Clarisse and Joseph.

Joseph and Clarisse.

The Queen and her Knight.

Sensual and sexy after fifty!!


From the moment Joseph led Clarisse out onto the dance floor, and pulled her into his arms to dance the 'Wango', we knew that these two were more than just employer and employee... more than just friends...

We knew that they were lovers... that they were soulmates.

Sensual and sexy after fifty!!

The Pears...

In and Out of Shadows
Joseph decides to cheer Clarisse up over the holidays
A Lost Christmas
Joseph and Clarisse get a little lost.
A Service to Remember
Joseph provides a service to the Queen
All in a Days Work
Joseph works with the Queen
Another Day's... Work
Clarisse reciprocates
Make a Wish
It's Clarisse's birthday
Steamed Pears
Things get a little steamy...
Words of Love
Joseph and Clarisse have a conversation...
Losing New Years
sequel to A Lost Christmas
Dark and Stormy Night
Love in a thunderstorm
Driving me Crazy Trilogy
Three stories written by RevSue and tayryn
Pride Goeth Before a Fall
An alternate ending for that horrific dance scene in PD2!
Shadow Dancing
sequel to In and Out of Shadows - Joseph fulfills a promise

Non Pears...

Making Like Bunnies
a celebration...
Old Time Rock and Roll
A Saturday afternoon interlude
Spin the Bottle
Sharing a first kiss...
Laughter in the Rain
Sharing moments in the rain
Wango Me This...
Dancing the Wango...

back to the tower's top floor...