Title: Dark and Stormy Night
Author: tayryn

Rating: this is me! Think about it!
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Disclaimer: Not mine.  If it was… we’d have at least gotten a kiss.

Summary: after the visit from her father, Matt whisks Kitty away

Notes: This story or at least the love scene was originally written as a seaQuest story by myself and Jaya, while in a chat during a thunderstorm.  I have modified it, and added to the story to make it more than a PWP, and to make it a Matt & Kitty story.


Thanks, as always, go to my most incredible beta, Jaya!!  *bugs*


It was a dark and stormy night...

Kitty awoke to the sounds of thunder rumbling in the night sky.  As she lay quietly in bed, she listened to the wind rustle through the cabin she and Matt had hidden themselves away in for the last week.


She smiled.


She’d been delighted and, yes, surprised, when Matt had suddenly whisked her away from Dodge City; knowing that after what had happened with her father, she needed to escape for a little while.



Kitty turned her head to see Matt staring at her through half open eyes in the dim light of the room.

“Go back to sleep, Cowboy,” she told him quietly and reached out to cup his cheek.

“You okay?”

Mmhmm.  The storm woke me up. That’s all.”

You sure?”


“Okay,” he replied and rolled back over.

Moments later, at the sound of Matt’s gentle snoring, Kitty slipped out of the bed.  Not bothering to pull on her robe or nightgown, she walked over to the large picture window in the cabin’s bedroom, and sat down on the cushions of the window seat.  Kitty’s mind wandered back to her father.  She’d had mixed emotions about his visit from the moment she’d received his telegram.  Having not seen the man since she was a very young girl, she hadn’t been all that certain she’d wanted to see him at all.


‘Thank God for Matt…’ Kitty thought, remembering how he’d helped her to test Wayne Russell’s intentions.


She’d been disappointed, yet not really surprised, when her misgivings about her father had been proven right and it turned out that all he’d wanted was to get his hands on her money.


Kitty sighed.


Lost in her thoughts as she watched, but didn’t really notice, the storm; Kitty didn’t see or hear Matt approach until he slid in behind her, his naked body warming her immediately.


“Thinking about your father again?”  Matt asked as he nudged Kitty’s long red hair away from her neck with his chin then lowered his lips to place a soft kiss to her shoulder.


Kitty nodded sadly.


“Wanna talk about it?”


Kitty sagged back against Matt’s chest.  “What is it about me, Matt, that makes people… makes men, think that they can take advantage of me?  Is there some kind of sign that says I am an easy target?  All those others before… and now my father…” Kitty turned her head back to look at him.  “Why, Matt?”


“I don’t know, honey.”  Matt answered.  “I wish I did, but I don’t.  Some men just get a perverse pleasure out of it.  Others just can’t seem to help themselves, and believe that women are nothing more than objects for them to own and do with as they please.”


Kitty shuddered.  In her line of work, she’d seen plenty of evidence of how some men treated women… even the women they claimed to love.  She’d been witness to the many levels… from the mere slaps to the all out rapes and beatings.  She was grateful that she’d been able to avoid the worst of the kind of life she lived.


Matt felt the tremor pass through her body and tightened his arms around her.  He rubbed his cheek against hers.  “I don’t understand that way of thinking,” he said.


“I know you don’t,” Kitty replied as she nuzzled her cheek against his in response.  She knew Matt hated to see a man hitting a woman.  It went against everything he stood for, against his inbred sense of right and wrong.  “That’s because you are a good man, Matt Dillon.”


“If I am, it’s because I have you,” Matt told her.


“You were a good man before I came into your life.”


“But I’m a better man since you’ve been in it.”


Kitty shook her head.  “I don’t see how.  I’m just a saloon girl, Matt.”


“You’re a saloon owner, Kitty.”  Matt corrected her.


“Semantics,” Kitty said.  “I’ve only been HALF owner for two weeks.  When we met, I was just a saloon girl.  A saloon girl with a past that included many men.”


“Kitty… you have never been and could never be, JUST, anything.”  Matt told her as he stroked his thumbs against the smooth skin of her stomach.  “You did what you had to do to survive.  I know that.  It’s part of what’s made you who you are.”


Kitty turned her head to give him a tremulous smile.  She still found it hard to believe that she had Matt in her life.  That he had chosen to share his life... what he could give of it… with her.  He had never judged her for the choices she’d made before coming to Dodge City.  Right from their first meeting, Matt had treated her like a lady.


“Do you know what drew me to you?”  Matt asked her in a quiet voice.


“My hair,” Kitty answered with a smile.  Matt had often commented on how much he loved her hair.


“Well, I do love your hair,” Matt said as he turned his head and pressed a kiss into her fiery tresses, “and it was the first thing I noticed about you.  How could I not?  But that’s not what attracted me to you.  It was your spirit, Kitty.”


“My spirit?”


“Mmhmm,” Matt murmured.  “Your spirit… your fire… that inner strength you have.  It’s what drives you, Kitty… what pushes you to accomplish what you set your mind to,” he told her.  “You’re independent and it shows in how you carry yourself.  Truth be told, it’s one of the things I love most about you.”


“Is that so?”


“Mmhmm,” Matt nodded against her shoulder.


“Even when that independence makes me stubborn?”


“Even then.”


Kitty shook her head as a smile played across her lips.  “You’re the only one who does.”


“And that’s a good thing too,” Matt replied with a low chuckle as he shifted behind her and pulled her closer against his chest.


Kitty laughed outright and turned her head back to look at him.  “Yes it is,” she said with clear affection in her voice.  A teasing smile touched her lips then.  “So tell me, Marshal, what else do you love about me?”


“Far too many things, Miss Russell, to simply tell you,” Matt replied with a grin.  “However,” he circled his hands on her stomach, “I would be most willing to show you.”


“Is that so?”




A bright flash of lightening lit the sky at that moment, followed by a loud boom of thunder.


“Tell me, Kitty; ever make love during a thunderstorm like this?”  Matt asked her in a low husky voice.

“No,” she replied, as she turned her eyes to the storm just outside the window.

“Mmm… good,” he murmured, as he slid his hands slowly up along her stomach to cup her breasts.

Kitty moaned and let her head fall back against Matt’s chest as his fingers circled and pulled at her nipples, the sensations tingling through her body.

“Mmm… that feels good,” Kitty moaned and arched her back, pressing more of her breasts into his large hands.

“It’s supposed to,” he told her and closed his lips around her earlobe. “And this,” Matt slid his right hand down over her stomach to rest between her thighs, “is going to feel even better.”

“Oh…!” Kitty cried out softly as he slid his middle finger down between her folds, and stroked her clit before pressing the long digit into her. “...Matt...”

Matt smiled around her earlobe as he pulled his finger out of her, bringing the now wet digit up to once again circle her sensitive bud. “Do you like this?” He whispered in her ear.

She nodded and reached out to clasp his wrist.

“I love the feel of you, Kitty,” Matt told her. “And I love how wet I make you,” he slid two fingers back into her. “So, wet... and so hot,” he stroked his fingers in and out of her as he pressed himself against her back. “Can you feel what you do to me?”

“Yes,” Kitty rasped, barely able to hear him over the steadily growing pounding in her ears. “Matt...”

Tell me what you want, Kitty...”

“Fast... faster...” Kitty tightened her grip on his wrist, urging him to move his fingers quicker inside her. “And… more...” she grabbed his left hand which was still fondling her breast and brought it down, directing his fingers to her swollen flesh. “Here...”

“Like this?” Matt rubbed his fingers against her clit in tight, firm circles, while his other fingers matched the same pace within her snug channel.

“Oh yes... just like that…” Kitty gasped as the feelings intensified. “Oh, Matt… I love your hands!”

Matt chuckled softly. “I'm glad to hear it.”

He continued to stroke her... her hips slowly starting to move in time with his hands. “That’s it, Kitty… go with it.”

“Ooh... oh God...” Kitty moaned and arched into him, her hands clutching tightly to his thighs on either side of her. “Ma... so... oh yes... Matt, please...”

Matt increased the pressure and the speed of his fingers at the need in her voice. “Let it go, Kitty… come for me.”

“Oh…” Kitty felt his fingers close around her clit, squeezing with just the right amount of pressure and cried out his name in relief. “Matt!”

Matt continued to move his fingers within her, even as she writhed against him.  Her inner muscles clenched and released his thrusting fingers until she finally collapsed back against him with a deep, satisfied groan.

“Mmm… that was wonderful,” Kitty sighed happily.

“You should see it from this angle,” he told her as he pulled his fingers out of her and brought his wet fingers to his mouth, licking her juices away. “Mmm… you taste good.”

Kitty slid a hand behind her and between their bodies to grasp and stroke the hard steel shaft throbbing against the small of her back.  Matt groaned as she circled the bulging head with her thumb and forefinger, squeezing gently before moving up and down the tip. His hips pushed forward involuntarily, straight into her welcoming palm.

“Your turn,” Kitty whispered and tried to turn but Matt’s arms held her fast.

“Lift up.”

Kitty felt Matt raise her hips.  She moved her legs so that they were straddling Matt’s and pressed one foot against the floor to give herself added leverage.  He shifted behind, then beneath her and began to slowly lower her down.

Kitty gasped when she felt the tip of Matt’s rampant erection brush against her slick folds and reached down to hold him in position. She sighed with pleasure as he slowly penetrated her, the different angle allowing him to slide in until she felt him press into the bottom of her womb.


“Oooh… oh yes…”  The low moan left her on a deep exhale.

Matt held Kitty’s hips firmly against him as his head fell to her shoulder.  “Kitty…” his breath came in staccato spurts as he struggled to control himself.

A jagged bolt of lightening streaked across the dark sky, making the room as bright as day.  Two seconds later, a loud crash of thunder momentarily crashed around them.  Kitty shuddered at the noise, the movement causing Matt to quiver within her. 


“Here…” Kitty grabbed his hands and pulled them from her hips to her breasts, her fingers leading his to caress her distended nipples.  “Touch me here…”

Once Matt was otherwise occupied Kitty shifted her upper body to the side and turned her head to capture his mouth in a passionate tongue-tangling kiss as she began to slowly rock her hips against him.  She rode him gently, their shared passion rising slowly but steadily.


Kitty felt a splash of warmth deep within her core and knew that Matt couldn’t hold back much longer. She began to subtly alter her downward thrusts, arching her back and increasing the pace.

The storm closed in around them, lightening exploding sequentially in all three windows; the resounding thunder echoing through the night.  The intensity of the storm pounding outside electrified the already charged air in the cabin and pushed their desire to the edge.  Matt plunged his tongue deep into Kitty’s mouth as he slid his fingers down the center of her belly and into her curls.

“MATT!”  She screamed his name into his mouth as he vigorously massaged her swollen sex and pushed her over the edge into a mind-shattering climax.


Matt grinned against her lips while he continued to work his fingers over her clit as Kitty once again thrashed against him; her quivering internal muscles his undoing.  Suddenly, a bolt of lightening streaked through the sky, very close to them, the resulting thunder shaking the house.  Matt groaned into her mouth, and his hips jerked beneath hers as his release crashed over him.

They sagged back against the pillows of the window seat, their bodies quivering against each other as the residual sensations of their orgasms continued to roll over them.


“Oh, Matt…” Kitty gasped as another small tremor passed through her.  “That was… mmm… that was even better,” she murmured in a husky voice.

“Oh yeah,” Matt agreed and pulled her closer.


“I do love it when you show me how you feel about me,” Kitty told him as she, once again, covered his hands with hers.


Matt chuckled.  “By golly, so do I,” he said and placed a kiss to her bare shoulder.


Kitty laughed softly.  “I love you, Matt.”


“And I love you, Kitty.”  Matt replied.  “Are you feeling a little better now?”


Kitty nodded.  She was feeling better, both emotionally and physically.  “Yes… thanks to you.”


“Just doing my duty, ma’am, to protect and serve the good people of Dodge City,” Matt replied with a grin.


“Your duty?”  Kitty turned her head to look at him and raised an eyebrow.  “Making love to me is a duty now?”


Matt could hear the teasing in her voice but answered her seriously.  “Making love to you, Kitty, and just being with you, is never ever a duty to me.  It is simply, the purest, happiest part of my life.”


Kitty’s breath caught in her throat at the intense look of love in Matt’s eyes as he spoke quietly.  It was not in Matt’s nature to be so free with his words, especially when his emotions were involved.  Yes, Matt told her he loved her, but every so often, like tonight, he would surprise her by giving voice to his feelings.


“Oh, Matt…” she moved her head closer and their lips met in a sweet, loving kiss.


“We should move back to bed,” Matt told her as the kiss ended.


“We should,” Kitty said, “But I don’t want to move.”  She clenched her inner muscles around him.  “Do you?”

“Nope,” Matt shook his head and groaned softly. “I’m quite happy here, thank you.”

“Mmm… good…” Kitty sighed contentedly and reached out for the blanket that lay folded up next to them.  She pulled it over their still joined bodies and snuggled back against him.  “It’s almost dawn, let’s just sit here and watch the storm.”


“Sounds good to me, Kitty.”  Matt said and tightened his arms around her.  “Sounds mighty good to me.”


With the storm raging around them, the two lovers, locked in each other’s arms, fell into a blissful slumber.



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