Title:  Jaya’s Thanksgiving Day Present

By:  tayryn

Rating:  FRAO

Classification:  N&K romance

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Disclaimer:  I don’t own them… Amblin does.  I’m just having some fun with them.

Summary:  sequel to “tayryn’s birthday present” by Jaya.

Warning:  this story contains explicit language (the F-word is said once) and suggestion of violence.


Notes:  this is all Jaya’s fault.  Not mine.  Hers.  She wrote the first one… her muse sparked mine… and well… again… this is all HER fault!   ;o)


And oh yes… beta’ing thanks of course… go to Jaya.





The beeping of the intercom pulled Nathan from the very pleasant dream he was having about a certain redheaded doctor licking and kissing her way down his body.  He groaned and reached out to hit the intercom.


“Bridger,” he acknowledged sleepily.


“Sorry to disturb you, Captain,” O’Neill’s voice came over the speaker.  “But Secretary General Noyce is on a link for you.”


Nathan glanced over at the clock beside his bed and groaned softly.  “Does the Secretary realize what time it is?”


“He does, sir…” O’Neill told him.  “He’s asked me to apologize but says it’s urgent.”


“Very well, lieutenant,” Bridger replied.  “Tell him I will be with him momentarily and transfer the call to the wardroom.”


“Yes sir,” O’Neill replied and closed the channel.


Nathan glanced down at the woman still sleeping in his arms.  With an affectionate smile, he pressed a kiss against her hair and carefully slipped out of the bunk then pulled the sheet up and tucked it around her naked body.


“… Nath…?” Kristin stirred.


“Ssh… s’okay, baby.  Go back to sleep,” Nathan leaned over Kristin, pressing his lips lightly to hers.  “Bill’s on the horn… I won’t be long.”


“Mmm… okay,” Kristin muttered, rolling over and curling around his pillow.


Nathan smiled as he reached out and pulled on his robe.  Tying the sash, he padded across the room, opened the door and stepped out into the corridor.  He quietly closed the door behind him and quickly dashed across the hall to the wardroom.


“Ah, Nathan,” Bill smiled at him from the screen as Nathan leaned forward against the table.  “Sorry to wake you…” Noyce paused and grinned.  “I did… wake you, right?”


Nathan rolled his eyes.  “Yes, Bill… I was actually sleeping.”


“Oh good.  I’d hate to interrupt anything.”


“Sure you would,” Nathan replied and fixed his friend with a look.  “So… what’s so important that it couldn’t wait for a reasonable hour?”


“I wanted to let you know that there will be security officers waiting to take Hewes into custody.”




“And…” Bill hesitated.


“Out with it, Bill.”


“It seems this isn’t the first time the good admiral has used his rank to…”


“That son of a bitch!”  Nathan’s curse interrupted.  “I should have hit him harder.”


“You should have,” Bill nodded.  “He will be brought up on charges.”


“Good.  The bastard deserves to rot for what he did and tried to do to Kristin.”


“He’s got friends in high places, Nathan.”  Bill pointed out.


“So do I,” Nathan replied.  “He’s not getting off scot-free, Bill.  I won’t let him.”


“You do realize… Doctor Westphalen may have to testify at his trial, right?”




“Will she… She will testify, won’t she?”


“Yes, she will.”


Nathan turned to see Kristin standing in the doorway, wearing his favourite blue shirt, a pair of his boxers peeking out from beneath the hem.  Her hair was tousled and she looked to still be half asleep.


“I will be happy to testify, Mr. Secretary,” Kristin told him, stepping deeper into the room.  “Admiral Hewes should not be allowed to get away with what he tried to do.”


Noyce smiled.  “Thank you, doctor.”


“Not a problem,” Kristin replied.


“When do you see all this happening, Bill?”  Nathan asked, a thrill running through his body as Kristin stepped closer, her hand brushing against him.


“As soon as you dock at Pearl and Hewes is taken into custody,” Noyce answered.  “We’re already getting the ball rolling on this.”




“I figure it shouldn’t take too long,” Bill said.  “You and your crew will be given leave; yours and Doctor Westphalen’s to begin once you both have testified.”


Nathan glanced at Kristin and smiled.  He turned back to Bill on the screen.  “We should be docking in Pearl late tomorrow afternoon.”


“I’ll be waiting at the dock with the security officers to take Hewes into custody.”


Nathan nodded his acknowledgement, stepping closer to Kristin.  “Is there anything else?”


“No,” Bill shook his head, biting back a smile as he watched Nathan edge closer to Kristin.  “I’ll leave you two…” his eyes twinkled.  “To go back to whatever…”


“Good night, Bill!”  Nathan called out, hitting the button and closing the channel.  He turned to Kristin to see her blushing.


“And I was concerned about everyone on the boat knowing…” Kristin shook her head.  “I bet half the UEO knows about us by now.”


“Good,” Nathan said, pulling her into his arms and walking her back against the wardroom table.


“Good?”  Kristin asked and then gasped when his hands suddenly tugged the boxers she was wearing down off her hips.  “Nathan!”


“Yes, good,” Nathan answered, grabbing her hips and lifting her onto the table.  “Because now everyone will know that you’re mine.”  With those words, his fingers made contact with her damp curls.


“Nath…” she arched against his hand.  “Nathan… this isn’t being discreet.”


“The door’s shut,” Nathan told her, sliding two of his fingers into her wet heat, moving them in and out of her slowly.  “And,” he reached out with his free hand to grab her left hand, pulling it inside his robe to cup his throbbing erection.  “I am in serious need of a doctor.”


“I can… feel that.”  Kristin murmured, slowly stroking him.  She shifted on the table, spreading her legs and gently pulled him closer.  “Step into my parlour…”


“With pleasure,” Nathan replied in a deep voice, pulling his fingers out of her as she rubbed the head of his shaft up and down her slick folds.  He covered her hand with his and positioned himself at her opening.


“Mmm… oooh yes… Na… than…” Kristin moaned loudly as he steadily pressed his length inside her.  Her hands slid up to grip his shoulders as she wound her legs around his hips and pulled him tight against her.  “God… I love this part.”


“Which part?”


“The feel of you sliding into me and filling me…” she clenched her inner walls around his length.  “Now, lover…” Kristin cupped his cheek.  “Do me fast… do me hard and take me back to bed and do me all night.”


“Yes, ma’am!”  Nathan grinned and began to heavily thrust into her.


“Oh yes…” Kristin encouraged him, meeting his thrusts.  “Nathan…”


As he continued to slam into her, Nathan reached a hand between them, his fingers searching out and finding her swollen bud.  He stroked the swollen flesh in time with his thrusts, driving her to the edge.


“Oh… oh God, Nathan…” Kristin cried out as the first tendrils of her orgasm washed over her.  “Nathan… yes… yes… oh please…”


And suddenly she was there, her body thrashing against his, her juices flowing around him as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her.


Nathan thrust once… then twice more before groaning her name loudly, his release shooting out of him and splashing against her womb.  “Oh… God…” his hips continued moving against hers for several minutes and then he collapsed against her, pushing her back onto the table.


“Mmm…” Kristin hummed with pleasure; her arms and legs still wrapped around him.  “That was nice.”


“I’ve wanted to have sex with you on this table from the first moment we sat around it together.”


Kristin laughed, turning her head to kiss his cheek.  “Me too.”


Nathan lifted his head and smiled down at her, sliding his arms beneath her.  “Hang on,” he said and straightened up.


“Oh no…” Kristin squirmed in his arms, moaning at the feel of him still hard within her.  She shook her head.  “Nathan… you can’t be serious…”


“Oh but I am,” he told her, walking towards the door.


“But, Nathan… what if someone sees us?”


“We’ll check first,” he told her, reaching out to open the door.  He maneuvered them so that he could stick his head out into the corridor and looked both ways.  “And the coast is clear!”


“Nathan!”  Kristin exclaimed as Nathan grinned at her, stepped out of the wardroom and quickly made his way across the hall to his cabin.


Nathan held her securely against him with one arm as he opened his cabin door and stepped inside.


“Oh… eeeew…” they heard a voice come in through the door.  “Nope, never having sex now!  Thank you very much!”


Kristin groaned and buried her head in Nathan’s shoulder as he began to chuckle, closing the door behind him.  “It’s not funny,” her muffled voice reached his ear.


“Yes it is,” Nathan continued to laugh.  “And just think, now we won’t have to worry about him having sex.”


“You’re terrible.”


“That’s not what you said earlier.”


Kristin lifted her head and smiled at him.  “No…” she tightened her inner muscles around him.  “I believe I said that I wanted you to do me all night long.”


Nathan grinned as he slowly made his way to the bed.  “Yes, ma’am.”


“Nathan?”  Kristin questioned when halfway to the bed, Nathan suddenly turned and began moving across his cabin.  “Nath… oh!”


Nathan smiled as Kristin clued in to his intentions.


“Put me down,” Kristin murmured against Nathan’s ear just before he went to lower them into the green armchair decorating one corner of his cabin.




“Trust me, love.  Trust me.”  Kristin nipped his earlobe as she unwrapped her legs from around him and lowered them to the floor as he slipped out of her.  “Now… sit,” she gave him a gentle shove into the chair.


Nathan reached out a hand towards the curls peeking out in front of him from under the shirt she wore, only to have Kristin slap his hand away.  “Not this time…” he was told. 


Kristin slowly slid to her knees in front of him, her hands trailing softly up and down his thighs.  She looked up at him, gave him a sensuous smile as she reached up to untie and part his robe; licking her lips provocatively as she turned her gaze onto his manhood standing hard, proud and glistening in front of her.


Nathan watched as her hands wrapped around his rigid member and moaned as she slowly began to stroke up and down.  “Kris…”


“You loved me so… thoroughly with your hands… your mouth…” Kristin told him in a husky voice, her hands continuing to move over his hard flesh.  “Now… it’s my turn…”


“…Kris…” Nathan groaned as she leaned closer and began licking his erection, running her tongue up and down his length with broad strokes as she slid a hand down between his legs to cup his balls.  He groaned as she gently massaged them, shifting so that she could dip down and take them, one at a time, in her mouth.  “Oh shit…”


Kristin smiled around him, humming softly as she released his sac, starting to lick and kiss her way up his shaft, her tongue tracing up along the vein to circle the sensitive head.  She looked up and met his eyes as she closed her lips around him, sucking him into her mouth.


“Sweet Jesus!” Nathan cried out, his hips lifting off the chair as Kristin swirled her tongue around him.  “Oh yes…” he moaned as she continued to hum, taking him deeper and deeper into her mouth, the hand not stroking his length gliding up his chest to play with his nipples; caressing any part of him she could reach before dipping back down to once again play with his sac.


Stroking him with her hand, Kristin began to work him in and out of her mouth, smiling to herself when his hips started to lift up of the chair, thrusting gently in time with her ministrations. 


“…Kris… oh God, baby…” Nathan groaned, feeling the pleasurable tension rise within him.  He reached out, his hands entangling in her hair but not restricting her movements.  “Kris… I’m…” he tugged on her hair, trying to dislodge her mouth from his aching flesh and pull her body up over his.  “I’m gonna come…”


Kristin pulled her mouth from his manhood, her tongue darting out to continue licking him.  “Come then…” her hand tightened around the base of his shaft for emphasis.  “Come, Nathan…”


“Shit… oh God…” Nathan suddenly began to buck against her, crying out her name over and over as his orgasm washed over him.  “Kris… Kris… oh shit…”


Kristin moaned at the first wash of his juices at the back of her mouth and continued to pump her hand up and down his length, milking him for all he was worth until he sagged back against the chair, her name a hoarse mantra on his lips.  With a final suck, Kristin released him from her mouth and licked her lips.  “Mmm…” she murmured, starting to kiss her way up his body until she was straddling his lap, her mouth locked onto his in a deeply passionate kiss.  “You taste good.” 


Nathan smiled up at her, his hands caressing up her back, beneath the shirt she was still wearing.  “I do, do I?”


“Mmhmm…” Kristin purred, rubbing herself against him.  “You do.”


“You don’t taste so bad yourself,” Nathan told her.  “In fact,” he shifted in the chair and slid a hand down beneath her, slipping two fingers into her wet passage.  “It’s been too long since I’ve last tasted you…” Nathan pulled his fingers out of her and brought them to his mouth, moaning softly as he cleaned her juices off the long digits.  “Mmm… yes, too long.”


Without warning, Nathan moved off the chair, taking her with him and knelt on the floor.  He lowered her onto her back and then straightened up so that he was kneeling between her spread legs.


“You know…” Nathan began, one hand gliding in a barely-there caress down her thighs before slipping between them to comb lightly through her glistening auburn curls.  “I have this thing about even numbers…”


“Is that so?” Kristin gasped as he slipped a finger between her folds, drawing it up and down slowly.


“Mmhmm, it is.”  Nathan told her, shifting and laying his body out on the floor, pushing the chair aside as he went, so that his face was positioned between her thighs.  “And I see that I’ve only given you three hickeys…” he leaned in to press a kiss against each one.  “I need to correct that.”


“Be my guest,” Kristin said with a smile, her eyes on him as he began to once again put his brand on her inner thighs.  “And while you’re down there…”


Nathan chuckled against her thigh, turning his attention forward.  He opened her to his gaze and licked his lips.  “Oh, baby… I’m way ahead of you.”


Kristin cried out happily as he buried his face against her, his tongue sliding in and out of her as his fingers worked over her swollen nub.  It wasn’t long before she was bucking against him on the threshold of her release.


“Come, Kris…” Nathan murmured against her flesh, the resulting vibrations pushing her over the edge.  He moaned in appreciation as Kristin’s juices flowed into his mouth like honey.  Nathan continued to move his tongue against her, consuming her arousal until she cried out again, another orgasm washing over her. 


“Oh God…” Kristin panted as Nathan pressed a final loving kiss against her sex then crawled over her.  “I will never get tired of you doing that.”


“That’s good,” Nathan replied, lowering his mouth down to hers.  “Because I will never tire of doing it.”


“Mmm… good.”  Kristin murmured as they kissed.




“Well… you don’t look exhausted.  So I’m going to assume that you actually got some sleep last night.”


Nathan met Noyce’s eyes as they walked ahead of the security detail and just grinned, his eyes sparkling.  “Some.”


Noyce rolled his eyes.  “Think you’ll be able to control yourself during the hearing?”


“It’ll be hard… but I think I’ll manage.”  Nathan answered and paused.  “Can I ask you a question?”




“You don’t by some chance know which hotel on the island has the biggest bed do you?”


Bill groaned.




“Nathan!”  Kristin exclaimed as they entered the Fairmont Orchid Motel.  “Nathan this is the most expensive hotel on the island.”


“I know.”


“We can’t…”


“Yes we can and we are.”  Nathan told her, his arm around her waist tightening and pulling her closer as he led her up to the front counter.


“May I help you, sir?”


“Yes, reservation for Bridger.”


The desk clerk nodded, typing away on the keyboard in front of her.  “Ah yes… here we are.  Bridger.”  She looked up him.  “You’re booked into the honeymoon suite, correct?”


“That’s right,” Nathan confirmed with a smile as he reached into his pocket for his credit card, glancing at Kristin to see a bemused smile on her face.


Several minutes later they were following the bellhop down the hall toward their suite and just before they reached the door, Nathan scooped Kristin up into his arms.


“Nathan!”  She squealed, looping her arms around his neck.


“It’s tradition,” Nathan told her with a grin.


The bellhop smiled, opened the suite’s double doors and watched as Nathan carried Kristin into the room; catching her lips in a loving kiss once they were over the threshold.  He followed them into the room, bringing their bags into the bedroom and then quickly retreated, dropping the key on the coffee table and closing the double doors behind him.


“I want to you know…” Nathan murmured against her lips, still cradling her in his arms.


“Want to what?”  Kristin asked.


“Marry you.”


“Oh… Nathan… I…” Kristin shook her head as her eyes filled with tears.  She swallowed hard and met his eyes.  “Are you asking?”


“Are you accepting?”


“Yes!”  They answered simultaneously, grinning happily at each other before their mouths came together in a fiery kiss; tongues tangling madly as Nathan carried her into the bedroom.


“Now that,” Nathan said, breaking off the kiss and staring into the room.  “Is a bed!”


“Oh my…” Kristin murmured in approval.  She turned back to Nathan and nipped his ear lobe.  “So… every inch of it?”


“Hell yes!”  Nathan replied as he carried Kristin over to the extremely large bed and laid her out on it, climbing up onto the mattress and settling his body on top of hers.  “Every little inch of it.”


Before he could utter another word however, Kristin pushed on his shoulders, rolled him onto his back and climbed on top of him; straddling his lap.  Nathan watched with interest as Kristin slowly started unbuttoning the top of her dress.  His blue eyes grew darker as little by little her full breasts were revealed to his hungry gaze.


“I love it when you don’t wear a bra,” Nathan told her, reaching up to cup the heavy mounds, smiling as her nipples grew hard beneath his fingers.


“See if you say that in another twenty years when my breasts are at my knees,” she muttered, gasping slightly as his fingers tweaked the hard peaks.


“Oh, honey…” Nathan sat up beneath her, his hands still cupping her chest.  “You’ll always have me around to…” he lifted his hands slightly, causing her breasts to jiggle in his hands.  “…support you.”


Kristin laughed and then moaned softly.  “Mmm… well… you do…” she moaned again as his thumbs rubbed over the stiff, rosy peaks.  “… you do seem very qualified.”


“Thank you,” Nathan smiled, his fingers still playing with her breasts.  “I do have…” he thrust his hips up beneath her.  “…other qualifications as well…”


“Well… we’re just going to have to…” Kristin pushed him back onto the bed and pulled the dress up over her head, tossing it across the room.  She grabbed his wrists and pinned his arms above his head.  “Give you a test run… check on those qualifications.”


“By all means…”


The rest of Nathan’s sentence was lost in her mouth as Kristin covered his lips in a passionate kiss, thrusting her tongue deep into the cavern of his mouth as she ground her hips against him.


“Mmm… well… your lips,” Kristin murmured against the anatomy in question, moaning softly when his tongue darted out to flick against her lips.  “And your tongue certainly pass the test.”


Kristin moved her mouth away from his, down his throat to his chest.  “You’ve just the right amount of hair here,” she sat up on him again, running her fingers through the gray sprinkling of hair covering his chest, following the trail down over his stomach and stopping just before reaching his groin.  Kristin smiled at his groan of disappointment.


“Easy, lover…” she admonished, waggling her finger at him.  “I’m not finished with the test run yet.”


Nathan grinned and continued to watch her as she inched down his body.


“Or should I say…” Kristin licked her lips as she hovered over his throbbing erection.  “The taste test.”


“Kris…” Nathan moaned as her warm breath washed over him.  He suddenly bucked off the bed as she ran her tongue down the underside of his length.


“Mmm… so far so good,” she hummed, licking her way back up and around the head.  Kristin wrapped her fingers around him, slowly stroking up and down.  “Feels good too…”


“Kris… baby…” Nathan began to plead with her.  “Please…”


Kristin smiled and took him in her mouth, sucking gently, her tongue swirling around him.


“Oh yes…” Nathan cried out softly as she worked her mouth over him, taking him deeper and deeper with each passing minute; his words becoming nothing more than unintelligible mumbles as her mouth and tongue sent electrifying sensations shooting through his body.


Kristin smiled around him as she continued to suck and lick him until he was thrusting into her mouth, one of his hands holding a fistful of hair, guiding her movements.  “Kris… oh… shit…” she heard his moans as his body began to tense and suddenly pulled her mouth away from him, her hand tightening around the base of his shaft.


“Oh God…” Nathan moaned as a wave of intense pleasure washed over him, his mind just barely registering that he’d not ejaculated.  Nathan closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensations.  Seconds later, his eyes flew open when he felt Kristin’s hand start moving on his still hard length again.  “Kris…”


“So far so good, sailor…” Kristin murmured, her teeth nipping at his inner thighs.  “You seem to be quite qualified.”


Nathan lifted head from the pillow and met her eyes, chuckling softly before stifling a moan as her lips brushed over his erection.  “And you say I’m wicked,” he moaned, his head falling back on the bed as her mouth slipped down around the head of his arousal again.


Kristin pulled her lips off him, letting him slide out of her mouth with an audible pop and licked her lips.  “Mmm… you are,” she murmured, slowly crawling up his body.  “Delightfully wicked,” Kristin continued to move over him until they were face to face.  “And it works for you on so many levels.”


Nathan laughed, his hands grasping her hips, moving up her sides in a sensual caress.  He slipped his hands over her shoulders and into her hair, holding the auburn mane out of her face.  “So…” he began slowly, his thumbs tracing over her lips.  “Are my qualifications satisfactory or shall I perform some more tests for you?”


“Mmm… well… so far so good,” Kristin smiled down at him, nipping his thumbs with her teeth.  “What did you have in mind?”


“First…” Nathan began, sliding his hands down to grasp her hips and starting to pull her body up along his.  “I thought I would sample that wonderful nectar of yours…”


Kristin moaned at the image and allowed him to guide her body into position so that her thighs were on either side of his head, her curls centered right over his eager mouth.


“And then,” Nathan spoke in a low husky voice, pressing soft kisses to her inner thighs, over and around the hickeys he’d left.  “Then I thought I would lay you down right in the middle of this wonderfully large bed,” his tongue darting out to catch the drops glistening on the curls before him; smiling at the moan sounding from above.  “And make love to you like there’s no tomorrow.”


Kristin’s hands tightened on the headboard and she looked down at him.


“And that’s just for starters…” Nathan grinned up at her, his tongue flicking out against her again.


“I’m going to hold you to that,” Kristin moaned.


Nathan’s eyes sparkled as he reached up, parted her folds and latched onto the gleaming pink flesh above him; suckling the swollen bud between his lips, teasing it with his tongue.


“Oh… God…” Kristin cried out softly, biting her lower lip as the sensations shot up through her body.


Nathan glanced up at her and pulled his mouth away from her.  “Don’t hold back, baby… let go.  Be as loud as you want,” he slipped his fingers inside her.  “I want to hear what I’m doing to you.”


Kristin nodded and watched as he buried his face against her again, his tongue and lips moving in time with his fingers.  Kristin moaned his name, unconsciously thrusting herself against him.


“That’s it, Kris…” Nathan murmured against her flesh, his fingers picking up speed as her juices flowed over the thrusting digits.  Feeling her release closing in on her, he pulled his fingers from inside her, spreading her arousal up over her clit as his mouth moved down, his tongue thrusting into her silky depths.


Suddenly, Kristin screamed his name, her body shuddering violently over him as her orgasm rushed through her, her juices drenching his mouth and chin.  Nathan groaned, happily lapping and sucking at her until she cried out again, another torrent of her honeyed dew flowing into his waiting mouth. 


With Nathan’s hands guiding her, Kristin fell back gently against him, moaning as he shifted and slid out from under body in one long caress.  Nathan positioned her in the middle of the bed, his hands catching her legs behind the knees, pulling her legs up. 


“Wrap your legs around me, Kris…” Nathan urged her, rocking his hips against her, coating his erection in her juices. 


Kristin complied, her legs going around his waist, her ankles locking at his lower back as he moved over her, supporting himself on his arms as he slowly sank into her wet, welcoming body.


They both moaned at their joining, their bodies immediately starting to move, both desperate to reach that pinnacle of pleasure together.  The room was filled with the sounds of their lovemaking… their bodies slamming into each other, their moans, cries and gasps echoing off the walls with each thrust until both were shouting each other’s names.


“Oh God…” Nathan collapsed on top of her, pressing her into the mattress, his body shuddering against hers.


“Oh… mmm… Nathan…” Kristin moaned, holding his body tight against hers as she trembled beneath him.  “Oh yes…” she murmured once her heart had slowed down.  “You have most impressive qualifications.”


Nathan chuckled against her neck.


“And there’s the bonus…”


“Bonus?”  Nathan raised his head to look at her.


“You look damn fine in a uniform,” Kristin smiled brightly at him and licked her lips.


Nathan laughed, his eyes sparkling as he gazed down at her.  “You look pretty damn hot yourself, sweetheart.”


“Thank you,” Kristin blushed slightly and shifted under him, loosening and lowering her legs so that they lay twined with his.  “Well… we’ve done three spots on this bed…”


Nathan laughed.




“Oh yes… Nathan!  Yes… yes… yes!  Mmm… Nathan!”


Nathan smiled as Kristin cried out to him and continued to drive his hard rod deep into her.


“Oh… harder… faster… please, Nathan… please… oh yes!”


“Oh… God, baby… you feel so good…” Nathan groaned as he gave in to her plea, pistoning his hips harder into Kristin’s oh so willing body; his hands holding tight to her hips as he moved faster behind her.


“Close… oh, Nathan… I’m so… close…” Kristin panted, pushing back against him, one hand holding tight to the balcony railing, the other moving furiously between her legs; her fingers manipulating her swollen flesh in time with his thrusts.


“Me too, Kris… me too…” Nathan gasped, feeling his control beginning to slip, his thrusts growing shorter and faster.  “KRIS…TIN!”  Her name was a hoarse shout on his lips as his hot juices flowed out of him, splashing against her womb, his hips jerking spasmodically against her with the onslaught of his orgasm.


Kristin felt the hot wash of his seed within her and suddenly screamed out his name when she felt his fingers slip in with hers to stroke her clit, bringing her to a shattering orgasm.  “Oh… Nathan… oh God!”


Nathan slid his hands up along her sides as he leaned over her, laying his head on her back and groaning.  “Shit, that was incredible!”


Kristin chuckled softly, her head resting on her arms on the railing as she panted hard, trying to catch her breath.  “You can say that again.”


“Shit, that was incredible!”


Kristin laughed.  “Good thing this is a private balcony!”


“I’ll say,” Nathan agreed, dropping a kiss on her back then straightened up, slipping out of her body.  He reached for her and pulled her up and back into his arms.  He nuzzled her neck.  “I would be extremely jealous and have to beat anybody up if they saw you like this.”


“So wanton?”


Nathan turned her around in his arms and smiled at her appearance.  Her hair was tousled, the auburn locks wildly waving about her flushed face.  Her eyes were bright, shining with satisfaction and brimming with love along with a touch of humour.  Nathan licked his lips as his eyes dropped to Kristin’s mouth; her lips all swollen and pouty from his ravenous kisses.


“So, beautiful,” he murmured, letting his gaze drift from her face, following the blush of her skin down along the smooth column of her neck to her full breasts, whose still taut rose-coloured tips beckoned to him to pull them between his lips and suckle her until the end of time.  “So utterly beautiful.”


Kristin watched his face as Nathan’s eyes moved away from her chest and down over her stomach, along her legs then back up to stop at the apex of her thighs.  She swallowed hard and felt a rush of moisture begin again in her core when he licked his lips, his eyes locked on her auburn curls.


“You are simply gorgeous, Kristin,” Nathan began in a low, husky voice; his eyes slowly trailing up her body.  “Inside and out, but never more so than when we’re making love,” he stepped closer, running his right hand up along her side until he was cupping her left breast, feeling the erratic beating of her heart beneath his hand.


“You get this glow, my love,” Nathan told her, his other hand stealing about her waist and pulling her closer.  He dipped his head to brush his lips over hers.  “When I’m moving deep inside you, when we’re trying to merge our souls…” Nathan met her eyes, his hand on her breast squeezing gently.  “In that moment, when you shatter in my arms; your orgasm rushing over you… that is when you are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen you.”


“Oh, Nathan…” Kristin whispered, lifting her head, her lips seeking his.  She moaned when he finally covered her mouth with his, sliding his tongue deep into her mouth to tangle with hers.  Kristin’s arms wound about his neck and she clung to him, losing herself in the gentle yet ardent kiss.


As they kissed, Nathan slowly turned her and began walking them backwards until she was pressed up against the glass of the patio door.  Kristin gasped into his mouth as the cool glass made contact with her hot skin.


“Nathan?”  Kristin groaned his name breathlessly when he broke off the kiss, watching through lidded eyes as he slipped to his knees before her.


“I’m thirsty,” Nathan murmured with a smile, leaning closer and nuzzling his nose against her curls.  He looked up at her and smiled.  “Just close your eyes, lean back and enjoy, my love.”


“Oh… Nath…” Kristin gasped as he grasped one of her legs, hooking it over his shoulder and pressed his mouth against her, his lips moving against her in a passionate kiss; his tongue darting in and out of her wet heat then up to tease and tangle with her clit.


Nathan continued to orally caress her, his tongue circling and flicking against her until she was thrusting against his mouth, trying to ease the ache he was creating within her.  With his hands he caressed her smooth thighs, his mouth drinking from her core, each pass of his tongue within her, coaxing her juices to flow.


Kristin began to whimper, the feelings coursing through her body beginning to overwhelm her.  “Nath… oh… God… please… Nathan!”  The leg bent over his shoulder pulling him closer even as she pushed her sex into him.  “Nathan… Nath… oh please… I need… so close… please…”


Nathan drove his tongue into her, his nose pressing and rubbing against her clit with each thrust.  All of a sudden, Nathan felt her hand fist in his hair, pulling almost painfully as she convulsed above him, screaming out his name.  He groaned in delight as her release rushed up over her, her juices surging into his mouth.


Kristin continued to thrash above him, moaning his name over and over as his tongue relentlessly lapped at her cleft, drinking his fill from her; consuming her essence until she could no longer stand.  “Nath…an…” she moaned softly, sliding down along the window until she was straddling his lap. 


“I love you,” Nathan told her, capturing her lips in a sensual kiss, his tongue dipping deep into her mouth, letting Kristin taste her flavour; thrilling at her low moan of pleasure.  “Do you taste what I taste?”  Nathan asked her softly, nibbling at her lips.  “Can you taste your sweet honey?  Your nectar?”


Kristin whimpered softly and nodded, her hands winding about his head; her fingers threading in his hair as she tried to pull his mouth back to hers.


“I will never tire of drinking from you, my love.  Of intoxicating myself on the bouquet that is the wine of your desire,” Nathan told her, his hands caressing up and down her back as his lips brushed over hers.  “For as long as there is breath in my body, I will forever partake of your loving juices.”


Kristin pulled her head back and gave him a bemused smile.  “Are you sure you’re not drunk now?”


Nathan chuckled.  “You bring out the poet in me, my love.”


Kristin smiled, laughing softly as she shook her head, her hand coming up to cup his cheek.  “I love you.”


Nathan returned her smile, leaning in to brush his lips against hers.  “I love you too.”


“Mmm… Nathan…” Kristin moaned softly as his lips teased a trail down her neck to begin nibbling at her shoulder, his hands wandering her body.  “Nathan… we can’t… we have… oooh, right there… no, we can’t.  The hearing… oh God, again already?  Oh yes, right there…”


Nathan smiled around the nipple he held in his mouth, his hands sliding down to cup the firm globes of her ass as Kristin squirmed against him.


“Nath… an… Nathan, we can’t…” Kristin’s hands gripped his shoulders.  “We’ll be la… late… we’ll be… oh… oooh… Oh yes!  You’re so bi… Nathan!”


Nathan released her nipple and buried his face in Kristin’s breasts as he rocked beneath her; her moans and cries music to his ears; spurring him on until he could hold back no longer.


“Yes!  Yes!  Oh yes… NATHAN!”







Bill Noyce paced, glanced at his watch then looked down the hall.


“Dammit…” he muttered, glancing at his watch again.  The hearing was due to start in fifteen minutes.  “Where the hell…” The sound of a door opening caught his attention and he looked up.  “It’s about damned time.”


“Keep your shorts on, Bill,” Nathan said, walking briskly down the hall, Kristin’s hand clasped firmly in his.  “I’m aware of the time.”


“What kept you?”  Bill asked then held his hands up, shaking his head.  “Nevermind, I don’t want to know.”


Nathan chuckled as Kristin blushed.


“Come on,” Bill ushered them down the hall towards the hall.  “There are a few things you need to be aware of…”






Kristin sat beside Noyce, her hands wringing in her lap as they had been for the last fifteen minutes while Nathan sat on the stand being questioned by Hewes’ lawyer, Lieutenant Commander Irwin Smedley.


“Now, Captain,” Smedley looked down at his notes before bringing his gaze up to Bridger’s as he moved around the table and leaned against it.  “Can you please tell us of the events that took place four days ago on the seaQuest?”


“Can you be more specific?”  Nathan asked.


Smedley gave him a look.  “Are you trying to be difficult, Captain?”


“No, Lieutenant, I’m not.”  Bridger replied.  “But life aboard the seaQuest is quite hectic.  A lot happens on my sub, and while I do have a good memory, without wanting specifics, we could be here quite a while.”


The navy lawyer scowled.  “Can you please tell us about the events leading up the race between yourself and Admiral Hewes?”


Nathan nodded his head.  “I’d been walking through the corridors on my way to the bridge when I heard the Admiral talking to his aide…”


“So you stopped to eavesdrop?”


“Would you like me to tell you or not, Lieutenant?”


Smedley simply nodded.


“As I was saying,” Nathan continued, repeating his earlier words.  “I was not planning on listening in to their conversation until I heard the admiral mention my C.M.O. and his intentions toward her,” he paused.  “After hearing what he planned, I made my way to medbay, where I asked Doctor Westphalen to dine with me that evening.”


A soft smile flashed over Kristin’s lips, remembering that although she’d been too busy to really talk with him, a wave of giddiness had swept over her at his invitation and she’d eagerly accepted.


“So,” Smedley interrupted Nathan’s testimony.  “You were jealous that Admiral Hewes was planning on asking Doctor Westphalen to join him for dinner.”


“As I’ve sworn to tell the truth… yes.  I was jealous,” Nathan answered, glancing over at Kristin who gave him an encouraging smile.  They’d already had this particular discussion.  “But as I said, the admiral was planning on doing more than eating with Doctor Westphalen.”


“So you said, Captain.”  Smedley cut in.  “Are you sure you heard that conversation correctly?”


“Yes, Lieutenant,” Bridger said.  “I’ve just had a complete physical this week, you can check my records if you like.”


Smedley frowned.  “Please continue.”


“Upon finding out about our dinner plans, the admiral then insisted that I complete a vast number of reports for that evening in the hopes that I would have to cancel my dinner plans.  When he’d learned that I had already, in fact completed all the reports, the admiral got angry.  An argument ensued and I found myself being challenged to a swim race in the moon pool.”


“Where you lost the race.”




“And this didn’t upset you?”


“Honestly, it did, but only because the admiral cheated.  Had he won the race on his own merits, I wouldn’t have cared.  Although to be honest, I really don’t care now.  The race was a childish way for the admiral to try and show me up in front of my crew which failed miserably.”


Kristin glanced over to see Hewes scowling, his hands clenching into tight fists under the table.


“What happened after the race, Captain?”


“I returned to my quarters to shower and call it a night.”


“Did you not have dinner plans?”


“I did.  The admiral however, upon jumping out of the pool and declaring himself the winner, grabbed Doctor Westphalen and pulled her out of the room.”


“So, you spent the rest of the night alone in your quarters?”






“That is what I said, Lieutenant.”


“So, you weren’t alone in your quarters?”


“Oh, yes I was alone in my quarters.  Except Lucas stopping by briefly.”


“You just said that you didn’t spend the rest of the night alone in your quarters, correct?”


“That is correct.”


“Then you’ll forgive me if I’m a little confused,” Smedley said, trying to hide how truly confused he was.  “Would you care to explain what you mean?”


“You asked me if I spent the night alone in my quarters.  My answer is no.  I did not spend the night alone in my quarters.  You asked me if I was alone in my quarters.  My answer is yes.”


Kristin bit back a smile as Nathan glanced over at her.


“Very well, Captain,” Smedley said, bringing Bridger’s attention back to him.  “So you didn’t spend the night in your quarters?”


“That is correct.”


“Where were you then?”


“I was in Doctor Westphalen’s quarters.”


“And what were you doing in the doctor’s quarters?”


“That,” Nathan told the navy lawyer.  “Is none of your business and has no bearing on this hearing.”


Smedley stepped forward, his mouth open to speak when the prosecutor spoke up, addressing the three admirals presiding over the closed hearing.  “Your honours, I respectfully point out that Captain Bridger is correct.  His activities in Doctor’s Westphalen’s cabin, whether he was playing cards or knitting, have no bearing on this hearing.”


The head judge nodded and looked over at Smedley.  “Move on, Lieutenant.”


“Yes, your honour,” Smedley replied, turning to grab his notes.  “Now, Captain, will you please tell us what happened next.”


“The following morning, I reported for duty and then took a call from Secretary General Noyce.  While in that conference, my communications officer interrupted us, informing me that Doctor Westphalen was in trouble.”




“Yes.  The admiral was in her private lab and he was getting rough with her.”


“Rough how?”


“From what I could hear…”


“From what you could hear?  You didn’t see any of this?”


“No, Lieutenant, I didn’t.  As I already told you, I was in a vid-call with the secretary general.  Lieutenant O’Neill was monitoring the channels and that is how I was alerted that the doctor was in distress.”


“And the lieutenant knew about this how?”


“He was monitoring the channels as is his job.”


“Fine.  So Lieutenant O’Neill was surfing through the channels, overheard a conversation between Admiral Hewes and Doctor Westphalen then alerted you.  Why?”


“Because he was concerned about the doctor’s safety.”


“What reason could he have had to be concerned?”


“The fact that Doctor Westphalen surreptitiously opened the channel is in and of itself a reason,” Nathan answered.  “Lieutenant O’Neill could hear the apprehension in her voice.”


“What happened then?”


“I had O’Neill send security to the lab and left the wardroom, heading there myself,” Nathan replied.  “When I arrived in the lab, I found the admiral on the floor after having attacked my medical doctor.”


“You’re saying Admiral Hewes attacked Doctor Westphalen?”  Smedley asked.


Bridger rolled his eyes.  “I believe that is one of the charges laid against the admiral, Lieutenant.”


“And you saw this alleged attack?”


“No, but I saw the results of it.  The ripped shirt, the bruises on Kristin’s back…”


“And so that is when you attacked the admiral?”


“No,” Bridger answered.  “I hit the admiral after he took a swing at me.”


“The admiral took a swing at you?”


“That is what I said Lieutenant,” Bridger said, clearly getting exasperated with the young lawyer.  “Once he’d managed to get to his feet, the admiral proceeded to threaten both myself and Doctor Westphalen…”


“How so?”


“With removal from seaQuest,” Nathan answered.  “And when he was told that his threat was meaningless and that he was not going to get away with using his rank to intimidate my medical officer into sleeping with him, he once again threatened us…”


“Threatened you?”


“Yes, Lieutenant, he threatened us.  Twice.  The second threat was that he was going to reveal information about an intimate moment shared between Doctor Westphalen and myself in the privacy of her quarters…”


“If it was in her quarters, how did Admiral Hewes…”


“Happen to witness this moment?”  Bridger finished.  “That’s easy, he crept up and peered through the window at the top of the door.”


“And what is it he saw?”


“None of your business.”


“So, Admiral Hewes’ hit you?”


“No.  He attempted to hit me, after I noticed that Kristin’s shirt had been ripped in his attempt to force her.  I blocked his swing.”


“And then you struck a superior officer.”


“No.  I did not strike a superior officer.”


“Captain, the reports I have here say you hit Admiral Hewes twice.  Once in the stomach and then in the chin, knocking him onto the floor.”


“Oh, I did hit Hewes,” Nathan smiled.  “I’d already resigned before my fist made contact with the man,” Bridger looked over at Hewes.  “And while Hewes may be of a higher rank than me, he is in no way a superior officer.”


Smedley frowned and turned to the judges.  “I have no further questions for Captain Bridger.”


The judge looked over at the defense lawyer.  “Lieutenant Commander Collins, your witness.”


Collins stood.  “I have no questions, your honour.”


“Very well,” the judge turned to Nathan.  “Captain, you may return to your seat.”


“Thank you,” Nathan stood and made his way back to his chair beside Kristin, very aware of Hewes’ glaring at him as he took Kristin’s hand in his own.


“Call your next witness, Lieutenant Commander,” the judge looked over at Smedley.


“The defense calls Doctor Kristin Westphalen.”


Nathan gave Kristin’s hand a reassuring squeeze as she stood then made her way to the stand.  He watched as she was sworn in, glancing over to see that Hewes was staring intently at her.


“Now, Doctor Westphalen,” Smedley began, consulting his notes.  “I’d like for you to tell us what took place after Admiral Hewes and Captain Bridger raced.”


“I was making my way over to the Captain when the admiral pulled me into an embrace and then with him out the door to celebrate his victory in the cafeteria,” Kristin answered.  “And then, at his insistence, the admiral walked me to my quarters.”


“Did you invite the admiral in to your cabin, doctor?”


“I hadn’t planned on it, but he mentioned wanting to talk with me about funding for my research,” Kristin said.  “The next thing I knew, he was kissing me.”


“You’re saying that you hadn’t encouraged this?  Hadn’t shown any interest in pursuing a relationship with the admiral?”


“I most certainly did not encourage the admiral, nor did I show any interest in having any type of relationship with him.”


“And yet you invited him into your quarters…”


“To talk about my research.”


“And then what happened?”


“I extracted myself from the admiral’s embrace and asked him to leave,” Kristin told him.  “Once he was gone, I showered and then went to bed.  Not long after, the captain showed up.”


“While you were in bed?”




“I gather this was nothing new.”


Kristin shook her head.  “On the contrary, this was the first time he’d come to my quarters that late.”


“And…?” Smedley indicated with his hand for her to continue.


“We talked.”


“Just talked?”


A hint of a smile brushed across Kristin’s lips.  “No,” she answered and then met Smedley’s eyes.  “And that is all I will tell you about that, Lieutenant.”


“So, Captain Bridger spent the night in your quarters?”


Kristin glanced over at Nathan as she answered.  “Yes.”


“And then what happened, Doctor?”


“The admiral stopped by to,” she paused, choosing her words thoughtfully.  “Ask me to join him for breakfast.  When I refused, he became… insistent and it wasn’t until he heard that I had company that I was finally able to close the door to my cabin.”


“Company?  You mean Captain Bridger.”




“And then…?”


“And then… I went back to bed.”  Kristin answered.


“You lying tramp!”  Hewes shouted as he jumped to his feet.  “You didn’t go back to bed…” Hewes continued on, ignoring the judge’s call for order.  “You stood there, spreading your legs…”


“ADMIRAL HEWES!”  The judge pounded her gavel repeatedly, until Smedley got Hewes under control.  “Another outburst like that and I will hold you in contempt.”


Hewes nodded in understanding and sat back down.  “Yes, your honour.  Sorry.”


Nathan met Kristin’s eyes, sending her silent support.


“Lieutenant Commander Smedley,” the judge spoke.  “I will remind you to keep your client calm and then you may continue questioning the witness.”


“Yes, your honour,” Smedley nodded, glancing at Hewes.  He stood once more and made his way over to stand in front of Kristin.  “Now, Doctor Westphalen, in your own words, can you please tell us about the incident that took place in your lab between yourself and Admiral Hewes.”


“I was in my lab filing a report on a patient whose injury I’d just taken care of when the admiral entered.  Something about his body language put me on edge immediately so without his noticing, I opened a commline.”


“What happened next?”


“The admiral then began to accuse me of leading him on; saying that Captain Bridger and myself were in collusion to make him look bad and when I denied it, he called me a bitch and began to get violent.”


“Violent how?”


“He slammed me up against the wall in my office and…” her voice trailed off.


“And what, doctor?”


Kristin took a deep breath and continued in a quiet voice.  “He began, quite crudely to tell me just what it was that he’d seen going on in my cabin that morning; a private moment between Captain Bridger and myself,” she paused, glancing over at Nathan, gaining strength from the reassuring look he was giving her.  “And then the bastard tried to rape me.”




“Yes, Lieutenant.  He tried,” Kristin told him, fixing him with the infamous Westphalen death-glare.  “He tore open my shirt and as he was going for the button on my jeans, I kneed him in the groin and he collapsed on the floor.  It was then that Nathan burst into the room.”


“And then…?”


“And then it was as Captain Bridger told you.  The admiral threatened us, took a swing at him and then was subdued.”


“By subdued, you mean…”


“Captain Bridger, after resigning, punched him.  Then Chief Crocker and his security guards arrived and the captain and I left.”


“And this is what happened?”


“Yes, Lieutenant.”  Kristin nodded.  “That is what happened.”


“Thank you, Doctor,” Smedley said.  “I have no further questions for you.”


“Lieutenant Commander Collins,” the judge turned to the young man.  “Have you any questions for this witness?”


“Yes, ma’am, I do.”


“Very well, you may proceed.”


“Thank you, ma’am,” Collins said, standing then walking towards Kristin.  “Doctor Westphalen, were you aware of any animosity between Captain Bridger and Admiral Hewes?”


“Not at first,” Kristin answered.  “It wasn’t until the evening after the race that I learned of it; that the admiral had been in a one-sided competition with Captain Bridger for the last thirty years.”


“Now, it is my understanding that you spent a lot of time with the admiral when he was aboard the seaQuest.  Is this true?”


“Yes.  He was interested in my research…” Kristin hesitated.  “Well at least at first he was.  It didn’t take me long to realize that he was also interested in me.”


“But you didn’t return his interest?”


“No,” Kristin answered.  “I was already interested in someone else.”


In his seat, Nathan smiled.


“That someone would be…”


“Captain Bridger, yes,” Kristin admitted with a slight blush.


“So, you and the captain were not involved at this point?”


“No, we weren’t.”  Kristin’s smile grew as she glanced briefly at the admiral then turned to meet Nathan’s gaze.  “Actually, we have the admiral to thank.”


“How so?”


“He made Nathan jealous enough that he finally admitted to wanting to take our relationship to a new level.”


“You bitch!  You’re lying!”  Hewes yelled, once again jumping to his feet.




“You’ve been warming his bed for longer than four days!”




“No woman lets a man bury his face…”


“ADMIRAL HEWES THAT IS ENOUGH!!”  The judge cried out, standing and banging her gavel. 


During all this, Nathan had jumped to his feet as well, only Bill’s restraining hand kept him from diving across the room and burying his fist in Hewes’ face.  He turned towards Kristin, seeing her face flushed with embarrassment.  Nathan met her eyes, and despite the pink of her cheeks, her eyes were calm and filled with love as she held his gaze.  He smiled at her and gave her a slight nod.


“No!  That is not enough!”  Hewes said, banging his fists on the table.  “Captain Bridger has violated regulations by sleeping with a member of his crew… and for all we know, he’s turned the seaQuest into a floating whore house…”


“Admiral, please…” Smedley tugged on Hewes’ arm in an effort to stop him.


“The bitch led me on for days, playing up to me…”


“Admiral Hewes…”


“Those dinners… just the two of us…”


“In the cafeteria, with other people around,” Kristin looked over at the judge.  “I never once dined with him alone.  I didn’t want him to get the wrong idea.”


“You lying bitch!”  Hewes shouted, shrugging off Smedley’s hand.  “You were leading me on and you damn well know it.”


Kristin shook her head but did not say anything, not wanting to encourage or enrage Hewes further.


“Admiral Hewes,” the judge spoke up again, her voice deadly calm.  “This is your last warning.  Sit down and shut up or I will have you tossed in a cell so fast your head will spin.”


Hewes suddenly grew quiet, his eyes narrowing into slits.  “I should never have left your quarters that night… shouldn’t have let you talk me into leaving…” his voice was low as he slowly moved out from behind the table.  “It should have been me in your bed… me screwing you senseless.”


Kristin closed her eyes, turning her head away in disgust.


“What’s the matter, Doctor,” Hewes advanced towards the stand, not seeing the two security officers coming up behind him.  “You didn’t seem to have a problem letting Bridger get between your legs, sticking his face in your crotch.  In fact, you seemed to enjoy it.”


“You son of a bitch…” Nathan jumped to his feet.


“ADMIRAL HEWES!”  The judge yelled at the same time.  She gestured to the two guards.  “Take the admiral and toss him in a holding cell.”


“You can’t do this to me!  Do you know who I am!?”  Hewes shouted, fighting the guards as they hauled him out of the room.  “Damn you, Bridger!  You’ll fucking pay for this!  You and your whore!”


The rest of Hewes’ tirade was cut off when the doors closed.  Nathan looked over at Kristin to see her visibly shaking.  Not caring about what anyone else thought, Nathan made his way across the room to Kristin, stepping up beside her and pulling her into his arms.


“It’s okay, baby,” he murmured against her hair, rocking gently.


The judge turned to them.  “I’m going to call a short recess,” she told them.  “Give you a few minutes to… recoup.”


“No,” Kristin shook her head.  “Please, your honour.  I’m okay.  I’d just like for this to be over.”


“I understand, Doctor,” Admiral Karen McFarland said, smiling wanly.  “Really I do, but before we can finish this, the admiral is entitled to his say.”


Kristin nodded understandingly.


“If you’re not up to it, you don’t have to stay,” the judge told her.


Kristin looked up at Nathan.  “It’s your call, Kris.  Either way, I will be with you.”


“I’ll stay,” Kristin told the judge, who nodded and then called for a short recess.


As the court cleared, Nathan steered Kristin over to their chairs and pulled her down into his lap.  She cuddled into his embrace.


“It won’t be much longer,” he told her.  “After his display, anything else he says can only dig him deeper.”


Kristin nodded against his shoulder.


“I’m very proud of you though,” Nathan said, brushing a kiss against her forehead.  “You kept your cool and didn’t let that bastard get to you… unlike me…”


Kristin raised her head from his shoulder, cupping his cheek in her palm.  “You held out remarkably well, my love,” she smiled at him, leaning closer to sweep a gentle kiss over his lips.


“How long of a recess did the judge call?”


“Twenty minutes,” Kristin glanced at her watch then looked back into his sparkling eyes.  “Why?”


“Ever thought of doing it in a courtroom?”



Bill Noyce looked up as he heard Kristin’s delighted laughter ring out through the courtroom doors, followed by the deep amused chuckles of his friend.


He rolled his eyes and shook his head.




Kristin sat beside Nathan, her hand gripping tightly to his as Hewes was sworn in.


“Now, Admiral Hewes,” Smedley faced the admiral.  “Would you like to tell us what happened aboard the seaQuest while you were there for your inspection?”


“Yes, thank you,” Hewes answered.  “The moment I stepped aboard the seaQuest I was met with open hostility from Captain Bridger and his crew.  All that is except Doctor Westphalen.  She was…” he paused, seeming to search for the correct word.  “Exceptionally friendly.”


Nathan’s hand tightened around Kristin’s as he felt her tense beside him, looking over at Bill when he felt his friend grip his arm.  He nodded slightly at Bill, letting him know that it was okay; that he wasn’t going to jump up and kill the bastard where he sat.


Hewes continued with his rendition of events on the seaQuest; saying how every night he and Kristin would dine in his quarters and then engage in some heavy petting, Hewes himself being the one to stop events each night from going too far.


Kristin stared at him with an incredulous look on her face.


“Can you tell us about what happened on the day of the race, Admiral?”  Smedley asked.


“Of course,” Hewes nodded.  “I met with Captain Bridger and asked him to work on some reports for me… some needed paperwork on the activities of the seaQuest.  He got upset with me at that point, telling me that I was deliberately trying to ruin his plans.  We ended up arguing and then the captain challenged me to a race,” Hewes paused.  “I didn’t really want to accept but he was persistent, so I gave in and raced against him.  I won the race and then Doctor Westphalen and I went off to celebrate my victory.”


“And did you go back to the doctor’s quarters?”


“Yes, at Doctor Westphalen’s invitation, we went back to her quarters.”


“And then what happened?”


“We, uh… well, naturally things got a little carried away,” Hewes smiled.  “We couldn’t help ourselves… and then once again, I stopped us from going too far.  And even though she asked me to stay, I refused and left… with the promise that I would come by in the morning for breakfast.”


“And what happened when you showed up the next morning?”


“Doctor Westphalen dismissed me rather abruptly.”


“Did you peer into window as was alluded earlier?”


“Of course not.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious about who she had in there with her, but I didn’t spy on her.”


“Then what happened?”


“I went to the cafeteria for some breakfast and then a little later, when I figured the doctor would be on duty, I stopped by her lab to discuss her research a little more,” Hewes answered.  “The next thing I know, she’s kneeing me in the groin and Bridger is bursting into the room and punching my lights out.”


“So, you didn’t slam the doctor up against the wall and attempt to rape her?”


“Of course not!”  The admiral stated vehemently.


“Thank you, Admiral,” Smedley said then turned to the judges.  “I have no further questions, your honours.”


“Lieutenant Commander Collins,” Admiral McFarland turned to other lawyer.  “Your witness.”


“Thank you, Admiral,” Collins nodded then moved back to the table in front of Nathan and Kristin.  He turned back to the admiral.  “Now, Admiral Hewes, are you positive that the events you just described to us happened as you remembered?”


“Of course I am.”


Collins sighed and nodded again before picking up a small disc then turned towards the judges.  “Your honours, I’d like to enter this evidence into the record and ask the court’s permission to play it.”


“What is it, Lieutenant Commander?”  Admiral McFarland asked.


“As you may or may not be aware, Admirals,” Collins faced all the judges.  “All internal communications on seaQuest are monitored and recorded for security purposes,” he held up the small disc.  “This is an audio recording of the events that took place in Doctor Westphalen’s lab on the date in question.”


Collins glanced back at Kristin and she nodded.  He turned back to the judges.  “With your permission, I would like to play the disc.”


“You may proceed,” Judge McFarland nodded.


Collins slipped the disc into the player sitting on the table and hit the play button.




“Admiral, can I help you?”  Kristin’s voice came out of the speakers, followed by the sound of the door closing firmly.


Hewes’ voice was next.  “What in the hell are you playing at, doctor?  You led me on intentionally.”


“I’m sorry if you thought that, Admiral but I assure you that I was not leading you on.  You expressed interest in my research and I…”


“I expressed interest in you, you bitch!  You knew exactly what I was doing and you let me.  Did Bridger put you up to it?  That’s it, isn’t it?  The two of you plotted together to make me look like an idiot.”


“I don’t know what you are talking about, Admiral but I assure you that Captain Bridger and I have done nothing to…”


“Liar!”  The sound of a hand crashing down on the desk could be heard as well as movement in the room.  “You led me on intentionally, planning on making me look like a fool.  I was stupid enough to believe that he wasn’t sleeping with you.  Oh no… the great Bridger wouldn’t become involved with one of his crew.”  Hewes continued sarcastically.  “But then I saw you this morning.”


“You had no right!”


“You didn’t think I would just walk away after hearing a man’s voice in your cabin, did you?  I stood at that window and watched while that bastard buried his face between your legs; watched your body twitch as he went down on you… while he ate your cu…


“Stop it!”


“And then I watched your robe fall to the floor, Bridger’s hands gliding up your firm white ass as you sank down onto his lap… watched as he took your tits into his mouth…”


“Shut up!  Shut up…”


“You should have been more discerning about who you spread your legs for!  I could have helped your career so much more than Bridger could.  Hell… I might still do it for the right price.  Let’s see if you are as good as you look.”


“NO!  Stop it!  Don’t touch me!”


“That isn’t what you were telling Bridger this morning, is it?  Seemed to me like you were doing all you could to lead him on.”


The sound of clothing ripping filled the air, soon followed by a loud groan and the sound of a body hitting the floor.  Moments later the door could be heard flying open, a soft sob and movement coming over the speaker.


“Are you okay, sweetheart?”  Nathan’s voice was heard asking.


“I’m okay… I think.  I was so scared.  I couldn’t believe that he…” Whispering could be then be heard and then there was a soft chuckle.  “You’d better believe it.”


More movement was heard and then Hewes was speaking again.


“You’ll pay for this, Bridger.  I’ve already called Noyce.  You may think he’s your friend but he can’t ignore this blatant misconduct.  You’ll both be off this boat so fast…”


“This may come as a surprise to you, Hewes, but I don’t give a rat’s ass.  How dare you try to use your rank to intimidate Kristin into your bed!  You don’t think I’m going to let you get away with this do you?”


“What exactly are you going to do?  It will be your word against mine.  After I spread the word about that little scene I witnessed this morning no one will believe anything she says against me.”


The sound of a voice clearing in the distance could be heard.


“Hi, Bill.  Did you get all that?”


“Not everything but certainly enough to understand the situation.  Uhm… might I suggest that you lend the good doctor your shirt, Nathan.”


“You son of a bitch!  She said no!  Were you going to rape her?  Do you hate me so much that you’d do that to her just to get back at me?  You are such a bastard!”


Kristin’s scream echoed from the speaker.


“Bill, I quit!”


“Resignation accepted!”


The sound of fist meeting flesh was heard, followed by the distinct sound of a body crumpling to the floor.




Collins reached out and stopped the tape.


“That’s a lie!  That tape isn’t real!” Hewes jumped to his feet, his hands clutching the banister in front of him.  “It’s a fabrication designed to discredit me!”


“Admiral Hewes!” McFarland pounded her gavel.  “This will be your only warning and then you will be tossed back in the holding cell.  Do I make myself clear?”


“Yes, your honour,” Hewes nodded as he sat.  “I apologize.”


McFarland turned back to Collins, looking past him to see how Westphalen and Bridger were coping with the airing of the disc.  What she saw brought a smile to her face.


The two had turned towards each other, their hands clasped firmly in Kristin’s lap, while Nathan’s one hand cupped her cheek, his thumb moving absently over her lower lip, keeping Kristin’s attention focused on him. 


The love they felt for each other so obvious that Karen was certain that if she reached out she would be able to feel it.


“Are we certain this disc is authentic?”  Smedley spoke up, breaking the silence.


“The attempted rape happened two days ago,” Collins pointed out.  “And seaQuest only docked yesterday, so there has been no time for anyone to forge the recording.”


“Point taken, Mr. Collins,” the judge said.  “Do you have any other questions for Admiral Hewes?”


“No, your honour.  I believe the disc speaks for itself.”


McFarland nodded and looked over at Smedley.  “Lieutenant Commander?”


“No, your honour.”


“Very well,” McFarland said.  “I am going to call an hour recess while my colleagues and I deliberate over the evidence presented.  We will reconvene then with our judgement.”


With the pounding of her gavel, the three admirals stood and left the room.


Nathan, Kristin and Bill stood and with a nod to Collins, they began to make their way out of the courtroom.  Nathan slipped his arm about Kristin’s waist.  “Hey,” he grinned at her when she met his eyes.  “Wanna go back to the hotel for an hour?”




“I wasn’t asking you, Bill,” Nathan tossed back over his shoulder.  “Besides, you’re not my type.”


“Ha ha,” Bill said.  “If you two go back to the hotel, you’re liable to get lost in that bed again.”


Nathan laughed.  “You don’t think we confined our activities totally to the bed do you?”


“Oh God…” Bill moaned.  “I really don’t want to know.”


Kristin giggled softly and leaned into Nathan, turning her head to smile at Bill.  “No, you don’t.”


“I didn’t think so,” Bill muttered as they left the room.


They didn’t notice the death glare being sent their way from the man still sitting on the stand, his knuckles white as he clenched the wood in front of him.




“Geez, can’t you sit still?”


“You try sitting comfortably with a hard-on and tell me.” Nathan hissed back at his friend.


“Lord… get a room would you?”


“I have a room,” Nathan told him.  “You wouldn’t let me go to it.”


Bill shook his head.  “You can’t blame this on me.”


“I can and I do,” Nathan said.  “While you’re not the cause, you certainly prevented the cure.”


Bill chuckled.  “If I had let you two out of my sight, you would have been late and you know it.”


“What?  You’ve never heard of a quickie?  A wham, bam, thank you, ma’am?”


“Us?  A wham, bam, thank you, ma’am??”  Kristin asked, leaning against Nathan, her hand squeezing his knee.  “I don’t think so…”


Bill rolled his eyes just as the bailiff called for everyone to stand and announced the return of the judges.


“Admiral Hewes, Lieutenant Commander Smedley, remain standing.  The rest of you may be seated,” Admiral McFarland spoke aloud to the room.


Nathan and Kristin sat down and watched as the judge shuffled some papers and then began to speak.


“Admiral Charles Hewes, after listening to the evidence presented here today, you have been found guilty of assault and attempted rape…”


“NO!  I never touched the bitch!”


“And before I pass sentence,” McFarland continued.  “On a personal note I want to say that I am very disappointed that a man of your rank has acted in this manner.  Your actions were reprehensible and if it weren’t for the fact that I am the judge on this case, I would walk over there and knee you in the nuts myself.  As it is, I can honestly say that I derive no small sense of pleasure from knowing that Doctor Westphalen has already done so.”


Kristin couldn’t help the smile that tugged at her lips.


“It is the judgment of this court that you be stripped of rank and sentenced to twenty years in the UEO correctional facility with no chance of parole.”


“No!  You can’t do this!”  Hewes shouted, turning suddenly and lunging at Kristin.  “You bitch!  This is all your fault!”


Nathan stood, pulling Kristin behind him.


“And you!  You’ll pay for this you bastard!  She was supposed to be mine,” Hewes struggled against the guards who’d suddenly appeared at his side, restraining him.  “I was supposed to have her first!”


“Take him away,” McFarland told the guards.


“No!  You can’t do this to me!  No!  I won’t let you…” Hewes fought the guards.  “Let me go!  That’s an order, dammit!  Release me!”


Nathan kept his arm around Kristin as they watched Hewes being dragged kicking and screaming out of the courtroom.  They turned back to the judge when she called to them.


“I want to offer my apologies for what happened.”


“Thank you, your honour,” Kristin replied.


McFarland nodded and then gave a pound with the gavel.  “This hearing is now adjourned.”




“I’d ask you two to join Janet and me for dinner,” Bill began with a grin, turning to face his friends.  “But I know you have other plans.”


“Oh yes…” Kristin smiled up at Nathan as he hugged her closer.  “We most certainly do.”


“Well, don’t let me stop you.”


“You couldn’t if you tried,” Nathan replied.  “We’ll meet up for dinner when we get back from the island.”


Bill nodded as he watched them walk away, their hands drifting down from their waists to rest possessively on each other’s asses.  “Have fun!”


“We will!”  They called out without looking back.


Bill shook his head and then pulled out his cell phone.  “Janet… do you still own that sexy green nightgown?”




Nathan and Kristin stumbled into their hotel room, their mouths locked together in a fiery kiss, their hands working on removing clothing.


“Nath… mmm…” Kristin murmured against his lips as he kicked the door shut, one hand beneath her shirt cupping her breast, the other working the button and zipper on her skirt.  “Want you…”


“I want you too…” Nathan replied, finally getting the zipper down and pushing her skirt off her hips.


“Now!”  She told him.  “I want you NOW!”  For emphasis, Kristin pushed her hand down the front of his pants and wrapped her hand around his straining erection to start stroking him.  Her other hand worked his pants down off his hips, her legs catching them and pulling them to his knees.  “Nathan please… now…”


“Kris… you’re no…”


“Oh, honey, I am so ready for you…”


Nathan slipped his hand into her panties and moaned as his fingers encountered her copiously wet curls.  “Shit… you are wet…”


“All your fault,” she told him, her hips thrusting against his hand.  “You couldn’t keep your hands to yourself in the cab…”


“Can you blame me?”  Nathan asked, his thumb circling up around her clit.


“Nath… an!”  Kristin tugged with a gentle force on his manhood, pulling him closer as she wrapped a leg around his thigh.  “You… in me… NOW!”


Nathan nodded, glanced about briefly and spotting the overstuffed chair less then a foot away, he pulled his hand out of her panties then ripped the red lace from her body, tossing it over his shoulder.  He quickly maneuvered her over to the chair, grasped her hips, lifted her up so that she was sitting on the back of it and moved between her legs.


“Oh… yessss…” Kristin hissed with pleasure as he drove himself inside her, filling her completely in one smooth stroke.  “Mmm… God you feel goo… oooh… yes!”


Nathan smiled as he began moving, thrusting in and out of her in a maddening pace, his hips pounding against her as he quickly brought them to the edge.  He cried out her name as the sensations coursed through his body.  “Kris… God, baby…”


“Nath… please… please… I need… need you…” Kristin panted, her legs wrapped tightly around him, grinding herself against him with each thrust of his hips.  “Nath… an… Na… than… now!!”


Nathan nodded, gripping her hips tighter as he thrust harder into her.  “Kris… baby, help me… touch… touch yourself for me… help me bring you over.”


He watched as she slipped a hand between their bodies, his eyes following her fingers as they dipped down to catch some of her moisture before moving up to start circling her clit.


“Mmm… oh yes…” Kristin groaned loudly, stroking her swollen flesh in time with Nathan’s thrusts.


All of a sudden, they cried out, their bodies moving uncontrollably against each other as a tsunami of intense pleasure crashed over them.


Nathan wrapped his arms tightly around her, burying his face in her neck, panting against her skin as he struggled to keep them from tumbling over into the chair, his body still quaking from his release.


“Mmm… that was nice,” Kristin murmured, nuzzling his neck, gasping softly as a residual tremor passed through her.


“Just nice?”  Nathan asked, lifting his head and raising an eyebrow.


“Well, that was only round one, right?”  Kristin asked with a seductive smile, trailing a manicured nail down his chest.


“Oh yes… there is definitely going to be more of this,” Nathan grinned and thrust gently against her.


“Then it was a nice way to start off our evening,” Kristin told him.  “And I am looking forward to the upcoming rounds.”


Nathan’s grin grew as he leaned in, gave her a loving kiss then slowly withdrew from her wet heat.  “But before we move on to round two,” Nathan said, his hand sliding from her hips over her stomach to cup her sex, his fingers slipping down between her swollen folds to press into her.  “I think we should order some dinner,” he stroked the long digits in and out of her a couple times before pulling them out and bringing them to his mouth, moaning softly at the taste of them.  “Because I don’t know about you, but I’m very hungry.”


Kristin chuckled softly.  “Food sounds like a wonderful idea,” she said as he helped down off the chair.  “You order for us while I go slip into something more comfortable.”


Nathan let his eyes wander down over her body and smiled at the sight of her in just her blouse, which was hanging open, her bra pushed up over her breasts.  “How about nothing at all?”


Kristin laughed as she headed for the bedroom.  “We’re not on the island yet!”


Nathan chuckled and once she’d disappeared into the bedroom, he walked over to the phone to place their order.




“Ooh… this feels good…”


“Think I should have one installed on the seaQuest?”


“Oh yes…” Kristin murmured, leaning back in the Jacuzzi, sighing as the heated water and the bubbles massaged her body.  “This is heavenly.”


“The view is pretty good too,” Nathan leered, his eyes focused on her breasts, bobbing gently in the water.  “Naked… and wet… baby, you are gorgeous in anything.”


Kristin laughed softly, reaching beneath the water to rest her hand on his thigh.  “Your birthday suit is quite impressive as well… and I am enjoying seeing you in it so often.”


Nathan echoed her laugh and shifted closer, sliding his body under hers and wrapping his arms around her beneath the water.  “I love having you in my arms,” he murmured, dropping a kiss to her shoulder.  “I love feeling your body against mine.”


Kristin settled back against him, her head falling back on his shoulder.  “I love being in your arms… I want to stay wrapped in them forever.”


“They’re yours…” Nathan whispered, nuzzling her neck.


They fell quiet, only the sound of the jets bubbling into the Jacuzzi could be heard as Nathan’s hands slowly caressed her body from her breasts to her thighs; his fingers dancing over her flesh in barely-there touches until Kristin was instinctively arching into his touch; her body humming with desire.


“Nathan…” Kristin spoke in a husky whisper, moaning as his hands finally cupped her breasts.


“Yes, my love?”  Nathan asked in an equally husky voice, gently kneading the luscious mounds in his hands before moving his fingers to circle and tease her nipples.


“Let’s get out of here…”


“Oh no… not yet,” Nathan shook his head gently, running his right hand down over her stomach to rest on her inner thigh, moving his thumb lightly back and forth over her curls.




“Do you trust me, Kris?”  Nathan asked, nipping at her earlobe.


“With my life…” Kristin replied, moaning as his other hand slid down to rest on her left thigh, his thumb mimicking the thumb on his right hand.


“And your body?”  He asked, moving his hands so his thumbs could stroke down over her swollen lips.


“Oh… yes…” Kristin gasped, arching into his touch.  “Nathan…”


“Kick your feet up onto the side,” he whispered the command in her ear as he slowly shifted them around in the large tub.


Kristin tilted her head back to look at him.  “Nathan?”


“Trust me.”


Kristin nodded and lifted her legs out of the water, hooking them so that her calves were resting on the edge of the tub.


“That’s it…” Nathan murmured, his lips kissing down along her neck to her shoulder as he inched them closer to the side of the Jacuzzi until her legs were bent at the knees and hanging over the edge.  “Now relax… enjoy…”


“What… oooh…” Kristin gasped when she felt the bubbles from one of the jets streaming along her thighs, breaking against her sex.


Nathan smiled against her skin, moving his hands away from her thighs; the fingers on his left hand pulling and holding her open while he probed her tender opening with the fingers on his right hand; moaning softly at the feel of her juices, slick on his fingers.


“You’re wet again,” Nathan spoke in a low voice, his mouth moving back to her ear.  “I’m going to make you even wetter…”


“Nath… oh God!”  Kristin cried out as Nathan slid two fingers inside her while simultaneously shifting them closer so that the stream of water being forced out of the jet shot directly onto her clitoris.  “…mmm… oooh… Nath…an!”


Nathan held her in place as he began to move his fingers in and out of her, angling his hand so that he wasn’t blocking the jetting water.  He felt her hands grasp his thighs and groaned when her nails dug into his skin.


“Nath… oh… please… too…”


Nathan eased her back slightly, the pressure of the water easing off but not stopping as he continued to thrust his fingers inside her; the thumb on his right hand moving to slowly circle her swollen bud.


“Oh… Go… od…” Kristin moaned deeply as Nathan shifted closer to the jet again; the combined sensation of his thumb and the flowing water on her clit sending her senses into overdrive.  She moved with him, undulating her hips in time with the thrust of his fingers as she felt the beginnings of her release nearing.


Sensing that she was close, Nathan eased her back once again; not wanting her to come just yet and then suddenly changed his mind.  In the three days since they’d become lovers, Nathan discovered that he loved seeing Kristin lost in the throes of an orgasm and deciding that he wanted to make her come several times before climbing out of the Jacuzzi, he pushed them forward again.


“Oh… Na…” Kristin’s breath caught in her throat, the combined force of the pulsing water and Nathan’s caressing fingers carrying her head first into the churning rapids that was her orgasm.


Nathan smiled as Kristin’s body shuddered over his and continued stroking his fingers in and out of her throbbing center until she cried out again and then again seconds later, her inner muscles clenching and spasming around his thrusting digits.


“Nath…” Kristin sobbed his name, her hands tightening their grip on his thighs as the sensations running rampant through her body overwhelmed her.


Nathan eased them back away from the steaming water, slowing then stopping his fingers before easing them out of her, laying his hand on her thigh.  He heard Kristin moan and tilted his head to brush his lips against her temple.  “You are so beautiful when you come…”


“Only when you make me,” Kristin replied in a hoarse whisper, moaning softly at the now gentle feel of the bubbles against her swollen, sensitive flesh.  She slid her hand up from his thigh to grasp and gently stroke his rigid staff.  “Now… I want you inside me.  I want to feel you throbbing and moving inside me.”


Nathan groaned and gripped her hips, shifting to help Kristin bring her legs back into the Jacuzzi.


“No…” Kristin grabbed his hands, locking her knees on the side of the tub.  “Like this…”




“Take me like this…” Kristin slid the hand still gripping his thigh down to his knee and tugged.  “Put your legs over the edge and use your arms to support yourself… it’s not that deep… I’ll guide you inside me.”


Nathan shifted around, placing his hands on the seat of the Jacuzzi and carefully maneuvered so that his legs were hanging over the edge of the tub outside of hers.  He moaned when he felt Kristin’s hand slip between their bodies to once again grasp his raging erection, guiding it to her slick opening.


With a shift of her hips, Kristin took his length inside her willing body, moaning at the feel of him filling and stretching her.  “Now…” she told him breathlessly, flexing her inner muscles around him.  “Move us closer… and move inside me…”


Nathan did as she told him, using his legs and arms to move them closer to the still spurting jet.  Kristin gasped and Nathan felt her clench around him in response to the erotic feel of the surging water against her clit and began to carefully drive his hips beneath her, moaning at the feel of the bubbles against his thrusting member.


“Mmm… oh, yes… just like that…” Kristin moaned, her hands sliding down his arms until her fingers just touched the seat below.  “Oh yes… Nathan…”


They moved together, both very aware of trying to keep themselves from falling back into the water while they worked towards their releases.


“Kris… Kris, I can’t…” Nathan’s arms were trembling with the effort to hold them both up in the water.  “Sit up… grab the edge…”


Kristin did as he instructed, lifting her hands out of the water and grabbing the side of the Jacuzzi and pulling herself up.  Nathan’s arms were beside hers moments later and she cried out as the change in their position pushed her closer to the jet; the sensations centered on her clit shooting up through her body.


“That’s it, baby…” Nathan urged breathlessly in her ear as he continued to move his length within her, the change in their position making her passage feel tighter around him.  “Come for me, Kris…”


“You… oh mmm… what about…”


“I’ll be with you… I promise…” Nathan panted, his hips moving wildly beneath her.






“Oh GOD!!”  They screamed in chorus as they came together, their orgasms bursting out and rushing through them, leaving them breathless and panting.


Somehow, despite the trembling in his body, Nathan managed to get them down off the side of the Jacuzzi and settled them back into the seat, cradling Kristin’s body tight against him.


“Mmm… that was incredible,” Kristin murmured, stroking her hands over his chest as she laid her head on his shoulder.


“You are incredible,” Nathan told her, pulling her closer.  “What time would you like to leave for the island tomorrow?”


“How long will take us to get there?”


“A couple hours tops.”


“Hmm… do we need to book anything?”


“Not really,” Nathan answered.  “I figure we’ll just grab one of the UEO Helicopters.  I’ve already arranged for one with Bill.”


“Well then, why don’t leave around noon?”


“Sounds like a plan to me.”


Kristin smiled and snuggled back against him.  “Mmm… as nice as this is…” she said several minutes later.  “I think it’s time we got out.”


“Yeah, I think you’re right,” Nathan nodded, sitting them up, reaching over to shut the jets off.


Kristin slid off his lap and watched as he stood and climbed out of the tub.  She couldn’t help but lick her lips at the sight of his body, wet and glistening in the soft lights of their room.  “Damn you have a fantastic body, Bridger!”


Nathan smiled at her.  “As do you, my love,” he said, offering her a hand out.  Once she was standing beside him, Nathan reached out for the towel he’d left by the tub and started drying her off.  “But, we know how very much I love your body.”


Kristin laughed softly and nodded as he finished with her then used the towel to dry himself off.  She squealed softly when Nathan dropped the towel to the floor, scooped her up in his arms, carried her into the bedroom and laid her out on the bed.


Nathan covered her body with his, lowering his lips to hers in a gentle, loving kiss.  Several long minutes later, he broke off the kiss and gazed down at her, smiling at the almost dreamy look on her face.


“I love you…” Nathan told her quietly.  “I love you so much.”


“I love you too,” Kristin replied, her hands caressing up and down his back.


“So… what’s your pleasure?”  Nathan asked, shifting against her, settling into the cradle of her thighs.  “More lovemaking… cuddling… sleeping?”


“All of the above,” Kristin told him and then with a grin, she pushed on his shoulders, forcing him on his back and crawled over him.  She straddled his hips, rubbing herself against his burgeoning erection as she leaned over him.  “And when we get to your island…” Kristin whispered against his lips.


“Yes?”  Nathan moaned as she wrapped her hand around him and took him inside her body.


“I am going to make you come so hard, you’ll forget your name.”


“Oh… God…”




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