Title: Crazy
by: tayryn
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer:  not mine. *sigh*

For the prompt: crazy

Warning... tis smut with no real redeeming qualities!



This was crazy, Sharon thought as she pushed the Chief up against her office door, pinned her arms over her head and covered her mouth in an almost savage kiss. Even crazier, was the fact that the Chief was kissing her back… just as hard… just as passionate.

“This is crazy…” Brenda moaned against Sharon’s lips as she hooked her leg around Sharon’s and ground her body against hers.

“I know…” Sharon murmured, lowering her head and biting at the blonde’s throat.

“We don’t even like each other,” Brenda pointed out, pulling her arms free and lowering them to grasp the Captain’s hips and pull her closer.

“We don’t,” Sharon agreed as she gathered up the other woman’s skirt. “But right now, I want nothing more than to fuck you…” she told her, and slipped her hand between Brenda’s thighs, cupping the woman’s sex. She moaned at the damp heat she felt and stroked her through the satin panties. “I want to fuck you so hard… Brenda…”

“Oh god…” Brenda groaned.

The brunette smiled against the blonde’s throat as she pushed Brenda’s panties aside then thrust two fingers deep into her hot, wet pussy. She moved them in and out, grinding the heel of her hand against her clit. “I want to feel you come…”

The Chief whimpered as the pleasure grew and began to thrust against the Captain’s hand.

“That’s it… yes…” Sharon encouraged her, humming when she felt Brenda’s fingers dig into her hips; the painful grip only exciting Sharon more, and sending a rush of moisture to her core. “Come for me, Brenda…”

Brenda shook her head. “No…”

“Yes!” Sharon commanded as she grasped one of Brenda’s breasts and squeezed the full mound in time with the plunging of her fingers. She pressed her hand against the blonde’s clit as she curled her fingers inside her sex. “Come now, Brenda…”

Sharon!” Brenda cried out her name as she lost control, and came hard.

“Oh yes…” Sharon moaned appreciatively at the feel of Brenda’s pussy quivering around her fingers; her juices soaking Sharon’s palm. She caught Brenda’s mouth in another hungry kiss, as she continued to work her fingers in and out of her tight sheath, pushing the younger woman into a second orgasm.

Brenda pulled her mouth away from Sharon’s as she sought to catch her breath. She reached down between their bodies and grasped Sharon’s wrist, stilling her hand. “No more… I can’t… oh my god… that was…”

“Sexy as hell,” Sharon told her with a smirk as she pulled her fingers out of Brenda and brought them to her mouth. She hummed as she cleaned Brenda’s juices from her hand.

“Wrong,” Brenda said, her eyes darkening further as she watched Sharon. “This was so wrong.”

“It felt very good to me,” Sharon replied as she pressed her body firmer against Brenda’s. “You felt good, Brenda.”

Brenda shook her head. “No… we really have to stop doing this.”

Sharon leaned in nibbled the Chief’s neck. “You’re right…” she bit lightly, “…we should…” her hands moved to cup Brenda’s breasts, her thumbs teasing her already hard nipples. “We really should…”

“Shut up,” Brenda cut her off and spun them around so that Sharon was pressed up against the door. “It’s my turn now…” she said as she slid down onto her knees between Sharon’s thighs.

Sharon smirked and widened her legs. “Yes, Chief.”





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