TNAS – Anniversary

By:  tayryn  & Mônica

January, 1999+2





Lighting the last candle and dimming the lights, John stepped back to survey his handiwork.  Satisfied that everything was set, he moved out of the living room and made his way quietly down the hall to the nursery.


Rocking gently and humming quietly to herself, Helena gazed down at the sleeping baby, nestled in her arms.  She smiled softly as she fingered her son’s dark hair.


“Just like his father’s.”  She thought and then her smile grew as she sensed that John was near.  She looked up to see him leaning against the doorframe, a tender look on his face.


“How long have you been standing there?”  Helena asked quietly as he moved into the room.


“Not long.”  John answered in a quiet voice.  He leaned over and brushed a kiss against her cheek and smiled as he ran a finger softly over his son’s cheek.  “Have they both been fed?”




“Good.”  He said and bent over to gently lift Victor from his mother’s arms.  John carried him over to the cradle and carefully laid his son inside.  He placed his hand on Victor’s back for a moment before stepping over the other cradle to look down at his sleeping daughter.  He smiled as he reached out and fingered Jocelyn’s blonde hair.


“So much like her mother’s.”  He thought.


Smiling as she watched John watching their children, Helena slowly stood and moved over to him.  She slipped her arms around his waist and rested her head against his back.


“Every time I look at them,” John whispered, covering her hands with his.  “I find myself still amazed that we created these little wonders.”


“I know.”  Helena whispered back, squeezing him gently.


John turned in her arms and placed his hands on her shoulders, smiling down at her before lowering his lips to hers in a gentle kiss.


“Come with me, Mrs. Koenig.”  He said, moving out of her arms, catching her hands in his and leading her out of the nursery.  Once in the hall, he moved behind her and clasped her waist.  “Now close your eyes.”




“Just do it.”


“Yes, sir.”  She responded with a soft laugh.


“Are they closed?”




“Good.  Now start walking.”  He told her.


Helena placed her hands on over his at her waist and began to slowly move forward, allowing John to guide her; knowing he was leading her into the living room.


Moments later, she felt him squeeze her waist and bring her to a stop.


“You can open them now.”


She slowly opened her eyes and smiled.  She leaned back against him, drawing his arms around her.


“Happy Anniversary, Helena.”  He breathed softly against her ear.


Helena tilted her head back to look at him.


“Happy Anniversary, John.”


She turned in his embrace and slipped her arms around his neck, rising up to press a loving kiss to his mouth.  John moved his arms completely around her, drawing her closer as the kiss deepened.  The kiss ended and John smiled lovingly down at her, as he brought his hand up to caress her cheek.


Helena returned his smile as she turned her face into his hand, kissing his palm.  “So, tell me, Mr. Koenig, what is the plan for this evening?”


“All will be revealed in due time, Mrs. Koenig.”  He answered with a grin, to which, Helena had to laugh.  “First… dinner.”


John led her over to the table, set elegantly for two and held out her chair.  Once she was seated, he leaned over and kissed her cheek.


“I’ll be right back.”  He said softly against her ear.


Helena turned her head and watched as John disappeared into the kitchen, only to return moments later carrying two steaming plates.


“Dinner is served, milady.”  He said, placing a plate in front of her.  He moved to his seat across from her, put down his plate and reached for the bottle chilling in the bucket beside the table.


“John…” Helena began, knowing she couldn’t have any alcohol as it’d only been just over a month since she’d had the twins and the operation; she was still recovering.


“Does, milady, approve of the vintage?”  John interrupted her, holding out the bottle for Helena to see.


Helena read the label and laughed.  It was a bottle of juice made from the apple-like fruit they’d discovered growing on the planet.  She nodded, smiling up at him. 


“Indeed I do.”


John smiled, opened the bottle and filled their glasses.  After handing Helena her glass and returning the bottle to the bucket, John reached for his glass and held it up.


“Happy Anniversary, Darling.”


“Happy Anniversary, my love.”


They smiled at each other as their glasses touched and each took a sip.  Helena put her glass down and looked at her plate as John took his seat.


“Dinner looks delicious, John.” She said.


“Well, let’s just hope looks aren’t deceiving.”  He quipped.


“I’m sure it won’t be.” 


They both laughed and began to eat.  It had been a surprise to both of them, when John turned out to be quite talented in the kitchen.  And that he actually enjoyed cooking.




“That was wonderful, John.”  Helena said a while later, dabbing her mouth with her napkin as she sat back in her chair.  “You get better every time.”


“Thank you.  I’m glad you enjoyed it.”  John said, rising from his chair.  He moved around the table to stand beside her and held out his hand.  “Would, milady, care to dance?”


“And be held in your arms?  I wouldn’t miss it.”  She answered with a smile, taking his hand.


Helping her from her seat, John led Helena to the middle of the room and gathered her in his arms.  Helena released a contented sigh and laid her head on his shoulder as they began to sway to the soft music.  Helena smiled into his neck as she felt John press light kisses to her temple and tightened her arms around him.


They danced through a number of songs before John stopped them.  Helena lifted her head from his shoulder and gave him a questioning look.


“Don’t move.”  He said softly, giving her a quick kiss and moving from her arms.


Helena remained standing where she was and watched John move about the room, blowing out all the candles and turning off the music.  Moments later, he returned to her side and reached for her hands.


“And now, milady, it is time to move on to the next part of our evening.”  John told her as he began to lead her out of the living room.


“John…” Helena hesitated, pulling on his hands.  “The dishes…”


“Don’t worry about them.  I’ll get them in the morning.”  He said, beginning to move again.


“But, John…” she protested, pulling on his hands again.


“But, John, nothing.”  He said, stepping closer to her and scooping her up in his arms.  He shook his head as he once again headed out of the living room.  “Damned if you’re not the most stubborn woman I know.”


Helena laughed as she slipped her arms about his neck.  “That’s why you love me.”


“Only one of many reasons.”  John said with a smile, moving down the hall.


Helena returned his smile and placed a kiss on his cheek, before relaxing in his arms.  Thinking he was taking her directly to their bedroom, she was surprised when John stopped in the nursery.


“Before we continue with our celebration, let’s check on the babies.”  He said quietly, moving further into the room.


The twins lay sound asleep in their cradles, both blissfully unaware of the loving gazes of their parents.  Satisfied that both babies were sleeping contentedly, John glanced at Helena, smiling softly at her and then carried her out of the nursery and into their bedroom.


John carried her to the foot of their bed and gently set her on her feet, his arms remaining around her waist.  He smiled adoringly at her before leaning down to give her a loving kiss.


Helena responded to his kiss, her arms tightening, where they remained locked around his neck, her one hand straying up into his hair.


As they continued to kiss, John drew Helena tighter against him and slowly lowered himself down to sit on the end of the bed, pulling Helena across his lap.  The kiss slowly ended and they sat for long moments, simply gazing into each other’s eyes, soft smiles on each of their faces.


“Time for your gift.”  John said softly, gripping her waist and moving her off his lap onto the bed.  He leaned over and gave her a soft kiss.  “Don’t go anywhere.”


Helena smiled and watched him move around to his nightstand.  Moments later he was once again sitting beside her, holding out a wrapped, cylindrical object and Helena could see that he was nervous.


“It’s not much…” He began as she tore off the wrapping paper to reveal a shiny silver tube with an intricate design etched completely over it.  “I was hoping to give you something more substantial…”


John’s voice trailed off as Helena unscrewed the end of the tube and pulled out a rolled piece of paper.  She looked up at John and then slowly unrolled the paper.  Her eyes filled with tears as she read what was printed on the paper.  She turned her tear-filled eyes on him and leaned into him, giving him a gentle kiss.


“It’s perfect, John.”  She told him.  “I love it.”


“Do you really?”  John asked and she nodded.


“Of course I do.”  Helena said and held up the paper again.  “Our marriage certificate…” She smiled.  “How could I not love it?  And I love you for thinking of it.”  She paused and looked at him.  “Now all I need is a frame for it.”


John smiled and chuckled.  “I’ll make you one.”


Helena smiled as she rolled the certificate back up, slipping it back into the silver tube and closing it.  She cupped his cheek in her hand.


“My turn.”  She said.  “Stay right here.”


John nodded as Helena stood and moved to her nightstand.  He watched as she removed a small package and made her way back to him.  She handed it to him as she sat beside him and watched him open it.


John quickly removed the wrapping paper and opened the small box.  His eyes grew wide.


“…Helena…” He inhaled sharply, bringing his eyes to hers.


Helena smiled softly at him.  “I remember what you told me about when you woke up with your amnesia… about not having a wedding ring.”


John lifted the ring out of the box and stared at it.  It was identical to the family ring he’d given Helena as her wedding band.


Helena… how… when?”


Helena simply smiled and shook her head as she took the gold band from him.  She reached out and took his left hand.  Their eyes met and locked.


“I love you, John.  I have from the moment I looked into your eyes and I will love you until the end of time.”  Helena spoke softly, repeating the vows she’d exchanged with John a year ago.  She slowly began to slide the ring onto John’s finger.  “I give you this ring as a sign of my never-ending love an commitment to you.  For as this ring encircles your finger, forever does your love, encircle my heart.”


John’s eyes brimmed with tears as Helena finished speaking and began to spill down his cheeks as she brought his hand to her lips, pressing a kiss against the ring.


Too overcome with emotion to speak, John gathered Helena into his arms and held her tightly as he buried his face in her hair.


“I love you so much, Helena.”  He finally managed to whisper into her hair, his embrace of her tightening a little more.  Slowly, he pulled back and gazed into her eyes, a gentle smile on his lips.  “So very much.”


“I love you too, John.”  Helena smiled at him, her eyes bright with tears.


Slowly, they drew closer to one another, their mouths meeting in a deep, loving kiss.  Without breaking the kiss, John moved his hands to Helena’s waist and gently stood them up, pulling her into his embrace.  Holding each other tightly and still kissing, they began to softly sway to their own silent music.


As they continued to dance, Helena moved her lips down along his jaw, kissing his neck before laying her head on his shoulder.  John slid one hand up along her back and rested it on her shoulder, pulling her closer still as he pressed a kiss into her hair.


After a while, Helena felt John’s lips against her ear.


“What do you say, we slip under the covers, Mrs. Koenig?”


Helena raised her head and nodded, giving him a wishful smile.  “I wish it was so we could make love…”


John placed his finger against her lips to stop her and shook his head as he began to slip the straps of her nightgown off her shoulders.  “So do I, Honey.  But you’re still recovering… and your health is much more important to me.”  He flashed her a grin then as her nightgown fell to the floor.  “Besides, just think of the fun we get to have making up for lost time.”


Helena laughed, her eyes sparkling as she reached out to help John remove his own clothes.  “I can hardly wait.”


Slipping into their bed and under the covers, John settled back against the pillows. Helena slid in beside him and moved happily into his arms.  Their lips came together in a slow burning kiss, their bodies molding together, arms and legs entangling.


Each sensing that the other wasn’t entirely ready for their evening to end, they were happy to continue cuddling; sharing long, leisurely kisses and short sweet ones while talking and laughing quietly about various things.


After a while, Helena snuggled further into John’s embrace; releasing a contented sigh as she laid her head on his chest and listened to the beat of his heart.


“I love you, Helena.”  John said softly, his cheek resting against the top of her head as he drew the blankets up over her shoulders.  “Happy Anniversary.”


“Happy Anniversary, John.”  Helena responded, pressing a kiss to his chest.  “I love you too.”


Their arms tightened around each other, and soon, both were fast asleep.




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