By: tayryn

Written: January 15/98

DISCLAIMERS: Paramount owns Star Trek and the universe therein. I have just taken my friends out for a little joyride. And I do mean a joyride. I promise to bring them back unharmed...only a lot happier.

WARNING: This story is most definitely NC-17! No kiddies allowed!! Come back when you’re older! I don’t care if you know all about this. If you’re under eighteen.... Come back when you’re older.

PLS NOTE: As with most of my stories at the moment, they’ve been "hand-written" for a while and only now are being typed and uploaded for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to print it, download it, whatever, just please leave my name attached. You wouldn’t want someone to steal your story now would you?


There really is no plot. No storyline, just an excuse to throw Janeway and Chakotay together in the way we would all love to see them.

Now, on to the story.....


"Get out!" She shouted at him.

"No! I’m not going anywhere until we deal with this." He said.

"Dammit, Chakotay. There’s nothing to deal with."

"I beg to differ." He said, moving closer to her. "You kissed me down there. That changes a lot of things."

"It was nothing, Chakotay. Just a harmless little kiss." She said. "It meant nothing. Let it go."

"Meant nothing!" He said incredulously. "Let it go?"

"Yes, Chakotay. Let it go." She said.

"I can’t do that, Kathryn." He said.

"Well, you’re going to have to find a way, Commander." She said, starting to turn away. "Because I won’t brook any breach of protocol. You know that."

"Yes. I know." He said, his voice thick, as she turned away from him. "But I don’t agree."

She yelped suddenly as his arms wrapped around her from behind. One over her breasts holding onto one arm and the other over her stomach holding her other arm, pulling her tight against his.

"Commander." She said, her voice hard. "What do you think you’re doing?"

"Showing you that protocol is already gone between us." He said. "It has been for a long time."

"Let me go, Chakotay."

"No." He said as he dipped his head and began to nuzzle her neck.

Kathryn’s breath caught in her throat as his lips moved over her skin. She held still, not wanting to encourage him.

Chakotay noticed this, but continued. His hand moved in slow circles on her abdomen, caressing her through the material of her dress.

Kathryn’s’ mind screamed at her to stop him, but her body rebelled and began to respond.

"Chakotay!" She said trying to sound calm. "Chakotay, please!"

"But what are you begging him for Kathryn?" Her mind asked. "Do you really want him to stop?"

He ignored her plea. Instead he stilled the hand on her stomach, moving his other hand to cup her breast.

Kathryn gasped involuntarily as his hand began to knead her full breast. Her nipple hardened as his thumb moved over it.

She heard a moan as his hand slipped into her top cupping her bare breast. She realized as he moved to her other breast that she had been the one who moaned.

Kathryn stiffened in his embrace.

Chakotay laughed at this and pulled her closer.

"Can you feel how much I want you, Kathryn?" He asked thrusting his hips against her, burying the very large bulge in his pants between the cleft of her buttocks. His hands moved to her hips and held her tighter against his ever-growing erection. "You do this to me, Kathryn. No one else but you."

She felt her skirt being inched up her thighs.

"Let’s see how much I affect you." He whispered huskily against her ear.

"Chakotay...." She said, beginning to squirm against him.

When he got her skirt bunched up at her waist, he ran his hands down over her bare thighs and realized she wore nothing underneath.

"Such soft skin." He murmured.

His fingers brushed lightly through the auburn curls between her thighs.

Kathryn instinctively moved to clench her thighs, but Chakotay moved his knee between her legs.

"Are you wet Kathryn?" He asked, brushing her curls again. "I bet you are. Hot and wet. And all or me."

"Chakotay." She moaned. "Chakotay, please."

"Please what, Kathryn?" He asked, slipping a finger between her folds. "Tell me, Kathryn. What do you want?" He stroked back and forth over her folds. "Tell me, Kathryn. Tell me with your mouth what your body is already telling me."

He pressed a finger inside her and she arched against his hand. Chakotay grinned against her neck and added a second finger.

Kathryn began to whimper as his thumb found and moved over the sensitive pearl of flesh that housed her desire, his fingers moving in and out of her in a slow and steady strokes.

"I was right, Kathryn." He said, nibbling on her ear. "You are wet. So hot and so wet."

He moved his hand a little quicker.

"Cha-ko-tay!" She gasped. "Please!"

"Tell me, Kathryn." He told her again. "Tell me what you want me to do."

He stilled his hand, leaving his fingers inside her. Then very slowly, he eased his fingers out of her, placing his hand on her thigh.

Kathryn felt a sob of disappointment leave her lips as his fingers ceased their work.

She reached for his hand and pulled him back to her mound.

"Don’t stop!" She said breathlessly. "Oh God please!"

Chakotay smiled as he slipped his fingers back inside her moist, hot center.

He moved them across the room, twirling around so that he was leaning against the wall. He moved his knee back between her legs, allowing her to barely straddle his large thigh.

With his free hand, he yanked down her top, freeing her breasts. He cupped one and began kneading it as his other hand began moving inside her once again.

Kathryn arched against his hand, her head falling back to his shoulder. Her hands moved over his thighs, feeling the strong muscles under the material.

Despite the magic his hands were working on her, her attention was suddenly drawn to the large bulge pressing against her ass.

Her hands left his thighs and moved back between their bodies, cupping the throbbing evidence of Chakotay’s desire.

Chakotay moaned and increased the motion of his hand. Her inner muscles clenching at his fingers in tandem with his thrusting hand.

Kathryn felt it start. A slow burning sensation focused between her thighs and steadily moving up and out.

"Oh ... my ... God!" Kathryn began panting. "Oh ... oh ... Cha-ko ... oh God! Ooh!"

Chakotay kept at it, his fingers moving swiftly in and out, his thumb stroking and rubbing her, bringing her closer and closer.

"Chakotay! Oh God CHA-KO-TAY!" She screamed out in pleasure as she bucked wildly against his hand, her orgasm tearing through her body, as Chakotay continued stroking her.

A moment or two later, Kathryn sagged against his body as Chakotay stilled his hand but didn’t remove it.

Kathryn’s breathing was ragged.

"Oh my God! What have I done?" She thought. But then she remembered the incredible release she’d just experienced at Chakotay’s hands. "He did this with just his hands. God I wonder what it’d feel like to have him inside me?"

Chakotay held still, realizing that she was having an argument with herself. He decided though, that he was going to help her with her decision.

Kathryn gasped as she felt his hand start to slowly and gently move inside her again.

"Oh, God." She thought. "Maybe he’s right. Maybe we can have the best of both worlds."

She felt his engorged member still pressing against her rear.

She made her decision.

She grabbed his hand and pulled it away from her.

Chakotay let his hand drop to his side. He’d let her take the lead now. He’d shown her his intentions and his desires, not to mention her own and now it was up to her how they proceed.

Kathryn grabbed her dress and pulled it up over her head. She decided then to have a little fun and began to rock on his thigh, which he’d lifted to keep her from sagging to the floor, pressing herself against him.

She heard a moan come from deep in his throat and couldn’t suppress her smile.

She slid slowly off his thigh and turned to face him.

He stood there, his pupils dilated and his leg still bent. Kathryn noticed his pants bore a wet spot from where she’d been riding his thigh.

"Well, Commander, since we’ve broken protocol this far, we might as well go the whole ten yards."

She sauntered closer to him and reached out to cup his crotch.

Chakotay groaned and pulled her roughly against him. And for the first time that evening, he captured her lips with his own.

Kathryn gave into the kiss, responding with a passion equal to his.

Her hands tore at his clothes, wanting to feel his naked body against hers.

Chakotay assisted her and in no time, he was as naked as she was. Their bodies pressed as close as possible.

Chakotay couldn’t wait. Having felt how tight and hot she was with his fingers, he ached to bury his throbbing shaft deep inside her.

He fell to his knees, pulling her with him. After giving her a bruising kiss, he pushed her down onto her back.

Chakotay pushed her legs apart and knelt between them. He teased her for a moment by combing his fingers through the auburn curls.

"Oh God, Chakotay now!" She cried out. "Now! I want you in me now!"

"Yes, Ma’am!" He said as he positioned his manhood at her ready heat.

"Chakotay!" She pleaded again.

Placing a hand on either side of her head, Chakotay moved over her and with a swift, strong stroke, he drove himself deep inside her.

They cried out together at the bliss of their joining. Chakotay held still, just wanting to enjoy the feeling of being sheathed inside her.

Kathryn looked into his eyes and saw the rapturous joy pooled there and all over his face.

She raised her hand to his cheek.

"Things are going to be very different now." She said softly.

"Yes." He grunted. "They’ll be better."

With that he lowered his lips to hers and began to move deep inside her, his body thrusting in and out of her with long sure strokes.

Kathryn wrapped her legs around his hips, allowing him to drive deeper. She arched up to meet him with every stroke.

They began to move together, as their breathing came in short gasps. Their complete existence seemed to move tandem with their bodies. The beat of their hearts. The thrust of their hips. Everything was in this moment. With the joining of their bodies, their souls finally locked together.

Chakotay continued to thrust into her, calling her name with each ragged breath.

He held himself up on one arm and moved the other hand to fondle her breast.

Kathryn moaned his name and thrust her hips up to him, begging for more.

Chakotay looked down at Kathryn, their eyes locking. They both felt it. A scorching intensity of pleasure, quickly building into an inferno that was begging to be released.

Chakotay knew he was close and he wanted her to come with him, so he moved his hand from her breast to stroke her clit.

Suddenly, they both cried out. Their shared orgasm shattering any control they had left. Their bodies thrashed against each other in the blazing fierceness of pleasure.

"I love you!" He gasped as he collapsed on top of her.

Kathryn locked her legs in his, holding him inside her.

Chakotay raised his head to look down at her.

"I love you too." She said softly.

"Do you mean that?"

"Yes." She nodded, with a smile. "I’m sorry I was so stubborn."

Chakotay chuckled.

"Don’t apologize." He said. "After all, look at the great sex we just had."

Kathryn laughed.

"Let’s hope it only gets better."

"Oh, it will." He promised.

Kathryn yawned.

"I think we should move to the bed."

"I’m too tired to move." He said. He rolled off her and pulled her tight against him. "We’ll move later."

Kathryn laughed and snuggled against him.

"Good enough for me."

They soon fell into an exhausted sleep, wrapped tightly in each other’s arms.



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