Title: Time
By: tayryn
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer:  not mine

For the prompt: time

Thank you, Pal, for lookin' it over for me! *pounces*


They stumbled down the hall, locked in a hungry, passionate kiss; hands tugging at clothing, trying desperately to get to bare skin. There was no finesse… no grace… just pure lust-driven need.

This thing between them had been building for months, and there was just no more holding back… for either of them.

It was time.

“…Sharon…” Brenda murmured against the other woman’s skin as she bit at her neck, her hands delving into Sharon’s panties to cup the cheeks of her ass and draw her closer.

The backs of Sharon’s legs hit the side of the bed, and they tumbled onto the mattress, a tangle of arms and legs. Their clothes lay in a scattered trail on the floor, leaving them in only their bras and panties… and even those scant items were proving to be too much.

Sharon rolled them so that Brenda was pinned beneath her. She lowered her head and nuzzled her face into the other woman’s cleavage. She shifted, and slipped her thigh between Brenda’s, moaning at the damp heat she encountered. She trailed her lips up to Brenda’s ear, whispering hotly, “Are you wet for me?”

“Yes…” Brenda gasped as Sharon pressed her thigh firmer against her. Unable to help herself, Brenda rocked against her, the friction only enflaming her desire.

Sharon slid her hand between the close press of their bodies, and inside Brenda’s underwear to cup her sex. “You are wet…” she breathed into her ear as she slipped her middle finger between the swollen lips, “So wet… and for me…” Sharon circled her finger against Brenda’s clit.

Brenda moaned and arched into Sharon’s touch as the other woman slid two fingers inside her.

“I’m going to make you come, Brenda…” Sharon told her, and began to stroke her fingers in and out of her. “I’m going to make you come like this,” she thrust her fingers in harder, deeper and pressed the heel of her hand firmly against Brenda’s clit. “And then, I am going to eat you… and I am going to make you come hard with my mouth…”

“Oh god…” Brenda groaned, her hands covering her breasts and squeezing; her fingers pulling at her hard, aching nipples through her bra.

“Take your bra off,” Sharon told her. “Let me see you…”

Brenda reached under her body and undid her bra, then quickly pulled it off, tossing it away. She cupped her breasts, framing them in her hands for Sharon, pleased when she saw the brunette’s eyes darken.

With what could only be described as a low growl, Sharon lowered her head and caught one of Brenda’s nipples in her mouth. She sucked hard, circling the berried tip with her tongue. “I love your breasts…” she murmured in between licks and sucks.

As she continued to suckle on Brenda’s nipples, moving back and forth between both, Sharon began to move her fingers faster inside Brenda. She could hear how wet the blonde was, the sound of each penetration as much of a turn on as the scent of her arousal.

“…mmm… oh… oh god, Sharon…” Brenda gasped, surprised to feel that she was on the cusp of orgasm already. She clenched around Sharon’s fingers and lifted her hips into each drive of the other woman’s hand.

“You’re close,” Sharon whispered as she released Brenda’s nipple. “I can feel you… I can feel you here,” she pushed her fingers deep inside Brenda’s pussy then curled them. “Quivering… throbbing…” Sharon stroked the blonde in time with every word. “You want to come, don’t you?”

“Yes…” Brenda answered, feeling the sensations coil tighter in her lower belly.

“Say it…” Sharon told her, bending low so that her lips were hovering over Brenda’s. “Say it, Brenda,” she repeated as she shifted her hand and caught Brenda’s clit with her thumb.

“Oh god… Sharon…” Brenda panted. “I want you…”

“What do you want?” Sharon thrust and curled her fingers again, and nipped at the younger woman’s lips. “Tell me…”

Brenda bit her lip, and shook her head against the growing pleasure.

“Tell me…” Sharon dipped her head and caught Brenda’s nipple once again in her mouth, biting the tip just hard enough to make the blonde gasp. “Brenda…”

“I want to come!” Brenda told her breathlessly. “Please… Sharonmake me come…”

Sharon grinned around Brenda’s nipple, nipping it again before she released the hard point. She shifted closer, and stared into Brenda’s eyes.

“You feel so good,” Sharon breathed with every thrust of her fingers into Brenda’s wet heat. “So hot… so wet… I can’t wait to taste you…” her thumb circled Brenda’s clit.

“Oooh… Sharon…”

“Come for me, Brenda,” Sharon told her as she began to drive her fingers into Brenda’s wet heat faster, and harder. “Come…” she curled her fingers inside Brenda’s pussy. “Let me hear you…”

Brenda’s body tightened, and she cried out Sharon’s name as her orgasm washed over her. She began to writhe under the other woman as the waves of pleasure moved up through her body from where Sharon’s fingers continued to stroke in and out of her.

Sharon grinned as she lowered her head. “So fucking sexy,” she whispered against the other woman’s lips before she kissed her hungrily. “Now,” Sharon ended the kiss but left her mouth against Brenda’s, “I am going to eat you, and make you come again.”

Brenda whimpered.

Sharon pulled her fingers from Brenda as she slid down her body and situated herself between the blonde’s legs. She reached out; drawing her fingers through the damp curls in front of her then gently parted, and held open Brenda’s sex.

At the sight of the glistening pink flesh, Sharon inhaled deeply; pulling the scent of her arousal deep into her lungs before she groaned and covered Brenda’s pussy with her mouth.

Sharon!” Brenda’s hand flew down, and her fingers fisted in Sharon’s thick hair as the older woman thrust her tongue inside her. “Oh my god…”

Sharon smiled against the blonde and drew her tongue up along the Brenda’s sex until she reached her clit. She circled the hard nub with her tongue then sucked it into her mouth, as she slipped her two fingers back inside the other woman.

“You’re… you’re cheatin’…” Brenda gasped as Sharon’s fingers moved in time with each pull of her mouth on her clit.

Sharon chuckled but did not stop.

She continued to feast on the woman beneath her, moaning her pleasure as Brenda’s flavour washed over her tongue. She’d wanted this for far too long, and was not about to rush through this, even as everything in her screamed for her to make Brenda come again now.

With every thrust of her fingers into Brenda’s pussy, and every suck on Brenda’s clit, Sharon could feel her own arousal growing, could feel herself getting wetter and wetter.

Sharonplease…” Brenda lifted her hips into the brunette’s thrusts, grinding her sex against Sharon’s mouth. “Please…”

Sharon groaned and sucked harder on Brenda’s clit, thrashing her tongue against the sensitive knot of flesh as she pressed her fingers deep inside Brenda’s pussy. She hummed in delight when she felt Brenda’s inner walls spasm around her fingers, and felt her come flood her palm as the younger woman came again.

Sharon pulled her fingers away, sliding her mouth down to thrust her tongue into Brenda’s still quivering sex; lapping at and consuming the other woman’s cream.

Brenda moaned Sharon’s name, over and over as the pleasure continued to course through her body. When she couldn’t take anymore, she tugged on Sharon’s hair. “Sharon…” she called the woman with a breathless voice. “Sharon… enough… come up here…”

With one final kiss to Brenda’s centre, Sharon rose and crawled up until she could settle her body in the cradle of Brenda’s.

Brenda grasped Sharon’s face in her hands and drew her into a hungry kiss, moaning at the taste of herself on the older woman’s lips and tongue. As they kissed, Brenda flipped them so that she was pinning Sharon to the bed.

She broke off the kiss and grinned down at Sharon.

“Now… it’s time for me to make you come,” Brenda told her. “And, Sharon… ” she dipped her head to suck Sharon’s satin covered nipple into her mouth. “I am goin’ to make you scream…”

This time… Sharon whimpered.




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