Title: You Wear It Well (I'm lousy with titles)
Author: Jaya
Rating: NC17
Classification: Nathan and Kristin romance
Disclaimer: Only borrowing them for a while - I also ignore seasons 2
and 3.
Summary: What happens when Nathan catches Kristin in the wrong
Notes: This is my first story so please be nice. Big, big thanks to
tay for beta-ing and all the encouragement and to Heather for giving
it the once over.


Nathan Bridger hummed to himself as he walked down the corridor of
the seaQuest. He was in a great mood. Everything was running
smoothly and in a few hours he had a dinner date with a beautiful
redhead. As icing on the cake, he was on his way to bust Ben Krieg
for yet another underhanded deal. Yes, Life was good.

This was the thought running through Nathan's mind as he gave a sharp
rap on Ben's door and immediately walked in.

"Mr. Krieg…" Nathan's voice trailed off at the site before him.

Soft music filled the air. An open bottle of wine and two glasses
sat on the table. The lights were dim but not so dim that Nathan
didn't see Ben's bare backside just before his uniform trousers slid

"What is going on?" Nathan barked. A noise to his right caught his
attention and he whirled to the sound of a vehement "BLOODY HELL!"

Kristin Westphalen stood at the door to the head, hair tousled, face
flushed and completely nude from the waist up. Nathan groaned as he
stared at her full beautiful breasts in the instant before she
grabbed a tee shirt and disappeared.

Nathan felt his temperature rising (along with his groin). `How
could she? When she was supposed to be with him in just a few
hours? When all he'd thought about all day was how she might look?
And Ben!?! BEN!?!'

"Captain, I can explain. This is not what it seems…"

Nathan spun around to find Ben standing at attention, still bare-
chested. "Mr. Krieg, the ward room in twenty minutes, no make that
ten minutes", `no way was he leaving Ben alone with Kristin long
enough to do anything else!' Nathan headed toward the
door, "Suitably attired, Mr. Krieg!" and then he stalked out of the

Kristin emerged from the head, as the door slammed shut. Ben started
to speak but was immediately fixed with the infamous Westphalen
Glare. "Not one word, Mr. Krieg!" and she took off after Nathan.

Nathan was furious by the time he reached his quarters. His only
legitimate complaint was Ben's possession of contraband alcohol but
hell; he'd stashed a bottle of wine for his dinner with Kristin. He
just couldn't understand why she picked Ben. He thought that they
had something special developing between them.

He couldn't put the image of her out of his mind. She was so
gorgeous! At the thought of her breasts he began to grown hard.
He'd wanted nothing more in that instant than to pull her in his arms
and pull a dusky nipple into his mouth and tongue it until she

`Damn it, Bridger, stop that! She was with Ben! But why not me?'

He stopped short at that thought.

`Why not me?'

After being confronted with Kristen's friendship with Malcolm
Lansdowne he had faced fact that he had strong feelings for her.
Lately just being near her was enough to drive him crazy. He thought
she had begun to feel the same way but he'd obviously misread her

He flopped down in his chair and buried his face in his hands. He
hoped Ben was going to enjoy being in the doghouse because he was
going to make sure Krieg didn't have time to speak to Kristin much
less see her with the punishment he was going to be receiving.
Nathan was still in this pose some minutes later when Kristin slid
through the door and closed it behind her.

"Perhaps we should talk?"

Nathan took a deep breath and resolved to remain calm. Surely there
had to be a reasonable explanation. He opened his eyes and looked at
Kristin – wearing Ben's FSU national championship tee shirt and his
resolve fled.

"Damn it, Kristen, I thought you had better sense than to get
involved with a junior member of the crew! Especially one young
enough to be your son!"

Nathan knew the instant the words came out of his mouth that he was
in big trouble.

Kristin's eyes flashed and she sputtered indignantly, "You think that
I… with Ben? With BEN for Christ's sake? WHAT the HELL has his age
got to do with it? You think I'm too old? I couldn't attract a
younger man? She paused only for a moment. Well, I have news for
you, CAPTAIN I can do anything I want with any male on this crew-
except Lucas - and it is NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS! You don't want
me but you don't want anyone else to have me? It would serve you
right if I had slept with Ben but at least give me credit for having
some taste!"

"You were in his cabin! Kristin, you didn't have anything on… well
at least up top. " He gestured at her chest and grew even harder
when he noticed her nipples tenting the tee-shirt. "If you didn't
screw him, what the hell happened?"

"I'm not going to tell you."


"You barge in, make some wild assumptions, treat me like you even
have the right to be upset, imply that I'm too old to even attract
someone younger and decide I'm having an affair with a brash young
man I can't even stand most of the time. You condemned me without a
trial so why do you deserve an explanation?" She'd wrapped her arms
around her body; the tee shirt was pulling tightly across her chest.

Nathan thought he would go crazy he wanted her so badly. He wanted
desperately to believe that nothing had happened, but he also wanted
to beat the shit out of Kreig.

She turned to leave.

"Why did you say I didn't want you?" He asked in a desperate attempt
to stop her.

That did it. Kristin stopped in her tracks and turned back
around. " You must have misunderstood."

"No, you said that I didn't want you but didn't want anyone else to
have you. I never said I didn't want you."

"You never said that you did."

"We were supposed to have dinner tonight."

" We were going to be working on crew evaluations!"

Nathan sighed, having forgotten that he had used that as an excuse to
ask her to dinner.

She continued, "If you will excuse me."

"Wait! At least let me get you another shirt. The rumours will be
rampant if you continue walking around in that one."

Kristen looked down and realized what she was wearing. "That son of
a bitch! Everyone on this boat is going to know about this aren't
they?" Her anger grew. "I am going to kill him."

Nathan walked over to his dresser and pulled out a shirt. "A plain
white one shouldn't cause too many problems. Oh, and just for the
record, you are wrong. I do want you, desperately. I had intended
on showing you that tonight."

For a moment Nathan thought she was going to hit him but then she
stopped and calmly walked to his bunk. She grasped the bottom of her
tee shirt and pulled it over her head, dropping it to the floor.
"Prove it,” she said.
Kristin was caught off-guard with the speed at which he moved and
suddenly found herself in his arms, his mouth was suckling one nipple
while his hand gently worked the other one.

The moan Nathan desperately wanted to hear escaped her lips almost
instantly. He moved up to capture her mouth as her hands slipped
beneath his tee shirt, frantic to feel his bare skin.

"Tell me you want this too, " he whispered in her ear.

"Oh, God, YES," she moaned as her fingers sought out the button of
his pants.

Within minutes he had all of their clothes off and laid her back on
his bunk, covering her body with his own. Desperate kisses and
roaming hands quickly built their passion into an unbearable frenzy.
Nathan entered her with one smooth thrust and knew instantly that
whatever had happened in Ben's cabin, she had not been intimate with
him. She was warm and welcome but very tight and she gasped in pain
as he seated himself. He stilled instantly.

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay," she whispered, "I… it's been a while."

He kissed her tenderly and began to slowly bring her back up to her
previous state of arousal. He knew she was there when she began to
rock her hips wildly against him and beg him to move. He thrust into
her again and again. When her muscles tightened around him and she
screamed her completion he could hold himself back no longer and
surged into her, finding his own release.


Nathan stirred and tightened his grip around the woman in his arms as
he came awake with a smile on his face and a hum in his groin. He
couldn't believe his body's response to her. They'd made love twice
more during the night but he was ready again. She had to have been
sore after having gone so long without, but she'd still been the one
to initiate their last session. He gently rolled her to her back and
set about caressing her with his lips and his hands. She stretched
sleepily and met his mouth for a tongue melding kiss when Nathan's
PAL went off.

"Bridger here," he answered trying to stifle the moan threatening to
escape when Kristin locked her mouth onto his nipple and began

"Commander Ford here, Captain. I just found Mr. Krieg in the
wardroom. He said he'd been there all night so I've just sent him to
your quarters."

"Shit...!  I mean thank you commander. Bridger out!"

Nathan jumped out of bed and fumbled for his pants in the dark. He
couldn't see Kristin but he could hear her trying to stifle her
laughter. He didn't see the humour in the situation and told her so.

She just laughed harder.

He yanked his tee shirt on just as a knock came at the door. He
quickly smoothed his hands over his head and stumbled his way to the
door and jerked it open.

Ben Krieg was standing in the corridor at attention as Nathan stepped
out to join him there. Ben's eyes widened in surprise at Nathan's

"You have a comment, Mr. Krieg?"

"No sir, Captain." Ben's eyes immediately snapped back to attention.

"Good. I apologize for leaving you in the wardroom all night.
Something… came up. However that does not excuse your conduct. You
are being officially reprimanded for being in possession of and
consuming contraband alcohol. You will bring ALL of said alcohol to
the wardroom then you will scrub Sea deck – by hand. Once you are
through you will report back to me for your next assignment.

Without waiting for Krieg's acknowledgement Nathan slipped back into
his cabin; all anger dissipating at the sight that greeted him.

Kristin was lying on her side, sheet draped low on her hips, bathed
in the glow of the bunk light.

Nathan's mouth went dry and his hand moved towards his zipper as he
moved toward her. As he came into the light the sexy pout on
Kristen's lips changed into a smile and giggles erupted from her.

"Well, you certainly know how to deflate a man's …ego." He told her.

She was laughing to hard she couldn't speak so she pointed.

Nathan looked down to find himself wearing…Ben's FSU shirt.


He yanked the shirt off and threw it down.

Kristin's laughter died as Nathan's pant slid to his ankles. "Come
here, sailor. Let's see if I can't re-inflate…your ego!"

Nathan kicked his pants across the room and dove on top of the
welcoming woman.

Kristin rolled and straddled him, mouth returning to rub his nipple
as her hand drifted lower and began to stroke him. Within minutes
they were both spent and panting.

" I can go slower, you know, if you would just let me." He gently
caressed her hip as she lay on her side facing him.

"Next time, sailor. You touch me and I can't slow down. All I want
is you inside me. Besides exercise is the best remedy for sore

"Uh, Kris, about that, I'm sorry for yesterday. I was jealous. I
couldn't bear the thought of anyone else touching you and I saw red,
even though I know you'd never be involved with Ben. Nathan paused
and then ventured a question. "What did happen?"

Kristin shook her head. "I'm not going to tell you."


"You figure it out!"





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