Title:  In Need of a Cure

By:  ½ of ESB²

Rating:  FRAO

Pairing:  Nathan and Kristin romance

Archive:  NKAdult and my site

Summary:  what happened between Nathan and Kristin when Kristin was “curing” Nathan.

Notes:  this was written AFTER ½ of ESB²’s  The Cure”.  To understand this story, you should read that story first.


Special thanks go to ½ of ESB² … for writing that wonderfully, inspiring story.


As always… ½ of ESB² thanks the other ½ of ESB² for beta’ing.




Kristin took a sip of water and watched Nathan carefully.


He’d just returned from a three day mission for the UEO brass that morning and in the hours that had followed, Kristin had noticed that something was off with the normally laid back submarine captain.  Nathan had been staring at her from the moment he’d stopped by medical to invite her for dinner, but at the same time he seemed distracted… almost agitated, his fingers drumming non-stop on the table since they’d sat down in the cafeteria for an early dinner.


“Nathan?  Are you all right?”


As if startled, Nathan shook his head and met Kristin’s eyes.  “What?”


“Are you all right?”  Kristin repeated her question.  “You’ve been… distracted all day since you got back.  Did everything go okay on that mission for the brass?”


“Oh… uhm… yeah… I’m fine, Kristin,” Nathan gave her a quick smile.  “Just tired I guess.”


“Are you sure,” she leaned closer.  “You look a little flushed.”


Nathan leaned in towards her as she reached across the table to feel his forehead, sitting back suddenly when her fingers made contact with his skin.  “Yeah.  Yeah, I’m fine.  Guess I’m just more tired than I thought.”


Kristin gave him a look and dropped her hand to her lap.  “Can you… talk about what happened?”


Nathan shook his head.  “No.  It’s classified.”


Kristin nodded her head understandingly.  “Maybe you should… did you get any sleep when you were gone?”


Nathan scrubbed his hands over his face.  “Not a whole lot, which is probably my problem,” he smiled softly at her.  “Can I get a rain-cheque on dinner.”


Kristin smiled up at him as he stood and nodded.  “Of course.”


“Thanks,” Nathan replied then gestured in the general direction of his cabin.  “I’m going to go… tell Ford that I’m under orders to get some rest and then turn in early.”


“Okay,” she said.  “Sweet dreams, Nathan.”


Nathan smiled and Kristin watched him walk away, a strange niggling at the back of her neck.  There was something off with him.  What she didn’t know… but there was something.


‘And it could simply be that he’s tired.’  Kristin thought to herself as she turned back to her meal.




Nathan rolled onto his back, kicking the blankets off as he did so.


‘God, why is it so hot in here?’


Several minutes later, he groaned again and sat up to yank off his t-shirt then flip over onto his stomach.  Another groan sounded before a hand shot out and turned on the light.


He reached out and dialed a specific line on the com-unit.


“Westphalen.”  Came the sleepy voice.




“Nathan?  What is it?  Are you okay?”


“I can’t sleep…”


“Hold on.  I’ll be there in a couple minutes to give you something.”


“Thank you.”


“You’re welcome.”


Nathan heard the link close and rolled onto his back, groaning again as he closed his eyes, a wave of restless anticipation rolling over him.


After what seemed like an eternity there was a soft knock on the door and then it opened.  “Nathan?”


“Come on in, Kris,” Nathan called out in a choked voice, not moving from the bed.


Kristin slowly made her way across his cabin, placed her medical bag on the table beside Nathan’s bed and sat down on the edge of his bunk.  She placed a hand on his forehead.  “Oh, Nathan… you’re burning up.”


Nathan closed his eyes, suddenly feeling even more restless than he had earlier, reaching up to cover her hand where it now cupped his cheek; enjoying the cool feel of her fingers against his burning skin.


“Nathan, there’s something more than you not being able to sleep at work here,” Kristin told him, noticing that he was sweating heavily, the hair on his chest curling tightly.  She reached for her PAL and quietly placed a call to med bay then turned back to him.  “Come on,” Kristin urged him to sit up then stand.  “I’m taking you to med bay.”


“Mmkaykrs…” Nathan muttered as Kristin slipped her arm around his waist and led him out of his cabin.




Joshua Levin looked up as the door to med bay swung open and Kristin walked in, Captain Bridger leaning heavily against her.  He stood and immediately moved over to assist her.


“Oh good, Joshua,” Kristin gave him a tight smile.  “I want you to draw a blood sample and run a CBC, a tox. Screen and a culture and sensitivity while I check his vitals.”


“What am I looking for?”  Joshua asked as he helped Kristin get Nathan up onto the bed.


“I wish I knew, Joshua,” Kristin answered.  “But there is something wrong.  You can see it by just looking at him.”


Joshua nodded and moved in to take the sample while Kristin took care of the rest.




“I don’t understand this,” Kristin said, reading over the results of Nathan’s blood work.  “There is no evidence of virus or infection,” she glanced over at Nathan who was shifting restlessly on the bed.  “Every physical indication is that there is something wrong with him.”


“I can run the tests again,” Joshua offered.


“Do that,” Kristin told him.


“I’m going to have to draw some more blood.”


“I know,” Kristin nodded and then reached out to grab Joshua’s arm as he stepped away.  “Oh, and Joshua.  I… I know this is going to sound strange,” Kristin hesitated, her hand coming up to rub her neck.


Joshua nodded.  “I will make sure these tests stay out of the Captain’s official file and out of the reports.”


Kristin gave him a grateful smile.  “Thank you, Joshua.”


Joshua returned her smile then left to take another sample from the captain, Kristin following moments later.




“Damn…” Kristin swore, glaring down at the pages in her hand.


“I said the same thing,” Joshua said, watching as Kristin re-read the results.  “Tests are still showing nothing in his system.”


“I don’t…” Kristin shook her head, lifting her gaze to the man shifting restlessly on the bed before them.  “It doesn’t make sense.  I mean look at him.  Feverish, sweating, restless… there is obviously something wrong with him.”


“I agree.  But what?”


“I don’t know.”


“So, we’ve run all the standard tests and some we wouldn’t normally run,” Joshua said.  “What else do you want to do?”


Kristin shook her head.  “I’m not sure what else we can do other than keep an eye on him and hope whatever it is isn’t lethal.”


Joshua nodded then gestured towards the lab.  “I’m going to go see if I can find out anything else in the labs.”


“Thank you, Joshua.”


Kristin watched the younger man leave and stepped over to Nathan, who was kicking at the sheet covering him.  She reached out and caressed his cheek, murmuring soothing words to him.


“…Kris…” Nathan called out in a tortured voice, turning his face into her hand.  “Mmnnttchoo.”


“Sssh…” Kristin whispered, smoothing his hair back over his head.  “I’m here.  I’m going to take care of you…”


She reached into the pocket of her lab coat and pulled out her stethoscope.  Pushing the sheet down off his chest, Kristin glanced down as Nathan shifted his hips on the bed and gasped.  She tugged gently on the covering, but even as she did, Kristin knew that it wasn’t a wrinkle in the sheet she was looking at.


Taking a step away from the bed, Kristin had a thoughtful look on her face.  “I wonder…” she said quietly several moments later and moved back to Nathan’s side.  Taking a deep breath and keeping her eyes on the rather impressive tenting in the sheet, Kristin laid her hand on Nathan’s chest, caressing it softly.


In response, Nathan’s erection leapt and he moaned her name.


“Oh God…” Kristin muttered, knowing then what was wrong.  Nathan wasn’t sick so much as incredibly and almost uncontrollably aroused.  “Those sons of… I can’t believe they’ve actually…”


Kristin shook her head, rubbing her neck as she began to pace the small room.  She stopped several minutes later, nodding her head in decision.


“Kristin?”  She spun around to see Joshua standing in the doorway.  “Have you discovered something?”


“No.  Not really,” Kristin lied, deciding to try one last time to run the test herself before following through with the only option she could think of.  “I’m going to take another sample and go to the lab myself… see what I can find out.”


“We’ve already run every test we can think of…”


“I know that, Joshua, but I’ve got to try again myself.”


Joshua nodded and then moved with her to take the blood sample.




Kristin rubbed at her neck, a frown on her face as she watched Nathan continued to shift restlessly on the bed.  Her eyes drifted down to his still rampant erection.


She’d just spent the last hour in the lab, and while she had finally isolated the agent in Nathan’s blood, she’d been unable to come up with anything to help him despite her and Joshua doing everything they could think of to calm him down.


“Dammit!”  She swore softly, watching with interest as one of her nurses moved to check Nathan’s vitals, noticing that Nathan did not respond to the woman’s presence at all.  Deciding to test the theory that was suddenly forming in her mind, Kristin stepped over to the nurse.  “Here, Kelly, I’ll finish that.”


“Yes, Doctor,” Kelly nodded and stepped away.


Kristin watched as Nathan’s head turned towards her and he moaned softly, as if sensing that she was closer.


“I don’t know what else we can do for him,” Joshua said, stepping up beside her.


“Me either,” Kristin replied quietly.  “But I have decided to move the captain back to his quarters.”




“There is nothing we can do for him here, Joshua,” Kristin told him.  “We both know how much he hates being in med bay and I think he’d rest better in his own cabin.”




“We’ll put a cot in his quarters and I’ll stay with him,” Kristin said.  “And if there is no change come morning… well then, we’ll bring him back to med bay and start over.”


“Okay,” Joshua agreed.  “Are you sure you don’t want me to go first, after all, I am the one on duty right now?”


“No… I’ll go first,” Kristin replied.  “I am going to ask you to get Nathan a robe then take him to his cabin while I go to mine and get a few things.”


Joshua nodded and watched her give the captain one last look then leave the room.




“Are you sure you wouldn’t like for me to stay tonight?”


“I’m sure,” Kristin nodded as she stood with the younger doctor at the door to Bridger’s quarters.


“Okay.  I’ll be in med bay if you need me,” Joshua told her then left.


Kristin shut and locked the door behind him then shaded the window before turning and regarding the man shifting restlessly beneath the sheet in the bed.  She took a deep breath and moved further into the room, grabbing her overnight bag then headed to the lavatory to change.


Several minutes later, Kristin exited the small bathroom, her robe wrapped tightly around her, her clothes clutched tightly to her chest.  She quickly walked to the cot, laid the bundle down then turned and made her way over to Nathan’s bed.  As she neared, her foot caught in a soft bundle lying on the floor.


Glancing down, Kristin realized it was Nathan’s boxers and her eyes immediately jumped to the bed as it dawned on her that he was naked under the sheet; his arousal even more evident to her now.


As if sensing her eyes on him, Nathan’s hips lifted off the bed and he moaned her name, his hands pushing at the sheet covering his heated body.


Kristin swallowed hard as she stood staring down at him; debating internally about what she was planning on doing to help him.  After what felt like an eternity, Kristin reached out to turn down the lights.


She dropped her robe and quickly climbed beneath the sheet to lie beside Nathan on the bunk, nearly tumbling out as she clung to the edge of the narrow mattress, facing him and trying not to touch him.


A couple of minutes later, his ragged breathing and soft moaning sounding in her ears, Kristin took a deep breath then slowly inched closer, calling his name softly.


Nathan turned his head towards her, his eyes opening and meeting hers.  “Kris…?”


“Yes… I’m here, Nathan,” Kristin responded, shifting even closer, reaching out to lay her hand on his lower abdomen; her fingers just brushing the tip of his erection before stroking up his chest to cup his cheek as she leaned closer and brushed her lips against his.


Nathan groaned her name and before Kristin realized what was happening, he reached out and pulled her body on top of his; sliding his hands into her thick hair as he captured her lips in a searing kiss.


Kristin moaned as his tongue pressed for entrance, sweeping past her lips to plunder her mouth, tangling and mating with hers.  She responded to his hungry kiss, her hands sliding up his chest to clutch at his shoulders, moaning into Nathan’s mouth as his hands trailed down her back to grasp her rear, lifting his hips to rub his erection against her soft belly.


All of a sudden, Kristin’s world tilted as Nathan flipped them over, pressing her back against the mattress.  Her legs immediately parted, creating a cradle between her thighs for his hips, which were already thrusting against her, grinding his shaft against her curls.


Their mouths remained locked together in a frenzied kiss, Nathan’s hands sweeping down to fondle her breasts, teasing the tender peaks into hard, aching points.  He broke off the kiss and trailed his mouth down over her collarbone to capture a rosy nipple in his mouth, sucking hard on the dusky tip.


Kristin moaned, arching beneath him to push more of her breast into his hot mouth, wrapping a leg around Nathan’s upper thigh while he continued to rub his member against her sex.


She whimpered when Nathan released her breast then pushed himself up on his arms above her.  Kristin gasped at the wild look in Nathan’s eyes, his need so strong that the blue of his eyes was obscured by the dilation of his pupils.


Nathan held himself up on one arm while sliding the other between their bodies to take hold of his erection and position it at her waiting entrance.  Kristin inhaled sharply as Nathan pressed forward, easing the head of his shaft inside her.


Suddenly Kristin cried out as Nathan drove himself into her, sheathing his whole length within her body in one stroke.  A low growl sounded from deep in Nathan’s throat at the feel of her inner walls quivering around him, trying to accommodate his girth as he began to immediately thrust heavily, moving in and out of her with a single-minded purpose.


Kristin’s hands grasped at Nathan’s hips as he continued to drive himself inside her, groaning her name with each stroke of his length into her willing body.  She could feel his body growing tighter and knew he was close to release.


All of a sudden, Nathan shouted her name and Kristin felt his hips jerk against hers as his orgasm exploded over him, his seed splashing hotly against her womb.  Seconds later, Kristin wrapped her arms around his back as he collapsed on top of her, burying his face in her neck as he continued to tremble and rock his hips against her.


Kristin, her body humming with arousal, rubbed her hands soothingly up and down his sweaty back as she willed her senses to come back down from the edge Nathan’s sudden release had left her on.  She’d known Nathan would come quickly; his being so wildly aroused guaranteed that, but really hadn’t thought she would come so close to orgasm herself in so short a time.


Nathan stirred in her arms, but instead of rolling off her as she thought he might, Kristin was surprised when he nestled further into her embrace.  She could feel his warm breath against her skin as he continued to pant and then moaned softly when his lips began moving against her neck.


‘He’s still hard…’ Kristin thought, feeling his member grow even firmer within her as she shifted beneath him, his lips nipping at her skin, moving up to cover her mouth in a deep, passionate kiss.  ‘I definitely don’t think once is going to be enough…’


“Kris…” Nathan murmured against her lips.  “Kris… need you again…” he thrust his hips against her, eliciting a deep moan from the auburn-haired woman under him.  “…please…”


“Yes, Nathan…” Kristin moaned, sliding her hands up his back to clutch at his shoulders, one hand tangling in his hair to pull his mouth back to hers, kissing him ravenously. 


She wanted him. 


Wanted him badly.


The fact that she was his doctor and shouldn’t be doing this no longer seemed important.  Nathan needed her and there was nothing she wouldn’t do for him; her feelings for him were too deep.


“Oh… yes…” she moaned, Nathan’s mouth on her breast pulling her attention back completely to him.  Kristin arched into him as he swirled his tongue around her nipple, his hand coming up to cover her other breast, his fingers pulling and teasing the taut peak.  “…Nathan…”


Nathan moaned her name against her breast and before Kristin knew what was happening, Nathan had flipped them over so that she was lying over him, his lips seeking hers almost desperately.  She moaned into his mouth as his hands slid down to cup her rear and hold her tight against him.


As they continued to kiss fervently, Kristin slowly drew her legs up, bending them at his sides while making sure to keep his length buried inside her.  With her hands on his chest, Kristin broke off the kiss, languidly sitting up on him. 


“Mmm…” she moaned as the change in position allowed her to sink down on him, taking him deeper inside her.  “Oh, Nathan…”


“Kris…” Nathan groaned her name, reaching up to cup her breasts.  “You are so… beautiful,” he circled her nipples with his thumbs.  “So beautiful.”


Kristin gazed down at him through lidded eyes, noting that his eyes were clouded with unquenched desire, the same wild look still present in his sapphire depths as he stared up at her; the heat of his eyes searing her with their intensity.  Kristin pulled in a sharp breath, feeling an answering heat suffuse her entire being.


“Nath… an…” Kristin’s voice was low and husky, filled with need as she rocked her hips slowly against him.


“Kris… ride me…” Nathan urged her, his hands gripping her hips as he thrust up into her.  “…please… need to see… watch you… God, Kris… please…”


Kristin nodded, circling her hips against him, her movements growing more pronounced with each passing moment as she began to raise and lower herself onto his rigid staff.  A deep groan of pleasure sounded from Kristin’s throat with every press of Nathan’s length inside her.


“That’s it…” Nathan groaned, the feel of his erection sliding in and out of Kristin’s wet heat overloading his already highly stimulated senses.  He could feel his body starting to tighten, his release growing closer as he watched her move above him; her breasts bouncing with every thrust of her hips onto him and in that moment, Nathan knew that he wanted and needed to see her come with him.


“Oh… ooh… Na… than!”  Kristin cried out at the sudden shock of sensations that shot through her body as Nathan’s fingers began circling her clitoris.  In response to his almost frantic manipulation of her swollen flesh, Kristin began to move faster on him, her hips lifting and descending as Nathan thrust up inside her.  “I… oh, God… yes…”


Nathan continued to tease her clit, watching Kristin’s face as her release built up within her.  Her eyes closed and her head fell back and she panted for breath, his name a continuous gasp on her lips as she rode him hard, grinding herself against his fingers.


“Oh God… Nathan!”  Kristin cried out suddenly, her body shuddering violently with the force of her orgasm before collapsing heavily onto Nathan’s chest.


Nathan wrapped his arms around her and thrust up into her once… twice more before the spasmodic clenching of Kristin’s inner muscles around his throbbing member was his undoing and he exploded within her; his seed jetting out of him in a hot wash inside her body.


“You okay?”  Nathan whispered against her ear as another tremor shook their bodies.


“Mmm…” Kristin nestled into his embrace.  “I am very okay…”


Nathan chuckled, running his hands soothingly up and down her sweaty back.


A short while later, Kristin shifted and slid off of him, lying on her stomach on the bunk, cradling her head on her arms facing him.  She smiled as she watched his eyes close and listened to his breathing slow and even out.


Kristin lifted her head to glance at the clock on the wall, noting that an hour and a half had already passed since she’d been in Nathan’s quarters.


‘Just a small snooze,’ she told herself, settling her head back down on her arms.  ‘Then I’ll go…’


She was just starting to doze off when Nathan rolled over and snuggled up against her, one of his arms slipping around her, resting on her back and clutching her side.  Kristin smiled.




The feel of lips on her skin woke Kristin.  She slowly opened her eyes to see Nathan kneeling beside her, leaning over her.


“Nath… what are you…?” Kristin tilted her head back slightly to look at him.


“What does it feel like?”  Nathan replied, moving his lips slowly down along her spine, his tongue darting out to taste her skin.


“You can’t… mmm… you can’t be… ready again already…” she glanced at the clock to see that only twenty minutes had passed.  “Ooh….”


“Not just yet…” Nathan murmured against her skin.  “But very cl… I don’t believe it!”


“What?”  Kristin as Nathan suddenly shifted, moving so that he was straddling her thighs.  “Oh…” she nodded knowingly when she felt his fingers at the bottom of her left shoulder blade.


“A tattoo… I would never have… when did you…” Nathan stared at the tiny image, gently caressing it with his fingertips.  “A dolphin…”


Kristin closed her eyes, moaning softly when she felt him lean over and trace the tattoo with his tongue; feeling his semi-erect shaft twitch against her rear as he continued to kiss the design.


“A tattoo…” Nathan murmured with approval, resuming his trek down her body; trailing his tongue down the line of her spine even as the fingers on his left hand continued to trace and circle the delicate artwork.  “I like it…”


“And here you were giving Lucas… oh… giving Lucas grief… oh… mmm…”


“Totally different,” Nathan replied, shifting lower still.




“On you…” he darted his tongue out against the base of her spine.  “It’s incredibly sexy…”




Nathan smiled at her sharp intake of breath and focused his attention back to raining soft kisses over the smooth cheeks of her rear, nipping the tender flesh lightly.


“Kris…” he murmured.  “Kris, hand me the pillow.”


“Why…” she asked as she pushed it down to him.


“Lift,” was all Nathan said as he gently slapped her hip then slipped a hand beneath her, urging her up and pulling the pillow under her, raising her rear into the air.


“…Oh…” Kristin gasped at the feel of Nathan’s tongue running down the line of her ass and then moaned when he grasped both globes in his hands, kneading them for a moment before slipping his thumbs down to open her lower lips.


“Nathan!”  She cried out when she felt his tongue stab into her swollen sex.  “Oh… yes…”


Nathan smiled, one hand sliding down between her legs, his fingers finding and caressing her clit causing her to arch off the bed, trying to push herself back against him.  He increased the pressure and speed of his fingers when he felt her inner muscles starting to spasm around his stroking tongue.


“Oh… oh yes… oh, Nathan…” Nathan pressed his mouth harder against Kristin, lapping at her juices as her orgasm rushed through her.  When her body relaxed back against the bed, Nathan pressed one last loving kiss against her wet flesh and began to lick and nip his way back up her still shuddering body.


Reaching her shoulder blade, he paused once again to run his fingers over the tiny dolphin etched into her skin.  “I still can’t believe…” he whispered huskily, leaning down to trace the image with his tongue.


Nathan settled his knees between her legs, forcing her thighs to spread wider as he covered her body with his, pressing his chest against her back as he continued to focus on the tattoo.


Kristin squirmed under him, circling her bottom up against his once again fully erect member.  “Nathan… Nathan, please…” she begged softly, trying to turn beneath him.  “I want you…”


Nathan pulled his mouth away from her shoulder blade and moved it to her ear, pulling the lobe between his teeth.  “I want you too…”


“Then let me turn…”


“No no no…” Nathan murmured against her ear as he shifted closer, rubbing his erection against her rear.  “I want… need to see…” his fingers found and caressed her tattoo again.


Kristin shook her head, fidgeting beneath him.  “Nathan… I don’t…”


“Oh no, baby…” Nathan kissed her ear.  “Not like that… I would never violate you in that manner.”




Nathan levered his hips up from hers and reached between them to grasp his rigid shaft, flexing it away from his body as he settled back against her, nudging the broad head of his member through her slick sex, seeking entrance.


“Oh… God…” Kristin moaned deeply as Nathan slowly pushed himself inside her snug channel, the position of their bodies making her extremely tight against his incursion.  “Na… than… oh yes…”


Nathan closed his eyes, burying his face in the crook of her neck as he continued to slide inside her, groaning her name once he was completely sheathed within her welcoming warmth.  “God… you feel so good…”


“So do you…”


“…tight… oh God, Kris…” Nathan thrust gently against her, moaning at the exquisite sensations of her quivering flesh around his erection.  “You’re so… ti…”


Kristin cried out softly and clenched her inner muscles around Nathan’s shaft as he slowly pulled out of her until just the head of his member remained inside.  “Nath… oooh… yes!” she moaned loudly as he then slowly pushed back inside her until the tip brushed her womb.   “Oh… God… please…”


Nathan repeated his slow withdrawal and entry several times, each time holding himself out of her for longer periods of time; driving them both crazy with need.


“Nathan… please…” Kristin called out to him as he held himself just inside her, pushing up and back against him, trying to draw him back within her.  “Please…”


Nathan gripped Kristin’s hips tightly, resisting the lure of her quaking sex, fighting the temptation to simply slam his shaft back inside her over and over until they were both screaming out in pleasure.


“Na… ooohyess…” Kristin hissed as Nathan, inch by inch, sank back into her, imbedding himself deep inside the snug, pulsing warmth of her body and pressed his chest against her back; nuzzling her ear with his lips before moving down to once again love her tattoo with his mouth and tongue.


“I want to stay buried inside you…” Nathan murmured into her shoulder blade as he gently thrust against her.


Kristin moaned at the gentle movement and the feel of his tongue licking at the miniature dolphin on her back.  Her eyes closed and she concentrated on Nathan and his presence within and around her body.  The feelings and sensations coursing through her were beyond any she’d experienced before.


They remained that way for several minutes, Nathan moving his hips leisurely against Kristin as he continued to lick and nibble at her tattoo, once again totally enthralled with the delicate design.


“I still can’t believe…” he murmured against her skin, bringing his hand up to trace the image with his fingers.  “You of all people…”


Kristin moaned softly, enjoying the gentle sensations steadily moving throughout her body with his slow, constant thrusts but it wasn’t enough.  “Nathan…” she moaned, shifting and pressing her backside against him while squeezing her inner muscles around him.  “…Nath… please… I need…”


Nathan kissed his way up to her ear, whispering huskily, “What do you want, Kris?”


“You…” Kristin moaned as Nathan pushed his hips harder against her and then cried out his name when she felt his left hand slide beneath her body, his fingers making electric contact with her clit.  “Ooh…”


“Is this what you want?”  Nathan rubbed his fingers over the sensitive nub, punctuating the caress with a thrust of his hips.  “Do you want me to touch you, Kris?”




“Do you want me to…” he pulled out and sank back inside her again.  “Move inside you?”


“Yes… Na…”


“Do you want me to make you come, Kris?”  Nathan shifted against her, his fingers circling over her clit.  “Is that what you want?”


“Oh God… yes, Nathan… please…” Kristin answered, her voice deep with longing.


Nathan grinned, pulling her earlobe between his teeth.  “I will make you come… so hard…” he promised in a deep voice.  “We’re both going to explode…”


“Nath…” Kristin sobbed his name when he pulled his fingers away from her sex, resting his hand on her belly.  “Please…”


Nathan kissed her ear as he placed his right hand on the bed beside her.  “Push up,” he commanded as he tightened his arm around her; pulling her with him as he shifted up onto his knees, taking care to keep her tight against him and his length buried deep inside her.


Kristin moved with him, settling onto her knees and propping herself up on her elbows in front of him.  She reached back and grabbed his wrist, guiding his hand back between her legs.  “Touch me…”


At her urging, Nathan’s fingers began to once again stoke Kristin’s clit.  “Like this?”


“Mmm… oh yes!  Just like that…” Kristin replied in a breathless voice as the pressure of his fingers sent fissures of pleasure shooting through her, causing her to rock back against him; pulling him deeper inside her tight sheath.  “Nath… an!”


“What do you want, Kris?”  Nathan repeated his earlier question, slowly pulling himself almost completely out of her but continuing to manipulate the tiny knot of nerves nestled in her auburn curls.


“You… only… oh God… only you…” Kristin moaned in reply.  “Nathan… please…”


Nathan pressed back inside her, a feral smile gracing his lips at her hissed, “Oohyesss…”


Kristin felt him lean over her, his breath hot against her ear.  “I’m going to make you come now…” she whimpered as he nipped her earlobe, his fingers pressing harder against her clit.  “I’m going to make you scream…”


With those words, Nathan dropped a kiss to her tattoo before straightening up and starting to thrust heavily into her.


“Ooh… oh yes, Nath…” Kristin pushed herself back against him, rocking her body in time with the plunging of his length inside her; feeling the swells of ecstasy radiate throughout her body from where Nathan’s fingers danced over her swollen flesh.  “So…”


The sensations soon overwhelmed her and Kristin lowered her upper body to the bunk, grabbing and burying her face in Nathan’s pillow as she began to keen; his name a mantra on her lips that steadily grew louder with each plunge of Nathan’s erection inside her hot, throbbing channel, combined with the constant circling of his fingers on her clitoris.


“Nath… Nath… oh God… going to… going to come…” she turned her face from the pillow to tell him.  “Oh please… please, Na…”


“Yes, baby…” Nathan groaned, the hand on her hip sliding up her sweaty back to grasp her shoulder as he increased the force of his thrusts, the fingers on her clit matching his pace.  “Come for me… I’ll be coming with you…”


“Ohgodohgodohgod… oooohh…” Kristin’s voice caught in her throat as she suddenly rammed back against him, rotating her hips wildly as her orgasm rushed over her.  “Yes… oh yes… NATHAN!”


Nathan groaned as he drove himself into her, the clutch and pull of her inner walls around his still thrusting member too strong to ignore as he yelled out her name, following her into the well of orgasmic bliss.


Kristin moaned as Nathan collapsed on top of her, forcing her down onto the mattress; his body convulsing violently from the force of his orgasm.  She could feel him panting against her neck, repeating her name over and over as he continued to shake.


After several minutes, his weight began to be too much and Kristin shifted beneath him.  “Nathan,” she spoke softly.  “I can’t breathe.”


Nathan nodded against her and rolled them over onto their right sides, taking care to keep himself firmly seated within her warm passage.




“I want to sleep like this…” he thrust gently against her, his left hand still buried between her legs.


Kristin turned her head back to look at him and felt her heart start to beat faster.  The wild look in his eyes was still present.  Not as intense as before, but still there.


“You… are incredible,” Nathan told her, leaning down to capture her lips in a passionate kiss.  “And you feel so good…” one arm moving beneath her to cup her breast then sweep down her stomach and back up to knead the generous mound.  “Please… I want to sleep with you… inside you… around you…”


Kristin inhaled sharply at the need she heard in his voice and was helpless to deny him.  “Yes…”


Nathan’s mouth on hers cut her off.  After several tongue-tangling minutes, Nathan broke off the kiss, moving his lips to her shoulder.  He pressed several kisses to the etching and then laid his head on the pillow, burying his face in her tousled auburn hair.


Kristin shifted, settling herself in his arms.  ‘Only until he falls asleep,’ she told herself.  ‘I will only doze till then.’


“Relax, Kris…” Nathan murmured into her hair.  “Sleep…”


Kristin willed herself to relax, even as her mind wandered over the rest of her plan for dealing with Nathan’s… predicament.  She wasn’t sure anymore about what she should do.


Did she have the right to make him forget all this?


Would it be so bad if he remembered?


‘It’d be awkward,’ Kristin thought to herself.  ‘He’d start treating me differently…’




Nathan’s lips against her shoulder pulled her out of her thoughts and she nodded, relaxing back into his embrace.


‘Just a few minutes…’




Kristin’s eyes popped open and she glanced around the room trying to determine where she was.  The feel of strong arms tightening and pulling her back against an equally strong chest cleared the fog in her brain.


‘I’m in Nathan’s bed,’ she realized just as he shifted behind her, his hips thrusting gently against her.  She glanced at the clock, noting that she’d been asleep for almost three hours and moaned softly.  ‘I fell asleep.’


Kristin closed her eyes, still struggling internally with what had happened between them and what she was considering doing.


If she was honest with herself, Kristin knew that more than anything, she wanted to simply close her eyes, nestle deeper into Nathan’s arms and never leave.  But she knew she couldn’t do that.


‘It would be awkward,’ she told herself.  ‘And Nathan would be embarrassed over everything that’d happened these last hours and in the end would start treating me differently.’


The man in question shifted behind her, the hand on her stomach gliding down to rest at the nest of auburn curls between her legs, his fingers absently twirling about and playing with the soft hair.


Kristin sighed.


‘I can’t… I have to make him forget,’ she thought tearfully.  ‘I can’t lose his friendship over this.’


Realizing that if she didn’t move now, she never would, Kristin reached down to cover his hand, stilling his fingers that were starting to slip between her thighs and pulled his hand away.




Nathan’s voice, spoken sleepily in her ear, sent shivers running down Kristin’s spine and a pulse of desire through her body.


‘Oh… not now.  Please.’


“You okay?”  Nathan asked, his voice rough from sleep.


Kristin nodded, not trusting herself to speak as her body responded to the feel of his hard frame pressing tightly against hers as he stretched.  He finished stretching and suddenly Kristin found herself on her back, staring up into Nathan’s intense blue eyes.


She swallowed hard when she saw that his pupils were still dilated, the almost wild need still present in the sapphire orbs.


“You sure?”


“Mmhmm…” Kristin smiled, reaching up to caress his cheek, feeling a surge of wetness pool between her legs as his eyes darkened and he leaned closer.


“Did you enjoy your nap?”  Nathan asked, sliding a leg over and between her thighs.




“Good…” Nathan murmured, lowering his mouth to hers in a loving kiss that very quickly grew more passionate as he pressed his tongue into her mouth to tangle with hers.  “Because you’re going to need all your strength for what I want to do next.”


“Wha…?” Kristin’s question was swallowed by his mouth once again covering hers.  “What do you…?”


Nathan moved his lips to Kristin’s ear and he began to whisper to her all that he was planning to do to her and with her.  When he was finished, he pulled back to look at her, grinning at the blatant look of desire he saw swimming in her sable eyes.


“And just how do you think we’re going to do that?”  Kristin moaned as Nathan shifted lower to take a pebbled nipple between his lips.  “I’m not as flexible as I used to be.”


“Very carefully,” Nathan muttered around her tender flesh.  “Very, very carefully… trust me…”








Kristin’s scream of his name reverberated throughout his cabin, followed moments later by Nathan’s hoarse yell of her name.


The two fell back on the bunk, breathing heavily, their bodies glistening in the low light.


“Damn!”  Nathan managed between gulps of air.  “That… that… was…”


“Oh… yes…” Kristin nodded against his chest as Nathan pulled her into his arms.  “I didn’t think that I could still… that I was still that flexible,” she lifted her head to look at him.  “Or for that matter, that you were.”


Nathan laughed and pulled her closer, his hand once again finding and caressing the tattoo on her back as she settled her head on his chest.  “Nice to know there is still some elasticity in these old bones.”


Kristin giggled and then they fell into a comfortable silence.  After several minutes and fighting to keep her eyes open, Kristin lifted her head to see that Nathan’s eyes were closed.  “Nathan?”  She whispered, shifting slightly in his arms.


“Just resting my eyes a moment,” Nathan replied in a low voice.


Kristin smiled as he slid a hand up to the back of her head, urging her to lay it back on his chest.  When she was snuggled in against him, Nathan’s arms tightened around her and she realized that there would be no way to extract herself from his embrace.


She sighed.




The warm fissure of pleasure shooting up through her body woke Kristin.  Her eyes snapped open and turning her head, she saw Nathan stretched out beside her, his feet next to her pillow while his upper body leant over her, his fingers and mouth busy between her thighs.


Her eyes fell closed again and she moaned his name as his lips closed over and sucked on her clit.  “Ooh… Nathan…”


Nathan raised his head and looked back at her with a large smile on his face, his fingers still stroking through her damp curls.  “Look who’s decided to wake up and join the party.”


Kristin couldn’t help but smile at him, moaning again as his fingers dipped inside her.  “How long… ooh… how long was I asleep?”


“About an hour,” Nathan answered, turning back to his ministrations.


“Nath… Nathan what are you… ooh… mmm…” her hips arched up off the bed.


“What does it feel like I’m doing?”  Nathan asked in reply, his tongue darting out to flick at her pink flesh.


“Ooh… oh God…” Kristin moaned as a small orgasm washed over her.  She lifted her head off the pillow and reached out to lay her hand on his hip.


Nathan turned to look at her.


“Mind if I join in on the fun?”


Nathan grinned and shook his head.  “Not at all.  How do you want to do this?”


Kristin’s hand tightened on his hip and she tugged gently.  “Climb over, sailor.”


Nathan nodded and quickly took position over her, his knees on either side of her head.  He looked down between their bodies at her.  “You okay like this?”


Kristin looked up at the sight of his rampant erection hanging right before her eyes filling her with a powerful wave of lust and licked her lips.  “Oh yes…”


Nathan chuckled softly and then groaned deep in his throat at the feel of her slender fingers closing around his shaft.  He watched as she gently pulled him down and wrapped her lips around the head.  “Kris…”


Kristin pulled him from her mouth and grinned at him.  “Mmm…” she licked her lips.  “Don’t let me stop you…”


Nathan grinned then turned back to the slick folds before him and buried his face between her thighs, his tongue darting out to swirl around her clit before pulling the swollen bundle between his lips.


Kristin moaned at the sensations his talented mouth was creating and then once again licking her lips, she brought his erection back to her mouth; taking him as deep inside as she could, twirling her tongue around him before pulling him out from her lips to gently stroke his length.


Nathan groaned against her, feeling one of her hands move to fondle his balls while she began to move him in and out of her mouth.  He dropped his head against her as the sensations from her attentions shot through him.  “Kris…” he murmured into her swollen folds, lifting his head slightly once again to resume his loving of her sex.


“God, you taste good,” Kristin heard him mutter and arched her hips against the fingers he suddenly pressed inside her.


“Nathan…” she gasped as he slid his fingers in and out of her, his lips and tongue moving in concert with his thrusting digits.  Her hand tightened briefly around his length and she drew him back into her mouth.


They continued to love each other with their mouths; both teasing and tormenting the other; bringing each other to the edge of release over and over until both were crazy with desire.


“Ooh… Nathan… please…” Kristin moaned around the head of his shaft.  “…close… so close…”


Nathan smiled and doubled his efforts, sucking hard on her clit, pressing his tongue against her over and over and driving his fingers faster inside her until she began to buck beneath him.


“So close… so… clo… NATHAN!”  Kristin screamed his name, her orgasm rushing over her in a tidal wave of fiery sensations.


Nathan kept up his touch, his fingers and mouth in constant motion against her slick flesh until she cried out again, another powerful orgasm washing over her.


“Oh, Nathan…” Kristin panted as Nathan eased but didn’t stop his touch against her.  When she felt like she could function again, Kristin returned her attention to the throbbing muscle hanging before her.


“Kris…” Nathan groaned as she sucked him deep into her mouth, her hand working furiously up and down the shaft until he was unconsciously thrusting his hips against her.  “Oh shit… baby… so close…” Nathan told her, trying to move off her but found that she’d wrapped a restraining arm around one of his thighs.  “Kris… I’m gonna…”


“Come then…” she murmured around him.  “Come, Nathan…”


The vibrations of Kristin’s words around his member were all that he needed and with a loud shout of her name, Nathan came, his release pouring out of him in relentless waves of intense pleasure.


Kristin moaned as Nathan emptied himself in her mouth, swallowing all he had to give, milking him dry.  She released him with an audible pop and licked her lips.  “You don’t taste so bad yourself,” she told him as Nathan turned them onto their sides.


Nathan chuckled as he slowly turned and crawled up beside her, his back to the wall of his bunk.  He gathered her into his arms and brought his mouth to hers, kissing her passionately; moaning at their commingled flavours.


“Oh my…” Kristin gasped into his mouth.  “I’ve never…”


“Me either,” Nathan confessed, his hands caressing up and down her back as he tangled his legs with hers.  “Carol would never let me… go down on her… and I never pushed…”


“You say you’ve never done that before…”




“Then how’d you get so good at it?”  Kristin asked, combing her hands through the hair on his chest.


Nathan just smiled, dipping his head to ply soft kisses to her neck and collarbone while his caresses slowly began to change from soothing to arousing.


Kristin moaned softly, her head tilting back to allow him greater access, her hands sliding up and down his side while her legs moved restlessly against his.


“…Nath… an…” Kristin moaned long minutes later when she felt him hardening against her belly.  She shifted closer, rubbing herself against him.


“I want you…” Nathan murmured against her skin.  “I want you again… so bad…”


“I want you too,” Kristin replied then gasped as his mouth found and captured a pebbled nipple. 


Nathan suckled at her generous breasts, moving back and forth between the two mounds, pulling and teasing the nipples with his lips and tongue, his hands cupping and kneading whichever breast wasn’t in his mouth until Kristin was moaning his name.


As Nathan continued to feast at her chest, Kristin slipped a hand between their bodies to grasp and slowly start stroking his erection, smiling as he moaned around her breast.


“If you keep that up…” Nathan murmured as he planted opened-mouthed kisses on the smooth skin between her breasts.  “This will be over way too soon.”


Kristin laughed softly, her hand still moving up and down the silky steel length.  “You don’t seem to be having a problem with that tonight…”


“You inspire me…” Nathan told her, his mouth once again covering hers in a fervent kiss, shifting onto his back and pulling her on top of him.


The kiss changed, becoming slow and languid as their hands began to once again leisurely explore each other’s bodies, heightening their arousal even more.


Nathan threaded his hands into Kristin’s hair and deepened the kiss, his tongue foraging into her mouth, tasting and exploring every part, mating and dancing with her tongue.


As the kiss continued, Kristin sensed the change in Nathan.  No longer were his kisses ravenous and needy.  She realized in that instant that the virus had run its course, that he was no longer infected.


“Kris…?”  Nathan pulled out of the kiss, sensing that she was no longer with him and sat them up, guiding her legs around him so that she was sitting comfortably in his lap.  “Kris, what is it?  What’s wrong?”


Kristin met his eyes, seeing none of the wild need that had been present the last several hours, only tender concern.  She was suddenly filled with confusion. 


“Kristin?”  Nathan cupped her cheek, staring deeply into her eyes, the sudden hesitancy he saw in her sable depths confusing him.  “Sweetheart?”


At his use of the endearment, Kristin felt her eyes well with tears and buried her face in his neck; her arms wrapped tightly around him.  As much as she wanted this… wanted him… virus-free… she didn’t know if she could continue and see her plan through.


“Kris… did I do something wrong?”  Nathan asked in a quiet voice, his hands stroking up and down her back.  “Am I pushing you?”


Kristin’s head flew off his shoulder.  “No!  No… you did nothing wrong,” she told him emphatically, her hands framing his face.  “It’s…”




Their eyes held and Kristin found herself drowning the ocean of his eyes; losing herself in the emotions she could see swimming the blue depths and before she could change her mind, Kristin lowered her mouth to his in a ravenous kiss.


“…Kris…” Nathan murmured into her mouth as she continued her oral assault.  “…Kris…”


“Love me, Nathan…” she begged in a husky voice, grinding herself against his erection which was trapped between them.  “Make love to me…”


“Kristin… wait…” Nathan moaned as she shifted up on her knees, her hand slipping down between them to grasp his shaft in her hand and guide him to her waiting entrance.  “Ooh… God…”


“Na… than…” Kristin sighed his name as she slowly lowered herself onto him, taking him completely inside her willing body.  “Ooh… yes…”




“Make love to me, Nathan…” Kristin punctuated her plea with the movement of her hips; rising up off him then lowering back down to take him within her once again.  She repeated the motion several times until Nathan gripped her hips.


“Oh… God… Kristin…” he thrust up into her, burying his face in her breasts as their bodies rocked together.


Kristin closed her eyes, her hands grasping at his head, pulling him away from her breasts as she sought out his mouth, hungrily kissing him when their lips met, sucking his tongue into her mouth then chasing it back into his.


“Nath…” she moaned, continuing to rock against him, taking him deeper and deeper inside her body with every thrust; grinding herself against him, trying to relieve the pressure but only increasing it.


“Kris… oh yes, baby…” Nathan groaned, his hands still holding tight to her hips, guiding her almost frantic movements above him.


Kristin could feel her release nearing, and as much as her body craved the sweet oblivion her orgasm would bring her, she wasn’t ready for this to end… to leave the hot haven of Nathan’s arms… the feel of him hard and throbbing inside her, buried so completely that even just breathing sent fissures of sensations coursing through her.


“Naa… mmm… ooh…” she panted against his lips, her forehead resting on his as they moved closer to the edge, the feelings almost overwhelming in their intensity.


Kristin’s body was on fire.  She could feel the blood coursing through her veins, hear it pounding in her ears as she pressed closer… thrust harder… clung tighter… her lips blistering his in an impassioned kiss as she rode him hard.


Nathan’s grip tightened on Kristin’s hips, sensing the quiet desperation in her frantic movements on and above him.  “Kris…” Nathan murmured against her mouth as he tried to get her to slow down her movements.  “Kris… slow… we have time…”


“No…” Kristin shook her head.  “I… nee… can’t… oh… Nath…”


“I know, Kris…” Nathan replied, unable to stop his body from thrusting up into hers, his own desperation bubbling up inside him.  “I need… oh God, you feel good…”


Kristin’s arms and legs tightened around him even more, pressing herself closer to him and with each drive of their bodies against each other, they drove themselves higher and higher; the sensations growing stronger and stronger until both were lost in the maelstrom of sexual nirvana, the undersea world they lived in no longer existing for either of them.


Their eyes locked and then suddenly they were both there, crying out each other’s names; their bodies thrashing against each other as they shattered with their mutual orgasms; their bodies in exquisite harmony.


“Mmm… Nathan…” Kristin sobbed his name as the pure and explosive pleasure flowed through her.  “Oh… God… ohgodohgodohgod….”


Nathan held her tightly to him, his body rocking beneath hers as his world spun and careened around him, the sensations from his release searing through his veins.  “Kris… oh God, baby…”


They clung to each other, their foreheads resting together, neither one wanting to let go of the other as they continued to shudder in each other’s arms; panting for breath as they murmured their names over and over.


Hands soothingly caressed sweaty backs as their breathing slowly returned to normal.


“Hang on…” Nathan told her in a quiet voice.


“Wha…” Kristin lifted her head as Nathan tightened his arms around her, pulling her with him as he lay back on the bed.  She stretched her legs out along side his, careful to keep his softening member locked inside her body, not yet ready to leave the haven of his embrace.


“This is nice,” Nathan said, his breath ruffling her hair, his hands still stroking her body, slipping down to caress her bottom then back up along her back to her hair.  “This is very nice… holding you… making love to you…”


Kristin blinked back the tears that had suddenly formed in her eyes and shifted against him, still not wanting to leave his arms, but knowing if she didn’t leave now, she never would.  Swallowing hard, she lifted her head from his chest, pushed herself up onto her arms and smiled down at him.


“You are so… beautiful,” Nathan smiled up at her, his hand cupping her cheek.


“Thank you,” Kristin whispered, leaning back down to brush a soft kiss against his lips as she made move to roll off him.


“Where do you think you’re going?”  He asked, holding her in place.


“I need to… go get my medical bag…”




“I need to draw some of your blood,” she answered him.  Kristin smiled at the slightly confused look on Nathan’s face.  “You had a fever, Nathan.  Remember?”


The confused look remained for a minute then gave way to comprehension.  “Yes.  I couldn’t sleep earlier.  I was so hot… restless.  I called you,” he smiled up at her.


“That’s right,” Kristin nodded.  “I have a feeling the virus that was in your system is gone now but I need to take a blood sample for testing.”


Nathan sighed.  “If you must.”


“It won’t hurt.  I promise,” Kristin told him then shifted off him.


Nathan heard her soft whimper as he slipped out of her and before she could climb off the bed, he sat up and gathered her into his arms; pulling her back tightly against his chest.


Kristin allowed herself to relax in his arms, melting back against him for only a few minutes before she slipped out of his arms.  She grabbed her robe off the floor and slipped it on as she made her way to his desk where her medical bag sat.


Moments later she was back at his side, swabbing his arm.  Deciding it was better to not watch the needle, Nathan kept his eyes on Kristin’s face.  He couldn’t help but smile at the look of concentration on her face as she slipped the needle into his arm.


“There,” Kristin smiled at him and held up a vial filled with his blood.  “That wasn’t so bad was it?”


“It’s never bad when you do it,” Nathan told her, reaching out to tug on the sash of her robe.


Kristin swatted his hand away and shook her head.  She held up another needle.


“What’s that?”  Nathan asked.  “You didn’t say anything about giving me a shot.”


“It’s a vitamin supplement,” she answered.  “Now, where do you want it?  Your arm or your butt?”


Nathan grinned as he lay down on the bed and rolled over, presenting her with his tanned rear end.  “Do your worst, sweetheart…”


Kristin simply winked at him, not trusting herself to speak; his use of the endearment once again reminding her of all that happened and why it had happened.  She closed her eyes briefly against the pain that swept through her then quickly swabbed the smooth skin on the cheek closes to her.  She pressed the needle into his firm flesh and once its contents had emptied into his system, she withdrew the syringe.


“Now,” Kristin said, capping the syringe and stepping away.  She bent over and picked up his boxers, tossing them at him.  “Put your shorts back on and lay down while I call Joshua.”


“Actually,” Nathan sat up, swung his feet off the bed and stood.  “There’s something I need to do first.”


He strode across the room and disappeared into the head while Kristin placed a call to Joshua. 


“While you’re in there,” Kristin called through the bathroom door.  “Why don’t you take a quick shower?  A cool one… to help alleviate the rest of the fever.”


The sound of the shower coming to life answered her.


As she waited, for Nathan to finish his shower and for Joshua to arrive, she slipped on her pajamas.  Just as she pulled her robe back on, the bathroom door opened and Nathan stepped out, his skin damp and wearing his boxers.


“I don’t know about you,” he said, walking slowly towards his bunk.  “But I am suddenly very tired.”


Kristin watched as he crawled into the bed, pulling the sheet up to his waist.  “So am I,” she replied.


Nathan lifted the corner of the sheet and smiled at her.  “Then why don’t you come join me?”


There was a knock on the door. 


“As soon as I give this to Joshua,” Kristin told him, holding the vial with his blood as she moved to the door.  She opened it and stepped out into the corridor.  “Any luck?”


“Nothing yet,” Joshua answered.  “How’s the captain?”


“Better actually,” Kristin told him.  “He was a little restless for a while but his fever broke… so I think he’s going to be fine.”


“I’m glad to hear it.  Do you want me to take over now?”


“No… I’m okay,” Kristin shook her head.  “I’m going to give him a shot of antibiotics then curl up on the cot and see if I can catch some sleep.”


“Have you had any?  You look tired,” Joshua said, gazing at her intently.


“A little bit.  I napped off and on,” Kristin replied.  “But as I said, he was restless.  So I was doing what I could to help keep his fever down.”


“Well, I’ll stop back at the end of my shift with the results and then you can go back to your cabin and sleep if you want,” Joshua told her.  “One of the other doctors can watch over med bay and contact you if there’s a real emergency.”


Kristin nodded.  “That sounds good.  I may just do that.”


Levin smiled.  “Well… you are the boss.”


Kristin chuckled softly and handed him the tube of Nathan’s blood.  “Thank you, Joshua.”


Joshua nodded.  “Get some rest, Kristin,” he told her before turning to head down the corridor.


Kristin watched him disappear around the corner then slipped back inside Nathan’s cabin.


“I was beginning to think you got lost,” Nathan’s voice floated across the room.


Kristin turned from the door to see him lying propped up on one elbow facing her, a sleepy look on his face.  “I’m sorry,” she said.  “Joshua was asking how you were doing.”


“I hope you told him I was feeling much better.”


“I did.”


“Good,” he yawned then held up the blanket in obvious invitation.  “Then come to bed.  I think we could both use the sleep.”


Kristin bit the inside of her lower lip, quickly calculating how long it’d been since she’d given him the shot; knowing that the very mild sedative she’d mixed in with the serum should be kicking in soon. 


Indecision flowed through her. 


She wanted so badly to be back in his arms… to sleep curled up against him, listening to his heart beating beneath her ear, feeling his breath ruffling her hair.


‘I want to make love with him again,’ Kristin thought to herself.  ‘I want to have him buried deep inside me… moving within me… to see his eyes as he comes and hear him cry out my name as he empties his seed in me…’




She shook her head gently then focused on him.  “Yes?”


“You coming to bed or are you going to stand there all night?”  Nathan grinned at her.


“Yes…” she walked towards him, slipping off her robe, her decision made.  “Sleep sounds like just what we need.”


“Yes it does,” Nathan agreed.


Kristin tossed her robe onto the nearby chair and climbed into the bunk, curling up on her side with her back to him.  She felt him pull the blanket up over them and then his hard body was pressing up against her back, his arms wrapping around her, holding her tightly to him.


“Can I ask a question?”  Nathan murmured into her hair.




“Why are we wearing pajamas?”  His hand slid over her hip, tugging on her cotton pajama bottoms.


Kristin couldn’t help the small smile that tugged at her lips.  “Because we need to sleep,” she told him.  “And wearing pajamas will help insure that.”


“You sure?”  Nathan asked, pressing his hips against hers as his hand slid up and covered her breast; gently squeezing the mound through the thin cotton.


Kristin moaned softly, unconsciously arching into him before reaching up to cover his hand with hers, stopping him.  “Yes…” she replied, a little more breathlessly than she would have liked.  “We need to sleep…”


“All right,” Nathan said, pulling his hand from beneath hers to reach up and cup her chin, turning her to face him.  “Sleep it is…”


Kristin smiled softly up at him, her eyes drifting closed as he leaned closer and brushed his lips over hers.  Unbidden, her hand came up to thread in his hair, holding his mouth to hers as it settled more firmly on hers and the kiss deepened.  She moaned as his tongue danced over hers, teasing and caressing.


When Nathan’s hand slipped down into her top to cup her breast, Kristin broke off the kiss and grabbed his wrist.  “Nathan…”


“I know…” he brushed a quick kiss against her lips and laid his head on the pillow behind her, nuzzling his face into her hair as he removed his hand from her breast.  “Sleep.”


Kristin nodded and settled back into Nathan’s arms as he shifted closer.  She bit back the moan that rose up in her throat when his hand slipped beneath her pajama top and closed possessively around her breast once again.


“Do you want me to…” he released his hold on her breast and lifted his hand.


Kristin shook her head.  “No… it’s okay…”


His hand moved back to her breast, his fingers brushing over her nipple before cupping the full mound.  “Mmm… night, Kris…”


“Good night, Nathan,” she replied as he shifted closer, cradling her against his body.


As the room grew quiet, Kristin found herself concentrating on Nathan; memorizing every detail.  The sound of his breathing… the rhythm of it… the soft, whistle-like snore he emitted with every exhale.  The way his hand gently squeezed her breast in time with the beating of their hearts, his thumb in constant motion over her nipple.


After a while, sure that Nathan was asleep, Kristin removed his hand from her chest and slowly turned in his arms to face him.  She reached up to trace her fingers over his face, gently caressing his peaceful visage.


“Please forgive me,” she whispered.  “Forgive me for making you forget this night… I had to,” she paused and took a deep breath.  “This wasn’t you… this was that virus.  I hope you… if you find…” she closed her eyes.  “Please forgive me, Nathan… please…”


Silence once again filled the room as she struggled within herself to find the words to express how she was feeling.


“I… I will treasure tonight.  Always.  The ecstasy I experienced in your arms was like nothing I’ve ever felt before…” Kristin continued, her fingers still moving over his face.  “I only hope that someday… someday you’ll want me… of your own free will… as much as I want you.”


Kristin leaned closer to rain soft kisses all over his face before finally settling her lips on his.  “I love you, Nathan,” she whispered softly, her mouth still against his.  “I love you so much.  There is nothing I would not do for you…”


With one last loving kiss to his lips, Kristin carefully extricated herself from his arms and his bed.  She stood beside the bunk for a few moments then with a wistful sigh, she moved over to the cot Joshua had set up on the other side of the room and crawled in.


She closed her eyes against the tears she could feel starting, very aware of the scent of him… of them… still clinging to her.   She curled up tightly beneath the blankets, knowing that no matter how tired she was she wouldn’t be sleeping anymore tonight.




A loud banging woke Kristin from the fitful sleep she was having.  She opened her eyes in time to see Nathan striding across the room to the cabin door while he pulled on his robe.


“Good morning, Captain,” she heard Joshua’s voice flow into the room as Nathan opened the door.


“Good morning, Joshua,” Nathan said in a quiet voice, holding his finger to his lips as he stepped back to let the younger man in, gesturing with his head towards Kristin.


“It’s all right… I’m awake,” Kristin said, slowly sitting up.  “How are you feeling this morning, Captain?”


“Like I’ve been in a marathon of some kind,” Bridger replied, rolling his shoulders.


“Understandable,” Kristin told him, standing and moving to grab her robe from the chair and slipped it on.  “You were tossing and turning all night…” she lifted her hand to his forehead.  “And had quite the fever.”


Dropping her hand and pulling her robe tighter around her, Kristin turned to Joshua.  “Well… what do the tests indicate?”


“Nothing.  He’s clean as a whistle.  There are no more traces of that agent you had me look for,” Joshua answered then gave her a thoughtful look.  “Whatever you did worked.”


Kristin smiled.  “Thank you, Joshua.”


“You’re welcome,” Levin said, moving towards the door.  “Oh yes… I talked with Johnson, and he’s willing to take this shift so that you can rest.  If you want.”


“I’ll see how I feel after a shower,” Kristin said then gave Joshua a grateful smile.  “Thanks again and why don’t you turn in yourself.”


Levin nodded and left.


Kristin turned to Nathan.  “I want you to rest as well…” she held her hand up to stop the protest she could see forming on his lips.  “You had a… restless night last night.  Proper sleep will do you a world of good.”


“But I…”


“Doctor’s orders,” Kristin told him, giving him a look that dared him to argue.


“Only if you do the same,” Nathan countered, crossing his arms over his chest as a small smile tugged at the corner of his mouth.  “Captain’s orders.”


Kristin frowned then gave him a mock dirty look, the smile she was trying to fight breaking through as she nodded.  “Deal.”


“Deal!”  Nathan’s smile grew and he stuck his hand out.


Kristin placed her hand in his and they shook.  Their eyes held and it was all Kristin could do to not throw herself into his arms, tell him what happened and kiss him senseless.  She pulled her hand from his, swallowing as his fingers seemed to caress hers.


“So, what exactly did you do… give me to cure this thing?”


“Oh, uhm… just some antibiotics and my own special touch,” Kristin answered.


“Is that all?”  Nathan chuckled.


“Yep.  Now, just let me gather my things,” she told him, turning away to grab her clothes and stuff them in her overnight bag.  When she was finished, she moved towards the cot.  “And I’ll just…”


“Leave it, Kristin,” Nathan told her.  “I’ll take care of it.”


“Are you sure?”


“Yes,” he said.  “Now go to your cabin and get some rest.”


Kristin grabbed her bags, slinging the overnight case over her shoulder as she moved towards the door.  “Now… I want you to get at least five hours of sleep.  Minimum… before I hear of you setting foot outside this cabin.”


“Yes, ma’am,” Nathan grinned.  He stopped her before she opened the door.  “Thank you, Kristin.”


Kristin smiled at him.  “Nothing to thank me for, Nathan.  All part of the job,” she opened the door and stepped out into the corridor.  “Sleep well, Nathan.”


“You too, Kris…” Nathan replied then stepped back into his cabin and shut the door.


Kristin stared wistfully at the closed door for a moment then with a deep sigh and a shake of her head; she turned and headed for her cabin.


Five minutes later, she was in her quarters, leaning up against the door fighting the tears she could feel brimming in her eyes.  She shook her head and pushed off the door, tossing her bags onto the small chair in the corner.


“Stop it, Kristin,” she told herself.  “You knew what you were getting yourself into… what would happen… so stop it!”


She swiped angrily at the tears that spilled out onto her cheeks.


“No… I won’t do this…” Kristin said aloud to the empty room.  “I won’t…”


Deciding to nap now and shower later, Kristin quickly stripped off her pajamas and crawled into her bunk.  As she pulled the blankets up around her, she became aware of the now faint scent of Nathan still clinging to her body and suddenly she couldn’t hold back the tears.


“Oh… God…” her tears poured down her face into the pillow, wanting nothing more than to be back in Nathan’s cabin, in his bed and wrapped tightly in his arms.  “Nathan…” his name was a soft sob on her lips as she pulled her legs up, curling into a tight ball.  “Please…”


Not knowing if she was pleading for him to remember or not, Kristin slowly drifted off into a restless sleep.


Several hours later, in their respective cabins, Kristin and Nathan sat up suddenly; calling each other’s names as the last vestiges of their dreams slipped away.  With deep breaths, they both lay back in their beds, one clinging tightly to the memory of the dream, the other trying to figure out why the dream was so much more intense than it normally was.


Both closed their eyes as their bodies were filled with an unexpected ache… both wondering, as sleep claimed them once again… when that ache would be fulfilled.





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