Title:  Voyeurs ‘r Us

By: tayryn

Rating: NC17

Disclaimer:  not mine

Summary:  they’re being watched.

Notes:  written for a friend who needed a wee bit of cheering up…




Pope swallowed hard at the gasps that echoed over the speakers filled the small room, then glanced over at Flynn.  “Not a word of this… to anyone…” he said, his eyes returning to the screen in front of him to watch the two women as they lay panting on Brenda’s desk.
No, sir.  Not a word,” Flynn agreed with a nod.  He was still trying to wrap his brain around the fact that he’d just watched his chief and the head of FID… two women who he thought hated each other’s guts… have sex on the chief's desk.
And… that he’d done so with Will Pope.
Flynn knew he was sporting the hard on of a lifetime, and would lay odds Pope was as well… how could they not… what they’d seen… the way the two women had gone at each other… Flynn swallowed, and reached down to adjust his aching cock.
“They’d both kill us if they knew we’d watched,” Pope said.
“They would.”
“And it’d be painful.”
“Oh yeah.”
Silence reigned for several moments as they watched both women share a surprisingly tender kiss, murmuring quietly to the other as their hands began to wander over flushed flesh once again.
“They’re not…” Andy leaned closer to the monitor.  “They’re not going to do it again are they?”
“Fuck, I hope so!”  Will said, shifting in the chair as he adjusted his erection then leaned forward as well.  He watched as Sharon slid off the desk and sat in Brenda’s chair then reached for the blonde.
“Is she… oh shit…” Flynn groaned, his eyes on the monitor as Sharon guided Brenda’s legs over her shoulders and buried her face between the chief's thighs. 
“Mmm… so wet, Brenda… so good…”
Both men groaned.  They could hear the wet, slurping excursions of Sharon’s tongue moving over Brenda’s pussy… could hear the moans Brenda made with every lick.
“I love fucking you, Chief…”
They heard Brenda whimper and watched as Sharon slid two fingers inside her and began to thrust them in and out of the blonde.
“You taste so good… so sweet…”
Will and Andy were transfixed… watching as Brenda writhed on her desk, one hand grasping one of her breasts, the other clenching in Sharon’s thick auburn hair.
“Come for me, Brenda.  I want to hear you scream my name…”
“Brenda’s not a screamer,” Pope muttered.
“…come, Brenda…”

Flynn’s eyes widened as he watched the chief arch off the table, grinding her pussy against Raydor’s face.
The scream surprised both men and they sat back suddenly, mouths open as Brenda screamed again.
“Oh god, Sharon… yes…”
“You were saying?” Andy said with a grin, wishing he could just reach inside his pants and get himself off.  He was so hard he hurt.
Pope shrugged.
“So…” Flynn began as he watched Raydor continue to eat the chief, and listened to the soft moans and whimpers still coming from the blonde.  “You did hit the button to record all of this, didn’t you?”
Will grinned and nodded.  “Oh yeah…”







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