the following stories were written by MAHC,
and are, without a doubt, 
the best Gunsmoke stories anywhere on the net!

MAHC has graciously given me permission 
to host her wonderful stories here...

so... pick a story, get comfy 
and prepare to get lost in the incredible tales
MAHC twists with our favourite couple.

you will NOT be disappointed!

the stories...

Dry Route to Dodge
If a Tree Falls Before Bedtime & Up and Ready
In Pace Requiescat
Mulberry Bush
My Eternal Portion
Paid in Full
The West Wind
What If
Haunted Heart
Chapters 1 to 5
Haunted Heart
Chapters 6 to 10
Haunted Heart
Chapters 11 to 15
Haunted Heart
Chapters 16 to 20
Haunted Heart
Chapters 21 to 23
Elegy for a Marhsal

GSO Virtual Season Episodes

Episode 637 - A New Stage
Episode 647 - Chances
Episodes 656 & 657 - Light in the Window
Episode 666 & 667 - The Devil you Know
Episode 673 - Like Father, Like Son
Episode 695 - The House on Rue Chartres
Episode 705 & 706 - A Ruddy Drop
Episode 708 - Resurrection

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