Title:  Campfires and Fireflies

By:  tayryn

Rating: MA

Summary:  Charles and Laura spend some time in the great outdoors

Disclaimer:  not mine… although, I wish they were!


Notes:  for the summer challenge at Fate and Time


Prompts used:





Evening breeze


“Charles!  We can’t do that here!”





Charles reached out to tuck an errant strand of chestnut silk behind his wife’s ear.  “You are so beautiful,” he spoke in a quiet voice, trailing his fingers over her cheek.


Laura blushed as she shook her head at him.  “I think we need to have the doctor check your eyes.”


Charles chuckled as he settled back against the quilt they’d laid out on the grass.  One arm bent on the pillow beneath his head, he held his other arm out for Laura to join him.  She did so with a smile, settling into his embrace with a soft, contented sigh.


“This was a lovely idea, Charles,” she told him as she stared over his bare chest at the campfire burning brightly beside them.  “Thank you.”


“You’re welcome,” he replied, his lips moving against the top of her head.  “We needed, and deserved this time to ourselves.  We’ve both been working late hours the last few months.”


Laura nodded against him.


“And…” Charles’ hand moved from its place on her hip to cup a rounded cheek of her rear, “I’ve been wanting to make love to you under the stars from the first moment you smiled at me.”


“Charles!” Laura pushed up on her arms.  “We can’t do that here!”


He grinned up at her.  “Oh, honey… we most certainly can.”  Charles reached up to trace her lips with the tip of his finger.  “Imagine how it would feel… the evening breeze caressing your skin as we make love.”  He dropped his hand and began to loosen the ties of her chemise.  “We’re completely alone out here…”


Laura’s eyes fell shut as he pushed aside the soft cotton and ran his hand over her bare shoulder.


“Which means we don’t have to worry about being heard…” he finished in a soft voice, his hand moving to rest against where her neck and shoulder met, his thumb rubbing lightly back and forth.  “And that means I can…”


Laura groaned as Charles, in a low, husky voice, told her everything he wanted to do to her… with her.  She swallowed hard… the images he painted with his words, as vivid as the images he painted with his brush.


Her breathing grew shallow, and when she opened her eyes to meet his, Charles knew that he had convinced her.  Her gray-green eyes were dark… smoky and filled with desire.  She whispered his name as she leaned down to meet his lips in a hungry kiss.


Charles slid his hand up into her hair, tugging at the end of the ribbon she’d used to secure the thick tresses until they fell in riotous waves about their faces as they continued to kiss.  After several long moments, their mouths still joined, Charles slowly shifted them so that they were sitting up.  He pulled his mouth from hers and reached up to brush the backs of his fingers over her cheek.


“I love you, Laura,” he told her quietly, his voice thick with the emotion that had filled his heart from the moment he’d met her, even if he hadn’t known it at the time.


“I love you, too…” Laura replied, a brilliant smile spreading across her face; the love in her eyes shining bright, making the desire swimming in her green depths seem even more intense.  She laid her hand on his chest, tugging gently on the gray hairs as she spoke softly, “Make love with me, Charles…”


Charles merely smiled at her.  The heat in his eyes grew as he watched his hands push her chemise down, revealing her full breasts to his hungry gaze.  He leaned in and rained soft, opened-mouthed kisses to the upper swell of her chest, then dipped a little lower to flick his tongue out over her nipples before moving back up.  He caught her lips in an ardent kiss.


Laura’s hands dropped between them and began to work the buttons on his fly, slowly releasing each one; her fingers caressing the growing bulge beneath the material of his pants.  She smiled against his mouth as he moaned her name into their kiss when she slipped her hand inside and cupped his erection.


“See…” Charles pulled his mouth from hers to grin at her.  “There are advantages to my not wearing those horrible union suits.”


Laura giggled, both at his comment and the memory of the first time he’d worn a union suit.  He’d made a face, and grumbled all day about how uncomfortable and constricting the long underwear had been beneath his clothes, and how he wished he’d brought a few extra pairs of boxer shorts with him from his time.



“Boxer what?”  Laura asked her husband as she watched him fight with the buttons on the red union suit.


“Boxer shorts.  They are infinitely more comfortable than this union suit,” Charles replied as he pulled his arms free from the top of the underwear and wandered into the adjoining water closet.  “They are too much like long johns and I never liked wearing those.”


A bemused smile touched her lips as she listened to Charles grumble and returned her attention to her reflection in the mirror as she continued to brush her hair.


“Now these… are much more comfortable.”


Laura turned to see Charles standing in the doorway of the water closet in nothing but… “Boxer shorts?  Those are boxer shorts?”


“Yeah,” he said then gave her a little turn.  Like’em?”


“As a matter of fact,” she dropped her brush to the vanity and stood, moving to stand in front of him.  “I do,” Laura murmured as she laid her hands on his chest and let them slide down to play with the waistband of his shorts.  “But you only brought the one pair, hmm?”


“Yeah,” Charles nodded.  “Guess I’m going to have to go commando, because I sure as hell am not wearing those things again.”


“Commando?”  Laura gave him a confused look.


Charles grinned.  “It’s a slang term for not wearing any underwear,” he told her, laughing at the look on her face.  He slid his hands around her waist and pulled her closer.  “Trust me… it has its advantages.”



“You were right,” Laura told him as she moved her cool fingers over his hot length.


“About what?”  Charles asked, lifting his hips into her touch.


“There are advantages to not wearing the union suit and going commando.”


Charles laughed and pulled Laura back to him, kissing her soundly. 


Then together, amidst light kisses and soft chuckles, with only a few bumped heads, they shed their remaining clothing then fell back onto the quilt.  Charles immediately rolled Laura onto her back and covered her body with his.


Laura drew her legs up, cradling his hips as he pressed closer.  She cupped his face in her hands and drew him down to her.  She brushed her lips over his, whispering his name against them before kissing him fully, sliding her tongue past his lips to meet and tangle with his.


She moaned when Charles broke off the kiss and began raining soft kisses along her throat, leisurely exploring the soft skin, using his lips and hands to caress every inch of her that he could reach.


“Charles…” it was a breathy gasp as his hot mouth closed around her nipple, teasing and whirling the rosy tip with his tongue.  His fingers traced circles around her other breast until he moved and took that nipple in his mouth, applying the same sweet torture.


One of her hands fell to the top of his head as Charles moved lower, pressing a series of open mouthed kisses in a sensuous trail down her body.  Her fingers clenched in his hair when his shoulders settled between her thighs, and hummed in anticipation.  Laura loved it when Charles loved her this way.


Charles raised his head to meet her eyes, noting that they’d grown even darker with desire.  He smiled at her before he lowered his head, pausing for a moment to inhale the sweet scent of her arousal then pressed his mouth against her.


He moaned as her flavour washed over his tongue and flooded his senses.




Charles smiled against her as she cried out his name, and felt her fingers tighten in his hair, holding him to her, as he loved her with his mouth.


Her body arched as he slid first one finger, then another inside her.  “Oh god...” she moaned as the pleasure moved through her, growing more intense with every moment he continued to thrust them in and out of her slick passage.  His tongue swirled around the sensitive bundle of nerves until her body began to tremble and her inner muscles began to quiver around his fingers.


Charles reached out with his free hand, his right hand still moving slowly within her body, and clasped hers from where it was clenched beside her in the quilt, entwining their fingers.  He whispered her name against her flesh as he continued to move his mouth against her, licking and sucking at her swollen flesh.


“Mmm…” she moaned loudly and pressed herself against him as he intensified the pressure of his mouth against her and increased the speed of his fingers within her.  “Oh… God… Charles!”  Laura suddenly cried out his name as her body tensed and arched off of the quilt; the pleasure drowning her in a sea of sensations.


Charles groaned as Laura’s juices flowed around his fingers into his palm.  He withdrew his fingers and lowered his mouth, consuming her essence as if dying of thirst.  His fingers moved to her clitoris, circling the sensitive bundle in a bid to prolong her release.


Laura panted as she felt the sensations grow within her again, threatening to overwhelm her with their intensity.


“Come, Laura…” Charles murmured against her.  “Come for me… let me have more of you…” he thrust his tongue deep inside her and pressed a little harder on her clit with his thumb.


“OH GOD CHARLES!!!”  Laura screamed his name as she came again.  She felt the rush of her juices leave her body and heard Charles’ appreciative growl as he attacked her with a voracious appetite.  Her body went limp with satisfaction.


With a last loving kiss against her, Charles slowly began to once again, kiss his way up her trembling body.  He rained kisses over her breasts and trailed his lips up her throat to cover her mouth with his in a deep, burning kiss as he settled his body against hers.


As they kissed, Charles slipped his free hand between their bodies, wrapped it around his throbbing member, and brought it to her waiting entrance, stroking the head along her sex to coat his length with her essence.  He broke off the kiss, and locked his eyes with hers then slowly sank into her welcoming warmth.


They moaned together as their bodies finally became one.  Charles smiled down at her, the love he felt for her shining in his deep, blue eyes.  With a gentle squeeze of their still entwined hands, Charles lowered his mouth for a loving kiss.


Laura slid her free hand up over his shoulder and around his neck, threading her fingers into his thick hair and pulled him closer, wanting to feel his body completely against hers.  She moaned softly at the feel of his firm chest against her breasts, the soft hairs tickling and caressing the sensitive flesh.


Charles raised and rested their entwined hands on the quilt above their heads, his other hand slipping beneath her body to grasp her shoulder as he began to slowly thrust his hips against her.


“Charles…” Laura breathed against his lips at his gentle movements.


At her soft utterance of his name, Charles raised his head and felt as if he was going to drown in the desire and love he saw swimming in her dark, passion-filled eyes.  “Laura…” he moaned softly as she moved beneath him, meeting his gentle thrusts.


Slowly, they began to move together, establishing a leisurely rhythm; both content to love each other slowly, savouring the sensations.  Their eyes remained locked; communicating far more than mere words ever could, sharing the whisperings of their souls.


Laura’s hand moved up and down Charles’ back, her fingers trailing along his spine as she arched into him, wanting more as the feelings flowing through her body began to grow.  “Charles…”


Charles smiled and lowered his lips to her.  He kissed her softly but with growing passion as he altered their rhythm, circling his hips against hers before he suddenly rolled onto his back, holding her tight against him.  He released her hand and trailed his fingers down her back, over her bottom to her thighs then pulled out of the kiss.  “Sit up, sweetheart.”


Laura slowly rose up, his hands gently guiding her legs so that they were bent on either side of him.  She whimpered when the change in position caused him to slip from inside her.


Charles grabbed her hand and brought it to his erection.  “Take me back inside you…” he told her in a rough voice.


A look of uncertainty flashed across her face.  They’d never made love this way before.


“Trust me.”


“Always,” Laura replied as she gave him a soft smile then positioned him at her opening before slowly sinking down onto him.  She moaned at the feel of his hard shaft pushing into her from a different angle.  “Oh god…” Laura hissed her pleasure once he was seated completely within her.  “Charles…”


Charles smiled up at her as a low groan escaped his lips.  He found himself unable to speak at the sight of Laura above him, the starry night sky a perfect backdrop behind her.  The light from the full moon at her back was illuminating, creating an iridescent halo around her body.  Her hair glowed silvery-white about her face as she returned his smile.


“…move…” he uttered softly, gently thrusting beneath her.  “Rock your hips.”


Laura did as he asked and rocked her hips against him, gasping softly as she repeated the action then languidly circled her hips.  A low moan rose up from within her as the movement sent fissures of sensations coursing through her body.


Charles laid his hands on the tops of her thighs and slowly slid them up to grasp her hips.  He guided her movements as she began to instinctively move faster, rising up on her knees then sinking back down on him; taking his hardened flesh in and out of her body.


“Laura…” he groaned when she suddenly stopped moving.


“Trust me,” Laura told him, feeling more confident in her position.


Charles smiled, “Always.”


Laura tilted her head slightly, the barest hint of smile pulling at the corner of her mouth as she reached down and lifted his hands from her hips and laced their fingers together.  Slowly, she stretched out over him, raising their joined hands above his head on the quilt.  Her face hovered above his, and she whispered her lips over his as she began to gently undulate over him, setting a slow satisfying rhythm which Charles matched.


They shared soft, breathy kisses as their bodies rocked leisurely together, both enjoying the slow, gentle pace.  When Laura’s head fell forward, her eyes closed and she pulled her lower lip between her teeth, Charles knew she was close.  He bent his knees, and planted his feet firmly on the ground to aid him as he began to thrust up harder into her.


“Charles!”  The strangled cry escaped Laura’s lips as she threw her head back.  She arched her back, pushing her hips down harder against his.  The move pushed her breasts forward and he could not resist lifting his head and nuzzling his face between the generous swells.  His lips brushed against her damp skin, his tongue darting out to taste her before he turned his head and sucked a hard nipple into his mouth.


Shards of pleasure shooting out from where their bodies were joined continued to grow until they were thrusting frantically against each other.  With a loud cry, she pulled her breast from his mouth and looked down at him.


Laura’s gaze locked with Charles’ and she felt her heart skip a beat.  The passion and desire… the want and need… but most especially the love shining in his dark blue eyes reached out and enveloped her soul.  A soft smile formed on her lips, knowing Charles was feeling the same thing.


Their wonder grew in proportion with the intensity of their movements until nothing existed except the two of them, locked in an ancient rhythm as they sought to find their release.


“CHARLES!!”  Laura threw her head back and shouted his name to the heavens as the sensations coiling in her centre exploded over her in white-hot flames.  “Oh… yes…” she panted as she continued to rock on him.


Charles watched in delight as Laura was consumed by her release and with a few more thrusts, he joined her; his orgasm washing over him in steady waves as he emptied himself inside her.  He cried out her name in a loud, hoarse voice.  “Laura…”


Laura moaned at the warm flood of Charles’ essence and braced herself on their still joined hands as she relished the feel of him pulsing within her.  She looked down at him; enjoying the look of utter bliss on his face as he continued to shudder beneath her.


“Beautiful…” Charles whispered as he gazed up at his wife.  Her brown hair in wild disarray, her face flushed… she was, the most beautiful sight he’d ever seen.  Even more beautiful now than she’d been only moments before when she’d first rose up on him; the glow emanating from her now, having nothing to do with the moon behind her.  Her eyes were bright, filled with all that she felt for him.  It humbled him, his heart swelling with more love than he thought was possible, and he offered a silent prayer, thanking God for bringing him to her.


Loosing his hands from hers, Charles reached up and cupped Laura’s cheek in one hand, and brushed her hair back from her face with the other.  He smiled at her as he gently pulled her face closer to his, and caught her mouth in a loving kiss.  When the kiss eventually tapered off, Laura returned the smile that still graced his lips and shifted off of him, allowing him to slip from her body as she settled against his side; sliding a long leg over and between his.


Charles reached out for the lighter quilt they’d brought, and drew it over their damp, cooling bodies.  Laura nestled closer, rubbing her cheek against his chest and released a satisfied hum as he turned his head and nuzzled his lips into her hair.


Neither one spoke for several minutes, content to be in each other’s embrace, watching the glowing embers of the dying campfire, and the firebugs sparking in the darkness just beyond the fire’s glow.  The quiet sounds of the night seemed to thrum in time with the steady beat of their hearts.


“Okay?”  Charles asked quietly, tracing random patterns on her bare hip.


“Mmhmm,” Laura murmured then tilted her head to press a kiss to the underside of his jaw.  “That was…” she couldn’t find the words, and felt herself blush at the memory of how utterly wanton she’d been with him; of being swept away in their passion, of not holding back and giving voice to that passion, shouting it out for anyone to hear.


Charles felt her skin heat and grinned.  “So, you wouldn’t be averse to trying this again?”


Laura giggled and felt her body flush even more as she lifted her head from his chest to meet his eyes.  “You are a terrible influence, Charles Lattimer.”


Charles chuckled.  “But you love me anyway, Laura Lattimer.”


Her eyes softened and she nodded.  “Yes, I do.  Very much,” she replied and leaned down to kiss him.  “And, no, I would not be averse to trying this again,” she whispered against his lips.


Charles laughed loudly as he hugged Laura to him.





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