Title:  Missing Him

By: tayryn

Rating:  Hold onto your hats… tis a tame one.

Disclaimer:  Don’t own’em. Wish I did.

Notes:  a missing moment from the episode, “New Doctor in Town”


Thanks, as always, to my most wonderful beta, Jaya!!  *bugs*




“I just don’t believe I wanna hear no more, Newly,” Festus said then, head hung low, he stepped out into the cold night air.


Newly glanced over at Kitty then down at the papers in his hand before he placed them on the bar.  “I guess I should be going too.”


Matt stood and met Newly at the batwing doors.  “Newly, would you mind looking after things tonight?”


Both men glanced over to where Kitty was standing at the bar.


“Sure thing, Marshal.  I’ll check up on Festus as well.”




Newly nodded then left the saloon.


Matt pulled the outer doors closed then locked them.  He turned to see Kitty still at the bar, Doc’s letter once again in her hands.  He watched as she traced her finger over the words and sniffed in an attempt to hold back more tears.


He walked over to her.  “Kitty…”


At his soft call, Kitty turned and with a sob, she slipped into his embrace.  “Oh, Matt…”


Matt held her in his arms as she buried her face in his chest and gave into her tears.  One hand cradled her head, while the other lovingly stroked her back.  He blinked back the tears that welled in his own eyes and held her a little tighter.






Kitty lifted her head from his chest and leaned back so that she could meet his eyes.  “I… I know you weren’t planning on it, but would you stay with me tonight?  I need you to hold me.”


Matt smiled and reached up to brush the tears off her cheeks.  “Of course, I will.”


She gave him a tremulous smile.  “Thank you.”


“You’re welcome,” he replied and brushed a kiss against her forehead.




Matt watched as Kitty, finished with brushing her hair, stared blankly into the mirror.  He frowned with worry.  “Kitty,” he called out.  “Come to bed.”


Kitty shook her head then met his eyes in the mirror.  She nodded as she stood and made her way over to the big brass bed.  She removed her robe, laid it on the end of the bed, then crawled in under the covers; moving immediately into Matt’s arms.


Matt reached out and turned down the lamp, plunging the room into darkness.  He lay there in the dark; allowing his eyes to adjust and listening to Kitty fight her tears.  He pulled her closer, “Let it out, honey…”


A soft sob was his only warning before he felt her tears fall onto his bare chest.  She cried, her body shaking, as she gave into her grief and worry over their dear friend.  And while she cried, Matt held her, stroking her back, her hair, her arms; and murmuring softly of his love for her into her red curls.


“Do… do you really think he… he’ll be back?”  Kitty asked, hiccoughing through her tears.


“Yes, I do,” Matt answered her in a soft voice.  “For one very simple, very important reason.”


“And that is?”


“We’re his family,” Matt told her.


Kitty smiled through her tears and nodded against his chest.  “Yes we are, aren’t we?”


“Yep.  So for that reason alone, Doc will be back,” he said then paused.  “Tell you what… why don’t you write him a letter?  I’m sure he’d love to hear from you.”


Kitty lifted her head from his chest and peered at him in the dim light streaming in through the window.  “Do you really think so?”


“‘Course I do.  You write it, and we’ll ask Doctor Chapman either for the address to the University Doc’s at, or to just send it on to him for us.”


“Oh, that’s a wonderful idea,” she stretched up and sought out his mouth in the dark.  She brushed her lips over his.  “Thank you, Matt…”


“Anytime, Kitty,” Matt replied and stroked her back.  “I hate to see you hurting… you know that.”


Kitty nodded.  “I do… and I hate seeing you hurting too, and I know you’re upset about Doc’s leaving as well.”


“I am,” he admitted.  “But I know he’ll be back.”


“He will be,” Kitty agreed as she gave in to a yawn.  “Sorry…”


“It’s late…” he lost the fight and gave into his own yawn.  “And it’s been an emotional evening.”


“Yes it haa…” she yawned again, “has.”  She finished.


Matt chuckled.  “Let’s go to sleep, honey.”


Kitty nodded and lowered her lips to his.


They shared a deep loving kiss that lasted for several long moments until Kitty pulled her mouth from his and settled back into his arms.  She laid her head on his chest, her ear over his heart.


“Good night, Cowboy,” she murmured in a sleepy, breathless voice.  “I love you…”


Matt pulled her closer, laying his cheek against the top of her head.  “I love you too, Kitty.”


~the end



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