Home Squared

this story is/was a labor of love for me. it took me the better part of a year...ten and a half months to be exact, to hand write it. unfortunately, once i start writing with a pen and paper, i have to finish it that way or i lose my direction and the story idea.

this is the first time in all the years i've been writing fanfic that i had to acutally keep and map out a timeline. normally a story idea pops into my head and i just write.

originally i had planned on just writing a quick little story, but as time went by i found that this particular story kept growing (to 341 hand-written pages!!)

occasionally i would get a minor case of writer's block, wherein i would write another story that had worked it's way into my head (check out Birthday Wishes and The Kiss), hence why this one took so long to write.

this is also the story where i came up with the name Tayryn. if you haven't already figured out how i came up with it, it's explained in the story.

now as for the title of the story...Home Squared...i couldn't figure out how to get the exponent there. and the title means what it says. the crew gets home and Kathryn and Chakotay find their home in each other.

i keyed the story in as chapters to speed up the download time :-). each chapter is about twenty pages.

thank you for letting me ramble on and on....now please, click on the link and enjoy!!

tayryn ;-)

the story...

Home Squared: chapter one
Home Squared: chapter two
Home Squared: chapter three
Home Squared: chapter four
Home Squared: chapter five
Home Squared: chapter six
Home Squared: chapter seven

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