Title:  Lighting the Pilot Light

By: tayryn

Rating: oh geez… uhm… SMUT! (We don’t have a category for the ‘Julie’ show)

Disclaimer:  Not mine! “Julie” is owned by Viacom & Blake Edwards Television.  If I owned it… we’d have WAY more than six eps of this great show.

Summary: It’s their first night together in Sioux City… they don’t want to spend it apart.  An added scene to the Pilot Episode.  (Hence the title! LOL)

Notes:  Tis all Chelle’s fault!!  Really! 


And if you’ve not seen any of the eps of this fabulous show… go here!  Watch the Pilot episode of the ‘Julie’ Show BEFORE you read this… it will make more sense!!




Sam crept quietly through the living room on his way to the kitchen.  He realized he could have used the back stairs, but admitted to himself that the reason he didn’t, was because he wanted to see his lady love, even if she was asleep.


He stopped and looked over the back of the couch.  A smile touched his lips at the sight of Julie curled up beneath the quilts.


A longing to be with her washed over him, and he reached out to lightly touch her hair but stopped before actually making contact.


‘Julie’s right,’ Sam thought to himself as his hand fell to his side.  ‘I need to think of something…’


Knowing he would end up waking her to try, yet again, to talk her into his bed, Sam realized he’d better continue on to the kitchen for his warm milk.


Several minutes, and one steaming cup later, Sam quietly made his way back through the living room.  He paused once again to look down at his sleeping fiancée and was filled with a strong desire to kiss her and carry her up to his room and make love to her.  He fought the impulse and with a small sip of his milk, he continued on towards the stairs.


He’d only taken a couple of steps away from the sofa when he heard the soft whisper of his name.


Sam stopped and looked back, and in the dim light he could see Julie propped up on her elbows, peering sleepily up at him.


“Hey…” Julie asked in a quiet voice as she reached a hand up towards him.  “What’s wrong?”


“I can’t sleep,” Sam replied as he stepped back and took her hand in his.  “I miss having you in my arms.”


Julie smiled at him and tugged on his hand.


Sam placed the cup on the end table and allowed Julie to pull him closer.  He knelt on the floor before her. 


“I’m missing being held by you too,” Julie told him.  “Have you thought of anything yet?”


Sam shook his head.  “Not yet,” he answered.  “The only thing going through my mind at the moment is how very much I want to kiss you right at this moment.”


Julie’s eyes darkened in the low light as Sam leaned in close and brushed his lips over hers.  “… Sam…” she whispered his name on an exhale.  “…we promised…”


“I know… I know…” Sam replied as he moved in once again, catching her mouth in a gentle kiss.


Very quickly, the tender kiss gave way to a more amorous one and soft moans sounded in the stillness of the night. 


Julie slid her hands around Sam to clutch at his back and pull him closer.  Sam, without breaking the kiss, maneuvered his way up onto the sofa and covered Julie’s body with his.  As the kiss deepened even more, their hands began to wander.  Julie trailed her fingers down his bare back, scraping him lightly with her nails.  Sam growled softly into her mouth and carefully shifted, pulling the blankets out from between them so that her pyjamas and his boxers were the only barriers between their bodies.


Sam broke off the kiss and trailed his mouth along her jaw to her throat as his fingers unbuttoned her pyjama top.  When he reached the last button, Sam pushed himself up onto his elbows and drew the dark silk aside.  He licked his lips at the sight of her bared breasts and lowered his head to catch her left nipple in his mouth.


“Sam!”  Julie gasped.  The fingers of one hand threaded into his dark hair as she arched beneath him.  “Oh… Sam…”


“Julie…” Sam murmured around her nipple, giving the berried tip a hard suck before licking his way over to her other breast.  “I’ve missed this… missed you…” he swirled his tongue around the aching point before taking it into the warm cavern of his mouth.


“…oooh… oh, Sam…” Julie’s fingers clenched in his hair and she arched, pressing more of her breast into his mouth.  “You… oh… feels good…”


Sam smiled around her breast and suckled harder as he slid a hand down between their bodies, and into her pyjama bottoms.


“…Sam…” his name came out as a deep, throaty moan as he combed his fingers through the damp curls between her thighs.


“God, Jules… you’re already so wet…” Sam groaned and slipped a finger between her swollen folds to rub her clit.  “…so wet…”


“Sam… stop… we can’t… oooh…” Julie whimpered as Sam pressed a long finger inside her.  “…we promised…”


“We’re not in a bed...” Sam said as he shifted up to catch her mouth in a brief but passionate kiss then began to inch his way down her body.  “We need this…”


“…no… oooh… oh, Sam…” Julie said shakily as Sam moved to once again kneel beside her on the couch.  He grasped her hips and turned her slightly then yanked down her pyjama bottoms.  She watched his tongue dart out to wet his lips as his hands curled around her thighs.  “…darling…”


“You have to be quiet…” Sam told her.  “You can’t be making any of those wonderful noises you like to make…”


“I don’t ma… oh god, Sam!”  Julie cried out as Sam buried his face between her thighs.  “Mmm… oh yes…” she gasped when she felt his fingers pull her open and his tongue attack her enlarged sex.


Sam groaned as her unique flavour washed over his taste buds.  He drove his tongue into her relentlessly as he worked his thumb over her clit.  In and out, circle and rub… over and over until Julie was writhing beneath him.


“Sam… oh, Sam… yes… oh yes… please… right… oh god…” Julie reached down to clutch at his head, holding his face against her as she arched into him.  “…Sam… Sam…”


Sam hummed against her as he moved his mouth up to take her clit between his lips.  He slid two long fingers into her slick sheath, stroking them in and out of her in time with the sucking of her clitoris.


“I… oh, Sam… so close… I…” Julie’s head thrashed back and forth on the couch.  “Sam… darling, please…”


“Come, Jules… come for me now…” Sam spoke against her quivering flesh.  He grazed her clit with his teeth and curled his fingers within her.


“Mmm… oh yes… YES!”  Julie smothered her scream of completion in the pillow she’d managed to grab and hold over her face as wave after wave of overwhelming pleasure washed over her.


Sam groaned as Julie’s body convulsed and her release flowed into his mouth.  He greedily consumed her essence as his thumb continued to rub her clit, prolonging her orgasm.


Julie dropped the pillow and reached out to grasp his hair.  “Sam… no more… I can’t…”


Sam gave her sex one last deep kiss, followed by a long lollipop lick then shifted her so that she was once again lying back on the couch and crawled up over her.  He settled his hips in the cradle of her thighs, her juices soaking through the cotton of his boxers and coating his erection.


Julie looked up at him with glassy eyes.  “Oh, Sam…” she smoothed her fingers over his damp beard, wiping away the evidence of her release before she lifted her mouth to his.


They kissed hungrily.  As their tongues tangled madly, Julie slid her hand down between their bodies and into his boxers to grasp his straining member.


“Jules…” Sam gasped out of the kiss as she began to stroke him.  “Honey, stop…”


“It’s your turn…” Julie nuzzled his face and tightened her hand slightly as she slid it up and down his length. 


“No!  I can take care of this upstairs… you don’t have to…”


“I want to…” Julie told him and curled her leg loosely around his thigh.  “I’ve missed this too… feeling you…”


Sam buried his head in her shoulder as she caught the small bead of pre-cum with her thumb and smoothed it over the plumy head.  His hips moved involuntarily with every stroke of her hand, and he could feel his release approaching fast.  Loving her with his mouth had aroused him almost to the point of pain… and her touch had him ready to explode.


He lifted his head and met her eyes.  “I’m going to come…”


Julie smiled.  “I know…”


“Jules…” Sam pleaded… but he wasn’t certain any longer if he was pleading for her to stop or to make him come.  He buried his face back in her shoulder.


“Your turn…” Julie whispered against his ear and began to stoke him faster.  “Come for me, Sam…”


“Oh… shit… Julie…” Sam’s deep groan was muffled by her shoulder as his body tensed and bowed as he came; fierce pleasure rolling over him.


Julie moaned softly as she felt his release spill out over her hand and spurt out onto her belly just before Sam sagged against her; pressing her body into the couch.


“I love you…”


The twin declarations filled the sudden silence in the room.


Sam lifted his head to smile down at her then lowered his lips to hers in a tender kiss.


They broke off the kiss and gazed at each other once again.


“You need to go back upstairs.”


“I know but I don’t want to leave you,” Sam told her.  “Are you sure I can’t talk you into my bed now?”


Julie chuckled and repeated her earlier words.  “I wish.”


They smiled then shared another kiss.  Julie released him and removed her hand from inside his boxers.


“How about I cuddle with you until you fall asleep?”


“Mmm, that sounds wonderful.”


Sam smiled and glanced down between them.  “But I do think we should put you back in your clothes.”


Julie laughed.  “Yes, I think you’re right.”


With his help, Julie was back in her pyjamas in moments then lay curled up in Sam’s arms on the sofa.


Contented sighs filled the room.


“I will think of something, Jules… I promise.”


“I know you will.”





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