By: tayryn

DISCLAIMERS: Paramount owns Star Trek and the universe therein. I have only taken my friends out for a joyride. I promise to bring them back unharmed, only a lot happier.

WARNING: This story is FRAO. You must be eighteen to read this, no kiddies allowed. Come back when youíre older.

I wrote this story back in 1993, and of course, this is definitely not canon. And by the title, youíve obviously concluded that there is really no storyline.




Will Riker strode onto the bridge of the Enterprise, Commander Data and Deanna Troi right behind him.

"Where's the Captain?" Dr. Crusher asked.

"You mean he's not here?"

"No. We figured he'd be beaming up with you."

Riker moved to where Beverly was sitting. "We haven't seen him since he beamed down."

A look of worry crossed Beverly's face, "What are we going to do? We can't locate him with the sensors or beam him up because of the ion storm that's starting up down there."

"I don't know." He turned to Data, "Give me some options, Data."

"Considering the intensity of the storm, both the transporter and shuttlecrafts are of no use." He paused, "However, it is possible to reconfigure the transporters to transport through the storm. But that would take at least two hours."

Riker nodded. "Get Geordi and get started. I want to get the Captain off that planet before that storm reaches full intensity."

Data nodded then he turned and left.

Riker turned to Beverly.

"Well, Commander. The bridge is yours. I've got to go and lay down. Please notify me the minute you find the Captain."

"Sure thing."

Beverly walked to the turbolift and entered it.

Will turned to Deanna. "She's taking this hard."

Deanna nodded. "She feels responsible and helpless. She's also extremely worried about the Captain."

=/\= =/\= =/\=


In the turbolift, Beverly leaned up against the wall and shut her eyes.

=/\= =/\= =/\=


Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Beverly entered the turbolift.

"Deck five." Called out the Captain. Then he turned to Beverly. "You look like you're ready to fall asleep."

Beverly looked up at him. "I feel ready. I don't ever remember doing so much dancing in my life. I'm so exhausted that I could probably fall asleep right here."

"Well I'm glad to hear that you had a good time."

"I always have a good time with you, Jean-Luc."

He looked at her and their eyes locked. "The feeling is mutual."

They looked away and rode the turbolift in a companionable silence when Jean-Luc suddenly called out for the lift to stop.

"What are you doing?" She asked him.

"Something I've wanted to do for ages."

With that he moved closer to her and lowered his lips to hers. She sighed and parted her lips to allow his tongue to enter her mouth. His hands went to her hair and entangled themselves in the mass of long red waves. Beverly's arms went around his waist and held him tight. Their kiss deepened and Jean-Luc moved Beverly closer to the lift wall, his body pressing close to hers. Jean-Luc slowly broke off the kiss.

"I hope I didn't overstep my boundaries." He said breathlessly.

Beverly shook her head. "I've been hoping you'd do that for a long time." she answered, equally as breathless.

Jean-Luc stepped away from her slightly but his hands remained entangled in her hair.

"Resume." He called out. Then he quickly pulled her to him. They kissed briefly and pulled apart when the lift stopped.

"I'll see you tomorrow." He said.

She nodded. "Mmhmm." And stepped off the lift.

"Pleasant dreams." He said as the lift doors hissed shut.

Beverly smiled and walked to her quarters.

=/\= =/\= =/\=


The lift came to a halt. Beverly opened her eyes and waited for the doors to open. She got out and began walking down the corridor, then stopped as she suddenly realized that she was on the wrong deck. She looked around and figured out where she was and where she was heading. She continued down the corridor and stopped in front of the Captain's quarters. She hesitated briefly before tabbing the door's keypad. The doors opened and she walked in. She looked around and couldn't stop a sob from escaping her lips.

She rested up against the wall and hit her communicator.

"Crusher to bridge."

"Riker here. And before you ask, there's no news yet. We've begun sensor sweeps of the planet and Geordi and Data are still working on the transporters. We'll keep you posted Beverly, so don't worry. We'll find him."

"Thanks, Will. Crusher out."

She looked around the Captain's quarters. When she closed her eyes she could hear the music they danced to just twenty hours before. She opened her eyes.

She walked over to the chair and curled up on it. She found it hard to believe that earlier both she and Jean-Luc had been sitting in this chair. She shut her eyes as the tears started.

=/\= =/\= =/\=


Beverly stood outside the Captain's quarters wearing a pair of tights and an oversized sweater that hung off one shoulder. She took a deep breath and rang the door buzzer.

"Come in." Came Jean-Luc's deep voice.

The doors parted and Beverly entered. Jean-Luc was there and as soon as the doors closed, he moved close to her and kissed her gently on the lips.

"Good evening." He said as he stepped away from her.

"Good evening." She said as he guided her over to the dinner table.

They sat down and ate, talking amicably while consuming a fair amount of synthehol. They cleaned up and then started dancing.

After awhile, Jean-Luc looked at her, obviously still feeling the effects of the synthehol. "I've often wondered about something about you."

She looked at him, the synthehol affecting her also. "What's that?"

"Whether or not you're ticklish."

With that he began to tickle her. Beverly squealed and squirmed to get away from him, but he held her tight against him. So instead of trying to get away from him, Beverly switched tactics and began to tickle him back. Jean-Luc laughed and took a step back. He lost his footing and fell back on the chair, pulling Beverly with him. He continued to tickle her as she squirmed and wriggled on his lap.

"Oh God... Jean-Luc... stop... please." She gasped between peals of laughter.

When he wouldn't stop she resumed tickling him. She moved her head and their lips touched. They stopped tickling each other and their eyes locked all traces of synthehol out of their systems.

Their lips came together in a searing kiss. Beverly wrapped her arms around him as Jean-Luc brought his hands up to her head. His fingers entangled themselves in her hair and pulled her head back exposing her throat. He dipped his head and blazed a trail of hot kisses down to the collar of her sweater. Beverly moaned and shifted her position on his lap. Jean-Luc released her head and her lips hungrily sought out his. His hands pulled at her sweater and when it was loose enough he moved them under it. He placed his hands on the hot skin of her back. His hands moved around her body and cupped her breasts. Beverly moaned as he gently kneaded her breasts, causing her nipples to harden. Beverly tore at his shirt, releasing the buttons from their stitchings. She moved her hands across his muscular chest allowing her fingers to entangle themselves in his chest hair.

Jean-Luc removed one of his hands from under her sweater and grabbed the front of it, pulling it down to reveal one of her breasts. He bent his head and captured her nipple in his mouth. He teased it with his tongue as Beverly moaned and grasped his head, holding him to her breast. Beverly arched on him and could feel his swollen manhood straining against the confines of his pants. She released his head and shifted her position slightly. Her hands went to his zipper and undid it. She slipped her hand into his pants and gently grasped his manhood. She slowly moved her hand, massaging him. Jean-Luc groaned. His hands moved to her thighs and he caressed them through her tights. He slowly started to lift her sweater up and over her head. Beverly released his manhood and raised her arms to allow him to remove her sweater. Jean-Luc buried his face in her breasts. Beverly tugged at his shirt and managed to get it off, allowing it to fall to the floor with her sweater.

Suddenly, as Jean-Luc was moving to relieve her of her tights, the red alert lights flashed and the klaxons sounded.

"Red Alert. Battle stations. Captain to the bridge. Repeat, Red Alert."

Jean-Luc and Beverly sat straight up.

"Damn." he swore as he helped her stand. She grabbed her sweater and held it in front of her.

"We'd better get into our uniforms and get to our stations." She said.

Jean-Luc ran to the replicater and called up two uniforms. He handed one to her and they quickly got into them.

Jean-Luc groaned as he watched Beverly change. "What a rotten time for a red alert." He said with a grin.

"I couldn't agree more." she said as she zipped up her uniform. "Ready?"


They ran out the door and grabbed a turbolift and called out their destinations.

Beverly turned to Jean-Luc. "Can I have a rain cheque on the rest of our evening?"

Jean-Luc smiled and reached out for her. "Absolutely." He pulled her to him and gave her a quick kiss. He let her go just as the lift stopped.

Beverly smiled at him and stepped off the lift.

* * * * * *

Over the next twenty hours the Enterprise battled a nearly unstoppable enemy, resulting in many crewmembers being injured and a few fatalities.

Away teams were sent to the planet's surface to locate the survivors of the colony and prepare them for evacuation.

Captain Picard headed an away team, leaving Dr. Crusher in command of the Enterprise.

During the evacuation attempts, two of the planet's largest volcanoes erupted causing an ion storm.

The remainder of the colonists and the away teams were evacuated.

=/\= =/\= =/\=


The doors to the Captain's quarters hissed open and someone strode in. The doors hissed shut.

Beverly sat up in the chair with a gasp. She jumped up and ran into the Captain's waiting arms.

Jean-Luc's arms closed around Beverly.

Their lips came together with a heated passion. Beverly kissed him all over his face. Jean-Luc doing the same to her. Their hands moved over their bodies, touching everywhere.

"Jean-Luc. Jean-Luc. Jean-Luc. Oh, Jean-Luc." Mumbled Beverly as they kissed, tears choking in her throat.

Jean-Luc moved them over to the chair Beverly had just vacated and sat down, pulling her onto his lap.

She buried her face in his chest and let go. The tears came full force.

Jean-Luc held her and stroked her hair and back.

"Shhh. It's okay. I'm here and I'm all right."

She looked up at him, tears in her eyes.

"I thought..." she choked on the words. "I thought..."

"I know." Jean-Luc nodded understandingly. "I know. But I'm okay. Just a few bumps and bruises. All of which were taken care of in sickbay. So stop crying. There are better ways to expend your energy."

Beverly stopped crying to look at him. Then she started laughing. "God, I can't believe you. You get caught in a very volatile ion storm which could have killed you and all you can think of is making love."

He looked at her and smiled. "What do you think kept me going down there." He paused and brought his hand up to her face and wiped away her tears. "All I kept thinking about was you. Your smile. Your laugh. Your hair. Everything about you." He paused again. "I love you, Beverly. I have for many years."

As he said those words, tears filled up her eyes again. "Jean, I love you too. With all my heart and soul."

She leaned into him and kissed him, long and hard. She then stood up and grabbed his hands. He stood and she led him into his bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Beverly peeled away Jean-Luc's uniform. She motioned him to sit on the bed. She quickly shed her own uniform and straddled his lap. Beverly lowered her lips to his and teased his mouth with her tongue. Jean-Luc brought his hands up and fondled her breasts. She moaned and arched her back. Beverly broke off the kiss and gently pushed him down on the bed. She leaned over him, her hair spilling around their faces. She blazed a trial of kisses down his throat onto his chest. She paused to tease his nipples with her tongue. She continued her downward trek and flicked her tongue in and out of his navel. She could feel the evidence of his desire rubbing against her breasts. She moved lower still and ran her tongue along the edge of black curls that surrounded his rigid manhood. Jean-Luc moaned as her fingers traced imaginary lines up and down his shaft. Beverly looked up at him through lidded eyes then proceeded to replace her fingers with her tongue and mouth.

"Oh God, Beverly!" moaned Jean-Luc as he clutched at the blankets.

She smiled up at him and kissed a trail back up to his lips. Jean-Luc brought his hands up and kept her lips captive to his. Their tongues teased each other as they slowly inched their way onto the bed completely.

Beverly broke off the kiss and straddled his hips. She grasped his swollen manhood and eased herself onto him. They moaned simultaneously. When he was completely inside of her, she gasped at the size of him.

She slowly began to move on him in small circles. Jean-Luc brought his hands to her breasts and teased her nipples with his fingers. He then slid his hands down her sides to her hips and held her tightly against him as he began to thrust into her. Beverly gasped for breath as tiny spasms of pleasure shot through her body. She placed her hands on his chest and met each one of his thrusts with a thrust of her own.

Jean-Luc arched under her and Beverly felt him explode into her as he reached his climax. A second later, Beverly was hit with a tidal wave of pleasure. She screamed out in satisfaction and collapsed on his chest exhausted.

Jean-Luc fumbled for the blanket that had been pushed down on the bed and pulled it over them.

His hands rubbed her back as she stretched herself out on top of him.

She kissed his chest, then his neck and made her way to his lips. They kissed long and slow.

They broke off the kiss and Jean-Luc spoke. "Now, don't you agree that this is a much better way to use up our energy?"

Beverly gave a throaty laugh and nodded. "Yes. It's much better."

Jean-Luc caressed her face. "I have never seen you look more beautiful than you do right now. Your hair all tousled. Your lips kiss swollen. Your eyes slightly dilated." He paused as Beverly blushed. "The way your skin has that after loving blush."

She playfully hit him. He continued, "Lovemaking agrees with you."

"I could say the same about you." She said as she ran her fingers lazily through the fringe of gray hair on his head.

"All except the tousled hair. I don't have enough left to get tousled."

They laughed then sighed contentedly as Beverly laid her head on his chest. He wrapped his arms tightly around her.



"Promise me something?"

"Anything. Anything at all."

"Promise you'll never let me go."

He lifted her head to look at him.

"I promise. I promise I will never let you go. Ever."

He brought her lips to his. His kiss was so gentle that tears sprang into her eyes. Jean-Luc gently brushed them away.

"No more tears. I've seen far too many tears stain your beautiful face."

Beverly knew he was referring to the time he brought her husband's body home to her. She nodded.

"I'll do my best. But these aren't tears of sadness. These are tears of love. Joy and Love. For you. Because I love you more than I thought I'd ever love a man again."

They kissed again and Beverly felt him grow hard beneath her, which sent shivers running through her body.

Jean-Luc broke off the kiss and spoke. "I want to make love to you again, now, all night and for the rest of our lives."

She looked down at him with a sensuous smile on her lips. "Sounds wonderful."

Jean-Luc rolled Beverly onto her back as he rolled on top of her. Jean-Luc wasted little time. He parted her thighs and thrust into her. Beverly moaned and wrapped her legs around his hips. She matched his pace and met each one of his thrusts. They rocked in total unison, their breathing labored.

"Jean-Luc! Oh God, Jean-Luc!" Moaned Beverly as his mouth found her breast.

Jean-Luc moved his arms under her then sat up pulling Beverly with him. He continued to thrust into her.

Their lips came together. Their tongues moved in each otherís mouths, tasting and teasing each other.

Jean-Luc groaned and began to thrust harder and he felt Beverly begin to shudder with her climax.

Beverly clutched at Jean-Luc as another tidal wave of sensations hit her.

Jean-Luc muffled her scream with his lips and gave himself over to the sensations that hit him. He groaned as he hit his climax.

They fell back on the bed. Jean-Luc rested his head on her breast.

They lay in silence as their breath returned to them.

Beverly spoke first. "Why did we wait so long?"

Jean-Luc raised his head and looked at her. "Wait so long for what?"

"To make love." She paused as she caressed his cheek. "I've wanted you for over six years now."

"I guess we just wanted to be sure that it was right." He paused and smiled at her, "What's that old saying, 'good things come to those who wait.'"

"Well you are certainly a good thing. You're one of the best things that's ever happened to me."

Jean-Luc kissed her. "Thank you. But you're not half as lucky as I am. I've got the most beautiful woman in the universe in my bed. And...." he paused, "I plan to keep her here."

They kissed long and slow. Beverly felt Jean-Luc shift position and slide into her. Beverly broke off the kiss.

"Again?!" She asked slightly shocked.

Jean-Luc looked down at her with a mischievous grin on his face and nodded. "I told you that I plan on making love to you all night and for the rest of our lives."

With that they began to make love again...

=/\= =/\= =/\=


Beverly awoke to Jean-Luc kissing her. She smiled up at him when he broke off the kiss.

"Good morning ma belle petite rouge." He said.

"Good morning to you too."

"How'd you sleep?"

She laughed. "Sleep! Did we actually do any sleeping?" Jean-Luc grinned at her. She continued, "What time is it anyway?"

"About seven o'clock. I had the computer wake us up early so I could make love to you again before our shifts begin. Because if I don't I won't be able to keep my mind on my duties."

"I don't think once more is going to make a difference. You're insatiable." She said with a grin.

"You're right." He paused. "Are you game to try something different?"

"With you? Always."

"Good." With that he scooped her off the bed. Beverly squealed as Jean-Luc carried her into the shower.

"I've often dreamed about making love to you in here." He said as he turned the water on. He turned her around in his arms and entered her. Beverly sighed and wrapped her legs around him and their lips came together. Jean-Luc moved Beverly closer to the shower wall and continued to thrust into her.

Steam rose up around them. Beverly moaned and wrapped her legs tighter. Jean-Luc moved her even closer to the wall. He was near his climax and knew that she was too. He thrust into her a few more times and they both groaned aloud as they hit their climax simultaneously.

Beverly kissed him, then eased herself off him. "That certainly gives new meaning to 'good ol' clean fun.'"

They laughed and finished up their shower then they got dressed, pausing only once to make love. They then ate breakfast while talking about different things.

They left his quarters and headed for the turbolift amidst stares from various crewmembers. They got into the turbolift and called out their destinations. Then suddenly Beverly burst out laughing.

"What's so funny?" Jean-Luc asked her

"Seeing everyone's reaction to the two of us walking out of your quarters, especially since I bet a few of them realized that I went in there yesterday and am just emerging."

Jean-Luc smiled then sighed. "It's going to be a long day."

"Really long." Beverly agreed as she looked over at him. She continued, "What do you say we have lunch in my quarters?"

"Sounds wonderful." He paused. "What's for dessert?"

She smiled and walked over to him. He enveloped her in his arms and they kissed. They pulled apart just as the lift stopped.

"I love you." He said as the doors opened.

"I love you too." She said as she got off the lift.

The doors shut.



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