, the harder it was for them to play cool and ignore their feelings and mutual attraction. Until now keeping the mood light and playful had been their main strategy. And it usually worked quite well, as long as neither of them were in serious danger, because, then it made things a little more difficult to handle, for they had to hide from the other members of the team, just how worried they actually were about each other’s safety.   


The farce had been going on for too long and they could not deceive each other anymore. They already knew they were in love with each other but they also knew, that was the worst possible thing that could happen. They did not need that kind of involvement ... not in their kind of “business”... and certainly not between “work” partners.


Nevertheless their mutual feelings were growing stronger by the day and were quickly reaching a breaking point as they began to train for this particular mission. Too much time alone, too much closeness, on top of how they felt about each other and the admiration they had for each other’s professional skills.  They knew, that what they’d had on both of their minds for several months now, was not wise. Two agents getting involved was not good policy and was certainly frowned upon.


The tacit agreement they had consciously reached on not to get too close and not fall into each other’s arms was virtually worth peanuts by the end of that first training week. They would be presenting the tape to Dan the next morning. The preparations were almost done.


                             **                            **                                                **


The sunset cast a pink glow over her figure and Rollin couldn’t help but stare at her. It had been a long and tiring day’s work. Both agents felt drained, more by the effort of controlling their urges and feelings for each other than by the tension of the upcoming mission.


She had come to the balcony to watch the sunset and to get away from him for a while. It was useless. He had followed her outside. She could feel that their little game was coming to an end. She could feel his desire and love for her, could feel it emanating in waves from him.


 <<Damn it! This was getting too hard to deal with!>>


She met his gaze, gave him a warning look, and dashed back inside the apartment. He crushed out his cigarette and again, followed her.


He took a seat in front of her and beheld her serious expression, arms crossed protectively over her chest and her gaze directed to some invisible spot on the floor between the two of them.


Rollin’s soft voice broke the silence in a husky whisper. “I’m tired.”


Cinnamon’s gaze remained on the same spot; she did not move a single muscle. Her answer came a few moments later. “I know.”


She did not want to look at him but she did anyway just after the words passed her lips. This time they were not referring to the mission, and both knew it.


Rollin bolted from his chair and walked passed Cinnamon to just stand there with his back to her, his breath, long, and deep. He was on the edge. He knew she was making every effort to keep a tight reign over her emotions and keep things on a professional level as best she could. He respected that as he had for the past few months. But he couldn’t take it any longer. He had to do something.


Cinnamon closed her eyes tiredly and a sympathetic smile came to her lips. She stood up slowly, to face the inevitable with a strange sense of serenity.


 Game’s over.


Rollin turned to face her with fire in his eyes.  “I don’t care what we have to do or whom we have to hide our feelings from but I’m tired of being proper!  I don’t care that we’re co-workers. I just can’t go on without you any longer. I’ve been in love with you for too long and I know you love me too. I want to hold you in my arms, Cinnamon, not only dream about doing it and not only as part of some mission. We’re both great actors, so I’m sure we can deceive anybody and everybody for as long as we deem necessary. We can manage it.”


He stood there trying to figure out what was behind Cinnamon’s serene, unwavering expression, which, by the way, confused him completely, again!


She looked directly into his eyes and spoke calmly without even blinking.  “Okay.”


Now, he wore an expression Cinnamon hadn’t seen yet. One that made him look like a lost little boy, he stared dazedly at her. “What?”


The slightest trace of a smile graced Cinnamon’s face. “I said, ‘Okay’. We can manage it.”


It finally dawned on him. She had no intention of continuing to play the game anymore. She too had given up. She wanted to be with him as much as he wanted to be with her. It was just that her fine sense of humor couldn’t resist teasing him one last time.


He shook his head, a slow smile creeping to his lips. He approached her very slowly, until their bodies touched. He raised his hand to her cheek in a feather-like caress, his gaze diving deeply into the green ocean of her astonishingly beautiful eyes.


In a slow move that seemed to take forever, he began to claim her lips; so lightly and so tenderly, that she thought she would die of passion right then. She completely melted into his embrace as his arms encircled her body and literally swept her off her feet.  Their kiss deepened and seemed to last an eternity.


When it finally ended, they began to trail slow loving kisses all over each other’s faces, gently but very firmly embracing and caressing each other’s bodies. When they finally emerged from the daze of their first kiss, they curled together on the couch, sporting the brightest grins either had ever worn! They couldn’t help but keep their eyes locked in total amazement ... hands touching faces, repeated kisses, face touching face, an insatiable hunger for the scent of their bodies.


Rollin cradled Cinnamon’s head, his fingers diving into her hair, drawing her even closer, almost as if he wanted to make sure their bodies merged into one. They began to smile and talk in whispers. She felt like dancing, he felt like flying.


They decided to go out for dinner and ran all the way to the restaurant hand-in-hand, giggling like teenagers through the snow-covered streets. They ate, danced, laughed and talked non-stop until they were back at Cinnamon’s hotel suite, in front of the fireplace, where they fell asleep nestled in each other’s embrace, under a comforter, fully dressed, ecstatically happy, and madly in love.



                             **                                      **                                      **



Rollin stood shirtless in front of the window by the foot of the bed, cigarette in hand, watching, but not paying attention to the smoke billowing and curling from the lit end.  He turned slightly as the sound of movement in the bed caught his attention.


He smiled.


She was lying diagonally across the bed now; one arm flung over her head, the other stretched out beside her, the blankets hiding her body from view.  He watched as she kicked at the blankets so that they lay between her legs rather than on them.


“God, she’s got great legs.”  He thought, letting his eyes drift over them appreciatively from where the blankets covered them at mid-thigh, all the way down to the painted tips of her toes.


He took a deep breath and turned back to the window.


“Keep your mind on the assignment, Rollin.”  He told himself, even as images of the previous night came to his mind.  He sighed and took a long drag of his cigarette; wishing this mission would be over soon. 



                             **                                      **                                      **



Cinnamon stood, holding the pillow and moved to the window to peak out.  “Nick?  Are you listening to me, Nick?”  She held her finger to her lips and shook her head as Rollin looked up at her and nodded, crawling through the window.  She tossed the pillow on the bed, placing her hand on his arm.  “Nick, did you fall asleep?”


“What?”  Rollin asked, trying to sound as if he wasn’t out of breath.


Cinnamon grabbed his arm and led him around to the side of the bed, where he perched on the footboard.


“You fell asleep, darling.”


Rollin read the look on her face.  “Oh no, I didn’t.”  He said in his Armenian accent, glancing towards the other side of the room where the tapped lamp and phone were.  “I heard every word you said.”


Cinnamon’s eyes smiled at him.  “Quote me.”


“You were talking…” he smiled.  “… about photography.”


Cinnamon glanced towards the bugged devices too as she shook her head.   Tsktsktsk…” she made the disapproving sound as she grabbed his arm and led him to the other window, his hands moving to encircle her waist.  “You haven’t changed a bit.”  She said as she placed one hand on his chest, sliding it up to his shoulder, the other resting on the back of his neck.


She leaned in close, resting her cheek against his as she whispered in his ear.  “Did you find the reel?”  She kissed his cheek, before pulling back slightly to look at him.


Rollin moved back against her, placing a kiss at the corner of her mouth, nuzzling his way to her ear as he whispered.  “It’s just what I didn’t find… reel…” he continued, still in character, placing tiny kisses along her jaw as she was doing to him.  “I found the wire.”  They pulled back slightly to look at each other.  He continued, his lips close to hers.  “We go back for it tomorrow.”


Cinnamon sighed, resting her arms against his chest, moving closer to him as he placed another kiss against the corner of her mouth.  “Oh, Nick.”


She gave a soft, half-sigh, half-laugh as they moved as one to sit on the bed.  She sighed again as they sat, his hands still on her waist, hers still on his shoulders.  She smiled at him, placing her hands on either side of his face before leaning in to press a firm kiss on his lips.


They pulled apart and smiled at each other as she laced her fingers behind his neck, giving a delighted laugh for whoever was listening in that other room.


“I’m glad you woke me up.”  Rollin said, moving closer again to kiss a trail along the left side of her neck.


“So am I.”  Cinnamon replied in a throaty voice as she moved her fingers into his hair, loving the feeling of his lips moving against her skin as Rollin continued to nuzzle her, moving his head so that he could now kiss the other side of her throat.  It was all Cinnamon could do to keep from moaning.


Rollin lifted his head and looked into her eyes.  She smiled softly and he could see that what was happening now between them, was more than just role-playing for the mission; the passion growing in her green depths couldn’t be faked.  Suddenly he found that more than anything else, at that moment, he wanted to kiss her; kiss her passionately.


As Cinnamon returned Rollin’s gaze, staring deeply into his brilliant blue eyes, she knew that they were beyond simple acting.  She wanted him to kiss her; really kiss her, just like he had done when they were making the tape up for Dan and the mission.  She wanted to feel his lips on hers, wanted the taste of him in her mouth.


As if pulled together by some unseen force, their lips came together slowly. 


Cinnamon moaned softly as she felt his tongue move softly against her lips, seeking entrance.  She parted her lips slightly, her tongue moving to meet his and draw him into her mouth, the taste of him, exactly as she remembered.


Rollin heard her soft moan and responded in kind when he felt her lips part and her tongue move against his.  He kissed her deeply, his tongue exploring the recesses of her mouth and tasting her sweetness. 


Their bodies moved closer together, their arms tightening around each other as the kiss continued, growing more intense, more passionate, with each passing moment.


Cinnamon clasped Rollin’s face in her hands and broke off the kiss.  She looked deep in his eyes and whispered breathlessly.  “I want you… Nick.”


“I want you too… Betsy.”  He whispered back, just as breathless.


But as they gazed into each other’s eyes, both Rollin and Cinnamon knew, that their first time making love would be done in private.  Not with an audience, even if it was only a listening audience.  They smiled at each other, total understanding between them.


They came together for another long kiss before Cinnamon pulled away.


“I think it’s time I should be going, Nick.”  Cinnamon said in character and Rollin could see and hear that she didn’t really want to leave.


“But it’s still early, Betsy.”  He said and then leaned closer, his lips against her ear as he whispered.  “I don’t want you to leave, Cin.”


Cinnamon pulled back to look at him.  She didn’t want to leave either and as she looked deeper into his eyes, she knew she’d be spending the night with him, even if it were to only sleep in his arms.  That would be enough, for now.  It’d have to be, just as it had been, that night in her hotel before the mission.


She smiled and nodded.  And then in character, she gave a small, delighted laugh.  “Oh, Nick… you really haven’t changed, have you?”


“Would you want me to?”  He asked with a chuckle, smiling back at her.


“No.”  She replied.  “All right…I’ll stay… but how long depends on you.”


“Now, that’s the Betsy I know and love.” 


They both laughed.



                             **                                      **                                      **


Rollin sighed and lit another cigarette, glancing back at Cinnamon as she continued to sleep. 


Even though she’d agreed to stay, they were both still very aware that they were being monitored and now knew that they’d have to make it sound as if they were making love before they could turn in and sleep.  He couldn’t help but smile, remembering the show they’d put on… and what had happened after…



                             **                                      **                                      **



Rollin leaned into her, pushing her gently down onto the bed; his hand trailed down along the side of her body, over her thigh to clasp behind her knees and draw her legs up across his lap as he gazed into her eyes.


Cinnamon moaned as she felt his hand slide back up her thigh, moving under her skirt and wrapped her arms tighter around his back, pulling him closer.  She raised her head slightly to press her mouth to his, drawing him into another deep kiss.


Rollin broke off the kiss, trailing his lips to her ear.  “Time to give our audience a little show.”  He raised his head to look at her, seeing the mischief in her eyes and couldn’t help but smile.


“Oh, Nick!”  She moaned exaggeratingly, smiling up at him.  “Mmm… do that again.”


Rollin shook his head with silent laughter as he sat them up.  “You mean this?”


“Yes… that.”  She replied, sounding breathless.


“Your wish…” He said, as he kissed her again.  “… is my command.”


Both of them stood slowly, their arms still around each other.  Cinnamon drew him close and moved her lips to his ear.


“Do you have anything I can sleep in?”  She whispered, and moaned again, this one not faked as Rollin slowly unzipped her dress, slipping his hands inside to caress the bare skin of her back.


“I’m afraid not.”  He whispered back then said aloud.  “Oh, Betsy… you feel so good!”


“As good as you remember?”  Cinnamon asked as she pulled Rollin’s sweater over his head, tossing it aside, her fingers immediately going to the buttons on his shirt, quickly undoing them and running her hands inside, over his chest.


“Better than I remember.”  He replied.  He grasped her hands and pulled her close, moving his lips to her ear.  “I don’t normally wear anything when I sleep.”


“Me either.”  She whispered back and couldn’t help the soft laugh that left her lips at the hungry look he gave her.


Continuing to make it sound as if they were fooling around by giving each other loud kisses and doing a little more moaning, they quickly undressed, Rollin down to his boxers and Cinnamon down to her bra and panties.


Rollin inhaled sharply at the sight of her almost naked body and couldn’t resist pulling her back into his arms for a searing kiss.  When he finally released her lips, he moved his to her ear.  “I’ve never wanted a mission to end so quickly in my life.”


Cinnamon pulled back and looked at him, her eyes reflecting the same wish.  And then the look changed to one of mischief as she gave him a gentle push onto the bed.  She suppressed her laughter as the bed creaked loudly and Rollin covered by calling out her name quite passionately.




Rollin shot her a bemused look, seeing her shoulders shake with her silent laughter as she turned her back to him.  He watched as she reached back behind her and unsnapped her bra, pulling it from her shoulders.  She then reached out and grabbed the shirt he’d been wearing earlier and slipped it on.  She quickly rolled up the sleeves and then turned back to him as she began buttoning it up.  Catching a glimpse of her breasts through the opening of the shirt, Rollin felt himself grow more aroused.


Cinnamon caught the heated look he was giving her and it sent a thrill through her.  She smiled seductively at him, leaving the top three buttons undone and stepped closer to the bed.  “You like?”  She mouthed the words to him.


“I like.”  He mouthed back as he nodded, never taking his eyes off her.


She slipped carefully into the bed beside him and pulled his face to hers for another passionate kiss.  When the kiss ended, she moved her lips to his ear.  “I think it’s time Nick and Betsy call it a night.  Don’t you agree?”


Rollin nodded and then began to move in the bed, causing it to squeak again and again.  He stopped moving and as he looked at her, with a huge grin on his face, cried out her name.




“OH… NICK!  OH GOOD!”  Cinnamon cried out a moment later, a grin on her face too.


They buried their faces in each other shoulders, trying to smother their laughter at the whole situation.  When their laughter died down, Rollin lifted his head to look down at Cinnamon.  She smiled up at him, her eyes sparkling with amusement, reflecting his.


He lowered his lips to hers and gave her a long kiss before placing them against her ear and whispering in a husky voice.  “I can’t wait to find out what sounds you’ll make when we make love for real.”


Cinnamon just gave him a sly smile and sighed dramatically.  “Oh, Nick… that was wonderful.  I’d almost forgotten what a wonderful lover you are.”


Rollin smiled back.  “And I, you my sweet…”


Cinnamon gave him a soft kiss, and then turned in his arms, pressing her back against him as she settled down to sleep.  As she got comfortable, pulling his arms tighter around her, she noticed Rollin pull away slightly, but not before she felt his hard arousal brush against her backside.  It sent a rush of warmth through her body and like he had earlier, she wished this mission would end soon.  She rolled back over to face him, seeing in his face, the fight he was waging within himself to keep a tight grip on his desire for her, which in turn, made the embers of her desire for him flame.


“Rollin?”  She whispered softly, placing her hands on his chest.


He gave her a small smile and simply shook his head and whispered back.  “I’ll be fine.  Just give me a moment.  Seeing you… dressed… or should I say, undressed like that…” he paused and took a deep breath, closing his eyes momentarily, willing the image of her, wearing nothing but the lace bra and panties out of his mind.  He opened his eyes and pulled her close, his lips on her ear.  “God, Cinnamon, I want you so badly it’s killing me… having to wait like this.”


Cinnamon nodded.  “Me too.”  She replied and he could hear the need in her voice.


He pulled his head back and gazed at her and they shared a longing look.  She leaned in, closing the distance between their mouths, locking her lips with his.  Rollin responded to the kiss, his hand, which was resting on her hip, traveling up to entangle in her hair, holding her lips to his.


Cinnamon deepened the kiss, moving her tongue against his as she trailed her hand down his chest, slipping it into his boxers to wrap her fingers around his engorged member.  She began to lightly stroke him.


Cin…” he hissed into her mouth at the feel of her delicate fingers moving on him.  He reached between them and covered her hand with his, stopping her.  “Don’t…”


Cinnamon looked into his eyes again, seeing him fighting to reign in his desire and stay in control.  She smiled lovingly at him and brought her lips back to his.  “Let me do this for you, Rollin.”  She cut off his protest with her lips as she moved her free hand down to grab his, pulling it away to allow her to resume stroking him.  She brought his hand up and guided it into her shirt, placing it on her breast, her nipple hardening immediately in his palm, causing them both to moan softly.  She broke off the kiss and gave him a seductive look as she whispered.  “Let me love you this way, until we can be together… like we both desire.”


Rollin nodded, unable to speak, the sensations shooting through his body totally overwhelming all his senses.  He gently squeezed her breast again and then pulled his hand from her to unbutton the rest of the shirt.  When he finished, he opened the shirt, pulling it away from her body and gazed down at her.  He inhaled sharply and suddenly feeling the need to taste her, he bent slightly and took one of her nipples in his mouth.  He smiled against her breast when he heard her moan softly and the pressure of her hand on his hard flesh increase slightly.


Wanting to give her as much pleasure as she was giving him, while he continued to suckle at her breast, Rollin trailed his hand down over her flat stomach, bringing it to rest over her lace-covered mound.  He released her breast and brought his face back up, level with hers.  The look in her eyes told him all he needed to know.  Keeping his eyes locked with hers, he moved his hand under the lace, his fingers slipping between her folds to caress her tender flesh.


Cinnamon bit her lip to keep from crying out at the sudden and powerful sensations that shot through her body as he continued to move his fingers back and forth over her.  She moved slightly closer to him, enough so that she could bury her face in his neck, but not too close that it would hinder the movement of their hands on each other’s bodies.  She felt his rigid shaft throb in her hand as she continued to stimulate him, moving her hand up and down along his length in a steady rhythm. 


“Rollin!”  His name escaped her lips in a ragged whisper against his shoulder as he slipped first one finger and then another inside her.  She tightened her grip on him slightly as she moved her leg up over his hip to give him better access to her, while arching her hips against his hand.  She lifted and turned her head, catching his lips in a fervent kiss, moaning into his mouth as he began to move his fingers inside her, his thumb continuing to stimulate her aroused flesh.


They broke off the kiss and locked their eyes together as they continued to love each other with their hands; stroking, caressing and pushing each other closer and closer to the edge with each passing moment, their hands moving in sync with each other.


Cinnamon felt her release nearing and began to thrust her hips in tandem with the motion of his hand; she wanted Rollin to come over the edge with her and so she began to stroke him with more vigor, feeling him thrust himself into her hand.


Rollin knew he was close, knew he couldn’t hold out much longer and when he felt her begin to stroke him more forcefully, it took what little control he had left to keep from falling over the edge right then.  He wanted her to come with him.


He broke eye contact and moved his lips to her ear.  “Cinnamon… I can’t… come with me, baby.”


Cinnamon moaned in response.  “I… oh God… Rollin… I’m so… close too…”


“Then let it go…” he whispered huskily as he began to move his fingers faster inside her and stroke her more vigorously with his thumb.  “Let it go, Cin… come with me… over the edge…”


Suddenly they both tensed.  Cinnamon bit down on Rollin’s shoulder and he buried his face in her neck; their bodies convulsed wildly against each other as they reached their orgasms together, both of them moaning as the torrent of sensations poured over them, consuming them both in a tidal wave of sexual bliss neither had ever felt before.


A small while later, having caught their breath, they raised their heads and smiled at each other before giving each other a loving kiss.


“That was incredible.”  Cinnamon whispered against his lips.  “No one has ever done that to me before… made me come like that… in that way.  Thank you.”


Rollin smiled and kissed her again, slowly removing his hand from her.  “Thank you too.”


Cinnamon smiled, leaving her hand on him as she glanced over his shoulder.  She frowned slightly.


“What?”  He asked, suddenly concerned.


“Is there any tissue on the table behind me?”  She asked.  He raised his head to look over her shoulder and then shook it.  “Hmmm.”


Rollin was about to ask why, then realized and glanced around the room for something they could use to clean themselves up.  He looked back at her.


She smiled and sat up, slowly pulling her hand out of his shorts to remove the shirt she wore.  Rollin smiled back and took it from her hands, motioning her to lie back as he cleaned first her then himself.  He balled the shirt up and tossed it towards the dresser.


“But what about you?”  He asked softly.


“What about me?”  She answered with a soft smile.  “After what just happened, do you really think it matters if I’m wearing a top or not?”


Rollin smiled and settled back down beside her, pulling the blanket with him and covering them with it. 


Cinnamon snuggled tightly in his arms, pressing her body against his, relishing the feel of his bare chest against her breasts.  She sighed contentedly and brought her lips to his for a loving kiss before whispering softly.  “Good night, Rollin.”


“Good night, Cinnamon.”  He replied softly, moving his lips to her ear.  “I love you.”


Her eyes smiled at him.  “I love you too.”


She settled against him and felt his arms tighten around her.


In no time, they were both sound asleep, wrapped tightly in each other’s arms.



                             **                                      **                                      **



Rollin glanced at his watch and walked over to the table.  He took a final drag on his cigarette and then crushed it out in the ashtray.  He turned and looked over at Cinnamon, still sleeping soundly, a soft smile on her lips.  She hadn’t moved and was still lying diagonally on the bed; her legs still out from under the blankets, her one arm still high above her head.


It was time to wake her up.  They had a mission to accomplish and he wanted to end it today.  End it and then find a nice secluded place where they could be alone and continue what they’d started last night. 


He padded barefoot over to the bed and paused momentarily as he gazed down at her.  He was still amazed that after months and months of dancing around each other, they’d finally admitted to and given in, well at least partially, to their desire for each other.


Rollin nodded.  Yes.  The mission had to end today.  He didn’t know how much longer he could wait to fully explore this beautiful woman who’d come into his life and had captured his heart; not to mention the effect she had on his body.


He watched with a smile as she shifted slightly in the bed, bringing her other arm up over her head, the blanket slipping down slightly, revealing just a hint of her breasts and drawing her right leg up slightly. 


She moaned softly, her hips lifting slightly from the bed.   “Mmm…”


His smile grew; she was obviously having a very pleasant dream.  He kneeled gently, between her legs, on the edge of the bed and slowly lowered his body to hers.  He placed little kisses, following the edge of the blanket, on the swell of her breasts and was rewarded with another moan.  He moved his lips up her neck to her ear, nibbling gently on her earlobe before whispering softly in her ear.


Cin… time to wake up, love.”  He moved his lips along her jaw, placing a soft kiss on her lips before moving them back to her ear.  “We have a mission to complete.”


Her eyes fluttered under her lids as Cinnamon heard his voice in her ear and felt his warm, hard body pressing against hers.  She opened her eyes slowly, a soft smile coming to her lips as she looked up into Rollin’s handsome face. 


He lowered his lips to hers for a gentle kiss, before pulling back and smiling down at her.  He spoke in his Armenian accent.  “Good morning, Betsy.”


Cinnamon stretched slightly, arching her body into his as she answered.  “Mmm… good morning, Nick.”


“Sleep well?”


“Oh yes… very well.”  She answered and slid her right leg up along his, settling it across the back of his knees as she brought her arms down to wind about his neck.  “You?”


“Better than I have in years.”  He answered, giving her another kiss.


“Mmm, I’m glad to hear that.”  She said, drawing his lips back down to hers for a longer kiss.  As the kiss deepened, Cinnamon ran her hands up and down his bare back, pulling him closer even as she arched her body into his.  She broke off the kiss and moved her lips to his ear, whispering in a throaty voice. “Are we ending the mission today?”


“Oh yes.”  He replied huskily against her ear, before raising his head and gazing down at her, his eyes telling her all she needed to know; he was as anxious to be with her as she was with him.  He leaned in and gave her another kiss then pulled away from her, getting up from the bed. 


“What time is it, Nick?”  She asked, taking his offered hand and slipping out of the bed.  She couldn’t help the smile that came to her lips at the ravenous look on his face as his eyes swept over her body.


“Almost eight-thirty.”  He answered.


“Hmm… what time to do you have to be at work?”  She asked as she began to dress.


“Nine.”  He replied, watching every move she made, discovering that watching her put her clothes on was almost as arousing as watching her take them off. 


“Do you have enough time to walk me back to my hotel?”  She asked, pulling up her zipper.


“For you… of course.”  He answered, reaching for and pulling on his shirt.  He then sat on the bed and pulled on his socks and shoes as Cinnamon ran her fingers through her hair.  He stood and looked at her.  “Ready to go?”


She grabbed her purse and then nodded.  Mmhmm.”


“Will I see you again tonight?”  He asked as he held the door open for her, following her through and closing it behind him.


She glanced up at him as she began descending the stairs, and flashed him a seductive smile.  “Oh… I’m sure you will be.”


Rollin caught the look in her eyes before she turned back and resumed heading down the stairs.  He prayed that nothing would go wrong today; that he could get that wire so that they could leave and be alone together.  He laughed and followed her down the stairs.  “Ah, Betsy, what have I done without you all these years.



                             **                                      **                                      **


Rollin and Cinnamon crouched down, one of his hands on the wheel, the other on her shoulder, making sure she stayed down as the bullets flew through the air all around them, impacting with various spots on the stolen police boat as it sped away and sending pieces of the wood flying all over the place.


They lifted their heads and gave each other a small smile as the boat moved out of range of the bullets.  Their eyes turned skyward, watching the dozens of balloons still rising up to the heavens.


Cinnamon’s smile grew a little, her eyes still on the balloons as they slowly straightened up, Rollin’s hand still on her shoulder.  “This is the most beautiful mission I’ve ever been on.”


Rollin glanced back up to the sky as he spoke.  “I agree.”  His gaze settled on her for a moment as he smiled then he quickly looked back up then turned to watch where they were heading.


Cinnamon leaned back against the panel, keeping her eyes on the ever-rising balloons.  She tilted her head towards him as she spoke  They’re gonna be a long time trying to find the balloon with the wire.”


“That comes from watching the wrong hand!”  He said with a grin, holding up the wire.


She turned her eyes on him, a small smile gracing her lips; he chuckled, and with the slight of hand he was known for, Rollin made the wire disappear.  His smile grew.  Cinnamon’s eyes crinkled and sparkled with amusement and her smile held an affectionate curve as her gaze was drawn back to the fading balloons in the distance.


Rollin watched her for a moment; enjoying the view immensely, before turning his attention back to steering the boat and getting them to a safe harbor as quickly as possible.  He couldn’t help glancing at her again and saw that she was now watching him with a soft smile on her lips.


“Would you like me to put the wire in my bag?”  She asked.


“Sure.”  He said and with a flip of his hand, the wire appeared.  “Probably be safer there.”


She reached out and took the wire, letting her fingers move softly against his, her smile growing slightly seductive as she watched his eyes widen slightly with definite interest.  Her smile grew as she turned, wire in hand, and reached for her bag. 


“Can’t this thing go any faster?”  She heard him mutter and bit back a small laugh, her thoughts going in the same direction.  She reached into her bag, pulled out her compact, and placed the wire inside before closing it and returning it to the bag.


Rollin watched as she grabbed her bag and then turned to look out on the water ahead of them.  He was so focused on watching where he was going that he didn’t notice Cinnamon slip between him and the seat until he felt her arms slide around him from behind.


Cinnamon pressed her body tightly against his back as she ran her hands up to rest on his chest.  She laid her head on his shoulder as she felt him cover one of her hands with his, squeezing it softly.  Her arms tightened around him as she spoke softly.  “Have you thought of where we could go to be alone?  Now that this mission is over?”


“I’ve been thinking of nothing but… since the moment I met you.”  He said with a smile she couldn’t see and felt her chuckle.  “How about a nice little inn, nestled somewhere in the country.  No phones.  No missions.  No one else around for miles so that you and I can concentrate on simply being together.”


Cinnamon moved so that she was now standing in front of him, her arms slipping up to encircle his neck; her smiling eyes locking with his.  She tilted her head up and brushed her lips against his chin.  “That sounds like heaven.”


Rollin smiled at her and quickly dipped his head to give her a quick kiss as she pressed her body closer to his.  He moaned softly, loving the way she touched and kissed him.  The wishful tone he’d heard in her voice mirrored exactly his longings for her… but ‘heaven’ for him, was standing in front of him; in his arms; in every single moment he had her with him; any time and any place. 


She broke off the kiss, which lasted longer than either of them had planned and then slid away from him to perch on the seat beside him.  It was a beautiful sunny day and she felt energized and happy now that they’d accomplished their mission.  Cinnamon reached for her purse again and retrieved the map they were given by Dan prior to the mission.  They would need a safe harbor to hide their means of transportation… a police boat… of all things!  Cinnamon couldn’t help but smile and shake her head.  A police boat… but the good thing was, that they were now fully equipped with a radio, medical supplies and food.


“Have you learned this by heart?”  Cinnamon asked her fellow agent, as she studied the map in her hands.  She glanced up at him and knew he had when his only answer to her was a mischievous grin and a wink that made her laugh knowingly.  “Yeah… of course you have.  You wouldn’t want to get us stranded before we could deliver the wire to Dan now, would you?”


“Hey, Gorgeous… don’t give me any ideas, okay?”  He said, his grin growing.  “I’m having enough trouble keeping my mind on where we’re supposed to be going every time you bat those luscious green eyes at me and I…”


Before Rollin could finish his sentence, Cinnamon cut him off with a good-natured laugh and hopped off the seat.  She smiled at him.  “Don’t worry, partner, I’ll make sure we both behave… for the time being anyway.”  She winked at him and moved to go below deck.  “I’ll leave you to your navigational task while I go check out what supplies we have below.”


Rollin watched with a smile on his face as she disappeared below.  “God, I love her.”  He thought as he lifted his eyes back to watching where he was going.  As his eyes scanned the waters around him, his thoughts turned inward and focused on Cinnamon and how he loved everything about her… she was fearless.  Maybe too much so for his tastes… even after that shower of bullets, she was commenting on the ‘beauty of the mission’.  A small smile pulled at the corner of his lips, as he had to admit that her lack of fear was one of the things that had first attracted him to her.


He was pulled out of his thoughts by the sound of something falling below deck and some very un-ladylike words following.  He glanced down and called out to her.  Cin?”


“I’m all right.”  Her voice floated up to him.  “I just knocked over a box, that’s all.”


Rollin chuckled and shook his head, letting his thoughts turn back inward; back to Cinnamon.  He’d be lying to himself if didn’t admit that he’d been physically attracted to her from the moment he’d set eyes on her.  But her beauty was just the beginning, Rollin mused.  Cinnamon possessed so many qualities he found attractive, that combined all together; he realized that he’d been but hopeless to fall in love with her.  Rollin made a mental list of all these traits; her changeability; her understanding and grasp of things that sometimes made his head swim; her intuitive sense about people and life and so many other traits he found appealing.


He shivered suddenly as a cold wind blew over him and brought his attention back to the matter at hand, steering the boat and getting them to a safe port; the mission wasn’t completely finished until they delivered the wire into Dan’s hands. 


“And as soon as that’s done, I’m going to find that little, secluded inn and…”


His thoughts were once again interrupted, but this time, it wasn’t by a cold wind, it was by a streak of lightning cutting through the suddenly dark sky, followed by a booming clap of thunder.  Rollin glanced around him, taking in the still darkening sky and the swelling of the ocean around the boat.


Cinnamon’s head popped out from below and she glanced at the sky then looked at Rollin.  “Was that thunder I heard?"


Rollin glanced at her to see a light in her eyes as she came up the rest of the way on deck, leaning back against the boat to scan the skies.  He remembered then, just how much Cinnamon loved a good thunderstorm.


“Yes.”  He said.  “Looks like we’re in for one hell of a storm.”


Then as if to punctuate his words, there was another streak of lightning and with the resounding thunder it began to pour, soaking the two agents in a matter of seconds.


“Cinnamon!”  Rollins shouted over the loud howling of the wind that had suddenly picked up and seemed to be blowing from all directions.  Cin… go back… down…”


Despite barely hearing him, Cinnamon knew what he was yelling at her and shook her head.  She could feel the small boat being tossed around as the storm intensified and the waves grew around them.  She watched as Rollin fought to keep the boat on course and decided to move to his side and help him.


“ROLLIN!”  She screamed as a big gust of wind, accompanied by a very large wave suddenly washed over the boat, knocking him back over the seat behind him.  Cinnamon heard his body crash against the deck and made her way to him as she tried to keep her balance on the rocking boat.  Dropping to her knees beside him, she reached out and grabbed his shoulders, pulling him to her to see if he was all right.  “Rollin?”


He moaned softly and opened his eyes, trying to focus on her face.  When he could see her eyes clearly he smiled.  “Did you get the number of that bus that hit me?”


Cinnamon couldn’t help but smile back as she breathed a sigh of relief.  If Rollin was making jokes, then he was okay.  She leaned in and gave him a quick kiss, letting him know without words that she was relieved he wasn’t hurt. 


“We have to find a safe place to wait out this storm.”  He told her as he moved to stand.  A wave of dizziness enveloped him and he stumbled backwards, his hand going to his head.  “Whoa.”


Cinnamon was on her feet and at his side immediately, her arms going around him to help steady him.  “Rollin?”


“Just a little dizzy, that’s all.”  He said, glancing down at her.  “Must have been a big bus.”


Cinnamon just gave him a look and then together, with their arms around each other; they fought to keep their balance and make it back to the wheel, in the hopes of getting the boat under some kind of control.


Moments later they reached the wheel and Rollin removed his arms from around her waist and grasped the wheel with both hands, fighting to turn the boat and head for the small island he’d spotted just before the wave knocked him over.


“What does this thing have in the way of supplies?”  He asked loudly, shaking his head to get the hair out of his eyes.


“Not that much.”  She shouted.  “A small raft, some emergency rations, a small first aid kit, a couple of blankets and that’s about it.”


Rollin made a face and shook his head.  “Damn.  We’re gonna need more than that if…”


All of a sudden the boat tilted to one side, almost submerging under the water.  Cinnamon stumbled into Rollin, who grabbed her around the waist and held her close to steady her, even as he tried to keep his own footing on the slippery deck.


As the boat righted itself, Cinnamon noticed her purse, lying on the deck about a foot away from her.  She moved from Rollin’s side and hunched down to grab it.  She managed to just grab the strap as another wave washed over the deck.  She felt Rollin’s hand reach for her and pull her back to him as she slipped the purse over her head, holding it tight against her.


“Do you think you can get the raft and supplies from below?”  Rollin asked, glancing over to her.  “Just in case we do need them.”


Cinnamon nodded and made her way to the steps leading down below deck.  Having already removed her heels, Cinnamon carefully went down the steps, moving directly to where she’d last seen the raft and supply chest.  She grabbed the small chest first and shoved it up the stairs, pushing it till it slid across the deck, then moved back for the raft.  Holding it in her arms, she made her way back up the stairs. 


Rollin watched her carefully out of the corner of his eye and then turned his full attention back to fighting the wind, rain, and waves when he was sure she had gotten everything on deck and was once again beside him.


He pointed straight ahead.  “I’m going to try and get us to that island.”  He spoke loudly, so she could hear him over the wind and thunder.  “Hopefully we’ll be able to find some shelter till this storm passes.”


Cinnamon nodded.  “What can I do to help?”


“Inflate the raft and secure the supplies to it… just in case.”  He told her.  “The storm is getting worse, as are the waves and I’m not sure how much more this tub can handle.  I’m going to try the radio, see if I can reach Dan, let him know approximately where we are.”


Cinnamon pushed the hair out of her eyes and moved to do as Rollin asked.  As she worked on her task, she heard Rollin yelling into the radio, trying to let their fellow agents know what was happening.  Once the raft was inflated and the supplies secured to it, Cinnamon stood and made her way back to Rollin’s side. 


“Any luck?”


“Very little.”  He answered.  “I do know that they are receiving me, just not sure how well and what they’re receiving.”


Cinnamon nodded understandingly and was about to reply when the boat tipped again, as a wave, even bigger then the last one, crashed over them.  She gave a yelp of surprise as she was suddenly thrown aside and halfway down the stairs leading below deck.


“CINNAMON!”  Rollin shouted, helplessly watching as her head connected hard with one of the steps and her body crumpled on the stairs.  Forgetting about everything except that she was hurt, Rollin let go of the wheel and lunged at her.  As carefully and as quickly as he could, with the way the boat was rocking, he lifted her prone body from the stairs.


Rollin paled when he saw the blood, being washed away by the rain, on the stairs.  He closed his eyes briefly and said a quick, silent prayer.  He laid her down on the deck and ripped a strip off her jacket, wrapping it around her head in the hopes of stopping the bleeding, not knowing yet just how bad or superficial the wound actually was.


Not wanting to leave her just lying there, but knowing he had little choice, Rollin pressed a quick kiss to her lips then moved from her side to resume his vigil at the wheel.  He’d just made it to his feet, when all of a sudden the boat was hit by a gigantic wave, causing the boat to tip severely, pitching both him and Cinnamon over the side.


His lungs bursting, Rollin gasped for air as he suddenly broke through to the surface, his eyes immediately scanning all around him, noting that the boat hadn’t tipped over completely and was cruising away from them, still bobbing madly on the waves.  But that wasn’t what was important to him at the moment.


“CIN!”  He shouted, despite knowing that she was probably still unconscious and couldn’t answer.  “Cinnamon!  Come on, baby, give me some kind of clue as to where you are!”  He looked around, a feeling of dread and despair beginning to constrict both in his heart and in his stomach.


“Oh God, please let me find her!  Please let her be okay!”  He thought, still scanning the waters around him, hoping for even a glimpse of her, even as his eyes fell onto the raft floating nearby.  He was just about to make for the raft when a flash of green, some ten feet away from him caught his attention.


Knowing it was her, Rollin swam like a madman to reach her, not pausing even a moment until his fingers wrapped around her arm and he was pulling her still prone body against his.


He immediately checked for a pulse and found a very faint one, which was fading fast.  It was then that he realized that she wasn’t breathing.  Knowing he couldn’t do anything about it treading water in the middle of an ocean storm, Rollin began to swim again, holding her tightly, towards the raft, which was getting farther and farther away.


After what seemed to take an eternity, Rollin reached the raft and managed somehow to get both Cinnamon and himself into it.  As soon as he got himself oriented and balanced on the floor of the raft, Rollin immediately set about giving Cinnamon CPR, pushing her purse out of the way.


“Come on, Cin!  Breathe!”  He shouted as he knelt over her, his hands pressing down on her chest.  “Don’t you dare leave me!  Breathe!”


He lowered his mouth back to hers, breathing forcefully into her mouth, willing her to breathe and come back to him.  After a series of quick breaths, he straightened and resumed his pumping on her heart.


“We’re so close, Cin.”  He cried out to her, fighting like hell to keep his tears from falling.  He leaned over and breathed into her mouth.  “DAMMIT, I SAID BREATHE, CINNAMONN!”  He yelled, covering her mouth again.


Suddenly, she pulled in a sharp breath and then began coughing up the water in her lungs.  Releasing a deep, relieved breath, Rollin rolled Cinnamon onto her side and rubbed her back as she continued to cough.  Moments later, her coughing having eased, Cinnamon raised her head, looked up into Rollin’s eyes and smiled before allowing her eyes to shut.


Cin?”  Rollin reached out to check her pulse again and feeling it beating strong, realized that she had slipped back into unconsciousness again.  He brushed his hand across her cheek and then looked around the raft for the oar.  Finding it, he began to paddle towards the island, and hopefully, some shelter.



                             **                                      **                                      **



With the wind and rain still pounding him from all angles, Rollin made sure the rope attached to the small supply chest was tied securely around his waist; satisfied that it wasn’t going anywhere, he stooped down and gathered, what to him was even more precious cargo, into his arms.  He slowly stood and began to head further inland, across the wet sand, hoping like hell he’d be able to find some place to wait out this storm.


He heard a soft moan and looked down at the woman in his arms.  She shivered and moaned again.




“Hang on, Cin.”  He told her, pulling her tighter against him, trying to shield her as much as he could from the driving rain.  “We’ll be out of this in a moment.”


A flash of lightning lit up the sky and in that moment, Rollin spotted what he hoped was a cave in the side of a small mountain.  Picking up his pace, he headed straight for it. 


After what seemed like an eternity, Rollin stepped out of the rain, pausing just inside the mouth of the cave.  He gently lowered Cinnamon to the ground and pulled the supply chest the rest of the way inside.  He quickly untied the rope, opened the chest, and after rummaging through it, found exactly what he was looking for.


The cave was suddenly filled with a soft light as Rollin turned on the flashlight, passing the light throughout the cave to find out how big it was and if there were any occupants.  Seeing that it was a small cave and that he and Cinnamon were alone inside it, he quickly dragged the supply chest further in and pulled out the blankets.  He spread one out and then headed back to Cinnamon. 


He gathered her into his arms and headed to the back of the cave.  He laid her out on the blanket then gently but quickly removed her wet clothes.  Not paying any attention to the fact that she was now naked before him, he covered her with the blanket, his concern for her overriding his desire.  Just as quickly, he stripped off his own clothes and then laid both his and hers out on the floor of the cave, hoping they’d be somewhat dry come morning.


Not caring that he was naked, Rollin walked through the small cave with the flashlight, looking for, but not expecting to find any wood.  He was pleasantly surprised when he found enough small pieces to at least get a small fire going.  A few minutes later, Rollin turned off the flashlight as the cave began to glow and heat up a little from the small blaze.


He moved to the supply chest, removed the first aid kit, and then moved over to Cinnamon to finally check her head wound.  He breathed a small sigh of relief; it was superficial.  He quickly cleaned it and bandaged it as well as he could.


Making sure she was still covered, Rollin stood and ventured closer to the mouth of the cave, to check on the storm, despite still being able to hear the wind, rain and thunder and see the flashing lightning throughout the cave.  He shook his head.


“I know I wanted to be alone with her, but this is not quite what I had in mind.”  He thought bitterly. He turned suddenly when he heard her moan and quickly made his way back to her.  She was still shivering, even with the blanket and fire.


Rollin added what little wood remained, to the fire and then crawled under the blankets beside her.  He gathered her trembling body to his, pressing as much of himself against her as possible as he began to rub her back vigorously in an attempt to warm her.


Cin.”  He called to her softly.  “Wake up, Cinnamon.”


Her only response was a low moan as she moved closer against him, instinctively seeking his warmth.


“Come on, Cinnamon.  Show me those gorgeous green eyes of yours.”  He said, knowing he had to wake her; just to be sure she hadn’t sustained a concussion in her fall.  “Wake up, Cinnamon.”


Rollin watched as her eyes fluttered and then slowly opened, looking straight into his.


“Rollin.”  She whispered with a trace of a smile on her lips before closing them again as she moved closer to him.


He debated on whether or not to wake her again and then decided against it.  He’d just have to stay awake and keep an eye on her.



                             **                                      **                                      **



His eyes traveled up her body, beginning from where their bodies were joined; up over the smooth, flat plain of her stomach to her breasts, where his gaze halted.


He loved her breasts.  Loved the way they felt and the way they fit perfectly in his hands.  But at this particular moment, he was enjoying the way they rose and fell with every breath she took, her rosy nipples hard and erect with her excitement.


He lifted his hands from her thighs, wanting to cup the luscious mounds in his hands once again and was surprised when she grabbed his hands, stopping him.


He raised his eyes to hers, seeing them sparkle as she laced her fingers with his.  Slowly she placed their entwined hands on the ground above his head and stretched her body out over his.


She joined her mouth to his for a passionate kiss, muffling his moan of pleasure as she began to move her body against him in slow, deliberate movements.


She broke off the kiss and smiled down at him as she released his hands.  She leisurely straightened back up on him, scoring her nails lightly down his chest and then began to increase her movements on him.


Rollin groaned at the sight of Cinnamon…


… and sat up suddenly, his breathing ragged; his heart beating wildly in his chest and found himself hard and extremely aroused.  He took a moment to collect himself and then glanced down to see Cinnamon still sleeping peacefully beside him.


He ran his hands over his face, the dream still fresh in his mind and lifted his gaze towards the mouth of the cave.  He sighed and then deciding that he needed some fresh air, Rollin moved out from under the blanket, rearranging it around Cinnamon’s shoulders before standing and walking over to the cave’s entrance.


The heart of the storm had passed in the few hours he’d slept, leaving only a steady rain to break the silence.  Rollin leaned up against the wall of the cave and inhaled deeply as he stared at the falling rain.  He tried to force the images from his dream out of his mind and concentrate instead on the matter of survival.  His and Cinnamon’s; as he had no idea how long it’d be before they were rescued.


Rollin jumped slightly as he felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see Cinnamon standing just behind him; the blanket wrapped tightly around her body.


“Hey… you’re up.”  He commented; standing unashamedly naked before her as she quietly let her eyes travel over his form.


Cinnamon met his eyes and smiled softly as she nodded slowly and then shivered as a cool wind blew inside the mouth of the cave.  Rollin reached out and drew her against him, encircling her with his arms.  Cinnamon sighed and laid her head on his shoulder as she looked out on the rain.


“What happened, Rollin?”  She asked quietly.  “The last thing I remember is being on the boat and it tipping.”


“You hit your head.”  He answered.  “And then, we were both washed overboard.  We’re on that island I spotted.”


She nodded against him, holding the blanket against her, her arms resting against his chest as she snuggled closer to him; feeling his arms tighten about her, cocooning her in his embrace.


“I know we wanted to be alone…” she began, turning her head so that she could press a kiss to his neck.  “… but isn’t this a little extreme?” 


Rollin chuckled, hearing the humor in her voice.  Cinnamon lifted her head from his shoulder and smiled at him, her eyes dancing.  “Let’s just say that I wanted to insure our privacy.”


Cinnamon laughed softly and raised her mouth to his for a quick kiss.  “Good work, Mr. Hand.”


“Glad you approve, Miss Carter.”  He replied, returning her soft kiss.


“Mmm… I approve.”  Cinnamon purred as she pulled back slightly.  Holding the ends of the blanket in her hands, she opened the blanket and slipped her arms under his and around his back, pressing their bodies together as she wrapped the blanket around them.  She rose up on her toes, her lips brushing against his.  “I definitely approve.”


Their mouths joined for a long, tender kiss, their bodies pressing tightly against one another.  As they held the kiss, Rollin’s hands traveled up Cinnamon’s back to entangle in her hair.


He noticed that her hair was still damp and broke off the kiss.  “Your hair’s still wet.”


Just as she was about to answer, Cinnamon swayed in his arms.  The next thing she knew, Rollin had gathered her up into his strong arms.  She pulled her arms from around his back and slipped them about his shoulders.


“Rollin?”  She shivered again, her arms tightening around his neck.


“Easy, hon… let’s get you back to bed, such as it is.”  He told her softly as he slowly walked back into the cave.  “You shouldn’t have gotten up.”


“The ground’s too hard.”  She told him, pressing soft kisses against his neck.  “And… you weren’t there to keep me warm.”


Rollin felt his skin tingling where her lips were moving on his neck, and swallowed hard as he slowly lowered them to the blanket on the ground.  Cinnamon settled herself in his lap, locking her arms around his neck as she raised her head to look at him.


“You are planning on keeping me, warm, aren’t you, Rollin?”  She asked in a low, sultry voice; a small smile on her lips as she ran a finger along his jaw.


Despite knowing that she wasn’t completely recovered from her experience on the boat, Rollin couldn’t help himself as he gazed into her green eyes, which were shining bright with obvious invitation and answered back with a small smile of his own.


“I’ll do everything I can… to keep you…” he paused and moved his mouth closer to hers.  “… warm…”


He heard her moan softly as he closed the distance between their lips; she moaned again and opened her mouth to him.


He slid his arms more securely around her as they, little by little, laid back on the blanket.  Their legs entwined as they rolled onto their sides, their lips parting to rain little kisses over each other’s faces as their hands moved slowly over the other’s body.


Rollin moved his lips along her jaw and down her throat to place soft kisses on her shoulder.  She sighed happily as he retraced the same path back up to her lips for another loving kiss and pressed her body closer to his.


The kiss slowly came to an end and they gazed into each other’s eyes for a moment; sharing a loving look, the passion each was feeling, lying just below the surface.  Their lips came together again in a slow-burning kiss.


Cinnamon threaded her hands in his hair as she broke off the kiss some long moments later.  She smiled softly at him and then her eyes drifted shut, her hands falling from his hair.  Rollin felt her body grow still and pulled back to look at her; concern etched on his face.  He brought his hand to her cheek, caressing it gently as he realized that she’d fallen asleep.            


He reached out, rearranged the blanket around them, and then took a moment to look her over, noting with some worry, that she was slightly pale and that she was running a slight fever.  He pulled her closer, cradling her in his arms, while mentally chastising himself for allowing his body’s wants to overrule his common sense.


“You idiot, Rollin.”  He thought.  “You should have known better!  She’s still recovering from that bang on the head… not to mention that she stopped breathing...”


 He was pulled from his thoughts when he felt her shift in his arms, sliding her body so that she was half-lying across him.  He smiled slightly, remembering her comment about the ground being too hard and tightened his embrace of her, more than happy to act as her bed. 


“I love you, Cinnamon.”  He said softly, pressing an affectionate kiss to her forehead.  “Sweet dreams.”


Rollin’s eyes slowly began to close but flew back open when he felt her press a soft kiss against his chest.  He glanced down in time to see her glance up at him with a soft smile on her lips.  She cuddled closer to him, tilting her face up to kiss the underside of his chin.


“I love you too, Rollin.”  She told him softly.


Rollin smiled and pulled her closer.



                             **                                      **                                      **



So lost in his thoughts, Rollin didn’t hear Cinnamon approach until he felt her arms slide around him and felt her body press against his back.


“Beautiful sunset.”  She said softly, resting her head against his back, looking at the setting sun.


“What?  Oh, yes… it is nice.”


Realizing that he wasn’t watching the setting sun, that his mind was elsewhere, Cinnamon lifted her head and gave him a gentle squeeze. 


“What’s on your mind, Rollin?”


“Oh, just thinking about what we can do, besides building a bonfire, to let Dan and the others know where we are.”  He told her.  “We don’t want to alert the wrong people to our location and we since we don’t have a radio…” His voice trailed off into a sigh.


Cinnamon nodded understandingly.  “I’m sure they’ll find us, Rollin.”


“I’m sure they will too.”


“But, until they do…” Cinnamon said in a low voice as she slowly moved her hands up and down his bare chest.  “I guess we’ll just have to find some way to keep ourselves occupied.”


Rollin closed his eyes as her fingers moved through the hair on his chest, pausing to play with his nipples and he felt her press soft kisses against the skin of his back.  He slowly turned in her arms and opened his eyes to see Cinnamon smiling sensuously at him.  Losing himself in her deep green eyes and the feel of her supple body pressing intimately against his, Rollin framed her face in his hands and lowered his lips to hers.


Cinnamon moaned softly and opened her mouth to him; moaning again as his tongue swept past her lips to dance passionately in her mouth.


Suddenly, Rollin broke off the kiss and took a step back, his hands falling to her shoulders.


“Rollin?”  She asked breathlessly.


“I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t…” he said, his hand reaching out to gently touch the bandage on her forehead.  He shook his head and took a deep breath.  “I’m sorry, Cinnamon.”  He said again and then walked into the cave.


Cinnamon watched him retreat into the cave and released, not for the first time, a frustrated sigh.


She turned her gaze to the remnants of the setting sun and sighed again.  Cinnamon knew why Rollin had pulled away just now.  It was the same reason he’d stopped them last night and again earlier today.


Cinnamon couldn’t help her smile as she thought back to their activities that afternoon.  They’d spent the better part of the day, skinny-dipping in and sunbathing by, the small lagoon Rollin had discovered their first day on the island.


She felt a warmth run through her body as she remembered the feeling of Rollin’s hard, hot body pressing against hers as the cool water of the lagoon surrounded them.



Cinnamon’s arms tightened around his neck; her fingers entangling in his thick, dark hair as their kiss deepened.  She floated up against him, wrapping her legs around his hips as she pressed her body tight against him.


She heard him moan and felt his hand slide down her back in the water to cup her rear and pull her closer.


“Rollin.”  She moaned softly as his lips moved down her throat and she felt him slowly begin walking out of the water.


Once out of the water, Rollin took a few more steps and then knelt down, still holding Cinnamon tight against him.  Gently, he eased them down until he was pressing her into the soft grass with his body.


Their lips sought one another’s and locked together in a passionate kiss as Cinnamon trailed her hands down his back to cup his rear and pull him closer.



Cinnamon drew in a deep breath.  It was at that moment, Rollin had pulled away from her; moving to sit beside her as they both tried to catch their breath.


She’d asked him what was the matter, why he’d pulled away again.  His only response was to apologize as he reached out to touch the wet bandage on her forehead, before getting up and diving back into the lagoon.


Cinnamon’s gaze re-focused on the horizon, seeing a flash of lightning in the distance.  She smiled to herself then as she heard the distant thunder, having come to a decision.  She watched, at what she could tell was going to be another fierce storm, began to grow and move towards the island.  A thunderstorm could be very romantic, and Cinnamon planned on using this one to it’s full potential.



Rollin paced back and forth in front of the small fire, waging a silent battle within himself.


He wanted nothing more than to march back out to Cinnamon, sweep her into his arms, carry her back inside the cave and make mad, passionate love to her until they were both exhausted.


<<But what if she’s not fully recovered from her accident on the boat?>>


The voice sounded in his head.


<<She means too much to you to take that risk.>>


Rollin stopped pacing and stared into the fire.  At that moment, Cinnamon entered the cave.  He watched as she walked past him without so much as a passing glance in his direction and he figured she was upset with him… which he admitted to himself, she had a right to be.  He followed her with his eyes as she stopped, with her back to him, before the pile of leaves and grass covered by one of the blankets that now served as their bed.


Knowing she had his complete attention and smiling softly to herself, Cinnamon slowly began to unbutton her blouse, or rather, what was left of it, after having cut it to make it more comfortable in the heat of the day.  Finishing undoing the last button, she shrugged her shoulders and let the garment slide down her arms to fall to the ground.


Hearing a change in Rollin’s breathing, Cinnamon then reached behind her to the zipper on her skirt, which like her blouse, had been altered for comfort, and slowly unzipped it.  She then slipped her hands beneath the waistband and pushed the skirt down over her hips, letting it fall to the ground to join her blouse, leaving her completely naked, as she wore no undergarments.


Cinnamon slowly turned to face Rollin.  A small smile tugged at the corner of her mouth as she watched his eyes travel over her body and he swallowed hard before bringing his eyes to hers.


Rollin watched as Cinnamon stepped out of the ring of clothes at her feet and slowly begin to glide towards him, her eyes never leaving his.  She stopped just within arms reach of him with a slow, seductive smile on her lips.


“…Cinnamon…” he began in a choked voice.


Cinnamon reached out and slowly drew her finger down his chest.  “Rollin…” She told him, her voice low and sultry as she stepped closer, placing her hands on his chest.  “It’s been two days since the accident, I’m fine.”


Rollin’s gaze shifted upwards as he reached out a hand to once again touch the bandage on her forehead.  He moved his eyes back to hers and she could see the fight he was having within himself over what to do.  Cin…”


“I want you, Rollin.  I want to feel your hands on my body.”  She said, moving closer to him and reached out to grasp his hand, placing it on her breast.  She watched as his eyes closed and he released a soft moan.  “I want to feel your body moving against mine… inside mine…” she paused and waited.  When he opened his eyes and they once again locked with hers, Cinnamon continued.  “…I want to make love with you, Rollin.”


Rollin moved his hand against her breast, running his thumb over her nipple, a small smile coming to his lips when she inhaled sharply, her eyes closing slightly and he felt a shiver run through her body.  When she looked back up at him, her green eyes were bright with desire.  He hesitated.


“Cinnamon… are you sure…?”


“I’m sure.”  She moved closer, pressing her body against his, snaking her arms up around his neck.  “Make love to me, Rollin.”


Cinnamon watched as his blue eyes grew dark with desire and she felt him pull her tighter against him.  A flash of lightning suddenly lighted the cave as Rollin’s lips came down on hers in a hungry kiss.  She moaned and returned his kiss with equal passion as the resounding thunder echoed inside the cave.


Rollin’s hands came up and entangled in her hair as his lips broke from hers to rain kisses over Cinnamon’s face before returning to her lips for another ardent kiss.  He moved his hands from her hair and trailed them slowly down her back, cupping her rear and pulling her closer still.


Cinnamon moaned deep in her throat as she felt the hard evidence of Rollin’s desire for her, pressing against her and slipped her hand between their bodies to cup the large bulge.  His low groan was music to her ears and she broke off the kiss to smile up at him.


Rollin returned her smile and took a step back from her.  She watched as he unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts and quickly removed them.  Her eyes moved appreciatively over his naked body, enjoying the way the flames from the fire danced across his skin.


Sharing a hungry look, Cinnamon reached out, grabbed Rollin’s hand, and led him over to the bed.  Wanting to feel her skin against his skin again, Rollin pulled her body tight against his and caught her mouth in a demanding kiss, which Cinnamon eagerly returned.


Long moments later, Cinnamon placed her hands on either side of Rollin’s face and drew his lips away from hers.  She gave him a heated look, trailing her hands down his chest, brushing them over his thighs as she knelt down on the bed.


Rollin watched as Cinnamon stretched out before him, leaning back on her elbows and bending her left leg slightly.  He let his eyes wander over her lithe body; feeling a strong rush of want course through his body and knelt down on the blanket at her feet.  He reached out and ran his hand slowly along her bent leg, caressing the smooth skin.


“God, you’re beautiful!”  He whispered huskily, his eyes meeting hers.  “I have never in my life… wanted anyone as much as I want you.”


Cinnamon smiled softly, her green eyes sparkling as she slowly sat up.  She ran her hands up his chest to rest on his shoulders, pulling him closer.  She leaned in and brushed her lips against his.


“You talk too much.”  She whispered against his lips then lay back, once again on the bed, pulling him with her so that his body half covered hers.  Cinnamon threaded her fingers in his hair, drawing his lips closer to hers.  “No more talking… make love to me.”


Rollin needed no further encouragement and lowered his lips to hers in a feverish kiss as another flash of lightning lit the cave, quickly followed by a loud boom of thunder.  He slowly broke away from the kiss, blazing a trail of wet, open-mouthed kisses down her throat to her breasts.


Cinnamon moaned and arched into him as he drew a nipple into the heat of his mouth, laving his tongue over the hardened peak while he gently rolled and pulled at her other nipple with the fingers of his right hand.


After several long minutes of lavishing attention to her breasts, Cinnamon released a low whimper as Rollin’s mouth left her breasts, the whimper changing to a soft moan as his lips trailed down over her abdomen and she felt him shift so that he was lying between her legs.


Cinnamon moaned, both in pleasure and frustration as he teased her with soft, nibbling kisses to her inner thighs; his hands and mouth teasing and caressing her moist flesh everywhere but where she wanted him most.  Suddenly she cried out his name as his lips closed around the sensitive bundle of nerves.


Rollin grinned to himself as she moved against him, thrusting herself into his mouth.  He slipped a hand around her leg, his right hand gripping her thigh, holding her down as he continued his onslaught.


“Oh God, Rollin!”  She moaned again as he slid two fingers into her snug channel.  She reached out a hand, gripping the top of his head as he began to slowly move his fingers within her, his lips continuing to both lick and suck at her.


Rollin felt it begin, felt the tightening of her inner muscles around his fingers and increased the pressure of his mouth against her.  Seconds later, his name echoed throughout the cave as Cinnamon cried out, her body arching under him despite the restraining hand around her thigh.


Rollin raised his head, watching her as she spiraled out of control.  He gently withdrew his fingers and slowly moved up and covered her body with his; propping himself up on his elbows over her and gazed down at her.


As Cinnamon came back down, she opened her eyes to see Rollin looking down at her with a satisfied grin on his face.  She smiled up at him, running her hands up and down his sides, shifting slightly to press herself closer to the hardness she felt prodding against her swollen flesh.


“Rollin.”  She murmured, rubbing herself wantonly against him. 


Rollin grinned and lowered his mouth to hers in a passionate kiss, his tongue foraging deep in her mouth; hearing her moan deep in her throat as she tasted herself on his lips and tongue. 


“Rollin...” she murmured again, moving her lips to his ear, pulling his lobe between her teeth.  “Rollin, I want you inside me.”


Rollin shivered at the need he heard in her voice and once again raised his head so that he was able to look into her eyes.  He smiled down at her, nodding slowly as he shifted against her.  He held her eyes as he slowly pressed himself inside her until he was seated fully inside her.  He groaned and buried his face in her neck and shoulders at the feel of her surrounding him.


Rolmmm…” Cinnamon moaned as she felt him stretch and fill her so completely.  After several moments, she felt Rollin begin to gently thrust his hips against her, establishing an easy rhythm as he moved his mouth to hers, kissing her ardently before raising himself up on his arms.


Cinnamon trailed her hands up his back, over his shoulders and down his arms to grip his wrists as their bodies continued to move with and against each other, keeping in perfect harmony as she felt the sensations growing within her body again.  She called his name again as she wrapped her legs around his thrusting hips, the change in the angle of her hips, allowing Rollin to move deeper inside her.


Rollin groaned as her legs tightened around him, drawing him deeper within her welcoming body and he began to move quicker, his strokes changing from long, and deep to short and fast.  Cin…” he moaned her name, feeling the beginnings of his orgasm building.  Wanting to be sure of her pleasure first, Rollin slipped a hand between the close press of their bodies, unerringly finding and stroking her clit.


“Rollin!”  Cinnamon cried out, her eyes closing, bucking beneath him as the sensations shot white hot through her body.


“Open your eyes, Cin.”  Rollin said in a husky voice.  “Look at me, baby.”


Cinnamon opened her eyes and when she looked directly into his, he began to thrust harder and faster inside her; the fingers between their bodies stroking her in the same rhythm until her eyes suddenly rolled back, her body arching almost violently under his.


“Rollin!”  Cinnamon’s impassioned cry of his name echoed in Rollin’s ears and throughout the cave.


Satisfied of Cinnamon’s release, Rollin removed his hand from between their bodies as he lowered his to hers, pressing his chest against hers, and catching her mouth in a fierce kiss as he slid his arms beneath her body.  Holding her tight, Rollin strove to reach his release, driving himself hard, his body pounding into hers.


Cinnamon clung tightly to him, moving with him and encouraging his release by tightening her inner muscles around his thrusting member.




The soft sound of Cinnamon’s velvety voice in his ear was the final pull; with a last, deep thrust, Rollin buried himself inside her, his body quivering as his release rolled over him; his seed emptying within her willing body. 


“God, Cinnamon!” he groaned before burying his face in her neck and shoulder.


For a long while, the only sounds heard in the cave were those of the storm still going strong outside and the slowly calming breathing of the cave’s two occupants.


“That was…”




Rollin lifted his head from her shoulder and met her eyes.  “I love you.”


Cinnamon smiled, her hand sliding along his sweat dampened back to cup his cheek.  “I love you too, Rollin.”  She was rewarded with one of his full-blown smiles.  The ones that always left her feeling weak in the knees.


He lowered his lips to hers for a loving kiss that left her breathless before he slowly withdrew from the warmth of her body.  Rolling onto his back, he drew her tight into the shelter of his arms and pulled the blanket over them.


Cinnamon sighed happily as she laid her head on his chest and snuggled into him, her legs slipping in between and tangling with his.  “So… what happens now?”


“We live happily ever after.”  Rollin said, turning his head and pressing his lips to the top of her head.




“I know.”  He nodded against her head.  “Well, we keep things professional when we’re on a job, but as long as we’re careful, I don’t see why we can’t continue this in our down time.”  He pulled her closer.  “Besides, we discussed this already.”


Cinnamon smiled, remembering that night in her apartment before the mission when they’d finally given up fighting what was between them.  “You’re right, we did.”


They fell into a comfortable silence.


“So, any suggestions on what we can do to pass the time away till we’re rescued?”  Cinnamon asked, her hand moving absently over his chest, her fingers playing in the fine hairs.


“Quite a few actually.”  Rollin said with a grin as he pulled her on top of him.


“Mmm… good.”  Cinnamon purred as she lowered her lips to his in a lustful kiss, thus beginning round two of their lovemaking.



                             **                                      **                                      **



Ahh, this is the life.”


Cinnamon smiled over at her lover, lying gloriously naked as he sunned himself on the rock by the lagoon.  “It is nice here.  Peaceful and quiet.”


“Am almost wishing that we don’t get found.”


Cinnamon sat up.  “Really?”


Rollin opened his eyes and looked up at her.  He reached out, running his hand up along her bare back.  “I’m enjoying the freedom being here is giving us.”  He told her.  “I like being able to be here like this,” he gestured to their lack of clothing.  “I like that if we suddenly feel like making love, we can.”


“And have.”  Cinnamon smiled.


In the two days since they consummated their relationship, they’d made love all over their little island.  The surf with the waves rolling over them, up against the wall of the cave, high up on the mountain their cave was located and in the lagoon they were now sunning above.


Rollin grinned.  “And that’s my point.”  He sat up, his hand coming to rest on her thigh.  “I know it’s selfish, but I like having you all to myself, Cinnamon.”


Cinnamon laid her hand on his, entwining their fingers.  “I know, Rollin.  I… I feel the same way.  Really I do.”


“But you want to go home.”


“Yes.”  She looked away.  “I’m sorry.”


Rollin reached over with his free hand and cupped her chin, turning her face back to him.  “Hey, don’t apologize.”  He smiled at her, his hand moving up to caress her cheek.  “I do wanna go home.  I just want this to last a little while longer, that’s all.”


Cinnamon returned his smile.  “Well…” her smile grew coy.  “A few more days wouldn’t be too bad.”


“Wouldn’t be too bad?”  Rollin repeated, seeing the amused gleam in her eyes.  “Wouldn’t be too bad?”


“That’s what I said.”  Cinnamon said, laughing as Rollin suddenly lunged at her, pinning her beneath his hot, hard body.  She shifted under him, sliding her legs up along his and locking her ankles around the back of his thighs as she rubbed herself against his slowly hardening flesh.  She reached up and lovingly brushed his hair out of his eyes.  “In fact, it would be quite heavenly.”


“I love you.”  He said as he lowered his lips to hers in a sensual kiss.


“Love you too.”  She murmured against his lips, threading her fingers in his hair and drawing his lips back to hers.


The kiss quickly grew more passionate as their hands joined in and began to move over fast-heating flesh.


“…Rollin…” Cinnamon moaned as Rollin’s lips moved down her throat to her breasts, capturing a nipple in his mouth.  “Mmm… yes…”


Rollin released her nipple, kissing his way across her chest to her other breast, raining kisses all over the supple mound.  Just as his lips closed over the rosy nipple, a sound broke through his passion-hazed brain.  He released her breath and raised his head.


“Rollin?”  Cinnamon asked, looking up at him with confused eyes, wondering why he stopped.


Shh.  Listen.”  He said, cocking his head to the side.


Cinnamon did as he said and sighed when she heard it too.


Rollin buried his face in her breasts and groaned.  “A couple more days,” he murmured against her skin.  “That’s all we wanted.  Was that too much to ask for?”


“Apparently so.”  Cinnamon said, a touch of sadness in her voice as she stroked his hair.  “We should get dressed.”


Rollin pressed a kiss to the soft skin between her breasts before raising his head to look down at her.  He nodded.  “Yeah, you’re right.”


Cinnamon cupped his cheek before he could move off her.  “Everything will be okay, Rollin.”


“I know.”  He flashed her one of his smiles and gave her a quick kiss before climbing off her and then giving her a hand up.  “So, what do we tell them we were doing?”  He asked as they quickly pulled on their clothes.


“We tell them we were exploring the island.”


“Sounds good to me.”


Once they were dressed, they slowly made their way towards the beach.  Ten minutes later, they left the protective row of trees and walked out onto the warm sand.  There, some thirty feet from their cave, was a beached motorboat.  And walking towards them were their team members.


“Took you guys long enough!”  Rollin shouted.


Cinnamon could hear the forced enthusiasm in his voice and wondered if Dan and the others could as well.  She decided against it when she saw the smiles on their faces and released it was her more intimate knowledge of Rollin that was allowing her to see things the others couldn’t.


“Oh, like you’ve had it so rough here the last week.”  Barney said as they drew closer.


“Yeah, Rollin.  This place looks like paradise.”  Willy said with a grin.  He turned to smile at Cinnamon.  “How’re you doing, Cinnamon?”


“I’m okay.  Thanks for asking, Willy.”  Cinnamon replied.  She then turned to Dan.  “The wire’s in my purse in the cave,” she gestured towards the opening in the cave.  “I’ll go grab it.”


Dan nodded and then turned to Rollin.  “Sorry it took us so long to find you.  But there are quite a few little islands around here.”


“Not a problem really, Dan.”  Rollin said.


“So, what did you guys do for a whole week here in paradise?”  Barney asked.


“Well, for the first two days, I took care of Cinnamon.”


“Took care of her?  What happened?”  Dan asked.


“I hit my head on the boat during the storm.”  Cinnamon said, having heard the question.  The four guys turned to look at her.  “That’s all.”


“And almost drowned and stopped breathing in the process.”  Rollin reminded her.


Cinnamon rolled her eyes.  “I’m fine now.”


“You sure, Cinnamon?”  Willy asked, reaching out to place a hand on her arm.


Cinnamon smiled at the concern in the bodybuilder’s voice and nodded.  “Yes, Willy.  I’m sure.”


“That’s good.”  Dan said.  “Got the wire?”


Cinnamon nodded.


“Well then,” he gestured towards the boat.  “Shall we head home?”


“Sounds good to me.”  Rollin said with a grin and then looked at Cinnamon.  “How about you?”


“Sounds good to me too.” 


“All right, let’s go.”  Dan said, turning and began walking towards the boat, followed by Willy and Barney.


Cinnamon and Rollin looked at each other, communicating silently.


“Hey, you two coming or what?”  Barney called back.


“Yeah, we’re coming.”  Rollin answered.  “Cinnamon’s just trying to talk me into bringing home some bananas,” he gestured to the trees, laden down with bananas. (okay, kinda cliché here, but oh well.)  “She really went ape for them.”


Cinnamon swatted him on the arm as she and the others groaned at the bad joke.  “That was terrible.”  She said, laughing in spite of herself as they began to follow the others.


“Yeah it was.”  Rollin agreed and then continued in a quiet voice.  “But you love me anyway.”


The smile that lighted Cinnamon’s face was all the answer Rollin needed and he grinned.  They were going to be all right.  It wouldn’t be easy, but they would make it.




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