by: tayryn

April 30, 2000


DISCLAIMER: SPACE: 1999 is owned by ITC Television. I get nothing out of doing this except my own pleasure of writing it.


WARNING: this story isn't as racy as most of my work, but it does have a few moments. So because of that, and just to be on the safe side, I'm rating this thing NC-17.


AUTHOR'S NOTE: As of this moment when writing this story, I have only seen just over four hours of SP:99. I had just turned two when the show originally aired and had only vaguely heard of it growing up. However, in September of 1999 (appropriate eh?) I happened to catch one of the "TV movies" of it aired on the Space Station. Although I enjoyed it immensely, I thought nothing of it after it had finished. But for the last four months, it slowly worked it's way back into my consciousness, so much so that I have become obsessed with finding as much SP:99 stuff as I can, hell, I even named my computer "Koenig". Does that tell you anything. I am especially trying to get all 48 eps on tape. My first video from Columbia arrived last Thursday(Apr. 27th), and I have watched it three times already and am already impatient for the next one to arrive.


So please bear that in mind when you read this. I am not an expert on SP:99, no where near it in fact. But I have read as many of the fan-fic stories I have been able to find and anything else I can get my hands on, which has helped me in more ways than I can say. So I'd like to thank all those wonderful people who wrote those excellent SP:99 stories... keep up the great work. I just hope one day my stories dealing with SP:99 are just as good. (if I write anymore... I swore I wouldn't write even one, but it worked it's way into my head so I had to get it out. **it's done laura!!! I'm going back to the VGR one now!!**) Also, I know right now that some of my 'facts' aren't accurate. Like I've said, I've only seen FOUR hours of this wonderful show.


So now that you've let me ramble, please read on. And don't be afraid to let me know what you think. In fact, please do. I can always use the feedback. Thanks, tayryn. ;-)


Oh yeah, don't ask me where I got the title... I hate coming up with titles and this one just popped in my head and I figured it was as good a title as any.






Time: 2480 days after breakaway (six and a half years)



Commander John Koenig slipped quietly into her office, leaned against the wall and watched with a smile on his face as she continued to work, without so much as looking up at him.


Then, as if finally sensing his presence, Doctor Helena Russell looked up at him and smiled. Her green eyes bright.


"How long have you been standing there?" she asked, turning back to her work.


"Not that long." he answered, not moving from his position, leaning comfortably against the wall. "Besides, I like watching you."


She chuckled and shook her head. "I thought you only did that when I was sleeping." she commented, the smile still on her face, as she stole a glance at him.


He smiled back at her and shook his head. "When you're sleeping. When you're working." he said, his smile growing bigger. "When we're making love. I love to watch you."


Helena felt herself blush at his words.


"John." she admonished, her smile showing that she was more amused then anything.


"So, doc, you almost finished?"


She nodded as she punched a few more keys on the computer.


"Just." *click* "one" *click* "more" *click* "little" *click, click* "and I'm done." she said turning off her computer.


She stood up, stretching slightly and walked over to him. She slipped her arms around his waist and leaned in to give him a light kiss.


"I'm all yours, Commander." she said with a sly smile. "Do with me as you will."


His arms went around her and his hands slid down her back to rest just above the curve of her ass. He pulled her closer.


"Oh I plan on it, Doctor." he replied with a grin before lowering his lips to hers for a slow, simmering kiss. A couple minutes later, he broke off the kiss and pressed his lips to her forehead. "So, how about that romantic evening we promised each other?"


"Sounds wonderful." Helena replied giving him a slight squeeze.


John smiled and grasped her hand as they made their way out of medical. Just as they entered the travel tube, John's commloc sounded.


"Oh, not now." moaned Helena.


John gave her an understanding glance as he reached for the commloc on his belt and activated it.




"Commander, you're needed in Command. We've got a serious problem."


"I'll be right there, Maya." he replied and terminated the link. "Looks like we have to make a slight detour."


Helena sighed and nodded.


"Part of the deal when you're in love with the base's commander." she said with a smile.


"I'm glad you understand." he said giving her hand a squeeze.


"Always, my love." she replied, returning the squeeze.


Ten minutes later they walked into Moonbase Alpha's Command Center.


"What's the problem, Maya?" he asked, walking over to her, Helena standing at his side.


"This." Maya said, pushing some buttons, bringing Command's main viewer to life.


"Oh my God!" Helena gasped, instinctively reaching out and grabbing John's arm.


The image everyone saw was of a very large asteroid slowly rolling towards them.


"The asteroid is larger than the moon and is on a collision course." Maya said.


"How long?" John asked quietly.


"Thirty hours at the most."


"Are there any planets in the vicinity?"


"Only one that looks promising."


John nodded and moved to the center of the room.


"Maya. You, Tony and Helena take an Eagle and check out that planet. See if we can move everyone down there."


Maya nodded and looked over at Tony who was nodding also. They both stood and headed for the travel tube.


John walked over to Helena and grasped her hand.


"Looks like we'll have to postpone our evening, doc." he said quietly.


She nodded and gave him a half-hearted smile.


"What else is new?" she said with a dry laugh.


They shared a knowing look before Helena turned and went to join Tony and Maya.


John watched her leave then went and sat at his desk.



* * *


**four hours later**


John, Helena, Tony and Maya sat around the table in the briefing room, the latter three looking tired but happy.


"So, it looks good?" John asked.


"Yes. The planet is uninhabited." Maya said. "And according to Dr. Russell, the water is safe to drink. Plus, there is ample, edible vegetation."


"It's paradise, John." Helena said with a smile. "Just what we've been looking for all these years."


"Good." John said nodding. "While you three were gone, I did some checking of my own and I'm afraid I've got some bad news."


"What kind of bad news?" Tony asked.


"We lost an Eagle two weeks ago."


"So." Tony said. "We've still got twenty-seven Eagles left."


"Enough for all the supplies we'll need and two hundred and seventy people." John continued. "However, there are two hundred and seventy-one Alphans." he paused. "That means someone is staying on Alpha."


Helena looked up at him and felt a cold chill pass through her body.


"How do we decide something like that?" Tony was asking. "We'd be asking that person to die!"


"The decision has already been made." John replied quietly, his eyes locking with Helena's. "I'm staying."


"John, you can't!" Tony exclaimed as Helena bit her lower lip. "You're too important. There's got to be a way. Maya can..."


"She hasn't been able to morph since her illness last week." Helena replied quietly knowing that John had already taken that into consideration.


"The decision's final, Tony." John said, tearing his gaze away from Helena to look at him. "You, Maya and Helena can handle things."




"No buts." John interrupted. "We've got less than twenty-six hours to get everyone off this moon and on that planet before that asteroid hits." he paused. "You all know what you have to do, so get to it. I want everyone off this rock in twenty-four hours."


Maya and Tony nodded, stood and left.


John watched as Helena stood and walked to the window that looked into the catacombs. She wrapped her arms around her chest and stared out the window. John quietly moved to stand behind her. He slipped his arms around her and pulled her back against his chest.


"I can't talk you out of this, can I?" she asked quietly and John could hear her fighting to keep the tears out of her voice.


"No." he replied softly.


"I didn't think so." she paused and covered his hand with hers. "Can I talk you into letting me stay with you?"


"Absolutely not." he said, pressing a kiss into her silvery-blond hair. "If I'm going to die, I want it to be with the knowledge that you're alive and safe."


Helena didn't reply as she drew his arms tighter around her, pressing herself closer into his warmth.


John watched her reflection in the glass and saw the tears as they began to course down her cheeks and felt his own eyes begin to water at the thought of never seeing her again.


"John..." she whispered. "Please, re..."


"Sssh." he said. "Don't ask me that." he paused, burying his face in her hair for a moment before continuing. "Just tell me that you love me."


She turned around suddenly in his arms, wrapping hers around his back and burying her face in his neck.


"I do love you." she whispered against his skin. "So much."


John's arms tightened around her as he rested his head against hers.


"I want you to always remember this, Helena." he began softly, stroking her back. "I love you. I have loved you from the first moment I saw you. The past six years with you have been the happiest years of my life. Despite our situation."


Helena's response was to tighten her arms around him and try to burrow tighter against him.


"Promise me you'll always remember that doc." he begged. "Remember that I love you and I always will."


Helena finally lifted her head to look at him and before she could say a word, John's mouth was covering hers. With an anguished cry that was muffled by his mouth, she responded to his passionately desperate kiss.


It was a kiss that communicated a lifetime of love that wanted to be shared and yet wouldn't. It lingered on and on as both their tongues danced in each other's mouths, wanting and willing the other to feel the depth of their love for each other. Finally, as the kiss slowed and eventually stopped, John brought his hands up to frame her face.


"I love you, doc." he said softly. "And I'll always be with you. No matter what."


"I love you too, John." she whispered. "I'll always love you."


She buried her face in his neck again as her tears once again began to fall. After a few minutes, she pulled herself from his embrace and brushed her tears away, pulling her professionalism around her like a cloak.


"I should get to medical and make sure everything's going smoothly."


John nodded and together they left the briefing room. Outside Command, she gave him a final look and John watched her leave. He sighed deeply, turned and walked into Command, his attentions focusing on Alpha's problem.



* * *


**22 hours later.... 3 hours to impact**


John and Helena lay naked on the bed, their arms and legs entwined and their bodies pressing as tightly together as they could manage. Neither of them spoke as they were still breathless from the passionate yet bittersweet love-making they'd just shared.


Helena rested her head on John's chest, listening to the rapid beating of his heart and thinking about the last hour she'd spent in his arms.


She'd come down from medical, at his request to join him in their quarters to pack up some of her belongings. Twenty minutes after arriving and packing what she wanted to take with her, Helena suddenly found herself enveloped in John's arms and on the receiving end of a very amorous kiss.


Within moments, their clothes were in a pile on the floor and John was lowering her to the bed, covering her body with his own. Over the next hour, he was the most attentive of lovers; kissing and caressing every inch of Helena's body. With his hands and mouth he brought her to orgasm four times before finally joining his body with hers and sharing her release.


"I love you, Helena." he whispered against her hair, cradling her body against his.


Helena turned her head slightly and kissed his chest, not bothering to even try and stop her tears.


John felt her tears falling on his skin and pulled her tighter against him, stroking her hair and rubbing her back.


"Sssh, baby. Don't cry." he said softly. "Everything's going to be all right."


"I wish... I wish there was a way... a different way to go about this." she said between sobs. "I want you on that planet with me."


"I know." he replied, tears welling in his own eyes. "I don't want to leave you either. But it has to be this way."


"You could let me stay here on Alpha with you." she said, lifting her head to look down at him.


"No." he said, shaking his head. "They'll need you down there."


"And I need you." she replied.


Just then his commloc sounded and he reached over and grabbed it.




"John, just wanted to let you know, Eagle One will be ready to depart in fifteen minutes." said Tony.


"Thanks, Tony. We'll be right down." John said and turned the commloc off. He turned to Helena. "We'd better get dressed and then I'll walk you to the Eagle."


"No." she said, sitting up.


"No? No what?" he asked, sitting up beside her, running his hand up her bare back.


"I don't want you to walk me to the Eagle." she said turning to look at him and bringing her hand to his cheek. "If I see you standing there... I won't be able to leave you."


"Helena?!" he began.


"John, please." she begged. "I..."


He leaned in and kissed her softly.


"Okay." he said. "Okay."


She gave him a teary smile and then they got off the bed and quickly got dressed. A minute or so later, the door to their quarters opened and Helena stepped through, followed by John who was carrying her bag. As the door shut behind him, he reached out, grabbed her arm and turned her around to face him.


She gave him a weak smile as she gazed into his blue eyes, her green ones welling again with tears.


"I'm going to miss you." she said sadly. "So much."


John smiled wearily at her. "I'm going to miss you too, doc."


They gazed at each other for a moment then threw themselves into each other's arms. Helena's arms wound about his neck, her hands clenching in his hair as they kissed passionately, despite the tears coursing down her cheeks. They broke off the kiss and clung to each other, murmuring their undying love for each other over and over.


John captured her face in his hands and forced her to look at him.


"I love you, Helena." he declared softly yet passionately. "You are the best thing that has ever happened to me."


"And you're the best thing that's ever come into my life John." she replied quietly. "I love you so much."


John covered her mouth with his, kissing her fiercely as he pulled her tight against him.


They were interrupted a moment later by the sound of someone clearing their throat. They broke off the kiss, but didn't let go of each other as they looked to see who was there.


"Sorry." said Maya.


"Don't apologize." John said. "If you hadn't come along, Helena might not have made it to the Eagle."


He bent over and picked up her bag which he had dropped as they kissed. He handed it to her and turned to Maya.


"You and Tony take care of my special lady for me."


"We will, John." Maya said with a small smile.


John nodded and turned to Helena.


"Be happy, doc." he said. "And remember that I'll always love you."


Helena nodded, fighting her tears. "I love you too. Always." she said, leaning in and kissing him again.


John slowly extricated himself from her arms and stepped away from her.


"Take care of yourself, sweetheart." he told her and she nodded.


"Shall we?" she asked Maya who nodded.


She gave John one last longing look, then shouldered her bag and walked away from him.


John watched her disappear down the corridor and felt his heart break.


"I love you, Helena." he said quietly and then turned and headed for Command Center. If he was going to die, that's where he wanted to be.



* * *


**3 hours to impact**


Tony turned as Maya climbed into her chair in the cockpit.


"Is everyone on board?"


"Yes." she replied, settling into her seat.


"Dr. Russell didn't give you too much of a hassle did she?"


Maya shook her head. "No, she didn't give me any trouble." she said. "We better go."


Tony nodded and began to maneuver the Eagle off the landing pad.


When they were safely off the moon and heading towards the planet, Maya turned to Tony.


"Tony. I have something to tell you and you're not going to like it."


"What is it, Maya?" he asked, glancing at her and noticing that she looked uncomfortable. "Maya?"


She took a deep breath and told him.


"Oh shit!" he swore, turning back to the controls, swearing again under his breath.


Meanwhile, back on Alpha, John walked slowly around the now empty Command Center. His heart was heavy at being parted from Helena, but he also felt a sense of relief at knowing that she would be living a long life on the new planet.


He punched a button on the console in front of him.


"Tony." he said to the flickering image as it appeared on the screen.


"John." Tony replied. "So far two Eagles have landed on the planet."


"That's good to hear." John said then took a deep breath. "Tony, let me talk to Helena."


"Uhm, John." Tony began.


"Come on, Tony. I want to see and talk to her one last time."


"Well, John, I'd like to but..."


John felt himself begin to get angry.


"Tony, don't do this to me." John said, the anger evident in his voice. "Patch me through to Helena."


"He can't, John."


John spun around to see Helena standing not more than ten feet away from him. He closed his eyes and bowed his head, praying he was seeing things. When he lifted his head and opened his eyes, she was still there.


"Helena." It came out a pained whisper as he looked at her.


On the Eagle, Tony and Maya watched as Helena quickly closed the distance between her and John, throwing her arms around his back and burying her face in his chest. John wrapped his arms around her, his hands sliding up her back to entangle and fist in her hair. He pulled her head up and rested his forehead against hers.


"Helena?" he asked in an anguished voice. "God, baby, why? Why didn't you get on that Eagle?"


Helena's hands slid up his back, over his shoulders and down his arms to clasp his wrists as she answered.


"You know why." she whispered and he nodded.


"You could have had a life on that planet."


Helena pulled her head back and looked up at him. She noticed the tears in his eyes and the love she felt for him overwhelmed her.


"And just what kind of life do you think I'd have? Hmm?" she asked, moving a hand to his cheek. "YOU are my life. I belong with you."


John gazed down at her, his hands loosening in her hair to move and frame her face,his thumbs swiping at the tears now streaming down Helena's cheeks.




"John, a life without you is not a life I want to live." she said softly. "And if I'm going to die, it's going to be in your arms, where I belong."


John pulled her into a fierce hug, crushing her against his chest. Helena sobbed softly and slipped her arms around his back, holding him just as tight.


Tony and Maya continued to watch in silence as John whispered softly into Helena's ear. Helena nodded against his chest and Tony and Maya heard her whisper 'yes' as she lifted her face and kissed him passionately. When their kiss ended, Helena gazed up at him.


"John, how are we..."


"Trust me." he said, pressing a kiss to her forehead then turning towards the viewer. "Tony."


"I'm sorry John. I didn't know she wasn't on the Eagle till we'd lifted off." Tony said.


"It's all right Tony." John said and glanced down at her. "I don't think either of us could have stopped her. Even if we'd wanted to." he paused and pulled her closer. "We're going to die together as it should be."


"Are you sure?"


"Yes." John answered. "But before you continue on to the planet, Helena and I have a favor to ask."


"What's that John?"


"We'd like you and Maya to witness our marriage."


"Your... marriage?"


"It's something we should have done years ago, and well," he paused, "we want to die as husband and wife."


"John? How?"


"I'm the base commander. I have the authority to perform marriages." he said. "So why not my own."


Tony and Maya glanced at each other and then back to John and Helena.


"We'd be honored to be your witnesses." Maya said with a smile.


John turned to face Helena.


"Let's make this short and sweet so they can get to safety." Helena said motioning with her head to Tony and Maya on the viewer.


John nodded and took her hands in his.


"I John, take you my beautiful Helena to be my wife. I promise to love, honor and cherish you as I have from the moment I met you, as I do now and will forever."


He squeezed her hands and couldn't help the loving smile that came to his lips at the tears in her eyes.


"I Helena, take you John to be my husband. I have loved you from the first moment I looked into your eyes and I promise to love, honor and cherish you until the end of time."


She smiled up at him, expecting him to declare them husband and wife as they had no rings to exchange and was surprised when he let go of her hands. Helena gasped as she watched him remove the ring he wore on his pinky finger, grasp her left hand and slide the gold band on her ring finger.


"John!!" she gasped, knowing that he never took the family heirloom off.


"Let this ring be a symbol of my never-ending love for you." he paused and lifted her hand to his lips. He straightened up. "And then, as commander of this moonbase, I hereby pronounce us husband and wife."


They smiled at each other.


"You can kiss the bride now, John." they heard Tony say.


They leaned into each other for a sweet, gentle kiss. When they stopped, John pulled Helena into his arms.


"Congratulations, Commander, Doctor." said Maya.


"Thank you, Maya." said John. "Good luck to you both."


"I wish I could say the same to you." Maya said sadly.


"Don't be sad, Maya." Helena said. "We're together. That's the way it should be."


"See you both in the next life." Tony said.


John nodded as Tony closed the channel, leaving the image of the Eagle heading for the planet.


John reached out and shut off the viewer.



* * *



"I don't like it, Maya." Tony said. "They should be living a long happy life together on the planet."


"I know, Tony." she said, then turned to look at him. "There might be a way."


Tony looked at Maya, knowing exactly what she was talking about.


"Do you think you can?" he asked. "You haven't been able to for the last week."


"Tony, we have to try." Maya said. "It's Helena and John we're talking about."


"You're right." Tony said. "I'll call Alan and devise a plan. You start warming up."



* * *



Helena tightened her arms around his back and pressed closer to him as their kiss deepened.


"John." she murmured against his lips.




"Let's go back to our room." she suggested.


John raised his head and shook it.


"I can't explain it, but I need to be here." he said glancing around Command Center. "It feels right somehow."


Helena smiled and nodded.


"I understand." she said and then ran her hands down his back to rest on his ass and draw him closer. "However, despite the situation, this is our wedding night, and making love on the floor really doesn't appeal to me."


John chuckled and gave her a quick kiss as he pulled himself from her arms.


"Hold that thought." he told her and quickly walked out of Command. A few moments later, she watched as he reappeared, dragging a couch.


"John." she gave him a bemused smile.


When he got the couch positioned where he wanted it, he straightened up and grinned at her.


"Well, you don't want to make love on the floor." he said. "So I figure, it's either the couch or my chair."


Helena smiled and shook her head.


"I forgot about the chair." she commented, her eyes sparkling at a memory.


"Come here, Mrs. Koenig." he commanded with a chuckle, holding out his arms and remembering the same thing.


"Yes sir." she quipped as she glided over to him and slid into his arms.


They simply held each other, murmuring endearments over and over until his hands began to travel over her body, causing her to moan.


He eased them onto the couch, pressing her body into the cushions with his own, his lips moving along her jaw to kiss her neck. He slid his hands down her sides and then under her top to caress her breasts through the lace of her bra as he settled himself between her legs.


"John!" she sighed as she felt the heat of his hands on her skin. Her hands crept along his shoulders to grasp his face and bring his lips to hers.


They kissed with a hungry passion, both knowing this would be their last night spent in each other's arms. John's tongue slipped past her lips to meet and dance with hers; foreshadowing the dance their bodies would soon be sharing.


As they continued to kiss, Helena worked John's shirt off his body, running her hands over the hot skin of his back. John broke off the kiss and raised himself off her, his hands slipping out from under her top. With her help, they quickly removed her top, leaving her clad in her lacy bra.


"Helena." he breathed, running his hand up along the smooth plain of her stomach to the lone clasp that held her bra together. With a snap of his fingers, he unhooked her bra.


He slowly peeled away the lacy covering of her left breast and cupped the perfectly sized mound in his hand before leaning down to take the rosy peak in his mouth. Helena moaned and threaded her fingers in his hair as his tongue licked and his teeth nipped her nipple to erection. She arched into him as he kissed his way over to her other breast and lavished the same attention on the other nipple.


John felt her pull on his hair and moved his body up so that their lips could join together in another passionate kiss. As they kissed, Helena's hands traveled down his back, her fingers working the muscles on their way to cupping his ass.


"I really hate to interrupt the wedding night... but..."


John and Helena broke off their kiss with a jolt and John raised his head, careful to keep Helena covered.


"Tony?" he said. "What the hell?"


"Look, John, there's no time to go into details." Tony said looking down at the floor. "We have less than two hours to get off Alpha before that asteroid hits."


John looked down at Helena.


"John." she said, the hope in her voice. "I'm more than willing to die here in your arms, but if there's a chance..."


"That we can have a life together..." he interrupted.


"We have to take it." she finished.


John gazed down at his wife and gave her a quick kiss. "Tony, would you mind waiting in the travel tube and we'll be right with you." he said, smiling down at Helena.


"Right, John." Tony said and left.


Less than ten minutes later, Helena sat in John's lap, neither one wanting to let go of each other just yet, as the travel tube sped towards the hanger and Tony explained the plan to them.


"Is she sure she can do it?" Helena asked as the travel tube came to a stop.


"Yep." Tony said.


Helena squeezed John's hand as they quickly moved into the Eagle.


"John, I'm going to need you in the cockpit." Tony said, moving to stand beside Maya. "You're gonna be able to hold your shape long enough right?"


"Yes, Tony." Maya smiled at the concern in his voice.


"Okay." he said and leaned over and gave her a kiss. "See you when we get down there. John?"


John turned to Helena. "Looks like our plans have been put on hold again doc."


"Never have I been so happy to have been interrupted." she smiled and gave him a quick kiss. "Get in there and get us home."


John nodded and went into the cockpit as Helena sat in her seat.


"Any time you're ready, Maya." came Tony's voice over the intercom.


Helena watched as Maya quickly morphed into a little white mouse and scampered up Helena's leg.


"We're all set." Helena called out.


As quickly as they could, John and Tony maneuvered the Eagle off the launch pad and headed towards their new home.



* * *



Helena sat tensely in her chair, her hand holding Maya who was still in her mouse form, as she felt the Eagle land on the planet. She let out the breath she'd been holding and let Maya run down her leg.


As soon as Maya resumed her normal form, Helena jumped up and hugged the Psychon.


"Thank you, Maya!" Helena said. "Thank you so much."


"You're welcome, Helena."


"Yes, thank you, Maya." came John's voice from behind them.


Helena and Maya turned to see John and Tony standing in the cockpit entrance. Helena rushed into John's arms, hugging him. Tony moved to stand beside Maya, taking her hand in his.


"Thank you too, Tony." John said, extending his hand.


"Nothing to thank me for." Tony said, clasping John's hand and shaking it. "I was just safeguarding my own life if you must know. Do you honestly think everyone here would let me live if I left you both up there?"


They all laughed and Helena stepped forward and embraced the younger man. "Thank you, Tony." she said.


"Just remember this when you have your first kid. Tony is an excellent name." he grinned.


Maya shook her head. "Come on." she said and pulled him to where the other passengers were climbing out of the Eagle.


John and Helena chuckled and smiled at each other as they followed their friends towards their new home.


When it was their turn to finally disembark, John stopped and pulled Helena into his arms.


"You do realize that we now have forever." he said smiling at her.


She looked up at him, a huge smile on her face and her green eyes sparkling.


"Oh yes." Helena said. "And it will be the happiest eternity of my life."


"Mine too." John said as he lowered his lips to hers for a blazing kiss which she happily returned.


They broke apart suddenly and looked around, slightly embarrassed, at the Alphans who were clapping and whistling at the sight of their commander and his wife, alive with them on the planet and kissing.


"I think they all know." she whispered with a smile.


"I think you're right." he said as he pulled her back against him for another kiss, which elicited more clapping and whistling. "Come on." he said, after breaking off the kiss. "Let's go build our new home."


Holding her hand tightly in his, they descended the Eagle's ramp and joined the rest of the Alphans on the planet, looking forward to forever.






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