Title:  Rights

By: tayryn

Rating:  NC17

Disclaimer:  not mine.


Notes:  for the ‘Thirty Nights in Sharon’s Bed’ challenge at fidloveaffair in Live Journal




You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you.  Do you understand these rights as I have explained them to you?




“You have the right to remain silent.”


Sharon pulled against the handcuffs securing her wrists.


“Anything you say, can and will be used against you…”


She bit her lips.


“…in Pope’s court of law.”




She couldn’t hold back the moan of his name as his lips closed around her right nipple.  He bit gently then swirled his tongue around the turgid tip before releasing it.


“You have the right to an attorney,” Will told her as he gave her left nipple a quick flick with his tongue.  “If you cannot afford an attorney…” he peppered her chest with open-mouthed kisses, laving the smooth skin between her breasts with his tongue, as he shifted down on the bed, “one will be appointed to you.”


A soft giggle escaped her when Will’s tongue dipped into her navel which quickly turned into a hum of anticipation as he settled between her spread thighs.


“Do you understand these rights as I have explained them to you?”


“Oh yes…” Sharon replied as he wrapped an arm around her thigh just before his fingers combed through her damp curls.


Will looked up her body at her.  “Do you waive your right to counsel?”


Sharon nodded vigorously.  “Yes…”


“Good,” he grinned and refocused his attention between her thighs.


“Will!”  She gasped when he slipped his fingers between her swollen folds and opened her to his heated gaze.


“I love looking at your pussy,” Will told her, exhaling a warm breath over her glistening flesh.  He lowered his head and drew his tongue up along her sex, from her opening to her clit.  “As much as I love eating it.”


“Mmm… and you do it so well…” Sharon told him, and groaned as he repeated the move, stopping to swirl his tongue around the sensitive bundle of nerves before licking her again and again.  “…so well…”


“Must be all that practice I’ve been getting lately,” Pope quipped between licks.


“Hmm…” Sharon hummed as she strained against the handcuffs, both pairs, his and hers, wanting desperately to clutch at Will’s head and hold him to her as he continued his voracious feasting between her thighs.  She bent her legs, and pressed her feet against his shoulder blades, curling her toes into his back in an attempt to draw him closer.


He offered little resistance and buried his face against her.  He thrust his tongue into her; over and over, in and out, and then up to suckle at her clit before pushing back into her yet again.  He ate her like a man starving, coaxing her juices to flow freely into his mouth, moaning happily as they coated his tongue.


Will groaned.  He loved eating Sharon.  Loved the taste of her… the scent of her.  Loved doing this to her… for her.  He loved that he knew just what to do to her in order to make her writhe beneath him; knew just how to touch her to make her scream his name.  Will just… loved Sharon.  It was as simple as that, and he spoke the words against her quivering flesh as he continued to eat his fill, knowing the effect it would have on her.


“Will…” Sharon gasped his name at hearing and feeling those words from him.  She bowed beneath him, lifting and pressing her sex against his face and his wonderfully talented mouth.


Will smiled against her as he took her clit between his lips and pressed two long fingers inside her.  At her sharp intake of breath, he began to move his fingers in and out of her slick sheath.


“Yes!”  Sharon hissed when he found that particular spot within her, and curled his fingers against it.  “Oh god yes, Will!  There… right there!”  She bucked under him as he stroked the sensitive little knot inside her over and over.


“Yeah, baby…” Will encouraged her, laving her clit with his tongue then sucking hard on the bundle of nerves in time with the stroking of his fingers.  He could feel her inner walls quivering and drove the long digits faster into her.  “Come, Sharon…”


Sharon’s thighs clamped around Will’s head and she strained against the handcuffs as she did just that.  She cried out his name as she came hard, wave after wave of intense pleasure coursing up through her body. 


Pope growled happily as Sharon’s juices gushed around his fingers.  He pulled them out of her and stabbed his tongue into her pussy, lapping and consuming her cream with relish until he’d quenched his thirst.  With a final, deep kiss to her quivering flesh, Will crawled up her body.  He urged her to spread her legs wider then sank his throbbing erection into her hot depths.


“Damn, I love being inside you,” Will told her as she wrapped her long legs around his hips, allowing him to sink even deeper into her.


“Mmm…” Sharon drew in a shaky breath, still feeling the pulses of her orgasm move through her.  “…and I love having you inside me… you feel so good, Will.”  She tightened her legs around him and rolled her hips under him.


Will dipped his head, and whispered against her lips.  “I am going to make you scream.”


“Give it your best shot,” Sharon whispered back and tightened her inner walls around him in challenge.


“Oh, I intend to,” he grinned and covered her mouth in a hungry kiss.  As their tongues met, Will began to move inside her.  His tongue moved against hers in time with the gentle thrusting of his cock.


“Mmm…” Sharon hummed into his mouth, enjoying the slow, steady glide of his shaft inside her pussy.  He felt so good… so very good.


Will broke off the kiss, leaving Sharon gasping his name, and pushed up onto his arms.  He withdrew almost completely then thrust hard back into her.


“Oh yes…” Sharon hissed, her head falling back against the pillows.  “Just like that…”


He repeated the action, withdrawing and driving back into her, again and again; making her moan and gasp with every penetration.  Fast, slow, shallow, deep… he kept his pace varied, never giving her a chance to catch her breath.


All of a sudden, he stopped and withdrew completely.


“Will?”  Sharon whimpered and tried desperately to hold him to her with her legs.


“It’s okay, baby.”  Will told her as he rose up on his knees.  He grabbed her thighs, spreading them wider as he shifted closer, then slid his hands down over her heated flesh to her hips and lifted her so that her backside was resting on his thighs.  He gazed down at her swollen sex and licked his lips.  As much as he was tempted to eat her again, his desire to bury himself inside her hot, wet sheath was stronger.


And, he had promised to make her scream.


Will met her eyes.  He smirked at the challenge he could see in them.  Without warning, he plunged his cock into her, causing her to cry out his name and immediately began to move in and out of her.


“Ooh…” Sharon rocked her hips against his, meeting his every thrust.  “…Wiiilll…” his name was a low, protracted moan on her lips as he slipped a hand between them, his thumb finding and stroking her clit.


Will watched as Sharon surged against the handcuffs, the muscles in her arms tight as her body arched into his determined thrusts.  He smiled when she cried out his name and her legs flexed around his hips as the pleasure grew.  He watched her breasts bounce on her chest in time with each drive of his hips against hers then let his gaze drop to where they were joined.


“Do you know what I love almost as much as I love eating you?” Will asked her in a low voice, his eyes still focused between them as he continued to move inside her.


“What?”  Sharon asked breathlessly.


“This…” he met her eyes briefly then dropped them again.  “Watching my cock slide in and out of your pussy.”


“Oh god…” Sharon moaned.  She’d known the answer, but hearing him say it, seeing the unmitigated lust darkening his blue eyes as he continued to watch his shaft move in and out of her, sent her desire skyrocketing.  “…Will…”


Will groaned when Sharon squeezed her inner muscles around him and lifted his eyes to meet her gaze.  He could see the need in her eyes, in the flush of her skin; felt an answering need in his own body as she tightened around him yet again.  He wouldn’t last too much longer… the need to bury himself as deep inside Sharon as he could… to come inside her was building to a level beyond his control.  But he would make certain of her pleasure first, and… he would keep his promise to make her scream.


He slipped his arms beneath her legs, hooking the long limbs in the crook of his elbows as he leaned forward, placing his hands on either side of her.  He immediately began moving in a steady rhythm of long, hard, deep strokes; grinding his pelvis against hers with every thrust.


Sharon writhed beneath him.  Every nerve was on fire as the sensations… the pleasure… danced through her body.  In and out, over and over, Will continued to move inside her; merciless in his determination to make her scream.  She bit her lips, fighting against the rising tension, refusing to give in.


“Don’t fight it, Sharon.  Let go… come for me,” he told her between each drive of his hips.  “Let me hear you…”


She shook her head, even as overwhelming desire blazed in her blood, arousing a desperate hunger for the release he promised her.  Sharon knew she wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer, knew that Will would inevitably push her into uncontrollable pleasure, and elicit the scream he sought.  But she wouldn’t make it easy on him… knowing the payoff would be worth it.


Will smirked, and even as he battled against his own rising need for release, he continued to move inside her.  He drove into her, pushing deeper with each thrust of his hips.




He grinned at her command and feeling her thighs begin to quiver, he started to piston his hips, driving his cock in and out of her wet sheath.  In and out, harder with every plunge, he reveled in the sound of their bodies slapping together.


“Oh yes, Will… just like that…” Sharon panted, her fingers flexing around the handcuffs.  “…so good…”


He grunted as he felt the telltale tingles of his orgasm creep along his spine.  “Oh shit… Sharon… I’m close…”


“Then come…” she told him on a gasp as he began to thrust even harder.  She flexed her inner muscles around his erection.  “Come, Will… let me feel you come inside me…”


Will shook his head.  “Not… yet…” he said in between each drive of his hips then lowered his head to whisper hotly in her ear.  “Not until you scream my name.”


Sharon’s lips moved against his ear, whispering an order in a breathless voice, “Make me…”


“Yes, ma’am!” Releasing her left leg, Will slipped his right hand between their bodies and found her clit, once again, with his thumb then began to drive his cock hard and fast into her, his balls swinging to slap against her ass with every thrust.  He moved with singular purpose, withdrawing and pushing back into her… over and over.


“Come, Sharon…” Will growled, almost at the edge of his endurance and pressed firmly against her clit.  “…come…”


“WILL!!” Sharon screamed his name as she was suddenly consumed by a mind-shattering climax.  Her body arched beneath his then thrashed wildly as the intense sensations coursed through her, seemingly without end.


Will groaned as her body continued to writhe beneath him.  The feel of her pussy pulsing around his cock was his undoing.  He thrust one last time, pressing as deep inside her as he could, and came with a shout, bathing her insides with his juices.


“Oh, Will…” Sharon murmured breathlessly as he collapsed against her, burying his face in her neck as she continued to shudder with the residual waves of her orgasm.


“Told you…” Will managed, between breaths, to whisper against her skin.


Sharon laughed then moaned.  “Will… the cuffs…”


Pope lifted his head and glanced up at her restrained hands then met her eyes.  A mischievous smile crossed his face as he released her other leg then reached under the pillow and pulled out a set of keys.  He dangled them in front of her for a moment then reached up and unlocked both sets of cuffs.


She released a sigh of relief as her arms fell to the pillows; the handcuffs dropping to clang against the brass bars of her bed.


“Okay?”  Will asked as he tossed the keys onto her night table and propped himself up on his elbows over her.


“Mmhmm,” Sharon replied as she wriggled her fingers.  She smiled at him as she ran her hands over his smooth, sweaty pate.  “Next time though… I get to be the bad cop and cuff YOU to the bed.”


Will grinned lasciviously then rolled them onto their sides.  He drew the sheet up over their cooling bodies then reached for her hands.  “You sure you’re okay?”  He asked, noting the red marks on her wrists.


“Yes,” she nodded but couldn’t help sighing with relief as he gently rubbed the marks.  “That feels good,” she told him softly.  “Thank you.”


“You’re welcome,” Will replied, lifting her hands and pressing a kiss to each of her wrists before releasing her.


Sharon laid her hands against his chest, her fingers playing with the light sprinkling of hair.  She smiled at him, her eyes bright as she leaned closer and brushed her lips over his.  “I love you,” she whispered.


“I love you too,” Will responded in an equally quiet voice.


They shared another gentle, loving kiss before Sharon snuggled into Will’s arms.  She rested her head and hand on his chest; her fingers, once again, playing absently with his chest hair.


“You know…” Sharon began softly several moments later, “I’m never going to be able to give Miranda with a straight face ever again”


Will laughed.





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