Title: Daydreams…

By: tayryn

Rating:  MA

Disclaimer:  not mine

Summary:  Brenda’s thinking about a certain FID Captain…


Notes:  a sequel to my pal’s fic, “Wet Dreams”… which is a must read, but you don’t have to read it for this fic to make sense.  This one can be considered a stand alone story…




Brenda woke with a gasp and a telltale ache between her thighs.  She pushed at the blankets, needing to be free of the, suddenly, too confining covers.  As she settled back against the pillows, she heard the rain outside the window, and images from the dream that had woken her, flashed through her mind.


Sharon Raydor… wet… in the shower… with her.


Brenda swallowed.


Why on Earth was she dreaming about the captain of all people?  Brenda wondered.  She didn’t even like the woman.


But even as she had that thought, Brenda thought back to the day before.  In her office, with the hard-nosed captain, and the truly heartfelt admission she’d made to Brenda.


“But I, personally, will feel very proud to have a chief that I can truly admire.”


Brenda shook her head.  It had been a surprisingly candid admission from Raydor, and it had touched Brenda… more than the blonde had been willing to admit at that time… more than she wanted to admit now as well.  She’d even gone so far as to tease the woman with her purse after that.  Not something one does with someone they don’t like.


Okay, so she didn’t exactly hate the woman anymore, Brenda thought grudgingly.  But that sure as hell did not explain why she’d dreamt about her.


She sighed and closed her eyes.


Brenda realized that was a mistake seconds later when more images from her dream began running against her lids.


Raydor pressing her body against hers under the spray of the water, her hands traveling over Brenda’s wet silky skin; touching and caressing everywhere they could reach.


Brenda groaned and rolled onto her side, curling up in a fetal position as a wave of arousal swept through her body. 


Another image from her dream passed through Brenda’s mind.  One of her, on her knees in front of the captain, her face buried in the captain’s…


“Oh god…” she moaned into her pillow then flopped back over onto her back and stared up at the ceiling.


This was ridiculous.


She was married for heaven’s sake… to a wonderful man… she should NOT be having these kinds of thoughts about, well, anyone.  And especially about a woman she’d only just realized she could tolerate.


Not only that, Brenda had read the captain’s file… she’d been married, had a couple of kids… which meant that she was straight, right?  Just like Brenda.


So why?


Why was she dreaming about having sex with Sharon Raydor?


But even as she admonished herself, Brenda couldn’t help but let her mind wander back to her dream…


God, it had been incredible… they’d been wrapped around each other, mouths fused together, hands caressing every inch of bare flesh… coiling the sweet tension tighter and tighter…


Brenda groaned as felt her sex throb with the memory of the dream, and without realizing she was doing it, she cupped one of her breasts; pulling at the peaked nipple through the satin of her nightgown.  The extra stimulation shot straight through her, settling deep in her lower abdomen.


She hadn’t been this aroused in a long time… not to this degree… and she knew she wouldn’t be able to go to work in this condition; that she wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything if she didn’t take care of it.


Fritz was gone… an early morning meeting, for which, Brenda was actually grateful.  She did not want to turn to her husband with thoughts of another… she laughed softly to herself… another woman on her mind.


No.  She would have to take care of this need by herself.


Brenda closed her eyes, breathing slow and steady as she allowed the memories of the dream full reign.  She traced her fingers over her lips, as her dream Sharon had done, and then whispered her name into the quiet of her bedroom as she wet her fingers then drew them down along her neck.


She followed the edge of her nightgown where it lay on her chest, then moved to circle her free nipple… the tip already hard with her arousal, then moved lower still.  She rubbed her hand down over her belly, still flat and firm in spite of all the sweets she ate, and began to gather up her nightgown.


When the material was out of the way, Brenda slipped her hand between her already parted thighs, cupping her centre.  She was wet… so very wet.


She moaned, her mind filling with the picture of Sharon, crouched at the end of the bed between Brenda’s spread legs; running her hands up Brenda’s inner thighs.  At the image of Sharon lowering her head, Brenda slipped a finger between the swollen, parting lips of her sex.  She gasped, her finger circling her clit in time with the flick of Sharon’s tongue against the sensitive knot of flesh.


Sharon…” Brenda gasped the other woman’s name into her empty bedroom as she continued to stroke her clit; squeezing her breast with her other hand.


In her mind’s eye, she felt Sharon’s tongue moving against her… Sharon’s fingers slipping inside her; the long digits thrusting slowly in and out of her.  Lying in her bed, Brenda moved her fingers lower and slid them inside her wet sheath.  She moaned as she worked them in and out of her body, the heel of her hand pressing rhythmically against her clit.


The pleasure was growing in the pit of her belly as she continued to touch herself, continued to finger her sex… but in her mind it was Sharon.  Sharon’s fingers… Sharon’s tongue…Sharon manipulating Brenda’s swollen flesh, and eliciting the ever-growing swell of sensation spreading through Brenda’s body.


She heard her dream Sharon whisper her name with such longing, and felt a rush of moisture around her fingers.  She groaned, and began to lift her hips in time with the thrusting of her fingers; moving them faster and faster as she felt her orgasm growing.


“Come for me, Brenda…”


Brenda plunged her fingers as deep inside herself as she could, curling her fingers and pressing the heel of her hand hard against her clit.


“Brenda…” she heard the husky voice of Sharon in her ear and cried out Sharon’s name as she came, the intense pleasure exploding through her body.


She writhed on the bed, her breath coming in gasps as the waves of sensation washed through her body.  Her hand remained between her thighs, her fingers still moving in and out of her slick heat… and she moaned again as another smaller orgasm moved through her.


Brenda pulled her hand from between her legs and laid it on her thigh as she fought to catch her breath.  As her body slowly calmed, she suddenly felt slightly embarrassed.  She couldn’t believe what she’d just done… masturbating was one thing, and it wasn’t as if she hadn’t done it before… but masturbating to a fantasy of a co-worker… of a subordinate officer… of a woman…


The last part troubled her somewhat.  She’d never cared one way or the other about another person’s sexual preference… people loved who they loved, it was as simple as that.  But she herself had never been attracted to another woman before… and for her to be attracted to Sharon Raydor of all people… well, Brenda found it a little disconcerting to say the least.


Deciding not to dwell on it, knowing the answers were not going to be found on the ceiling of her bedroom, Brenda climbed out of bed and walked into her bathroom to get ready for work.  As she turned on the shower, she resolved to forget her dream, and her reaction to the dream… chalking it up to the stress of the last few weeks with all that chief business, and all the extra time she’d been spending with the captain.


“Just stress…” Brenda said aloud in an attempt to better convince herself, as she pulled off her nightgown and tossed it toward the hamper in the corner.  When she turned to step into the shower, she caught sight of her body in the mirror… of the telltale flush staining her fair skin, and felt a tightening in her lower abdomen as another image from her dream came to mind.


This was going to be harder than she thought as she closed her eyes against her reflection, and stepped into the shower and under the spray of hot water.  For whatever reason, she was attracted to the dark-haired woman, and Brenda couldn’t for the life of her understand why.


Reaching for the shampoo, she poured some in her hand then began to wash her hair.  As she lathered up, Brenda resolved to just avoid the captain until these strange feelings went away.


“And they will go away,” she spoke into the water.  “They will…”


At least I hope they will, Brenda thought as she rinsed her hair.





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