Title:  The Meeting

Author:  tayryn & leetah47

Rating: FRAO

Classification:  The Closer -Will and Sharon romance

Disclaimers:  not ours

Summary:  Will and Sharon pass the time at a Police conference.

Notes:  The original version of this story was written by Jaya for the seaQuest fandom.  My pal suggested maybe reworking it for Will and Sharon  and with Jaya’s permission… this is the result!





Assistant Chief Will Pope shifted in his chair and stretched his neck as the speaker droned on and on.


‘God, I hate these damn things!’ He thought to himself, sighing internally.  Chief Thompson had ordered him to Washington to attend the conference in his place, and Will was bored to tears.  He had very little interest in the proper filing of equipment requisition paperwork so he gradually began to let his eyes wander over his companion sitting to his left.


Captain Sharon Raydor hadn’t been any happier than Will about being required to attend the conference and he had felt the sting of her sharp tongue, throughout the entire flight, as she complained.  Will had to give her credit though… from the time she had appeared in the lobby early this morning she had been completely professional… from her demeanour to her dress.


A small grin played at the corners of Will’s mouth as he allowed his eyes to wander over Sharon.  Her hair was pulled into a tight French roll, not a single tendril allowed to escape.  She wore a gray silk suit and looked the epitome of the hard-assed head of FID she was.  The jacket was cut to perfection, hugging Sharon’s splendid figure yet buttoned demurely all the way to the top with just a hint of a white collar peeking over the lapel of the jacket.  The skirt was straight and hung to her knees.  Sheer hose and matching gray pumps completed the professional picture Sharon had presented to DC’s Chief of Police and various other chiefs attending the conference.


It was a small group that sat down around the long table for this particular session.  Will sat at the end of the table with Sharon on his left.  The speaker stood at the opposite end of the table extemporizing on the merits of filing in triplicate, everyone shifted slightly toward the head of the table listening intently. 


Everyone that is, except Will.


His gaze slipped lower and he thought that his heart would stop.


The hem of the skirt which had rested so modestly at Sharon’s knee line while standing was more than half way up her thigh as she sat.  Her right leg was crossed over her left revealing even more creamy flesh to Will’s gaze.  He gasped when he realized that she was wearing stockings instead of tights, bare skin clearly visible to him at the edge of the garments.  A quick glance around the table assured him that this view was his and his alone… that no one else was in a position to see what he was seeing.


‘Thank God.’  He thought, realizing that if anyone could see they would also be getting a clear view of the bulge that had appeared in the front of his trousers.  ‘Think of something else, Pope!’ he told himself sternly but he couldn’t keep his gaze from straying back to Sharon’s legs.  ‘Does she have any idea what she is doing to me?’  Will wondered.  Sharon had exhibited some quiet interest in him and if he was honest with himself, he knew that he returned her interest, but neither of them had been in any hurry to act on it.  They were both enjoying allowing the friendship to develop naturally.


Sharon shifted slightly in her chair and the skirt slipped a little higher.  Will knew if he kept looking at her legs, that he was going to embarrass himself at any moment and forced his gaze back to the speaker.  Finally he began to calm down a little bit so he allowed his eyes to slip back to Sharon.  ‘Above the neck only, Pope’


A small bead of sweat had formed at the edge of her hairline just behind her ear and Will watched with fascination as it slipped down the line of her neck to her collar.  Closer inspection showed that her collar was quite damp and it was then, that Will realized that the room was very warm.  He was uncomfortable in his light suit so Sharon was probably uncomfortable in her fully buttoned jacket.  Sharon’s tongue flicked out to moisten her lips and Will felt his erection growing again.  She must have sensed his scrutiny because she turned to glance at him and he prayed she hadn’t caught a glimpse of the desire in his eyes before he quickly lowered them. 


The speaker chose that moment to finish and Will breathed a sigh of relief as he stood and adjusted his jacket over his hips.  Sharon stood as well and smoothed her skirt down. 


“Let’s take a short break and meet back here in thirty minutes time for Captain Raydor’s presentation.”  John Reynolds, DC’s Chief of Police, dismissed the group and Will took advantage of his close proximity to the door by grabbing Sharon’s arm and taking off.


“Hey, slow down!”  Sharon laughed and Will realized that she was practically running to keep up with him.  “Where are we going in such a hurry?”


Will punched the elevator button several times.  “I thought you might like a few moments to yourself before your presentation.  Besides, John has that look in his eye and I’m not in the mood to be badgered about returning to DC.” 


The elevator door slid open and Will pulled Sharon inside before hitting the interior buttons.  John Reynolds appeared at the conference room doorway and yelled Will’s name just as the door closed.


“Whew!  That was a close one!”  Will breathed a sigh of relief and then laughed when Sharon began to giggle.


“So where are we escaping to?  We only have half an hour remember?”  Sharon asked once their laughter subsided.


“The DCPD built this building when I was here and, if I remember correctly, we should find some peace and quiet on the fourth floor.  There are some small conference rooms up there that never get used.  We can even open a window and let you cool off.”


“Excuse me?”


“You have perspiration running down your neck.  Your collar is wet.”


Sharon’s hand flew to her neck and Will groaned inwardly as the movement caused her breasts to push outward, and strain against the buttons on her jacket.  The elevator dinged and the doors slid open.  Will stuck his head out and looked both ways before announcing that the coast was clear. 


The fourth floor was as deserted as Will remembered it being.  Only a few offices on one end were occupied, and most of the rooms were filled with old files and furniture but at the very end of the hallway they found a tiny room with window access.  The window faced the Potomac River and when Will pried it open they were rewarded with a breeze from the water.


Sharon sighed as the cool air hit her skin.


“Come on, really enjoy it.”  Will turned her to face him and began to work on the buttons of her jacket.


“No, I’m fine.”  Sharon tried to push his hands away but Will just laughed.


“I know you are trying to present a cool, detached image but I’m sure that no one would mind if you took off your jack… et.”


Will had succeeded in removing the suit coat and was stunned to find himself staring through a completely sheer blouse at Sharon’s braless chest.  Her large dusky nipples puckered under his gaze as she stood silently and let him stare.  Finally he swallowed hard and brought his gaze back to her face.


“Okay, definitely not cool and detached.”


Sharon shrugged her shoulders as a slight flush appeared across her skin.


“I spilled coffee on my blouse and bra this morning.  It’s a weekend conference, so I only packed one bra, and the other blouse I brought does not go with this suit.  I believe this blouse belongs to my daughter, Marissa.  It must have gotten mixed up in my things the last time she visited,” Sharon told him.  “It was either this or a tee shirt, as I didn’t have anything else.”


Will held up his hands.  “I believe you, Sharon.  What you wear is your business, I was just surprised, that’s all.  I’ve never seen anything quite like that… the blouse I mean,” Will quickly clarified when Sharon raised an eyebrow.  “Would you… would your daughter wear that out in public?”


“I’m not sure, but believe me I intend to find out.”  Sharon turned back to the window to allow the breeze to flow over her.  She closed her eyes as the wind played with the delicate fabric of the blouse alternately blowing it gently across her chest and flattening it against her fully distended nipples.


Will was glad that Sharon’s eyes were closed because he couldn’t help but stare, and he felt the erection that he had been nursing all afternoon flare fully to life.  In one blinding instant he knew that he was going to cum, had no choice but to cum, and he struggled to maintain control as he turned and ran from the room.


“Will?”  Sharon’s eyes flew open, and she moved quickly after him, catching him just as the door of the men’s room was about to click shut.  She slipped through the door and closed it firmly behind her before running her hand along his back.  “Are you okay?”


“Just leave, Sharon, I’ll be back in a few minutes.”  Will’s voice was edged with tension.


“Something’s wrong.  I’m not leaving!”  She shifted so that she stood at his side and looked down.  “Will?”


Pope had his trousers unzipped and he held his erect shaft in his hand.  His face turned as red as his erection when he realized Sharon could see him.  “I’m sorry.  I have to… it’s been this way all afternoon and it isn’t going to go away on its own.  Do you have any idea how far your skirt rides up when you sit down?”


Sharon had the grace to blush at that statement.  “Apparently a lot farther than I realized if I caused this reaction.  I didn’t mean to… do this to you.”


“I know that but I’ve got to take care of it before we go back.”  A short cry escaped Will as his cock began to surge in his hand at the thought of her smooth thighs. 


The cry became a moan when Sharon pushed his hand away and replaced it with her own.  She gently stroked the silky hardness and saw a drop of moisture appear on the tip.  Her thumb captured the wetness and smoothed it back along the shaft.  One hand continued stroking while the other released the button of Will’s trousers.  She slid them and his boxer briefs down his hips. 


“No, Sharon.  This isn’t how I want our first…”


Will fell back against the wall and let it support him as Sharon lowered herself to her knees and ran her tongue around the weeping head, one hand gently fondling his tight sacs. 


“Oh god… Sharon… please don’t stop!” 


Will knew he was begging but he didn’t care.  Sharon heard the raggedness of his breath and realized how close he was.  She gently ran a fingernail along the vein on the underside of Will’s shaft as her mouth closed over the head and slid down his swollen member, taking as much of him as she could.


“Oh, God!  Sharon, I can’t… I’m going to cum!”  He tried to push her head back but she simply increased the pull of her mouth and began to caress the rest of his shaft and his sacs with her hands.  Will couldn’t believe that she wasn’t going to let go, that she was going to let him… His hands threaded themselves in her hair as he began to thrust into her mouth.  She met him stroke for stroke and within seconds, Will let the sensations overtake him as he exploded into her.


Sharon continued to stroke him with her mouth until she’d taken everything he could give.  One of his hands fell to her shoulder and he pushed her back then slid down the wall to sit on the floor in front of her, still shuddering from the force of his orgasm.  He reached out to pull her close and wrapped his arms around her then buried his face between her soft breasts, his warm breath blowing across one of her still erect nipples.


“Oh, god, Sharon!  That was so fantastic… thank you.”  He shifted his head slightly and ran his tongue across the dusky peak in front of him.


Sharon moaned and pulled his head away.  “We have to be back in less than ten minutes,” she reminded him.


Will rose up on his knees and pulled her body flush against his.  “We’ll be late,” he murmured as he captured her mouth with his.  He could taste her sweetness and his own essence on her tongue, and found it an appropriate mix for their first kiss, and he began to grow hard again.  Will slid his hands over her bottom to her knees and then back up, bringing the hem of her skirt with them.  One firm hand caressed her ass while the other slipped beneath the minuscule lace panties she wore to massage her centre.  The panties were already damp and Will found his fingers immediately coated with her moisture.


Sharon pulled back from the kiss.  “We can’t be late.  I’m the next speaker.”


“But you need…”


“You can’t believe how fast I’m going to give this presentation, and then perhaps we can go back to the hotel and pick up where we left off?”


Will reluctantly stood and helped her to her feet.  Sharon, you know that this is about more than just sex, don’t you?”


Sharon laid her fingers across his lips.  “I know, Will.  Tonight, I promise.  Why don’t you go get my jacket while I freshen up?”


Will quickly adjusted himself and went in search of her jacket.  He found it on the floor by the window and brushed the wrinkles out of it as he made his way back to the bathroom.  He handed the jacket to Sharon and was amazed when she appeared a few moments later with not a hair out of place.  No one would ever guess what she had just done but he wasn’t so sure about himself.


“Am I okay?”


Sharon reached up to smooth her hands over Will’s head, his shoulders, down along his arms to then rearrange the bottom of his suit jacket until it lay flat.  “Perfect.”


“I feel like I’m going to walk in that room and every man in there will know what I’ve been up to.”


“Up being the operative word,” Sharon smirked.  “Don’t worry; they’ll never prove anything.  I swallowed the evidence.”


Will almost choked but Sharon just laughed and pulled him toward the elevator.


“I am just beginning to realize what a minx you are, Captain Raydor!”


“Why, Chief Pope, you say the nicest things!”


The elevator doors slid closed and Will wrapped Sharon in his arms.  “I know a sure-fire way to end this meeting quickly.”


“Mmm… what’s that?”


“Take your jacket off again.  They’ll give you anything you want.”


Sharon’s reply was lost as Will’s tongue grazed her ear lobe.  “I want you so badly.  I want to touch you, to feel you wet on my fingers.  I want to suck your nipple into my mouth and lick it until you scream.  I want to slide slowly inside of you and feel you hot and wet around me…”


Sharon’s breath was coming in staccato bursts as Will described what he wanted to do to her, his hands lightly caressing her bottom.  She could barely breathe by the time the elevator doors slid open to reveal an empty hallway.  Chief Reynolds was standing in the doorway of the conference room searching for them.  He motioned them forward and Sharon pushed Will out of the elevator ahead of her so that she had a few moments to calm down.


“Paybacks are a bitch, Pope,” Sharon whispered to Will as they slid into their seats.


She made sure that her skirt rode even higher than before as she sat down and Will realized that perhaps his narration in the elevator hadn’t been such a good idea.  He was sure of it when Sharon unfastened the top two buttons of her jacket giving him an excellent side view of her breast.   Reynolds finished his introduction and Sharon stood to move to the head of the table, accidentally knocking some of her note cards to the floor as she did so.  Will leaned down to pick them up at the same time that Sharon knelt down to get them.  He gathered the cards up and placed them into her waiting hand. 


“Thank you, Chief.”  She smiled as she took them.


Sharon moved to the head of the table and began her presentation while Will watched worriedly, concerned that the open buttons of her jacket might expose more than he wanted them to.  He breathed a sigh of relief when he realized that the jacket fit so well that only a side view would provide access.  Since Sharon faced the group as she was speaking, they saw nothing out of the ordinary.


Will relaxed back into his chair, enjoying the sound of Sharon’s melodious voice.  His mind began to drift as he watched her and he reached down absently to adjust himself.  He was startled when his fingers encountered dampness and looked into his lap to find a tiny scrap of white lace there. 


Sharon’s panties.


He felt the blood rush to his ears as he stared at her, realizing how few layers of clothing lay between him and heaven.  Will’s eyes flicked back to the front of the room and he could tell from the smile that graced Sharon’s face, that she knew he’d found her little gift but she never missed a beat.  Her presentation proceeded flawlessly but all Will could think about was the fabric wadded up in his hand and the pressure in his pants.


A burst of applause pulled Will from his thoughts, telling him that Sharon’s presentation was over.  He stood, and waited patiently for her to speak to each of the various officers and their aides before he moved to her side.  John was congratulating Sharon on a job well done and Will got nervous as John shifted just a little too far to Sharon’s side.  A single glance down and he’d be viewing what Will now thought of as his own personal property.  A seemingly accidental misstep knocked Sharon’s papers from her hands and once again they both bent down to pick them up.  John started to help but someone called his name and he moved away.


“Why did you do that?”  Sharon hissed.


Will stared pointedly at her chest, and the sudden blush that crept up her chest and face, told him that she had forgotten about the undone buttons. 


“Are you okay over there?”  John called from across the room and Sharon popped her head up over the table to reassure him.  Will took advantage of her distraction to lift his hand from the floor and slip it straight up under her skirt.  His fingers made forceful contact with her damp curls.


“Just a few more papers to pick up then we’re coming,” Sharon told John as Will’s stroked her.


“Promise?”  Will smirked at her as he worked his fingers in and out of her.


Sharon swatted at him and pushed his hand away then stood up.


Will chuckled and stood as well; making a show of bringing his wet fingers to his mouth and licking them clean.  “Mmm…” he moaned softly, tasting her essence and enjoying the flash of desire in her eyes.  Will grinned then called out, “We’re ready now, John.”


“We most certainly are,” Sharon whispered as she deliberately stumbled and let Will run into her.  She rubbed her ass seductively against his erection as it pressed into her.


She glanced back over her shoulder at him, and their gazes locked.  Suddenly both knew they couldn’t wait any longer.  Their desire… their need… was too great.


“The hotel?”  Will whispered.


Sharon nodded and they took off towards the elevator.


John Reynolds stood in the hallway talking to one of the other police chiefs.  He tried to get their attention as they passed but Pope deliberately ignored him as he stabbed at the elevator button.  The doors slid open just as John called out.


“Will, how about dinner tonight?  Come to the house!”


Sharon stepped into the elevator and hit the down button.


“Sorry, John, I’ve got other plans,” Will called back then slipped between the elevator doors just as they were closing, thereby preventing a response from Reynolds. 


Will and Sharon stared at each other from opposite sides of the elevator as it dropped silently downward.  They both understood that if they touched each other, they wouldn’t make it to the hotel and would probably give anyone entering the elevator quite a floorshow.


“You do know that John Reynolds is going to try to get in touch with you tonight, right?  He may even come to your room.”


“We’ll use your room.”


“What makes you think he won’t come to my room next?”


“What makes you think I have any intention of answering the door?” Pope answered with a question then asked another one with the same breath.  “When did you take your panties off?”


Sharon was startled by the sudden change in conversation but realized that Will was very excited by the small scrap of lace in his pocket.


“When you went to get my jacket.  They were soaking wet so I got rid of them.”


“You were that turned on?  Just from me touching you for a few seconds.”


“From that, and,” Sharon lowered her eyes, feeling suddenly shy, “also from giving you that blow job.  I enjoyed… touching you, Will.  You have a fantastic body, and I’d already… your suit fits you very well.”


“You’d been looking?  So, you did know what you were doing to me.”


Sharon shook her head quickly.  “I didn’t realize about my skirt.  I had noticed your erection but I thought that John’s secretary had you all hot and bothered.”


“John’s secretary?  The blonde teenybopper?  Give me some credit!”


“Will, she’s beautiful and she’s a lot younger than I am.  Men don’t have that sort of reaction to me.”


‘How do you see yourself?’  Will thought.  Sharon, I guarantee you that any man in that room, with the possible exception of John, would kill to be in my shoes right now.  You are gorgeous and incredibly sexy.”


“That’s kind of you to say…” Sharon’s words were cut off by the opening of the elevator doors.  Will grasped her elbow and he guided her off the elevator and out of the building.  Both of them were amazed at the heat that passed between them from the simple contact.


A shrill whistle came from Pope’s lips and a taxi sped to the curb.  Will gave the driver the hotel address as he and Sharon slipped in the back, and promised a large tip if the driver could get them there in less than ten minutes.  Not an easy feat in the evening rush hour traffic.


The cabdriver made the trip in eight minutes flat and let out a low whistle as Will and Sharon raced into the hotel.  He felt a moment of envy for the man who was obviously going to get very lucky, very quickly.




Sharon suddenly felt very nervous as the door to her hotel room clicked shut behind Will.  Should she play coy or should she just do what she felt like doing, and attack him?  Unable to decide, her answer was to do nothing, as she chewed on her bottom lip expectantly, lowering her gaze and waited for Will to make the first move.


Will was just as nervous as Sharon and also unsure about the next move, and what he’d said to her before her presentation came back to him.  “Sharon, you know that this is more than just sex, don’t you?”  He nodded to himself.  This WAS more than just sex, and after the generosity she had shown him earlier, Will knew that the next move should be his.


“Are you hungry?”


Sharon’s head snapped up at his question, her eyes filled with desire.  “I meant for food.  We could order room service or something before…”


They both found themselves blushing again. 


‘This is stupid!  You’re a grown man, Pope.’  Will told himself.  He moved to Sharon’s side and touched her arms lightly.  “I want you, Sharon, but we can go as slow or as fast as you feel comfortable with.  I want this night to be special for you, for both of us.”


Sharon’s reply was to raise her hands to the buttons of her jacket and begin to unfasten them.  She then pulled out all the hairpins holding her hair up in its elaborate style.  Masses of auburn locks fell around her shoulders, giving her a much softer look.  When she was done, her hands moved to rest lightly on Will’s cheeks as she brushed her mouth gently across his lips. 


“We can eat later. Right now I want you,” she whispered. 


Will’s mouth captured Sharon’s in a searing kiss as his hands stripped the jacket from her shoulders.  The sheer fabric of her blouse only enhanced the feeling of his hands on her skin and she moaned loudly when she felt his fingers caress her nipples.  Sharon pulled frantically at Will’s jacket, desperate to feel him as closely as he was feeling her. 


Sharon swore loudly as buttons and buckles impeded her path.


“Don’t you want to take this slowly?”  Will murmured against her mouth as his deft fingers dispensed with the jacket before starting on the buttons of her blouse. 


“Next time!”  Sharon grabbed the tails of his shirt and pulled.  Buttons flew across the room as she stripped the shirt from Will’s body and ran her fingers through the sprinkling of chest hair.  Before Will realized what was happening she had his pants open and her fingers wrapped around him.


“You have a great deal of faith in my abilities,” Will wrapped his strong hands around her wrists and pulled her hands away from him.  She opened her mouth to protest but he cut her off with a passionate kiss, his tongue seeking and exploring and encouraging hers to do the same.  Without breaking the kiss, he bent slightly and swung her up into his arms, and carried her to the large brass bed in the bedroom of her suite. 


Will laid her down and pulled her arms above her head, one of his hands pinning them together.  She squirmed in protest, causing her skirt to ride farther up her legs.


“Easy…” Will told her as his free hand began to stroke the length of her body, from breast to thigh, and back again.  The unbuttoned blouse fell free of her chest and Will couldn’t resist the temptation to touch the firm globes, his tongue circling from outside to centre without touching the crested peak.  Sharon arched up as she tried to push a nipple into his mouth but Will just laughed.


“You’re a sadist!”  She told him with a gleam in her eye.  Will laughed harder and pulled her to a sitting position so he could remove her blouse. 


Sharon tried to touch him but he captured her hands again and pushed them back above her head as she fell back onto the mattress.  He wrapped her fingers firmly around one of the rails in the headboard of the brass bed.


“It’s my turn to please you like you did me this afternoon.”


Sharon’s nostrils flared at the image this statement evoked, and she pleaded with him.  “I’m so close… I need you now, Will!  Don’t you remember how desperate you were?”


Will stretched out beside her and shook his head.  His right hand wrapped itself in her hair as he began to place light sensuous kisses along the line of her neck while his left hand slid beneath the hem of her skirt.  A few moments later, she felt the snap of her garter as he slowly freed first one stocking and then the other.


“You do that very well.” Sharon breathed as she watched her garter belt fly across the room.


Will did not reply, his mouth full with one of her full breasts.  Somehow he managed to unroll and remove both of her stockings without releasing her nipple but Sharon was so excited she didn’t notice.  Several times one, or both, of her hands would break free of their hold on the bed rail but every time, Will would stop what he was doing and gently push it back.


Will knew that Sharon couldn’t take much more when she began to twist on the bed, arching her back in an effort to get closer to him.  His mouth trailed down her stomach as his hands pushed her skirt up the scant few inches needed to reveal her to his hungry gaze.  He ran a single finger along the juncture of her thighs before slipping it between her swollen nether lips to brush her clit.  Sharon cried out and spread her legs to give him better access.


Will grinned and ran two fingers down through her wetness then back up to rub her clitoris before he pressed his mouth against her sex.  Sharon felt his tongue stroke her and her hands flew from the rail to wrap themselves around Will’s smooth head. 


“Oh… god, Will… PLEASE!”  She cried out and then her body began to thrash wildly in the throes of a shattering climax.


Will did not stop, and continued to stroke her with his fingers and his tongue as her body stiffened and Sharon fell over the edge again with another cry of his name.


Her body continued to shudder in the aftermath of her orgasms while he gradually worked his way back up to her lips.  Will caressed her cheek and Sharon opened her eyes to stare dreamily at him.  He gathered her into his embrace and held her as she slowly drifted back to earth.


“You feel okay?”  Will whispered.


“I feel wonderful,” Sharon whispered back.  “How about you?”  She asked as she slid her hand down between them, her fingers working into the curls surrounding his pulsing erection. 


“That feels nice, but are you up to this again right now?”


“I think the question should be, are you up to this… and the answer is definitely yes.  But why don’t we do it properly this time.  I haven’t been tumbled with my skirt jacked up about my waist in twenty-five years.”


“Shit!”  Will swore softly, as he realized that he still had his shoes and socks, as well as his pants, still on.


Sharon giggled as he rolled away from her, and she watched him quickly toe off his shoes and yank off his socks.  Her giggles tapered off when he stood to shed his pants and boxer briefs, leaving him standing nude before her.  She licked her lips in appreciation at the sight of his body and she smiled gratefully when he set to work on her skirt. 


Once they were both completely naked, Will climbed back onto the bed, and settled his body on top of Sharon’s, one knee pressed between her legs.  They kissed softly, determined to savour the experience this time around.  Their desire grew slowly until in one blinding moment, passion flared again.  Will’s breath was ragged when he pulled his lips from Sharon’s and lifted his face to stare into her eyes.


Sharon, are you sure about this?  I mean, before we go any further I want you to know how I feel about you.  I… I care a great deal about you… I… shit…” he shook his head.  “I’ve fallen in love with you.  I’m not saying that because of what we’ve already done, or because of what we’re about to do.  I’m saying it because it’s the way I feel,” Will ran his fingers gently over her face; circling her eyes, brushing her lips.  “This has been growing for some time now… and I don’t expect you to say it back or…”


Sharon’s fingers gently pressed against Will’s lips.  “I love you, too, Will.  I have for some time.  Now, please shut up and make love to me!”


Will grinned at her, and with a slight shift of his hips, he slipped easily into Sharon’s moist passage, joining their bodies for the first time.  He was determined to go slower this time, and he began by kissing Sharon’s face.  Inch-by-inch, he brushed his lips over her soft skin - her forehead, her cheeks… feather-light touches against her eyelids - slowly working his way to her mouth.  They shared several gentle kisses before Will finally opened his mouth and ran his tongue along her bottom lip as a request to enter.  Her lips parted and their tongues slowly stroked each other as passion began to build anew. 


Will propped up on one of his elbows as he ran his other hand up and down Sharon’s silky body, pausing to fondle a firm breast before traveling down to caress the flat plain of her stomach then on to tease her damp curls before returning along the same path.  Sharon’s hands were also busy… rubbing up and down Will’s back, squeezing his firm ass as she rocked her hips against his.  Without realizing that he was doing it, Will began to move his hips in time with Sharon’s. 


Sharon began to clench her inner muscles around him and she groaned as she felt Will’s cock grow longer and harder inside her.  She could feel the tension building in his back and her hands moved down to grasp his hips and pull them closer to hers.


Sharon, I can’t… I’m so close…” Will’s breath was ragged, and coming in pants, as he struggled to maintain control.  His hand slipped between them and into her wet lower lips to rub her clit. 


In response, Sharon ran her hand over Will’s ass and in between his legs to lightly caress his swollen sacs.  Will moaned and began to slam into Sharon as hard as he could.


“Yes!”  She gasped and matched him stroke for stroke, grabbing him from within and holding as she arched under him.


Will came suddenly, his hot seed spilling into her welcome body as he cried out her name.  His orgasm sent Sharon careening over the edge yet again, and he continued to stroke within her as wave after wave of pleasure swept over them both.


When he could no longer support himself, Will collapsed on top of Sharon’s damp body.  He buried his face in her thick hair, whispering, “I love you so much.”  After several moments breathing in her scent, Will rolled onto his side, Sharon shifting with him so that they were facing each other.  The depth of emotion he saw in her eyes staggered him.


“Will, I know this happened so fast, but I need for you to know that I don’t hop into the sack with just any man.  I’ve cared about you for a long time now, but it never occurred to me that you would return my feelings,” she told him.  “I’ve been hurt so many times since my husband and I split, that I have a hard time trusting men, but I trust you.  I don’t know why, but I do.”  Sharon ran a thumb across his lips as her fingers caressed his cheek.  “I love you, Will Pope.”


“The first time I saw you, you were raging at Lieutenants Flynn and Provenza, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of you,” Will told her.  “I’ve never known any woman as passionately committed to her ideals as you are.  I think I started falling for you then and there.  I never thought I would feel like this after all my failed relationships, but you have managed to work your way into my heart without my even realizing it,” he smiled at her and pushed a lock of hair back behind her ear.  “You are the most generous and giving woman I’ve ever been with.  I love you, Sharon Raydor.”


Sharon beamed at Will.


They cuddled close, whispering and caressing until the room grew dark, and they drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.




The numbing tingle of a sleeping limb woke Will, and as he slowly opened his eyes, he tried to flex his arm.  When it wouldn’t move, he shifted to find out why and smiled at the sight of a mass of dark auburn hair which trapped it.  Moonlight spilled through the sheer curtain, bathing both of their bodies with its glow, giving Sharon an ethereal look.  Will pulled his arm steadily towards him, which drew Sharon’s body even closer to his.  He brushed his lips lightly across her closed eyelids and down her nose to her full mouth.  Will heard Sharon sigh happily as she sleepily responded to the feel of his tongue caressing her lips.


“This could become addictive,” Sharon whispered as she opened her mouth to him.


“Oh yeah,” Will agreed when they broke the kiss.  He smiled down at her, “Do you know what I want?”


“Do tell!”  Sharon grinned, a wicked gleam in her eyes, and was rewarded with a gentle swat to her naked posterior.


“FOOD!  I want dinner… I’m starving.  I’m always hungry after a vigorous workout.”


A pout formed on Sharon’s lips.  “I’m disappointed in you, Chief Pope.  I can’t believe you’d rather eat than make love, and I had such high hopes for your stamina.”  Will’s hand slid slowly up Sharon’s inner thigh and her pout transformed into a sensuous smile.  “Stop that!  I’m starving, too,” she told him then propped herself up on her elbow so that Will could free his numb hand.  “Where shall we eat?”


Will eyed the pert nipple that was suddenly within range of his mouth.  “Why don’t we order room service?  Then we wouldn’t have to get dressed, and I’m sure we could think of something to do to pass the time.  Maybe discuss that stamina thing…” Will lifted his eyebrows suggestively as he flexed the fingers on his hand still between her thighs.


Sharon laughed and leaned toward him so that her breast was scant inches from his mouth.  She shifted to whisper in his ear.  “Room service sounds wonderful, and we could use the time productively.  For instance…” Will caught his breath in anticipation as Sharon moved so close that he could feel her lips caressing his ear, “I would love a shower.”  Sharon suddenly scooted across the bed and off the side before his hands could grab her.


Will’s heart caught as he listened to her laughter, more carefree than he had ever heard from her.  He knew, at that moment, that he would never be able to let this fantastic woman go.  He climbed out of bed and walked over to stand behind her, encircling her in his arms as she perused the menu.


“Order me a big, juicy steak,” he told her.  “Need all the protein I can get.”


Sharon laughed.  “Dessert?”


“Already have that right here,” Will replied as he nibbled on her neck.


Sharon moaned as she reached for the phone.  She dialed down to the restaurant and placed their order.  “Thirty minutes or so,” she told him as she hung up the phone.  “Plenty of time for me to take a shower,” she said as she dropped the menu to the table then stepped out of his arms.


“What about me?”  Will gave her his best puppy dog look, which made her giggle. 


“Well, I do have a large shower,” Sharon answered as she stopped in the doorway of the bathroom, “and, I could use someone to scrub my back.”  She smiled and curled her finger at him, beckoning him to follow as she disappeared from view.




Sharon secured the tie of the hotel robe around her waist and dropped down onto the edge of the bed to towel dry her hair as she listened to the colourful language coming through the bathroom door.  The shower she and Will had shared had been a delightful one; a medley of touching and kissing that never went beyond that of a light make out session.  Will had seemed as interested in learning everything he could about her body and what pleasured her, as she was about him. 


The impending arrival of their dinner was the only reason they’d emerged from the water as soon as they had, and as he was reaching for a towel, Will had managed to knock Sharon’s perfume bottle over and soaked himself with the lavender scent she favoured.  Sharon had heard that sailors were the world’s most expert users of blue language and Will quickly proved to be as much of a master at it as any sailor.  She’d exited the bathroom to wait for their food, while Will jumped back into the shower in an effort to wash the scent away.


Finished with her hair, Sharon moved back to the bathroom.  She tossed the towel onto the counter then leaned against the door to watch Will in through the glass of the shower until a knock at the door pulled her away.  “Dinner is here,” she called out to him then pushed away from the door and pulled it shut behind her.


A second, more vigorous knock, made her hurry towards the door, picking up scattered clothing along the way.  She pulled the door open and pointed towards the small table by the window.  “Just put the foo…”


Her voice trailed off as John Reynolds stepped through the door followed by a very attractive woman that Sharon quickly deduced was his wife.  “Chief Reynolds… I’m sorry.  I thought it was room service with dinner.”


“We are sorry to disturb you, Captain Raydor but Chief Pope isn’t in his room, so I thought you might know where he is.  Janet was looking forward to seeing him again,” he stopped suddenly and glanced at the woman beside him.  “Oh, where are my manners?  Captain Sharon Raydor this is my wife, Janet.”


“I’m pleased to meet you, Mrs. Reynolds.”


The shorter, dark-haired woman laughed and stuck her hand out.  “Please, call me Janet and I’ll call you Sharon.  I’m very glad to meet you as well.  Will has mentioned you in his emails, and it’s nice to finally put a face to the name.”


Sharon blushed as she shook Janet’s hand while discretely shifting the clothes in her other hand behind her.  “Chief Pope mentioned me?”


Janet nodded and her smile grew.  “He told me about how you manage to aggravate Brenda Johnson quite easily.  Said that the two of you did not get along very well.”


Sharon scowled.  “It’s true that Chief Johnson and I don’t always see eye to eye…”


“I’ll bet,” Janet laughed, and then reached out to pat Sharon on the arm.  “Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who doesn’t get along well with her.”


The scowl on Sharon’s face turned into an amused smile.  She looked at Chief Reynolds.  “Didn’t I hear Chief Pope tell you that he had plans for the evening, Sir?”


John huffed.  “He said that, but I don’t believe him.  The man has become a damned hermit since his divorce, and he refuses to interact with people in a social setting.  Knowing him, he’s probably holed up in some bar somewhere just to irritate me.”


“I’m wouldn’t know about that, Chief.  I don’t have any idea what Chief Pope is up to at the moment.”  Sharon crossed her fingers behind her back.  While lying was sometimes a part of her job, Sharon was not really fond of having to do so, especially to a superior officer, but she quickly argued with herself that she didn’t know what Will was doing right at that moment.  She only hoped that washing the perfume off would take a little while longer.


At that moment, the bathroom door swung open and a naked, and very aroused, Will stepped out into the bedroom, his mouth open to speak.  His eyes grew wide as he immediately recognized John Reynolds and he dove back into the bathroom before John could turn around and see him.  Unfortunately Janet Reynolds did not have her back to the door and got quite an eyeful.


John saw his wife’s shocked expression and turned to follow her gaze. 


Seeing Sharon’s sudden scarlet face, made Janet immediately recognize the possible ramifications if John discovered the couple’s intimacy.  She quickly began to cough deeply in an attempt to drag John’s attention back to her.


“My throat is so dry,” she told her husband when he turned back to her in concern.  “I think we should give up on Will tonight, John.  You can ask him, when you see him tomorrow, to join us for dinner tomorrow night.  Perhaps you’d like to join us as well, Sharon?”  Janet asked as she firmly guided John toward the door.


Sharon murmured her assent and opened the door for the departing couple only to be greeted by the arrival of dinner for two.  She directed the waiter to the table by the window then turned back to Chief Reynolds and his wife.


“I’m sorry, Captain, we didn’t mean to interrupt your dinner plans.  Anyone we know?”


Sharon knew that Reynolds was fishing for information, and quickly came up with a story.  “My daughter is in town visiting her father, and she’s joining me for dinner.  She called just before you arrived to say she was delayed in traffic.”


“Invite her to dinner tomorrow night.  Janet and I would love to meet her,” John told her then ventured another question.  “You’re sure you don’t know what Will is up to?”  He refused to let the subject go.


“I really couldn’t say, Chief,” she answered then turned to smile at his wife.  “It’s very nice to meet you, Janet.  I look forward to dinner tomorrow night.”


“Tomorrow night then,” John said and the two women exchanged a furtive glance as he began to move down the hall.


Janet leaned in, and mindful of the waiter arranging the dinner on the suite’s table, whispered.  “I’d say he was up to at least eight inches.  Have fun!”  She said with a soft giggle, and then hurried down the hall to catch up with her husband as he held the elevator, a huge grin plastered on her face.


The waiter departed moments later, and Sharon firmly closed the door behind him, sliding the locks into place before she turned to glower at the bathroom door.  “You can come out now, if you dare!”


Will stuck his head cautiously around the door and surveyed the room before emerging, stepping out of the bathroom completely with a towel wrapped securely around his waist.  “What?!  You seemed to be handling things fine.”


Will was rewarded with what had become known around Parker Center as the Raydor glare.


“You stroll into the room, displaying your assets, then dive back and leave me to cover.  Not that there was much I could do.  Janet Reynolds is probably telling her husband even as we speak!”  Sharon’s eyes strayed to the bulge beneath Will’s towel.  “And I’d say her assessment was remarkably generous!”


Will didn’t know exactly what Sharon was referring to but her anger was evident.  He gave her his best little boy look.  “I’ll talk to John tomorrow.  I’ll confess everything and tell him that it was all my fault.  That I seduced you.”


“You will do no such thing!  I really don’t think Janet will say anything, and if you go confessing your friend is apt to send an email to Thompson and I’ll be pulled out of FID and busted down to patrolman.  Unless you want me out of FID…” Sharon’s imagination was firing.  “This is going to complicate our working relationship isn’t it?  Damn it, why did I have to wear that skirt and THAT blouse?!”


Will suddenly burst into laughter as he stepped over to Sharon and enveloped her in his arms.  “I won’t say anything to John but it’s none of his damn business anyway.  We’re LAPD, not DCPD.  That, and John and Edward don’t get along.  As for the outfit, I’m including a thank you for that in my prayers tonight,” he told her with a smile.  “I love you, Sharon Raydor.  If you think that I’d let anyone, John Reynolds or Edward Thompson included, take you out of a job you’ve more than earned, which you are incredible at, and more importantly, take you away from me then you are crazy!”  Will stated then proceeded to kiss Sharon senseless.


They were both lightheaded when their lips finally parted.


“Dinner,” Sharon reminded him breathlessly.  “Let’s eat before it gets cold.  We’ve got the rest of the night for other things.”


Will grinned and nodded as he led her over to the table.


Once they were seated, Sharon brought up the problems their personal relationship might cause in their professional relationship again but Will seemed unconcerned. 


“You are the top in your division, Sharon.  You are hardheaded and stubborn and brilliant.  The fact that we’re sleeping together isn’t going to change that.  We aren’t always going to agree but we don’t always agree now,” Will reminded her.  “I do think, however, that we are going to have to make a conscious effort to try and separate the work from the personal, but I think we can do that.  You are worth the effort, Sharon, and I don’t intend to let you go.”


“You are the Assistant Chief of the LAPD, with aspirations of being Chief.  Having an affair with a subordinate officer could become a problem.  It’s against regs.  Don’t get me wrong, Will.  I love you and I know that you… that WE… are worth the effort but I don’t ever want to do anything that might hurt you, or your chances at becoming Chief.”


Sharon lowered her eyes and Will could tell she really didn’t want to say what she was about to say.


“Maybe…” she began then stopped.  She took a deep breath and tried again.  “Maybe we should just enjoy tonight and then end…”


“NO!”  Will’s voice cut Sharon off firmly.  “Do you honestly think that we could go back?  That I could be around you and not touch you?”  He caught her hand across the table and stared into her eyes.  Sharon, I think that you and I have the potential for something really fantastic here.  I’m not talking about one night… or even one weekend.  I’m talking about a lifetime,” Will gave her hand a gentle squeeze.  “I’m not trying to pressure you, but just think about it okay?”


Sharon nodded but didn’t say anything else.  After a few moments of silence Will began to talk about her presentation and the couple spent the rest of dinner talking about the conference and Will’s presentation the next day.  When they were done eating, they moved over to the sofa to continue their discussion while finishing the last of the wine.  As they talked, they slowly migrated from opposite ends of the sofa to the middle, with Sharon straddling Will’s lap. 


Will leaned forward, brushed his mouth across Sharon’s lush lips with a whisper, “How about those other things that we’ve got the rest of the night for?”  He pulled her closer to deepen the kiss and was surprised when Sharon resisted him.  “What’s wrong, sweetheart?”


Will had never seen Sharon look the way she was looking at that moment.  She looked puzzled and just a little bit lost. 


“Why me?”  She whispered.


Now Will was the one puzzled.  “Why you what?”


Sharon gnawed on her lower lip.  “You could have any woman you want; younger, prettier… I guess I don’t understand what you see in a stubborn, bitchy, middle aged woman like me when you could have someone like… well, like John’s secretary.”


“Oh, we’re back to that again, are we?”  Will said.  “Okay, you are incredibly smart, and I happen to find intelligence very sexy in a woman.  You are kind and loving… seeing you with your team has shown me that.  You also stand up for what you believe in,” he told her then gave her a soft smile.  “The very first time I saw you, Flynn and Provenza were feeling the sting of your fiery tongue, and all I could think about was how that fire would translate to other areas.  I wasn’t wrong,” Will said as he ran his hands over her thighs, and could see the hesitation in Sharon’s eyes.  “What?”


“That girl had a fantastic body, and she was giving you the eye.  She was yours for the taking, Will.”  Sharon told him with a slight frown.  “My ex-husband would have been chatting her up within two minutes of meeting her.”


“I’m not your ex,” Will replied then ventured a question of his own.  “What do you see when you look in the mirror, Sharon?  You’re gorgeous!  Don’t you see that?”


Sharon shrugged her shoulders.  “I was quite pretty when I was younger, but time marches on.  That bastard I was married to used to delight in pointing out each new wrinkle and gray hair.”  She shrugged again.  “I’m attractive enough I guess, but I don’t delude myself.”


Will glanced around the room until his eyes lit on the antique cheval mirror, just inside the bedroom, beside the dresser.  He lifted Sharon from his lap and deposited her on the sofa then wandered into the bedroom to shift the mirror. 


Sharon watched him curiously until Will beckoned for her to join him.


Will leaned back against the bedpost at the foot of the bed and pulled Sharon back against his chest, his hands on her hips, so that they were standing, staring into the mirror together.  “Tell me what you see.”


“I see a very horny woman and an even hornier man!”  She pushed her hips against the bulge pressing against her ass.


Will slid his arms around her waist, and held her tightly.  “Describe yourself to me.  Come on, humour me,” he encouraged at her snort.


Sharon studied her image for a few moments before answering.  “I see brown hair, pale green eyes, and lips that are too thin.  Not to mention too many wrinkles.”


Will’s hands had loosened the belt holding the robe closed and pulled the sides away to reveal the flesh beneath.  “Tell me,” he said in a quiet voice.  “What do you see?”


“I need to work on a tan.  I’m too pale.  My breasts are too large, and no longer as perky as they used to be.  My legs are good though,” she said, laying her hands on her thighs.  “I’ve always thought I had good legs.”


“Now, let me tell you what I see,” Will whispered in her ear, his warm breath caressing her neck.  “I see hair that feels like silk and shines like a warm fire on a cold winter night.  I like your hair pinned up but I love it when you let it fall around your face like a dark auburn cloud and I love it best when it fans out on the pillow beneath us.  Your ‘pale green eyes’ are anything but.  They are the most interesting shade I have ever seen, and are warm and inviting.  I look into them and I feel as if I am drowning in you.  Your eyes have these little flecks of gold that shine when you are in the throes of passion.  I see a perfect nose and a mouth that just screams ‘kiss me’,” Will followed his words with actions, plundering her mouth and caressing her tongue with his until Sharon was breathless.  “As for the wrinkles… they’re laugh lines, and they only add to your beauty.”


Sharon tried to turn in Will’s embrace but he stopped her, and drew her attention back to the mirror.  Her breath caught as he slowly slid the robe from her shoulders, and let it fall to the floor before he kicked it across the room.  Will ran his hands lightly up and down Sharon’s nude body, causing her to moan and lean fully back against him. 


“Your shoulders make a man want to see what lies lower on your body, makes him want to stroke your satin skin… taste it.  You have perfect breasts, the most fabulous set I have ever seen in my life.  They fit in my hands as if they were made to go there,” Will slid his hands up prove his point.  He smiled as Sharon’s breasts filled his cupped palms completely, and a second moan escaped her lips as Will’s thumbs began to lightly brush the erect tips.  “Your nipples, oh God, what can I say about your nipples?  They drive me to distraction; make me forget everything except the need to savour them.”


Will bent down the right side of Sharon’s body until he could reach her breast and clamped his mouth around it, suckling and biting until her body began to pulse.  She reached the hand that was trapped at her side backwards to grasp the towel on his hips and pull.  Will released the rigid peak at the same instant his towel fell to the floor.  His hands moved down to steady the round hips that had begun to rub up and down against his swollen shaft. 


“Please!” Sharon whimpered but Will held her firm as he returned to his narrative. 


“I walked into FID one Saturday… you were putting up some shelves in your office, do you remember?  You were wearing low cut jeans and a sleeveless blue tee shirt, and when you stretched upward I could see your stomach and your navel,” he told her.  “You have the cutest belly button.  One day I will drink champagne from your belly button.  Would you like that?”


Sharon’s moaning left little doubt that she would.


“You were as right about your legs as you were wrong about the rest of you.  You have fabulous legs.  Long and supple but strong, and feeling them wrapped around me was incredible.  And here…” Will’s fingers brushed across her feminine mound before slipping into the soft dark auburn curls.  “If your breasts were made to fit my hands, then I was definitely made to fit you here.”


Sharon couldn’t help but part her legs to give Will better access, and his fingers immediately dipped deep within her cleft before pulling out to coat her clit with moisture.  He rubbed gently but firmly before slipping two fingers back inside her.


“Let’s go back to bed, please?  I need you inside me, Will!”  Sharon begged as she felt her desire grow beyond her control.  “I can’t last much longer.”


Will’s mouth was once again at her ear as his fingers continued to pump slowly and steadily in and out of her.  “Then let go!  I won’t let you fall,” he spoke softly.  “Look in the mirror, Sharon, watch yourself cum.  See what I see.” 


Sharon looked into the mirror and found she couldn’t tear her gaze away from the image she saw.  She’d never seen herself like this before, open and vulnerable and yet so excited.  Her skin gleamed, glowing with her arousal.  Her nipples were so erect… and so hard that they ached beneath the caress of his fingers… his touch enflaming her desire.


But it was the sight of Will’s tanned hands on her body… one on her white breast, the other moving back and forth into the dark curls between her milky thighs… that was even more arousing.  Will leaned back down and drew her breast back into his mouth, and brought his thumb into firm contact with her swollen clit.


Sharon screamed his name and thrust her body against Will’s hands as an earth-shattering climax broke through her.


As she slowly drifted back down to earth, Sharon found herself still wrapped in Will’s warm embrace, his hands gently stroking her body.  Her head was thrown back onto his shoulder and his lips were lightly brushing her neck.  Sharon shifted her head slightly to meet his lips in a tender kiss.


“So, no more doubts about your beauty, hmm?”  Will murmured against her mouth.


Sharon gazed at him with eyes full of love as she shook her head.  “You make me beautiful,” she told him softly.  “You make me feel beautiful and desirable like no other man ever has.”  She took a deep, shuddering breath.  “Oh, Will, I don’t think a lifetime is going to be long enough,” Sharon told him on a ragged exhale just before their lips met in a hungry kiss.


As they kissed, Sharon once again became aware of the hard ridge pressed into her back.  She shifted experimentally and was rewarded with a soft groan.  “I still need you inside me and,” Sharon circled against him again, eliciting yet another groan from him, “from the feel of that you need it too.”


Will nodded and moved toward the bed but Sharon stopped him.


“Now you get to watch,” Sharon told him and reached a hand between them to stroke his stiff cock.


“I really want to be inside you, Sharon,” Will told her, thinking that she was planning to pleasure him as she had that afternoon.


“I know.  I want that too.”


Sharon shifted so that the mirror was to her side and leaned forward, planting her hands firmly on the low dresser in front of her.  She widened her stance and looked back over her shoulder to see Will staring at her firm ass, his mouth slightly open, and his eyes wide with wonder.


He stepped closer, moving between her legs and leaned over her back to kiss her.  “You are full of surprise, minx…” Will whispered then straightened up and took his swollen cock in hand.


Sharon arched her back, exposing herself fully to Will’s gaze.  He took his erection and rubbed it along her damp cleft before pushing the hard head into her clit.  Sharon began to rotate her hips in circles, brushing Will’s shaft as he thrust back and forth along her swollen lips.  His breathing grew more and more ragged as he pushed the tip of his shaft into her gently and stopped for only a moment before filling her with one hard thrust.


Sharon cried out as Will’s girth stretched and filled her, touched her at a new angle.  “Oh god, Will… you feel so good… so full…” she pushed back against him.  “…so hard… so… oh, Will…”


Will knew he wasn’t going to last long as he began to pound his hips wildly against her.  Sharon met him thrust for thrust, both of them watching their wild joining in the mirror; the sight driving their arousal higher and exciting them even more. 


Will ran his hands down Sharon’s sides to cup her breasts and pulled her up.  As Sharon straightened, the angle of their joining changed once again.


“Mmm… oh… oh… Will…” Sharon moaned and clenched around him.


Will roared as he sank deeper and deeper into her with each thrust, his semen bursting into her as he cried her name.  He could feel her continuing to rock back against him, her inner muscles still clenching him as he gradually regained control.  To Will’s surprise he found that he hadn’t gone soft and, within seconds, a second though gentler climax overtook him. 


The feel of Will spilling himself inside her for a second time pushed Sharon over the edge once again.  She screamed his name as she came, convulsing beneath him as her orgasm broke over her, the intense pleasure cascading up through her body from her core, drowning her in sensation.


A few moments later, their breathing under control, Will pressed a gentle kiss to Sharon’s back then slipped out of her.  He rubbed a soothing hand over her hip as he sat back on the edge of the bed.  He tugged her into his lap and held her to him as he shifted back onto the bed then rolled them onto their sides.


Sharon turned in his arms and snuggled into his embrace, sighing contentedly.  “I was wrong,” she said quietly, tracing random patterns on his damp chest with her fingers.


“About what?”


“I think Janet was correct in her assessment.”


Will raised an eyebrow as he looked at Sharon questioningly.  “What assessment would that be?”


Sharon glanced down at his semi-erect member resting in a nest of graying curls.  She held her two index fingers out then moved them slowly apart as if she was measuring something.  Her laughter rang our as Will turned bright red beneath his tan.  Sharon continued to slowly move her fingers apart until they were both laughing and Will began to push them back together.


“Knock it off!  You’ll give me a performance complex,” he told her, still chuckling.  “Just what did Janet assess me at, and when did the two of you have time to discuss it with John standing right there?”


“She guessed eight inches,” Sharon answered.  “Reynolds was on his way to the elevator and she whispered it to me.  She also told me to have fun.”


Will’s blush got even redder if that was possible.  “And did you?”


“Have fun?  Oh, most definitely.  What about you?”


“Fun doesn’t even begin to describe it.  I’ve made love more in the last ten hours than I have in the last two years.  First you give me the most incredible oral sex I’ve ever had…”


Sharon rose up on one elbow to look at him.  “Most incredible, you say?”


“It was absolutely fantastic!”  Will reiterated with a warm smile.  “Then I got to return the favour… as well as make love with you…” he ran his hand over her hip and along her side, brushing her breast with his thumb.  “And then what we just did… oh, God!  I’ve never done it exactly like that.”




“Really,” Will nodded.  “You are without a doubt, the most generous, giving woman I’ve ever been with.”


Sharon snuggled back into Will’s embrace, their bodies pressing against each other, their legs entwining.  “You’re not bad yourself, Chief.  I’d say you’ve been pretty damned generous to me as well.  I’ve never had a lover who cared so much about my needs.”  She tugged gently on his chest hair.  “I’ve never tried that last position either but it was pretty marvelous, wasn’t it?”


“Yeah, it was,” Will replied as he shook his head in wonder at the woman in his arms.  How could anyone ever have thought she was unfeeling?  “Why don’t we try to get a little rest?”  He suggested as he reached out for the covers and drew it over their bodies.  “I suspect we might need it before the night is over.”


Sharon’s hand stroked down the flat plain of Will’s stomach to cup his soft cock, smiling when she felt him pulse against her palm.  “Oh, I can guarantee it.”


Will moaned his approval.




Will groaned as John Reynolds made his way across the room toward him.  “Damn,” he swore under his breath, the smirk on Sharon’s face making it even worse.  The two hours of sleep that they’d managed to snatch between their marathon lovemaking wasn’t helping any either.


All he wanted to do was tell everyone in the room that the gorgeous woman in the corner talking with Reynolds’ wife was his lover and that she was as in love with him as he was with her, and that he did not care who knew it… and then take that woman back to the hotel and make love to her until they were both too exhausted to move.


Sharon looked absolutely incredible this morning, Will thought.  Her outfit was very similar to the one she’d worn the previous day but her eyes had a new sparkle and her skin fairly glowed.  And the fact that Will knew she wasn’t wearing any underwear made him even hornier, and even more irritated when John finally joined him.


Will scowled at his old friend, and grabbed the cup of coffee he proffered. 


“Rough night?”


“Raydor told me you came by.  I told you that I had plans, John.”


“I didn’t believe you.  I guess I was wrong.  Did you enjoy yourself?”


Will almost choked on his coffee.  “Yeah, I enjoyed myself.  Why so curious?”  Will didn’t like the Cheshire cat grin on Reynolds’ face.


“Did you see the paper this morning?”  John asked.  “I didn’t think so,” he said at Will’s shake of his head.  “There was an interesting bit in the society section.  It seems that Sharon’s playwright daughter was seen on the arm of her father at the premiere of her play last night.”


Will cringed inwardly.  ‘Okay, he knows Sharon didn’t have dinner with Marissa but he has no reason to suspect that it was me.’  “So?”


“So, I’m happy for you.  Just play it low key when you’re back in L.A., okay?”


‘Shit!’ Will thought to himself, ‘he knows, or he has a damned good idea.’  He decided to continue to play dumb. 


“What are you talking about, John?”


Reynolds just smiled even wider and made a motion with his hands that looked suspiciously like a slingshot.  “Captain Raydor’s garter belt was hanging from the lace curtains last night, Will.  I believe at the academy that little move got dubbed the Pope snap.” 





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