Title:  tayryn’s Birthday Present

Author:  ½ of ESB²

Rating:  oooh… very, very LARGE FRAO!!

Pairing:  Nathan & Kristin romance

Archive:  tayryn’s site only!

Disclaimer:  We don’t own the characters, the sub or any part of them.  We’re just playing with them.  We promise to return them unharmed but way happier.

Summary:  a visiting Admiral causes a stir.

Warning!!!:  This story contains the “F-word”.  It is said twice. 


Note from tayryn:  Jana wrote this wonderful story for me for my birthday.  It is without a doubt, one of the most erotic pieces of fanfic I’ve ever read and I am grateful beyond words to Jana for having written it for me!!  You are the best, hon!!  {{BUGS}}


Now… no more rambling… grab a very cold washcloth, get comfy and read away.





The slamming of the heavy metal door to his quarters echoed through Nathan Bridger’s ears but it did nothing to improve his utterly dismal mood.  He stalked across the floor to the head, stripping his dripping swimsuit from his body as he went.  He climbed beneath the stinging hot water of his small shower and let the water sluice over him, warming his cool skin, but it did nothing to warm his heart.


~Damn it!~  Nathan’s fist fired into the metal wall without warning and another fierce curse escaped his lips as he clutched his throbbing knuckles, his mind drifting back to the cause of his anger.




“Admiral on deck!” 


Nathan stood at rigid attention as Admiral Charles Hewes emerged from the docking collar to stand in front of him.  The younger man surveyed Nathan from head to toe with a look of disdain on his face.


“At ease, Captain.” 


An unknowing observer would have found nothing amiss in the discourse between the two men but Nathan heard the ice in Hewes voice, felt the same chilliness in his own body.


The two men were not strangers. 


Nathan was in his final year at the academy when, as tradition dictated, he’d been assigned to mentor a member of the freshman class.  He’d resolved to be as good a mentor to Charles Hewes as Bill Noyce had been to him four years earlier, but that wasn’t the way it had turned out.  From the moment they’d met, Nathan had found Hewes to be an arrogant know it all.  He’d tried to be friendly to the young man but for some unknown reason Hewes had immediately developed a complex, determined to outdo his senior mentor in every way.


The rivalry had continued throughout their careers.  Although Nathan had never felt himself to be in competition with Hewes, that was not true of the other man.  He’d done his best to be promoted before Nathan, get better duty assignments, and had even tried to have control of the designing and building of the seaQuest taken away from Nathan and given to him.  Luckily he hadn’t been successful.  Nathan also knew that the man had even tried to get it on with Carol several times but she’d gently rebuffed him.


Hewes’ promotion to Admiral hadn’t come until last year, just six months before Nathan had been lured back to the seaQuest.  He hadn’t been happy when Bill Noyce informed him of Hewes’ visit but he resolved to give the man a chance.  After all, he’d made Admiral.  Maybe he had changed, and the competitive anger he felt toward Nathan was gone.


No sooner had Hewes stepped on the boat than Nathan knew he was wrong about that.  Hewes wore his Admiral’s rank proudly and he was bound and determined to rub Nathan’s nose in it every chance he got.  The problem with that was Nathan didn’t give a damn.  He wasn’t at all surprised that Hewes made Admiral and he hadn’t – he had dropped out of the service for six years after all.


No, what bothered Nathan was Hewes’ blatant interest in one member of his crew, namely Doctor Kristin Westphalen.  He’d zeroed in on her from the instant they’d been introduced, gushing unnaturally about her research and how much he admired her.  Nathan felt sure that the only reason he admired her so much was because of certain rumours flying around the UEO about a supposed relationship between Kristin and himself.  The rumours weren’t true but lately Nathan had been pondering how he might change that.  He hadn’t wanted to let Kristin get close but she’d become so invaluable to his research that somehow she’d become invaluable in his life and in his heart as well.


In the beginning Nathan hadn’t been worried.  Surely Kristin could see through the smarmy flattery of the pompous Admiral.  But to his surprise, she hadn’t.  While she didn’t seem to be as taken with Hewes as he was with her, Kristin had shared several meals with the man, along with much of her free time.


Nathan still wouldn’t have been too worried if he hadn’t overheard a conversation between Hewes and his aide.  They’d had no idea Nathan was nearby and he shouldn’t have eavesdropped but when he’d heard Kristin’s name he couldn’t help himself.  The Admiral made his intentions toward the doctor very clear, declaring he would have her in bed before the end of his visit.  He’d told his aide about his animosity toward Bridger and that he knew Bridger wasn’t intimate with Kristin but sensed that he wanted to be.  Hewes was determined to sleep with Kristin before Nathan could. 


“Even if Bridger gets her he’ll always know that I had her first.  And it’ll be an experience she won’t soon forget.  Hell, she’s so damn gorgeous that I’d want her even if Bridger didn’t but the fact that he does… man this is going to be sweet.”


Nathan resisted the urge to burst out from around the corner and punch the Admiral.  Instead he’d made his way immediately to med bay and tried to talk to Kristin but she was extremely busy, so he’d asked her to join him for dinner that very night and she’d accepted.


Somehow Hewes had gotten wind of their plans and demanded that Nathan finish loads of useless paperwork by that evening so that he could review it the following morning.  Nathan had anticipated this move and presented the paperwork almost immediately.  That had been a mistake.  He should have waited until just before the deadline to turn the work over.  Hewes had gotten angry and yelled at Nathan.   Before long the attack had turned personal and Nathan found himself challenged to a race in the moonpool.


Nathan didn’t mind racing.  He’d done it before when Captain Clayton had been on an inspection tour.  He knew that he was in good shape and could hold his own.  He didn’t even mind losing to Hewes.  He’d only been a second behind Hewes.  What Nathan minded was the way that Hewes had grabbed Kristin and embraced her after his self-proclaimed victory.  Kristin had pulled back immediately but the evidence of her reaction to the embrace had been visible.  Hewes had been dripping wet and the water had soaked Kristin’s white tee shirt as well, making her erect nipples even more noticeable. 


She hadn’t said a word to him before she’d left with Hewes, although she had turned once to stare at him, an unreadable look on her face.  A victory celebration, the Admiral had called it, laughing as he escorted Kristin out of the room.




Nathan climbed out of the shower and toweled his body vigorously but his anger continued unabated.  He threw the towel in the sink and grabbed his robe from behind the door, thrusting his arms into it and wrapping the belt tightly as he headed toward the outer door that someone had just begun pounding on.


“What do you want?” Nathan yelled, immediately sorry as Lucas came into view.


“I’m sorry, sir.  I just wanted to check on you.  You didn’t come down to the party in the galley.”


“It was a victory party, Lucas.  I didn’t win.”


“Well I wouldn’t call what you did losing, Cap.  It was a photo finish.  That guy jumped out and proclaimed himself the winner before anyone could say anything else.”


“He is an Admiral, Lucas.”


“But that doesn’t give him the right to do anything he wants.  You should have seen the way he was pawing the doc… and she was letting him do it.  He even followed her into her cabin a little while ago.”


“He did what?  He’s in her cabin with her?  Now?”


“I… I don’t know… I just saw him go in with her about twenty minutes ago.”  Lucas answered, suddenly realizing that he was treading into territory he didn’t want to be in.  “Maybe I should go… I’ll see you tomorrow.”


Nathan swore again as the door closed behind the boy.  That son of a bitch was going to take advantage of Kristin and she was going to let him do it.  ~I won’t let him… I won’t let her!~


Nathan flew out of his quarters.




Nathan threw the cabin door open and barged in, his head snapping toward the bunk at the soft mewling he heard emanating from there.  He slammed the door closed and spun the lock before moving, making it half way to the bed before the woman lying there realized what was happening.  She jerked upright, her eyes blazing fire.


“What the hell are you doing in my cabin?  Get out, Captain!”


A dim light shown from across the room, providing just enough illumination for Nathan to see Kristin, her torso naked to his gaze as the sheet pooled at her waist.  For a small-framed woman, Kristin had large breasts, which were tipped with large dusky rose nipples. Those nipples were rock hard, standing out proudly from her chest; the centers distended more than any Nathan had ever seen. 


Kristin’s eyes followed his gaze and realized how exposed she was.  She quickly yanked the sheet back up.


“What do you want, Nathan?”


“Where is he?”  Nathan’s question was whispered but there was steel in his voice.


“Where is who?” Kristin asked, wide-eyed.


“Don’t kid me.  I know that bastard is here.  Lucas saw him come in with you!”  Nathan moved to the small closet and ripped the doors open to paw through Kristin’s clothing.  Finding no one there, he moved to the head and pushed the door open, stepping in to glare into the shower.  Nothing.  He moved back toward the bunk, stopping Kristin’s attempt to stand.


She sat and stared at him, a shapely expanse of visible leg leading to one foot planted on the floor while the other remained curled in front of her on the bunk.  Nathan moved to loom over her, one knee on the edge of the bunk between her legs trapping her on the bed.


“You slept with him didn’t you?  Was that his prize for winning?  I wish I’d known.  Getting between your legs would have been added incentive for me as well.”


Nathan barely saw Kristin’s hand, had no time to move before it made contact with his face, the force of her blow jerking his head around.  But before Kristin could recover her hold on the sheet Nathan grabbed her hand and pinned it above her head.  His free hand grabbed the wrist of the hand still anchoring the sheet and forced it up to join the other.  The cover slipped from her grasp and puddled low on her hips, revealing her nude body even more fully to his hungry gaze.


“I didn’t sleep with him…”


“Liar!  The man has been panting for you since the moment he stepped on board this boat.  He came back here with you.  He kissed you, didn’t he?  Touched you… and you let him…”


“NO!   He did kiss me… tried to… but I told him to leave.”


“You’re lying!  I can smell you, Kristin.  You reek of sex!”


“I didn’t do anything… not with him… or anyone but myself…”


An incredulous look crossed Nathan’s face as he realized what the sounds were that he’d heard when first entering.  He yanked her right hand toward his face and sniffed the strong odor of arousal still clinging to her fingers.  Nathan’s tongue darted out and laved her middle finger; the salty tang of that still damp digit confirming his suspicions.


“Are you telling me that he was ready and willing… that he got you this hot… and you sent him away?  You rejected the victorious competitor in favour of self-gratification?”


Kristin began to fight against his hold on her hands, rising to her knee in an effort to gain more leverage to free herself, not realizing how exposed she now was.  Nathan glanced down and could see dampness glistening in her dark copper curls.


“Why didn’t you just fuck him if you were so damned horny?”


“Because he isn’t the one that I wanted to fuck, you bastard!  I wanted you!  It’s been you since the first moment I ever saw you!”


Nathan inhaled sharply, his breath catching at her admission.  One of her hands flew free as Nathan yanked his hand down to the juncture of her thighs, two fingers ramming into her tight sheath with no warning.


Kristin had pleasured herself almost to the point of release before being interrupted by Nathan and the fight had only continued to increase her arousal.  Her inner muscles gripped his fingers like a vise as her body convulsed and climaxed, her juices spurting down his fingers and out of her body.  Nathan didn’t feel the bite of her fingernails in his arm; his gaze fully focused on the rapture on her face as her body continued to spasm against him.


Kristin alternated between agony and ecstasy as Nathan continued to work his fingers into her swollen sex.  She’d barely begun to recover from her initial climax when she felt her muscles clenching again.  A whimper escaped her throat as she tried to stem the rising tide but she couldn’t.  Nathan rammed his fingers in her tight sheath over and over as his thumb worked her enlarged clit.  Within seconds his hand was drenched with the evidence of her arousal.


Nathan thought he would explode himself as he watched the joy and relief flow across Kristin’s face when he brought her to release once more.  She was gorgeous and he wanted to see her face like this over and over again.  He released the wrist he was still holding high above her head and it fell limply to her side, her body trembling in the aftermath of her climax.


She was completely unaware when Nathan lowered her carefully to the bed, her orgasm seemingly continuing on.  He stripped the terry cloth robe from his body and threw it across the cabin then moved between her legs, his fingers once again moving to her dripping sex.


“No… please…” she sobbed but her body betrayed her words, her hips pressing upward into Nathan’s open palm as her muscles once again grabbed at his fingers.  Nathan watched with wonder as her juices flowed around his fingers like water and she began to keen yet again, drinking in every detail of her face as she shattered for the third time.


He pressed his body down to hers; letting her absorb his warmth as he held her spasming body to the mattress, afraid that she might hurt herself.


Once the trembling had lessened Nathan rolled to his side and stared, unable to get enough of the sight of Kristin lost in the throes of passion at his hand.  He flexed his aching erection away from his body, trying to ease his own desire while continuing to pleasure her.


Her eyelids flicked open and she stared at him with glazed eyes, her breath coming in shallow pants.  Nathan’s fingers once again moved between her legs.  She gasped as her eyes closed and her head fell back, her body completely lost in the sensations Nathan was eliciting.


As desperately as Nathan wanted to watch her face, he needed to taste her twice that much.  He shimmied his body down the bed, loving the feel of her soft skin against his as he moved over her breasts, down her belly and between her legs.  His fingers kept a gentle but steady pace as he positioned her legs over his shoulders and bent his head to her wet slit.  He inhaled deeply, drawing her scent into every corner of his nostrils before pulling her open with his fingers and staring at the shimmering pink flesh just an inch below his hungry mouth.


Nathan exhaled with a rush; his warm breath causing Kristin’s oversensitized flesh to quiver even more as her hips began to rock beneath him.  He ran his tongue lightly down her open cleft, tasting her own special honey.  The sweet tang tasted like heaven and called to him.  His next pass went a little deeper then deeper still, until his face was buried within her.  He delved his tongue deep inside her molten core as his nose rubbed against her hot bed of nerves.  She gushed into his waiting orifice, his name ripped from her lips as her body arched off the bed.  Nathan thought he might drown while buried deep within her but he stayed, continuing to lick and taste until he’d brought her to yet another orgasm.


Kristin was almost incoherent by the time Nathan released her engorged clitoris and moved slowly back up her damp body, his lips tracing patterns through the salty residue on her belly.  His tongue ringed her navel and dipped in, tickling her skin lightly before continuing his upward path.


Nathan rolled to his side and stretched his length out beside her warm body as she continued to shiver with mini orgasms.  His gaze was drawn back to her generous breasts and he stretched his hand out to run a finger lightly over a highly stimulated peak.


Kristin made no sound but Nathan felt the effect of his touch in the rise and fall of her chest.  He increased the pressure slightly and watched the nipple bloom even more if that were possible.  His fingers slipped down the slope of her breast and began to draw languid patterns on her skin, circling her belly button then dipping lower for a swift caress before sliding back up to her distended nub.  He repeated this cycle several times while he waited for Kristin to recover.


Kristin moaned and rolled into him slightly, her body instinctively craving his touch.  Nathan couldn’t resist any longer and leaned over slightly to touch the tip of his tongue to one of her crested peaks. 


~Just one taste.~  He told himself but that one touch was his undoing.  He latched onto the nipple, suckling it ravenously as his free hand grabbed the other peak.  His fingers locked on the rigid tip, pinching it between his thumb and forefinger and twisting lightly, while his teeth did the same on the other side.


Her pliant body squirmed beneath him and Nathan felt her fingers fist in his hair as she pulled him closer.  Her hip brushed against his rampant erection and Nathan knew that he wasn’t going to be able to hold back his own release much longer.  He opened his eyes and glanced up at her face, surprised to see her eyes open and staring down at him.


Nathan released her breast and crawled up her body until their faces were even, the evidence of his desire trapped between his belly and her thigh.  He brought his hand to her cheek and cupped it carefully, his thumb lightly tracing the line of her lower lip.


“Kristin… may I love you?  Please?”


Kristin turned her head slightly and brushed her lips across the palm of his hand.  Nathan moaned as her tongue slipped out to trace the pad of his thumb.  He drew his hand away and levered his body up and over hers.


Her lips parted slightly as she stared at him, her tongue flicking out to run across her lips.  Nathan lowered his head slowly… his eyes questioning.  Kristin raised her head to meet his… her eyes answering.


Their lips met explosively, full of passion and hunger as each tried to devour the other.  Nathan wanted desperately to be gentle after having loved her so forcefully with his hands and his mouth but his erection had other ideas.  His hips began to push against her, the erection trapped between them stabbing into her abdomen.  Nathan felt the small spurt of wetness leave his body, heralding his imminent release, but he was powerless to stop his movements.


In a move that surprised Nathan, Kristin pushed her hands beneath his hips and arched then dropped back, levering him momentarily away from her body.  Her hands slipped between them and grabbed his rock hard shaft, positioning it at her weeping entrance.  He pushed down, sliding seamlessly into her wet cleft with one smooth stroke, joining them completely.


Kristin gasped as Nathan filled her fully. 


He stilled, allowing her tight passage time to adjust to his presence while he enjoyed the feel of her damp sheath, the root of his shaft pressed tightly against her clit.  Kristin’s flesh was still highly sensitized and the feel of Nathan’s warm rod pressing into her sent her excitement level flying.  She clenched him suddenly, tightly and they both lost control.


Kristin screamed as she exploded in a downpour of fiery sensation.  Her inner muscles spasmed around Nathan’s erection and he could no longer keep still, pulling back to the very edge of her passage before thrusting solidly back inside of her. 


“I love you, Kristin!”  The words flew from his mouth as his body convulsed and his seed erupted against her womb. 


When Nathan could finally pull his head back up to look at her he found Kristin staring at him with a dumbfounded expression in her eyes.  “What?  You said…”


“I said that I love you and I meant it.  I love you, Kristin Westphalen.  You are the most beautiful, giving, sassiest woman that I’ve ever met and I’m a fool for waiting this long to tell you how I feel.”


Kristin’s eyes softened and a tear began to form in the corner of one.  “I never thought you’d say that to me, Nathan.  You loved your wife so much and I know that you still miss her…”


“I’m always going to miss Carol but that doesn’t preclude me having feelings for you and, sweetheart, I most definitely have feelings for you and I think that maybe you have feelings for me as well.”


“Oh I do.  I love you too, Nathan.  I think I have from that first moment when you laughed at me.”


Kristin raised her lips to his and they shared a celebratory kiss, a gentle touch to mark their admission that rapidly turned into something more passionate.  Nathan was stunned to realize that he was still hard as a rock within Kristin and he rocked carefully against her, gauging her response.


Kristin gasped at the movement and rocked back more forcefully, increasing the friction between their bodies.  “More!”  She demanded.


Nathan complied immediately; his body on fire for the woman who now had him locked within the circle of her powerful legs.  Kristin squeezed her thighs around him, moaning continuously as her body once again began to crave release.


Kristin couldn’t control her outcry of delight when Nathan returned his mouth to her already sensitized nipples.  He abraded them lightly with his tongue and she arched her back, pushing the heavy mounds closer to his seeking lips. 


“More!”  She demanded yet again.  “Harder… faster… please!”


Nathan acceded to her wishes, thrusting his hips at a faster pace while his lips and teeth worked her straining nipple forcefully.  Not wanting to be left out, Kristin shifted her head and attacked Nathan’s jaw line, sucking and laving the tan flesh down his neckline


Nathan yelped when Kristin’s teeth sank into his shoulder but the pain quickly turned to pleasure as it coursed through his body and pooled in his groin.  He returned the bite, sinking his teeth lightly into the swollen nipple in his mouth.


Kristin’s body began to vibrate and she abandoned herself to the whirl of sensations flowing through her.  Nathan felt her juice wash over him, hot as molten fire and her muscles clenched like a vise around his straining member.  He continued to thrust as she screamed her release, the friction generated by her locked muscles sending him quickly after her.  Nathan shoved his head into the pillow to mask his screams as he came long and hard, spurt after spurt of his semen flying from his body.  He collapsed on top of Kristin as his body shook with the joy of having finally released himself completely into her.


“Oh, God!  That was so fantastic!”  Nathan whispered as he slowly rolled them until they were lying side by side, still joined.  “I have never come like that!”


“Neither have I.”  Kristin blushed.  “Or quite so often.  You are incredible.”


“About that… earlier… I shouldn’t have done that… just assumed that… I should have asked before I touched you, especially that intimately.  I’m so sorry… you are just so beautiful and when you told me that I was the one who made you so hot… and I tasted you on your finger… you tasted so damn good, baby.  I just had to touch you.  I couldn’t help myself.”


Kristin rubbed his cheek.  “I wanted you to touch me.  What do you think I’d been lying here in this bunk imagining?  In my fantasy it was your hand caressing me… pleasuring me… and then you were really here and I couldn’t hold back.  And you just kept on and on… that was so amazing.  I didn’t think I could stand so much pleasure.  I wanted you to stop and yet I would have died if you did.  The way that you touch me is magical… and then you… oh, Nathan, I’ve never been with a man who filled me so completely.”


A huge grin broke out on Nathan’s face.  “You sure know what to say to make a guy feel great!”


“It’s the truth.  You are… amazing… absolutely amazing and I’m a very lucky woman.”


“I’m a very lucky man.  I was so afraid… I had to tell you how I felt… but I was sure that you didn’t feel the same way.  Not after the way you’ve let Chuckie buzz around you the last few days.”


“Chuckie?”  Kristin giggled.  “And you know that’s completely insane.  He’s an admiral and he has influence over the purse strings for my funding, a fact he was very quick to remind me of, but that doesn’t mean that I’d sleep with him just to keep him happy.”


“He wants you.  You know that don’t you?”


“Well, I figured it out when he tried to give me a tonsillectomy tonight!  I thought for a moment that I might have a problem when I asked him to leave but eventually he did as I asked.  How could you think I would be interested in that pompous ass?”


“I wasn’t thinking clearly.  I was jealous.  I wanted you so badly but I couldn’t admit that to myself.  Then I heard him talking about you, about how he was going to bed you because you’re beautiful but also because I wanted you.  I was so insanely jealous at the thought of you being with any other man.  I wanted to punch him.  Then we ended up in that stupid race and he beat me!”


Kristin snuggled into Nathan’s side.  “He cheated you know.”


“He did what?”


“He anticipated the starting gun, not enough to be noticeable but enough to give him that little edge, and he also did an illegal turn.  That ending call was also highly questionable.  I was on my way to tell you when he gave me that nasty hug.”


“He cheated… I should have known.  Not that it really matters.  I’ve won the only prize that was important.  But after he got you all wet… I could see that you were really aroused…” Nathan’s finger brushed lightly across a perky nipple.  “That just made me even madder.”


“I was really aroused, Nathan.  What do you think caused this episode tonight?  Do you know how absolutely fantastic you look in a Speedo?  I was staring at your crotch so hard that I got myself all worked up and into a highly excited state.  You have a fantastic body!”


“You have an absolutely gorgeous body, my love.  Your breasts… oh God, what your breasts do to me!”  Nathan punctuated his words with kisses to the crest of each mound as his hands moved to cup them.  Kristin shifted her hips experimentally and was rewarded with a loud moan as Nathan’s semi-erect member began to firm up with in.


“Again?”  She whispered hopefully.


“I think that’s a definite probability.”  Nathan shifted her top leg over his hip to allow him better access.  “Neither one of us is going to be able to move in the morning.”


“And that’s a bad thing because…?”


“Because we are going to have to think up excuses for not showing up for our shifts.”


“I will just say that the Captain is recovering from his exertions and I’m keeping a close personal eye on him.”


Their bodies were now moving slowly in sync as their hands roamed lightly over each other’s damp skin.  Nathan moved his lips to Kristin’s ear and whispered, telling her over and over again how exciting her body was and how she made him feel.  Kristin took the time to memorize the angles and contours of Nathan’s body, enjoying the slow steady pace in a different way than she had their earlier coupling.


Nathan’s lips settled into a particularly sensitive spot on her neck and began feasting while her hands explored his firm bottom and thighs, her fingers occasionally dipping between them to lightly stroke his heavy sacs.


Release overcame both of them with little warning.  One minute they were still slowly caressing and the next they were slamming wildly into each other as they hit yet another level of passion that they hadn’t yet experienced.


When desire had once again waned Nathan used his foot to hook the sheet and drag it back over their bare bodies.  They cuddled together, limbs tangled and murmured words of love to each other until they both fell into an exhausted but sated sleep.




Kristin awoke in the early hours of the morning to find a hard rod pressing insistently into the small of her back.  She shifted slightly and was rewarded with another persistent thrust.


“Nathan?  Are you awake?”  She whispered but silence was her only answer. 


Kristin snuggled back into his chest and enjoyed the sensations that Nathan’s firm erection was evoking in her body.  She carefully shifted Nathan’s hand from her hip to her breast and his fingers closed over the heavy globe immediately.  His fingers began to massage lightly even though he remained asleep.


Kristin felt moisture pool between her legs and was overwhelmed with the desire to once again feel Nathan within her.  She tried to shift but he held her tightly, one arm locked around her chest and the other around her hips.  She managed to create a small space between their hips and worked her hand between them but Nathan’s erection was too hard to flex down.  Kristin thought a moment then released his hard member and pulled her hand back up to grasp Nathan’s, preventing his continued caress of her breast.


Eventually Nathan’s erection began to subside.  Kristin waited until he was only semi-hard before repositioning him, pushing her right leg back over his thigh and placing his head near her entrance.  She then began to stroke him lightly, her thumb grazing across the tip. 


Nathan’s hand returned to its ministrations on her breast and Kristin realized that whatever he was dreaming must be closely mimicking what was actually happening.  She dipped two fingers deep inside her saturated sheath and scooped up her own moisture, pulling out to coat Nathan’s erection with it.  He moaned and pushed against her.


Kristin’s inner muscles latched on to the now erect tip and held him securely within her until he thrust again, sinking even deeper into her anxious body.  Her hips began to undulate against him, enjoying the different sensations that yet another new position allowed. 


“Nathan… oh, honey… please wake up!”


Somewhere in his dream Nathan must have heard her plea because the pressure of his fingers on her nipples increased even as his other hand slid over her pelvis to slip into her damp curls.  Kristin moaned as he made contact with her wanting clitoris then dipped lower, sliding his finger into her sheath along with his erection.  He returned the now damp digit to the tight bundle of nerves and began to dampen it with Kristin’s own juices.


Nathan murmured in her ear as he slowly slid toward consciousness, delighted to wake in such a state and even more delighted to find Kristin so highly aroused as well.  He gave his head a small shake to clear the cobwebs from his brain then attacked the delicate earlobe near his lips.


A small scream escaped Kristin’s lips as her back arched, pushing her hips even more firmly into Nathan’s.  She tightened her leg around his thigh and began to move frantically against him, her breathing growing short as she struggled to find relief.


“Please… oh please… make me come, Nathan.  Please make me come!”


Nathan was eager to oblige, pressing his thumb and forefinger together firmly over her sex as his hips pistoned into her.  Kristin’s body began to convulse as she bucked against him.  He wrapped his free arm back over her chest as his fingers began to mimic the stroking of his hips.


“Hard… er…” she gasped.


Nathan was afraid that he would hurt her but even as he increased the pressure she was begging for more.  His fingers were stabbing against her throbbing flesh when a small shift in his hips caused his phallus to hit her g-spot.  Kristin’s fingernails bit into his hips and a low moan emerged from deep in her throat.  Nathan felt the scream building within her and rolled them until her face was buried in the pillow, just before her ear-piercing screams signaled her completion.


Nathan levered himself onto his elbows, trying to shift some of his weight off of Kristin’s shaking body.  He tried to move off of her entirely but found that she’d wrapped both of her legs around his, effectively trapping him on top and inside of her.  He contented himself with pressing wet kisses across her naked shoulders, whispering soothing words to her all the while.


Finally Kristin raised her head from the pillow and, turning to him, raised her lips for a passionate kiss.


“That was… fantastic!”  She sighed.


“You are fantastic!”  Nathan murmured against her mouth. 


“Your turn…” she answered as she sought another kiss.


“Umm… wonderful…” Nathan shifted his hips.  “You’re going to have to let me go…”


“Uh uh…” Kristin levered her upper body onto her elbows, pushing Nathan up as she did so.  He felt her bottom push against him and followed her lead until they both rested on their hands and knees.


“Kris… oh my… this is so incredible!”  Even though Nathan was holding himself completely still, both of them could feel him growing even longer within her.


Kristin rocked against him.  “Touch my breasts, Nathan, please?”


A simple shift of his weight allowed Nathan to pull his hands to Kristin’s chest and cup the heavy globes, gravity pulling them down into his palms.  His mouth moved down her spine, trailing open-mouthed kisses all the way as his fingers tugged and twisted her aroused peaks.  Kristin’s back arched as her level of need shot up once again.


“What in the hell do you do to me, Bridger?  This is too much!  Please move!”


Nathan pulled his hands away from Kristin’s chest and grabbed her hips as he straightened his body and pulled her snugly against him.  He began moving then, slow, shallow strokes designed to keep his own desire in check until Kristin was ready to meet him. 


It didn’t take long.


Kristin pressed her hands into the bed and began to grind her hips in circles against Nathan’s.  She sighed when she felt his heavy sacs swing against her clit and struggled to repeat the action.


Strong fingers gripped her hips tightly and began to set a steady pace; gradually increasing in speed until both were moaning heavily and Nathan was pounding into her open body.  Kristin wrapped an arm around the pillow as her upper body fell back on one elbow.  Her other hand slid sensuously down her body to stroke her clit, her fingernails scraping lightly over Nathan’s moving member.


“Oh God, Kristin!”  Nathan groaned at the feeling and slid one hand around her body, his fingers joining hers in touching her needy sex.  The feel of their fingers tangled together and the image that evoked in Nathan’s mind released him and he bubbled into her, washing them both with his essence.


The warm splash across her womb was all that Kristin needed to complete her journey and she once again screamed into the pillow as her muscles seized around Nathan’s spurting member, milking him dry as she rode her own orgasm to completion.


They collapsed on the bunk; their sated bodies locked together as Nathan rolled back to his side and spooned Kristin against him. 


“I love you, Nathan.”  Kristin whispered as she yawned sleepily, her body completely drained after their dynamic lovemaking.


“I love you, Kristin.  Sleep now…”


Kristin nodded as her eyes drifted shut.  She laced her fingers through Nathan’s and pulled his hand to her heart as exhaustion overtook her.


Nathan buried his face in her hair and wrapped his body around hers as he followed her into a blissful sleep.




The heavy arm resting across her hips brought a smile to Kristin’s lips as she stretched and slowly came awake.  She nestled into the circle of her sleeping lover’s arms and simply enjoyed his touch, listened to the sound of his breathing, until finally Mother Nature demanded she move.  A careful readjustment of his arm freed her yet left him undisturbed and she padded naked across the floor to the head.


Kristin paused on her way out the door and looked into the mirror, her gaze coming back to rest on the image a second time as she stared at what she saw.  Her body looked… ripe… well loved.  Lips swollen from Nathan’s kisses, nipples lightly bruised from his touch, and at least three hickeys adorning her neck and shoulders.  She shifted so that she could see over her shoulder and found two more hickeys as a smile came to her face.  She couldn’t see all of the damage inflicted on her lower body but she could definitely feel it.


But what captured her attention more than her physical appearance was the look in her eyes.  She was happy… happier than she had been in many years.  The thought that Nathan loved her made her whole body glow with happiness.  A soft smile crossed her face as she thought of how she’d like to wake Nathan up and she felt the dampness once again begin in her core.


Kristin grabbed her toothbrush and quickly took care of her morning breath then dragged a brush through her tangled hair before reentering the main room. 


“Shitdamnhell!”  Kristin swore softly at the knock on her door.  She pondered the sound and decided to ignore it but before she could move another step the knock came again.


Nathan’s robe lay on the floor a few steps away so Kristin scooped it up and slipped her arms into it as she hurried toward the door.


Kristin cracked the door a few inches and groaned inwardly at the sight of Charles Hewes standing there, holding a yellow rose.


“Good morning, my dear.”


“Admiral… what are you doing here?  It’s very early.”  Kristin gripped the door tightly so that it couldn’t swing away from her grasp and reveal the man sleeping in her bed.


“I thought that perhaps you would join me for breakfast this morning.  I… had thought that we might be enjoying that meal under different circumstances but…”


“I’m sorry, Admiral…”


“I’ve asked you to call me Charles.”


Kristin felt her anger rise and struggled to push it back down.  “I’m sorry but I can’t join you this morning.  I have… other plans.”


Hewes couldn’t put his finger on it but he could tell that there was something different about Kristin.  “Surely you have to eat… even just have a cup of coffee.  I’d really like your company.  I missed you… last night.” 


Perhaps that was it. 


Hewes recognized an aroused woman when he saw one and he knew that Kristin had been very aroused last night even though she’d asked him to leave.  Apparently she’d woken up the same way.


Kristin stepped back as Hewes pressed forward, working his shoulder into the space between the door and the frame.  “I really can’t this morning.  Thank you for the invitation.”


She pushed the door but Hewes stuck his hand out to hold it.  “I thought that we were going to talk… about your research.  We could dine in my cabin if you’d be more comfortable… or here.”  He pushed forward a little more, his hand reaching out to toy with the end of the sash on Kristin’s robe.


A sleepy male voice from behind the door stopped Hewes cold.  “Kristin… honey?  Come back to bed.  I miss you.”


Kristin shrugged her shoulders at the stunned Admiral and pushed the door closed, forcing Hewes back into the hallway.  He heard the lock spin firmly behind him.


Kristin turned back to face the bed, her back against the door. 


“That was wicked!”  She told the man lying in the bed, a devious smile on his face.  “And probably not very smart.  He’s going to be even angrier now.”


Nathan sat up on the edge of the bed and crooked his finger at Kristin.  “I didn’t like the way he was speaking to you.  As to him being angry… let him.  He’s hated me for over thirty years.  Why should that change now?”


“But he might cause trouble for you…” Kristin took a tentative step toward the bed.


“Will you please forget about Chuckie and get that gorgeous ass back over here?  I was serious when I said that I miss you.”


Kristin took another step, a sexy smile curving her lips.  “So you miss me?  I had all of these wonderful ideas about how I was going to wake you up and now I can’t!”  Her smile turned into a playful pout.


“We’ve got every morning for the rest of our lives for you to try those out.  Now get back over here!”


Kristin moved back toward the bed, stopping just inches out of Nathan’s reach.  “Someone is being very demanding this morning.”


“You’ve got that right!”  Nathan tugged at the sheet covering his hips and it fell away, revealing his rampant erection.  “Someone certainly is!  So how about it?  Wanna work the ‘stiffness’ out of some of those muscles.” 


Nathan’s arm snaked out and caught the robe’s sash.  He gave it a quick tug and the robe fell open revealing the midline of Kristin’s naked body to his hungry gaze.  His eyes raked her flesh slowly, watching a blush of arousal grow on her skin.  When Nathan’s eyes reached her face he held his hand out to her, the blue orbs pleading.


Kristin placed her hand in his and moved forward, moaning as his hands slid beneath the terry cloth as soon as she came within reach.  Firm fingers splayed over her bottom as he pulled her close, urging her legs to part so that his knees could press between them.  She gasped as Nathan slid off of the bed onto his knees and dipped his head to taste her moist cleft, tongue lightly tickling tender flesh.


“I bet I’ve got hickeys down there too,” she muttered, as Nathan’s touch became even more intimate.  Her fingers dug into his shoulders to steady herself as her senses began to reel.


“Umm… two really huge ones.” Nathan answered, lifting his head slightly.  “Would you like to go for three?”  He didn’t wait for an answer before he lowered his head and stabbed his tongue into her hot core.




Charles Hewes stared at the now closed door in disbelief.  He’d made it very clear that if Kristin Westphalen wanted a man he was available but she’d sent him away.  Where in the hell had she found someone else so quickly?  He knew that Bridger had returned to his quarters in a fit of pique after losing the race.  His aide had seen the young boy go visit him later in the evening.  So who did she have in that cabin?


The small window set in the top of the door beckoned him.  He glanced up and down the corridor to make sure he was alone then moved to prop against the door as he pushed himself up on his toes to peer in.  He was stunned at the sight.


Westphalen stood at the edge of the bunk, her back to the door, her head thrown back.  She still wore the robe but it was obviously open and hanging loose.  The biggest shock was the pair of knees on the floor between her spread legs.  The angle of Westphalen’s body left little doubt in his mind as to where the head belonging to those knees was buried.


Hewes saw the ripples in the back of the robe and gasped as the garment slid languidly down Kristin’s body, revealing her bare back inch by inch until the position of her hands on the man’s shoulders caused it to hang at her waist.  He felt himself grow hard as he watched her body twitch, imagining himself in the unknown man’s place.


Hewes’ fist clenched against the door.  ~ Who in the hell is that? ~


The Admiral’s breath caught as Kristin slowly began to sink to the floor, the robe falling away as tan hands splayed across her ivory butt cheeks to control her descent.  Her knees settled around the man as his head slowly came into view, salt and pepper hair bobbing above her shoulder as he feasted at her breast.  More of the head became visible as the man worked his way up over her collarbone.


~ Bridger! ~  Hewes’ hand slapped against cold metal as Nathan’s face came fully into view.  ~ How… I’ve got to stop them. ~  But even as the thought sprang into his mind Hewes knew that he was too late.  Whatever was happening between Nathan and Kristin at this point was just icing on the cake to them. 


The thud of approaching footsteps reminded Hewes of where he was and what he was doing and he quickly moved away from the window, adjusting his jacket to cover his erection.




Nathan’s tongue danced lightly over sensitive flesh, teasing and tormenting, seeking to enflame but not yet to release.  His fingertips brushed over her skin, hips then thighs and back again, his touch barely discernable but still increasing the flame of her passion.


“I love the way you touch me.” She breathed, her voice barely audible, but Nathan heard her words deep in his heart.  “I never dreamed…” Kristin’s voice trailed off, replaced by a deep moan as the pressure on her engorged sex increased.


Teeth and tongue were brought into play on the sensitive nub, circling and tickling then finally licking and sucking.  Kristin’s knees began to quiver and she knew she was going to fall but then Nathan’s hands were there to support her as he continued his ministrations.


The robe that had gathered around her waist felt too constricting and she dropped her hands from Nathan’s shoulders, wanting to be rid of it.  Blue terry cloth slid from her body with hardly a whisper to pool at her feet, revealing her fully to his gaze once again.


Nathan’s hands slid to the back of Kristin’s legs.  “Why don’t you come down here and join me.  I haven’t had a good morning kiss yet.”  He grinned up at her, his mouth glistening with her moisture.  Kristin braced her hands once again on his shoulders and began to slide down.


But Nathan didn’t let her just fall.  His hands guided her while his mouth kissed its way back up her body, feasting on her silky skin, licking the damp sheen of perspiration that now covered it.  Kristin was truly on fire by the time she found herself straddling Nathan’s lap.


“You are absolutely wicked!”  She whispered in delight.


“And you love it, don’t you?”  Nathan winked then captured her mouth, spreading the residue of her own body on her lips and tongue. 


Kristin moaned in agreement as she wrapped her arms around Nathan’s neck and her legs around his waist.  His hard erection settled into the cleft between her legs causing an even deeper need to blossom deep within her.  Kristin began to rock slowly against her lover, coating his arousal with her moisture.


Nathan moaned as he felt her juices surge against his rod and run down to his legs.  His hands slid beneath her butt cheeks and lifted her slightly, until he could feel his seeking head probing the warm opening deep within her core.  He probed, gently at first, and felt her pull, luring him in.  The grip of her legs tightened as Nathan finally eased her down, impaling her firmly onto his hard length.


“So… I make you hot do I?”  Nathan rocked into her.


Kristin grinned and rocked back.  “What do you think?  Besides, this doesn’t exactly feel like an adverse response from you.”


“Hell no!”  Nathan growled and rocked again.  “Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed that I get a hard on anytime you walk in a room?  All that time I sit staring pensively into space with my hands in my lap… it’s to hide my response to you.  I spend two-thirds of every staff meeting readjusting myself.  What’s your excuse?”


“I think that you saw my response to you well enough last night.  I wouldn’t want you getting too cocky now, would I?”


“You sure about that?”  This time Nathan surged into her, his hands pushing her hips into him at the same time.


“Oh God!  I can’t believe how you fill me up.  I knew that you filled out that Speedo well but I never imagined…”


“You’ve seen me in swim gear before.”  Nathan’s lips attacked her ear lobe.


“And I’ve had numerous fantasies about pulling the zipper of your wet suit down and checking out the package beneath.  Even when you raced with Clayton… the way your shorts clung to you… my imagination ran wild after that one… but yesterday was the first time I’d seen you in quite so little… and you filled it out so well… and now you fill me so well.”


“I’ve had a few fantasies about pulling the zipper down on your wet suit as well.  The way it moulds to you when wet… how I’ve wanted to peel it off your body and see if your nipples were really as large as they looked.  Now I know that they were.”  Nathan bent his head for a taste.


He delighted at the sumptuous repast in front of him, experimenting with taste and texture until Kristin was squirming around him.  Her fingers stroked his head, urging him to take even more of her wanting breast into his mouth as she ground her hips down into him again and again.


Nathan lost himself in her breasts, almost forgetting that they were joined below, until she clenched his erection tightly within her and moaned as a shudder passed though her body.


“Oh Kristin… you feel… so…” Nathan forced himself to leave the luscious treat before him as he moved back to the curved bow of her mouth.  He captured her lips masterfully; his tongue demanding and receiving entrance, then proceeded to ravage her mouth with his own.  Strong hands wrapped around her hips, thumbs on her pelvic bone, fingers splayed across her round bottom as he set a grueling pace. 


Kristin rode him hard, meeting the pace that he set with joy and abandon.  Her heels settled into the sway of his back and she used her legs as levers to increase her thrusting power.  Her moans grew into tiny screams as she felt her desire crest.  Nathan shifted slightly, his knees pulling up to help support her back.  The movement changed his angle of thrust and Kristin peaked, her body jerking frantically to and fro. 


Nathan pulled his knees up higher and wrapped his arms around her flailing body, not wanting Kristin to hurt herself but unable to stop his own frantic thrusting.  He came with a roar, exploding into her as his body began to tremble with the force of his own release.




Nathan wasn’t really aware of losing consciousness until he felt the cold metal of the deck against his shoulder.  He shifted slowly, his body aware for the first time of the major exertions he’d put it through over the last sixteen hours.  He opened one eye slowly and found one deep brown eye just inches away staring back.  They both smiled.


“Damn, woman!  I could kick myself for not acting on my feelings earlier.  If only I’d known…”


Kristin began to giggle.  “You’d have run like hell if you’d known I had feelings for you.  Casual sex you might have handled but anything more… I don’t think that you were ready until now… at least I hope you are ready now…” her laughter faded away.


“Kristin, I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t ready.  And I am not a casual sex kind of guy.  I would never have a one-night stand with a member of my staff.  Hell, before last night I never thought I’d consider a relationship with anyone I served with but there is no way in hell that I am giving you up.”


“Admiral Hewes might have other ideas.  I’m sure that by now he’s already arranging for my transfer off of this vessel in anticipation of my impending dismissal.”


“Don’t you listen?  I repeat; there is no way in hell that I am giving you up.  You aren’t an officer in the military so frat rules won’t apply.  I can see where there might be some concern about the two of us having a relationship but we are both mature enough to separate our working lives and our private lives.  I didn’t want to come back to this boat.  Bill Noyce coerced me into it.  Don’t think for one minute that I couldn’t walk away.  From the second I stepped through the door last night you became my number one priority.”


“But this boat…”


“This boat is an object.  Yes, I am proud of her.  I’m proud of my involvement in her conception and her birth.  I enjoy being her captain.  But I let her become an obsession once before, not waking up to that fact until my son was gone.  I love you, Kristin, not this boat.”


Nathan felt his back hit the cool metal as Kristin rolled him over and climbed on top of him, kissing him wildly.  He answered her kisses but couldn’t help the soft moan of pain that escaped his lips when a particularly sensitive muscle in his leg began to cramp.


“What’s wrong?”  Kristin popped up, her doctor persona taking over immediately.


“Nothing… just a little muscle cramp.”


Kristin glanced around them and once again began to giggle.  “Wonder if it could have anything to do with the fact that we are naked and laying on a cold floor?  Come on, my captain.  Let me help you up.”


She rolled back on her heels, affording Nathan a spectacular view of damp auburn curls as she stood and held out her hand.  The half-smile covering her lips let Nathan know that she knew exactly what he’d been staring at.  A naughty little boy look crossed his face as he grasped her hand and slowly levered himself off the floor.


“Wanna go back to bed?”  Nathan asked when he stood in front of her, a hopeful look in his eyes.


“Nathan!  You must have made me come… I don’t even know how many times and you want to go back to bed?  You are insatiable.”


“You don’t know the half of it, honey.  I don’t have to be on the bridge for over two hours and I know exactly how I’d like to spend that time.  Otherwise I’m going to be hard as a rock all day just thinking about you… naked… willing… your nipples all perky… just waiting to be kissed… waiting for my fingers to touch you here… to feel how wet you are… to taste you…” 


“Nathan…” Kristin protested but they both knew it was half-hearted.


“I’ve got this horrendous muscle spasm… just here… see… and I know that a gentle massage from a certain doctor would be just the thing to fix me up.”  His hands moved to her shoulders and pushed, not hard but with enough force to send her flying back onto the bunk.  Nathan dived on top of her, his fingers moving quickly to work their magic as his mouth silenced any protest that she might issue.  None were forthcoming.


Kristin wrapped her arms and legs around him and fell back, her head at the foot of the bed, Nathan heavy on top of her.  He burrowed his face into her neck. 


“It was eleven times,” he whispered.  “You’ve come eleven times.  How about we go for an even dozen?”




Nathan surreptitiously adjusted himself one final time before stepping onto the bridge, a fake smile plastered on his face as his mind wandered back to his early morning activities.  He swore another silent oath at the clumsy crewman who had slipped and cut his hand, necessitating Kristin’s quick shower and hasty departure just as they were beginning to gear up for number twelve.


“Captain,” Nathan turned at the sound of Commander Ford’s voice.  “We weren’t expecting you for another hour or so.  Are you all right?”


“Fine, Commander,” Nathan reassured him.  “Just a little bit sore from… yesterday.  I’m not used to activity quite that strenuous.”


“Do you need to report to med bay?  I’ll be glad to stand until you return?”


A lusty thought formed in Nathan’s mind but he quickly banished it, reminding himself that Kristin was busy at the moment.  “I’ll go down a little later if the stiffness doesn’t get better.”  He shook his head slightly to clear the lurid thought that formed at his statement, willing the sudden reaction from his body to diminish.


The entire bridge crew noticed their captain’s restlessness as Nathan paced from one station to the next, not really focusing on anything.  Most of them had witnessed the race the previous day and knew that the Captain wasn’t happy about Admiral Hewes declaring himself the winner.  Ortiz, O’Neill and Hitchcock all expressed their support but Nathan cut them off kindly, telling them that he felt very good about his performance without disparaging Hewes.


Nathan was half expecting the call when it came about an hour later, O’Neill reporting that secretary-general Noyce was demanding to speak with Nathan immediately, no matter what the hell he was doing.  Nathan directed the call to the wardroom and then disappeared, a look of controlled fury on his face.




Kristin looked up as the door to her private lab slid open, half expecting to see Nathan entering.  The person she wasn’t expecting to see was Charles Hewes but he was the person standing there.  Her fingers gripped the edge of the desk as one finger covertly pressed the com button.


“Admiral, can I help you?”  She asked pleasantly, determined not to let him see her uneasiness.


Hewes closed the door firmly behind him.


“What in the hell are you playing at, doctor?  You led me on intentionally.”


“I’m sorry if you thought that, Admiral but I assure you that I was not leading you on.  You expressed interest in my research and I…”


“I expressed interest in you, you bitch!  You knew exactly what I was doing and you let me.  Did Bridger put you up to it?  That’s it, isn’t it?  The two of you plotted together to make me look like an idiot.”


“I don’t know what you are talking about, Admiral but I assure you that Captain Bridger and I have done nothing to…”


“Liar!”  Kristin flinched instinctively as Hewes’ hand crashed down on the desk beside her.  She backed away, trying to maneuver around him but within moments he had her trapped against the wall.




O’Neill’s head popped up suddenly, his eyes wide as his hand pushed the earphone closer to his head. 


“Something wrong, Mr. O’Neill?”  Commander Ford asked, noticing the sudden change in O’Neill’s posture.


“I’m not sure, sir… oh…” O’Neill’s fingers suddenly began to fly over his keyboard then Ford heard him speak.


“I’m sorry, sir… I know you are very busy but… Captain!  You need to hear this, NOW!”


O’Neill threw another switch as Ford moved toward his station.


“Mr. O’Neill?”  Tim held up his hand to Ford then began to speak.  “Yes, Captain.  I’m doing that right now… I will sir.”


Before Ford had time to question O’Neill again the sound of pounding feet resounded across the deck and he turned to see Bridger in the outer corridor running away from the wardroom, making for the stairs.


“What’s going on, Mr. O’Neill?”


“I’m sorry, sir.  I can’t say.  Captain’s orders.”




“You led me on intentionally, planning on making me look like a fool.  I was stupid enough to believe that he wasn’t sleeping with you.  Oh no… the great Bridger wouldn’t become involved with one of his crew.”  Hewes continued sarcastically, one hand pinning Kristin’s shoulder brutally against the wall.  “But then I saw you this morning.”


“You had no right!”


“You didn’t think I would just walk away after hearing a man’s voice in your cabin, did you?  I stood at that window and watched while that bastard…”


Kristin tried to block the sound of his voice as Hewes described what Nathan had done to her that morning, his crudeness making a beautiful act seem ugly.


“You should have been more discerning about who you spread your legs for!  I could have helped your career so much more than Bridger could.  Hell… I might still do it for the right price.  Let’s see if you are as good as you look.”


“NO!  Stop it!  Don’t touch me!”


“That isn’t what you were telling Bridger this morning, is it?  Seemed to me like you were doing all you could to lead him on.”


Kristin twisted her face away as Hewes tried to kiss her, pushed against him as his hand grabbed the neckline of her cotton tee shirt and yanked, ripping the front apart.




Nathan jumped the last four stairs and hit the deck running; praying that he could get to Kristin in time.  Nathan had been furious when O’Neill interrupted the massive argument that he’d been having with Noyce but had quickly forgiven him.  The words he’d heard pouring out over the intercom chilled him to the bone.  The sound of a fist hitting metal had done worse, sending him off at a run, unwilling to wait for the maglev.  He had to get to Kristin before Hewes could hurt her.


Nathan slammed the door to Kristin’s lab open and flew into the room, fists raised in readiness.  His ears were immediately filled with the sound of groaning.  Kristin flew across the room and into his arms as he stared at Hewes, kneeling on the floor in pain, his arms clutched between his legs.


“Are you okay, sweetheart?”  Nathan asked, his hands running over Kristin’s body as if to reassure himself of that fact.


“I’m okay… I think.  I was so scared.  I couldn’t believe that he…” Kristin’s words were cut off as Nathan crushed her to his body and buried his face in her hair. 


“And to think that I was worried that I’d been too forceful with you last night.  Now I know.  You’d have flattened me if I’d been out of line.”  Nathan whispered in her ear, his shoulders shaking with suppressed laughter.


“You’d better believe it.” 


The sound of movement behind them pulled them slightly apart.  Hewes had managed to stagger to his feet and was staring at them venomously. 


“You’ll pay for this, Bridger.  I’ve already called Noyce.  You may think he’s your friend but he can’t ignore this blatant misconduct.  You’ll both be off this boat so fast…”


“This may come as a surprise to you, Hewes, but I don’t give a rat’s ass.  How dare you try to use your rank to intimidate Kristin into your bed!  You don’t think I’m going to let you get away with this do you?”


“What exactly are you going to do?  It will be your word against mine.  After I spread the word about that little scene I witnessed this morning no one will believe anything she says against me.”


The sound of a voice clearing could be heard behind them.  All three faces swung around to stare at the small view screen in the corner.  Two of the faces were surprised but Nathan just smiled.


“Hi, Bill.  Did you get all that?”


“Not everything but certainly enough to understand the situation.  Uhm… might I suggest that you lend the good doctor your shirt, Nathan.”


Nathan glanced at Kristin’s chest, realizing for the first time that Hewes had ripped her shirt open.  She hadn’t worn a bra that morning due to the extreme sensitivity of her nipples and a great deal of silky white flesh was visible between the split.  Kristin grabbed the edges and held them together until Nathan could strip his shirt off and throw it over her shoulders.


“You son of a bitch!”  Nathan advanced on Hewes, his anger rising.  “She said no!  Were you going to rape her?  Do you hate me so much that you’d do that to her just to get back at me?  You are such a bastard!”


Kristin screamed as Hewes swung at Nathan’s face.  Bridger quickly deflected the blow.


“Bill, I quit!”  He yelled at the viewscreen, his fist flying toward Hewes’ stomach.


“Resignation accepted!”  Bill yelled back just milliseconds before Hewes doubled over, Nathan’s knuckles planted firmly in his gut.  As he fell forward, his chin met Nathan’s other fist on its way up and he landed on the deck, a small stream of blood flooding from his lip.


Nathan pulled Kristin behind him at the sound of pounding feet in the corridor.  Moments later three large security guards burst through the door, Chief Crocker right behind them.


“Chief, I’d like for you to escort the Admiral back to his quarters and post a guard to see that he remains there until we arrive in port.”


Crocker inclined his head and two of the men moved to pull Hewes to his feet.  “I’ll take care of it, Captain.  Everything okay here?”


Nathan curled his arm around Kristin’s shoulder.  “Everything is fine.  Tell Commander Ford that he has the bridge and I’m not to be disturbed.” 


He led Kristin out of the room.


“Get your hands off of me!  That’s an order!  I’ll have you thrown out of the navy if you don’t let me go!”


Crocker motioned his men back but took a firm grip on Hewes arm himself.  “I’m sorry, sir, but you are going to have to come with us.”


Hewes tried to shake Crocker’s hand away but the older man held firm.  “Please don’t make this any more difficult, Admiral.  Go with my men.”


“Charles…” Noyce’s voice sounded from the viewscreen.  “Don’t make this any worse on yourself.  Allow these men to follow their captain’s orders.”


Hewes snarled smugly.  “He quit.  You accepted his resignation.  He has no authority to order these men around!”


“Upon further reflection I have decided to reverse my decision to accept Captain Bridger’s resignation.  Chief Crocker, you may continue.”




Once they reached his quarters Nathan pushed Kristin onto the bunk and moved back to secure the door.  He placed a call to the bridge and asked Ford to take his duty shift then called med bay and told Levin that Kristin wouldn’t be coming in.  Once he’d done all of these things he pulled Kristin up from the bunk and stripped his shirt off of her, the torn tee shirt quickly following it. 


She was surprised when he turned her away from him and began to run his fingers over her back. 


“What are you doing, Nathan?”


“I’m making sure that you are okay.  He caused these bruises, didn’t he?”  Nathan’s fingers trailed lightly over the shoulder that Hewes had slammed to the wall.  “I know that I caused this mark and this one over here but he did this.”


Kristin turned slightly, grabbed his hand and drew his fingers to her lips.  She brushed them lightly and whispered.  "I’m okay.  I promise.  The bruises will fade and you arrived before he could do anything else.”


“You’d already taken care of him.  You didn’t need me.”


Kristin turned to face him.  “Don’t you ever say that I don’t need you, Nathan Bridger.  I handled him, but he could have very easily overpowered me at any point.  You shouldn’t have hit him, though.  You are going to get in a lot of trouble over that.”


Nathan grinned.  “You’re worried about me?  Don’t be.  That was a very smart thing that you did, hitting the intercom button.  O’Neill was scanning the channels and he picked up on the uneasiness in your voice.  He interrupted my conversation with Noyce…”


“You were talking to the secretary?  It was about us wasn’t it?  I knew that man would make trouble.”


“Yes, Hewes had called Bill and the good secretary and I were having a rather heated argument when we were interrupted.  I told Tim to discretely transfer Noyce down to your lab then I ran like hell to get to you.”


“What did Noyce say to you?”


“A lot of things that I wouldn’t care to repeat.  But beneath the pompous ass bureaucrat exterior I think that he might just be slightly happy for me.  He thinks that if I have you I won’t abandon everything for my island again.”


“And would you?”


“In a heartbeat.  Of course you’d be going with me.  That’s not a bad idea.  Will you come to my island with me, Kristin?  Just for a visit?  It’s a little primitive but it’s really beautiful.  You wouldn’t even have to wear clothes!”


“That alone is plenty of incentive if it means you wouldn’t be wearing clothes either.”  Kristin’s hand stroked Nathan’s firm abdomen.


“Uhm… clothing is definitely optional… so why don’t we lose some?”  Nathan’s had Kristin’s jeans halfway to her knees before she even realized he’d unfastened them.  She froze beneath his touch.


“Kris… baby?  Did he… did Hewes… touch you?”


“No… but he… he watched us this morning… through the window of my door.  He… he made it sound so… dirty.  He took one of the most beautiful things that I’ve ever experienced and made it sound dirty and cheap.”


Nathan swore softly then released Kristin and moved to his door.  She watched with interest as he worked a thin piece of metal over the clear opening.


“Captain’s prerogative,” he told her as he moved back to her side.  “Now absolutely no one can see what is happening in here.  And nothing is going to happen unless you want it to.”


“Of course I want… but if you’d heard… oh, God!  O’Neill… he must have heard.  And Noyce…” Kristin’s face sank into her hands as she blushed beet red.


Nathan moved to the com link and placed a call to the bridge.  “Mr. O’Neill, I want to thank you for your help.”


“Yes sir.  You are welcome sir.  I hope that Dr. Westphalen is all right?”


“I’m fine, Tim.” Kristin replied.  “And I want to thank you as well.”


“Tim, I know that you must have heard some things…”


“There was a lot of static on the line, sir.  I lost entire lines of conversation and I know that Secretary Noyce did as well.  Not enough that we couldn’t tell what Admiral Hewes intentions were but…”


Nathan smiled and shook his head.  “Thank you for your discretion, Mr. O’Neill.  It won’t be forgotten.”


He cut the link then turned to look at Kristin.  “So do you feel better now?”


Kristin smiled and shimmied her hips, sending her jeans quickly to the floor.  She toed her shoes off then kicked the entire clump of clothing toward Nathan as she sat back on the edge of the bunk. 


“That helps but I know something that might help even more.  I think we should work on that interrupted number twelve.”  She crooked her index finger at Nathan then pointed at his pants.  “Lose those first.”


“Yes ma’am!”  Nathan grinned as he quickly disposed of his remaining clothing and moved toward the bunk. 


Kristin reached a hand out to lightly caress his growing member, smiling as it leapt in beneath her touch.  She stroked the hard length with one hand while her free thumb and forefinger rubbed across the satiny head, paying special attention to the sensitive patch underneath.  Nathan moaned when Kristin leaned forward slightly and kissed the now red tip, her lips slipping around him to lick and suck it.


Nathan stood silently as Kristin continued her ministrations until he was rock solid then pulled away.  She whimpered in protest but he caught her lips with his and kissed her thoroughly while he shifted them until they were lying side by side in the bunk.


As the kiss ended they pulled slightly apart and stared at each other with smiles on their faces.  Nathan softly brushed his fingers across the line of her cheek.


“I love you,” he whispered.


“I love you,” she whispered back.


“What we did together this morning was one of the most beautiful things that I’ve ever experienced in my life.  Don’t let that bastard’s words ruin such a wonderful moment.”


Kristin nodded.  “It was beautiful… I just wish that he hadn’t…”


“Shh.”  Nathan’s fingers touched her lips, both quieting and caressing the tender flesh.  “He can’t do that again.  We are all alone here… just the two of us.  No one can see in.”


“So what did you have in mind, my captain?”  Kristin’s fingers began to play in the light covering of grey hair covering his chest, her nails raking over his puckered nipples.


“I’m going to make you forget about the things he said to you.  I am going to kiss every inch of your body.  I’m going to love you slowly and thoroughly until all you can think about is the joy and pleasure that our loving brings.”


“I’m not complaining but you realize that if you do that I’m going to have to stay here for a long time.  I could barely walk this morning and after that…”


An evil grin crossed Nathan’s lips.  “That’s the plan, sweetheart, that’s the plan.”


Nathan began his quest by kissing the pulsing hollow at the base of Kristin’s throat while his hands worked across her skin, his delicate touch igniting already sensitive nerve endings.  Kristin’s fingers splayed across his back as she traced the rigid muscles in his shoulders.


Gradually Nathan worked his way lower, using his tongue to trace the full swell of first one breast and then the other.  He flicked his tongue across the pointed aureole but resisted Kristin’s attempts to push more of the quivering mound into his mouth.


“Nathan!”  She protested. 


Kristin felt his answering grin against her abdomen as he deliberately worked his way lower, not a single inch of flesh left untouched by his nibbling lips and stroking tongue.  She raised her hips, begging for his touch as he explored her upper thighs but once again Nathan contented himself with a light brush across her nest of curls before continuing his descent down one shapely leg.


Kristin had never thought about her toes being an erogenous zone but the feel of Nathan’s mouth sucking them one by one proved that they definitely were.  Every pull of his mouth sent a bolt of fire straight to her damp core.




The word left her lips as a gasp, not much louder than a whisper but Nathan heard and understood how anxious she was becoming.


“Soon, my love.  Just relax and enjoy.”


Nathan moved to the other foot and repeated his caresses, much to Kristin’s delight and chagrin.  By the time he began to work his way back up her inner calf, her fingers were wrapped in the sheet beneath them, her back arched as her body sought relief for the exquisite torture Nathan was inflicting on her.


A sigh escaped Kristin’s mouth as Nathan finally reached her inner thighs.  Her legs fell further apart as she anticipated his touch, her own hand straying up her side to cup her breast and thumb the wanting peak.  Then Nathan stopped.


A cry of frustration escaped Kristin’s lips as she forced her head up to look at her lover.  Nathan was staring intently at her inner thighs with a smile on his face.


“I did this to you… I’m sorry…” his thumbs lightly stroked the small bruises on each leg where he had kissed so vigourously the night before.


“I’m not… sorry I mean.  What you did… what you do is wonderful… the way you make me feel… I’ve never felt like this before.  All I have to do is think about you and I’m wet.”


Nathan placed an easy kiss on each abrasion.  “I’ve marked you.  You’re mine… now and always.”  His thumbs pulled her silken folds apart and his mouth closed possessively around her swollen sex.  “Mine!”  The murmured word vibrated through Kristin’s heated flesh causing her to surge against the tongue licking her heated flesh.


He lovingly caressed her damp cleft, his mouth slowly sucking each engorged lip inside for his tongue to lave before returning to the growing bud atop them.  His ears savoured the tiny sex noises emerging from deep in Kristin’s throat as her pleasure grew with his every touch.  His eyes were locked forward, staring at Kristin’s hand as it unconsciously worked her breast, loving the sight of his love touching herself above while he loved her below.


Nathan worked a single thick finger down her folds, coating it with her moisture before he gently pushed the tip inside.  He instantly felt the clasp of Kristin’s inner muscles grip, coaxing him to push further.  He pushed deeper, his finger making a circular motion around her sheath as he advanced inward.  Soon a second finger joined the first… then a third.


Kristin’s hips began to rock beneath Nathan, a silent invitation for him to increase his attentions.  He felt her knees pull up beside him and her feet slide up his thighs to rub his firm butt cheeks.  He stretched his fingers to the limit within her until the tip of the longest one barely brushed the tip of her cervix. 


“Oh… God!”  Kristin came immediately; the words wrenched from her lips as her body began to spasm with the force of her release.  Nathan sucked her clit even harder, his teeth carefully nipping the distended flesh, which caused a second, even more intense climax to wash over her just moments after the first.


Kristin’s foot slipped off his butt to rest between his legs, the intensity of her orgasm pulling the limb tight against his heavy balls.  His erection surged into the mattress beneath him due to the pressure and Nathan felt the overwhelming need to come himself.  He reluctantly pulled his mouth away from Kristin’s dark pink juncture as he struggled to calm him self.


Once the edge had dropped away he opened his eyes to find Kristin smiling and holding her arms out to him.  Nathan pressed his body into hers and slid slowly upward, his hands propelling him while he savoured the feel of Kristin’s pliant flesh beneath him.  He paused at her breasts, taking more time on his return trip to feast on their offerings.  Her nipples were already peaked but as Nathan loved them they grew even more distended.  When he finally left Kristin’s breasts in search of her mouth Nathan could feel the aroused tips drilling into his chest.


“Hi,” Kristin whispered when Nathan had settled into her embrace and locked his arms around her shoulders. 


“Hi yourself.” 


They shared a tongue-tangling kiss, Kristin moaning at the tang of her essence in Nathan’s mouth.


“That was… extraordinary.  How did you get so good at that?”


Nathan grinned.  “When I have a gorgeous body like this for inspiration?  Oh baby, you taste… you taste like heaven.  I can’t get enough of you.”  His head dipped for another kiss.


One soft arm slipped up to secure Nathan’s head to hers while Kristin’s other hand slid playfully down his side to his hip.  She wiggled the hand between their flushed bodies and took him in hand, awed once again at the amazing combination of silk and steel on his arousal.  Nathan thrust into her hand as she worked the sensitive crown with the circle of her thumb and forefinger until she felt a surge of moisture escape the slit.  His thighs began to quiver.


Kristin felt the tenseness rise in Nathan’s body and pushed his hard member into her waiting entrance, sighing as he slowly eased his very tip inside her warmth.  She pushed up to meet him.


Nathan pushed up on his elbows and captured Kristin’s face with his hands, staring at her intently as he painstakingly pushed deeper, inch-by-inch, until he was buried inside her.


They stayed locked together, unmoving for long moments as their eyes spoke for them before Kristin’s tongue darted out to wet her lower lip.  Nathan groaned and swooped down to capture her mouth, his lips taking possession of hers with a vengeance.


Nathan began to rock his hips against Kristin’s, setting a slow but satisfying rhythm designed to continue and expand her pleasure.  She sighed into his mouth as her hands drifted down the sway of his back to cup his firm bottom.  Pointed peaks drilled into his chest as Kristin arched beneath him, her body straining for even closer contact.


Nathan pushed himself up on his hands to give himself better control as he continued his steady pace, smiling at his lover as he watched desire build in her eyes.  Her hands released his butt and traveled around his hips, her fingertips caressing his moving member before trailing slowly up his abdomen to rest on his chest.  Not an inch of tanned flesh was left uncovered as Kristin explored, tracing the line of ridged muscles, pinching his aroused nipples, teasing among his soft chest hair.


“You have amazing hands,” Nathan whispered to her as he thrust down.


“You have amazing everything,” Kristin answered as she thrust up.


With Nathan’s next thrust Kristin clenched her inner muscles around his arousal.  He gasped at the increase in friction as he withdrew.  He dropped back to his elbows but didn’t change his pace.


“That was naughty,” Kristin just grinned at Nathan’s admonition and repeated the clench.  He groaned.  “I’m not gonna last much longer if you keep doing that.”


“Then move faster,” Kristin pulled his face down until she could whisper in his ear.  “I need all of you.”


Nathan obliged her request and increased the pace, quickly bringing their passion to a higher level.  Kristin’s body began to twist beneath him, her fingernails digging into his shoulders.


“Yes… right there… harder… oh, please, Nathan!  More…”


Nathan shifted his arms down, first one and then the other, wrapping them around Kristin’s thighs and forcing her legs higher until they were hooked over his shoulders.  Once she was comfortable against him Nathan began to thrust again, his pace much faster than previously.  Kristin groaned as Nathan penetrated deeper and deeper.


Just when Kristin was about to peak Nathan abruptly changed his pace, first stopping then restarting his movements with slow even strokes once again.  Kristin bucked against him frantically.


“That wasn’t fair…” Kristin whispered; her eyes closing as Nathan surged into her once more.  “I was ready…”


“This time you’ll be even more ready.  Just relax and concentrate on your body… on the feelings coursing through you… on the touch of my hand… the feel of my lips...”


“But you…” 


“I’m gonna come with you, sweetheart… I swear.”  Nathan punctuated his words with another thrust of his hips, his lips trailing down Kristin’s throat.


Kristin forced her eyes open to stare at Nathan, almost overwhelmed by the love she saw shining out at her from his deep blue orbs.  Her hands stretched back down his body to cup his bottom, pushing him to increase his rhythm. 


He felt his orgasm begin, pleasure bubbling up inside him as the first drops of moisture flew from his staff.  His mouth grabbed the rosy tip bouncing below and locked around it, pulling the tender flesh into his mouth roughly as he bit down.


Kristin screamed as her body went rigid then trembled beneath his as she came hard.  The warmth of Nathan’s seed splashing repeatedly against her womb only increased her excitement as her body strained to milk every drop of his juice from him. 


They fell to the bed exhausted, Nathan rolling slightly so that they were cradled side by side as Kristin lowered her legs and threaded them through Nathan’s.  He rained soft kisses over her forehead as they struggled to control their breathing.  Finally Kristin opened her eyes and looked up at him.


“Damn!”  Nathan laughed.


“Yeah… me too… Thank you…”


“That was so… beautiful.”


“Will it always be this good?”


“As far as I’m concerned.  You inspire me… the way your face looks as you climax… the way you gasp my name… those sexy little sounds you make in the back of your throat.  Oh yes, I promise you I’m going to spend the rest of my life doing everything I can to keep that look on your face.”


Kristin snuggled into his side as a yawn escaped her lips.


“I’m sorry,” she murmured. 


“Don’t be… it’s not like we got a lot of sleep last night.”  Nathan pulled them into a more comfortable position and pulled the blanket over them.


“Are you sure that everything is okay?  I don’t want Hewes to try to hurt you…”


“Everything is fine.” Nathan reassured her.  “Bill knows what he tried to do to you.  I think that Hewes is done in the UEO navy.”


“So what happens now?”


“Now?  We get some sleep then we wake up and then…” Nathan pushed his hips against Kristin’s leg.  “…we try for number fourteen… no fifteen.”


Kristin laughed.  “That isn’t what I meant and you know it.  You know as well as I do what this whole damned boat thinks we are doing in here right now.”


“Well they’d be right wouldn’t they?” Nathan grinned.


“Stop that!”  Kristin couldn’t help but smile at her love.  “Do we continue this or…”


“Not continuing is not an option so don’t even go there.  We continue… discretely while we are on the boat and flagrantly once we get on land.  When we get to Pearl and get rid of that bastard you and I are going to find the biggest bed on the island and make love on every inch of it.  When we are done… we are going to get dressed, get on an airplane, fly to my island for a week minimum, and lose the clothes then make love in every imaginable place there.”


“Umm… and then?”


“Then… we might come back to the boat where we will once again continue… discretely of course.”




“If I can actually be persuaded to let you put clothes back on then yes… otherwise we’ll just turn the island into our own private nudist colony.”


“That sounds nice,” Kristin trailed a fingernail down the center of Nathan’s chest.  “Clothes are definitely a hindrance when you are around.”


“I’ve got another idea… when we get back… why don’t you move in here with me?”


Kristin pushed her self up.  “Move in… here… both of us?  The crew…”


“Like you said… they know what we are doing.  Why try to hide it?  I love you and I want you with me all the time.  As long as we aren’t blatant… no wild sex on the bridge in the middle of first watch… I don’t think the crew would mind.  We just need to make sure that our private life doesn’t interfere with our professional life.”


“We are going to disagree… you know that we won’t see eye to eye on every issue.”


“We don’t see eye to eye on every issue now.  I don’t expect that to change.  But we need to make a pact that work stays at work.  We don’t let it into our personal lives.”


“Do you really think that’s possible?”


“If we try hard enough… one thing is for sure.  Life won’t be boring.  What do you say?”


“If you’re sure… I say you’ve got yourself a roommate.”


Nathan pulled her closer as they shared a loving kiss.  Kristin snuggled into his shoulder as another yawn escaped.


“Sleep now, my love,” Nathan whispered tenderly.  They snuggled together and drifted off into a peaceful sleep.






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