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welcome to the Next Generation story room.

i do have a whole bunch written for these two...however, most of them are handwritten and in my opinion too lame to put up, at least the early ones are...but who knows maybe one day i will, just for the hell of it and then you'll be able to see my spiralling descent from sweet innocent teenager to smutty romance wannabe-writer.

be WARNED... these stories are NC-17.

i just LOVE this picture of them!!! it's just such a great picture of the two of them.

there is just something about this pic...don't you agree?!

i scanned it off the cover of Entertainment Weekly, so credit is given to the photographer who took it.

the tales...

attached again
NC-17 story
just a smut story
NC-17 story
all good things... the next chapter
NC-17 story

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