Title:  A Little Show and Tell

By: tayryn

Rating: NC17/MA

Disclaimer:  not mine. I wish. But no, not mine.

Summary:  Sharon gives Brenda a demonstration…




Muttering under her breath, Brenda stepped into her house, shutting and locking the door behind her before leaning up against it and closing her eyes.


She sighed. 


It’d been a long day.


Raydor was still hounding her and her squad, and Brenda wasn’t sure how much more of the woman’s poking around she could take.


‘Ooh, that woman!’ she thought with a scowl then took several deep, calming breaths.  She wouldn’t think about her anymore tonight.


Deciding that a nice, hot, leisurely bubble bath was in order to help her forget the stresses of the day, Brenda pushed herself off of the door.  She made a detour into the kitchen, and poured herself a generous glass of Merlot, knowing the mellow wine would also help her to relax.


She took a long, full drink.  “Mmm…” she hummed with pleasure as the flavour washed over her taste buds.  Taking another sip, Brenda kicked off her shoes and dropped her purse on the table.  She then topped off her glass, corked the bottle and returned it to the fridge.


As she turned away from the refrigerator, she suddenly stopped.


Something was different.


She couldn’t put her finger on it… but something just felt off… almost as if she wasn’t alone in the house.


Brenda shook her head.  That couldn’t be it.


With the finalization of their divorce, Fritz had returned his key when he’d collected the rest of his things… and Joel… two days earlier.


She frowned.


She missed the cat.


Shaking her head again at how silly she was being, she moved through the kitchen towards her bedroom.  She paused, her hand on the door knob. 


‘I don’t remember shutting the door,’ she thought then shrugged.  With the way things were going right now, she very well could have.


She opened the door, stepped into her room, and stopped dead in her tracks.


There, kneeling on her bed, without a stitch of clothing was the real reason she’d asked Fritz for a divorce… not her job like she’d told him.


“How’d you get in?”


“I do know how to pick a lock, you know.”


“That’s breakin’ and enterin’,”Brenda pointed out.


“So, then why don’t you arrest me?”  Was the smooth reply, followed by the raising of hands.  “I’ll even let you handcuff me.”


Brenda smirked, and stepped over to stand at the foot of the bed.  “Maybe later… if you’re lucky.”


That garnered an amused hum.


“So, what are you doing here?”  She asked, taking a sip of her wine before reaching out to smooth an imaginary wrinkle on the comforter.


“I had a rough day at work.  I didn’t really want to go home to an empty house, and I remembered a conversation we had the other day.  The one where you asked me what I do to unwind after work, and how I… take care of… things… when you’re not around.”


Brenda felt herself flush as she remembered the conversation, and the pointed look she’d gotten in response to her question.


“And, so you felt the need…”


“To demonstrate?  Yes.”  There was a pause, and then the voice dropped… grew huskier.  “I saw the look in your eyes… saw your arousal…”


“…Sharon…” Brenda exhaled slowly.


“I know today was a bad day.  But in spite of that, all that time we spent together…”




“…discussing the case,” Sharon continued as if Brenda hadn’t interrupted her, “has left me feeling…” she crept to the edge of the bed, “very anxious.”


Brenda swallowed.


“I know that Chief Johnson and Captain Raydor don’t always see eye to eye…” Sharon told her, reaching out to finger the buttons on Brenda’s blouse.  “However, for Brenda and Sharon… I know that all of that… arguing…” she brushed the shirt open, revealing a simple white bra.


“Is our version of foreplay?”  Brenda asked with a hint of a smile.




“You could be right,” Brenda replied and took a sip of her wine before holding the glass out to the other woman.  She swallowed when Sharon wrapped her hand around Brenda’s and drew the glass to her lips to take a drink.


“Mmm…” Sharon hummed.  “That’s good.”


“So,” Brenda began, taking another sip of the burgundy liquid.  “All of our arguing turned you on?”


Sharon nodded.


“And just how turned on are you?”


Instead of answering verbally, Sharon reached out and grabbed Brenda’s free hand, and guided it between her thighs.


“Oh my…” Brenda exhaled the breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding.  The heat emanating from Sharon’s core was unmistakable and she was… “…so wet.”


“Yes,” Sharon murmured.


Brenda’s eyes darkened and she flexed her fingers, slipping one between the swollen folds of Sharon’s pussy and stroking lightly.  “And you’ve been this way all afternoon?”


Sharon gasped and nodded.


Brenda smiled and continued to rub Sharon’s sex; slipping the tip of her finger just inside her snug channel, then back up to circle her clit.  “So… you mentioned something about a demonstration?”


“Yes, I did…” Sharon nodded and reached down to grasp Brenda’s hand, and removed it from between her thighs.  Holding the blonde’s eyes, she brought her fingers up to her mouth and boldly licked her juices from Brenda’s middle finger.


Sharon…” Brenda growled the older woman’s name.


Sharon merely smiled, gave Brenda’s finger another lick then dropped her hand and leaned in to brush her lips against the other woman’s.  “Take off your clothes, and join me on the bed,” she whispered then took the wine glass from Brenda’s hand and moved away.


Brenda watched as Sharon turned and crawled back to the head of the bed, affording her a nice view of her backside.  “Mmm… nice ass, Captain,” she murmured approvingly.


Sharon glanced back over her shoulder and grinned at her.


Brenda returned the grin as she quickly shed the rest of her clothes then climbed up onto the bed and crawled towards her.


“Stop there,” Sharon told her when she was halfway across the bed.


Brenda stopped and sat back on her haunches then held her hand out and wiggled her fingers.  “Wine…”


Sharon chuckled, took another sip and handed over the glass, then smiled sensuously at her as she shifted down on the bed.  She kicked her right leg up and over her so that Brenda was kneeling between her spread legs; her knees in line with Sharon’s as she lay back on the mattress.  “You wanted to know…” she began in a low voice, her hands sliding up her sides to cup her breasts, “how I take care of myself when we can’t be together?  How I took care of myself all those months before we finally admitted our attraction.”


Brenda nodded, her eyes growing wide as she watched Sharon’s fingers circle and pull on her nipples; the pink tips growing dusky and hard.  She licked her lips.  Sharon…”


“Watch…” Sharon said in a husky voice, trailing her left hand down over her stomach, slipping her fingers into the dark auburn curls between her legs, her right hand sliding down to stroke her inner thigh.


Brenda groaned; her eyes locked on Sharon’s fingers combing through the soft hair before her middle finger disappeared between her swollen lower lips.  “Oh… God…” she moaned, watching her fingers move slowly back and forth along her sex.  Sharon…”


Sharon smiled, watching Brenda watching her, the pure, unbridled lust clouding her warm brown eyes sending a surge of moisture to Sharon’s centre.  Her smile grew as she dropped her eyes to the blonde’s chest, and saw that her nipples were standing hard and proud on the full breasts.


“You…” Brenda heard Sharon’s melodious voice say, her eyes not leaving the junction of the brunette’s legs.  “You do this to me, Brenda…” she said, her right hand leaving her thigh to open herself up to her.  Brenda swallowed hard at the sight of Sharon’s glistening pink flesh.  “Only you, Brenda…”


Brenda watched as Sharon slipped her middle finger into her moist opening only slightly, stopping at the first knuckle.  Her body flushed even more, and she felt a pulse between her legs in response to the soft gasp of her name on Sharon’s lips as she withdrew her finger then slowly pressed it back inside; going a little deeper then withdrawing again.  She repeated the action until her finger was completely buried inside her body.


Sharon…” Brenda groaned, fighting the urge to pull the other woman’s hands away, and bury her face in Sharon’s pussy and eat her until she was screaming out her name.  But she knew she couldn’t.  Not yet.


She took a long drink of her wine, and slipped her free hand between her own thighs, her fingers brushing through the blonde curls, and dipping into her own moisture.  Her eyes were on Sharon’s finger as she pulled it out of her body, bringing the long, glistening digit up to spread her arousal over the swollen nub.  Brenda’s nostrils flared as Sharon’s scent wafted up to her and she licked her lips as she circled her clit, her fingers moving around the sensitive flesh.


Sharon brought her eyes back up from Brenda’s chest to watch her face as she moved her hand down, this time pressing two fingers inside her body, her hips unconsciously lifting to meet the penetrating digits.


Brenda’s eyes followed the brunette’s fingers as she moved them in and out of her body.  She drained her glass then let it fall gently to the carpeted floor, and reached out to grasp Sharon’s leg, her gaze never leaving the sight of her lover’s hand moving against and within her sex.


Unable to help herself, Sharon lowered her eyes to Brenda’s lap, and moaned at the sight of Brenda’s fingers moving against her pussy in concert with her own.  The sight enflamed Sharon’s arousal and she began to move her fingers faster; the sensations building up inside her body.


Brenda watched with rapt attention as Sharon brought her right hand into play, her middle and index fingers circling furiously over her clit as the fingers on her left hand continued to thrust inside her wet sheath.  She could her hear Sharon’s breathing growing ragged and knew by the way she was gasping her name that she was close to release.


“That’s it, honey…” Brenda urged in a gravely voice, stroking the smooth skin of Sharon’s thigh.  “Come…” Sharon’s hips began to arch off the bed.  Brenda smiled.  “Come for me, Sharon…”


With a couple more thrusts of her fingers deep inside her snug channel, and firmer swirls of her fingers against her clit, Sharon cried out Brenda’s name as she came; her body writhing in orgasm.


Brenda watched Sharon shatter.  Watched her body undulate with the pleasure coursing through her still firm body in waves, and then unable to simply sit and watch any longer, Brenda pulled her hand from between her thighs then reached out to grasp Sharon’s hands and pulled them away from her body.


For several moments, with more control than she realized she had, the blonde simply gazed at the brunette.  Her eyes fixated on her lover’s sex… so swollen, so red… and so very wet with her cream.  With a soft murmur of her name, Brenda buried her face in Sharon’s most sensitive flesh, and with a low groan deep in her throat, Brenda stabbed her tongue into Sharon’s still quivering opening and lapped at her juices.


“Bren…” Sharon gasped, her hands clutching at her head as she continued to lick and suck at her slick flesh.  “Oh… God… yes…”


“Mmm…” Brenda murmured against her as she continued to feast on her essence.


Sharon shifted beneath her, crying out Brenda’s name as she pressed two fingers inside her, her lips moving up and closing around Sharon’s swollen and still sensitive clitoris; sucking hard.  Brenda kissed her hungrily, lips, tongue and fingers pushing Sharon into another orgasm.


Bre…. BREN…. oh… fuck…” she screamed, writhing under the blonde as the sensations overwhelmed her, radiating from her centre to warm her entire body and rush over her, pulling her into yet another release.


Brenda groaned in approval as more of her captain’s cream flowed into her mouth.  Sharon….” she murmured against her flesh.  “…honey… you taste so good…”


Sharon moaned, her words vibrating through her as her release continued to flow over her, Brenda’s fingers and tongue prolonging the intense sensations.  She tightened her grip in her long blonde hair and tugged.  “Brenda…” she called in a breathless voice.


Brenda looked up at Sharon, her mouth still locked on her wet centre, her tongue moving slowly against her.  “Hmm…?”


“Come up here…” Sharon beseeched, tugging on her hair again.  “I want you inside me… above me…”


Sharon…” Brenda growled against her, smiling as Sharon moaned and arched against her mouth.


“Brenda… please…”


With one last loving kiss to her sex, Brenda eased her fingers out of Sharon’s sheath, and crawled over her lover, stretching her body out full against her.


Breast to breast… pussy to pussy… they moaned at the feel of being in full contact.


Brenda smiled down at Sharon, her mouth and chin glistening with the other woman’s arousal.


Sharon returned her smile as she reached up and drew her index finger over the younger woman’s lips and chin, picking up her essence from Brenda’s face.  “Now… now… Chief,” she said in a husky voice.  “Didn’t your mother ever teach you to wash up when you finished eating?”


Brenda’s arousal grew, and she felt a rush of moisture to her core as she watched Sharon place her finger in her mouth and clean her juices from the elegant digit.  Sharon…” Brenda groaned as she pulled her finger from her mouth and licked her lips.


“Mmm…” Sharon hummed, a sensuous yet almost mischievous smile forming on her lips.  “I do believe you still have something on your face…” she slid her hands into the tangled blonde locks, holding Brenda’s face steady as she lifted her head.  “Allow me…”


Brenda moaned at the feel of Sharon’s tongue swiping over her chin, licking away the residue of her own arousal clinging to Brenda’s face.  She shifted, settling herself firmer between the cradle of Sharon’s thighs; pressing her sex against the brunette’s.  Sharon…” Brenda uttered her name in a gravely voice as her lips finally settled over hers.


They kissed hungrily.


Sharon wrapped one of her legs loosely around her lover’s and began to rub herself against Brenda… rocking her pussy against the blonde’s.  She smiled against Brenda’s lips, swallowing her moan of approval.


Brenda broke off the kiss, pausing to gaze down into dark green eyes before dipping her head to trail her lips along Sharon’s collarbone to her breasts.  She ran her tongue over and around the full swell of the other woman’s right breast, moving in ever smaller growing circles until she came to her nipple.


“Brenda!”  Sharon growled in frustration as she merely flicked her tongue against the turgid peak then kissed her way to her other breast.


Brenda chuckled, sweeping her tongue along Sharon’s silky flesh; delighting in the gasps and shivers she caused her.  “You have such soft skin,” she murmured, nipping gently at the underside of her breast.  “Such soft… mmm… skin.”


Sharon arched beneath her as Brenda neared her nipple, groaning as she brushed her lips over it, barely touching the rosy tip.  “Brenda… don’t tease…” she begged as Brenda buried her face between Sharon’s breasts, kissing and sucking on the smooth skin. 


“Mmm…” Sharon moaned softly as Brenda’s hands came up to cover the full mounds, her palms hot on her aching nipples.  It felt nice… but at that moment, it wasn’t Brenda’s hands she wanted teasing her breasts.  “Brenda… please…”


Brenda lifted her head, her dark brown eyes locking with Sharon’s green ones.


Sharon arched beneath her again, pushing her breasts into her hands.  “Please… I want…”


“What?”  Brenda asked in a husky voice.


“You… your mouth…” she inhaled sharply as Brenda’s fingers circled and pulled on the sensitive peaks.  “Please…”


Brenda lowered her head, once again burying her face between Sharon’s breasts, laving the slightly bruised skin with her tongue before sweeping up the side of her right breast and pulling her nipple between her lips.


“Oh… yes…” Sharon cried out as the wet warmth of Brenda’s mouth surrounded her hardened peak.  Her hands flew to her head, holding Brenda there as her tongue swirled around and around her nipple.


Despite Sharon’s hands holding tight to her head, Brenda managed to pull her mouth away from Sharon’s breast, once more pressing her lips to the silky skin between her lover’s generous bosom. 


“Bren… da…” Sharon tugged on her hair, murmuring her approval as she licked her way up her left breast and captured the berried tip.  “… yes…”


Brenda began to softly hum as she suckled at Sharon’s breast, her tongue teasing and worrying the tender tip; feeling the other woman arch beneath her and try to push more of her breast into her mouth.


“Ooh… you are so talented with your mouth…” Sharon murmured then gasped when Brenda bit down lightly on her nipple.  As Brenda continued to suck Sharon’s breasts, Sharon slipped a hand between their bodies and cupped Brenda’s centre.


Sharon…” Brenda groaned against Sharon’s breast as she began to slowly stroke her.


“I want to be inside you,” she told the blonde, pressing a finger between Brenda’s nether lips, lighting circling her thumb over the sensitive bundle of nerves.  “And I want you inside me… I need you… Brenda, please…”


Brenda released her nipple and moved up so that she could meet Sharon’s eyes.  She smiled down at the older woman.  “I need you too, Sharon…”


“Be with me…” Sharon continued to stroke her.


“Yes…” Brenda nodded, sliding a hand between them to stroke her fingers through Sharon’s wet curls, dipping them into her then pulling back out to circle her clit.


“Brenda…” Sharon bucked under her.  “…oh, Brenda…”


With one last rub against the sensitive bundle, Brenda slid two fingers down Sharon’s sex and pressed them against her entrance.  Her eyes locked with Sharon’s.  “Together…”


Sharon smiled up at her and nodded.


Slowly… together… they pressed their fingers inside each other.


“Mmm…” Brenda hissed at the feel of Sharon’s wet heat surrounding her fingers, and lowered her mouth to capture Sharon’s in a passionate kiss.  “You feel so good…” she murmured against her lips as she wriggled her fingers.


“So do you,” Sharon whispered and began to move her fingers, pulling them out then sliding them back inside Brenda’s slick sheath.


They quickly found their rhythm… their bodies rocking together as their fingers thrust in and out of each other… Sharon driving her fingers into Brenda’s pussy as Brenda withdrew hers from Sharon’s. 


Back and forth… over and over… in and out… they made love to each other, slowly increasing their arousal… pushing their desire higher and higher.  When one or the other would near orgasm… they’d ease up, allowing their bodies to calm slightly before beginning all over again.


Their mouths met again in a slow kiss, matching the rhythm of their bodies, their tongues mimicking the thrusting of their fingers… slow and steady then hard and fast… and as the kiss grew more intense, more fervent; so did the push of their fingers… the glide of their bodies,


They broke out of the kiss with a gasp, and Brenda rose up onto her elbow over Sharon, her fingers driving hard and fast, sliding in and out of her wet heat.  Their eyes locked, what they felt for each other… the strong attraction and feelings, radiating in waves through their visual connection.


“Brenda…” Sharon moaned as the blonde continued to pound into her.  She gripped Brenda’s hip with her other hand, squeezing the firm flesh in time with the motion of their bodies.  She was close… so close… and she wanted Brenda with her.  She stroked her fingers pushing deeper… harder and faster into her lover.  “I’m close…”


“So am I…” Brenda replied and clenched around her captain’s fingers.


They thrust their hips into every push of their fingers, grinding the heels of their hands into each other’s clits, pushing each other closer and closer to the edge.


“Mmm… oh yes… more…” Sharon moaned, the sensations in the pit of her stomach growing even stronger as Brenda expertly stroked her.  “I… harder…yesss… there… oh God…”


Brenda acceded to her wishes and drove her fingers harder and deeper into the other woman, moaning when Sharon matched her pace.  The blonde groaned when Sharon stroked that perfect spot within her, and lowered back down, sliding her arm under Sharon and gripping her shoulder, so that their breasts were once again in full contact.


“… Sharon… yes…”


Suddenly, they were writhing against each other… their inner walls pulsing around each other’s fingers… warm moisture flowing along the still thrusting digits to drench their palms.


“BRENDA!!”  Sharon screamed her lover’s name, her leg tightening around the blonde, her hand clenching Brenda’s hip as an explosive climax shifted her world into mindlessness.  “Mmm… ooh, Brenda…” she moaned as the pleasure rolled over her in waves.


Riding Sharon’s fingers with renewed purpose, Brenda cried out the older woman’s name moments later as her orgasm consumed her.  Her nails bit into Sharon’s shoulder as the intense pleasure stole her breath; the sensations coursing through every nerve in her body.


They sank into each other’s arms; panting as their bodies hummed with residual pulses from their climaxes.  The two women moaned softly, each of them flexing their fingers inside the other in response to the still rhythmic clenching of their pussies.


“Mmm…” Sharon murmured against Brenda’s temple then smiled when she felt a soft kiss to her shoulder.  “I’m going to…” she warned in a quiet voice.


Brenda nodded then whimpered as Sharon slowly eased her fingers out of her.  “I know…” Sharon whispered and Brenda felt the gentle squeeze to her hip.  She lifted her head and met her lover’s green eyes just as she placed her glistening fingers in her mouth.  Sharon,” Brenda groaned when the brunette hummed her delight as she licked Brenda’s cream from her fingers and palm.


With a gentle flex as her only warning, Brenda slipped her fingers out of the other woman.  Instead of putting her fingers in her mouth, Brenda nudged Sharon’s hand out of the way and painted her lips with her own juices before covering her mouth in a hungry kiss.


They parted breathlessly a few moments later then rolled onto their sides, their legs entangling; arms wrapped loosely around each other.


“So…” Sharon began, brushing a tangled lock of blonde hair back behind Brenda’s ear.  “Are you still upset about my breaking and entering?”


“No...” Brenda answered with a soft giggle then a slow, sly smile filled her face.  “However, I do still think you ought to be punished accordingly.”


Sharon grinned as she slipped her hand under the pillow and pulled out a pair of handcuffs, letting them dangle from her finger.  “I knew you’d say that.”


Brenda laughed outright.


Her day had been a long bad one.


Her night looked to be turning into a long good one.





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