tayryn & Kate Mulgrew

on Sunday August 18th, 1996 in Novi, Michigan, i had the honour of meeting the wonderful actress: Ms. Kate Mulgrew.

the day was warm and sunny and inside the expo-centre, it was a typical Star Trek convention: lively, boisterous and full of trekkies and trekkers, all there to share their love of the greatest show in television history.

my friends mike and paul joined me that day to share in the love of this wonderful show and to meet the three actors who were kind enough to share their time with us: Robert Picardo, Terry Farrell and of course, KATE MULGREW.

i had long wanted to meet Kate and she was the reason i had gone to this convention, although seeing Robert and Terry was great too.

during the question and answer period with Kate, my friend paul got up and while his question had already been asked, he did something that i still to this day think was very sweet of him.

he asked Kate, and i quote,

"Ms. Mulgrew, my friend tayryn(ok, so it's not a true quote, he used my real name)is your biggest fan and since she's too shy to come up here, i was wondering if you would say hello to her."

well, Kate then looked out over the crowd and asked where i was. i raised my hand (we had reserved seating) and then she had me stand and said the following to me (i remember it quite vividly too!),

"hello tayryn(ok, like paul, she used my real name). I'm glad you could come and thank you for being a fan."

all i could think was "WOW! Kate Mulgrew said hello to just me!"

it was an experience.

and as you can see above, she agreed to pose for a pic with me.

and she also autographed the sign my friend paul made which says "KATE'S #1 FAN" (he was going to hold it over my head when she came out, but instead he got in line to ask a question), which i have since then sealed in plastic and have hanging on my wall.

it was by far the best convention experience i've had.

thanks Kate.

and here is the pic she autographed for me!!

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