Title: Chances

By: tayryn

Rating: oh, this is smut, darlings!! Definitely “creamed banahnas”!! *Eg*

Disclaimer: The ‘Julie’ show is owned by Viacom and Blake Edwards Television.

Notes: this is MY take on how a veterinarian from Iowa and a famous singer/actress met and fell in love.

Summary:  The start of the whirlwind.




“Doctor McGuire.  Please pick up the nearest white courtesy phone.  Doctor McGuire, the white courtesy phone, please.”


Flipping through the folder clutched firmly in his hand, Sam hurried across the lobby towards the row of phones on the far wall.  Engrossed with his papers, he failed to see the woman walking towards him concentrating on the sheaf of papers in her hand before it was too late.


The collision was unavoidable.


Papers flew into the air, mixed and floated down around their feet as both stumbled and tried to remain standing.


“Oh lord, I’m…”  Sam apologized as he instinctively reached out to steady the person in front of him, “…sorry…”  His voice trailed off as he found himself gazing into the bluest eyes he’d ever seen.  He swallowed when he realized that the body he was holding against his own was soft and curvaceous.  “Are you all right, Miss?”


“I…” Julie shook herself out of the sudden stupor she found herself in as she looked up into the very handsome face of the man who had nearly knocked her over.  “…yes… thank you.  And it is I who am sorry.  I wasn’t watching where I was going.”


“Neither was I.”  Sam said.


The two shared small grins… neither one moving to step away from the other.


Julie was the first one to break eye contact, and looked down at the pages scattered on the floor.  She began to chuckle.  “Oh my… what a mess.”


They knelt together and began to gather the pages, sorting through them as they went; amidst chuckles as their fingers bumped and got in each other’s ways.


“I think this one is yours,” Julie said in a soft voice and held out a thick sheet of paper.


“Looks like it,” Sam replied.  “And I think this one is yours.”


Julie nodded and took the sheet music from him, biting her lip to keep from gasping at the spark that shot through her when his fingers brushed hers again.


“Doctor McGuire. Please pick up the nearest white courtesy phone.  Doctor McGuire, the white courtesy phone, please.”


Sam looked up and frowned.  “That’s me.  I…” he stuffed all his papers into the folder, stood then offered her a hand up.  “Again… I’m sorry I ran into you,” Sam said then, almost reluctantly, released her hand and hurried away.


Julie watched him walk away, wondering to herself why she felt a sudden urge to follow him.  She shook her head and looked down at the mess of papers in her hands.  At that moment, something on the floor at her feet caught her attention.  She crouched down and picked it up.


It was an ID badge.


“Hey!  You…” her voice trailed off as she realized she could no longer see him.


She looked down at the badge.




D.Sc.V.M., M.S Ph.D., DVM






‘Such sad eyes,’ she thought to herself as she ran her finger over the picture on the ID.  A small frown touched her lips as she wondered what could have caused such sadness in such beautiful eyes.’




Julie looked up to see Wooley heading towards her.  She slipped the badge over her head and tucked the ID into her blazer just as Wooley reached her.


“What are you standing around here for?  We have a rehearsal to get to,” Wooley said as he grabbed her elbow and began to lead her through the lobby.


“Sorry, Wooley.”  Julie apologized as she forced her mind away from the image of smiling green eyes and bearded dimples, and back to the rehearsal for the show she was preparing to put on.




‘Good lord, when is this guy going to stop?’ Sam asked himself as he glanced, not for the first time, at his watch.  He groaned softly.  There was still over thirty minutes of the seminar left.


An image of blue eyes flashed through his mind, and Sam released a deep sigh.  He’d had a hard time concentrating on this seminar.  His thoughts kept drifting back to the woman he’d bumped into earlier.


Sam shook his head.


He couldn’t understand why he was thinking about this woman.  They’d only exchanged maybe a dozen words; non consequential ones at that.  And yet…


‘I can’t get her out of my mind,’ Sam thought to himself.  ‘She was gorgeous.  And her eyes…’


Sam closed his eyes as he felt a stirring in his groin.  He’d not thought of another woman in that way since his wife.  But this woman… lord, he didn’t even know her.  How could she be affecting him like this?


‘Get a grip, Sam.’ he told himself.  ‘Odds are you are never going to see this woman again.  So stop thinking about her before you drive yourself crazy.’


Sam sighed then opened his eyes and tried to focus his attention on the speaker. 


“I… …yes… thank you.  And it is I who am sorry.  I wasn’t watching where I was going.” 


He groaned softly as his mind began to replay their brief meeting, and Sam found himself trying to recall every detail of their quick run in.


Movement to his right pulled Sam out of his thoughts, and he realized that the seminar was over.  He shook his head as he gathered his folder then stood, stretching slightly to ease the kinks out of his back before he followed his colleagues out of the room.


His thoughts returned to his mystery woman.




“Jules, are you all right?”


Julie looked over at her old friend and smiled.  “Yes.”


“You seem distracted.  Both now and during rehearsal.”


“I'm sorry, Wooley… I am a little distracted.” Julie sighed, her hand absently rising to rest on the ID badge still hanging around her neck.


“Want to talk about it?”


Julie shook her head and laid her hand on his arm.  “No thanks, chum.  I will be fine.”


“You sure?”


Smiling at the concern in Wooley’s voice, Julie nodded.  “In fact, I am going to go up to my room, order something light from room service then take a nice long bubble bath… go over the songs and then go to bed…”


“Okay,” Wooley said then glanced in the direction of the casino.  “I’m going to go see how much money I can lose.”


Julie laughed.


“You’re sure you’re going to be all right?”


“Yes, Wooley.”


“Okay,” Wooley smiled and leaned in to kiss her on the cheek.  “I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”


Julie nodded and watched her friend walk away.  She pulled the badge out from inside her blazer and looked at it.  She hadn’t been able to get him… get Sam, out of her mind all afternoon.  With every love song she sang, his face flashed before her eyes.


‘What is it about you, Sam McGuire?’ Julie asked herself as she ran her finger over his image.  ‘Why can’t I get you out of my mind?’


‘You need to get him out of your head,’ a little voice inside told her.  ‘You know you’re never going to see him again.’


‘I know,’ she sighed to herself and with one last caress of his picture, she let the badge fall back to her chest and decided to take it to the front desk so that they could return it to him.


Julie quickly made her way through the lobby to the front desk.  Finding there was a lineup to check in; she took her place in line and waited.  Unable to help herself, Julie lifted the badge once again.


‘He is quite handsome,’ she thought.  ‘Although his picture does not do him justice.’


A loud noise across the room startled her, and she dropped the badge as she lifted her head to see what was causing the commotion, praying no one had recognized her.  It was as she was turning back to the line that she spotted him.  He was making his way slowly across the lobby.


“Sam…” she whispered, and felt an uncontrollable urge to giggle at the sight of him, even as her heart began to race.


Resolving not to let this chance pass her by, Julie squared her shoulders and hurried after him.




Sam walked slowly through the hotel, trying to decide if he wanted to dine in the restaurant or just order room service.


‘The restaurant,’ he decided.


‘You’re just hoping you’ll run into that woman again,’ the voice in his head taunted him.


Sam nodded.  He was hoping just that.


‘You’re a fool, Sam.’ the voice told him.


“I know,” he said under his breath and shook his head at his own thoughts.


So lost in his inner debate, Sam failed to see the woman walking towards him, a look of determination on her face as she altered her course slightly so that she would meet him head on.


The collision was, this time, intentional.


“Oomphh…” Sam’s breath was knocked out of him as his arms immediately shot out to grab the person he’d walked into.  “I’m sor…” his voice trailed off and his eyes grew wide as he realized it was the same woman he’d run into earlier.  “I’m sorry.  Seems I keep running into you.  Literally.”


“Actually… this time it’s my fault,” Julie said and felt herself begin to blush at her admission.  “I… uhm… ran into you on purpose.”


A smile pulled at the corner of Sam’s lips as he looked at her in surprise; the light blush on her cheeks delighting him more than he cared to admit.  “You did?”


Julie nodded; wondering why they hadn’t moved out of each other’s arms yet and at the same time, discovering that she didn’t want to leave his embrace.




“I… I wanted to return this,” Julie reluctantly stepped out of his arms and held up his ID badge.  “You dropped it when we bumped into each other earlier.  I was returning it to the front desk when I spotted you, and decided…”


“To run me over.”


Julie laughed softly.  “Yes.”


Sam couldn’t help but grin at the sound of her laugh.  “I was wondering where I’d dropped it.  I had a bitch of time getting into my last seminar without it.”


“Oh, I’m sorry.”


“It’s not your fault.”


At that moment, Julie’s stomach rumbled loudly and the blush on her face deepened.


“You took the words right out of my mouth,” Sam told her, his grin growing.  “I was actually heading to the restaurant,” he paused.  “I couldn’t interest you in joining me, could I?”


A brilliant smile lit Julie’s face and she nodded.  “As a matter of fact, you could.”


“Great,” Sam’s smile remained on his face.  He stuck his hand out.  “The name’s Sam.”


“I know,” Julie replied and tapped her finger against the badge still hanging around her neck.  They shared a laugh.  “I’m Julie,” she told him as she shook his hand.


“It’s nice to meet you, Julie.”  Sam said then crooked his arm out to her.  “Shall we?”


Julie nodded and slipped her arm through his, resting her hand on his forearm. 


Both shivered.


They walked in a, surprisingly, comfortable silence across the lobby to the restaurant.


“Ms Carlisle!  This is a treat!”


Julie saw Sam give her an odd look, which confirmed her earlier suspicion that he hadn’t recognized her.  That thought pleased her.


“Hello,” Julie said to the maitre’d.


“Let me escort you to our best table,” the short, balding man said.


“No.  Please,” Julie interrupted him.  “We’d actually like a table, or a booth in the back, away from all the traffic, if at all possible.”


The maitre’d looked between Sam and Julie and smiled.  “Of course.  Follow me, please.”  He said as he grabbed two menus.


Still arm in arm, Julie and Sam followed as the maitre’d escorted them through the restaurant.  He led them to a secluded booth in the back of the restaurant as requested.  “Is this all right, ma’am?”


Julie smiled.  “Yes.  This is perfect.  Thank you.”


The maitre’d placed the menus on the table.  “Your waiter will be with you very shortly,” he said with a slight bow then left.


They slid into the booth, facing each other.






They spoke at the same time then stopped.  They smiled.


“I take it you’re a celebrity?”  Sam asked.


“You could say that,” Julie answered.  “Not meaning to sound conceited or anything, but you’ve not heard of me?”


“Well, I will admit, you do look vaguely familiar,” Sam replied.  “Are you an actress?  Singer?”  He gave a questioning gesture with his hands.


“Actually… both.”


“Are you good?”


Julie laughed at the teasing smile pulling at his lips.  “I like to think so.”


Sam smiled.  “Something tells me you are.”


Julie blushed.


“So… what movies have you been in?”


She began to list a few of her movies.


“Wait, that last one… Practically Perfect,” Sam interrupted her.  “That’s that flying nanny one, isn’t it?”


“Yes it is,” Julie nodded.


“Okay.  Now I know where I’ve seen you.  That movie is one of Allie’s favourites.”




“My daughter,” Sam said.


“Daughter?”  Julie asked, suddenly feeling very disappointed.  ‘He’s married,’ she thought glumly.


“Yes.  She’s fourteen.  Her mother bought her the movie just before she passed away,” Sam said.  “They would watch it everyday and Maureen…”


Julie reached out and placed her hand over his on the table as his voice broke.  “I’m sorry.  You don’t have to continue.”


Sam smiled and turned his hand over beneath hers so that their fingers could curl together.  “Thank you,” he said in a quiet voice.  “She’s been gone for seven years.  It was difficult at first, and we still have our bad days.  But the last two years, the kids and I have been doing much better.”




“Yes, I also have an eleven year old son named Adam.”  Sam smiled then as he shifted and reached back into his pocket with his free hand.  He pulled out his wallet, opened it and showed her.  “These are my kids.”


Julie smiled.  “They’re wonderful.  They have your eyes,” she said as she gazed at the picture.  “Allie must look like her mum.”


Sam nodded and he smiled proudly.  “She does.  Spitting image of her,” he said as he looked down at the picture of his kids.  “They’re great kids.”


“They look it.”


“Do you have any?”


Julie shook her head.  “No.”


Sam squeezed her fingers at the sadness he heard in her voice.  “I’m sorry.”


Julie gave him a quick smile and returned the pressure of his fingers.  “Thank you.  I…” she shrugged.  “My career always came first.”


“Marriage?”  Sam tried to keep the hope out of his voice that she wasn’t married now; surprising himself with the thought.


“Yes, but it was over more than twenty years ago,” she answered.  “Again, my career.”


At that moment, the waiter appeared.  Both opened their menus and after a quick perusing, each of them ordered salads. 


“So, are you here on vacation?”  Sam asked once the waiter had left, wanting to reach out and take her hand again.


“No.  I’m giving a concert Saturday night,” Julie answered and her eyes fell briefly to where he was quietly drumming his fingers on the table; wanting to lace her fingers with his again.


“I don’t know if I could do that.  Get up in front of all those people and perform.”


“I will admit, it can be a little daunting at times,” Julie said.  “What about you?  I know from your ID badge that you’re a veterinarian, and that you’re here for a Veterinary Conference.”


“I am a vet,” Sam nodded.  “I have a practice in Sioux City, Iowa, and I also teach at the university.”


“You teach?”




“I thought you just said you couldn’t get up in front a lot of people and perform?”  Julie asked with a slight smirk.


Sam chuckled and shook his head.  “You got me there.  I do feel like I’m performing sometimes to get those kids to learn.”


“I bet you’re a wonderful teacher,” Julie said as she propped her elbows on the table and rested her chin on her hands.


“I try.  If at least one student gets what I’m trying to tell them, then I feel I’ve accomplished something,” Sam said.  “It’s not easy though.  Nowadays, a lot of kids don’t want to work for anything.  They want it all handed to them on a silver platter.”


Julie nodded.  “Yes, I’ve noticed that too.”


The waiter appeared then with their salads which they immediately dove into, both hungrier than either cared to admit.  In between bites, they continued to talk.


“It was difficult to watch,” Sam said around a mouthful of lettuce.  “At the end… she was in so much pain… even the drugs didn’t help.”


Julie reached out and took his hand, lacing her fingers with his.


“I was with her right at the very end.  The night she died… we’d both fallen asleep, and… I don’t know why, but I woke up suddenly, and found her watching me,” Sam told Julie, his voice quiet as he circled his thumb against her hand.  “She smiled at me, told me to tell the children that she loved them, and then…”


“Then…” Julie urged gently.


“Just before she took her last breath, she made me promise her that I would not turn away from love if I found it again.”  He shook his head as he gave a derisive laugh.  “Even at the end of her life, she was looking after me.”


Julie smiled   “Maureen sounds like she was an amazing woman.”


“She was,” Sam agreed with a smile. 


A comfortable silence fell between them as they continued to eat.


“Thank you,” Sam said.


“For what?”  Julie asked.


“For listening.”


Julie smiled.  “Anytime.”


“I like talking with you,” Sam told her as he continued to rub his thumb over the top of her hand.


Julie felt a warmth run through her at his words.  “I like talking with you too.”


Their fingers tightened around each other, and their eyes locked as they got lost in each other.






“Is everything all right with your meal?”


Sam and Julie jumped, the sudden appearance of their waiter startling them.


“Everything is great, thank you.”  Sam said.


“Can I get you anything?”


“No, we’re fine, thank you.”


The waiter bowed his head and left.


Sam and Julie looked at each other again.


“So… tell me about you,” Sam said as he picked up his fork.


“What do you want to know?”




Their eyes locked again and both felt a strong current pass between them.


“Everything?”  Julie asked in a quiet voice.


“Everything,” Sam replied in a husky voice.


“Where would you like me to start?”


“Well, how’d you get into show business?”


“My parents were in Vaudeville when I was young, and it only seemed natural to follow them,” Julie told him then went on to describe some of the shows they’d done.  “With my parents’ encouragement, when I was nineteen, I took a chance and came here to America to try my luck at Broadway.”


“How’d that go?”


“At first, not too well.  I auditioned for everything, but wasn’t having any luck, and I was just about to pack it up and fly home to England when I got a call back for a play called, ‘Hymn to Him’.  That was my big break.  After that play, which lasted three years, I went on to another one,” she paused to take a sip of her wine.  “Got married, performed in another play, got divorced then ventured into the movies.”


“How long did your marriage last?”


“Two years,” Julie answered.  “Bill wanted a stay at home wife and children right away, whereas I wanted to wait a little longer.  At that time, my career was the most important thing in my life.  In hindsight, Bill and I never should have married.  We were just too different.”


“Did it end amicably?”


“Yes, actually it did,” Julie nodded.  “He remarried a year after our divorce to a delightful woman, and they had four children.  One of whom is my god-daughter.”


“That’s nice,” Sam said as he finished the last bite of his salad.


At that moment, the waiter appeared again.  “May I take your plate, sir?”


“Sure,” Sam said and pushed the plate over.


“Ms. Carlisle?”


“Thank you,” Julie nodded and sat back so the young man could take the dish.


“Can I interest either of you in dessert?”


Julie began to shake her head when Sam spoke up.  “Yes.  We’d like the white chocolate brownie with two spoons and two large glasses of cold milk, please.”


“Of course, sir.”


Sam looked at Julie to see a bemused smile on her face.  “I can’t pass up dessert,” he told her with a sheepish smile.


Julie laughed softly.  “Well, while we’re waiting for dessert, I’m going to go to the powder room.”


Sam nodded and slid out of the booth.  He offered Julie a hand out.  She flashed him a grateful smile.


“I’ll be right back,” she told him.


“I’ll be waiting,” he said and watched her walk away then slid back into the booth.  He grabbed his wallet off the table, opened it and flipped through the few pictures he kept in it.  He stopped at one and smiled.  “Ah, Mo… I think I found her,” Sam said to the image.  “And I’m not turning away… I don’t think I could even if I wanted to... and I don’t.”


Sam closed his wallet and slipped it back into his pocket just as the waiter brought over the dessert.


“Here you are, sir.”


“Thank you,” Sam said.  “Please, charge it to my suite.  Room twelve oh eight, and give yourself a twenty percent tip.”


“Yes, sir.  Thank you, sir!”  The waiter said.  “Have a good evening.”


“You too.”


“That looks delicious.”


Sam looked up to see Julie standing beside him.  He moved to slide out of the booth but her hand on his shoulder stopped him.  “Don’t get up,” she said and quickly took her seat across from him.


“Here,” Sam handed her a spoon.  “Dig in.”


Julie looked at the large brownie which had a large scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of it, topped with whipped cream and covered with chocolate sauce.  “I don’t know if I can eat anymore.  That was a rather large salad.”


“Sure you can,” Sam said as he grabbed his spoon and cut off a corner of the brownie.  He then scraped some of the whipped cream and ice cream onto the spoon and scooped up the brownie piece with some chocolate sauce then held it out to her.  “Here… you have the first bite.”


“Oh, Sam… I…”


“Come on, you know you want to,” Sam coaxed her.  “I can see it in your eyes.”


Julie licked her lips.  “It does look good.”


“You have to have at least this one bite,” Sam told her.


Julie leaned in over the table and opened her mouth.  Sam brought the spoon to her lips and slipped it into her mouth.


“Mmmoooh…” Julie moaned as the mixed flavours exploded over her taste buds.  She slowly chewed the bite.  “Mmm… oh, Sam, this is delicious…”


Sam smiled at the obvious delight on her face.  “Told you,” he said as he began to help himself to the brownie.


Julie laughed and grabbed her spoon off the table.


While they ate the brownie, they regaled each other with more stories.  Sam told Julie about some of his kids’ antics, as well as a few tales from his own childhood.  And Julie told Sam about a few incidents on the sets of her movies.


When they finished the brownie, they sat back in the booth and slowly drank their milk, still swapping stories until their waiter came to clear the plate and glasses.


Julie glanced at her watch.  “Oh my!”


“What…” Sam looked at his watch.  “Holy…”


They looked at each other and grinned. 


“I can’t believe we’ve been here for three hours,” Julie said.


“Me either,” Sam said.  “Time flies when you’re having fun.”


“It does,” Julie smiled.  “And this is the most enjoyable evening I’ve had in a long time.”


“Likewise,” Sam told her.  “But I suppose we should leave, give them their table back.”


Julie nodded sadly.  “We should.  And I should go up to my room and try to get some sleep as I have an eight a.m. rehearsal.”


“My first seminar is at eight as well,” Sam said as he slid out of the booth and offered her a hand out.  He helped her out of the booth then crooked his elbow.  “May I escort you to your room?”


“I’d like that,” Julie nodded and slipped her arm through his.


Just outside of the restaurant, Sam turned to Julie.  “Will I see you tomorrow?”


Julie smiled.  “I certainly hope so.”




They stumbled into Julie’s suite, mouths locked in a hungry kiss and hands pulling at clothing.


“Sam!”  Julie gasped out of the kiss as he crushed her body up against the wall.


“Julie… tell me to stop…” Sam told her as he caught her lips in another ravenous kiss.  He pressed his body closer to hers, grinding his erection against her centre.


“I don’t want you to…” Julie replied as she tugged his shirt out of his jeans.


“We barely know each other,” Sam murmured against her skin as he trailed his mouth along her jaw to pull her earlobe between his teeth.


“I feel as if I’ve known you forever.”  Julie said then moaned as he cupped her breasts through the satin of her blouse; his thumbs teasing her nipples into hard points.  “Oh god, Sam… I want you…”


“I want you too,” Sam replied with a groan as Julie managed to pull his shirt up and slip her hands underneath it to rake her nails down his back.  “God, I want you, Julie.”




Sam, his hands shaking with arousal, fumbled with the buttons on her blouse.  He gave a grunt of success when the last button gave way and the two pieces separated to reveal her lace covered breasts.  With a low growl he dipped his head and took a hardened peak into his mouth, suckling her through the lace.


“Mmm…” Julie arched into his touch as he swirled his tongue around her nipple while his fingers kneaded the other.  “Sam…” she whimpered when he stopped sucking her breast and then gasped, as with a snap of his fingers, Sam released the clasp holding the lacy garment together.


Sam peeled away the lace, revealing her creamy breasts to his hungry eyes.  He cupped the full mounds, lifting them to his mouth as he bent to lave both nipples with his tongue.  He alternated back and forth between both breasts; licking and sucking, nipping and pulling until Julie’s fingers were clenching in his hair.


Julie’s head fell back against the wall as fantastic sensations traveled from her nipples straight to her centre.  She arched into him as he continued to suckle her.  “You have… mmm… very talented lips…”


“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, darlin’,” Sam murmured around the nipple in his mouth.




Sam grinned at the slight shudder that shook her body and dropped his hands to her hips then began to gather up her skirt.  When he had it bunched at Julie’s waist, Sam slid his hands around to grasp her rear.  He slipped his hands under the edge of her panties to caress the smooth skin and pulled her hard against him.


Julie groaned and hooked her right leg behind his knee as she circled her hips against him.  She tugged on his hair, a burning desire to have his mouth on hers again.  “Sam… Sam… kiss me,” she whispered just as she caught his lips with hers.


As they kissed fervently, Sam moved a hand between their bodies and cupped her mound.  He growled deep in his throat at the dampness of her panties.  He drew his middle finger up and down, tracing the line of her sex, and pressing the lace between her swollen folds with each pass until he was rubbing his finger against her clit.


“Sam!”  Julie gasped out of the kiss at the incredible friction caused by Sam’s lace covered finger against the sensitive bundle nerves.  “Oh god… ooh…”


Julie was very aware that lust was a very big factor in what was happening between her and Sam.  But with every touch, every kiss, there was an underlying tenderness… the attraction between them strong… both physically and emotionally.


Sam caught her mouth again as he pushed her panties aside.  He cupped her again then slid his middle finger into her.  Her sharp inhalation at his intimate caress robbed him of his breath and he slipped his ring finger into her as well.  ‘God… she’s so tight…’ Sam thought as he stroked the digits in and out of her slick heat.  His erection throbbed with the need to be buried deep inside her.


“Ooohmmm… Sam…” Julie panted as his thumb began to circle her clit in time with the thrusting of his fingers.  Her head fell back against the wall once again, her eyes closed as she concentrated on the feel of him.  It had been so long since she’d been touched so intimately… so deliberately by hands other than her own that she wanted to savour every nuance.


Sam smiled to himself as an inarticulate sound escaped Julie when he nipped at a particular spot on her neck and continued to manipulate her sex.  “You feel so good…” he murmured against her throat.  He sucked at the sensitive spot he’d found and laved it with his tongue.  “You taste good too…”


“Mmm… oooh… Sam…” Julie moaned, the sensations from Sam’s touch growing in intensity and spreading throughout her body.  “Sam, please…”


Sam groaned as Julie began to drive her hips hard against his hand, thrusting herself against his fingers.  He could feel her inner muscles begin to quiver and knew she was close.  “That’s it,” Sam encouraged her as he put a little more pressure on her clit.




“Come for me…” Sam curled his fingers inside her.


“OH!  Right there… oh yes… Sam…” Julie’s hips bucked against him as his fingers found just the right spot within her sheath.  “…yes… oh yes… again… please, Sam…”


“Julie…” He circled, thrust and curled.  “Come for me, honey…” he felt her body tighten and heard her inhale sharply.  His eyes met hers, and as he held her gaze, he quirked his fingers within her again.


Julie came.




She cried out his name as her orgasm crashed over her.  Her every nerve ending sang as the pleasure coursed through her body.  “Sam… oh, Sam…”


“Jules…” Sam groaned as he watched her come.  Her juices flowed around his fingers and he continued to move them in and out of her until her body stopped shaking.  The scent of her wafted up into his nostrils and Sam was suddenly filled a desire to taste her.


Julie whimpered softly as Sam withdrew his fingers.  Her eyes widened as he brought his fingers, glistening with her arousal, to his mouth and closed his lips around them.  She moaned at the blatant eroticism of the act.


“Mmm…” Sam groaned as he pulled his fingers out of his mouth.  “You are so sweet…”


“…Sam…” Julie’s mouth crashed down on his and she moaned at the taste of herself on his tongue.  “Sam… let’s move to the bed… I want to feel you inside me,” she told him and for emphasis, she reached between them and cupped his erection.


Sam nodded, grasped her thighs and lifted her into his arms.  Julie wrapped her legs around his waist, dropped her head to his shoulder and nuzzled his neck as he carried her across the suite to his bed.  Sam let her down at the side of the bed, and the two stared at each other for long moments.


“You are so beautiful,” Sam whispered as he feathered his fingers over her cheek then down to play with the collar of her blouse.


Julie blushed and laid her hands on his chest.  “Thank you,” she replied in a quiet voice and began to undo the buttons on his shirt.  “And you're overdressed.”


Sam grinned then caught her wrists.  “Are you sure about this?”


“Yes,” Julie nodded then arched an eyebrow at him.  “Why, are you saying you don’t want this?”


“Oh no,” Sam shook his head as he grasped one of her hands and brought it down to once again cup his erection.  “This is all because of you…”


Julie licked her lips.  “And I am very anxious to get better acquainted with it,” she told him and rubbed him through his jeans, a thrill passing through her when she felt him twitch beneath her palm.  She met his eyes; her desire more than apparent in the blue depths.  “…Sam…”


Sam groaned at the need and… the little something else he could hear in her voice, and quickly finished unbuttoning his shirt.  He yanked it off and let it fall to the floor then dropped his hands to his belt buckle.


Julie grabbed his wrists.  “No… let me…” she said and smiled when Sam nodded and dropped his hands to his sides.  “First thing’s first though…” Julie ran her hands over his chest.  “Very nice,” she purred as she teased his nipples with her nails then combed her fingers down through the dark curly hair.  Reaching the waistband of his jeans, Julie quickly undid his belt buckle, popped the button and was just about to lower the zipper when Sam stopped her.


“Hold on.”




Sam glanced down.  “Gotta take the boots off first.”


Julie nodded and as he sat on the edge of the bed to tug them off, she reached behind her and undid the snap on her skirt.  She lowered the zipper then eased the skirt and her panties over her hips, letting them fall to the floor.  Her blouse and bra quickly followed, as did her heels.


Dropping his second boot to the floor then removing his socks, Sam looked up to see Julie standing before him unashamedly naked, except for his ID badge.  He swallowed hard as he let his eyes drift over her body and felt his erection leap in response to the sight of her.  “Beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe you,” Sam said quietly, correcting his earlier words as he reached out to grasp her hand.


She allowed him to pull her a couple of steps closer then stopped and slipped to her knees in front of him.  “Your jeans…” Julie said as she trailed her fingers up his thigh to grasp the waistband.  “Let’s get you out of them…”


Sam lifted his hips and allowed her tug them down and off, a small sigh of relief escaping him as his erection was finally released from the cramped confines of his jeans.


“Oh…” Julie couldn’t help herself and licked her lips at the sight of him.  He was, she thought to herself, “Magnificent…” she breathed and reached out to wrap her hand around his shaft.  She had had other lovers over the years… but none had been as large as Sam.  Even with both hands around him, she did not completely cover him.


“Julie…” Sam groaned as she stroked her hands slowly up and down his length, one hand dropping to cup his sacs.  He closed his eyes at the simple pleasure of her touch.  It had been so long since hands other than his own had handled him in such a way.


Julie smiled at the look on Sam’s face as she gently rolled his balls in her hand and continued to move her hand up and down his erection.  He was long, and thick, and hard… and Julie felt a rush of moisture to her core at the thought of having him inside her.  And as anxious as she was for that, there was something she had to do first.


Sam’s eyes flew open when he felt Julie’s tongue run up the underside of his member, and he looked down just as she wrapped her lips around him.  “…Julie…” her name escaped him in a hoarse whisper as she took more and more of him into her mouth.  His hand fisted in her hair.  “Jules… sweetheart, stop…”


Julie slowly pulled him out of mouth and met his eyes.  “You don’t want me to…”


“Oh, sweetheart… I would be lying if I said I didn’t want you too…” Sam said and couldn’t help but smile at the grin that appeared on her face.  He slid his hand out of her hair and cupped her cheek.  “But if you do that… this will be over way too quickly.  It’s been a long time for me…my control isn’t what it used to be.”  Sam caressed her cheek and traced her lips with his fingers.  “And I so want to pleasure you properly…”


“Sam…” Julie whispered, her eyes bright with sudden tears.  She quickly climbed into his lap, straddled him, and wrapped her arms around his neck.  Julie’s mouth covered Sam’s in a hungry kiss, her tongue foraging deep into his mouth.


The emotion in the kiss was unmistakable… on both their parts.


“I want to be inside you…” Sam murmured against her lips as she rocked against him, coating his erection which was nestled between her folds, with her arousal. 


“I want you inside me too…” Julie replied as she tugged on his lower lip with her teeth.  “No more foreplay… I need you, Sam…”


Without words, the two of them moved so that they were sitting in the middle of the bed.  Sam loosely crossed his legs then guided Julie back into his lap.


“Like this… upright… face to face…” Sam told her at her questioning look.


Julie smiled and reached between them to grasp his member.  She stroked him slowly as he slid his hands down her back to cup her rear and lift her.  Julie brought the head of his shaft to her waiting entrance.


Their eyes locked. 


With infinite slowness, belying the urgency both were feeling, Julie impaled herself on him.  Her breath caught as she continued to sink down on him; taking him, inch by gloriously hard inch, into her body.  “Oh, Sam…” she gasped when he was sheathed completely within her.


A myriad of emotions passed between them as they became one physically... possession, belonging, lust; a feeling of rightness so strong that it brought tears to their eyes... and love.  Pure and simple love.  New and sudden... but still, it was love.  And both were stunned at the sight of it in each other's eyes.


Julie was overwhelmed as her body continued to adjust to his girth... to his utter, physical possession of her body.  Never before had she been so... full.  None of her previous lovers, including her husband, had ever come close to filling her as Sam was at this moment.  She could literally feel him throbbing within her, and the feeling was incredible.


Sam groaned softly at the feel of Julie’s slick heat quivering around him as her body adjusted to his presence.  She fit him like a glove... as if she’d been made for him.  Sam gazed into Julie’s eyes; not surprised to see all he was feeling reflected in her blue orbs, and for the first time in a very long time, Sam felt a sense of peace envelope him.


Neither one voiced their feelings.  They were too new… too intense for words at this time.






They smiled as they whispered each other’s names and leaned their foreheads together as Julie began to slowly circle her hips against him.


Mutual groans filled the air.


They rocked together in a leisurely pace; Sam’s hands on Julie’s rear guided her movements.  They built a steady rhythm, and it did not take long before slow and steady wasn’t enough.  Julie shifted her legs so that they were bent on either side of him then pushed Sam so that he was lying on his back beneath her.  She leaned over him, hands on either side of his head.


“No more holding back… I want all of you…” Julie told him in a throaty voice as she rubbed her breasts against his chest and rocked her hips.  She gave him a brief but passionate kiss then straightened up on him.  She splayed her hands out on his chest and rose up, leaving just the head of his shaft within her, then sank back down.  Julie smiled at the low groan that sounded in Sam’s throat and repeated the movement... again and again... circling her hips every time she took him back inside her body.


“That’s it… oh shit…” Sam’s hands slid up from her rear to rest on her hips as she continued to move on him.  “…ride me, Jules…”  Sam trailed his hands along her sides to her breasts.  His fingers pulled and tweaked the hard points, delighting in the slight gasps of pleasure that escaped her. 


Julie moaned and was thrown slightly off balance when Sam suddenly began to thrust his hips up against her.  “Oooh… oh, Sam…” she exclaimed when he drove up into her again.  Her fingers clenched in the hair on his chest.


Julie rode him hard; Sam giving as good as he got.  His hands grasped her hips when he felt her inner muscles begin to clench around his shaft and knew she was fast approaching her release.  He slid a hand down to where they were joined, and slid his thumb unerringly over her clit then pressed down.


“SAM!”  Julie cried out at the increased sensations.  His thumb wasn’t circling her clit so much as pressing down on it so that with every drive of their hips, his shaft stroked the sensitive bundle of nerves.  “Oh yes… Sam…”


“Come for me, Julie…”


“…Sam… please…” Julie begged him as she ground herself against him; seeking to relieve the tension that had been coiled low in her belly from the first moment they met.  “I need…”


“I know,” Sam said and bent his legs then began to thrust up harder, driving himself into her as he put even more pressure on her clit.  “Come for me, sweetheart…”


Julie drove herself down hard just as Sam thrust up.  She screamed his name as she came; the shimmering heat curling in the pit of her stomach uncoiling to spread throughout her body. 


Sam held Julie tight against him as she continued to call out his name.  She was a glorious sight… her back arched, her breasts thrust high in the air; the heavy mounds swaying as she writhed against him.


Unable to stay up any longer, Julie collapsed against Sam’s chest.  “Oh, Sam…” she breathed against his neck as another tremor wracked her body.  “Oh god, Sam…”


“Hold on, sweetheart…” Sam said in a husky voice then rolled them over.


“Mmm…” Julie moaned as the change in position allowed Sam to sink deeper into her.  “Your turn…” she whispered against his ear.  “Come for me, Sam…”


“Jules…” Sam groaned and pushed himself up on to his elbows.  His eyes locked with hers as he began to thrust heavily into her.  In and out, over and over until his body was tight with his approaching release.


Julie ran her hands down his back, scraping him lightly with her nails until she could clutch his rear.  “Come, Sam…” she wrapped her legs around him, both of them moaning at yet another change in the angle of Sam’s penetration.  “Darling… let go…”


“…close… so… close…” Sam growled between each drive of his hips.  He lowered himself back down and caught her lips in a fiery kiss.  As their tongues tangled, Sam slid his arms beneath her and clutched at her shoulders.  “…Jules…”


“Let go… come, Sam…” Julie murmured into Sam’s ear as he buried his face in the crook of her shoulder.  Her hands moved rhythmically up and down his back, slipping past his ass to massage his sacs.  “Sam…” she rolled his balls in her fingers.  “…come…”


“Oh… god…” Sam lifted his head to stare into her eyes.  His universe had slowed to a single thought, a single focus: to ease the fire searing his blood, the fire caused by the gorgeous woman moving so seductively beneath him.




With the soft whisper of his name, Sam’s universe shifted into mindlessness as his body tensed.  Seconds later, he shouted her name and his hips jerked against hers as he came; his release pouring out of him in long hot jets to splash against her womb.


“Oh… god…” Sam groaned as he collapsed on top of her, and once again buried his face in her shoulder.


“My darling…” Julie murmured and nuzzled his temple as his body continued to shudder.  She unwrapped her legs from around Sam’s waist and entangled them loosely with his legs as her hands stroked his hair and back.  Julie felt a deep wave of satisfaction when, instead of immediately rolling off of her, Sam snuggled deeper into her embrace.


Sam nuzzled Julie’s neck, nipping and licking her damp skin.  After several minutes, Sam moved to roll off of her, but was stopped by her arms and legs tightening around him.  “Stay…” he heard her whisper in his ear.


Sam lifted his head.  “Sweetheart… I’m too heavy…”


Julie shook her head.  “No, you’re not.” 


Sam gave her a look.


“You’re not…” Julie cupped his cheek.  “I can’t explain it… I just…” she combed her fingertips through his beard, “don’t want you to leave…”


Sam smiled and dipped his head to brush a light kiss over her lips.  “You don’t have to explain, I understand completely.”


“You do?”


“Yes,” Sam shifted up unto his elbows.  “I don’t want to leave you either.  But I am going to get too heavy for you… so how about a compromise?”


“What have you got in mind?”


Sam, taking care to keep his softening member inside her, rolled them onto their sides.  “This…” he said and his arms pulled her closer.


“Mmm… I like this…” Julie smiled.


“So do I,” Sam grinned as his hands wandered over the smooth curve of her hip.


Julie chuckled then grew serious as she met his eyes.  “Sam… I want you to know something.  I’m not normally like this.”


“Like what?”


“This,” she gestured between them.  “I don’t normally go to bed with someone I’ve just met.”


“I don’t either,” Sam said and brought his hand up to stroke her cheek.  “But with you… it just…”


“…felt right.”


They shared an affectionate look as they finished the sentence together.


“My last relationship was ten years ago,” Julie told him.  “I’ve not been with a man since.”


“I haven’t been with anyone since Maureen,” Sam replied as his hand smoothed over her shoulder.  “A few of my friends, after the first year, began to push me to start dating again… but I just wasn’t ready.  And when I finally felt like I could be ready… none of the women they set me up with were my type.  I wasn’t attracted to them… on any level…” he paused and held her eyes.  “And then I ran into you… god… I wanted you from that first moment.”


Julie felt a small shiver pass through her body at his husky admission.  “I felt the same way.  And for the rest of the day…”


“…you were all I could think of.  I couldn’t concentrate on the seminar.”


“I kept forgetting words to songs…”


“I told myself that I was being a fool…”


“…that I’d never see you again…”


They smiled.


“I guess fate had something else in mind for us,” Julie said.


“I guess so,” Sam agreed and leaned closer.  “I’m glad you ran into me too.”


“So am I,” Julie murmured just as his lips covered hers.  “Mmm…” she moaned softly into the kiss as Sam rolled onto his back and pulled her on top of him.


At that moment, the phone rang and the two broke out of the kiss.




“It’s probably, Wooley.”  Julie said as she rolled off of Sam and reached for the phone.  “Hello?  Hi, Wooley…”


Sam sat up and moved to get out of the bed but was stopped by Julie’s hand on his shoulder.  “Going to the john,” he whispered in answer to the question in her eyes.


Julie smiled and turned her attention back to the phone.  “No… I’ve not looked over the songs yet,” she answered Wooley as she watched Sam stride naked across the room to the bathroom.  “I was… busy…”


Sam stopped in the doorway and looked back at her.  He grinned at the wink she gave him then disappeared into the john.




Sam looked at himself in the mirror as he washed his hands.  There was something different in his reflection.  He splashed some cool water on his face and peered closer at himself… he couldn’t quite put his finger on it… but there was a change, and he knew it was because of the beautiful woman in the bedroom.


‘Don’t let her get away,’ his wife’s voice sounded in his head.  ‘She’s good for you.’


Sam smiled and nodded.  ‘I won’t, Mo.


He dried his hands and face, and was about to wrap the towel around his waist when he spotted a robe hanging on the door.  Realizing it was one of the hotel’s robes; Sam slipped it on then opened the door and stopped at the sight before him.




“Yes, Wooley… I promise you, I will look them over before I go to bed,” Julie said as she finished rolling up the sleeves on Sam’s shirt which she had slipped on.  “Yes… I am sure I will be able to concentrate better tomorrow.”


She turned at the sound of the bathroom door opening, and smiled at Sam who was propped up in the doorway, watching her.


“Mmhmm… yep.  You too, chum.”  Julie said then hung up the phone.  “Sorry about that,” she finished buttoning his shirt.


“Not a problem.”


“It was Wooley.  My manager, and one of my oldest friends,” Julie explained as she walked towards him.  “I hope you don’t mind… I borrowed your shirt.”


Sam let his eyes drift over her body once again.  The shirt fell to mid-thigh, leaving her long, gorgeous legs bare to him.  She’d left the top four buttons open, revealing a generous amount of cleavage to his hungry eyes.  “No… I don’t mind,” he said in a husky voice as he brought his eyes up to hers.  “I don’t mind at all.”


Julie smiled as she watched Sam’s eyes darken and stepped into his arms.


“In fact,” Sam slipped his arms around her waist.  “I think you look damned sexy in it.”


“Thank you,” she blushed then rose up on her toes to give him a soft kiss.  “I’m going to slip into the bathroom…”


“While you do that, I’m going to call the front desk… see if my kids have called,” Sam told her, still holding her.  “And then I thought I would order up a snack from room service… something light we can munch on while you… go over your songs?”


Julie nodded.  “I need to look over some changes to the songs I’m singing at the concert.”


“And I need to go over some of the notes from the seminar today,” Sam grinned and pulled her closer.  “For some reason, I had a hard time concentrating.”


Julie laughed.


“Anything in particular you want from room service?”


“Something light,” she said and rose up again to brush a soft kiss on his lips then slipped out of his arms and into the bathroom.


Sam grinned and walked over to the phone.  Picking up the receiver, he quickly placed an order with room service then dialed the front desk.  “Hi, this is Doctor McGuire, room twelve oh eight.  Are there any messages for me?”


He sat down on the bed, and reached out to pick up his ID badge from the nightstand.  A smile came to his face when he remembered seeing Julie standing before him, wearing nothing but the badge.


“Yes, I’m still here.  Mmhmm… okay, thank you,” Sam said and pressed the button to disconnect then once he had the dial tone, he quickly dialed his home number.  “Hey, sport, it’s dad.”




Julie looked at herself in the mirror as she washed her hands.  There was something different in her reflection.


‘You’re happy,’ the little voice in her head told her.  ‘For the first time in a really long time, you’re happy.  Truly happy.’


Julie smiled.


She was happy.  So happy that she was glowing.


And it’s all because of the handsome man in the bedroom.


“A man I need to get back to,” Julie said to her reflection.




Sam looked up at the sound of the bathroom door opening and smiled before turning back to his conversation.  “No, you can’t sell your brother to the neighbours.  Because they wouldn’t take him.”


Julie smiled.


“Look, honey… I’ve got to go, and it’s time for you to go to bed.  Have a good day at school tomorrow.  Yes… I will call again tomorrow.  Mmhmm… I love you too, honey.”  Sam smiled.  “Tell Adam I love him too.  Allie… that’s not what I… thank you.  Be good.  Good night.  Bye.”


He hung up the phone and looked over at her.


“Adam put worms in her favourite boots,” Sam told her.


“So, she’s trying to sell him.”  Julie chuckled as she slowly walked towards him.  “Well, that is nicer than what I did to my younger brother after he tied all my panties together and swung them out the window.”


Sam grabbed her hand and pulled her into his lap.  “What did you do?”


“I…” Julie began to giggle.  “I stripped him down to his underwear and hung him out the window.”


“You didn’t?”  Sam started to chuckle.


“I did.”


Sam laughed.  “That’s great.  What’d your parents do?”


“Nothing.  They never found out.  Archibald was too embarrassed to admit that a girl, let alone his sister, had gotten the better of him.”


“I can’t say I blame him,” Sam said with a grin.  “No guy wants to ever admit that.”


Julie smiled and reached up to brush her fingers through his beard.  “Sam…” she began, suddenly serious again for the second time that evening.




“Will you stay the night with me?”


Sam smiled and rubbed his hands over her back.  “I was hoping you’d ask.  I would very much like to hold you all night.”


“Just hold me?”  Julie waggled her eyebrows suggestively at him.


Sam dropped one of his hands to her thigh and slid it up beneath her shirt.  “No…” he said in a deep voice dripping with obvious intent.


“Oh good…” Julie replied and leaned in to kiss him.


Just as their lips touched, there was a knock on the outer door.  “Room service.”


“Food’s here,” Sam said and brushed a fast kiss to her lips before shifting her out of his lap and onto the bed.  “I’ll be right back.”


Julie watched him go and fell back on the bed with a happy sigh.




Soft humming filled the room, and Sam smiled as he lowered his papers to his lap.  He turned to look at the woman beside him.


Julie continued to hum, unaware of Sam’s eyes on her.  Within moments, her humming turned into quiet singing and then, to Sam’s amusement and delight, Julie slipped out of the bed and began to move about the bedroom.


Sam was entranced.  Very carefully, so as not to distract her, he put his papers back in the folder and tossed it onto the floor.  He focused his attention on Julie, who was singing quietly still and gesturing with her hands.


As she came to the end of the song, Julie looked up to see Sam watching her with a soft smile on his face.  “I’m sorry…” she said.  “I didn’t mean to disturb you.”


“You didn’t,” Sam replied.


“It sometimes helps me to move around as I’m going over the songs… find my place, etcetera “


“I wasn’t complaining.  In fact, I was enjoying the show.  You have a beautiful voice.”


Julie blushed.


“I mean it,” Sam told her.  “Tell me something.”




Sam grinned, and he moved his eyes deliberately over her body.  “Do you give private shows?”


A slow sensuous smile came to Julie’s lips.  “I don’t normally, no.” She placed her sheet music on the table behind her.  She removed her glasses and tossed them on top of the paper then turned back to face him.  “But for you… I will make an exception.”


Sam’s grin grew and he shifted so that he was sitting up a little straighter.  He watched as Julie closed her eyes then began to slowly sway to a tune only she could hear.  A soft humming soon followed and when she opened her eyes to meet his, Sam knew he was about to be seduced… and he didn’t mind one bit.


“Never know how much I love you… never know how much I care…” Julie’s voice was low and husky.  She knelt on the edge of the bed and began to crawl slowly towards him.  “When you put arms around me, I get a fever that’s so hard to bear,” Julie straddled his legs.  “You give me fever, when you kiss me,” she leaned in and brushed her lips over his.  “Fever when you hold me tight…”


Sam slid his hands up her thighs to her waist and drew her closer.


“Fever… in the morning,” Julie leaned moved her mouth to his ear.  “Fever all through the night.”  She nipped his earlobe playfully then straightened up on him and began to play with the tie on his robe.  “Sun lights up the daytime… the moon lights up the night.  I light up when you call my name…”


“…Julie…” Sam whispered as she untied the sash on his robe and slid her hands inside to comb her fingers through his chest hair.


“‘And you know, I’m gonna treat you right…” Julie circled her hips against him, smiling when she felt his arousal throb beneath her.  “You give me fever…”


His fingers began to work on the buttons of her shirt.


“…when you kiss me…”


Sam leaned in and dropped a kiss to the upper swell of her breasts.


“Fever…” Julie rose up on her knees and fully opened his robe, “…when you hold me tight.”  She grasped his now fully erect member and sank down on him.  “Fever… in the morning… mmm… fever all through the night.”


Sam groaned and clutched her hips tightly then thrust up into her.


“Every… oh god, Sam…” Julie moaned.  “There’s more… oooh… mmm… there’s more to the song…”


“You can sing it to me later,” Sam told her as he sat up fully beneath her, bent his knees then pushed her onto her back.  “Right now… you’ve given me a fever…”


Julie grinned.  “Is that so?”  She asked and wrapped her legs around his waist.


“Oh yeah,” Sam answered as he withdrew then thrust back inside her.  “God, you’re sexy when you sing.”


“Thank you…” Julie replied as she trailed her fingers down his back and arched into him.  “Sam…”




“No more talking…” she tightened her legs around him, pulling him down hard into her.  “Make love to me…”


“Whatever my lady wants…” Sam replied and, lacing his fingers with hers and stretching their hands high above their heads, he began to do just that.




As the last vestiges of sleep left Sam, he became aware of the warm body pressed tightly to his own.  He smiled at the soft flesh held firmly in his right hand, and he couldn’t help but gently knead the mound; pleased when he felt the nipple harden against his palm.


He opened his eyes and looked down at the woman in his arms as the night’s events played over in his mind.  After Julie’s feverish seduction ended in an ardent lovemaking session, they’d curled up together in the bed and talked.


And talked… amidst lots of touching and stroking which led to another, less hurried, but just as passionate joining… after which, they’d fallen asleep in each other’s arms.


A soft sigh of his name pulled Sam out of his musings.  He blinked and found Julie awake, her head turned back towards him and a smile on her face as she met his eyes.


“Good morning,” Julie murmured as she reached back to caress his rear.


“Morning,” Sam replied and lowered his mouth to hers in a gentle kiss.  When the kiss ended, Julie rolled over and snuggled into his embrace.  Sam combed his fingers through her hair.  “How’d you sleep?”


“Very well, thank you.  You?”




“Mmm… glad to hear it,” Julie replied as she rubbed her cheek against his chest, pleased at the lack of awkwardness between them.  “What time is it?”


Sam glanced over her head to the clock radio on the nightstand.  “Almost six o’clock,” he answered and Julie groaned.  “My sentiments exactly.  But we both have early meetings…”


“I know,” Julie said and shifted closer as Sam rolled onto his back.  “I don’t want to go.  Is that selfish of me?”


“No.  I don’t want to go either,” Sam said.  “I want to stay here in bed with you… talking, and learning more about you.”


“Just talking?”  Julie lifted her head and smiled down at him, much like she had the night before.


Sam grabbed her hips and shifted her body on top of his.  “No,” he smoothed his hands down her back to clutch her rear and pull her closer.  “Talking is not all I want to do with you.”


“I’m glad to hear it.”


“But I meant what I said at dinner last night… I want to know everything about you, Julie.”


Julie flushed slightly.  “And I about you.”


At that moment, the alarm began to go off.  Sam reached out to shut it off and sighed as Julie dropped her head to his shoulder.




“You don’t even have to ask, sweetheart.  Just tell me where and when, and I will be waiting for you.”


Julie raised her head.  “How about in the lobby next to the fountain?”


“I’ll be there.”


Julie smiled and lowered her head to his.  “Now,” she spoke against his lips, “how about a nice quick shower?”


Sam grinned and sat them up.  “Hang on,” he told her then stood and carried her into the bathroom.




An hour and a half later, the door to Sam’s suite opened and Sam hurried in, followed by Julie.


“I’ll only be a moment,” he told her and toed off his boots while he rummaged through his suitcase and grabbed a clean set of clothes.


“No problem,” Julie replied as she slowly followed him into the bedroom.  She leaned up against the doorjamb and watched appreciatively as he pulled off his shirt then dropped his pants.


‘Nice ass,’ Julie thought to herself.  ‘Correction,’ she said internally as he turned to face her, still completely naked.  ‘Nice body.’


“You know,” Sam told her, breaking into her thoughts as he pulled on a pair of boxers.  “If you keep looking at me that way, we’re both going to be very late.”


Julie smiled.  “I can’t help it… you have a fantastic body.”


Sam grinned at her as he slipped into his jeans then disappeared into the bathroom.


Julie sat on the edge of the bed and picked up Sam’s shirt.  Unable to help herself, she brought the soft cotton to her nose and inhaled his now familiar scent.  She lowered the shirt to her lap with a sigh just as Sam emerged from the bathroom.  Julie stood and held out the shirt.


“Thanks,” Sam said as he pulled it on and quickly did up the buttons then tucked the ends into his jeans.  “How do I look?”


Julie let her eyes wander over him and she smacked her lips together as she met his eyes.  “You look,” she began as she stepped up to him and laid her hands on his chest, “incredibly sexy.”


Sam grinned and slipped his arms around her waist.  “Thank you,” he said and drew her closer.  “You look pretty damned sexy yourself.”


Julie blushed and rose up to brush her lips against his.


“Mmm…” Sam murmured.  “How am I supposed to concentrate on the seminar knowing what you’re wearing under your clothes?”


Julie laughed.


“You laugh… all I keep seeing is you in those red skimpy panties and lacy bra.”  He pulled her closer.


“Just think of how much fun you’ll have getting me out of them.”


Sam’s eyes darkened and his hands slipped into the back pockets of her jeans.  “Trust me… I’ve been thinking of nothing else since you slipped them on.”


Julie laughed again then moaned as Sam kissed her hungrily.  “Sam…” she gasped against his lips.  “Sam, we can’t…”


“I know,” Sam broke off the kiss and buried his face in her hair.


They sighed.


“This is crazy,” Julie said in a quiet voice.


“It is.”


“We’ve only just met.”


“I know,” Sam agreed then lifted his head to meet her eyes.  “Julie…”


Julie smiled.  “I know, Sam.”


They shared another soft kiss.


“We’d better go,” Sam said.


Julie nodded and, arm in arm, they left Sam’s suite.




Still arm in arm, Sam and Julie walked through the lobby.


“There’s Wooley,” Julie said and pointed to the man pacing in front of the fountain.  “I want you to meet him.”


“All right,” Sam nodded and allowed Julie to lead him over to the anxious looking gentleman.


“There you are,” Wooley said.  “I’ve been calling you all morning!” 


“You have?”


“Yes,” Wooley replied.  “Why didn’t you answer your phone?”


“We didn’t hear it ring.  You must have called while we were in the shower,” Julie said and blushed as she glanced at Sam.


“We?  Oh…” Wooley stopped and finally looked at the man with his arm around Julie.


“Wooley, this is Sam McGuire.  Sam… Wooley,” Julie introduced them.


Sam held his hand out.  “Nice to meet you,” he said.


“Likewise,” Wooley replied as he shook Sam’s hand, and gave him the once over.


Sam was aware that Wooley was sizing him up, and he found he didn’t mind.  The man was obviously protective of Julie.  When their hands dropped, Sam was aware that he was on probation with the understanding that if he screwed up, there would be hell to pay.


“Did you get a chance to go over the songs?”  Wooley asked Julie.


“Yes,” Julie answered.  “I’ve made some notes for a few more changes.”


“You can tell me in the car,” Wooley said.  “Otherwise we’ll be late.”


Julie nodded then turned her attention to Sam.  “Here,” she pulled a key-card out of her pocket and placed it in his hand.  “This is the spare key to my suite.”


“I thought we were going to meet here.”


“This is just in case the rehearsal runs late… which it’s been known to do,” Julie told him.  “And I don’t want you to have to stand around here waiting for me.”


“Okay,” Sam said and slipped the key-card into his back pocket.


“Enjoy your seminar,” Julie told him as she wrapped her arms around his neck.


“I’ll try,” Sam replied and slipped his arms about her waist and drew her closer.  “Have a good rehearsal.”


“I will,” Julie murmured as she threaded her fingers in his hair and pulled his mouth down to hers.


What was supposed to be a gentle goodbye kiss grew into a passionate exchange as their tongues tangled and their bodies pressed close.


A clearing throat broke them apart.


“Coming, Wooley.”  Julie said without breaking eye contact with Sam.  “I’ve got to go.”


“I know.”


They shared a couple of breathy kisses then stepped out of each other’s arms.


“I’ll see you later,” Sam told her.


Julie nodded.  “Definitely.”


Sam smiled then turned and headed out across the lobby to where his next seminar was being held.


“So, that was yesterday’s distraction, huh?”  Wooley asked as he grabbed Julie’s arm and led her towards the hotel exit.


“Yes,” Julie answered with a smile.


“Give me the short version.”


“We ran into each other, literally, yesterday morning.  Then we ran into each other again after you left me in the lobby to go to the casino,” Julie explained, “and he invited me to dinner.”


“And then you slept with him.”


Julie nodded and held her hand up.  “Don’t say it.”


“I wasn’t going to say a word.  You’re a grown woman.”


“That’s right.  I am.”


Wooley looked at her as they waited for the valet to bring the car around.  “You have feelings for him.”


It wasn’t a question, as much as an observation but Julie nodded anyway and answered in a quiet voice.  “Yes, I do.  I care about him… a lot.”




Sam glanced at his watch, and sighed.


With twenty minutes still to go before the next seminar began, he found himself becoming restless.  And as they had from the moment he’d run into her, Sam’s thoughts turned to Julie.


He wondered how her rehearsal was going… and then began to think about what they could do when they were together again…other than spend hours in bed.


‘Maybe I’ll take her out for dinner,’ Sam thought to himself. ‘Even if I would love nothing more than to spend all night in bed with her again.’


“Telephone call for Doctor Sam McGuire.  Please proceed to the nearest white courtesy phone.  Doctor Sam McGuire.”


Sam glanced at his watch again and frowned.  “Please don’t let anything be wrong with the kids…” he said under his breath as he looked around for the courtesy phones.  Spotting one just across the hall, he hurried over and picked up the receiver.  “This is Sam McGuire.”


“Miss me?”


A large smile filled Sam’s face.  “Terribly,” he answered.  “I was just thinking about you.”


“Good thoughts?”


“Oh yeah,” Sam replied and he could hear Julie’s smile through the phone.


“Do you have time to talk?”


“Yeah.  The next seminar doesn’t start for another fifteen minutes,” Sam told her.  “So, how’s the rehearsal going?”


“Very well.  I remembered all the lyrics.”


Sam laughed at her almost shy admission.  “That’s a good thing.”


“How was YOUR concentration today?”


“Only a little better,” Sam told her.  “While yesterday I was distracted wondering about you… today I was distracted remembering all the little things I’d discovered about you.”




Sam glanced around to make sure no one could overhear him then spoke in a low voice.  “Like those little gasps you make when I tease your nipples, first with my fingers then with my tongue…”


“Oh god, Sam…” Julie’s voice came over the phone in a breathless voice.


“Then there’s the taste of you.  Your skin…” Sam began.  “And you… god, Jules… that one taste of you on my fingers was not enough… I want to taste more of you.”




“Tonight… tonight I will taste all of you,” Sam told her.


“Oh… god…”


“A late dinner, some dancing… and then, back to your suite for dessert,” Sam said.  “How does that sound?”


“Sounds wonderful,” there was a pause and Sam heard muffled conversation in the background followed by her sigh.  “I have to go, darling…”


“I heard,” Sam said.  “It’s okay, sweetheart.  I will see you tonight.”










Julie slipped the key-card into the reader and opened the door.  She smiled at the sight of Sam sitting at the small desk, his glasses perched on the end of his nose.


He looked up and smiled.  “Hey,” he said as he pulled off his glasses and got to his feet.


“Hi,” Julie replied as she dropped her purse on the chair then stepped into his waiting arms.  She sighed happily as he enveloped her.  “Mmm…”


“Rough day?”  Sam asked as he rubbed her back.


“Long…” Julie answered.  “And made even longer because of someone promising me a special dessert tonight.”


Sam smiled as he slid his hands into her hair and gently tugged her head back so he could look at her.  “Would it make you feel better knowing that that promise distracted me too?”


“Yes,” Julie nodded and grinned at him.


Sam laughed and lowered his mouth to hers.  They shared a long, deep kiss before Sam broke it off to whisper against her lips.  “Been thinking about doing that too.”


“Me too.”


Sam smiled then stepped out of her arms.  “Come with me,” he grabbed her hands and pulled her with him across the suite towards the bedroom.  “It should be just about right by now.”


“What should?”  Julie asked as Sam led her through the bedroom and into the bathroom.  “Oh, Sam…”


The lights in the bathroom were dimmed, and there were a dozen lit candles around the steaming bathtub.  The scent of lavender assaulted Julie’s senses.


“I thought you could do with a little relaxing,” Sam said as he moved behind her, wrapped his arms around her and began to undo the buttons on her blouse.  “First, a nice hot bath...”


“Will you be joining me?”  Julie asked and leaned back against him as he continued to release the buttons.


“Not at first,” Sam said and eased her forward to tug her blouse down her arms; her red lacy bra quickly followed.  “I have to finish up a few things on my presentation and then I will join you.”


“Mmm…” Julie moaned softly as Sam cupped her breasts, his fingers dancing lightly over her nipples before he dropped his hands to the button on her jeans.


Within moments, Julie was naked and Sam was helping her into the tub.


“Oooh… oh this feels good,” she sighed happily as she sank into the water.


Sam knelt beside the tub then leaned over to give her a gentle kiss.  “Now, lie back and relax… and before you know it, I will be back to wash your back… and anything else you want washed.”


Julie grinned.  “Sounds good.”


Sam smiled, and after another brief kiss, stood and left the bathroom.


Julie released another sigh and closed her eyes.  Ten minutes later, she heard a rustling in the other room and opened her eyes in time to see Sam walking back into the bathroom.




Julie licked her lips.


Sam grinned.  “Like what you see?”


“Oh yes,” Julie nodded.  “And I would very much like a closer view.”


Sam laughed.  “Scoot up.”


Julie chuckled and shifted forward in the water, wrapping her arms around her knees and turning back to watch Sam as he stepped into the tub behind her.


Sam settled down in the water, stretched his legs out on either side of Julie then reached out to grasp her upper arms.  “Come here,” he said and gently tugged her back against him.


Twin sighs filled the room as Julie lay back against Sam’s chest.  His arms wrapped around her and his hands laced with hers to rest on her stomach.


“Now this…” Julie said, tilting her head back to look at him, “feels even better.”


“Yes, it does.”  Sam smiled and pressed a quick kiss to her lips.


They fell into a comfortable silence as they relaxed deeper into the water.  Their hands began a gentle exploration of each other’s bodies.  Fingers caressed and touched as they slowly aroused each other.






They met each other’s eyes at their twin whispers, and smiled.  Once again, the depth of feelings they could see in each other’s eyes shocked them both.


‘It’s too soon…’ both were thinking to themselves as they continued to gaze into each other’s eyes.  ‘We’ve only known each other for two days…’


“You feel it?”  Julie asked quietly.


“Yes,” Sam replied as his arms tightened around her.


“It’s crazy,” Julie said, echoing her words from just that morning.


“Mmhmm…” Sam nodded then leaned his forehead against hers.  “Sometimes… crazy is good.”  He brushed his lips against hers.


“Very good,” Julie murmured as she reached up to slip her fingers in his hair and pull his mouth to hers.  “Sam…” she moaned softly and shifted back against him.  “…I want you…”


Sam smiled against her mouth as he cupped her breasts.  “I want you too…” he told her as he pulled gently on her nipples, teasing them into hard points.


Julie arched into his touch and drew in a shaky breath as he trailed a hand down over her stomach to slip between her thighs.  She spread her legs, hooking them over Sam’s and moaned as his fingers began to stroke her.


“Ooh…” her soft moan made Sam smile and he slid a finger inside her.  He curled it within her then slowly pulled it out; added a second finger and pushed them back into her.


Julie lifted her hips, following his fingers as he moved them in and out of her.  Her head fell back on Sam’s shoulder and she groaned his name as his other hand continued to play with her breast.


Sam nibbled on Julie’s shoulder, gently nipping her skin with his teeth then laving it with his tongue.  The fingers on her breast pulled at her nipples, teasing the already hard tips into aching points.  The hand between her thighs continued its relentless assault… every plunge of his fingers drew a moan… every circle of his thumb on her clit, a soft whimper of his name… and it wasn’t long before Julie was writhing against him.


“Sam…” Julie’s hand clutched the wrist of the hand working her sex.  “Oh, Sam please…” she gripped his wrist tightly and pushed back against the hard shaft throbbing at the cleft of her rear.  “I need you inside me…”


“Come for me first,” Sam whispered in her ear and put a little more pressure on her clit.


“…oooh, Sam…”


“Come, Jules!  Let me hear you…” Sam drove his fingers deep into her, curling them to hit that one particular spot within her sheath.  At her loud cry of his name, he knew he’d found it, and repeated the movement again and again.


“…Sam... Sam… oh…” Julie’s body arched up off Sam’s as her release reached its zenith and came in a blinding shimmer of blazing sensation.  “SAM!”


Sam’s fingers did not stop and he continued to plunge them into her, coaxing a second orgasm out of her.  He smiled as she screamed his name again.  Sam pulled his fingers out of her and shifted her body up his a little.  He reached for his erection then positioned the head of his shaft at her entrance.


Julie’s breath caught in her throat as she felt Sam slowly begin to press his arousal inside her still quivering sheath from behind.  “Oh… oh god…” she groaned when Sam was fully inside her; every inch of him throbbing deep within her.  “…Sam…”


Sam gripped her hips and began to thrust up into her; sliding in and out of her slick heat. Over and over, in and out, Sam drove into her, his hands guiding Julie’s hips as she thrust down to meet his every move.


Julie turned her head towards him, her lips seeking his.  They kissed hungrily; their tongues mating and matching the rhythm of their bodies.  The water in the tub rolled over them as their movements became more exaggerated, more frantic as their orgasms neared.


“Sam… oh yes…” Julie broke off the kiss to cry out his name as he rolled his hips beneath her then drove up into her, hitting her g-spot with amazing accuracy.  “Yes…”


Sam’s hands tightened on her hips and he planted his feet firmly on the tub then began to plunge into her harder and faster.  “Jules…” Sam groaned her name as he felt his release approaching.


“I know…” Julie panted.  “Me too…”


Julie pushed down on him.


“Together, sweetheart…”


Sam drove up.




Their bodies moved together, and seconds later, with a final plunge of his shaft into her, the bathroom echoed with their twin shouts of ecstasy.


Water from the tub splashed over the sides as their bodies thrashed together; both lost in the throes of their orgasms.


“SamohSamohSam… oh Sam…” Julie gasped breathlessly over and over as wave after wave of sheer pleasure rolled over her.


Sam’s fingers dug into her flesh as he pulsed desperately into her; his juices flying out of his shaft in long pearly ropes.  His orgasm spiraled, twisted and condensed within him.


“Oh god…” Sam groaned as their bodies sank back into water.  He wrapped his arms around Julie’s body and held her close.


“Sam,” Julie whispered his name as she covered his hands with hers.  Her body shuddered as a residual tremor passed through her.  “Oh, Sam… that was incredible…”


They lay in silence as their bodies slowly calmed down.


“So, where are you taking me for dinner?”  Julie asked, several long moments later.


“To a little out of the way place I found when I was here for last year’s convention.  They’re small but they have great food,” Sam told her.  “And a dance floor.”


“Sounds good,” Julie smiled.


Sam grinned and reached out for the soap.  He quickly worked up a thick lather.  “Let’s get cleaned up,” he said as he covered her breasts with his soapy hands.  “I don’t know about you… but I’m actually quite hungry now.”


Julie laughed.






At Julie’s gentle tug on his arm, Sam stopped walking and looked at her.  “Yes?”


“I… I think I should warn you… there’s a chance that I could be recognized when we leave the hotel,” Julie told him.  “The paparazzi know I’m here in Vegas to do a concert…”


“I understand,” Sam said.  “Not a problem.”


Julie smiled.  “Okay.  I just wanted you to be prepared… just in case.”


Sam grinned, pulled her closer and slipped his arm around her waist.  “Shall we go, Ms. Carlisle?”


“Lead the way, Doctor McGuire.”  Julie smiled and slipped her arm around him as well.




“Can I interest either of you in dessert?”


Sam and Julie looked up to see the owner of the restaurant standing beside their table, smiling at them.


“Nothing for me, thank you.”  Julie replied.


“I’m fine too, thanks.”  Sam said.  “We’ll take the cheque now please.”


“Very well.  I will be right back,” the man told them and disappeared.


Julie gave Sam an inquisitive look.  “I thought you couldn’t pass up dessert?”


Sam rested his arms on the table, leaned forward and fixed Julie with green eyes filled with desire.  “Oh, I didn’t,” he said in a low voice.  “I’m having you for dessert later, remember?”


“Oh…” Julie inhaled sharply at Sam’s words and felt a shiver of anticipation tingle down her spine.  She was about to reply when the owner returned with their bill.


“I hope the meal was to your satisfaction.”


“It was fantastic, Tony.” Sam told him as he took the cheque.


“Yes, the meal was fabulous,” Julie smiled at the older man.


Tony grinned.  “I am glad to hear that.  And I hope you were not bothered during your meal.”


“We weren’t.  Thank you,” Julie said.


When Sam and Julie had entered the small restaurant, Tony, the owner had immediately recognized Julie and had hurried over to them.  He had been bubbling over with excitement, telling her that he was one of her biggest fans.  After securing her autograph, Tony had been ready to escort them to a table in the middle of the restaurant when Sam told him that they would prefer a more secluded table.


Understanding immediately, Tony escorted them to a table in the corner closest to the dance floor, and proceeded to wait on them himself.


“I am glad to hear that,” Tony said and smiled as Sam handed him some cash to pay for the bill.  “Do you require change?”


“Nope,” Sam replied.


“Thank you.  Enjoy the rest of your evening,” Tony said with a slight bow then left.


Sam and Julie met each other’s eyes and smiled.


They’d had a delicious meal… and had talked nonstop; both sharing more stories about themselves, and getting to know one another better, even though both felt as if they’d been together forever.


“So, now what?”  Julie asked.


At that moment a slow song began to play on the jukebox.  Sam smiled and extended his hand to her.


“Now… we dance,” Sam said as he rose from his chair and moved around the table to stand beside her; still holding her hand.


Julie smiled and allowed Sam to help her to her feet then lead her out onto the dance floor.  She sighed happily when he pulled her into his arms and began to move her around the floor.


“You’re a wonderful dancer,” Julie said, surprise evident in her voice.  “You and your wife must have danced a lot.”


Sam shook his head.  “Not really.  Maureen loved to dance.  Ballet, tap... but when it came to dancing like this,” he shrugged.  “It wasn’t her most favourite thing to do.”






“Hmm,” Julie said, wondering to herself how Maureen could not have loved being held in Sam’s arms this way.  “How did you become such a good dancer then?”


“My mother insisted I learn and taught me,” Sam answered as he guided her effortlessly around the other couples on the floor.


“She did a very good job,” Julie remarked.


The song changed and another, even slower, song came on.  Sam pulled Julie closer; releasing the hand he held against his chest so that he could wrap his arms around her.


Julie sighed happily and laid her head on Sam’s shoulder.  Her arms wound about his neck and her fingers played with the hair at his nape.  She nuzzled her nose against his neck and murmured, “Mmm… you smell good.”


Sam smiled and rubbed his hands up and down her back.  “And you feel good.”


They no longer moved around the dance floor; both content to simply hold each other and sway to the music.


At the feel of Julie’s lips on his neck, Sam slid his hands down to cup her rear.  Julie responded by nibbling her way up to his jaw to his lips.  The kiss was slow and deep; their tongues dancing lazily in each other’s mouths.


“…Sam…” Julie whispered breathlessly against his lips, her voice filled with longing.


“Mmm?”  Sam met her eyes.


“Take me back to the hotel,” she said and snaked her fingers into his hair.  “I want to be alone with you.”


Sam nodded and gave her another passionate kiss then keeping his arm around her waist, led her off the dance floor and out of the restaurant.




They walked hand in hand down the strip; their eyes only on each other as they talked quietly. 


So lost in each other, neither one noticed the throng of people milling about in front of the Vegas Hilton until it was too late.


“Ms. Carlisle!”


Blinding flashes from every angle suddenly went off; stunning them both.


“Julie!  Over here!”


“Julie… who’s the new man?”


“Ms. Carlisle… this way…”


Sam slipped his arm around Julie’s waist and pulled her tight against him as he pushed steadily through the crowd; ignoring the questions the reporters were throwing at both of them.  After what felt like an eternity, Sam finally managed, with the help of the Hilton’s doorman, to get them both into the hotel.


“Are you all right?”


They smiled at having voiced the question simultaneously.


“I’m fine,” Julie responded.  “I’m used to it.  What about you?”


“I’m fine too,” Sam said and glanced over his shoulder through the windows.  “Wow,” he muttered then turned back to her.  “You ARE a celebrity.”


“Does it change things?”  Julie asked, suddenly worried that the throng of reporters was causing him to have second thoughts.


Sam shook his head and cupped her cheek.  “No.  I would still want you… want to know all about you.  Even if you were simply a crazy tourist or one of the housekeeping staff here… I would still find you fascinating.”


Julie smiled and leaned into his caress.  “I’m glad to hear that.”


“Now,” Sam said and once more slipped his arm about her waist.  “I believe you mentioned something about wanting to be alone with me.”


Julie’s eyes darkened as she gazed into his green ones.  “Mmhmm… and if I recall… you said something about having dessert.”


Sam grinned and the two quickly headed for the elevators.




Julie moaned softly as Sam’s lips skimmed her neck.  “Sam…” she clenched her hands on his where they rested on her stomach.  “Darling, the elevator could stop at any moment…”


“Mmhmm…” Sam murmured as he gently nipped the back of her neck.


At that moment, as if to prove Julie’s point, the elevator stopped.  The doors opened and two young ladies walked into the car.  Julie moved to leave Sam’s arms, but he tightened them around her; holding her in place.


Julie relaxed back against him; very aware that the two women were watching them… albeit covertly.


“No… you ask her.”  Julie heard one of them whisper.


“Okay… I will.”


Julie smiled as the taller of the two turned to face her directly.


“Ms. Carlisle?”




“We truly hate to bother you, but would it be possible for us to get your autograph?”


“Sure,” Julie nodded.


“And if it wouldn’t be pushing it, could we get a picture taken too?”


Julie laughed.  “That would be fine.”


“Great!  Thank you!”  The other girl exclaimed.


“Have you got a pen and something for me to sign?”  Julie asked and wasn’t surprised when both girls pulled out copies of the program for her upcoming concert.  She took the booklet from the shorter of the two young women.  “Who do I make this out to?”




Julie smiled, quickly signed the program and handed it back to Jennifer then turned to the girl who’d asked for the autographs.  “And yours?”




Julie signed the second program then handed it to Mary.  “You also wanted a picture.  Is the three of us together all right?”


“Fine,” Mary and Jennifer said together then laughed as Mary dug out her camera.


Julie turned her head back to look at Sam.  “Would you take it?”


Sam nodded.  “Happy to,” he said and released Julie then took Mary’s camera.  “Okay, the three of you over there,” Sam gestured to the other side of the elevator.


Julie stepped over to stand between the two girls and noticed that both of their eyes were traveling over Sam.  She bit back a laugh as she slipped her arms about both of their shoulders.


“He does wear those jeans well, doesn’t he?”  Julie remarked in a quiet voice then laughed softly when both Jennifer and Mary blushed.


“Oh yes he does,” Mary and Jennifer replied in unison as they nodded their agreement.


“Okay, smile.”  Sam told them, not having heard their conversation.




The door to Julie’s suite opened.


“They were not!”


“They were,” Julie countered.  “Those two girls were ogling you.”


Sam shook his head.  “They were too in awe of having had their picture taken with you.”


“Unh unh… they were both very impressed with how well you wear your jeans,” Julie told him as she stepped up to him and wrapped her arms around him.  “And why wouldn’t they be,” she slid her hands over his rear.  “You do fill them out very well.”


Sam grinned at her as he wrapped his arms around her as well and drew her closer.  “Thank you,” he said and brushed his lips over hers.  “I still think they were ogling you more than me.  Something tells me… you have that effect on a lot of people, regardless of what sex they are.  Lord knows you’ve had it on me.”


“Sam…” Julie licked her lips at the desire she could see in his emerald eyes.  She leaned in and covered his mouth with hers.


They kissed slowly, each of them taking the time to savour every taste… every touch of their tongues… every sensation.  They made love to each other with their mouths, mimicking the dance their bodies would soon be sharing.


“I’m ready for dessert now,” Sam murmured against her lips as his fingers released the hook on the back of her dress then slowly slid the zipper down.  He took a step back and, holding her eyes; he slipped his fingers beneath the straps and eased them off of her shoulders then let the dress slide down her body to the floor.  Sam gave Julie a small smile then let his eyes leisurely move down over her body.  She stood before him wearing only black lace panties and black pumps. “Oh god, you really are so beautiful.”


“…Sam…” Julie gasped softly as he reached out and circled her nipples lightly with his fingers then cupped the generous mounds.


Sam stepped closer and leaned down to take a distended nipple into his mouth.  He swirled his tongue around then suckled hard on the berried tip.  After bestowing the same treatment on her other breast, Sam released the nipple and kissed his way up her chest to her mouth.


As they kissed, Julie’s hands tugged at Sam’s shirt; freeing it from his jeans before her fingers began to work on the buttons.  Sam’s hands joined hers, and in no time Julie was pushing the shirt off him as he toed his boots off.  As his shirt hit the floor, their hands collided at his belt buckle.


In moments, Sam was naked and Julie was back in his arms.  He walked her slowly through the suite towards the bedroom; their mouths locked together the entire time.  When they reached the edge of the bed, Sam broke off the kiss and cupped her cheek.


“Do you trust me?”


“Yes,” Julie answered immediately.


Sam smiled and stroked his thumb over her lips.  “I’m glad,” he said and kissed her again then dropped to his knees before her.  He pressed his lips to her stomach as his hands caressed down her sides to her hips.  Sam slipped his fingers into the sides of her panties and slowly drew them down her long legs.


Julie stepped out of them and felt her stomach flip flop when Sam brought the lacy garment to his nose and inhaled deeply before tossing them over his shoulder.  She moved to kick her shoes off when Sam’s hand on her foot stopped her.


“Leave them on,” he told her in a husky voice.  Julie smiled and nodded then at his gentle urging, she sat on the edge of the mattress.  Sam shifted closer so that he was kneeling between her legs.


Sam caught her mouth in another ardent kiss, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth as he continued to stroke her body with his hands.  He could feel the heat emanating from her core; her damp curls pressing enticingly against his stomach.  Sam pulled away from the kiss to give her a loving smile before he dipped his head again to give each nipple a quick suck. 


Julie watched, her breath catching in anticipation as Sam shifted closer then sat back on his haunches.  “Lay back,” she heard him tell her and swallowed hard at the hungry look in his eyes.


Sam grasped her hips and pulled her closer to the edge of the bed as she leaned back on her elbows.  “Spread your legs, Jules…” he said in a low voice and tapped his fingers over her thighs.  He smiled as she did as he asked and parted her thighs, giving him a clear view of her glistening curls.


He wrapped his arms around her thighs and used his fingers to pull her open.  A low growl escaped him at the sight of her quivering pink flesh and he leaned forward and covered her sex with his mouth.


“Oh god…” Julie moaned and fell back completely on the bed at the feel of his tongue gliding over her.


Sam was in heaven.  He licked and sucked at her swollen flesh, her unique flavour washing over his taste buds with every swipe of his tongue.  He unwrapped his arms from around Julie’s thighs and laid one arm across her belly while he slipped the other hand between her thighs.  As he pulled her clit between his lips, he slid his fingers, first one then another into her slick heat.


“…Sam…” Julie clutched at the blankets as Sam moved the long digits in and of her.  Intense waves of pleasure rolled over her as Sam’s lips and fingers worked in tandem to bring her closer and closer to the edge.


“Mmm…” Sam hummed as he flicked at her clit with his tongue and urged Julie to spread her legs wider.  He pressed his mouth closer, sucking hard on the swollen nub as he continued to plunge his fingers into her.


“Oooh, oh yes… Sam…” Julie moaned and clutched at his head as his fingers found and stroked the sensitive knot within her sheath.  “…please… oh, Sam… please…”


Sam grinned internally and delighted in every sound that Julie emitted as he continued his ministrations.  A thrust of his fingers into her made her gasp.  A suck on her clit made her moan.  Both simultaneously, made Julie cry out his name and fist her hand in his hair.


The swells within her grew and Julie found herself writhing on the bed as Sam thoroughly loved her with his mouth.  “Oh god…” she whimpered as Sam brought her to the brink of orgasm for the third time without letting her go over.  “I can’t take… please…” she tugged on his hair even as she pushed him closer.  “…Sam… darling, please… oh…”


The longing… the need, Sam heard in Julie’s voice made Sam’s manhood throb with a need of his own to be buried deep inside her.  He drove his fingers deep within her, harder, faster… and pulled hard on her clit even as he flattened his tongue against it.


Bright lights flashed before Julie’s eyes and her body curled up off the bed as she came; screaming his name.  “Sam!  Oh yes…”


Sam continued his assault on her sex; licking, sucking and pushing Julie through her orgasm into a second, even stronger, more intense climax.  Julie fell back to the bed as her body shook with the force of her release.  Her hand clenched painfully in Sam’s hair then fell away as her body went limp.


When Julie’s hand fell away from his head, Sam quickly pulled his mouth and fingers away from her centre and gently moved her body into the middle of the bed then crawled over her.  He slid his aching length into her still quivering sheath.  A low groan sounded deep in his throat and he fought to keep from coming then and there.


Julie’s eyes closed as her orgasm continued to roll over her and she felt her world tilt.  It wasn’t until she felt Sam’s body cover and join with hers that she realized he’d moved her further onto the bed.  She opened her eyes when, after several moments, he still hadn’t moved.


Their eyes held as Sam lowered his mouth to hers in a heated kiss.  Julie moaned at the strong flavour of herself on his lips and pulled back.


“Sam…” she whispered as she reached up to stroke his cheek.  Her thumb smoothed the evidence of her release away from his chin and she smiled up at him.  “…make love with me…”


“For as long as you’ll let me,” Sam replied in a quiet voice as she drew his mouth back down to hers.


The kiss was slow and full of the emotions both were feeling but still not quite ready to voice.  As the kiss continued, Julie shifted beneath Sam and wrapped her legs around his lower back in a silent plea for him to begin moving.


Sam rocked his hips against her gently then broke off the kiss.  He held her eyes as he rose up on his elbows, threaded his fingers into her short hair and began to move with more purpose.


Julie moaned as Sam withdrew almost completely then sank slowly back into her.  “Yes…” she hissed as he did it again, and again.  Each protracted plunge of his length into her wet heat sent a myriad of sensations coursing through their bodies.  “Yes, Sam…”


“Jules… oh, sweetheart…” Sam groaned as he moved fluidly in and out of her, “…you feel so good…”


“So do you,” Julie replied as she trailed her hands down his sides to grasp his rear.  She kneaded the firm globes, urging him to thrust harder and faster, then slowly slid her hands up his back to clutch at his shoulders.  “Sam…”


“I know…” Sam said then groaned when he felt her inner walls squeeze him tightly.  “Oh, god… do that again…” he begged as he thrust into her, again and again; each thrust becoming shorter and less controlled.  “Jules…”


“Me too…” Julie’s nails dug into his shoulders as her legs tightened around his hips.  “Make us come, Sam… please…”


“Yes…” he groaned and caught her lips in a wild kiss as he began to pound into her.  Over and over, in and out; Sam drove into her relentlessly, pushing them closer and closer to the edge.


“Oh yes… Sam!”


“Oh shit… Jules!”


It was like hot gold roaring through Julie’s veins; slow, thick, bright wave after overlapping wave of sensation, cascading down to her very core and drowning in the backwash of Sam’s explosive climax.


Sam’s hips jerked spasmodically as his orgasm exploded over him as glittering shards of sensation flickered through his senses.


They clung to each other as they soared on the wings of their shared release.  When they came back to themselves, both were too overwhelmed to speak.  They kissed and cuddled in a contented silence… falling asleep in each other’s arms.




Julie’s eyes fluttered open.


Unsure of what had woken her, she turned, with the intention of snuggling closer to the hard body beside her, to find Sam awake and looking down at her in the low light.  She felt her heart skip a beat at the look she could see in his eyes.  It was the same look she’d seen the first night they’d made love… only now, it was more intense.


“Sam?”  Julie whispered as he reached out to stroke her cheek.


“I love you,” Sam said in a hushed voice.


“I love you too,” Julie replied in an equally quiet voice.


Smiles spread over both their faces, and a sense of peace… a rightness, neither had felt in a long time, settled over them.


They’d only known each other for just over forty-eight hours.  But both realized that it did not matter.  What they felt… what they were feeling for each other was real, and despite the brevity of time… it was strong.


No more words were spoken.  None were needed.


Sam lowered his head and brushed his lips lightly over Julie’s several times before claiming her mouth in a deep, loving kiss.  Julie rolled onto her side so that she was lying fully in Sam’s arms and tangled her legs with his.


Lying in each other’s arms, they kissed and caressed; hands finding all the spots they had learned brought the other pleasure, and slowly built their arousal.  When the moment was right, Sam eased Julie onto her back and moved over her.


“I love you,” they mouthed together as Sam slid easily into her hot depths.


Twin sighs of pleasure sounded in the quiet room as they became one.  Sam held Julie’s eyes as he began to leisurely move in and out of her.  Both were very aware that this joining had very little to do with sex and everything to do with celebrating and consummating the love between them.


They rocked together, their bodies in total sync… as if they’d been lovers for years and not just two days.  Sam reached for Julie’s hands, lacing their fingers together and stretching their arms above their heads as he dipped his head to kiss her.


Julie’s release came without warning.  While not as explosive as her earlier orgasms at Sam’s hands, her climax was still profound and overwhelming; the waves of pleasure rolling gently through her body.  “Sam…” she gasped at the intensity of the sensations, and the emotions behind them.


“Julie…” Sam groaned her name as her orgasm triggered his.  His body bowed and his juices rose up his shaft to spill into her body.  As with Julie, Sam’s orgasm was not as volatile as his earlier releases, but it was still intense and overwhelming; fissures of sensation passing through him.


In that one glorious moment of sheer pleasure, their souls merged and became one.  Pure and utter joy surged through them as they were enveloped in love.


Julie clung to Sam, unaware of the tears coursing down her cheeks.  All she knew in that moment, was that she never wanted to let him go.


Sam’s arms slid beneath Julie and he held her tightly.  Tears ran down his cheeks and mingled with hers as he realized that there was no way on earth that he would able to let her go.


“Oh, Sam…” Julie whispered against his ear when she found her voice.  She unwrapped her legs from around his hips and tangled them loosely with his legs.


Sam lifted his head and met her eyes.  The two shared a smile at the tears clinging to each other’s cheeks.  He lowered his head and kissed the tears from her skin then covered her lips in a loving kiss.


As they kissed, Sam tightened his arms around her then rolled them over so that Julie was sprawled out over him like a warm blanket.  Their kiss slowly tapered off and Julie settled her head against his chest; smiling at the steady beat of his heart beneath her ear.


Neither spoke; both happy and content to simply lie in each other’s arms and savour their newly expressed feelings of love.


As their breathing and heartbeats returned to normal, and amidst gentle and loving caresses, the two lovers drifted off to sleep.




“Are you sure you don’t want to join me?”


“I didn’t say that.”


“But you’re not going to?”


“If I do… you’ll be late for your seminar.  And since you’re the one giving it, being late is probably not a good idea.”


Sam grinned.  “You have a point,” he said then sighed exaggeratedly.  “All right… I’ll shower alone.”


Julie laughed then gave him a sensuous look.  “We can take a shower together tonight…”






Sam’s grin returned as he turned and headed towards the bathroom.  “I won’t be too long.”


“Okay,” Julie said as she stood and began to gather up their breakfast dishes.  She set the tray outside the door.


Julie moved over to the small desk in the room where she had a small keyboard set up.  She sat down, opened her music and began to go over the notes she’d made at the last rehearsal.




Sam stepped out of the shower and reached for the towel.  He smiled as the sound of Julie’s singing reached his ears.  He quickly dried off, pulled on his robe then left the bathroom.


He paused in the doorway between the bedroom and the lounge of the suite and simply watched Julie for several minutes.  Finally, unable to stay away from her any longer, Sam slowly made his way across the room to stand behind her.


“Did you have a nice shower?”  Julie asked him in between choruses.


“Nice… but lonely,” Sam replied as he laid his hands on her shoulders then bent low to place a kiss on her neck.


“Mmm…” Julie murmured as she tilted her head to the side to give him better access.  “That is very distracting.”


“It’s supposed to be.”


“You have a seminar.”


“I don’t care.”


“Yes you do.”


Sam sighed and dropped his forehead to her shoulder.  “You’re right… I do…”


Julie stopped playing and turned in the chair to face him.  She wrapped her arms around his waist as he straightened up and laid her head on his stomach.  She sighed happily when she felt him stroking her hair. 


“You need to get dressed.”


“Mmhmm, I do.”  Sam said as he slipped his fingers into her hair and gently tugged her head back.  “There’s a dinner tonight.  A big to do they always have at the end of the conference… would you go with me?”


Julie smiled and nodded.  “Of course.”


Sam smiled in return and leaned down to kiss her.  The moment their lips met there was a frantic knocking on the door.


“I’ll get it,” Sam said as he stepped out of Julie’s arms and moved quickly across the room.  He unlocked it and slowly opened it.  He recognized the man standing there.


“Where’s Julie?”  Wooley asked without any preamble.


“She’s inside,” Sam answered and stepped back to let Wooley enter the suite.


“Wooley?”  Julie stood.  “What’s wrong?”


“This!”  Wooley replied and dropped a couple of newspapers onto the table.


Julie picked up the top one and opened it.  “That didn’t take long.”


“What is it?”  Sam asked as he closed the door and made his way over to Julie.  She held up the newspaper so he could see.  “Oh…”


“Does it bother you?”  Julie asked Sam, worry evident in her voice.


“I told you last night it didn’t,” Sam said as he reached for the paper in her hands.  He looked down at it.


It was a picture of the two of them, kissing passionately on the dance floor, at the restaurant the night before.  The caption on what Sam now realized was a rag-mag read, “Julie Carlisle’s Mystery Man!”


Sam couldn’t help but smile; even as he wondered how the hell they’d taken the picture.


“What are you smiling at?”  Wooley asked, obviously not amused.


“It’s a great picture,” Sam answered.


“It’s not great!  This is disastrous!”  Wooley exclaimed as he rifled through the other papers on the table.  He flipped some over, and opened others to show Sam and Julie even more pictures of the two of them.  Each picture with a similar caption to the paper still held in Sam’s hands.


“Oh, Wooley… it’s not that bad,” Julie said, trying to calm her friend.


“How can you say that, Jules?  You have a concert to put on tomorrow night… and now this happens.”


“All they’ve got are some pictures of Sam and I kissing,” Julie told him as she picked up one of the magazines and smiled at the picture of Sam cupping her cheek.  She looked back to Wooley.  “They’re just trashy magazines, Wooley.  It’s not the first time I’ve been on the cover, and it probably won’t be the last time either.”


Wooley sighed.  “I know.  I just don’t want anything to happen before the concert tomorrow.”


“I know, Chum.” Julie said as she reached out to pat Wooley on the arm.  “You worry too much though.  Everything will be fine, Wooley.  You’ll see.”


“I hope you’re right,” Wooley said as he gathered up the mess of papers he’d brought in.


“I am right,” Julie told him.  “Now, why don’t you go down to the restaurant and have something to eat.  I will join you soon then we can head out for the rehearsals.”


“All right,” Wooley nodded.  “Don’t be too long.”


“I won’t be.”


“Good,” Wooley said.  “See ya, Sam.”  He called back over his shoulder as he left the room.


Julie turned to Sam as she closed the door to see him still looking at the tabloid he’d picked up.  “Sam…” she began as she walked back to him.  “Are you sure you’re okay with this?”


Sam dropped the paper to the table and pulled Julie into his arms.  “Yes,” he answered.  “I am okay with this.”


She smiled up at him and slid her arms around his waist.  “I love you.”


“I love you,” Sam replied and lowered his lips to hers.






Sam looked up from where he was pacing in front of the hall where the convention’s dinner was being held to see a tall man and woman walking towards him.  “Hey, Roger.”


“What are you doing here?  Aren’t you usually on a flight home by now?”  Roger O’Neill asked then grimaced as the woman next to him elbowed him in the side.


“Roger!”  She hissed.  “That’s rude.”


Sam laughed.  “It’s all right, Addie.  I know this is a shock.”


“You can say that again,” Roger said.  “This is the first time in years that you’ve come to the dinner.  You are coming to the dinner, right?”


Sam nodded.  “Yes, I am.”  He answered.  “I’m just waiting for my lady to arrive.  She forgot something in our room and just ran back to get it.”


“You brought a date?”  Roger asked then groaned as Addie elbowed him again.  “What?”


“That’s wonderful news, Sam.”  Addie said after shooting her husband a dirty look.  “You’ve been alone too long.  She must be special.”


“She is,” Sam replied then turned when he heard his name being called.


“I’m sorry I took so long, darling.” Julie apologized as she stopped beside Sam.  “I got held up at the elevator,” she explained.


“More fans?”


“Mmhmm,” Julie nodded as she slipped her hand into his then noticed the couple smiling at them.


Seeing this, Sam began the introductions.  “Honey, I would like you to meet Roger and Adelaide O’Neill.  Roger, Addie… this is Julie Carlisle.”


Addie’s eyes grew wide.  “Ju… Julie Carlisle?  The Julie Carlisle?  Really?”


Julie laughed softly and nodded.  “Really.”


“Roger and I went to veterinary school together,” Sam told Julie.


“It’s nice to meet you both,” Julie smiled and shook their hands.


The two couples made small talk for a few minutes before they decided to enter the hall and take their seats.


“She’s nice,” Addie said to her husband as they watched Julie and Sam slowly make their way around the tables to their seats.


“Yes, she is.”  Roger nodded.  “And now we know who her mystery man is.”


The two laughed softly, having seen the morning papers and tabloids, then Addie squeezed Roger’s arm.  “I think she’s just what Sam needs,” she said.  “Maureen would not have wanted him to be alone.”


“No, she wouldn’t have.”  Roger agreed as he gave Sam and Julie one last glance then led his wife to their table.




“Everyone is still watching us, aren’t they?”


Sam nodded.


“Does it bother you?”


Sam pulled back to meet her eyes in the dim light on the dance floor.  He gave her a tender smile and shook his head.  “No.  It doesn’t bother me,” Sam told her.  “I have the most beautiful woman in this room in my arms… if anything, I am very proud.”


“Sam…” Julie blushed.


“It’s true,” Sam said.  “And every man here is wishing he was in my shoes right now.”


Julie shook her head.  “You’re nuts.”


“Only about you.”


Julie laughed and laid her head on Sam’s shoulder.


With every moment that passed as they swayed to the music, Sam’s arms tightened around Julie and he pulled her body closer to his.  He was suddenly filled with the desire to be alone with her.  To be dancing, naked, with her, in their suite.


“Julie?”  Sam whispered in her ear.


Julie nodded.  “Yes…”


Without saying another word, and with their arms wrapped securely around each other’s waists, Sam and Julie made their way out of the dining hall; oblivious to the knowing looks of everyone around them.






Sam smiled at the sound of Julie’s happy sigh and pulled her closer.


“This is much better,” Julie said as she slid her hands down his back to cup his rear.  “I much prefer dancing with you without an audience.”


“Me too…”


They swayed to the soft music playing on the stereo.  As they danced, they kicked off their shoes and slowly began to strip away their clothes until Julie was left in only her slip and Sam in his boxers.


Julie laid her head on Sam’s shoulder and she inhaled his now familiar scent; a scent she found both comforting and arousing.  However, at this moment, all it served to do was remind her that their time together was coming to an end.


“Sam…” Julie whispered against his skin.


Sam heard the anguish in Julie’s voice and brought his hands up to cup her face.  He lifted her head from his shoulder and at the pained looked on her face, he stopped dancing.


“Honey, what is it?”


“I…” Julie shook her head.  “I can’t do this…” she said as she pulled herself out of his arms and stepped out onto the balcony.


Sam quickly followed.  He moved to wrap his arms around her and was surprised when she shied away from him.  “Jules… talk to me.”


“Why did we let this happen?”


“Let what?”


“This,” Julie gestured back and forth between them.  “Us.  Why did we let this happen?”


“I don’t think we really had any choice in the matter,” Sam answered.  “The moment I ran into you… I knew I had to be with you.”


Julie nodded, and a wistful smile touched her lips.  It’d been the same for her.  She’d had no say.  There’d been no choice.  She’d had to be with him.


“But what’s going to happen to us now, Sam?”  Julie asked in a quiet voice.  “In two days, you’re going back to Sioux City, and I’m going back to L.A.


“I know,” Sam gave her a small smile.  “I’ve been thinking about that all day.”




“There is only one thing we can do.”


“What’s that?”


Sam reached out to pull her into his arms.  “Marry me.”




“I love you, Julie Carlisle.  I love you more than I thought I could ever love another woman again.  The last few days with you have been the happiest I’ve known in years, and I don’t want that to end.”


“Oh, Sam…”  Julie whispered with a tremor of hopeful uncertainty in her voice.  “You’ve made me so very happy too.  Happier than I’ve been in a long time.”


“Then marry me, Julie.”  Sam said.  “I know there is still a lot we need to learn about each other… and that we have a lot to work out.  Especially about my moving out to Los Angeles… but the important thing is, that we do it together.  As a couple.”




“No?”  Sam’s face fell.


“No… you can’t move to Los Angeles… it wouldn’t be fair to your kids… and your students.  Not to mention your practice,” Julie said then shook her head.  “No… it would make more sense for me to move my show to Sioux City…”


“Jules?  Does that mean?”


A brilliant smile lit up Julie’s face and she nodded.  “Yes.  Yes, I will marry you.”


Sam’s mouth covered hers in a devastating kiss which Julie returned with equal passion.  Their bodies strained closer.  He broke off the kiss and pulled back to look at her with a goofy grin on her face.  “You did say yes, right?”


Julie laughed and nodded.  “I said yes.”


“God, I love you.”  Sam told her.


“And I love you,” Julie replied.


“I wish I had a ring for you,” Sam said as he grasped her left hand in his and played with her ring finger.


“I don’t need a ring,” Julie told him.


“But you should have one.”


“Sam,” Julie pulled her hand out of his and slid both up his chest and around his neck.  “The ring isn’t important.  I don’t need a ring… just you.”


Unable to find the right words to express all that he was feeling, Sam simply pulled Julie closer and once again caught her lips in a hungry kiss.  His hands traveled down her back to cup her bottom and pull her tighter against his growing erection.


“I want you…” Julie moaned against his lips as she curled her leg around his thigh.  “…make love to me, Sam…”


“For the rest of our lives,” Sam replied as he lifted her into his arms and carried her back into the suite.




“So… how ARE we going to do this?”


Julie rolled onto her side to face Sam; entwining her legs with his.  She trailed her hands down his damp chest, threading her fingers in the tight, dark curls. 


They were lying satiated and content in each other’s arms after having made love for the last several hours to celebrate their engagement.


“I will discuss it with Wooley, and he should be able to help me move the show to Sioux City.  I don’t think there will be a problem as long as the network has a station there,” Julie told him.


“How do you think Wooley will react to the news?”  Sam asked.


“Well… he’ll be surprised,” Julie replied.  “But, he’ll be happy for me.”


Sam smiled as he caressed her hip.  “What about family?”


Julie shook her head.  “My parents are dead, as is my brother.”  She gave Sam a grateful smile as he squeezed her hip.  “My only living relative is my Aunt Japonica in England.”


“And will Aunt Japonica be happy for you, do you think?”


“She will be ecstatic,” Julie answered.  “And she will adore you.”


Sam smiled.


“What about Allie and Adam?”  Julie asked him.  “How will they react?”


“At first… they’ll probably be angry.  Especially Allie.  Of the two of them, she is the one with the strongest memories of Maureen,” Sam said.  “But, once they get used to the idea and they see how happy I am, and once they meet you… they’ll be fine with it.”


A worried look crossed Julie’s face.  “Angry?”


“At first,” Sam nodded and cupped her cheek.  “But you will win them over.  Of that, I have no doubt.”


Julie smiled.


“I do still wish I had a ring for you,” Sam said in a quiet voice as he drew her left hand up between their bodies and played with her ring finger.


“I told you… I don’t need a ring, Sam.”  Julie shifted her head back on the pillow so that she could look into his eyes.  “Honestly, it’s not that important.”


“But it is,” Sam countered then suddenly rolled out of her arms and slipped out of the bed.


“Sam?”  Julie sat up.


“I’ll be right back.”


Julie watched Sam stride naked across the bedroom to his suitcase and rummage through it.  Moments later, apparently finding what he was looking for, Sam turned and walked back over to her.


Sam knelt before the bed and reached out to pull her closer; guiding her legs so that they were on either side of his body.  He laid his hands on her thighs and gazed up at her with a loving smile on his face.  After several moments of just looking at her, Sam grasped her left hand.


“It’s not quite what I was hoping,” Sam spoke in a quiet voice and Julie looked down to see him tying a colourful string around her finger.


Julie opened her mouth to speak but stopped when Sam lifted her hand to his mouth and pressed a kiss to the knot he’d tied to her finger.


“But it will have to do until I get home and can get you a proper ring,” he spoke against her knuckles.


“Oh, Sam…” Julie whispered and cupped his cheek with her free hand.


Sam smiled and straightened up so that he was face to face with her.  He leaned in close and brushed his lips over hers.


A series of soft, breathy kisses followed that soon gave way to long, deep kisses.  As their kiss continued to grow more passionate, Julie’s legs wound themselves around Sam and she pulled him with her as she lay back on the bed.


Their mouths parted and they gazed at each other; soft, loving smiles on their faces.


“I love you,” they whispered against each other’s lips.




“And I promise you, I’ll never say…” Julie paused in her song and smiled out at the audience.  “Good night everybody and see you soon I hope.”  She raised her right hand in a half wave as the applause began.  “Thank you.”


She switched the mic into her left hand as she waved with the other.  “Good night,” Julie said as she moved to the right of the stage and gave a small bow.  “Good night.”


The applause continued as Julie moved to centre stage again.  “Night.”


She waved then slowly walked to the exit on the left.  “Good night, Sam!”  She called out just before she disappeared through the exit.


“Good show!  Good show!  Good show!”  Wooley greeted her with a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek.


“Thank you,” Julie replied.


“But where is this, uh, ‘Good night, Sam’ written in the script?”


“Oh, Wooley!” Julie spun around to face her friend, her eyes bright and a large smile on her face, as she grabbed the ends of the small towel that had been draped around her neck by one of her staff.  “Sam proposed last night… and I said yes,” she told him as she sat in her chair.


“You’re serious about this, aren’t ya?”


“Yes!”  Julie answered as she pulled a whole bunch of tissues from the box being held out to her.


Wooley sat in his chair beside her.  “I knew you cared about the guy, but this is crazy!  You hardly know him.”


Julie pressed the tissues to her mouth.  “Wooley,” she laid her hand on his.  “I am always being so careful and doing what is expected of me.  This is something I need, and I want you to be happy for me.”


“Of course I’m happy for you.  What kind of a friend would I be if I weren’t happy?”  Wooley said as Julie dabbed the tissues over her forehead and temples.


“Oh, I’m glad.”  Julie said, holding the tissues to her cheek.  “’Cause I am hoping to move to Sioux City and I want to take the show with me.”


“Now I’m not happy,” Wooley said with a frown.  “Why doesn’t he move here?”


“It’s not practical.  He’s got his veterinary practice,” Julie told him as she held the tissues to her chest.  “He teaches at the university.  His children are in school.”  She paused.  “Listen to me, old Chum.  I let my career stand in the way of my first marriage, and that marriage is over and it’s fine.  I’ve had a wonderful run.  But there’s so much I missed out on… children, being a mum… waking up in the morning next to somebody I love…” Julie held Wooley’s eyes.  “I’m not losing out on that again.  Are you with me?”


“It’s a hell of a gamble,” Wooley said and let a small smile form on his face.


“Yeah…” Julie said as she smiled at him.


Wooley’s smile grew as he chuckled softly and leaned in to press a kiss to her cheek and give her a small hug.


“Thank you, Chum.”  Julie said as they separated.


“I just hope he realizes what a wonderful woman he’s getting.”


“He does.”


Julie and Wooley turned to see Sam just a couple feet away from them.  Julie’s face lit up as she got to her feet and moved into Sam’s arms.


“Hello, sweetheart.” Sam said as he gave her gentle kiss.  “You were fantastic.”


“Do you really think so?”


“Yes,” Sam replied as he slipped his arm about her waist.  “I told you… I love listening to you sing… and after tonight, I love watching you perform.”


Julie beamed as she leaned into his embrace.


Wooley stood moved to stand before Sam.  “I’m only going to say this once…”


“…Wooley…” Julie began only to be waved off as he continued.


“Julie is my oldest friend, and if you ever hurt her…” Wooley let the threat hang as he met and held Sam’s eyes.


“I promise you, Wooley… I will never knowingly or intentionally hurt her,” Sam glanced down quickly at Julie then returned his gaze to Wooley’s.  “I love her.”


Wooley regarded Sam, a silent conversation going on between the two men.


I promise you, I will take good care of her.


You had better.


I will.


Finally, after several moments, Wooley smiled and put his hand out.  “Let me be the first to offer my congratulations.”


Sam smiled and shook his hand.  “Thanks, Wooley.”


“Thank you, Wooley.”  Julie smiled at her chum.


“Now,” Wooley said as he rubbed his hands together.  “I don’t know about you two, but I could use some food.”


“I could eat,” Sam remarked.


“Me too,” Julie replied.


“Well, why don’t you go change… and then we can go grab something.”  Wooley suggested.


“Sounds good to me,” Julie agreed then slipped her hand into Sam’s.  “Come on… you can unzip me.”


Sam grinned as he allowed Julie to pull him after her.


“Don’t be too long!”  Wooley called after them.


“No promises!”  Julie threw back over her shoulder with a laugh.




“Hold me tighter.”


Julie’s whispered plea cut through the silence in the room.


Sam obliged and tightened his arms around her.  “We won’t be apart long, Jules.”


“I know.”


“And before you know it, you’ll be in Sioux City, and we’ll be sleeping in each other’s arms every night for the rest of our lives.”  Sam told her.  “And we’ll also be busy planning the wedding.


“Sam…” Julie began in a hesitant voice.




“What would you say if I told you that I don’t think we should sleep together until after the wedding?”


“You’re not superstitious are you?”


Julie laughed.  “No.  I don’t mean we can’t have sex…” she shifted up on to her elbow and smirked down at him.  “I don’t think either of us would last that long.”


Sam grinned up at her as he chuckled.  “No, I don’t think we would.  But that’s only because you’re so damned sexy and irresistible.”


“So are you,” Julie replied then laid her hand on his chest.  “No… what I meant was… I… I don’t think it would be right for us to share a bed in your house until after we’re married.  More so for your kids’ sake…” she explained as she absently twirled her fingers in his chest hair.  “It might make it easier for them to accept us… accept me.”


Sam regarded her for a moment in the dim light then slowly nodded.  “Well, I will admit, I’m not too thrilled with the idea of you not sleeping in my bed when you get there… but I do understand what you’re saying,” he reached up and cupped her cheek.  “So, okay.  No sharing a bed until after the wedding.”


Julie smiled and lowered her head to his.  “Thank you,” she murmured against his lips.


“I would do anything for you, sweetheart.” Sam told her.


Julie pulled back to meet his eyes.  “Anything?”




“Oh good,” a sensual smile came to her lips as she shifted her body up and over his.


“Jules…” Sam groaned softly as she straddled him.


“Sam…” Julie countered and rocked her hips against him.  “This is our last night together for at least a week…” she let her sentence hang as she took him into her body.


They moaned together.


Sam gripped her hips as she began to undulate above him.  “You took the words right out of my mouth.”


After that, no more words were spoken as the two lovers lost themselves in each other… using their last hours to create enough memories to last them until they were together again.




“Ladies and gentlemen… this is the final boarding call for American Airlines flight ten thirty-five to Los Angeles.”




Julie sought Sam’s mouth and kissed him with an almost desperate need as their arms tightened around each other even more.


“Jules…” Wooley hurried over to them.  “It’s time for us to board.”


“I know, Wooley.”  Julie answered as she broke off the kiss but did not look away from Sam.  “Call me when you get home?”


“The moment I get in the door,” Sam nodded and tightened his arms around her.


“I’ll be waiting,” Julie said then suddenly whispered in an anguished voice, “I can’t do this, Sam.”  She buried her face in his chest.


“You can… we can,” Sam told her as he rubbed her back soothingly.  “It’s only for a week,” he said, reminding her of the plans they had made the night before.  “And then we’ll be together.”


“It’s going to be a long week,” Julie said and lifted her head to meet his eyes.  She gave him a watery smile and reached up to trace his lips with her finger.  “I love you.”


“I love you too,” Sam replied and caught her mouth again in a hungry kiss.


They clung to each other, pouring all their love; every emotion into the kiss.


 “Jules…” Wooley called her again.


The tears she’d been trying valiantly to fight began to stream down Julie’s cheeks.  “Sam…” she whimpered against his lips.  “Sam, I…”


“…can do it.” Sam murmured.  “It’s only a week.  I’ll call you every day.”


“You’d better.”


“We do have a wedding to plan after all.”


“We do,” Julie smiled through her tears.


“Ma’am…” one of the gate agents approached them.  “I’m sorry, but you really need to board the plane now.”


“I know,” Julie nodded at the young woman.  She turned back to Sam.  “I…”


“I know,” Sam said as he slowly, still holding her in his arms, walked her back towards the gate.


“Every day,” Julie reminded him.


“Every day,” Sam promised.


“And I will be with you in six days,” Julie said.


“I will be waiting,” Sam told her.


They shared another deep kiss.






Julie clung to Sam.


“I love you.”


“I love you too.”


With a final, hard kiss, they parted.


Wooley stepped over to them and held his hand out to Sam.  “Sam.”


“Wooley,” Sam shook his head.  “Take care of her for me.”


Wooley smiled.  “I will.  And I will see you in a week.”


Sam nodded but his attention was back on Julie.  “You’d better get on the plane…”


Julie nodded, tears still coursing down her cheeks.  She moved back into his arms, and kissed him again then stepped away.


“Saturday,” she said with a teary smile.




“You had better be waiting.”


“I will be,” Sam said, and swallowed the lump that had suddenly formed in the back of his throat.


Wooley grasped her arm and led her through the gate.


 “I’ll call you.”


“I’ll be waiting.”


“I love you,” Sam called out.


“I love you too.”  Julie called back just as the gate agent closed the gate and blocked her from view.


Sam sighed.  ‘Six days,’ he thought to himself as he grabbed his carry on and began to make his way to his gate.  ‘Six days…’




Julie looked up from the box she was packing as the phone rang.  She glanced at her watch and smiled as she answered it.




“Miss me?”


“Terribly,” Julie replied with a smile.  They’d started every conversation, since parting four days ago, the same way.  “How are you, Sam?”


“Tired.  But better now that I’m talking to you.”


“Mmm… me too.”


“So, are you all packed?”


“Almost.  I still have a few things I need to take care of.”


“Two more days, sweetheart.”


“I know.  I can’t wait,” Julie said then sighed.  “I miss you, Sam.”


“I miss you too.  I miss holding you… kissing you, and…” his voice dropped down to a husky whisper.  “I miss making love to you.”


“Mmm…” Julie sat on her bed as she picked up Sam’s ID badge and ran her finger over his image.  “So… tell me about your day.”




Julie settled back against the pillows as Sam began to talk and fill her in on all the happenings in Sioux City… or at least his little corner of it.


“And that’s about it,” Sam said.  “Oh yes… I booked the hall for our reception.”


“The one you told me about?”




“Oh, darling, that’s wonderful!”


“I also talked with the reverend, and he’s okay with marrying us…”




“But he wants to meet you before the wedding, as well as seeing the four of us together as a family.”


“Oh, that’s not a problem.  Uhm,” Julie twirled the phone cord.  “Well, I have the tour of the station Sunday afternoon.”


“And I’ve got to put in a few hours at the clinic.  Adam’s got his horseback riding lessons, and Allie has a study date at her friend Debbie’s house.”


“Then why don’t you arrange for us to meet with the reverend Sunday evening?”


“Sounds good to me,” Sam said.  “So, have you booked your flight?”


“Yes.  I did it this afternoon.”


“What’s your flight number and what time do you arrive?”


“Fifty-seven thirty-three,” she told him then heard him writing it down.  “And I arrive at four o’clock.”


“That works.  I have a little league game with Adam at eleven… so that should give me enough time to go home, shower and be at the airport to pick you up.”


“How are the kids adjusting to the idea of us?”  Julie asked him.  She was aware that both Allie and Adam had been less than enthusiastic to the news that their father was marrying some woman he’d just met.


“They’re warming to the idea.”




“Yes.  I wouldn’t lie to you, Jules.”


“I know you wouldn’t.”


“I’m glad to hear that,” Sam told her.  “In fact, just this morning, I overheard Adam telling Bernie that he was, and I quote, “liking the idea of having a mom again.”.”


A hopeful smile came to Julie’s face.  “Did he really say that?”


“Yes.  So you see… everything will be all right, honey.”


“I know,” she said then sat up.  “Oh, I talked to Aunt Japonica earlier and she will be at the wedding.”


“That’s great.”


“She said she can’t wait to meet you.”


“I can’t wait to meet her either, and hear all those embarrassing stories from when you were a little girl.”


Julie laughed.


“God, I can’t wait until you’re here with me,” Sam said in a quiet voice.  “I miss you terribly, sweetheart.  I’ve been having a hard time sleeping without you.”


“Me too.”


“And after last night…after hearing you come like that… picturing you loving yourself with your hands, doing everything to your delectable body that I want to do… I found it even more difficult to sleep.”


Julie felt herself blush.


“You’re blushing, aren’t you?”  Sam asked, amusement and affection clear in his voice.


“Yes,” Julie admitted in a quiet voice.  “I told you… I’ve never done that before.”


“Me either,” Sam said.  “But I’m glad we were able to share that with each other.”


“So am I.”


A comfortable silence fell between the two lovers.


“It’s getting late.”


“Yeah,” Sam replied almost dejectedly.


“I’ll be there in two days, Sam.”


“I know,” Sam said then sighed.  “All right… it’s time for both of us to go to bed.”


“I will talk to you tomorrow?”




“Good,” Julie smiled.  “Sleep well, darling.”


“You too.”


“I love you, Sam.”


“I love you, Julie.”


“Good night…” she whispered.






“Daaad!  Telephone!”


Sam rolled over and grabbed the phone.  “I’ve got it,” he said groggily then heard the click of the other extension being hung up.  “Hello?”


“Miss me?”




“Mmm… good morning, darling.”


“Good morning.”


“I’m sorry to wake you.”


“Don’t worry about it.  I should have been up an hour ago, but I had an emergency last night… so I turned the alarm off when I got back.”


“Oh, Sam… what happened?”


Sam sat up and rubbed his hand over his face.  “Old man McCanna’s dog was hit by a car.”


“Oh, the poor thing.  Were you able to save him?”


“No,” Sam answered sadly.


“Oh, sweets… I’m sorry.”


“Thanks,” Sam said.  “So… are you all packed and ready to go?”


“Yes.  Finished up the last minute things just before I called.”


“Good.  I can’t wait till you get here.”


“I can’t either.”


“Just a few more hours.”




“And then you will be in my arms.”


“I can’t wait.”


“Me either.”


There was a pause, and Sam heard a horn honk through the phone.


“Oh… Wooley’s here with the car.  Time for me to leave.”


“Have a good flight, sweetheart.”


“I hope so.”


“See you shortly.”


“I love you.”


“I love you too.”


Sam hung up the phone and lay back on his pillows.  In just a few hours, his lady love would be with him, and the following week, she would be his wife.


A large grin spread across his face.




Julie hung up the phone then picked up Sam’s ID badge from her night table.


In just a few hours she would be with Sam, and the following week, she would be Mrs. Sam McGuire.


A large grin spread across her face.





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