Title:  All I Want for Christmas

By: tayryn

Rating:  NC17/MA

Summary:  Santa Claus is coming…

Disclaimer:  I own nothing. 





Sharon stood in the semi-darkened conference room, staring out of the windows at the bustling city below.


It was only mid afternoon on Christmas Eve, but she was tired and ready to go home.  However, she couldn’t.  Not yet.  Not until the Christmas Party was over.


Sharon sighed.


It wasn’t that she didn’t like Christmas.  Quite the opposite really.  She loved Christmas, and everything about it.


She just did not want to be at THIS party.


Not with the man she was attracted to, moving around the room dressed up as Santa Claus, carrying a sprig of mistletoe and kissing every officer he came upon… male or female; albeit on the cheek.  Under normal circumstances, she wouldn’t have minded, and would have happily joined in the fun… but she did not want just a kiss on the cheek from him.  Not after having already gotten a taste of him earlier in the day when he’d caught her under some mistletoe that had been hung in the break room.


And when one of the members of Major Crimes had pushed a chair into the centre of the room for Santa to sit… Sharon knew that that was her cue to make herself scarce.


She’d quietly left the room, and slipped into the empty conference room she now occupied.  She leaned forward, pressing her forehead against the cool window and closed her eyes, sighing once more as the memory of that kiss flashed through her mind.



“Captain Raydor, hold a moment, please.”


Sharon stopped and turned.  “Yes, Chief?  Is there something you needed?”


“As a matter of fact, there is,” Pope said with a smile on his face and pointed up.


“Don’t tell me…” she began and slowly tilted her head back.  “Mistletoe,” she said flatly.


“Mistletoe,” Pope echoed, amusement lacing his voice.


“Chief…” Sharon began.


“Oh, come on, Captain, it’s tradition,” Will said as he gently grasped her shoulders and leaned closer.  “Where’s your Christmas spirit?”  He whispered as he brushed his lips over hers softly.


A soft moan escaped Sharon, only to be muffled by Will’s mouth as he deepened the kiss.  Her lips parted under the gentle pressure of his, and she hummed as his tongue slipped inside to meet hers, his taste flooding her senses.


No sooner had the kiss begun then it was over, and Will was stepping away.  “See you at the party later… Sharon.”



The sound of a door closing, and locking, startled Sharon out of her memories, and she turned to see the object of her thoughts enter at the opposite end of the room.  His office.  Which meant that she was in his conference room.  She hadn’t realized that when she’d ducked inside.


He hadn’t noticed her, and she watched as he pulled the Santa hat off his head and tossed it onto his desk, followed by the white hair and beard.  The large black belt was unbuckled next, and then his fingers were making quick work on the buttons of the Santa jacket.  Once they were undone, he quickly removed the padding, dropping it to the floor.


As Will started to remove the jacket, Sharon knew she should say something… alert him to her presence, but she didn’t.  She was, in all honesty, enjoying the unexpected show far too much.


However, at that moment, her cell phone rang, causing her to jump, and Will’s eyes to snap up and over to her.


“Damn,” Sharon muttered under her breath as she reached into her pocket and pulled out the phone.  “Hello,” she answered it without looking at who was calling, her eyes on Pope as he stepped from his office into the attached conference room; heading straight for her.  “Oh… hi, honey…”


It was her daughter.


“No, I’m still at work.  Office Christmas party,” she answered then gave Pope an almost shy smile as he stopped in front of her.  “I told you, Melissa, it’s fine.  Yes, I’m sure.  I will see you guys then.”


She rolled her eyes, and watched a slight smirk curl the corners of Will’s mouth.


“Mel, I need to… all right, put her on,” Sharon said.  A large smile spread across her face.  “Hi, baby girl.  Yes, I know… I…” she chuckled.  KelsieKelsie, slow down, Gramma can’t understand a word you’re saying.”


Will chuckled softly.


“Yes, I will leave some milk and cookies out for Santa.  Let me talk to mommy now.  I love you too, Kelsie.  Bye, baby,” Sharon replied with a smile.  “Yes, I’m here, Melissa.  Mmhmm… all right… have fun… yes, I’ll talk to you later.”  She hung up the phone, and slipped it back into her pocket.  “That was my daughter.”


“I gathered,” Will said then met her eyes.  “So, how far were you going to let me undress before you let me know you were here?”


Sharon arched an eyebrow, and tilted her head slightly as a small smile played about her lips.  “I hadn’t decided.”


Will smirked and shook his head in amusement, then asked, “Why’d you leave the party to hide out here?  You’re not a Scrooge about Christmas, are you?”


“No, I’m not.  I actually love Christmas,” she answered.


“Then why’d you leave the party?”


Sharon shook her head then turned to stare out the window.  She couldn’t tell him that he was the reason she’d left.  That all she’d wanted to do was climb in his lap and kiss him senseless, not caring who saw.  “I just needed to find a little peace and quiet.  That’s all.”


“Are you sure?”




She could feel Will’s eyes on her but kept hers on the view of the city outside of the window.


He was close.


Too close. 


The Santa jacket he still wore was hanging open; affording her a nice view of his chest… covered by nothing more than a thin white t-shirt.  The matching red pants, much too large for him without the padding, were being held up by a pair of bright red suspenders but still hung low on his hips, showing off a slight, but firm stomach and abs.  Add to that, the fact that she had a Santa fetish - something she would never admit to anyone - Sharon knew that if she looked at him, she would be in trouble.


“About that kiss earlier,” Will said.  “I’m sorry…”


Sharon turned to face him, suddenly feeling like she’d been punched in the gut.  “You’re sorry you kissed me?”  She asked, hoping she’d managed to keep the hurt out of her voice.


“Oh no!  I’m not sorry about that in the slightest,” Will told her with a smile.  “I was apologizing if I upset you with the kiss.”


Sharon shook her head.  “It didn’t upset me,” she told him softly.




“No,” Sharon held his gaze.


“So… if I told you that you were standing under some more mistletoe… it would okay to kiss you again?”


“Are you kidding me?  I’m under it again?”  Sharon asked incredulously as she looked up then started to laugh when she saw Will’s hand suddenly appear, holding a spray of mistletoe over her head.  She shook her head as she brought her eyes down to his.  “You are incorrigible.”


Will grinned as he nodded.  “Yes, I am,” he agreed as he stepped closer, still holding the mistletoe over her head.  He cupped her cheek in his free hand and lowered his mouth to hers.


Unlike their first kiss, a gentle, learning kiss that had ended before it’d really begun… this kiss started off deep and passionate; Sharon’s lips parting under his immediately.  She moaned deep in her throat as his tongue moved against hers; hands clutching at him, her fingers curling in his t-shirt.


The sprig of mistletoe fell quietly to the floor as Will wrapped his arm around Sharon and drew her closer.  She hummed at the feel of his body against hers, pressing even closer to him as his hand splayed out against the curve of her lower back.


When he pulled his mouth from hers, they were both panting softly.


“I’ve been wanting to do that again all day,” Will told her in a quiet voice; rubbing his thumb back and forth against her cheek.


“Me too,” she whispered.


Will grinned at Sharon and brushed his lips over hers then stepped away from her.


Sharon watched, trying to catch her breath, as Will moved across the room to his office and grabbed the fake beard, hair and Santa hat.  He walked back into the conference room and pulled out one of the chairs then sat down, pulling on the wig, beard and hat.


“What are you doing?”  Sharon asked him, confused.


Pope grinned at her through the fluffy white beard and patted his lap.  “You didn’t sit on Santa’s lap earlier,” he told her.  “So, now’s your chance to tell Santa if you’ve been naughty or nice… and what you want for Christmas.”


Sharon held his eyes for several heartbeats as she weighed her options.  She knew… knew without a shadow of a doubt… what would happen if she went to him.  The question was… did she really want it to happen?


Yes.  She was attracted to him.


Yes.  She’d fantasized about him… about having sex with him… more times than she could count.


But he was her superior officer.  Was she willing to risk her career… and more importantly, her heart by getting involved with him?




She blinked then turned and walked to the conference room door.




Will watched Sharon walk, not to him, but towards the conference room door, and felt his heart constrict.  He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.  Had he gone too far?


His eyes flew open when he heard the lock on the door click into place, and watched Sharon turn and walk slowly toward him.


A smile came to his lips as she neared, and he patted his lap once again in invitation.  She surprised him when, instead of sitting sideways on his lap like everyone else had, Sharon straddled him.


She grasped his face in her hands then burrowed through the beard to cover his mouth with hers; kissing him hard.  Will’s hands found purchase in her long auburn hair, angling her head in order to deepen the kiss.


Sharon pulled out of the kiss to yank the hat and beard off of him, and tossed it aside.  “Tell me, Santa…” she leaned her forehead against his, her breath rushing over his lips as she spoke; her voice huskier than usual.  “Have I been naughty or nice?”


“Very naughty…” Will replied, sliding his hands down her back to cup her rear and pull her firmer against his growing arousal.  “Very naughty… but that’s oh so nice…”


Sharon giggled softly and wound her arms about his head, her hands clutching at his smooth pate as she kissed him hungrily.  She ground against him, feeling his cock rising beneath her, and groaned into his mouth.


“You asked what I wanted for Christmas?  Sharon spoke breathlessly as she trailed her lips along his jaw to his ear.


“Yes…” Will murmured as he moved his hands between the close press of their bodies, and began to work at the buttons on her blouse.


“You…” Sharon answered, biting lightly on his earlobe.  “I want you, Will…”


“…Sharon…” Will groaned and blistered the column of her neck with hot kisses, stopping only when he met the top of her blouse.  Releasing the final button, he lifted his head as he parted the red satin.  Unable to help himself, he chuckled, a large grin spreading across his face at the sight.


She straightened up and looked down at him as he stared at her breasts.  “Like what you see?”


“Oh yeah,” Will nodded, his attention still focused on her chest.  He raised his hands to cup her breasts.  He thumbed her nipples through the black lace of her bra… grinning to beat all at the candy canes dotting the fabric.  “I love candy canes…” Will told her as he bowed his head and pulled a lace covered nipple into the warm cavern of his mouth.


“Mmm…” Sharon’s head fell back and she arched against him, enjoying the feel of his tongue playing her nipple through her bra.  She bent forward; her hair spilling around them and rained kisses over the top of Will’s head.


“…Will…” his name escaped her in a rush against the smooth skin of his head when he tugged down the cup of her bra, freeing her breast that wasn’t in his mouth.  His fingers immediately began teasing her nipple; twisting and pulling on the hard point.


Sharon moved her hands between them, her fingers fumbling with the clips of his suspenders.  Once she’d managed to release them, she slipped her hand into the loose pants, and his boxers, and wrapped her fingers around his erection.


Sharon…” Will moaned around her breast as she immediately began to stroke him; her fingers cool on his hot flesh.  It felt so good, and Will quickly fell in to her rhythm, the pull of his mouth on her nipple, matching each pump of her fist.


He felt good in her hand.  Hot, hard… silken covered steel, and in that moment, she wanted nothing more than to have him inside her.  She moved her lips down to his ear and told him so in a husky whisper.


Will released her breast with a groan of her name, and raised his head to meet Sharon’s eyes.  The want and desire he saw swirling in her green depths made his cock lurch in her palm.  His hands dropped to her waist, and his fingers quickly began to gather up her skirt.


Sharon shifted in his lap, trying to push his pants out of the way.  “Will…” she growled in frustration.  “Help me…”


He gave her a quick kiss, and then, amidst a few giggles and grunts, and just a little swearing, they managed to get his pants out of the way without falling out of the chair.


Sharon took him in hand again, stroked him as she moved closer, angling her hips as Will reached between them and pulled her panties to the side.  They both inhaled sharply when the head of his erection came into contact with her wet pussy.


Sharon…” Will groaned as she stroked the broad head through her folds, coating him with her cream before finally putting him into position.  He grasped her hips, and slowly pulled her down onto him, impaling her on his cock.


“Oh god… Will…” Sharon hissed at the mix of pleasure and pain as he stretched and filled her.


“Damn… you’re tight…” Will muttered, feeling her quiver around him as her body strove to adjust to him.  He lifted his hips slightly.


“No…” Sharon grasped his shoulders.  “Don’t move… not yet…” her breaths came in sharp gasps.  “It’s been a while… give me a moment.”


“I didn’t hurt you, did I?”  He asked, his brow wrinkling in concern.


She smiled at him, and shook her head, reaching up to smooth her fingers over the furrows on his forehead.  “No, you didn’t.  I told you… it’s been a while, that’s all.”  Her smile grew.  “And you’re not exactly a small man, Will.”


A grin spread out across his face at that, and he leaned forward and brushed his lips against hers.  “Just tell me when you’re ready,” he whispered then lowered his head to rain soft kisses over her chest as his hands trailed slowly up and down her back.


Sharon concentrated on the feel of him inside her; could feel him throbbing, and it made her wetter.  This is what she wanted earlier… him inside her… filling her, stretching her, and now that she had that… she wanted more.


She rocked her hips against him, laughing softly at the moan he released against her chest.


“I take it you’re ready?”  Will asked, nipping at the swell of her breast.


“Mmhmm…” Sharon moaned and undulated in his lap; circling her hips against him.  He groaned, and dropped his hands to her waist, guiding her movements as he began to thrust up gently into her.


She grasped his face in her hands and captured his lips with hers, kissing him deeply…her tongue matching the slow pace of their lower bodies.  She moaned into his mouth when his hands slid down to cup her ass and pull her closer.


Their bodies continued to move in the chair; hips rocking and circling.


“Will…” Sharon broke off the kiss when she tried to wrap her legs around him, and found the chair in the way.  “This isn’t working…”


“No, it’s not,” Will agreed.


“It was a nice thought though,” a small smile played on her lips.  She scraped her nails gently through the fringe of hair on his head.  “I want to feel more of you, Will.  I want to feel you deeper… harder…”


Will groaned.  “Hold that thought and hang on,” he told her, and slid his hands from her rear to grasp her thighs.  He held her close, and then slowly got to his feet.


Sharon moaned and wrapped her legs around him as he slowly shuffled the few steps to the conference table.  He set her down on the edge then grasped her hands and eased her onto her back; stretching her arms up over her head as he bent over her, kissing her as he began to rock gently into her.


She tightened her legs around him, her fingers clenching around his.  “Yes…” she panted into his mouth as he increased his pace; pressing deeper inside her with every stroke.  “…oh yes, Will…”


Will trailed his lips along her jaw to her ear.  “You feel so good, Sharon…” he told her in a husky voice and dropped his head to suck at the soft skin between her neck and shoulders.  “…so damn good…”


Sharon whimpered when he released her hands, pushing himself up on his arms, and began to thrust harder and faster.  “Oh god…” she gasped, reaching up and back to grasp the edge of the table.


He watched her breasts – one covered, one bare – bounce on her chest with every drive of his cock into her snug channel.  It was a tantalizing sight, one he couldn’t resist.  He lowered his head and caught the hard point of the bared breast in his mouth.


“Will!”  She cried out softly and arched under him as he bit her nipple, the pleasure and pain shooting through her body to centre where they were joined.  His tongue laved the berried tip, suckling in time with his thrusting hips.


It was almost too much, and yet it wasn’t enough.  Both wanted and needed more.


“Will… Will, I need…”


“More… yeah…” Will murmured, releasing her breast and pushing himself up so that he was standing straight.  He grasped her hips and pulled her closer to the edge of the table then slid his hands down to hold on to her thighs; holding her open, and holding her close.  Will withdrew almost completely then paused, his gaze dropping down to look at her.  He groaned at the sight.  Her pussy swollen, glistening with her arousal, surrounding the broad head of his cock.  It was almost all he could do to not come right then.


“Like what you see?”  Sharon repeated her earlier question in a breathy, slightly amused voice.


“Oh yeah,” Will answered without hesitation, and moved a hand from her thigh to rub his thumb over her clit.


Sharon gasped, bucking slightly as he repeated the caress, rubbing firmer with every stroke.  “Will… please…”


He grinned and shifted his hand back to hold her thigh then thrust hard inside her.  He withdrew and plunged in again… and again.


Sharon cried out.  “Yes!  Oh yes… just like that!”


Will grinned and continued to move inside her.  Every drive of his length into her sheath, making her gasp, moan and hum; each sound spurring him on.  He couldn’t get enough of her.  She felt so good around him… so tight… so wet… he groaned.  Will could feel her quivering around his cock, feel the beginnings of her orgasm, and he moved his hand from her thigh to once again play her clit with his thumb.


“WILL!”  Sharon’s hands clenched on the edge of the table and she lifted her hips into his thrusts.  “Harder… Will… please… so close…”


Will nodded, and did as she asked; thrusting harder and faster into her.  His own release was closing in on him, but he wanted to be assured of her pleasure before he gave in to his own.  Wanted to see and feel her come… and to know it was because of him… because of his cock moving in and out of her warm and willing pussy.


“Mmm… yes… there…” Sharon panted when he hit that perfect spot within her.  Her right hand left the edge of the table to grab her breast; her fingers pulling at the nipple.  “…right there, Will… yes!”


Sharon…” Will groaned, feeling the telltale tingling of his orgasm in the base of his spine.  “Come for me...”


“I… oooh…”  Sharon bit her lower lip as the first pulses of her release began to move through her body.


“Come on, Sharon…” he pressed his thumb harder against her clit, rubbing the sensitive knot of flesh in time with each drive of his hips.  “Come…”


“…Will… oh god…” Sharon writhed on the table.  The pulses were growing stronger… the sensations building, coalescing.  She was almost there… the pleasure was almost overwhelming in its intensity.




It was the strain she heard in his voice; his fight to hold onto his control, combined with a hard, deep thrust and the ever present rubbing of her clit that pushed Sharon over the edge.  She covered her mouth with her hand to stifle her scream of his name as she came; her body arching up off the table.


That was all Will needed, and as her inner muscles grabbed and clenched around his cock, he joined her, falling into his orgasm with a loud cry of her name, spilling his seed deep inside her.  He fell forward, covering Sharon’s body with his, and buried his face in her neck.


Sharon wrapped her arms and legs around him, held him to her tightly as their bodies continued to rock together, each pulling everything they could from the other; shuddering endlessly against each other as their orgasms consumed them.


When they finally lay quiescent on the hard surface; their breathing slowly returning to normal, Sharon lifted her head and pressed a kiss to his shoulder.  She smiled when she felt him reciprocate.


“Stay with me tonight,” Will spoke softly against her ear then shook his head as he swore softly and pushed himself up on his arms.  “I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have asked that.”


“Why not?”


“It’s Christmas Eve,” he said.  “You’ll be with your family, so forget I asked.  It wasn’t fair of me.”


“I would love to spend the night with you,” Sharon told him then placed her fingers against his lips before he could protest.  “My daughter is spending Christmas Eve with her in-laws, and my son is at his father’s.  They won’t be coming over until tomorrow afternoon.”


Will smiled against her fingers.


“But what about your kids?”  Sharon asked him.


“They’re spending the holiday with their mother,” he answered, a touch of melancholy in his voice.  “They won’t be home until the day after Christmas.  We’ll celebrate then.”


Sharon regarded him for a moment.  “I’ll make you a deal.  I’ll spend tonight with you, if you spend tomorrow with me and my family.”


Will nodded.  “I would like that.”


“Good,” Sharon smiled up at him then began to chuckle when she realized that they were lying on his conference table, both half naked; their bodies still intimately joined.




“Look at us,” she said.  “We’re half naked lying on your conference table…”


“And I’m still inside you,” Will pointed out, very aware of her around him, even if he was no longer hard.


“Yes…” Sharon breathed, arousal flashing in her eyes.


“I think,” Will began, “that we should get dressed, go back to the party for a little while longer then head to my place for dinner…”


“And dessert,” Sharon finished for him, squeezing her inner muscles around him.


Will groaned.  “Definitely dessert.”


Sharon laughed then moaned softly when Will rose and straightened up, the action causing him to slip out of her.


“Don’t move,” he told her as he pulled his t-shirt off.


Sharon felt a wave of affection wash over her, as he used his shirt to clean her… wiping away the evidence of their coupling.  “Thank you,” she told him.


“You’re welcome,” he replied as he pulled her panties back into place.  He groaned.  “Oh god… they match…”


Sharon grinned and nodded, then slipped her arms about his neck when he gave her a hand up.  “If you’re a good boy, I’ll model them for you later.”




“I promise,” she said and brushed her lips over his.


Will grinned and stepped away from her.  He quickly cleaned himself then walked into his office to change. 


Sharon righted her clothes then wandered over to lean against the wall between his office and conference room, and watched Will change his clothes.  She gave a low, appreciative whistle when he dropped the Santa pants, leaving him clad in just his boxers.  “Nice legs, Chief.”


He smirked at her, and she giggled.


A few minutes later, dressed in one of his usual suits, Will joined her.  “Ready?”


“Yes,” Sharon nodded with a smile and pushed herself away from the wall.  “Let’s go.”


Will caught her hand then pulled her against him.  He gave her a quick kiss then placed his Santa hat on her head.


She raised her eyebrows questioningly.


“Let’s give them something to talk about,” Will told her with a cheeky grin.


Sharon laughed, and laced her fingers with his as she allowed him to lead her out of his office, and back to the party.





Sharon released a contented sigh and nestled deeper into Will’s embrace.




The words were spoken softly against her ear, and Sharon smiled as she nodded, “Mmhmm.”


“Good, I’m glad to hear it,” Will told her as he nuzzled his face into her hair.


Sharon’s smile grew when she felt him press a kiss to the back of her head, and her mind wandered back over the events of the last two days.


After leaving Will’s office the night before, they’d rejoined the Christmas party for a time.  Both had been painfully aware of the other for the rest of the afternoon, wanting nothing more than to leave so that they could continue exploring this new development in their relationship.  Once the party had wound down, they’d left, and Sharon had followed Will home in her car.


He’d fed her, much to her amusement, a Christmas Eve meal of pizza and Coke, while they’d watched old Christmas movies.  A tradition, he’d told her, that he’d started back in college.  One he’d made sure to share with his children, much to their mother’s chagrin.


Sharon had laughed when he’d told her.


Once they’d finished eating, she’d asked Will if he had something she could change into, as she’d not thought to stop by her place to pick up a change of clothes.  He’d nodded, sent her upstairs, and told her to grab something out of his closet.


She’d opened his closest, and spotted a well-worn denim shirt hanging near the back.  It, more than any of his other shirts, had appealed to her, so she’d grabbed it then slipped into the bathroom to change.  When she’d emerged, she’d dropped her folded clothes onto his dresser and stole into his top drawer for a pair of socks.


Sharon’s smile grew as she remembered the look on his face when she’d rejoined him in the living room, where he’d turned the lights down low, turned on some soft Christmas music, and had built a fire in the fireplace.


“I have never seen that shirt look so good,” Will said, his eyes raking appreciatively over her.


Sharon blushed under his intense look then realized that Will was no longer wearing his suit.  “When did you change?”


“When you were in the bathroom,” he answered then gestured to the fire.  “I thought we’d listen to some Christmas music, and talk… if that’s all right with you?”


Sharon nodded.  “I’d like that.”


Before she had a chance to sit, Will pulled her into his embrace and they shared a few dances in front of the fire.


Sharon sighed happily.


“What are you thinking about?”


She tilted her head back slightly and smiled.  “Last night… dancing with you in the living room…”


Will grinned.  “I’ve always wanted to spend a quiet Christmas Eve that way.  Simply holding a beautiful woman in my arms.”


Sharon snuggled back against his chest, lacing her fingers with his, resting them on her hip.


After dancing, they’d cuddled on the couch under an afghan, sipped some wine, and spent the evening talking quietly; getting to know one another better.  After a while, with the soft music and crackling fire enhancing the romance of the day, they’d found themselves in a good, old-fashioned make out session on the sofa.


But they hadn’t made love.


Sharon had been surprised when Will had pulled back; stopping them before they’d gone too far.  He’d reached for the blanket that had been shoved down at their feet, covered them and spooned with her.




“I just want to hold you,” Will whispered in her ear as he pulled her closer.  “I like feeling you in my arms.”


They’d fallen asleep soon after that and slept the whole night in each other’s arms.  The next morning however…


Sharon hummed with the memory of Will’s wandering hands.


“Thinking about how I woke you up this morning?”  He asked, amusement lacing his voice.


“Mmhmm…” Sharon hummed again.  “I’ve never been woken up that way before…”


Will grinned and kissed her shoulder.


He’d woken before her that morning, happier than he remembered being in a long time thanks to the woman in his arms.  As the minutes ticked by, Will had not been able to resist touching her.  He’d maneuvered her leg up over his and had slipped his hand inside her panties.  She’d woken up gasping his name, her body shuddering in his arms as his fingers continued to move inside her.


“I promise, it won’t be the last time you wake up that way,” Will told her.


Sharon laughed softly, and when her laughter faded away, she ventured a question.  “Will... did you mean what you said to Mark?”


“You heard that?”




“Yeah, I meant it.”


Sharon turned in his arms so that she was facing him.  Her hand came up to cup his cheek as she searched his eyes.


After he’d woken her that morning, they’d made love there on the couch… then again in the shower an hour later.  Shortly after that, they’d headed over to Sharon’s, where Will had helped her get everything ready for her kids and their families.


She’d been a little worried about her daughter and son’s reactions to Will, but other than being a little surprised, both Melissa and Mark had been happy for her.


At one point, Sharon had gone into the kitchen to check on the turkey, and when she’d stepped out to call Melissa in to help her, she’d seen her son talking to Will with a serious look on his face.


“I just have two questions and a warning for you,” Mark said.


“What’s that?”  Will asked.


“Are you sleeping with our mother, and what are your intentions?”  Mark stepped closer and crossed his arms.  “ And, if you hurt her, police officer or not, I’ll kill you.”


“Understood,” Will nodded.  “To answer your questions, yes, I am sleeping with your mother.  As for my intentions, I promise you, they are honourable.  I care about your mother, Mark.  She is a fascinating woman, and I want to get to know her better… and, I want to see where this relationship goes.”


Mark regarded him for several moments before nodding and extending his hand to Will.  “I believe you.  But just remember what I told you.”


“Don’t worry, son, I will.”


“This is about more than sex to me, Sharon,” Will told her.  “I would really like to explore a relationship with you.  I think we could be good together.  I know the reputation I have… that everyone thinks I’m some kind of man-whore, but I’m really not.”


“I know that, Will.”  Sharon said, stroking his lips with her thumb.  “I would not have slept with you, and you would not be in my bed if I thought otherwise.”


Will smiled.  “So… does that mean we’re officially a couple?”


Sharon returned his smile with a nod.  “Yes.”


He leaned in and kissed her softly.


Will’s voice was soft as he slowly rolled her onto her back, and covered her body with his.  “Merry Christmas, Sharon…”


As they began to make love, a thought flitted through Sharon’s mind that made her heart skip a beat, and her smile grow. 


All she’d wanted for Christmas was Will… and Santa had given him to her.


“Merry Christmas, Will…”


The End



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