Title:  The Seduction of Kitty Russell

By: tayryn



Summary:  what the title says… Matt decides to seduce Kitty.


Notes:  Inspired by a story written by a friend. 


For Wulfie and Orkey… just because.





The blade moved slowly down Matt’s cheek; taking with it the shaving cream he’d lathered over the two days beard growth.  He swished the razor in the bowl of water then repeated the action several times until he’d removed all of the unwanted hair from his face.


He emptied the basin then refilled it with clean water.  The lawman bent low and splashed the cool liquid up on his face, wiping away the residual shaving cream.  Satisfied that he’d gotten it all, Matt reached for the nearby towel and patted his face dry.


Then he reached for his comb and ran it through his hair.  He refrained from putting any grease in it, knowing that she preferred his hair without it, and simply combed it back.


When that was done, Matt dropped the comb back on the shelf then turned to where his clean clothes hung, ready to be put on.  He pulled the towel he was wearing from around his waist and used it to dry off the few clinging drops of water from his chest then began to get dressed.


He pulled on his black jeans, not bothering with his underwear; knowing that, if all went to plan, they would simply be in the way.  Before he buttoned his fly, Matt reached out for his blue shirt and slipped it on.  He quickly buttoned it up, leaving the top two buttons undone, then tucked the shirt-tails in; adjusting himself before he deftly did up the buttons.


His socks and boots were next and when he was finished dressing, Matt quickly gathered up his belongings and left the barber shop.


He had a very important date to keep.




Kitty held up two very different nightgowns, trying to decide which one to take.


About an hour earlier, Matt had strode into the Long Branch and had told her to go upstairs and pack a bag...


“And you won’t need to pack much,” he told her in a soft voice, giving her a seductive smile.  “I’ll be back in an hour to get you.”


“Are we…” her voice trailed off as her eyes finished the question.


Matt nodded.


Her face broke into a large smile.  “How long?”


“Couple days.”


He gave her a brilliant smile, straightened up and placed his Stetson on his head.  “One hour,” he told her then left the saloon.



Shaking herself out of her thoughts, Kitty looked over at the clock.  Her eyes grew wide when she realized that her hour was almost up and that Matt would soon be there.


Looking back down at the two negligees in her hands, she stuffed the flimsier of the two into the carpet bag on her bed.  She quickly tossed in a few toiletries, and then satisfied that she had all she needed, including a change of clothes for Matt; she turned and left her room.




Matt walked into the Long Branch and smiled when he saw Kitty standing at the far end of the bar dressed in one of his favourite outfits; a simple white blouse and black skirt.  And even better, she had her hair down.  He loved it when she wore her hair down.  He made his way over to her.


“Matt.”  Kitty acknowledged him with a smile.


“Kitty,” Matt returned her smile as he pushed his hat up on his head.  “You ready to go?”




“Good.  Moss should have the buggy out back,” he told her.  “Let’s go.”


Kitty nodded then beckoned Sam over.  “We’re leaving now, Sam.  Remember, you’re in charge until we get back.”


“Right, Miss Kitty.”  The older man nodded.  “I’ll look after the place for you.”


“I know you will, Sam, and thank you.”


“Anytime.  You and the Marshal deserve a vacation, even if only for a couple of days,” Sam said.


“Thanks, Sam.” Matt acknowledged the bartender with a slight nod.  He pulled his Stetson back down low on his head, grabbed Kitty’s bag, then he and Kitty left through the back entrance.




“Oh, Matt, this is wonderful!”  Kitty sighed happily and wrapped her arms around his arm then snuggled closer to him as they left the town limits.  “I can’t believe we’re actually getting away for a couple of days.”  She shook her head.  “How did you do this?  Why?”


“How?   That’s easy.”  He chuckled at the look Kitty gave him.  Both of them were well aware that it was anything but easy for Matt to get time off.  “I asked Quint and Festus to look after things for a while.”


“That was nice of them.”


Matt nodded his agreement.  “And the why?  Well…” he tugged his arm loose and wrapped it around her shoulders.  He pulled her closer and leaned down to brush a kiss against her temple.  “…simply put, it’s been far too long since I’ve had a chance to spend any time alone with the woman I love.”


Kitty gave him a brilliant smile and tilted her head up to press a kiss to the underside of his jaw.  She nestled closer and inhaled deeply.  “Mmm…” the heady scent of his clean male skin and freshly laundered clothes stirred her senses and made her blood race; sending a familiar ache to her centre.  “Matt?”




“Think you could make the horse move a little faster?”


Matt looked down at her and saw the desire building in her blue eyes.  He grinned.  “Getting a little anxious are we?”


“You betcha, Cowboy!”  Kitty replied and ran her hand up his chest.  “We only get a couple of days, and I don’t want to waste any time riding in the buggy.”


His deep rich laugh filled the air as he gave the reins a flick.  As the horse began to move quicker, Dillon slowly moved his hand up Kitty’s side to cup her breast.


Kitty pulled in a sharp breath as Matt squeezed the generous mound, causing her nipple to harden.  She arched into his touch even as she dropped her hand from his chest to his lap.


“You don’t play fair…” Matt groaned as she stroked him through his jeans.


“And you do?”  She asked as he released her breast and trailed his fingers over her stomach then back up to once again knead her bosom.


Matt merely grinned and as the buggy carried them to their destination, they continued to tease and tantalize each other.




When the horse and buggy pulled up in front of the small cabin, Matt threw on the brake then drew Kitty into his lap.


“…mmm…” Kitty moaned into his mouth as he kissed her hard; his tongue demanding and receiving entrance.  She pushed the Stetson off of Matt’s head and threaded her fingers through his hair, holding him to her as she returned his voracious kiss.


When the kiss threatened to grow out of control, they pulled apart, both breathing heavily.


“Think you can get the basket and your bag in the cabin while I unhitch the horse?”  Matt asked breathlessly.


“Yeah,” Kitty nodded.


“Good.  Then we’ll pick this up where we left off,” he told her then leaned in to give her a quick kiss before he lifted her off of his lap.


Kitty climbed down then moved quickly to the back of the buggy and removed the basket and carpet bag.  She began to walk towards the cabin door.  “Don’t be long, Cowboy…” she tossed over her shoulder.


Matt gave her a smouldering look.  “Oh… I won’t be.”


Kitty laughed softly and as she watched him drive the buggy around the side of the cabin she moved up the walk to the cabin door.  She placed the basket on the ground and fished in her skirt pocket for the key.


She unlocked the door, opened it and stepped into the cabin.  She was pleasantly surprised to find that the room was clean and airy; not musty and closed up as she expected it to be.


Kitty smiled and closed the door behind her, locked it then moved deeper into the room.  She placed the basket on the table in the small kitchen area then headed for the bedroom to drop her valise.  The smile on her face grew when she entered the room and saw that the bed had not only been freshly made and turned down, but there were numerous candles placed around the room.


It was then that she realized his intention.


The black jeans, her favourite blue shirt, bringing her out here to their cabin… she grinned and the sudden anticipation sent a thrill racing through her body.


Her cowboy was intent on seducing her.


Deciding to make his seduction a little easier, Kitty made quick work of her shoes, stockings and petticoats; tossing them on the chair in the corner of the room.  She shook her skirt back into place then left the bedroom in search of her wayward lover.


Moments later, she stood in the open door at the back of the cabin, watching as Matt finished unhitching the horse from the buggy.  She watched as he brushed down the animal then slowly let her gaze wander over his body.


‘Mmm… he looks damn good in those jeans,’ Kitty thought as her eyes drifted down to one of her favourite parts of his anatomy.  She felt her desire, still simmering from their ride out to the cabin, begin to boil again as he turned slightly and she caught sight of her other favourite part of Matt’s anatomy bulging in his jeans.  ‘Yes, damn good!’


She licked her lips as she continued to watch him.  Every second that passed saw her need for him increase.  When he dropped the brush in the nearby bucket, she pushed herself away from the door.


Kitty slowly walked towards Matt as he finished brushing down the horse then set the animal free in the small corral.  He quickly laid out some hay; oats for the animal then began to work the pump for some water as well.


“Matt…” her voice was low… husky… with the need that was coursing, unabated, through her veins as she watched his muscles flex beneath his shirt.


He turned at the sound of her voice, and Kitty saw his eyes narrow then grow smoky as she moved closer and laid her hands on his chest.


“If you’re finished with the horse… I know of someone else who could use some tending to, Marshal.”  As she said this, her fingers played with the buttons on his shirt, slowly releasing them so that she could slip her hand inside.


“Is that a fact, Miss Kitty?”  Matt asked.  He cupped her bottom and drew her closer.


“That’s a fact, Cowboy.”  Kitty replied as she slid her hands up to his shoulders and then into his hair; stretching her body along his.  “Matt… I want you…” she whispered then drew his mouth down to hers.


She kissed him hungrily, pushing her tongue past his lips to tangle with his.  Their earlier teasing had her left her wanting, and the need to be with him… to have him inside her… hummed through her veins.


Her hands left his hair and moved between the close press of their bodies.  She cupped him through his jeans, moaning into his mouth as he pulsed against her.  After a couple of teasing strokes, Kitty pushed his gun belt up out of the way and began to unbuckle the belt on his jeans.


Matt broke out of the kiss when he felt his belt loosen.  “Kitty…”


“I need you, Matt…” she told him in a throaty voice as she deftly unbuttoned his fly and slipped her hand inside.  Her eyes widened in surprise and a smile formed on her lips as she wrapped her fingers around him.  “Why Marshal Dillon… one would think you brought me out here with less than honourable intentions.”


Matt grinned and thrust himself in her palm.  “Why, Miss Russell… one would be right.”


Kitty laughed and stroked his generous length.  The humour quickly left her eyes to be replaced, once again, with desire.  “Matt…” she spoke in a low voice as she gave his member a hard squeeze.  “I want this inside me…”


“…Kitty…” he moaned her name and stepped into her, pushing her back towards the cabin.  “Let’s go inside.”


“No…” she shook her head, continuing to tease him with her fingers.  “I want you… right here… right now.”


Matt groaned at the sudden loss of her hand on his heated flesh as she released him and moved her hands to his chest.  She quickly and efficiently finished unbuttoning his shirt then pushed it off his shoulders and down his long arms.


It fell, unheeded, to the ground as Kitty leaned in to press open-mouthed kisses to his chest.  His hands clenched on her waist when she flicked his nipple with her tongue, and when she grazed the tight little bud with her teeth, his fingers began to work at the buttons on the back of her skirt.  Within moments, it joined his shirt on the ground. 


Matt slid his hands down to cup her rear.  He groaned and pulled back to meet her eyes when he encountered no barriers to her smooth flesh.  “Kitty…”


“I believe in being prepared too.”  Kitty told him with a seductive smile as he continued to walk her back towards the cabin.  When her back met the cabin wall, Matt moved his hands between them and began to work on the buttons of her blouse.  Kitty grabbed his hands and shook her head.  Leave’em…”




“I can’t wait… I need you inside me… now!”  Kitty drew his right hand down between her legs.  “I am so ready for you, Cowboy.”


“God, Kitty… you’re so wet…” he groaned as his fingers combed through the damp curls.  He slipped a long digit between her swollen folds.


“Told you!”  Kitty gasped as he stroked her sensitive flesh.  “…Matt…” she begged breathlessly even as she thrust against his hand.


Matt withdrew his hand.  “No more waiting…” he told her as he brought his damp fingers up to paint her lips with her juices.  He bent and covered her mouth with his.  Matt swept his tongue over her lips, moaning at the taste of her before he pushed his tongue into her mouth.


As they kissed, Kitty pushed Matt’s pants down off his hips and they bunched on the tops of his boots.  Matt grabbed her waist, and lifted her into the air.  His hands slid down to wrap around her thighs and he stepped closer; his erection nudging her curls.


Kitty broke off the kiss and threaded her fingers in his thick hair.  “We can do slow and easy later, Cowboy...” she told him.  “Right now… I want it hard and fast.  Don’t hold back!”


“Yes, ma’am.”  Matt grinned.  He thrust into her, pressing his length into her slick heat, in one sure stroke and immediately began to move in and out of her.


“Oh yes…” Kitty hissed, her head falling back against the wall.  “Yes, Matt… just like that…”


He felt her hands clench his shoulders as he drove into her; over and over, pressing deeper with every plunge.  “…feels so good…” Matt groaned.


“…so good…” Kitty agreed as the sensations coursed through her body.  She reveled in the, almost primal, force of his loving.  Every thrust of his member pushed her closer and closer to the edge.  “More… so close…”


Her legs tightened around him and Matt could feel her inner walls begin to quiver around his shaft with her approaching release.  He ground his pelvis against her with every drive of his hips; circling against her sensitive flesh and pushing her to the point of no return.




“I know, honey…” Matt gripped her hips tighter and began to move faster inside her.


“Yes!”  Kitty gave an exultant laugh as the pleasure increased and she matched his urgency with her own lusty, unsated needs.


“Kitty…” he groaned as she moved her hips in counterpoint to his.  They rocked together, bodies moving hard and fast against each other.  Matt felt his control slipping.  He was close.  So very close.  But her pleasure had to come first.  “Come for me, Kitty…” Matt said in a hoarse voice.


“…oooh…” her hands moved from his shoulders to fist in his hair as he thrust up hard against her.  “MATT!”  Kitty cried out his name as she came in a blinding shimmer of sensation.  “OH YES, MATT!”


Matt grunted as her fingers clenched in his hair.  The pain mixed with the pleasure of his orgasm as he drove into her one last time.  “KITTY!”  He shouted her name as he came hard, his juices rising up out of his manhood to splash against her womb.


They shuddered together, the waves of their orgasms still rolling through their bodies.


“Mmm… oh, Cowboy…” Kitty gave a breathless sigh of contentment and nuzzled his temple as he buried his face in her neck.


Matt pressed a kiss to the upper swell of her breasts then lifted his head to give her a smile.  “You’re welcome.”


Kitty laughed at the smug tone of his voice and caressed the nape of his neck.  “I do hope that was only round one, Marshal.”


“Oh, it is, Miss Kitty, it is.”  Matt nodded then closed the distance between them, kissing her with a gentleness that was in sharp contrast to the frenzied lovemaking they’d just shared.


“Let’s move this party inside,” she murmured against his lips and tightened her internal muscles around his semi-hard member in response to the pulse she felt within her.


“Yeah, good idea,” Matt replied and reluctantly withdrew from the warmth of her body.


Kitty unwrapped her legs from around his waist and placed them on the ground.  She leaned up again the cabin wall and let her eyes rake over her man as he stepped back from her.  She licked her lips at the sight of him.


Even with his pants bunched at the tops of his boots; Matt was a sight to behold.  His bare chest glistened in the sunlight and his gun belt hung low around his narrow hips; his strong muscular thighs framing that part of him that made him uniquely male and had just given her such pleasure.


‘The part of him that I want back inside me,’ she thought with a groan as she watched him pull his pants up, tuck himself in and secure the top button only.  “I’ll meet you inside, Matt.  Don’t be long.”


“I just want to give the horse a little more hay,” Matt replied then a wicked grin spread across his face.  “No telling when I’ll get back out here.”


Kitty laughed and moved into the cabin.




Matt watched as Kitty walked into the cabin, following the sway of her hips, and he couldn’t help but grin at the sight of her bare bottom as it disappeared from view.


He gave himself a shake then moved over to quickly haul some more hay, oats and water into the troughs for the horse; anxious to get back to his woman.  When he was finished, he made his way towards the cabin, stopping only to pick up his shirt and her skirt.


Stepping into the cabin, he closed the door, locked it then leaned back against it to pull off his boots and socks.  He placed them to the side, quickly removed and hung up his gun belt then gathered up the clothes he’d dropped and quietly made his way to the bedroom.


Matt stopped in the doorway.  Kitty’s back was to him and she was unbuttoning her blouse, affording him another chance to run his eyes over her naked backside.  Unable to stay away from her any longer, Matt tossed the garments he was holding onto the nearby chair to join her petticoats and then made his way over to her.


“Let me help you,” he said in a low voice as he slipped his arms around her and took over with the buttons.


“I was wondering how long you were going to stand there,” she said as she leaned back against him.


Matt chuckled.  “Just admiring the view, ma’am.  Just admiring the view,” he told her as he made quick work of the buttons then peeled the shirtwaist down off her arms and tossed it in the general directions of their other clothing.


“And now this bothersome thing,” he said as he began to loosen the strings on her corset.  “Lift your arms,” Matt told her once it was loosened sufficiently.  When she complied, he pulled the offending garment up over her head, and like her blouse, he threw it across the room.


“Much better,” he murmured as he trailed his fingers down the underside of her still raised arms until he reached her breasts.  He circled the generous mounds with just the tips of his fingers, lightly brushing them over the hard points of her nipples before he filled his hands with her breasts.


“Matt…” Kitty moaned and arched into his hands as he rolled the berried tips between his fingers.


Matt leaned down and placed soft kisses along her shoulder then up to her ear, pulling her earlobe between his teeth.  He tugged gently then released it to flick his tongue against the soft skin behind her ear as she lowered her arms and tilted her head to give him better access.


She reached back, snapped the button free from its hole then slipped her hand inside his jeans and pulled his length out.  “You are overdressed for this party, Cowboy,” she told him as she stroked him to full hardness.


“You’re right… I am,” Matt agreed.  He nipped her neck, and gave her breasts one last squeeze, before he straightened up then stepped back.  As she turned around to face him, he quickly shucked his jeans, kicking them off to join the pile of growing clothes in the corner.  He grabbed Kitty’s waist and pulled her to him, lifting her so that they were eye level, then swooped in to catch her mouth in a passionate kiss.


Kitty wrapped her arms around his neck, burying her fingers in his hair as she returned his kiss.  She drew one of her legs up and hooked it behind his knee as she pressed closer; trapping his erection between them.


“Kitty…” he groaned when she circled against him; the sweet friction of her soft belly against his rock hard member sending shards of pleasure through his body.


Matt held her tighter and stepped closer to the bed.  He knelt on the edge then slowly lowered them down.  He caught her lips in another fiery kiss as he pressed her body into the mattress with his.


Their hands stroked each other’s bodies; touching, caressing… arousing.


Breaking off the kiss, Matt’s lips blazed a trail over her throat to her breasts.  He licked and nipped each mound then began to suckle first one nipple then the other, smiling inwardly at Kitty’s moans of approval.  He placed a kiss between her breasts and resumed his journey, kissing his way, down her body.


When he reached her navel he was surprised to feel her hand fist in his hair and tug.  He looked up at her and she shook her head.


“No, Matt…” she told him in a husky voice and pulled gently on his hair.  “Come back up here.”


Confused, knowing how much Kitty enjoyed it when he loved her with his mouth - knowing how much HE enjoyed it when he loved her with his mouth - Matt nevertheless did as she asked and moved back up so that his body was covering hers.


“Kitty?  I thought you liked it when I do that?”


“Oh, I do, Cowboy, believe me,” Kitty replied with a large smile as she ran her hands down his back.  “I love it when you love me that way…”


“Then why’d you stop me?”


“Because we have plenty of time for that later.  Right now, I want you inside me again…”


Matt held her eyes and a slow smile filled his face.  As much as he enjoyed going down on Kitty, there was no better feeling than being buried deep inside her.  “Yes, ma’am…” he said as he shifted then slowly slid his length into her.


“Mmm… yes…” she hissed in pleasure once he was sheathed completely inside her.  “Oh, I love the feel of you.”


“The feeling is mutual,” he told her as he gently rocked his hips against her.  He braced himself on his arms and was about to begin moving when Kitty reached up, tugged on his shoulders and drew him down to her.  He propped himself up on his elbows and framed her face with his hands, questioning her with his eyes.


“Don’t move,” Kitty instructed and pulled his mouth down to hers.  “Just kiss me, Cowboy…” she whispered against his lips.  “…kiss me…”


“With pleasure…” Matt replied and covered her mouth with his. 


He kissed her deeply, his tongue sliding past her lips to dance with hers.  As they continued to kiss, Kitty wrapped her legs loosely around Matt’s.  He felt her begin to run the soles of her feet along the backs of his legs then groaned into her mouth when she began to clench her inner muscles around his rigid member.


He pulled out of the kiss and met her eyes.  She gave him a seductive smile and slowly started to circle her hips beneath him, while continuing to rhythmically tighten around him.  Matt groaned as the sensations from her slow deliberate movements spread throughout his body.


Matt lowered his head to rest his forehead against hers.  “Kitty…” he spoke her name softly, reverently, as he began to move with her, delighting in her soft moans of pleasure.


“Oh, Matt…” she breathed his name and clutched him closer.


Their lips met again as they continued to rock their bodies leisurely together, allowing the pleasure… the passion… to build slowly.  Kitty’s hands trailed up and down his back, and she continued to rub the backs of his legs with her feet; all the while still squeezing her inner muscles around him.


When Kitty’s legs wrapped around his waist, her ankles locking over his rear, Matt knew that slow and easy was no longer enough.  He broke off the kiss and met her eyes.  She smiled at him, her eyes dark with desire, and gave him a small nod.


Matt pushed up onto his arms then slowly withdrew from the warmth of her body, leaving only the tip of his shaft within her.  He held himself still for only a heartbeat then thrust back inside her.


“Oh yes…” they moaned in unison as he, once again, filled her completely.


They quickly established a hard rhythm as they moved against each other; their bodies working in sync… thrusting, driving, clenching… striving for that pinnacle of ultimate pleasure they knew they would only find in each other.


Kitty held Matt’s eyes, hers sparkling with obvious delight at the sensations coursing through her as he continued to move within her.  She slid her hands along his sides then trailed them over his chest; paying special attention to the tight brown buds on his pectorals before she reached down to stroke his belly.


Matt groaned and thrust harder into her when her hand slipped lower, her fingers dancing over his erection as it moved fluidly in and out of her wet heat.  “Kitty…” he growled her name as she continued to stroke him in time with the drive of his hips; feeling the beginnings of his orgasm tingling in the base of his spine.


“Matt!” Kitty gasped and tightened her legs around him.


“I know, Kitty…” Matt panted.  He could hear the urgency in her voice, feel the urgency in her body, he knew that she was on the heels of her own release.


He thrust harder.


Kitty groaned.


He pushed deeper.


Kitty cried out.


Faster and faster, Matt drove his length into her; each stroke pushing them closer and closer to their climax.  Kitty pulled her hand out from between them to clutch the sheets as she unwound her legs from around him, planting the soles of her feet on the bed and lifting her hips to meet each of his thrusts.


“Harder, Matt…” she urged him.  “…faster…”


Matt complied, his hips pounding against hers.


“Oh yes…” Kitty moaned in delight as she felt the beginnings of her orgasm take hold.


Suddenly, Matt’s world shifted into mindlessness and with a final, hard thrust, he groaned her name as his release consumed him; his seed spilling out deep within her womb.  Seconds later, with his hips still jerking against hers, Kitty came, crying out his name and writhing beneath him as the pulsating spasms exploded and spread throughout her body.


Matt collapsed on top of her, his arms no longer able to hold him, and lay vulnerable in her embrace.  Kitty wrapped her arms around him, holding him tight against her and loosely tangled her legs with his as soft aftershocks of pleasure continued to shake their bodies.


“Mmm…” Matt felt and heard her sigh of satisfaction as she languidly rubbed his back in a soothing motion.  He smiled and pressed a kiss to her shoulder before he lifted his head and gazed down at her, please to see a look of contentment and fulfillment in her blue depths.


“Watch your legs,” he murmured then rolled onto his back, making sure to stay buried within her as she covered him like a warm blanket.  It was his turn to run his hands up and down her back.  “This is much better.  Now I’m not squishing you.”


Kitty chuckled and brushed a kiss over his chest.  “I like it when you squish me like that.”


“You do?”


“You know I do.”


“I just don’t understand why.”


She lifted her head and gave him a loving smile, reaching up to trace his lips with the tips of her fingers.  “Because, in those few moments when you’re lying in my arms… spent, exhausted from your efforts to bring us both so much pleasure, and when you’re…” her smile grew, “…squishing me, you’re all mine.  You’re vulnerable in a way that no one but I get to see… and feel.    We’re still joined… physically, emotionally, and you’re able to simply be you… not the marshal, but you.  And in those moments, the love I feel for you overwhelms me to the point that I think my heart is going to burst.  That, Cowboy, is why I like it when you squish me like that.”


“Kitty…” Matt breathed her name as he reached up to tuck a stray lock of hair behind her ear.  Her words resonated deep within his heart and a slow smile formed on his lips.  “And that, sweetheart, is why I like squishing you.  Because in those moments, I know I am in the only place where I can find peace.  The only place where I can simply be me…” he cupped her cheek, “A man in love with his woman.”


He drew her head down to his, catching her mouth in a loving kiss.  After several minutes, the kiss ended and Kitty laid her head back on his chest.


“So, tell me, Marshal Dillon, now that you’ve brought me out here, and have had your wicked way with me… twice… what are your plans for the next two days?”


“To have my… wicked way with you as many times as I possibly can,” Matt answered as his hands resumed their caressing of her back.


“Is that all?”


“Well, there’s also sleeping and eating and… HEY!”  Matt laughed when Kitty slapped his chest.  He grabbed her hand and brought it to his lips and kissed her palm.  “When we’re not making love or eating or sleeping… I simply plan on holding you and spending that time talking with you.”


He felt Kitty’s smile against his chest as she nestled closer.  “That sounds heavenly to me, Matt.”


“Me too, Kitty.  Me too.”


They fell into a comfortable silence, both content to simply hold each other and enjoy the oh so rare moment of actually being able to do so.


Before long, both were sound asleep.




Kitty watched from the doorway as Matt, clad only in his black jeans, stood in front of the small stove. 


She’d woken up to find herself alone in bed and a glance out the window let her know that she hadn’t been asleep that long.  She’d climbed out of the bed and made her way to the small washroom to quickly take care of her business and wash up.  When she left the washroom, she had pulled on Matt’s blue shirt then wandered out of the bedroom securing the buttons.  Seeing him at the stove, she had stopped to watch him, enjoying yet another rare moment to simply look at her big man with no interruptions.


After several minutes, the smell of the food urged her to move. 


Kitty padded, barefoot, across the kitchen and slipped her arms around Matt from behind.  “Hey, Cowboy…” she pressed a kiss to the centre of his back before laying her cheek against him.


“I was wondering how long you were going to stand there,” Matt said with a smile in his voice.


Kitty chuckled.  “Just admiring the view, Marshal,” she ran her hands up and down his bare chest, “just admiring the view.”


“Is that so?”


“Mmhmm,” she murmured as her hands drifted down over his thighs.


“Kitty.”  There was a note of warning in his voice.


“Yes?”  She asked in faux innocence and brushed her thumbs over his fly.  She smiled at his sharp intake of breath.


“If you know what’s good for you, you’ll stop that.”


Kitty laughed.  “I KNOW what’s good for me,” she told him and cupped him fully.


Matt groaned.  “…Kiitttty…”


“All right,” she sighed dramatically and removed her hand.  She placed them on his chest again as she nuzzled his back.  “So, what are you cooking?”


“Just frying up a little steak and eggs,” Matt answered.  He turned his head to glance back at her.  “After all, we need to keep our strength up.”


“We do indeed,” Kitty replied and rubbed her hand over his crotch, giving him a gentle squeeze for good measure then stepped away from him.  “I’ll set the table.”


“Oh, you’re gonna get it,” he called out after her.


“That’s the plan,” Kitty tossed back as she moved over to the cupboard.  She could feel his eyes on her as she reached up for the plates and glanced back over her shoulder at him.  She arched an eyebrow questioningly.


“Nice shirt,” Matt said as he slowly and deliberately raked his eyes over her.


“Thanks.  It’s my favourite,” Kitty told him with a smile as she placed the plates and utensils on the table.


“Mine too,” Matt commented as he walked over to the table with the frying pan and dished out their food.  He returned the pan to the stove then joined Kitty at the table.


As they ate, they talked about various subjects; laughing together and just enjoying their meal… without interruptions.  When they were finished eating, they cleared away the dishes, quickly washing them and putting them away.


“So, now what?”  Kitty asked as she put the final plate in the cupboard then turned to face him.


“I don’t know about you, but I’m still hungry.”  Matt answered as he grabbed a knife and a few of the peaches from the basket they’d brought with them and quickly cut them up.  Placing the slices in a bowl, he picked it up then walked back to the table and sat down.  He lifted a peach and held it out to her.  “Come have a bite.”


Kitty was about to tell him she wasn’t in the mood for peaches but then she saw the look in his eyes.  She swallowed hard and like a moth drawn to a flame, Kitty slowly walked to Matt.  When she got close enough, she stopped and bent to take the peach between her lips, sucking it noisily into her mouth.


“Mmm… delicious…”


Matt smiled, grabbed himself a slice and popped it into his mouth.  “You’re right… these are good.”


When Kitty moved to sit in the chair beside him, Matt reached out and grabbed her hand.  He pushed the bowl of peaches aside then guided her so that she was sitting on the table in front of him.  He shifted his chair closer so that her legs were dangling on either side of his and laid his hands on her bare thighs.


“I thought you were hungry for peaches, Cowboy?”  Kitty asked him as she placed her foot on his thigh.


“I am,” he said as he lowered his eyes to her chest.  He watched her nipples tent the blue fabric covering her breasts then raised his eyes to meet hers, a slow smile coming to his lips, “I most certainly am.”


Kitty merely smiled back as she reached into the bowl for a peach slice and held it out to him.  Their gazes remained locked on each other as Matt leaned forward and took the offered fruit into his mouth; deliberately closing his lips over her fingers.


“Mmm…” he murmured appreciatively as he chewed and swallowed.  He moved his hand from her thigh and grabbed a piece then lifted it to her lips.  When she went to bite into it, Matt pulled it back slightly and shook his head.  At her slight nod, he began to trace the fruit over her parted lips, coating them with its sticky juice before slipping the slice into her mouth.


Kitty made a show of slowly chewing the peach then slid her tongue out to lick the juice from her lips.  She watched his eyes darken and a hint of smile pulled at the corners of her mouth.


Without speaking, Matt moved his chair even closer then reached for another peach.  He once again ran the fruit over her lips then drew a sticky line over her chin and down her throat until he reached the top of her shirt.  He brought the peach back to her lips and allowed her to pull it into her mouth then leaned forward and began to lick the juice from her skin.


Kitty moaned softly as his tongue cleaned away the sticky liquid and his fingers made quick work of the buttons on his shirt.  She lifted another slice of the succulent fruit from the bowl.  “Hey!”  Kitty exclaimed when Matt took the peach from her.


“I told you I was still hungry,” Matt said and pulled the sides of the shirt away, exposing her to his gaze.


“Yes you did,” she agreed.


“Just sit back and enjoy.”


 She watched as he painted her breasts with the peach, coating the full mounds with the fruit’s juices with ever-smaller growing circles that ended at her hard nipples.  He quickly ate the peach then leaned in and began to clean her breasts, making wide swipes with his tongue and nibbling with his lips until every trace of the juice was gone.


“The peaches are almost as sweet as you are,” Matt told her as he grabbed another slice and began to draw it down over her stomach.


Kitty moaned as his lips followed the sticky trail, laving the juice from her rapidly heating skin.  She gasped when she felt the peach dip into her belly button, his tongue chasing after the juice left behind.


Matt chuckled and popped the fruit into his mouth.  As he chewed, he slipped an arm around Kitty and pulled her closer to the edge of the table.  His hands glided down her legs to her ankles.  Matt brushed soft kisses to her inner thighs as he guided her feet to his shoulders.  He gave them a gentle pat, telling her without words that he wanted her to keep them there then, once more, reached for the bowl as her legs fell open.


“Oh, Matt…” Kitty groaned when his fingers opened her to his gaze and she felt a rush of heat through her body as he licked his lips.


His eyes twinkled up at her as he squeezed the two peach slices in his hand, letting the juice dribble down onto her swollen flesh.  He tossed them back into the bowl then grabbed another piece and used it to circle her clit.


Kitty watched as Matt drew the peach down and played it around her entrance, dipping the end inside her to mingle her juices with that of the succulent fruit.  “Matt…” she exhaled his name as he took a bite of the peach.


“Sweet…” Matt murmured as he swallowed.  He nestled the remaining piece between her folds then leaned closer and ran his tongue over her sex.


Kitty moaned as he took her clit between his lips; his swirling tongue sending a myriad of sensations coursing through her body.  “Oooh…” she exhaled sharply when he pressed first one then a second finger inside her and began to move them in and out of her.  “Yes, Matt…”


Matt looked up at her.  “Lie back and enjoy, honey…” he spoke against her sensitized flesh.  He pulled the swollen bundle of nerves back into his mouth, alternately sucking and laving it with his tongue as he continued to thrust his long fingers inside her.


Wanting to watch him love her, but knowing her arms wouldn’t support her much longer, Kitty lay back on the table, her legs sliding so that her ankles were locked behind his neck.  The change in position opened her further to Matt’s questing lips and she groaned as his tongue delved deep inside her, replacing his fingers.


Matt wrapped his arms around her thighs, the fingers of one hand holding her open while the fingers of the other danced over her clit.  His tongue moved in and out of her moist sheath; lapping, tasting, and arousing her with every plunge.  Matt could feel her legs begin to shake… her inner walls begin to quiver around his tongue as her orgasm approached.


“…oooh… oh yes…” Kitty’s back arched off the table; her knuckles white as she gripped the edge of the table above her head.  “Matt… oh, Matt… I…mmm…”


Matt moved his mouth back to her clit as his fingers, once again, began to work inside her.  He curled them inside her, the tips of the long digits hitting that special spot within her.


“MATT!”  Kitty cried out his name and curled up off the table as her orgasm crashed over her.  “Oh, Matt…” she whimpered as the waves of pleasure continued to buffet through her body.


Matt smiled and pulled his fingers from her sheath.  He lapped at her, consuming her essence with relish.  With a final lick to her sex, he sucked the peach slice into his mouth then stood, toppling the chair over behind him.  He quickly released the buttons on his fly and let his pants drop to his ankles.


Kitty moaned when she felt the head of his erection run up and down her slick folds.  She lifted her head and met his eyes as he slowly pressed his length into her.  “Oh yes…” she hissed her pleasure as she felt every inch of him slide into her, filling her completely, and wound her legs around his waist.


Matt gripped her hips and began to move.  Going down on Kitty had, as always, aroused him almost beyond his control and he drove into her hard; setting a fast and furious pace.  The tension in his body grew and he began to thrust heavily into her; his hips pounding against hers as he strained to drive them both over the edge.


Kitty could feel her body tightening again as Matt continued to move in and out of her.  He was close… she could feel it in the way he moved within her, see it in the hard lines of his face as he fought to keep control until she could fall with him into bliss.


Wanting suddenly to break that control, Kitty pushed up off the table and wrapped her arms around him; delving her fingers into his thick hair.  Her mouth crashed down onto his and she kissed him hungrily, thrusting her tongue past his lips in time with the driving of his hips.


“Faster… move faster.”  Kitty ordered as she pulled out of the kiss.  She gripped tightly to his shoulders, moaning loudly as he complied.  “Mmm… yes.  And harder… oooh, that’s it!”


Matt grinned and his fingers bit into her hips as he drove himself deeper within her willing body, her cries and moans of pleasure spurring him on.  He was on the edge, ready to go over when he slipped a hand between the close press of their bodies, his fingers finding and expertly stroking her sensitive bundle of nerves.


“Oh God… oh yes!”  She cried out, her body starting to shudder from the duel onslaught.  “That’s what I need… oooh… so close… so…”


Matt thrust harder and faster, his fingers matching the pace of his hips as he felt his release grow closer.  “Come for me, Kitty…” he urged her, moving furiously against her.  “Come for… oh God…” he gave a hoarse yell as he came suddenly; his body jerking against hers, his hot seed spilling deep within her body.


“MATT!”  Kitty cried out seconds later, her release tripping over his.


They shuddered endlessly against each other as their orgasms consumed them.  They fell back to the table until they lay quiescent on the hard surface; their breathing slowly returning to normal.


“Well… I’ll certainly never look at peaches the same way again,” Kitty murmured, her voice laced with satisfaction and a touch of humour. 


Matt lifted his head from where it rested on her breasts and smiled down at her.  “I won’t either.”


She lovingly stroked her hands over his sweaty back then reached down to pat his backside, “I don’t know about you, Cowboy, but I’m feeling a little sticky.  What say we go wash up?”


“Sounds like a plan,” Matt agreed and pushed himself upright then carefully withdrew from the warmth of her body.  He kicked his pants completely off  then reached out to grab her hand and pulled her up.  “Hang on,” Matt told her as he slid his hands under her, cupping a firm cheek in each hand, and lifted her into the air.


Kitty laughed in delight, wrapping her arms and legs around him, and held on tight as Matt carried her back into the bedroom.




Matt held Kitty’s hand as she stepped into the tub and slid down into the water.  She released a happy sigh.


“Water all right?”




“Not too hot?”


“Unh unh…”


“Not too cold?”


“Unh unh… just right,” Kitty told him then gave him a seductive smile.  “It’d be even better if you’d join me.”


“I will… just as soon as I take care of a few things in the other room,” he told her then bent down to brush his lips over hers.  “Relax and enjoy…”


“Don’t be too long, Cowboy.”


Matt flashed a big smile.  “I won’t be,” he told her then left the room.  He stopped just outside the door and listened as Kitty settled deeper into the water and gave another contented sigh.


He leaned up against the wall and let his thoughts drift back over the last night and day they’d spent together.  After their fun with the peaches, they’d shared a leisurely bath then returned to their bed to love the afternoon away.  That evening, after a light supper, they’d laid out on a blanket and watched the sun set.  And while the moon rose, they’d made love again before he’d wrapped Kitty in the blanket and carried her back into the cabin and loved her throughout the night.


A splash of water broke into his thoughts and Matt pushed himself off the wall and began to ready the room.  As he moved about, rearranging and lighting the various candles, his mind began to wander, once again, to their activities that afternoon.


They’d ventured down to the nearby lake to do some fishing, and after catching several good size fish, they’d decided to take a swim.  With no one around, the two of them had, naturally, skinny dipped. 


A grin came to Matt’s lips as he remembered how they’d acted like a couple of teenagers, splashing and chasing each other around.  When they’d grown tired of that, they’d simply floated in each other’s arms; lazily kissing and caressing until the passion between them flared once again.


They’d quickly made their way out of the water and just as they’d reached the blanket, Kitty had turned and dropped to her knees in front of him.


Matt’s grin grew and he absently reached down to rub himself as the memory of Kitty loving him with her mouth had the obvious affect on his member.  He closed his eyes and continued to stroke his length as he lost himself in the memory.


Kitty had wrapped a cool hand around his shaft, and stroked him in time with every suck, every pull of her mouth.  Her other hand had gripped one of his butt cheeks, squeezing the firm flesh rhythmically then slipping in between his thighs to fondle his sacs.


It hadn’t taken long, and with his hands fisting tightly in her wet auburn hair, he’d come in a hot torrent, shouting her name to the tree tops.




Kitty’s call of his name pulled him out of his memories; the residuals of which left him with an achingly hard erection.




“How much longer you gonna be?”


“Only a few more minutes.”


“Good.  ‘Cause I’m getting’ awfully lonely in here, Cowboy.”


Matt smiled at the seductive lilt to her voice.  “I’ll be right there, Kitty.”


He quickly finished lighting the remaining candles, turned down the bed then moved across the room and stepped back into the washroom.  He stopped in the doorway just as Kitty raised a long, smooth leg out of the water; his eyes following the sponge she used to wash the limb.


Matt loved Kitty’s legs.


He loved to run his hands up and down them, and he especially loved the feel of them wrapped around him.


He groaned at the thought and felt a surge of desire course through him, ending with a pulse in his already hard organ.


“You gonna stand there and watch me, or are you gonna come join me?”  Kitty asked as she lowered her leg back into the water.


Matt smiled and moved deeper into the room, unbuttoning his fly as he went.  When he reached the tub, he quickly shucked his jeans and kicked them away.  He glanced down at her and couldn’t stop the light flush that came to his cheeks as he watched Kitty rake her eyes over him; stopping at his more than obvious arousal.


She licked her lips and Matt felt his erection throb in response.


“Get in here, Cowboy,” Kitty told him as she shifted forward in the tub.


“Yes, ma’am,” Matt quipped as he stepped over the edge and sank down into the water behind her.  Once he was settled, with his legs stretched out on either side of her, he pulled her back against his chest, trapping his hardened shaft between them.


“Mmm… this is much better,” Kitty murmured contentedly and covered his hands where they rested on her stomach.


They fell into a comfortable silence. 


After a few minutes, Kitty reached for the sponge, and after soaping it up, she began to wash her body.  Matt watched, over her shoulder, as she moved the sponge over her breasts, circling the full mounds then slipping lower to slide over her stomach.


He swallowed and felt a tightening in his groin as Kitty’s hand disappeared between her thighs and before he could stop himself, his hand covered hers and together they washed the most intimate part of her body.


“…Matt…” Kitty whispered, her voice deep with longing.


The sponge floated away.


Matt pressed his mouth to her ear.  “Grab the soap,” he whispered as he slowly pulled their hands from between her thighs.


Kitty reached out and lifted the cleansing bar from the small table beside the tub.  Together they worked up a real thick lather then dropped the soap back onto the table.  With his hands covering hers, they began to deliberately wash her body, starting with her breasts.  They cupped the full globes, their combined fingers teasing and pulling her nipples into hard points.


Kitty moaned and dropped her head back against his shoulder as their hands glided lower, moving in sensuous circles over her flat stomach.  Their fingers tickled her sides then slid down into the water, slipping over her hips then dipped, once again, between her thighs.


“Ooh… Matt…” she gasped as he guided her fingers in firm strokes against her swollen folds.


“Do you know,” Matt spoke in a low, raspy voice against her ear as he continued to move their fingers against her slick flesh, “when I’m out on the trail alone… at night, I picture you in our bed… or in your tub… alone… touching yourself like this.  Pretending it’s my hands touching you.”  He pressed their middle fingers into her warm sheath and moved them slowly in and out of her.  “Do you, Kitty?  Do you touch yourself when I’m not there?  Hmm?  Do you?”


“…yesss…” she hissed as he pressed their thumbs against her clit; rubbing and circling the sensitive nub.  “Yes, I do… oooh, Matt…”


Matt grinned against her ear as he continued to thrust their joined fingers in and out of her warmth.  “One night you will have to show me.  Would you do that for me, Kitty?  Would you let me watch you pleasure yourself?”


“Mmm…” Kitty nodded her head against his shoulder.  She pulled her free hand away from his and grasped his thigh, her nails digging into his skin as the pleasure coursed up through her body.


“And did you know,” his voice remained deep, husky with desire.  “That when I’m alone on the prairie… and thoughts of you fill my mind… that I have to take matters into my own hands?  And when I come… it’s your name I yell to the stars.”


Kitty groaned and arched her back, thrusting herself against their hands.  “Matt!  Matt… please…”


Matt could feel her inner walls quivering around their fingers, and could tell by the tension in her body that she was on the verge of climax.  He hadn’t intended for it to go this far in the bath, but he could not, in all good conscious, deny Kitty her release.


He wrapped his free arm around her and drew her tighter against him, his erection throbbing between them.  Matt rubbed against her in an effort to ease some of the ache as he began to pump their fingers faster into her.  Their thumbs pressed harder against her pearl.  They rubbed and circled fiercely until Kitty was writhing in his arms, sloshing water over the side of the tub.


“Come for me, Kitty…” Matt urged and gently nipped her neck as he curled their fingers inside her.


“Matt… ohgodohgodohmatt…” she sobbed with relief as the exquisite agony of her orgasm washed over her.  Her body shook with pleasure and she sank back against Matt’s hard chest.  She sighed happily.  “Oh, Matt…”


Matt stilled then withdrew their fingers from within her and laid their hands on her stomach.  He nuzzled her neck.  “Ready to get out of the tub?”  He breathed the question against her skin once their heartbeats had returned to normal.


Kitty nodded and together, they climbed out of the water.


Matt reached for the nearby towels, wrapped one around his waist and used the other to begin drying Kitty off.  He held her eyes as he dropped his towel-covered hands from her shoulders to her breasts.  Though somewhat abated with her release at their hands, Matt could see the desire still smouldering in her blue depths. 


He swallowed hard, his own need rising to match hers.


“Think you can finish drying off?”  Matt asked in a gruff voice.


Kitty gave him a knowing smile as she took the towel from him.


“I’ll be waiting, don’t be too long,” he told her as he strode from the room; her soft chuckles following him.


Matt surveyed the room, making sure that all the candles were still lit, and that they hadn’t spilled over.  Satisfied that all was well, he quickly dried himself off, tossed the towel over the nearby chair then stretched out on the bed, propped up on the pillows, and waited for Kitty.


He didn’t have to wait long.


His breath caught in his throat as she emerged from the wash room wearing the sexiest black negligee he had ever seen.  His eyes followed her as she moved across the room and sat down at her vanity table; the diaphanous material doing little to hide her body from his gaze, and providing just enough coverage to enflame his senses.


Matt watched Kitty as she carefully unpinned her hair then pulled the tie from the end of the plait.  She fingered the hair loose then reached for her brush.  Their eyes locked in the reflection of the mirror as Kitty brushed her long red tresses until they shone.  When she was finished, she put the brush down then turned on the seat to face Matt.


His eyes held hers as she stood and slowly walked towards him.  When Kitty reached the edge of the bed, she stopped and gave him a sensuous smile as she lifted her hands to the ties on her shoulders and pulled the bows loose.


Matt swallowed hard, and as the sheer material slipped down her body to puddle at her feet, he realized that the tables had been turned.  He was no longer the one doing the seducing.


Kitty had just become the seducer.


As his gaze held hers, and he saw the twinkle mingled with passion in her blue eyes, Matt was more than willing to let her take the lead in this next round of love making.


Matt watched as Kitty brought her hands up to cup her breasts; the full mounds still firm and high, capped with dusky pink nipples.  He followed her hands as they moved from her breasts, down over her stomach to the thatch of ruddy curls at the apex of her thighs. 


“…Kitty…” he groaned as she brushed her finger through the soft hair, and licked his lips at the thought of the pleasure that awaited him there.  “Kitty…” he called to her in a soft voice.


Kitty gave him a knowing smile then crawled into the bed and knelt between his spread legs.  She ran her hands up his long limbs to rest them on his strong muscular thighs then inched closer, her attention focused on his erection. 


Matt chuckled at the intense look on her face and reached out to touch her shoulder.  “It’s not a piece of art, honey.”


“Oh no, Cowboy, that’s where you’re wrong,” Kitty reached out and wrapped her hands around his generous length.  “It most certainly IS a piece of art.”  She looked up, gave him a saucy wink then took the plumy head into her mouth.


A groan sounded deep in his throat as Kitty swirled her tongue around his sensitive flesh; the action sending a myriad of sensations through his body.  Her hands began to stroke up and down his shaft as she started to suck on the tip; the bobbing of her head causing her hair to spill down, blanketing his thighs.


Matt reached out and brushed her hair aside so that he could watch her.  He moaned her name at the sight of his manhood sliding in and out of her hot mouth.  A sight that was just as arousing as the act itself.


“…Kit…ty…” it came out as a strangled groan when one of her hands dropped down to fondle his balls.  His one hand fisted in her auburn tresses while the other clutched at the bedclothes in an effort to keep from thrusting into her mouth as he felt his juices rising up his shaft.  “Kitty… I’m gonna…” His grip on her hair tightened and he tried to pull her away.


Kitty’s grip tightened just a little more and she pulled her mouth away from him long enough to murmur, “Then come…”, before she took him even deeper into her mouth.


She stroked faster.


Matt groaned.


She sucked harder.


Matt cried out.


“…mmm…” Kitty hummed around him.


“Oh God… KITTY!”  Matt’s hips lifted off the mattress as he came; a heavy rope of his essence shooting from his body into Kitty’s warm mouth.  The pleasure rolled over him as he uncontrollably thrust against her as his hand clenched in her hair.  When he finally regained his senses, and fell back against the bed, Matt smiled at the feel of Kitty’s head lying on his hip, her fingers lightly dancing over his still firm erection.  He tugged gently on her hair until she met his eyes.  “That was…” he shook his head.  “… thank you.”


Kitty gave him a brilliant smile as she licked her lips then pressed a soft kiss to the head of his arousal then crawled up over him so that her face was level with his, but did not allow their bodies to make contact.  “You’re welcome…” she replied in a breathless voice.  “Ready for more?”


Matt grinned.  “Well, thanks to you…” he lifted his hips, allowing just the tip of his member to probe her curls, “I am.”


A laugh bubbled out of her as she leaned down to brush her lips over his; her hair falling in an auburn curtain around their faces.  “Handy little trick, huh?”


“I’ll say,” Matt nodded, remembering the first time she’d used it on him; that sharp little pinch at the base of his shaft allowing the pleasure of his release to consume him, but not his erection.  He reached up to push Kitty’s hair back and drew her face down to his for a tender kiss.


As the kiss grew in intensity, Matt slid his hands to her hips and drew her body down onto his. 


They groaned as their bodies came into full contact.


When Matt’s hands moved to the smooth cheeks of her bottom, Kitty broke off the kiss and pushed herself up so that she was straddled above him.  He moaned when she rocked gently against him, nestling his erection between her slick folds.


“Kitty…” his hands grasped her hips again.


“Yes, Cowboy?”  Kitty gave him a coy smile as she traced her fingers over his chest.


“Don’t tease, honey…” Matt told her in husky voice and lifted one hand to cup a breast.  “I need to be inside you.”


Kitty gave him a heated look as she rose up on her knees and reached down to wrap her fingers around his pulsing shaft.  She guided him to her entrance and then, locking her eyes with his, she impaled herself on him; taking him completely inside her body.


“…Kitty…” Matt groaned in relieved pleasure.  He loved the feeling of being buried deep inside her.  He loved the feel of her inner walls quivering around his manhood, the tiny pulses that grew in strength as her pleasure increased.  He also loved it when she clenched around him as she was doing now.  “Oh god…” he murmured and flexed his fingers on her hips.


Kitty lifted her hands to her breasts as she slowly began to circle her hips against him.  A low, decidedly, feminine moan sounded deep in her throat as she continued the deliberate movements; tantalizing him and drawing the pleasure out for both of them.


The sight of his woman’s fingers playing with her own nipples sent a surge of lust rolling through Matt’s body and his member hardened even more within her.   His hands gripped her hips as he thrust up inside her, unable to stop himself. 


Slow and easy was no longer enough.


Matt needed more.


And from the look in her eyes, Matt could see that slow and easy was no longer enough for Kitty either.


He drove up into her again.  She gasped and her hands dropped to his chest.  “…Matt…” Kitty moaned his name as she rocked against him in response.


“Oh yes, honey…” Matt told her, his voice rough with desire as Kitty began to rock harder on him.  “Ride me…”


A sensuous smile lit up his redhead’s face and she rose up until just the head of his arousal remained within her.  “Cowboy…” Kitty whispered breathlessly as she sank back down on him.


Matt stared up at Kitty as she moved earnestly on him.  The vision she created - auburn hair spilling around her shoulders, all fire with silver edges that shimmered in the candlelight; blue eyes dark with desire, her lower lip bit in concentration as she focused on the movements that were bringing them both so much pleasure – would be forever burned into his memory.


He heard her breath catch, saw her nostrils flare and he grew harder still.




She slid her hands from his chest to rest on the bed on either side of his head; stretching her body out over his and licked her lips as she increased the pace, moving rapidly up and down on him.  


Matt’s eyes drifted down to her luscious breasts which bounced in time with her movements, the dusky nipples hard and begging to be sucked.  He lifted his head and caught one of the berried points in his mouth, suckling hard.  Kitty arched into him which changed the internal angle of his touch.  She moaned at the change and moved even faster, grinding her hips against Matt’s, growing more and more desperate for release.


Matt moved to her other nipple.  He swirled his tongue around the tip, and felt her body tense as her breath hitched again.  His eyes locked with hers, and he could see that she was poised on the edge of release as he was, yet unable to go over. 


She whispered his name then pushed herself back upright on him, reaching back to grasp his thighs.  Matt sat up quickly, his hands adding to the momentum of her hips as she impaled herself on him fully.


“MATT!”  Kitty screamed his name as she fell.


As her inner muscles grabbed and clenched him tightly, Matt joined her, falling into his orgasm with a loud cry of her name, their bodies continuing to move together; each pulling everything they could from the other.




Awareness slowly drifted back amidst the waves of contentment that continued to roll over them. 


Matt blinked.


He didn’t remember falling but as he came back to himself he realized that he was once again on his back with Kitty draped over him like a warm blanket.  She was locked in his embrace, her legs stretched out along his; their bodies still intimately joined.




Her soft moan brought a smile to his lips and he rubbed his hands in lazy circles over her sweaty back.


“I wholeheartedly agree,” Matt responded in a quiet voice.


“I wish we could stay here forever,” Kitty murmured against his skin several moments later.  “Just the two of us… making love, fishing, making love…”


“Sounds good to me,” he chuckled. 


The thought WAS a nice one.


Matt sighed. 


He tightened his arms around her.  “Someday, Kitty…” he told her in a soft voice.


“I know, Matt…” Kitty nuzzled her face into his neck.  “I’m sorry…”


Matt slid his hands into her hair and tugged her head up so that he could meet her eyes.  “For what?”


“For spoiling the mood.”


Matt moved his hands so that he could stroke her cheeks with his thumbs.  “You didn’t.”


“I…” his thumb covered her lips, stopping her.


“You didn’t,” he repeated as he gazed at her.  His blue eyes locked with hers, conveying more in a look than he ever could with words.  “I love you, Kitty,” Matt said quietly, voicing the words anyway.


She smiled.


“And I want that someday with you.  I do,” he told her emphatically.  “I want you to know and believe that.”


Kitty cupped his cheek and nodded.  “I know you do…”


“It’s just…”






Kitty leaned down and brushed her lips over his.  “And I’ll be waiting, Cowboy.  I’ll be waiting.”


Matt smiled and drew her mouth down to his.  The kiss was long, slow and deep; sharing all the emotions of their hearts.


“Now…”  Kitty spoke against his lips as she circled her hips against him and tightened her inner muscles around his still sheathed member.  She gave him a sensuous smile.  “Let’s put our remaining time here to good use, huh?”


Matt groaned and felt his erection quickly firm up within her.  He rolled them over, pinning her to the mattress.  He grabbed her hands and held them over her head as he ground his hips against hers.


“Good idea.”


“Make love to me, Matt…” Kitty wrapped her legs around his hips.


“Until we pass out from sheer exhaustion,” Matt nodded and covered her mouth with his as he began to thrust his hips against hers.


~The End



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