Title: Sucking up to the Boss, or How Sharon Raydor Learned to Take Orders
By: tayryn
Rating: MA/NC17
Pairing: Sharon/Brenda
Disclaimer: not mine.
Summary: it's a PWP and a ficlet, so it’s too short for a summary.

Special thanks to my Pal, for beta'ing and helping with the title!! you rock, Pal o'mine!!


Sharon gripped the edge of the desk.

Her hold on the wood so hard, that her knuckles were turning white, as she fought, unsuccessfully, to stifle the low moan that rose from deep inside her throat.

She bit her lips, muffling the sound, when she felt the warm tongue lap at her swollen folds, and then circle her clit. Sharon looked down at the blonde kneeling on the floor in front of her... arms wrapped around her thighs... face buried in her pussy.

A thrill raced up Sharon’s spine at seeing Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson in that position. She'd known... just known, that Brenda's mouth was good for something other than drawlin' orders.

It had started as it always did when they were together... a flippant word here, a scathing look there, and then the refusal to listen by one or both, and then it had grown, as always, into a full blown argument, with both women refusing to give ground. With every word spoken, the physical distance between them had closed until they were standing just scant inches apart.

Sharon didn’t know who’d made the first move, but all of a sudden, their mouths had crashed together in an almost feral kiss. Tongues tangled... battled for dominance over the other as hands fought with clothing to touch skin.

And then they’d stumbled over to Brenda’s desk. Sharon found herself pushed against it as Brenda yanked her shirt from the waist of her skirt, fumbled with the buttons before finally pulling the satin blouse open and spilling Sharon’s breasts from the cups of her black lace bra.

Sharon had groaned, and clenched her fingers in Brenda’s hair when the blonde lowered her head and took one of Sharon’s aching nipples in her mouth. It’d felt great... sending shards of pleasure through her body, straight to her core... but it hadn’t been enough. She’d tightened her hands in the blonde tresses and tugged, urging her lower.

In response, Brenda had bit her nipple, soothed it with a lap of her tongue before finally dropping to her knees. She’d pushed Sharon’s skirt up then raked her nails along her smooth thighs, not hard enough to cause pain, but enough to make Sharon gasp, before she’d ripped the lace panties away and buried her face in Sharon’s creaming sex.

A hard suck on her clit, had Sharon’s attention returning to the here and now... to Brenda, still on her knees with her face buried in Sharon’s pussy. She moaned, and pried one hand from the edge of the desk to clutch at Brenda’s head, pulling her closer as she ground her sex against the Chief’s mouth.

“That’s it...” Sharon gasped when she felt Brenda begin to pump three of her fingers inside her, concentrating on her clit with her tongue. “Make me come... make me...”

Brenda pulled back, and looked up at Sharon, smiling internally at seeing the brunette’s chest heaving, her face a mask of agony as Brenda left her on the brink of orgasm. “I give the orders around here, Captain...”

Sharon grinned.

“Let me hear you say it,” Brenda said as she thumbed Sharon’s clit.

“You... you give the orders...” Sharon moaned.

“Better,” Brenda smiled then leaned in to flick her tongue against the sensitive bundle. “Now...” another flick, “...I am going to make you come...” another flick and a plunge of her fingers, “...and I am going to make you scream.”

With that, Brenda covered Sharon’s pussy with her mouth once more, sucking on her clit and swirling her tongue around it while she drove her fingers in and out of Sharon’s tight, wet sheath... over and over...

“Come, Sharon...” Brenda hummed against her. “Come now...” she curved her fingers just right inside Sharon as she flattened her tongue against Sharon’s clit.

Sharon cried out as her orgasm exploded through her body, the intense pleasure leaving her breathless and writhing on the desk as Brenda continued to lap at her with her tongue.

“Again... come again...” Brenda told her as she thrust her fingers again and again, suckling on the tiny bundle of nerves still. “Come, Captain...”

“Oh god...” Sharon groaned and clamped her thighs around Brenda’s head, arching and grinding her pussy against the Chief’s mouth as she came again. She heard Brenda moan as Sharon’s juices flooded her mouth.

Brenda continued to move her tongue against Sharon, gently cleaning away every bit of cream from the captain’s sex. A few moments later, she climbed to her feet, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. She dropped into her chair and drew her skirt up and spread her legs, revealing her wet panties.

“Your turn... Captain,” Brenda smiled up at her subordinate officer.

Sharon grinned and slipped off the desk then dropped to her knees before the blonde. “Yes, Chief...”




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