Title: Wild Thing

Author: Jaya

Rating: NC-17 

Classification: Nathan and Kristin romance

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Disclaimer:  They belong to Amblin.  I’m just borrowing them for a while.  They will be returned much happier

Summary: Nathan comes home on leave and finds…

Notes: This is strictly PWP.  If you don’t like this kind of story please stop now.  As always big big hugs to tayryn for the excellent and quick beta.  You’s the best, my friend!






“Kristin!  You aren’t really going to…buy THAT!  Are you?” Disbelief was evident in Janet Noyce’s voice.


“I went to all the trouble to take that motorcycle driving course.  I have to have the proper apparel to wear.”


“There’s very little proper about that…nothing at all, as a matter of fact.” Janet raised an eyebrow at the ensemble in Kristin’s hands.


Kristin laughed.  “Nathan has been gone for over two months.  I intend to see that he really enjoys his home…coming.”


“Nathan and every other man on the dock.”


“I’ll wear the jacket over this.  Trust me, I’ll need the protection.”


“You can say that again.”


Kristin rolled her eyes at Janet.  “Have you ever been hit by a flying bug while traveling at sixty miles an hour on a motorcycle? 


“No…and I can’t believe that you have.  Three months ago you were having fits at Nathan for buying that bike.  Now you can’t wait for him to get home so that you can take him for a ride.”


A saucy grin touched Kristin’s lips.  “You can say that again.  I want to show him I can drive the bike too.”


“Oh, God.  No more information, please!  Nathan is like a little brother to me.  I don’t need the intimate details of his sex life.”


Kristin popped both eyebrows up at Janet.  “Oh really?”


“Well, not the really really intimate ones.”




Nathan breathed a sigh of relief as he followed Lucas onto the launch.  The seaQuest was secured in her underwater berth and the repair and upgrade teams were already on board.  He wasn’t sorry to be leaving.  Nathan loved his ship and his command but he’d quickly discovered that two months was way too long to be away from a certain redheaded doctor of his acquaintance.


He groaned inwardly when he noticed that the only vacant seat on the launch was next to Dr. Wendy Smith.  She smiled and patted the seat invitingly.  Nathan shot a dirty look at Lucas, who had taken the other seat next to Ford.  Even though the boy had a straight face Nathan could tell that inside he was laughing to beat all hell.


He sank into the seat with a forced smile on his face, not that Wendy noticed.  She immediately began to prattle on about her leave plans but all Nathan could think about was what he wanted to do immediately to the beautiful body that was supposed to be waiting for him on the shore.


Endless minutes later he felt the pressure change as the launch broke the surface and slid into the dock.  He jumped to his feet and pushed toward the door, barely feeling the hand on his arm holding him back.


“Captain?  You didn’t answer me?”


“What?” Nathan turned back to see Wendy smiling at him, a perplexed look on his face.


“About dinner this weekend…we could make an evening of it…talk about that new research project you want to start…” Wendy smiled what Nathan assumed was meant to be a seductive smile at him.


“I’m sorry, Dr. Smith but I have other plans.  My leave is pretty much booked up.  I’ll make a point to have that discussion just as soon as we report back to duty.”


“Do you need a lift anywhere?  Mother had my car left here.  I’d be glad to drop you.”


“Thanks but I’ve already made arrangements.  My motorcycle was left in storage here.”  Nathan figured that he’d have to drive the bike even if Kristin was waiting for him.  Lucas needed a ride and three people wouldn’t fit in her tiny sports car.  He’d even dressed in his leather driving gear in anticipation of being back on his…second favorite toy.


“If you’re sure…” Wendy finally gave in, disappointment obvious on her face.


The door of the launch slid back and the crew began to file off, anxious to have their feet on dry land.  Nathan grabbed his bag then spoke to each person as they left, until finally he and Lucas were the only ones left.


“Ready, kiddo?”


Nathan slapped his hand against Lucas’ shoulder as they stepped out onto the dock, blinking heavily against the bright light of the afternoon sun.  By the time the group had moved through the exit gate their eyes had adjusted and Nathan began to search the parking lot for a green convertible.  He spotted it almost immediately but his heart sank when he realized that it was empty.


“Maybe she just ran inside or something,” Lucas murmured, sensing his captain’s disappointment, “I’ll take our bags to the car.  You wait here.”


Nathan continued to scan the parking lot as Lucas moved away.  He watched the boy until he reached the car and climbed inside.


“Looks like your ride didn’t show.  The offer to drop you off still stands.” Wendy’s voice drifted into his ear.


“Um…my bike is here.  I just have to walk over to the…”




At the sound of Piccolo’s loud exclamation everyone turned.  Nathan followed the direction of Tony’s gaze…and swallowed hard at the sight that greeted him.


His motorcycle had been brought out of storage and stood gleaming in the sunlight.  But what interested Nathan more was the woman propped against the huge machine.


Kristin leaned saucily against the bike; a black helmet tucked neatly in the crook of one arm.  Her hair was a fiery halo around her head.  But what peaked Nathan’s excitement the most was her outfit.  His eyes started at her feet, encased in black leather knee high riding boots. Low riding black leather pants laced up both sides of her legs, a generous amount of creamy flesh visible on each side.  A black lace up halter-top barely covered her generous cleavage, a full two inches of flesh visible down the center revealing the inner swell of her heavy breasts.


He stepped toward her as she lifted the mirrored sunglasses covering her eyes.  “Kris…” he exhaled, her name barely a whisper on his breath.


“Hey sailor, I thought we might go for a…ride.” Kristin punctuated her words by flicking her tongue lightly across her lips.


“Oh, yeah!” Nathan almost fell over his own feet in his haste to get to the bike, oblivious to the stares and low whistles behind him.  “I like your outfit…and your helmet…. so appropriate…I hope.”  The solid black head protector was emblazoned with the words ‘wild thing’, painted in red.


“You should be so lucky.” Her mouth curled into a sexy smile as sable eyes slowly scanned his leather-clad form.  “I like your outfit too.  It just needs one more thing…”


Kristin turned slightly and raised her arm to pull Nathan’s helmet off of the backrest.  The movement caused her breasts to swell dangerously high in the low leather vest and Nathan to swell in a different area.  He caught the black helmet Kristin tossed him handily as his eyes raked her form yet again.  Then he glanced down.  His helmet had also been embellished in the same manner as Kristin’s, the words ‘bad to the bone’ painted in fiery red letters across the top. 


“Also appropriate, I think.”  Kristin laughed, her eyes glued to his bulging crotch.


“I thought you didn’t like the motorcycle.”


Kristin smiled mysteriously.  “I didn’t…but then I realized that under the correct circumstances…with the proper handling…the proper training…it could be fun.  I love the freedom of riding down the road…a hot throbbing…engine between my legs.  Ready to ride?” She picked up a leather jacket from the seat and thrust her arms into it.  Nathan was torn between his desire to continue to see her in the halter and his unwillingness to let his crew continued to gawk at what he considered his own private property.


“More than ready, my love.  Shall we?”


Kristin leaned against the seat and threw a leg over.  “Climb on.” She patted the seat behind her.




Brown eyes twinkled, one blocked briefly by a quick wink.  “I’ve been taking lessons.  Learning how to be a better driver.  I thought you liked it when I took control.”


Nathan exhaled sharply and climbed onto the bike.  He wrapped his arms around Kristin’s waist, his fingers slipping inside the jacket and open lacing to rub the sides of her breasts.


“We’d better get out of here pretty quick or I am going to lose all control and I won’t be responsible for what my crew might see.” He pressed his hips close into her shapely rear to emphasize his point.


Kristin planted her feet firmly on the ground and kicked back, pushing the bike off of its stand and pressing her bottom more firmly into Nathan’s massive erection in the process.  He groaned as pleasure washed through his body.


“Do you know how hard that is to get out of leather?  Behave yourself!  And take us home.” He muttered.


“Should I ask how you know that small tidbit of information?” Kristin laughed and slid her helmet over her head, effectively cutting off the conversation.  Nathan quickly followed suit and held on tightly as they roared out of the parking lot.


“Who the hell was that?” Tony muttered to no one in particular, his eyes still following the rapidly disappearing motorcycle.


“That was Doctor Kristin Westphalen, CMO of the seaQuest’s first tour…and Captain Bridger’s…personal chauffeur.”  Jonathan Ford answered as he slung his duffel over his shoulder.


“She can give me a ride anytime.”


“Sorry, Piccolo.  I think it’s safe to say that Dr. Westphalen only picks up one man and that is Captain Bridger.  Most of the crew from the first tour are taking bets that the Captain comes back from this leave engaged.”


“And pretty damned sated too, I’d bet.”


“Mr. Piccolo!” Ford gave the man his best command stare.


“Shutting up, sir…but that is one fine piece of female flesh.  The Captain is damned lucky.”


Ford nodded.  “So is Doctor Westphalen…and don’t think for a moment that they don’t know that.”  Neither of the men noticed the deflated look on Wendy’s face.




Although Nathan had been nervous about taking the back seat on the motorcycle he had to admit that Kristin was doing an excellent job handling the powerful machine.  He also had to admit that he liked having his hands free.  The halter-top Kristin was wearing came to rest a few inches below her chest, leaving a wide expanse of skin open to his touch.  He slipped his hands beneath her jacket to hang on there, fingers rubbing the firm flesh, tantalizing her as much as the press of her rear on his erection was tantalizing him.


“Where are we going?” He yelled though the helmet once they stopped at a red light.


“I thought we’d take a ride in the country…maybe up to the state park.  We should be there in about half an hour.  That will give Lucas time to get his things back to the house and then disappear.”


“Lucas?  You had this all arranged!”


“Of course I did.  Lucas took my car.  He is spending the weekend at Tim and Miguel’s.”


The light changed, cutting off any further conversation.  Nathan resumed his leisurely exploration of Kristin’s stomach, growing more daring as they entered the park and traffic died away.


The bike wavered slightly beneath them when Nathan slid his hands up to palm Kristin’s breasts but she quickly corrected then briefly removed one hand from its hold to swat at Nathan’s probing fingers.  He smiled beneath the helmet then stuck his fingers in deeper, finding and pinching her generous nipples.


Retaliation was inevitable and Kristin was a master at it.  While keeping her focus on the road she began to work her rear up and down, torturing Nathan’s rock hard erection even more.


The end of the lacing of Kristin’s top found its way between Nathan’s thumb and forefinger and he pulled playfully, surprised when it parted.  He could feel the tension in Kristin’s body as he slowly unthreaded the string, exposing her chest to the elements bit by bit.  By the time the bike crested the top of the hill leading to their favorite lookout point the top hung open, held together only by a single cross of the tie.


In a move that surprised Nathan, Kristin took the cycle off the path and right up to the edge of the overlook, the ocean spread out majestically in front of them.  With a surprising show of strength she stopped the bike and popped it back on its stand then ripped her helmet off and let it fall to the ground.


Nathan’s helmet bounced beside it seconds later as his hands ripped the last lacing out and covered her now naked breasts with his hands.  Kristin turned in his embrace and their lips met in a fiery kiss, tongues attacking ravenously.  Her hand snaked back to grasp behind his head, locking his head to hers.


Kristin’s eyes were gleaming as the kiss finally broke.  “You are an evil man and you will be punished.”


“What’d I do?” Nathan gave her his best innocent look.


“I don’t paw you like that when you are driving…well not that much.” She amended, remembering her first ride with Nathan, when she’d discovered that her hands rested very nicely at the jointing of his hip and thigh leaving her fingers in a perfect position to caress him.


“Rider’s prerogative, darling.  You in that outfit…how could I help myself?  But that’s why you bought it…isn’t it?”  Nathan’s hands were busy stripping her jacket away, the top quickly following.


“Your turn.  If I’m gonna expose my assets then you better get naked too.” 


Nathan threw his jacket and tee shirt to the ground then wrapped his arms back around her, capturing her lips in another desperate kiss. 


“I need you, baby.  I need you right now.” Nathan was so aroused he was almost begging.


“Then take me.  I need you too.”


“Let’s get off…”


“Umm…let’s not.  Ever since I started taking lessons I’ve been having some very erotic dreams.  You and I…together…the bike engine throbbing beneath us as you pulse inside me.  I’m so ready for you, Nathan.”


Nathan’s head fell back, eyes closed, as he was almost overwhelmed by the image she was painting.  When he’d managed to beat back his near climax he opened his eyes to find that Kristin had undone his button and zipper, releasing his erection to the elements.


“Turn around.  We can manage this…” He gasped, his fingers moving to her hips to yank frantically at the lacing on either side of her tight leather pants.


“I love it when you go commando. Lift up and push your pants down.” Kristin ordered, her body half turned so that she could maintain her hold on him.  Nathan did as he was told then returned to his quest to open her pants.  As the two halves parted, one hand worked its way down and into her sopping cleft.


Kristin cried out and jerked back against Nathan’s solid chest as a small climax shook her body at his touch.  When he would have continued to work her desire with his fingers she gripped his wrist and forced his hand upward.  Nathan trailed his wet fingers back up her stomach to her breasts, drenching both nipples with her own moisture.


“Nathan!  Oh God…I’ve got to have…” Kristin planted her feet on the footrest and lifted her body to push the leather away from her upper legs.  “Scoot down a little!”


Realizing what she wanted, Nathan once again followed her directive, pushing his hips forward slightly as his hands grasped her hips to direct her down.  When Kristin felt the head of his erection bump against her dripping cleft she stopped.  One hand gripped Nathan’s thigh while the other worked Nathan’s shaft against her clitoris and down her sheath, coating his member with her moisture.


Nathan groaned as Kristin used him like a sex toy, stimulating herself with his swollen organ until her juices were draining down over his hips.  His fingers dug into her hips as he fought against his climax. 


She sank onto him without warning, crying out as he stretched her sheath, filling her fully.


“Oh God, I’ve missed you so much!”


“Ride me, honey.  I can’t last long.” Nathan’s hands moved from her hips to her breasts as he pulled her back into his chest, his lips attacking her shoulder blades.  A moan escaped his lips as he glanced over her shoulder and saw Kristin reflected in the polished metal of the cycle’s gas tank.  Her face was contorted in pleasure, her breasts swollen and heavy in his palms.


“Yes…oh God!” Kristin planted her palms on Nathan’s thighs and began to move up and down on his rigid shaft.  Soon the perspiration of their bodies lubricated their movements as her torso slid up and down his.  Their excitement built quickly, the warmth and vibration of the motor running beneath their legs only adding to their pleasure.


Release came suddenly and without warning, Nathan’s fingers sliding down to finger the swollen bud of Kristin’s desire pushing her into a prolonged orgasm.  He held her tightly, his hand continuing to work her as she convulsed against him, her inner muscles clenching him, working his erection until he felt his full sacs swell and empty, his juices rising up to gush into her womb. 


Kristin fell forward, her forehead resting on the handlebars of the bike, her chest draped over the fuel tank, Nathan pressed against her back.


“Oh, Nathan…that was incredible!” She gasped, amazed to feel him still firm within her.


“Vroom vroom vroom!” was his whispered reply.


They lay there for long minutes, recuperating from the effort of their loving.  Finally Nathan dragged himself back upright then pulled Kristin up as well.  She moaned as she straightened her back, feeling Nathan’s semi-erect shaft firm up within her.  She rocked experimentally against him.


Nathan groaned and yanked her tightly into his chest.


“Nathan…we’re going to get caught…we should get dressed… oooh…do that again!”


“I don’t give a damn if the entire park staff lines up and starts scoring us.  How much gas has this thing got?”


“A full tank…oh…your fingers are so…there…right there, please!”


 “Turn around, honey.  I need to be able to kiss you.”  His hands yanked at the last bit of lacing on her left leg


Kristin quickly levered her body up, whimpering slightly as she felt Nathan slide out of her, then pulled her leather boot off so that her pant leg fell away, baring her left leg.  She swung both legs over the seat and turned to face Nathan.  He pulled her forward into his hips then dipped his fingers back into her sheath.  Their lips met as her arms twined around his neck.


Nathan carefully lowered Kristin back onto the bike until her head came to rest near the throttle.  He rocked forward and buried himself within her once again.


“The bike…be careful…we don’t want to turn over.” Kristin pleaded, even as she rocked against him.


Nathan planted one foot on the ground and the other on a nearby rock to steady them then, sliding his arms beneath her back and shoulders, he began to piston in and out of her.


Those low quiet sex sounds that Nathan loved so much began to bubble from Kristin’s lips as her back arched off the bike.  Nathan took what was offered, locking his lips over a distended rosy nipple and suckling as if he were starving.


The murmuring in Kristin’s throat became louder, more demanding, as the force of her own thrusts increased.  Nathan was almost past the point of return himself, his own moans joining with hers.  His right hand left her shoulder and moved forward, groping down the steering bars until he found the throttle and turned it to the maximum.


The scream of completion that burst from Kristin’s lips echoed through the pine forest behind them and out over the ocean in front of them.  Nathan’s hand fell from the throttle as he thrust one last time and joined his partner in release.


A huge grin hung on Nathan’s face as he slowly levered his chest away from Kristin.  The smile on her face matched his.


“So…I guess you missed me, hmmm?” A single finger caressed the line of her jaw.


“Terribly…as much as you missed me, apparently.”


“That’s the understatement of the century.  Why do you think I took a course in motorcycle safety?  I had to do something to occupy my free time while you were gone.  I think about you every second…about this…your body next to mine…touching me…me touching you.”


A load groan fell from Nathan’s lips as he snapped off the engine, hoisted Kristin up and levered both of them off the bike.  She wrapped her legs around his hips as he stepped over to her jacket and knelt, lowering her down on top of it.  He ravaged her mouth until she gasped for air then moved lower, licking and kissing his way down her neck.


He paused when he reached the valley between her breasts, burying his face there for a long moment before moving up the slope to capture the dusky peak with his mouth. 


Nathan’s actions were wild, almost animalistic, as he suckled her forcefully, propping on one hand while the other slid down her stomach to roughly finger her sex.  Kristin’s fingers dug into the grass beneath her as she whimpered and thrust her body into Nathan’s touch.


“Please! Oh God!”  Kristin began to strain against him.  Nathan thrust a finger into her wet depths then added another as he began to work his thumb into her clit.


“Come for me, Kristin.  Let me watch.  Let go…now!”  The third finger was the charm.  Kristin exploded, gasping for breath as the earth tilted beneath her.  Nathan’s name surged to her lips and she screamed over and over as his probing fingers prolonged her pleasure.


Sanity returned slowly, Kristin finding her shuddering body locked in Nathan’s embrace as his lips brushed lightly across her face.


“Have I mentioned how much I love you?” she murmured.


“Hopefully as much as I love you.  And I do love you, Kristin Westphalen.  I have no life without you.”


A tear slipped from Kristin’s eye as she kissed Nathan tenderly.  “You are my life…what are you doing?”


Kristin propped up on one elbow as Nathan groped in the pocket of his pants hanging around his knees.  He drew his hand out and back up to hers, pressing a small box into her palm. 


“This wasn’t exactly the setting I had planned but the time just seems right.  Will you marry me, Kristin?”


Nathan popped the top of the box back to reveal an exquisite emerald cut diamond in a platinum band.


“Nathan, I…I…” Nathan’s heart fell as Kristin lay back on the ground, laughter bubbling to her lips.  He snapped the box closed. 


“No…Nathan…of course I’ll marry you.  How could you think I’d say no?”


“The laughter was the main factor.”  His face was still unsure.


Kristin sat up to kiss him, her hand caressing his cheek.  “Look at us, my love.  I’ve never been proposed to while lying almost completely naked in the middle of a forest.”  She wiggled her one booted foot at him.  “What will we tell people when they ask us where we got engaged?”


The smile on her face was infectious and Nathan found that he was grinning too.  “We tell them that I proposed to you in the middle of a beautiful forest, with the ocean pounding in the background, while on a picnic.”


“A picnic?” Kristin raised a questioning eyebrow at him.


“Well I was certainly hungry and your appetite speaks for itself.” Nathan shrugged his shoulders at her.  “As to what we were wearing?  That’s nobody’s business.”


“Why don’t you put this on for me?” Kristin held the ring box out to Nathan.  He slipped the ring from its padding and slid it onto her finger.  “A perfect fit.” She pronounced.


“Just like us.  Now…as absolutely fantastic as this has been…why don’t we head for home?  As I recall there is a big comfortable bed waiting there that I bet we can have a lot more fun celebrating in.”


“You didn’t think this was fun?” Kristin pouted prettily.


“Oh baby, fun doesn’t even begin to describe this…how about ‘one of the most intense erotic experiences of my life’.”


“Much better.” Kristin rewarded Nathan with a kiss as she sat up and embraced him.


A shout from the path beneath them reminded the couple of their very exposed state and they reluctantly parted.


“That is one hell of an outfit.” Nathan ogled Kristin as she deftly laced the sides of her pants back together.


“Thank you.  I thought you might like it.”  It was Kristin’s turn to watch as Nathan yanked his black tee shirt over his head and shoved it into the waistband of his pants.


“You keep looking at me like that and we aren’t gonna make it home.”  Nathan was practically drooling as Kristin finished tying the sides of her pants and, picking up her jacket, started looking around for her top.  Noise from just behind the trees cause them both to scramble.


“You folks okay up here?  Someone below thought they heard a scream.”  Nathan quickly moved in front of Kristin as the park ranger burst through the trees. 


“Uh…we’re just fine.  My girlfriend screamed…thought she saw a snake.  Sound really carries around here, huh?” From the corner of his eye Nathan saw Kristin quickly zip up the jacket she’d pulled on.  “It was just a black racer but you know women…you can’t tell them that a non poisonous snake is okay.”


“It was a very scary snake…really big…and so long…and it kept raising its head at me.”  Kristin moved to Nathan’s side and smiled at the officer.  Nathan rolled his eyes.


“Well, as long as everything is okay.” 


“Just fine, officer.  As a matter of fact we were just headed out.  I think that Kris has had all the…snakes…she can handle for the moment.”


“Speak for yourself.” Kristin hissed at Nathan as they smiled and waved good-bye to the departing ranger.  “I can handle your snake anytime.  Now what the hell did you do with my top?”


Nathan swallowed hard.  “You didn’t…you aren’t wearing anything under your jacket.”


“No…I can’t find where you threw my bloody top!  God knows what that man thinks!”


“We covered.  He doesn’t suspect a thing.” Nathan began to scan the ground for the missing clothing.


“I’m only wearing one shoe and your fly is unzipped.  Sure he doesn’t!”  Kristin laughed as Nathan’s fingers leapt to his zipper and pulled it up.  “Besides the fact that you are going to have a hell of a time explaining that at the dry cleaners.”


She gestured toward his crotch and Nathan glanced down to find a large damp ring covering the front of his pants from hip to mid thigh.  “What the hell!?!  I didn’t…”


Kristin began to laugh again.  “But I did, my love…and I was on top.”


“Well…it was worth it.  It was definitely worth it.”




Nathan swore loudly as he steered the bike into his drive and saw a familiar car parked there.  Kristin felt him tense beneath her embrace and lifted her head from his shoulder, adding her own colorful words when she saw Bill and Janet Noyce sitting on the back deck.


“We’ll be polite but we’ll get rid of them quickly.” Nathan muttered as soon as he had stopped the bike and climbed off, pulling his helmet off as he went.


Kristin handed Nathan her helmet to stow and shook her head, fluffing her curls around her face in a fiery cloud.  “Asking them to leave isn’t being polite.”


Nathan wrapped his arms around her and they shared a short but passion filled kiss.  “Let’s get this over with then go make love in the shower.”


“Um…could you help me off?” Kristin grimaced slightly as she pulled her knee up with her hands.  Nathan gripped her foot and helped swing it over the gas tank then wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to her feet.


“Stiff from too much riding on the bike?”


“Stiff from riding you on the bike.”


A huge grin crept across Nathan’s face and stayed there as they moved toward the stairs and up to the deck.


“Lucas was just leaving when we got here.  He said you would be back soon so we decided to wait.” Bill announced.


“So Lucas got off okay then,” Nathan glanced at Kristin as he shook Bill’s hand; the smile on his face telling her that Lucas was in big trouble for not sending their guests on their way.  “What can we do for you?”


Kristin popped the small of Nathan’s back, a reminder to be polite, her smile never leaving her face.


“Janet and I were going to that little Italian place just down the coast and we thought that you might like to join us.”  Bill said, oblivious to his wife’s motions behind him. 


Janet lifted her shoulders and shook her head, mouthing ‘I tried to stop him’.  Seeing the motion, Nathan realized that Kristin had had a second coconspirator. 


A wry smile crossed Nathan’s face.  “Bill, we appreciate the invitation but we’ve just been for a very long ride on the bike and we are both tired.  I think I speak for Kristin when I say that we want nothing more than to take a long hot shower and then climb into bed.”  The look in Nathan’s eyes dared Bill to challenge him.


“Oh…okay, sure…no problem.  I guess I should have known better.”  Bill’s eyes fell to the tanned skin peeking from the sides of Kristin’s pants.  I heard about that outfit up at command.  I see now that it wasn’t an exaggeration.”


“You should have seen the top!” Nathan grinned then staggered as Kristin began to slap at his arm, a fiery look in her eyes.


“I thought you were going to wear the jacket!” Janet exclaimed.


“You knew about this?  And you didn’t warn me?” Bill asked incredulously.


“I did wear the jacket…once we left the parking lot.” Kristin replied.


“So am I gonna see the top or not?” Bill asked with a grin on his face.


“Not!” Janet answered.


“Not unless you wanna take a trip up to the lookout at the state park.” Nathan muttered, for Kristin’s ears alone.


“Kristin!” Janet squealed at the sight of the two-carat diamond on her friend’s hand.  She grabbed Kristin’s fingers and pulled the ring in for a closer look as Kristin blushed.  “Does this mean what I think it means?”


Kristin nodded almost shyly while Nathan beamed.  “The lady said yes.  Romantic setting, forest, ocean in the background, picnic…no more questions.”


“Congratulations!” Janet and Kristin embraced while Bill shook Nathan’s hand.  “So when’s the big day?”


“We’ve barely been engaged an hour.  We haven’t even discussed anything else.”


“I have an idea.  Why don’t the two of you join us tomorrow night for a little celebration?” Nathan asked, anxious for the couple to be on their way.


Janet took the hint.  “That sounds wonderful.  I’ll call you tomorrow, Kristin, and set a time and place…tomorrow afternoon.  Let’s go, Bill.”


“But our reservations aren’t until…”


“Let’s go.” Janet grabbed Bill’s arm and began to tug him down the stairs.


“But I wanted to see the top!  Admiral Pierson and Admiral James got to see the top.  I wanted to see it!”  Bill’s voice drifted back up the stairs as he stepped off onto the sand.


“Bill…” Janet’s voice held a warning.


“I don’t want to ogle her…but everybody is talking about it and I got stuck in that damned meeting.”


Janet’s back was to the couple on the deck as she stood on the bottom step so they didn’t see her roll her eyes but her words drifted back up to them.


“Oh, all right. See!”  Janet’s hands appeared holding each side of her blouse; Bill’s mouth fell open as he gaped at his wife’s chest.


Janet closed her blouse and stepped past her husband, a bemused grin gracing her features.  Bill turned and followed her.


“Somehow I get the idea that they aren’t going to be eating Italian.” Nathan laughed once the Noyce’s were out of sight.


“You are SO evil!  Why did you bring up my top?  You know you will be punished.” Kristin eyed him severely.


“I’m counting on it, my love.  So why don’t we go celebrate?”  Nathan gripped her hand and pulled her inside the house, closing the door behind them. 


Kristin quickly found her naked back pressed up against that door, her jacket stripped from her body by Nathan’s competent hands. Nathan pressed his full length against her and she gasped at the size of his erection pressing against her hips.


“Already?” She gasped between kisses.


“Always when you are around.” Nathan replied.


“But I thought…shower…we were going to take a shower.” Kristin moaned as Nathan’s lips attacked her skin.


“We are…” Nathan muttered, his words sending a thrilling vibration through the rosy nipple his mouth was wrapped around.  “Eventually.”





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