welcome to the seaQuest section of the tower.

stories based on the romance between Nathan and Kristin.

the stories... by tayryn

Giving in to Temptation
stuck on an island alone...
Hunter ~ Prey
N&K are hunting each other. written with Arla.
Words of Love
all dialogue story... N&K have a vid-phone conversation.
Teddy Bears, White Rabbits and Candy Cane Boxers
Answer to the NKList 2002 Christmas Challenge.
Someday Out of the Blue
some people are just destined to be together PG
A Love through Time ~ by Arla
companion piece to Someday Out of the Blue
Song Book Series
a series of stories written with Arla
Jaya's Thanksgiving Day Story...
seQuel to tayryn's b-day present story. VERY MUCH NC17
Waves of Change (aka seaMonster)
a painful anniversay brings with it a stunning revelation
Heart's Desire
what the heart desires...
In need of a Cure
Kristin will do anything to cure her captain. preQuel to Jaya's 'The Cure'.
Out There
Three drabbles - Kristin's thoughts while on the beach in Higher Power. PG
WSHH - Whale Song
A what should have... or could have happened during the episode 'Whale Song'
Returning after a long absence...
When things just don't want to work...

the stories... by Jaya

You Wear It Well
What happens when Nathan catches Kristin in the wrong place
The Meeting
Nathan and Kristin pass the time at a UEO conference
Could I have this dance?
Nathan and Kristin reunite after being separated
One Knight
A what could have happened after "Knight of Shadows"
Better or Worse
a summary would give it away
Wild Thing
Nathan comes home and finds...
tayryn's Birthday Story
prequel to Jaya's Thanksgiving Day story by tayryn
Nathan's hurt. Kristin helps.
what REALLY happened after first season.
The Cure
Secrets are revealed at a party.
Trick or Treat
A bit of fun at a Halloween Party.
A Saturday afternoon interlude. PG
Hot and Bothered
Nathan and Kristin are hot and bothered...
Streets of Heaven **note, this link not working yet!!
A bedside tug of war
Pearl of Destiny - Part One
Part One of a trilogy set in Pearl Harbor, 1941
Pearl of Destiny - Part Two
Part Two of a trilogy set in Pearl Harbor, 1941
Pearl of Destiny - Part Three
Final part of a trilogy set in Pearl Harbor, 1941

the stories... written jointly by tayryn and Jaya...

Dark and Stormy Night
A small PWP written in five hours during a thunderstorm in two different countries at the same timeā€¦
Baby, It's Cold Outside
A little holiday matchmaking...
Parent Was Observed Osculating a Red-coated Unshaven Teamster
seQuel to Baby, It's Cold Outside

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